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Testing the Hearts of Mankind


Testing the Hearts of Mankind

Tribulation is coming upon the world. For some they will abide in rest because they’ve enter the true sanctuary of the presence of God. Revelation 3:10 Others, still needing purification from the lusts of the world, will encounter further purging, refining, and testing, so God can move in. Proverbs 17:3, Revelation 2:16

Your circumstances test and reveal your heart for out of your heart springs the issues of life. If you circumstances are of the true peace; then you’re entering into the Kingdom of God. If they are of unrest; you are being tested in whom you serve. Let your circumstances show YOU your heart then fully seek and turn to God’s wisdom. Some will try to run and hide from the turmoil, but they cannot because it comes from within. Others will cry out to the true God and He will answer and lead them on the narrow path of truth into His sanctuary of peace.

The purpose of the tribulation is to lead people to deep repentance from the powers of this world (see below) that control them and drive them into death. God is life. To desire God to govern your mind is to embrace eternal life. In His love, He is purging the powers contrary to His perfect love from your life because they destroy you and others, and hurt Him, for He cares for you.

Thus, some of you are going through a significant testing in your circumstances to reveal whether you truly know and trust the true God. During these trying times of your soul; will you cling to the God of truth and choose His truth over the worldly wisdom and the golden calves of mankind’s creation? As the refining/purging fire comes what will it reveal in your spirit? One clinging to truth or one clinging to the pit of lies? 1 Corin 3:13

The Pit Within

During this time people will come face to face with the pit within them. Within the souls of men is a pit. It’s the shadow of death from a severance in the love bond between them and their Father of Light. Some have been coming out of that pit and walking into the light thus into God’s love, others, in spiritual blindness, cling to it to their destruction. Jeremiah 6:19

People try to run from this internal pit of darkness by doing and clinging to all sorts of things to convince themselves it isn’t there (addictions, religion, busyness, contrived self-exaltation). Yet, at times it surfaces and shows its terror.

The pit sucks any aspect of love from a person’s life and leaves them empty and alone. It creates hypocrisy as they try to flee it in any way possible; even by acts they know are destructive. People are trying to escape and run from this internal darkness and yet in their trying they push into the powers of ruin, thus they are trying to smother death with death. When they feed these powers, they are keeping their souls bound to the pit they are trying to escape. Though God longs to be united to them; they have been imprisoned to serving the lust of the world because their love for it. Thus a pit of darkness and emptiness remains in them.

The pit is full of lies, fear, and pain. It’s where the power of ruins have their anchor in people’s souls. They have to be uprooted; so God can abide within.

Psalm 75:10 All the horns of the wicked I will also cut off, But the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.”

10 Powers (horns) of Ruin

  1. Pride
  2. Flesh worship; images created by world
  3. Hypocrisy
  4. Fear
  5. Dishonor/Oppression/Belittling
  6. Personal vengeance/blame
  7. Lust
  8. Self-power, control
  9. Judging/Criticalness/Condemnation
  10. Covetiveness

These torment the soul. Founded on lies, they are the powers that drive us toward death; what Christ came to destroy with His light/truth. The fullness of Christ in us destroys this pit because He is the consummation of love. This fullness is upon us to be received. When His liquid light of truth and pure love implode that place, then death is destroyed in us forever.

Hebrews 2:14-15 Inasmuch then as the children have partaken of flesh and blood, He Himself likewise shared in the same, that through death He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

Only God can show us the depth, expanse and power of these forces within us because we each have our own network of lies intertwined and twisted since childhood. Thus, the path of freedom entails a very personal interaction with our Creator. Seek their penetration to be expelled from your life, by the strength of God, down to the last residue clinging to the sides of your soul. He came to cleanse your vessel, let Him. To walk out of this pit is to forsake these powers and all related and connected to them.

If you are facing this pit, cry out to the God of truth. Forsake all artificial remedies of the world. It’s only covering death with death; as the lust of this world is the lust for death. Seek the eternal Light. Come to know the mountain of God; the mountain of truth established in unfailing love. Serve no other “truth” or wisdom but seek to serve the wisdom and love beyond this world yet for this world. Christ will not only deliver you, but will fill you with Himself; the most incredible light of truth and love. John 8:32 Be clear who you serve; and there are only two choices the God of truth or the god of lies and deceit. Pray to know the difference.

