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The Truth sets you free.

Continually going deeper into Truth gives our sleeping mind a radically different thought-system defined by absolute divine love. Truth transforms our mind by integrating it to the supra-conscious divine Mind, which creates a reality far exceeding our truest desires.

The dream reality is created and perpetuated by our interpretations/judgments of every aspect of our lives. If you listen to your thoughts, you witness your mind in a constant state of judging and making its own interpretations. It begins with how we interpret/judge our self, and then each person, situation, our purpose, everything. Our personal judgments, which are based on a past of erroneous learning about what is right/wrong, good/bad, loving/unloving, or true/false, correspond to a reality of duality, in which our truth is relative. Our judgments establish and proclaim our believed “truth”, and then our minds manifest this “truth” into a reality we believe to be true. Because our reality isn’t created in Truth, it’s only a dream.

If our judgments/interpretations change, our reality changes. However, because we manifest our interpretations into tangible forms, the resulting illusionary reality strengthens the apparent truth of our judgments, therefore they rarely change to any significant degree. However, when we diligently seek for Truth hand-in-hand with the Spirit of Truth, we systematically receive a new thought-system through revelation. This thought-system enables us to manifest a reality of Truth through emergence, and we find a way out of the cyclic dream of judgment.

The dreaming mind and the Spirit of Truth present two contrary thought-systems with two different voices that tell us what is real. From these two voices, we hear two opposing “interpretations” of each aspect of our reality, especially about who we are. Which one we accept as true is what our minds create. The dreaming mind’s thought-system, built on our judgments, upholds finite thoughts creating a finite reality. These thoughts express themselves in forms of limitation, weakness, lack, suffering, and conditional love. The Spirit’s thought-system, established on absolute Truth, supports eternal thoughts that create a reality reflecting ever-present forms of freedom, invulnerability, unconditional love, peace, joy, and completeness.

Through our honest confession that our personal judgments are not Truth, we open our minds to revelation and the knowing of Truth. We make a steadfast choice to listen to the Spirit, and we no longer only hear the voice of the dream. Now we have a choice, and our minds undergo an incredible transformation into Truth. Through the Spirit’s gentle instruction, Truth replaces our interpretations that created the dream. As our minds are set free, we experience liberation from the destructive effects of our mis-interpretations and ill-judgments. We stop judging for ourselves and continually ask the Spirit, what does this mean? Or show me the Truth through this situation, person, or myself?

As we fix our mind on Truth, our mind fully integrates into the thought-system of Truth. In oneness with the divine Mind, the God creative act of emergence (where our minds are a continual stream of divine thoughts) takes over revealing the reality of Truth; one of eternal peace, ever-present joy, perfect vitality, present abundance, and unconditional love.

When our transformation is complete, time ends and eternity begins. We enter a holy stillness, a state of being, in the eternal present as our mind becomes a divine thought stream of the supra-conscious. We witness a beautiful unfoldment of the expressions of our true Self and its manifested reality of Truth that is absolute divine love. There are no more personal judgments, thus no conflict or duality.

In this, we say with a deep understanding, Be Still and Know I Am God. 

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

24 thoughts on “Transforming Our Mind

  1. 🙂

  2. Absolutely Amazing you are sharing the process of the unawakened Mind going thru a Divine love alchemy Transformation …THE WONDER OF WONDERS..THE METAMORPHOSIS OF THE ELECT OF GOD..

  3. i can say i am proud of everyone here(makes me feel good about myself). i can still see my manifest within the events, so i know what everyone says comes from heart and IS eternal. and i know the outcomes. One thing i must say that i have yet to say is that when any ONE PERSON awakens, it gives strenght to EVERYONE else who has already awakened(more cooincidences in every moment of their(our) lives). when your gifts are presented to you(eternally), i myself become stronger. and when i become stronger, everyone else becomes stronger(and vice versa).

    when you are awakened, you will see everything fall into place in perfection(like magic:miracles).(sense the holy spirit)
    that means that when any one person awakens, that turns into two, then two awakened people turn into three. then three awakened people turn into hundred. and then hundred people awaked will turn into a million . and so on

    to awaken into the eternal is to see EVERYONE ELSE awakened(as everyone represents an identity within my own heart) as each person is part of spirit(greater I AM(we all share in I AM))..

