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Watch Your Life!


Watch Your Life!

 “Nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there! ’For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Luke 17:21

The Kingdom of Heaven is now being established in power in the earth. It’s power, beauty and glory has been awakening in the souls of the elect, and has begun to penetrate the world around them.

The incoming Kingdom of Righteousness means truth is in the earth as it never has been before. The Spirit of Christ uniting to the elect infuses the truth with power; word and spirit.  Thus, the truth is interacting with this world in new ways to establish and grow the Kingdom of Righteousness.  The truth hasn’t been able to renew this world because it lacked the spirit of Christ, the spirit of righteousness, in mankind. It’s the word AND the spirit in us that brings life. It’s the flesh of Christ, the word, and His blood, His spirit, together that has power over wickedness in us thus in the world.

The transformation into a new heavens and new earth happens through mankind. As we transform, this world transforms; for our thoughts fashion its character. Now that the spirit of Christ is returning in the elect; the truth is empowered to reign where once unrighteousness prevailed. 2 Peter 1:19, Revelation 2:27-28 Life, true life, is now growing in this pit to regenerate it inside out.

You can be a part of this righteousness spirit and grow with as it grows to fill the earth, or resist and be subject to the greatest refinement to come upon mankind.

Do you see the Kingdom growing in your life?

If you do; greatly blessed are you; but this you already know.

How do you know the Kingdom is being established in you?

Watch your life. Your life will testify to you if you have the truth or if you are still imprisoned and blinded by lies. If you are in deception you do not know it; that is why it’s deception. You think you are in the truth, but you are not. So, how do you know? Watch your life; it will tell you.

A separation has begun between light and darkness; righteousness and unrighteousness. Now and in the days ahead there will be an increasing division between those walking and growing in righteousness by the power of Christ’s spirit in them, and those who are bound in unrighteousness because they haven’t knit their spirits to Christ’s; the purest of love. Isaiah 65:13-15

How is your spirit knit to Christ’s within you?

By repentance; which is obedience to the Father’s love; which is wisdom.

First, you listen to the still small voice within you coming from a cleansed conscious that is specifically guiding you in wisdom and loving kindness.  Second, you engage in continual repentance; which simply means in every thought, word, and action you are forsaking your old ways and turning to live in accordance with the righteousness of the Father as He leads you. (Made possible by His power at work in you, which is the gift of Christ enabling you to obey). The more you listen and obey the clearer the counsel becomes. Third, the more wisdom you act in the more the Kingdom grows in you and expands around you.

This repentance is embracing the forgiveness of God. To not heed His counsel is to trample on His forgiveness. If you never seek to obey His truths, you can’t be knit to His righteousness, thus be apart of the Kingdom. Kingdom comes inside, out.

Christ’s spirit being unified to yours through repentance is what enables you to walk in righteousness and fulfill the law perfectly.  He is your strength and grace to become a son/daughter of the heavenly Father because you walk in righteousness. Phil 4:13, John 15:3-8 Christ didn’t give us His spirit for us to trample on the law; thinking we are forgiven and obedience doesn’t matter. He enabled us to obey the truth by giving us His righteousness spirit. Feast on Him; and become as Him. John 6:53, Hebrews 2:11

What you will see if you are in truth?

As the Kingdom grows in you; it’s overflowing to those around you. You are moving into a time of double blessings; the joy is deeper, the laughter is greater; the love is abounding; the works of your hands are multiplying; the peace is expanding; and the righteousness taking over.  Zechariah 9:12 Your words are full of life. Your love is growing pure. Thus, you serve as a witness to the power, love and glory of the Father in the earth.  Ezekiel 14:22-23

What you will see if you are NOT in truth?

For those not in truth; pains, afflictions, and suffering are doubling. Stresses are mounting; afflictions are arising; marriages are struggling, finances are draining, children are taxing; wisdom is fleeting, sickness is increasing, sorrow is mounting; your own wickedness is rebuking you. Jeremiah 2:19

The Father longs to free you from the prison you cling to. Hardships are to reveal areas you are living contrary to His perfect ways of love. Don’t blame, justify, or rationalize. Realize now is the time to turn from corruption and embrace a life of righteousness and love from the Heavenly Father.

Know and love the Heavenly Father. Listen and follow His intimate counsel to you in the specifics of your life. He is the Father of life, truth, love and as you follow Him your life will increase in apparent wisdom, love and power.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Watch Your Life!

