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Of the Mind of Christ


Of the Mind of Christ

Psalm 75:10 All the horns of the wicked I will also cut off, But the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.”

In the previous post I mentioned 10 powers of ruin … here are their counter parts of life; pursue life and peace.

10 Powers (Horns) of Ruin – Flesh-minded, Based on Lies & No Love

  1. Pride
  2. Flesh worship; images created by world
  3. Hypocrisy
  4. Fear
  5. Dishonor/Oppression/Belittling
  6. Personal vengeance/Blame
  7. Lust
  8. Self-power, control
  9. Judging/Criticalness/Condemnation
  10. Covetiveness

John 14:15 If you love Me, keep My commandments.

John 6:63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

10 Powers (Horns) of Life – Spirit-minded, Based on Truth & Love

  1. Humility
  2. Worship God Alone/Purity
  3. Honesty/Truth/Realness
  4. Trust/Faith
  5. Honor/Kindness
  6. Forgiveness/Long-suffering
  7. Love
  8. Obedience
  9. Understanding/Compassion
  10. Gratitude/Contentment

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

18 thoughts on “Of the Mind of Christ

  1. Amen, I love this. Let’s BE those 10 points.
    Impossible to be that without knowing who I am in Christ. It’s all about the NEW MAN, who we already are:
    Eph 4:24 NKJV – and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.
    Col 3:10 NKJV – and have put on the new [man] who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him,
    Thank you Father!
    Be blessed with the knowledge of Christ in you, the hope of Glory!

  2. Hey Rachel, E.W. here. This is the part that I have been in turmoil with for many years. The first part of life was at the front door of hell, then I saw Jesus. I am trying to follow Jesus, but the door of hell keeps trying to pick a fight. Jesus will not let go of my hand, but I keep kicking back. Maybe it is the thorn in my side. It is becoming more-so that I try to be peaceful in all things and walk away when there is no reconsileing. However, it is obvious to true beleivers that the trials are going to be increasingly severe; we must hold together in the Lord’s strength.

    • Hey EW! May I just put my little piece here before Rachel answers you. I have been in great turmoil for many a year. Till I knelt down and told Him: “This is it, I quit. Lord, I lay my life before you, take over! Whatever it takes Lord, do it. I don’t care anymore, whatever it takes, Lord take over”. Would you believe it EW, He took me seriously. For 2 and half year now I have not known discouragement (my oldtime buddy) + all the other benefits: love, joy, peace, righteousness have been showing up eversince – to make it short. The ball is in your court, He’s waiting for you. He is very personnal you know.
      I bless you brother.

    • Hi EW … as you’ve posted over time on my blog I’ve seen a growth in you … it’s a beautiful thing to witness. I see the heart and love in your words growing … and this is significant for this is the foundation of the kingdom – true love with honor and without corruption. God has been stripping all the residue of the world and flesh from my life and as He does His love moves in; it’s so powerful … I sense He is doing the same with you. The pull of the flesh is strong .. but He who is in us is far greater. Keep seeking to know His love in truth and walk in it … for this is the essence of the Kingdom to come. And, hewonmyheart, it is about receiving the word by the Spirit … it is the only way to receive it. Thanks for your encouraging words .. when spoken without hypocrisy how powerful they can be. How I pray for people to understand this.

      • Yes Rachel, tx! Not so long ago, I saw myself so hopelessly selfish. Like I somehow knew Jesus but He just wasn’t coming through, too much junk piled up on top.
        It’s almost like Holy Spirit, our helper who never leaves us, allows us to go almost too far doing our own thing***.
        Till one day, the evidence, the contrast between what we have become and WHAT HE IS gets to be so obviously unbearable that, really by GRACE, we call and HE COMES (for a start).

        Then of course, like you say “it is about receiving the Word by the Spirit”. Because though the obvious MIRACLE happens and we get all of the Heavenly Realm around us moving in our favor, as we put ourselves in that position by choice, or by responding to His Love, we can only RENEW OUR MIND to the realities of the Kingdom through RECEIVING THE LIVING WORD BY THE SPIRIT.

        Is that what you meant? Or am I missing something?

        ***You know I got this funny picture or vision, whatever:
        It’s like I was attached to Him by this big rubber band and I went my own way, holding unto this and that and the flesh and this and that idol, further and further away with a firm grip on things and stretching the rubber band till the effort to get away from Him becomes too much. Then what? I just let go and it’s like I’M JERKED BACK into position, in Him in full force. Made my head, my mind, my soul spin and I just CAN’T GET OVER IT, THE POWER OF HIS MERCY LOVE AND GRACE.
        I did nothing, only LET GO!