    i may have to explain something in relation to TIME.
    people have the wrong idea of what NOW means.
    when you hear the word NOW, you tend to think the past and/or future is unimportant, but thats not the case(even as i understand your meanings).

    im going to attempt to show you how time(NOW) works and how it is associated with the HOLY SPIRIT(living force in the world).

    in our thinking, however old we are is how long ago we were born. and 10 , 20,or 30 years into the future when we die, we tend to think that is when we die.
    but when the BIBLE speaks of NOW, that is not the case.
    now means that YOUR BIRTH is happening RIGHT NOW. your death has already happened(RIGHT NOW). Your birth and death KNOW EACHOTHER.
    as you live a whole lifetime as an individual, you may tend to seperate yourself from your birth and your death as you limit what NOW means.
    in the HOLY SPIRIT(for prophets to live), past/present/future is happening all at the SAME TIME(source of holy spirit).
    that means that every moment you experience(even right now) is frozen in time and interacts with all other moments(through the holy spirit). Each moment interacts with all other moments. when we step out of man, and into the eternal, we will AWAKEN into new concepts and new DIRECTIONS.. the hardest thing to do when we learn something new is to let go of the OLD WAYs of thinking and doing.

    other bibles talk about cutting off heads and fingers. but as we misterper our own, we tend to misinterper all other bibles.
    a cutting off of heads means that we dont think the same ways we use to(when we learn something new). we set NEW PATHs(as we learn new things)(as a child learns to walk after crawling). and when it comes to cutting off of fingers, when we learn new things, we dont do the same things we use to do(thats called cutting off of fingers).. as others misinterper their bibles, and we finaly learn what something means, we still tend to go back into our old thinking patterns(takes years to train our mind to work with our heart. You can see your heart through the WHOLE WORLD) as OUR(your) heart and holy spirit is ONE AND THE SAME(we are the ELEMENTS of life).

    anyways, i always feel the need to give the new info as it is not for me alone to know… i use this knowledge, and it works(there is much more to life). the more you know, the stronger we all become…

    • I understand what “anti” is saying and it is that as we moved from our previous eternal state of being before the world was formed, as we were with God then, we were then without the element of time. This is because time as we now know it, pertains to this carnal realm where time in the natural (within the eternal) is marked out by the movements of the element of the sun, moon and stars. There is also a much deeper meaning to this block of time within the eternal now and that is the sun, the moon and the stars that exist within each one of us, brings us to understand that “now” is an experience within the eternal presence we have had since our being created as a separate entity by God in our beginning with Him…before the world was.

      The dream we have been lowered into is but for a season taken out of our eternal presence because we have never actually left our eternal presence. This is explained by the compartments in the tabernacle. God never left us in the place of our Holy of Holies, there was a temporary veil placed between reality and the dream of the soul (holy place) which obscured for a time our true eternal existence in and with God. It is written, “He will never forsake us,” and He never has. This encouraging statement has more to do with giving us encouragement that He did not forsake us “when” we were naturally born into this existence to be tested and tried according to His purpose for each of us. Sin is not a condition in which God ever considered forsaking one for, for we were subjected to sin unwillingly.

      Without a doubt we will all be awakened in the order of our calling. It stands to reason that by looking at the natural to understand the spiritual that when more is known that more is required. With a greater gift being presented and promised to us in the long ago of a double portion and freedoms, as was given to us by the understanding of the allegory of Job, we understand with greater freedoms must come with them a “time” of training in order to operate and become obedient to the will of God. The love of God for all of us is not interrupted by the introduction of sin and vanity in our lives at the time of Adam’s deep sleep. We all entered into this deep sleep with Adam as one just as we will all awaken from this deep sleep in one in Christ.

      So yes, there is no us and them or us vs. them or one saved and one lost (but for a period of time in the dream state as for even the one that was lost was found in “time” for the prodigal never left his eternal state of existence except in the temporary illusion and dream of being lost. Thank God this experience is all but a dream to learn about a greater gift of life which is to come upon completion of this walk through this “valley of shadow of death experience.” Shadows are not real but only illusionary outlines of the true.
      We are all eternal beings that started in our eternal existence with our eternal Father before time began and nothing within this “time” allotted to us nothing will be taken away, only added to. The introduction of sin and vanity takes nothing away from us for sin was given in the fall of Adam and this same sin was taken away in the rising of Christ on the cross. The cross is also a “now” thing as we take up our same spiritual cross in our eternal present and rise with Christ. As Christ died on the cross sin died with Him just as when He resurrected at this same time we all resurrected with Him unto life. Now hat we are under grace sin does not define us, only the risen Christ within. Sin is but for a short season to train and discipline us and when we are disciplined by it and it has done its work, sin is abolished. The death of death pertains to sin and the carnal mind. As Paul explained although sin is present in our members it is of the old man which died on the cross and we are to identify with the eternal life which is in Christ which rose from the dead…making us a new “spiritual man” in Christ. We are shaped by the tools of the trade, shaped in iniquity, to be released from it when sin has done its work, then being released into life and life more abundantly.