  1. Hi Rachel,

    The Holy Spirit was sent to Earth at the day of Pentecost, and He
    has been here ever since. The Holy Spirit is one and the same with
    God The Father and God The Son. The Spirit witnesses with our
    Spirit to beckon our minds to Him. Isn’t it marvelous that, simultaneously,
    the Spirit of God the Son beckons us for the past two thousand years:
    “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone [spiritually] hears
    my call, and opens [his mind to Me], I will enter in and sup with him,
    and he with me.”
    So seldom do we make ourselves consciously aware of this invisible
    presence of God the Spirit/Son. Conscious awareness of Him is the
    faith for which He pleads of us. John

    • Hi John, what a gift the spirit of truth is who was sent to prepare us for this time .. of being united to Christ’s spirit as He returns. The Holy Spirit has been an incredible teacher .. now for those lessons to fully manifest as our spirits are united to Christ’s as He comes to reign in righteousness.

  2. Thank you Sister Your Ministry is such a Blessing to so many. Be Well !

  3. Rachel,..i know your intention might be good,….

    but whether you see it,know it or not,..or deny it, are putting yourself out as a ‘teacher’,. your misuse of Scripture, for your own interpretation and not adhering strictly to The Written Word,..which is Written Perfectly in order,..and you should not go rearranging it (and you should know better than that),as there are great consequences for it,..if anyone has the Spirit of Messiah,..they will know the prophesies,the sufferings and the Glory to come.

    the Spirit of Messiah, Ruach ha Moshiach ..or in the greek spirit of Christ

    is only mentioned twice, Romans 8:9…..1 Peter 1:11.

    The Kingdom many times

    The Bride approx ten times.

    the 3 are totally different things not as you would come across as having the 3 as one.

    and they have specific times and order,..a time frame…NOT as you would have them all taking place now at once.

    in all the Bibles ive checked in the Kingdom has been ever approaching,..will start to take root at the end of this age, AFTER Tribulation ..AFTER all the things Written are fufilled….and will only come to fulfillment 1000 years after it firmly established on this Planet and death is under the Holy Feet of The King of This World,…and in all the Bibles ive checked the Bride is actually not heard,..and will only appear at the end of the 1000 years.

    now are all my Bibles wrong…..and you are right?

    and if you are could you tell me what Bible you are studying from.

    • Brian – we have to let the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, rightly divide scripture and teach us it’s true spiritual meaning, for only He can. The truth has never been here as it is now … because all is being revealed as the light of Christ reveals it. Lies are being shown for what they are; thus the truth is going to start looking deeper and more clearer than it ever has before.

      There are obviously many interpretations .. and each thinks they are right. But if an interpretation is of man’s deduction and not revelation then it isn’t of the Holy Spirit. Christ builds His church, true followers, by revelation. You have to be open to listen to what the Holy Spirit teaches about a passage .. which will always fit with everything perfectly.

      There is much to learn .. obviously.

      But when the light/truth, which is Christ, is here in the earth .. that is what brings the judgment for the truth judges. That truth in power is coming in the elect as their spirit it united with Christ, their righteousness. At the same time, the spirit of righteousness in the elect protects them during the tribulation because this judgment is against unrighteousness.

  4. Beverley Bartlett – Hello Brothers in Christ,I have been following your jrunoey since the beginning and I want to thank you all for your vision, faithful obedience to God and for sharing the jrunoey with those of us who can’t travel with you. I enjoy the emails and regularly log onto the web site to see the comments from others following your jrunoey. I have asked many of my friends to follow the site and to support you with prayer.I am constantly amazed and encouraged by the way God has provided for you in the wilderness . And that reminds me that He is providing for me and that I need to remember to say thank you . It is very encouraging to know that there are so many wonderful Christians in Australia praying for the hearts of the fathers’ to turn to their children and the hearts of the children to turn to their fathers. I pray also that many people who have lost their fathers will be mentored by men of God like yourselves. Well done good and faithful servants. Thank you for the photos and I hope you can make a book about your jrunoey. I believe that your jrunoey will inspire many to pray for a revival in our land. You keep travelling, many are praying for you. God’s protection will be with you as you answer His call on your lives, I hope I can meet you one day. Perhaps I will visit Orange. Seems like god is very active in the churches there!!! Fire in the bush!!! Way to go.

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