I’ve told you these things beforehand, so you may endure with fortitude. God is with you; there is tremendous power in trusting the living God. Cry out to Him for He cares for you; but you must receive Him for it’s the nature of love to be received and given.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

42 thoughts on “Testing the Hearts of Mankind

  1. Rachel,

    this ‘pit’ ?….is this your own thoughts?.. or where exactly are you getting this Sound Doctrine from?.

    Scripture as you should well know tells of two pits, ‘pit’ is the grave where our bodies go when we die!

    the other ‘pit’,..better known as the ‘bottomless pit’ deep with the heart of this earth,where the angels were put at the time of Noah,..where the Teacher went to preach to them at his ‘death’ till His Resurrection .

    the time of testing will come when these reprobate angels and their king get released from their prison ‘pit’

    i see you quote from Jeremiah,you should discern the 5 chapters before 6,..and what country and its destruction it is referring too!..when you see this great nation fall and it feels looks and feels like the pit of hell,..thatll be the start of tribulation and the opening of the pit

  2. Psalms 40:2 He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock, And established my steps.

    • dont mistake the pit spoke of in Psalms is the ‘bottomless pit where the fallen angels are, NO,…’the pit’ …in Psalms, is the grave,..

      Psalm 9:15
      The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.

      Psalm 28:1
      Unto thee will I cry, O LORD my rock; be not silent to me: lest, if thou be silent to me, I become like them that go down into the pit.

      Psalm 30:3
      O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit.

      Psalm 30:9
      What profit is there in my blood, when I go down to the pit? Shall the dust praise thee? shall it declare thy truth?

      Psalm 55:23
      But thou, O God, shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction: bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days; but I will trust in thee.

      Psalm 69:15
      Let not the waterflood overflow me, neither let the deep swallow me up, and let not the pit shut her mouth upon me.

      Psalm 88:4
      I am counted with them that go down into the pit: I am as a man that hath no strength:

      Psalm 94:13
      That thou mayest give him rest from the days of adversity, until the pit be digged for the wicked.

      Psalm 143:7
      Hear me speedily, O LORD: my spirit faileth: hide not thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.

    • I wasn’t mistaking this pit for the eternal pit,
      which is Hades.
      Psalm 40:2 is the pit Rachel is referring to.

      • phewwww, gotta be careful there,…Psalms is a deep deep Spiritual food Book,a big lot of it is about souls getting raised from the pit of destruction..youd almost think Psalms 40 v 2 was an outer pit ..i thought Rachel was talking about an inner pit

      • As you said, it is a spritual book.
        A spiritual pit.
        Rachel is correct.

  3. Rachel this is incredible only today I was talking to a friend saying how it has been like I have been in a deep pit for years that I fell into. For the last few months I have been climbing out of the pit each months letting go of more addictions that had my spirit in bondage and embracing the Unconditional Love of God. Your are a blessing than you!

    • Hi, sorry for the delay … I’ve been visiting family … it is a blessing to understand this coming out of the pit … as it is moving into the light/truth/love. So many don’t understand the extent of bondage nor the freedom and deliverance there for them. May pray is that they do. May you continued be greatly blessed on your journey.

  4. Hi Rachel, E.W. here. Absolutly! —hide from turmoil—sanctuary of peace: tribulation is God’s longsuffering in that He is giving a peek into eternity without Him! As heartsblossoming said, I too have been climbing out of the pit for a multitude of years. I have thought maybe I was slower than most people, until Jesus said to “continue” to grow in grace & knowledge. Which means a life long commitment. I pray you keep bringing it, for it improoves my study!