      Yes, we think with our heads and work with our hands and fingers at the direction of the mind. Our hands do the works of the direction of our minds so we must take on this new mind in Christ to give forth new “works” from our hands. All the members of the body are a part of the risen Christ and as is the head (Christ) so is the body of Him, for the Christ the head is not complete without His body, which is us. So we were “beheaded” on the cross and the old works of our hands were cut off to take on a new head which is Christ and we (hands and feet along with all the members of our body) will begin new works directed by the new mind.

      Yes, it is good to connect with others as God opens to us individually and then corporately as God sees to put us in one another’s presence for learning, edification, encouragement in the love of God. We know we have grown when we can love the other regardless of their perspective and views on various subjects. In fact this is the key which opens the truth of the spirit to all people. It is in the absence of “unconditional love” that we are absent from the truth for a divided mind is enmity with God, and when this “completed” love starts to take shape within us, all is known and we will be known as He is known in “this” world. No waiting to the hereafter.

      All things lead to only good for all. There is a lot of means to go through to get to the end in Christ.

      • To add a little clarification:

        Since “we” are the “earth” which I failed to mention, it is also an ingredient of time. It is the relationship of our body (our earth) in relationship to the sun, moon and stars which relates to time. Our eternal spirit is not tied to time. The spiritual sun, moon, earth and stars are elements that are within us. The light of the moon (law) is but a reflection of the “Son” (Christ) which gives their influence of life to the earth (us). The stars are the angels (messengers) of the seven churches which are God’s people and the messages come from within as does, the Son, the moon (law), within the orbit of our influence…all in Christ, within us. Heaven is explained in many parables, allegories and mysteries and we must remember that the great mystery that the prophets of old were not privy to was the Christ within, the hope of glory which means to be all that He is. Heaven and the kingdom of God is within us and all that pertains to understanding the spiritual realm from the natural realm is understanding that “all” that is “without” in the natural only represents “all” that is “within” in the spiritual world. This is the reality of all the law and scriptures. They are but a shadow of the true.

      • Sonny, I enjoyed antihacker’s post, and especially your interpretation. I also resonated with antihacker’s comments about the way these words, when preached to the world, benefit everyone.

  4. Absolutely thoughtware, thank you, and as we have discussed before, it is good to share whatever our point of view is. When we can get past doctrinal differences and laws and understand what grace actually is, it’s a new world. There are the flaws of man (sin) and there is is grace, and grace does not impute sin because grace covers sin until it has done its disciplinary work and cease to exist. This “is” the death of death. I cease to be amazed at the differences in what people think of God according to the law and the true God revealed grace. Your end and my eternal end in Christ was secured when God thought to make man in His image and when He did there was no thought of failure to make us as He is. The wonder of God’s love for all being hidden in parables, allegories and mysteries is amazing. We ponder and meditate why would God Let man believe that He could be as cruel as the natural law would have us to believe. When God is revealed in the symbol, we see the opposite of what was described. You might could say the “wrath” of God destroys the carnal mind of man while the grace of God makes all things perfect in Him. An eternal hell and unconditional love are are quiet opposites and they cannot be used to explain the same being. Enlightenment to the goodness of God is a most wonderful gift. It brings a calm and a peace to one’s soul in knowing we are all secure in Him.

  5. I’m so grateful for you all – it’s beautiful to hear your words and to witness your journey that is a part of my own. As we continue in our humility to know Truth, we go deeper into Truth and it becomes more lucid and strengthens in our minds as it sheds our old ways of thinking and being. Our individual journeys of our transforming minds is not just for ourselves but for all and this is one of the greatest blessings our journey returns to us. May the living light and absolute divine love overwhelm you Today – that consumes all time.