  3. E.W. here. HE-won-my-heart is a very catching statement. I can probably say, for possibly 3years after I chose to know and understand God and He began to teach me truth, I had no discouragements other than that I was not learning fast enough. My point is that I cannot get past the world throwing away what Jesus paid for, let alone what so many young men around the world have also given their lives for. However, I keep trying to hold to Jesus saying, all of what the Father has said must come to pass! —The foremost thing I hold to is that Jesus said, “man must live by every word that came out of the mouth of God!” —When Jesus was born(“Let there be Light”); God said He IS good; then, after He was born into flesh, God said,”in Him I am well pleased” “Him you shall hear”—With these statements in mind and we hear people justify themselves with some passage spoken by Jesus or one of the apostels, but the perception is contrary to the will of God, all I can say is that it is very disheartening. —Even before I trully knew what committment to the Lord was, I had read the scripture(several times) cover to cover, as one would any book. Though I did not understand most of it(at that time), I do beleive it helped me greatly when the Spirit began to teach me. What I am saying is that I feel, those labeled “scripture hoopers”, can not see the total will of God, to which, as Rachel puts it, there is too much junk in the person for the Father, Son & Spirit to have a place to enter. —Should I not give thought to this? Should I not speak of it? Was this not also in the mind of Christ? Praise God, Jesus died that all who would may over come!

    • Hey, E.W. Tx for your comments. I get your point, not many receive the Word by the Spirit of God, giving IT LIFE in them and thereby changing them into the likeness of Himself, which is His Will for every man.
      These verses confirm:
      Mat 7:13 NKJV – “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide [is] the gate and broad [is] the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.
      Mat 7:14 NKJV – “Because narrow [is] the gate and difficult [is] the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.
      Yes, it is indeed very disheartening to see so many including those close to us chose the wide gate.

      A very important lesson but that I’m only learning very recently is that God has chosen to live inside of us and thereby left us IN CHARGE, just as Jesus was in charge when He walked the Earth. The only power that can and will change our world, whoever or whatever we touch or get in contact with is HIM IN US, when we understand what HE has deposited inside of us and desire for THE REALITY OF THE KINGDOM to envade our lives, our spheres of influence, our World.
      He didn’t leave us any other option. Everything He could do for us and this world, He did it in Christ. Then He told us “GO!”, I’ll put Myself in you so you can do the job, same job I did and even greater (John 14) + I’LL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS! (Mt 28:20) Meaning that we’re in charge and it’s up to us what we will do with the PRESENCE He’s deposited inside of us. Christians have been dumb and lazy, like me.
      Beside the Early Church and a all the great REVIVALS, plus what we start seeing Him doing these days, in 2000 years of history it is a mystery to me how few have really LIVED the Gospel.

      Yeah, about “hewonmyheart” and the avatar: I am truly this little boy inside who’s heart has been completely won by the Father’s LOVE. You dont wanna see the guy who’s been co-crucified with Christ, he’s dead, very dead. HALLELUJAH.

    • EW … the world won’t throw away what He did .. the very fact that they do now is why He came. He knows our nature, blindness .. this is why He came. Yet, as many already are suffering the decision to continue to be rebellious children against the purest most amazing love … in time all will be renewed and eyes will be opened. Who and when … that is in God’s hands. But as we learn… we are able to share the love we’ve been given … and that is very powerful.

      • True. Though sometimes in my selfrighteousness I have wished for some to get what they deserve.
        You say “in time all will be renewed and eyes will be opened” It is not God’s will that any should perish and that’s LOVE, for all men.
        Let’s keep sharing His Love regardless.

  4. Yes, this also E.W. that just came to mind: a lot know about God but very few KNOW HIM.
    To get to know Him you have to give Him your heart first, then when you read the Word HE SPEAKS AND IT BECOMES SPIRIT AND LIFE TO YOU.

    You know the people who got the Romans to crucifie Jesus had Psalm 22 and Isiah 53 memorized (as every Jewish child had to have the whole Torah memorized by the age of 13 or 16) and they could have KNOWN exactly what was going on.
    A lot of scriptures hoppers just want to argue doctrine and like you say don’t discern the Will of God, it’s just a mind trip and they are not commited, doing more damage than good.

    But anyway, this is all FREE and whoever is thirsty, let him come and drink freely of the WATER OF LIFE!
    Rev 22:11 NKJV – “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.”
    Rev 22:17 NKJV – And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.