    • Hi EW – renewing the mind is quite the process .. but for those who can embrace the gift of God’s grace of this renewal .. I’m so thankful. When you start to come out you see how horrific the pit was …

  5. Firstly to you Rachel. Your site is producing fruit. Stirring the desire in me to dig deeper where the pure water of the Word resides. I admire your answers to all bloggers. Paul describes these people as “able ministers of the NEW covenant.”
    Secondly to all those bloggers thirsting for the water of Life and hungry for the bread of Life. Keep searching here on this site for in your searching is the key to your finding.
    To you ‘thethreshermansson.’ Your comments remind me of my life as a Christian. I had knowledge OF His word without life IN His word. Paul summed up my life perfectly as: “Knowledge [that] puffs up….,” I find it revolting that I lived this way for 38 years.
    I respect your right to express your knowledge. I challenge your right to use Gods word as “the letter [that] kills.” Our knowledge aught to leave people with the conclusion “Where else can we go, only YOU have the words of life.” Humbleness before the Author of the word produces the life of the author in me. I see this on this site.
    To all of you keep fighting the good fight of faith..

    • Llew,
      all my comments are Scripture based, here to discuss Scripture with the likes of Rachel and other bloggers ,im not here to tell Rachel how great she is or she has some great gift to discern Scripture….to to stick to the Truth in Scripture rather than what mainstream Christianity puts out deceiving people
      im not sure how you can compare my comments with anything you heard in whatever itchy eared church you belong to,..or did, you said ,my life as a christian?..what are you now?

      The Word of truth in Scripture is like a sword it cuts deep rather than stirs deep,..what exactly is it you disagree with that ive said?,..i’ll humbly and lovingly discuss Scripture with you.

      but we will have to stick to Scripture,..rather than our own thoughts and Scripture,..certainly give your thoughts and i mine,..but let Scripture prove itself True?..yes?

      Scripture = Truth

      our thoughts = our thoughts

      our thoughts and Scripture = our thoughts of Scripture

    • Hi, Llew … thanks for your comment for that is my goal. May our eyes be opening ever wider to the incredible love and truth of God that is gentle and all powerful. There is no greater search in this earth.

  6. yeah mainstream christianity,..i wouldnt have anything to do with it,..teaches the doctrines of devils,..and i would urge anyone to seriously question what is taught in any church or chapel these days and compare it to Scripture

    but lets break it down.

    the mighty unholy roman catholic church,whether you or i or anyone else like it or not, is seen as the main ‘christian’ church!

    and im afraid i cannot say one good word about it,and i dont mean the flock,..i mean its shepherds, in priests cardinals bishops, pope and jesuit general,..and all his, Scripture calls them,..peeping wizards,..they teach a false christ,..son of the hideous queen of heaven,..and keep and mark all his festivals and unholy holidays,..and call them christian,…this ‘church’ covers the biggest majority christian church,(so called)

    martin luther,…hmmmm,..the founder of ‘protestantism’,…broke from the roman papist church,..but as a little study shows us,..he NEVER,..thats NEVER denounced the queen of heaven,her son,SCRIPTURE DOES…..and all main protestant churches, Church of England,Presbyterian,Baptist,Methodist …have all ‘sun god’ symbols in them,..all the ministers teach in the ‘hermetic’ way,..
    (DO YOU KNOW WHO HERMES IS?…really do you?,..if you dont go and research and do your self a favour and find out)
    and they all enthusiastically take part in the fertility festivals to the sun god at pagan eaststar….and fully take part in the unholy Roman church unScriptural sun god worship festival for christ helius known better as christs mass every year in december…..

    that mainstream christian cult called christianity

    I Worship The Father of Heaven,..through His Chosen Son,Immanuel, My King,..through the Wondrous Holy Spirit.

    and the Gospel, He taught was,He was The Chosen Son,Chosen to be King of this His Fathers World,..when all that is fulfilled thats Written, The Lords Prayer will be fulfilled,..and The Father Will will be done on this EARTH,..His Son King,Visible King, Forever and ever.

    as you see slightly different from the doctrine taught in mainstream,christianity,(so called)

    • This is a good example of the Error that you have in your definitions, and is an example showing why your thoughts on the Church are in error.
      Hermetics and Hermeneutics are two- Totally Different Words. They are unrelated, and their definitions have nothing to do with each other.
      This error in your definitions is causing your understanding of the Church to be in error, and is the seed
      that is creating your inaccurate portrayals of the Church.
      Please note:

      Hermetics (defintition) –is the occult sciences, especially alchemy.
      a : of or relating to the mystical and alchemical writings or teachings arising in the first three centuries a.d.
      and attributed to Hermes Trismegistus b : relating to or characterized by occultism or abstruseness :

      This word Hermetics is completely unrelated to the following word,- Hermeneutics.