  6. hi, all, i decided to go the next step. since we are all here, and we know what we know, why not do an experiment.
    i am just passing an idea as i always trust in myself(stepping into). my past tells me, that i will always succeed in events , even when i doubt myself. a story is always being told when i(we all) put all moments of our lives together(all experiences).

    when it comes to mesiah(not good with spelling if i spelled it wrong), lets predict something.
    i want all of us, to participate in something that we can agree upon(no matter what we believe) together. the purpose will be to test our knowledge, and prove to those whom oppose. if we succeed in this test, it will be to the purpose of bringing us all together(letting go of that which even now keeps us in death(through our own words)).. i trust my knowledge 100percent. it never failed me ever.

    what made me decide what im about to express, is that it is the first time that i watched sons of gods that amos put as a link. the knowledge being presented is aligned with my own. the thought i got when watching it is that since all SOULS live within the flesh of the world, and that means that at every moment in time, there is always someone with the knowledge(one dies, another born). it may come out slightly different in each of us, but it aligns with what i know as all moments are one moment(and everyone is one expressions).

    since i know the world presents our own heart(we are all expressions) and each person represents something within ourselves, i want everyone to let go of their religions(trying to prove something real against all other info that would prove against). lets come up with ideas together, to not only PREDICT an event in the world, but to KNOW that WE HAD MANIFESTED(directed through the holy spirit aka father aka eternal heart aka I AM(collectly)). it would take every one of us to let go of something and grow together towards something NEW…
    we all know the world is manifest of spirit. and our own I AM is within that spirit.
    like i said before, the holy spirit does not judge(creates BEAST and LOVE alike(through all laws))(KNOW YOURSELF(human AND eternal)).
    some of the laws in that video are the missing ones i wanted to know about. i already know about law of opposing forces(opposites). one prolly mentioned in another way is what i call LAW OF INFINITY….
    this law is the SOURCE OF ENERGY…
    as it grows, it works outside of TIME(where Prophets live)(note: everyone is a prophet)…

    for mesiah, i want him to agree to let go of what he holds onto as something he truly believes if we can manifest.
    i want him to participate also so he can be part(in heart and mind).

    i want this to TEST OUR WILLs. and i want us to see the HOLYness within us…(experience).
    we know what we know, but when have we stepped into TOGETHER(beyond our own beliefs).


  7. Hacker, your idea is good from a ‘worldly’ point of view. However, I am not a follower of my own thoughts. God gave man the ability or capacity, to think whatever he wants to think and to let his thoughts run free. However, freedom of thought, is not truth, and that path can as well lead to evil. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, The Messiah, I follow His thoughts, and teachings, given to man, not my own.
    He said ‘I came not to bring peace to men, but a sword’. The purpose therefore is to separate, one’s thoughts to follow the will of the Father. When you come to believe there is evil in the world which is a spiritual evil manifested, you will be able to identify the difference, in your thoughts and those of God. And this does not manifest itself in a manner, where you agree with everyone around you, in which case you will not be in agreement with God. The only truth there is in the Revelation that comes from God himself, not the truth that we imagine in our hearts. I hope this concept will bring clarity to your thoughts. In the teachings I follow, in reference to your closing statement, “there is no holiness in Man”. Holiness is only found in God and in His spirit. We must lay down our, ideas, our flesh, and all our own thoughts as far as ultimate truth that we think is right, to find His truth, and it can only be found in the Sayings of the Master. We must be saved from ourselves, the satanic kingdom, and even our own desires for perfection among men to follow, Him the Savior, into what He has given us in the Scriptures. That is the only Truth. And it is God’s gift to man. We must communicate on a level beyond what makes us feel peaceful, or what makes us feel happy, or congruent with one another. The tribulations we experience in life must be handed to Jesus, the Messiah, and then given back to us. We are the receivers, and we participate, in Him and His Holiness, by being adopted into His kingdom, by removing our sins.
    Only in this way can we know Truth, and be free.
    Your intentions are noble, hope this helps you to see from a new perspective, which is not based on Utopian ideals, but the realities of the spiritual world about you.
    Thanks for the invitation.