  5. E.W. here, it is a great comfort just knowing there are others in this world that are true beleivers & followers of Jesus! May God bless you brother!

    • Yes, It’s all about LOVE. The whole of the Word of God has been given because of Love. Tx EW, He’s blessing me alright. As Eph 1:6 says that we’re ALL blessed with EVERY spiritual blessing. Is there one missing? It’s about time we believe it and live like we are blessed. It’s really all by faith and believing and knowing who we are in Christ and thereby receiving it.
      I bless you too bro.

      • The sum of the commandments is love .. the purpose of the commandments is love .. yes it’s all about love. This world’s conception of love has been corrupted in every way and why we must learn and as a result be governed completely by His love.

  6. Awesome to hear you guys [EW & hewonmyheart] encouraging each other. The Post is fulfilling it’s purpose huh! Stirring the passion in our hearts, and putting a river in our bellies for HIM.
    Can I add a couple more verses to the ones you mentioned ‘hewonmyheart’

    “If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink…He that believeth in Me. as the scriptures says; out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters…But this He spake of the SPIRIT….” Jhn. 7.37-39

    Let’s: Keep thirsting…keep drinking..keep believing…this river never runs dry…’HE’ is life giving…

    • Tx Llew, you got it! Christ in us, the hope of glory!


      If He is LOVE and we’re ONE with Him, what are we then?

      • hewonmyheart; Yeah!!!! HE has one my heart to. Why drink from the gutters of this world’ which you pay for in the end, when the waters of life can flow inside you and it’s free. It’s a no brainer.

        Hey! I noticed the time you sent your post. Wow that only means one thing to me. “….I myself will awake early. I will praise thee…” Psa108 v 2,3 Best time to get into the river of the Word. No distraction, no phones ringing, no one else wanting our attention. Just me and Him. As you said ‘face to face.’

        Agree about the bride. The bride is preparing herself. Why? because she loves her bride-groom. And vice-versa. Husbands and wives can loose or abuse love but never a bride. There may be the odd occasion. One reason for both. “I don’t love him.” You are no longer a bride.
        Oh! that the Holy Spirit would breath on our flames of love. For Him, for our own families, and for His family right around the globe.

  7. Yeah, the bride goes completely nuts over the Bridegroom. Her whole being is raptured and waits for the Wedding.

    “Oh! that the Holy Spirit would breath on our flames of love. For Him, for our own families, and for His family right around the globe.”

    He does it Llew. That’s the only reason He came, so THIS can happen in our lives and overflow on all around us. It happens everytime IF and WHEN we BELIEVE. Another thing for sure: HE HAS CHOSEN US (John 15), so it happens everytime we BELIEVE and RESPOND to this fact and Truth, SO WE MIGHT GO AND BRING FORTH MUCH FRUIT (John 15) because He bears and brings forth the fruit in, through and around us.

    An apple tree never tries to bring forth apples, it just lives what it’s been created for. Like us when we discover God’s purpose in our lives and what we’ve been created for IN HIM. He sees us as apple trees now, we don’t have to try anymore, just BE what He made us to be. But first let’s go to Him to find out so we can relate to how He sees us and who we really are and what we really are in Him: KINGS AND PRIESTS (1st Peter).
    Like you say: “we’ve drunk from the gutters” and that’s what and who the devil tried to make us relate to and believe we were, that was our only reality but OLD THINGS ARE PASSED AWAY AND ALL THINGS HAVE BECOME NEW, in Him.

    If we could just see ourselves as God sees us, we would go right through the ceiling and NOTHING would be impossible to us. That’s His Will for us, that we may REIGN IN THIS LIFE (Ro 5:17). Let us seek for A REVELATION of this in us more than anything (Eph 1:16-23, Eph 3:14-21). We’ve got it ALL, we just don’t know it. He’s chosen the foolish things of the world (1Co1:26-31) like me and you so HE GETS ALL THE GLORY!

    Rachel shares a lot about the fact that ALL THINGS COME FROM INTIMACY WITH ABBA FATHER.

    And about the time I sent my post, you can add another 6 hours. 11 a.m. is more like me, lol. I live in another time zone and am not such an early bird, but I’m HIS BIRD, hallelujah.

  8. drinking from the gutter where the powers of ruin flow’; That’s long gone for me.
    drinking from the river of Life where truth and love abide, This is where I want to be today.
    Hallelujah! “He lifted me from the miry pit put my feet on the Rock,” say no more.

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