      Her·me·neu·tics (definition)
      –1) The theory and methodology of interpretation, especially of scriptural text.
      –2) hermeneutics is ‘the science of interpretation’, esp of Scripture.

      • and hermes,..whom is Hermes ?

        and why do ministers in mainstream churches teach in the old hermetic way,..?…..and why do you defend this?

      • Ministers do not teach in the old Hermetic way.
        Hermeneutics is a completely unrelated word,
        and means ‘the science of interpretation’.
        Hermeneutics simply means– interpreting scripture.
        Hermes, was an alchemist, and occultist.

      • come come now anonymous,,..a completely unrelated word?….

        id say its an epithet

        Hermes is a son of Zeus,..

        you do know who Zeus is,… dont you?

        no ministers are taught to teach the same old way,..every sun-day,..take a bit of Scripture,..apply there own wee story/version to it,..make a wee lighthearted joke out of it.

        and send the flock away…pockets lighter and smiling cause the minister done a great sermon, and no better of or wiser then when they went in.

        you do know who Zeus is, know hermes, father?

      • You have two diffferent Hermes, that you are referencing,
        one is a mythical God, the other was a man.
        The third reference is not related to either two, and is not an epithet,
        There, are many different types of minister’s, no two are alike.
        Many different types of churches.
        Jesus said, I will build my Church and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it.
        The Word says give honor to whom honor is due.
        If you cannot honor the minister, you can honor who he represents.
        That would be a true heart.
        Who do you believe the Church is?

      • Its the one built on The Rock, do know who the Rock is? ?….theres many stones,…. but only, One Rock,..His Spiritual followers are the ‘Church’,..the sheep of the two folds are/will be the ‘Church’

        its not the one built at antioch,..and certainly not the
        one built on the seven hills of Rome,..and all the offshoot rivers that flow from there,..they all,..all fall under the Babylonian
        banner,..thats why we are told to leave,..separate ourselves,.from them.

        who do you think the ‘Church’ is?

      • Anonymous

        do you know who Zeus is,…Zeus and Hermes,.aka…Jupiter and Mercury ..

      • God, the Lord Jesus, has many listening people in all Churches that teach about the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Many people that listen to His voice, and follow Him. Those people are the salt of the earth, and the salt of the Churches. There are many who are in the Church, that follow idols, but their are more kinds of idols than, religious. The Lord said judge righteous judgement.
        There is idolatry, of possessions, money, lust, theft, families. Many Christians may be needing repentance for these. So, the Lord does not remove His hand of covering, at the first sign of trouble. He is a faithful Saviour. When we stumble, He is able to correct. He doesn’t desert the Church. Unless it turns away from Him completely. Isn’t it great, that the Lord can use a small simple story, and communicate a great spiritual truth?
        Some humor is in order on the subject of idols and common sense. Do you think a Frying Pan is an idol to the god Pan?
        Do you think a lightning bug is a talisman for the claiming of allegiance to lightning?
        Symbology is not always sinister in nature. God created symbolism. The churches try to use it for His Glory. And it will be in Heaven. Even the Cross is symbolic of His Lordship.

      • In answer to your comment on Babylon, in all honesty, I do not believe that at all. If a Church you are attending is not following the Word,
        then I would leave. But I disagree about Babylon. Babyon is the World. He is saying come out of the World, not come out of the Church. Jesus said, if any man love the world, he is not worthy of me, but Jesus laid down His life for the Church, so he would be a hypocrit if he told you to leave the Church. Jesus loves the Church.
        All of them.