  8. “Without revelation direct from heaven, it is impossible for any person to understand fully the plan of salvation. We often hear it said that the living oracles must be in the Church, in order that the Kingdom of God may be established and prosper on the earth. I will give another version of this sentiment. I say that the living oracles of God, or the Spirit of revelation must be in each and every individual, to know the plan of salvation and keep in the path that leads them to the presence of God.” In order to separate truth from error, it is necessary to live humbly, to live prayerfully, to have the Holy Ghost for a constant companion, for it is as great a wickedness to reject truth and light as it is to follow the dark teachings of the apostates. The Spirit of Christ enlightens every man that cometh into the world, and if one will judge truth by that Spirit of Christ which is within him he need never err in judgment….

  9. misshai. you dont understand. the world is the MANIFEST of the spirit world( heaven and earth take up the same space). you are a follower of your own thoughts, or you would listen to the spirit that flows through me and you and everyone else, and all events of the world. you cant use your interpertation to understand what you must do(you must know your heart to be ONE WITH THE SPIRIT).. i do know what is to come. and if your a prophet(like we all are:but i am aware), then your doing things in heaven, and not on earth. it is only that you can see THROUGH EARTH of which is in heaven. to lead in presence of god is to MANIFEST ON EARTH.. the reason why you think its about christ and think christ is a man and a god, is cause each NAME is a SOUL. and as we read every bible, each SOUL seems to be a LIFEFORCE, and we interper each LIFEFORCE into a man(in comparision to ourself). You do listen to your thoughts, but in order to listen correctly, you must listen to OTHERs as that is how you listen to god. you cant interper the bible using today’s concepts. you have to find the ORIGINAL CONTEXT 2000 years ago in order to understand. the bible was written using every person on earth, but while on earth, they dont see themselves as people, but ONE BODY(through the holy spirit). i know REVELATIONs, and it isnt what is being taught,. what i am trying to do is show you the original context as i use to be just like you. if i condemn what your doing and say my bible told me to do it, then i would miss out all together whats being said as you are(you have to trust the god in us all). what i want to do is show YOU EVEN the original context as that is the only way you can live up to what you expect from what the bible(s) is trying to cause. there is NO EVIL. your own belief in evil is the EVIL.. the BEAST and the witch for example wasnt about the witch, it was about the MOB(killing the witch)(wickedness = turn on eachother). the bible isnt about good and bad, its about acceptence vs rejection(in our own spirit). you cant be one with christ and reject everything else. cause that is how you are against christ and say it is for christ. to be one with christ is to see christ in everyone.
    again, christ IS NOT A PERSON, and what im requesting comes from the same spirit in which even you want to be one with.
    dont get me wrong, dont compare anything that i do or say with evil, cause in your own mind, everything will be evil, and nothing will live up to christ, and even if they did, you would reject as even you said anyone saying they are christ is lieing.
    another thing i must tell EVERYONE. you cant use CHRIST freely as we do, and not mention any other names. christ is just ONE KEY.
    but to go through god, requires all keys(each name is a KEY(law))(possibly 9 but could be wrong) at the same time(highest LOVE in all: Greatest I AM).
    I KNOW WHAT CHRIST IS(i know the laws(they come from spirit)), and i know what every bible in the world is trying to do, and it isnt what anyone in any religion is teaching.
    example: it says there is ONLY ONE GOD, but that god isnt christ, christ is just a path(requireing all other names in order for christ to be valid)(you have to turn all the keys at the same time to enter god on earth). you can only experience heaven NOW(but seen only in time(every event), not in each moment, but every moment at same time. peace in mankind is what christ is. and christ is in every person(soul).
    all the rest that you speak of is nothing but NOISE of the mind(the same one that you say you dont listen to, or the one that you say i DO LISTEN TO. i listen to everything. i listen to thought, i listen to heart, i listen to the world, and i even listen not only to every name, but even the satan in us all. cause if i was to ignore any of it, i would not live in truth. again we are describing truth, but truth just is. what you do is truth, what i do is truth, and truth may turn against itself if we turn against eachother. i stand by what i said earlier. i TRUST in my heart, and i KNOW my heart. i can predict the future. my experiment is for everyone else as that is what we expect if we were to go through what we need to go through. i know that i can MANIFEST consiously(been doing it since 2011). all the things that i share isnt through interpertations of the bibles, it is cause i experienced the knowledge through every event in my life(the spirit we seek lives outside of time, and in EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES(on earth in every moment).
    i know the outcomes of every event on earth, i just want to prove it(my spirit name is PROVE(not proving, not proved, just plain PROVE)). The spirit already speaks through me, and even i may not see it at times till later, but i know 24/7 it is there.. and show even to you that there is much more that how you logisitically put it all together in a limiting fashion. all i want to do is give you that of which you seek(in truth:truth right now is being diluted through misinterperations), i want even you to see your own hidden strenghts of which we all forgotten. and not have to misinterper. but thats your choice and your time as i will even trust that in the spirit of ME(in YOU), and i will always see good in everything. the only error is the belief in error. but even in error, it comes with PURPOSE(we just have to listen outside of time)..