      • Anonymous,

        Babylon is the ‘world’…we are told to leave.

        what is it you dont understand that The Shepherd is leading his spiritual sheep out ….if you dont understand or hear His Voice,..then remain in your ‘church’…but you need to discern Scripture especially Deuteronomy,..and tell Our King that what He said about idols is, humorous.

        lets look at who the daughter of babylon is,..its where the daughter of zion is,…READ Jeremiah and if your country is being destroyed,..and your wondering why,..the answer is there,..because of idols and idol worship,..not my word,..The Written Word.

      • Problem is, the daughter of Zion isn’t the Church.
        Because, Jerusalem which is above is free.

  7. Great to hear back from you so soon. I appreciate that. I was waiting for your o.k. to discuss the scriptures with you as Jesus and Paul would do with the Pharisees, Saducees and other religious leaders.
    However this is not the appropriate forum to do this. Do you have your own site? That would be the ideal place for this. I do not have a facebook page, nor do I use twitter much. I can leave you with my email address.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    P.S. Yes the Word is a sword. But it pierces it does not cut. Piercing is exactly what it does – If I am sure of the verse you are alluding to.

    • theres nothing i cant discuss here with you,…i like here.

      • Yes i can see you do like this site. Your own site would have been better. I do not want that we were using someone else’s site to discuss these things. Also, your own site would give an indication of just who was reading and commenting.
        It would have been good to out – work Prov. 27.17 “as iron sharpens iron so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” I really enjoy that.

        One last thing, and this may help all the other bloggers on this site.
        Your blogger name it intrigues me. Could you satisfy my curiosity by enlightening me please:

        a.] Who exactly is the thresherman? and
        b.] Did ‘he’ have sons?.

  8. if i was a teacher id have my own site,..but im not,.so i dont,..
    i have a Teacher,same as everyone else….searching for lost sheep,..thats probably why if you dont understand what i say,..or if you are, you will….

    you seem to like Pauls voice,…i like The Good Shepherd Voice.

    the thresher man was,a man that threshed..and he did have sons

    • Mmmm! Now we’re getting down to where the rubber meets the road.
      The question I wanted answered was: Who exactly was the thresher man? You are welcome to USE SCRIPTURE to inform me. As for the Good Shepherd. The Spirit of Jesus is who now “guides” His disciples into “ALL TRUTH.” The same Spirit who abides in me. I want Him to guide me.
      I certainly do know what you are saying. What you are ‘doing’ is exactly what I did, but believe me after 37 years it left me judgemental, critical, and a judge of all things scriptural. By Gods grace and mercy He led me to the Truth – HIMSELF.
      You inform me you are not a teacher. Thank you for that I am getting a clearer picture of who you are. After your reply to my question we will end this discussion.

      I do want you to understand one thing I love and care for the people on this site and I will shield them from all forms of ‘religious’ knowledge
      that will stunt their growth into Truth – Jesus. I willingly and gladly stand behind and support Stirring the Deep.

  9. Llew,
    what i dont understand is, the purpose of this site not to stir search and debate a little bit deeper into Scripture?

    the response i get, because my thoughts seem different and my quoting of Scripture,…is the same response Rachel would get if she was to post on a normal ‘christian mainstream church blog’,..i have love all human beings,..but especially those that are my brother and sisters stuck in the spiral web of religions,..that is a deep dark web!

    all i have ever posted is Sound Doctrine in the hope someone,..even just one searches that little bit more,..though i
    might seem or sound hard or harsh,.and i seem disagree with
    Rachel,..that is not the case,..if we look at the berans, sure they had the same problems,..and as Paul said,..meat for the stomach,…and having the stomach for Truth/Meat

    i’ll give you an example you , say , The Spirit of Je’sus is in you and leads his disciples in all truth….

    but Christ said in Scripture,….John 14 verse 16 and 17 and 26, was The Holy Spirit that is The Spirit of Truth,..and He was going to Heaven, Scripture firmly puts Him there on His Throne on the right of His Fathers and His Gods Throne.,…its The Holy Spirit that in me that My Teacher teaches me through,..the Spirit this world cannot see!

    to answer you question about my name on here,..i come from a farming background,my earthly father threshed corn,..dried and bruised barley,..he was known as the thresher man, his son

  10. (please explain, what these statements mean?)
    (the following is non-sensical)—
    i’ll give you an example you , say , The Spirit of Je’sus is in you and leads his disciples in all truth….
    but Christ said in Scripture,….John 14 verse 16 and 17 and 26, was The Holy Spirit that is The Spirit of Truth,..and He was going to Heaven, Scripture firmly puts Him there on His Throne on the right of His Fathers and His Gods Throne.,…its The Holy Spirit that in me that My Teacher teaches me through,..the Spirit this world cannot see!

    Also, if you are judging other’s by the Word,–
    didn’t Jesus said to call no man “your father” on earth.
    Isn’t that idolatry?

    • Anonymous,
      theres either 3 reasons why its nonsensical to you, being i was talking to Llew,..or you didnt open your Bible and read The Written Word in the passages i posted …you can work the other out,

      Llew said,if you read his post,.. “The Spirit of Jesus is who now “guides” His disciples into “ALL TRUTH.” The same Spirit who abides in me.”

      and if you care to go read The Scriptures in John 14,..Christ says its The Holy Spirit,..its not my words,..its The Word.


      regarding my earthly father,..a few things,..again i was answering a question for Llew, curiousity didnt kill him,

      hmmm,..again i refer you to Scripture,..especially the 10 Commandments and specifically The One that tells us to honour our mother and father,

      surely even you can discern the difference between, Our God, The Father Most High,….your earthly father,……and the likes of men who like to be called ‘father’ and hear peoples sins and forgive them,, know like the unholy pope father and his peeping wizards ‘fathers’…can you not,..are you that dull?

      • According to you, it’s not dullness that count’s, it’s the Word.
        I guess it’s not me that’s dull, it’s God’s Word.
        Just thought I’d bring it to your attention what the Word says.
        Jesus said, call no man your father, –not some men your father.
        That’s pretty idolatrous.
        You sound like a Catholic, or Lutheren.

        Let’s look at Galations 4:6 Here it mention’s what Llew said,
        about the Spirit of his Son.

        Gal 4:6 And because ye are sons,
        God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son
        into your hearts, crying, Abba , Father.

    • well you made your point,..i dont see it as meaning my earthly father,..and i’ll use the 6th Commandment to justify it,..honouring both my dear parents,my earthly father and my mother,..and thank My Father, God Almighty through His Son, My King,..for the time in life i was blessed to spend with them,that He My Father in Heaven, Willed!
      and depends on how you read it,..but id say My Teacher was making it clear to those who call men dressed as wizards ‘father’ and confess their sins to these ‘fathers’ who also ‘forgive’ their sins,..thats my interpretation of that!

      i will call my earthly father and honour him,…but i will also call My Heavenly Father, Father,..and Worship Him, Father looks upon my heart,..and knows exactly what i mean!

      Anonymous,..WHAT SPIRIT was in His Son,..that is The Spirit of His Son,..The Holy Spirit

      i confess The Father, His Son my King,.and The Holy Spirit (every aspect of it),that makes then One….

      and i do not except any other this false doctrine of a 4th ‘spirit of christ’ …..except that it might be the spirit of anti je’sus

  11. Anonymous,..WHAT SPIRIT was in His Son,..that is The Spirit of His Son,..The Holy Spirit

    I think you just answered your own question.
    Previously you were saying the Spirit of His Son was in Heaven.

  12. The Father God Almighty is in Heaven,..His Son Immanuel, My King is in Heaven,..The Holy Spirit is in Heaven and here,..everywhere

    spirit of anti christ is here too…..but the anti false je’sus aint here, as yet.

    but Anonymous,..tell us what you think,..??

    and tell me,.. do you think the same as Rachel that Our Saviour is going against what is Written,..and isnt Returning in His Full glory as well documented?…but making some secret return now,..with the undocumented unscriptural invention of a 4th spirit?

    • I don’t think Rachel has explicitly stated that she is referring to a fourth Spirit. I think you may be inferring that?
      I think she is saying that Jesus will return as Spirit, or in Spirit, rather than in physical form, at this time in history.
      Whether she means the Holy Ghost, or Jesus Spirit, in a different way,
      I cannot surmise as of yet from her comments.—–
      She is replacing (or interpreting) the return at Rapture taught in scripture, as a spiritual “endowement”, type visitation– leading into
      a “Kingdom Now” theology, i.e.- what you may think of as millenium, now.
      (Look up “Kingdom Now” theology on the internet- and I think you will learn more about this theology) (or interpretation)

      I believe in a ‘Literal return’ of Christ first, in Rapture, Invisible.
      Visible only to the saints to be Raptured.
      Receiving and removing His Bride.
      Then later, His Literal apperance, in Full Splender, at the end of the Tribulation.

      • “Then later, His Literal appearance, in Full Splender, at the end of the Tribulation”.

        Anonymous,..Amen and Halleluiah to that,..and may i add Just as it is Written…throughout Scripture,..and our ultimate hope.

        and i will also agree of the removal of a certain group that ‘church’ in Rev 3,..before or at the beginning of Tribulation.

        maybe i was inferring and surmising what Rachel was saying, it just wasnt clear to me,..and all i was interested in getting a clear answer, that me, you or anyone else wasnt surmising and possibly putting someone less versed on a wrong path,..and to search Scripture to see what was actually there and did it totally match beyond doubt to what Rachel was saying and not saying but sorta saying,..but wasnt saying,..which i dont think is a great way to discern Scripture in these times,without defending your position with Scripture……surely all of us who comment on Scripture know we should rebuke if theres an error or room for error,.. and correct ourselves accordingly as you can see what happens when we dont!

        its not in my interest that anyone makes a mistake or any of us think ourselves any better than anyone else,certainly not…and ive said many times,..i’ll say to be clear,..we can debate and debate and have our own ideas,but in the end it has to stand the test of Scripture!..let Scripture prove itself True

        if im such a ogre for that,… be it.

        Our Saviour said,..He was going to Heaven to The Father, and would then send the Comforter, The Spirit of Truth/The Holy Spirit to help us and lead us in all Truth,..and that He couldnt Return in All His Glory till all that is Written came to pass…its quite clear basic Scripture, it not?

  13. There are many points in scripture, that I am not in agreement on, with Rachel.
    I think as far as a conversation though, you have to be invited in, to some extent.
    When you have a relationship with someone, you are much more able to interact,
    on a level of communion, rather than on a level of rebuke.
    The only person who would qualify to give a rebuke, would be a spiritual leader, a pastor,
    or a close friend, because an element of trust is involved, -else you deliver a– decisive
    and unmeaning blow of harm.
    As far as rehearsing scripture in general, I have no problem with that.
    You may not be able to relate to my next statement, but– it’s important for me to
    understand something of an individuals emotions, before I get too far into, an in- depth
    study of the Word, because you are not simply speaking of spiritual truth’s per se,
    but how those spiritual truth’s are applied to our lives.
    So, I may gain a decisive victory in my argument of Truth, at the same time
    wounding my opponent, against, and through, the Truth I was meaning to apply.
    You might say it this way. The Bible is a book of the Heart, as much as it is
    a book of the Mind.
    If I force my way into the world of your Heart, and have not been invited, I dare say
    I am not being led by the Holy Spirit, and we are only meeting flesh to flesh.
    The trick is, to give the ascendency to the Heart realm, rather than the realm
    of the mind. We must please God with our Heart, and communicate heart to heart.
    to be spiritual.

    • Wow! The thing that sticks out to me most in this clip is the way the model’s facail expression never changes although her outside appearance is transformed. Makes me think of how the outside of a persons cup can be spotless, yet the inside can be such a mess. The feeling this video stirs in me is that of tiredness. If the ideal of beauty all of us women are told to strive for is one that is digitally altered, and virtually nonexistent then why are we all wasting our time, and money to attain a false standard of beauty. The scripture this clip reminds me of is.Proverbs 31: 30 Charm is deceptive beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the will be greatly praised.

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