    anyways, i hope that everyone is having a good holiday, and i will still continue to do what i want to do(cause that is what the spirit in us all is asking from me to do). it isnt for me, it is for you. if you fail, then i fail, and if anyone fails, then we all fail together.

    NOTE: i trained my mind to listen to the spirit(holy).. again, holy spirit doesnt judge, it will play out on earth both the BEAST(which comes from all of us) and LOVE(requires all names to be part of) EQUALLY. i will challange every religion and i wont follow any religion. that doesnt mean i am a god hater, or anything that can be imagined as evil.(i know my heart).

    when i predict, i know days/weeks, months ahead of time every even on earth. and what i say, i can prove(as even that is my spirit name). everyone has a spirit name, and you dont find it, it finds you..

  10. I guess the main problem with all of that, is I happen to know Jesus personally. I think you have never understood that Jesus is alive today, and that He is a personal Savior. One can meet Jesus and know Him personally. That’s something you have never been able to find. After He rose from the dead, He has been reseated beside the Father, and I know Him. The Bible says in case you didn’t know, that the Holy Spirit, agrees with Jesus only. The Holy Spirit only bears witness to Jesus. Because they are one.

    Number 2~ why do think, that Jesus, preached to the world all the things He did, about Himself? He told us who He is. So, I guess He didn’t understand either?
    Both Jesus, and I, are supposedly not able to understand your teaching? We just don’t understand? But you do.
    My thought is, that either, Jesus doesn’t know what He was saying. Or you don’t. Both can’t be true.
    Jesus said, He Is the ‘only path’. So how could Jesus be One Path, if He Himself said He is the Only Path?
    Someone’s messed up.

    Number 3~ All of your comments identify, and ratify, that there is sin in the world. And it’s not believers in Jesus, who are pointing that out, it is those who do not believe in Him that are pointing you to sin.
    Believers in Jesus are pointing you away from sin.
    The Bible says, that condemnation is on Them that are within the World without Jesus, because of sin.
    Believer’s are pointing you ‘away from the World’, to Jesus.

    So, it looks like, I understand very well. I understand exactly what Jesus taught. I know Him, as friend and Savior. I have a really good comprehension, and understanding of spiritual things.


      So much to say here: Separately, God is going to move for His church, greatly, with divine favor. The leading of His Spirit shall guide us into all things sacred and beautiful. God wants us to know His goodness and meditate on it.
      He is going to reveal facets of Himself as never before both personally and corporately. Manifestations of His glory and His love will consume gatherings. Reports of personal encounters and visitations will be heralded throughout the world from all countries!
      Bless you today, antihacker. as you continue walking in love.

    • Amos and Teresa – please remember that when you attack others, you only attack yourself. Further, what you see in others, is what you see in yourself. As Sonny already mentioned, in this place all have the ability to share what they believe in peace. We do not attack each other, nor do we need to correct. Let us prayerfully listen for Truth – and allow the Spirit in all of us to do its work.



  14. thank you mishai, it means a lot to connect with anyone and everyone. i still want to create an event together. if i make the event, some may not even accept it, even as they see it. so i want someone else to stir ideas and lets start a focus point, and if it is possible(through all the laws), then it has already been written…. you all may have noticed the earthquakes as an example. each natural disaster shows the holy spirit at work(i am aware, but others may not(talking about the connections)). i want to show the difference between mortal and immortal(as we all are both)… what i am talking about, i already can do(and some do it subconsiously). but now its time for others to see the hidden gifts. each other person has a hidden gift and IS a hidden gift(the world surprises me regularly), but each of us has to KNOW WITH THEIR HEART that the gifts come out of all of us(as that is the power of the laws) through the holy spirit.. i could easily predict the next president, but that would be too easy. the way to know who is gonna win this time, is by the opponent that will PRAISE the other opponents… to bring eachother down to be on top is a dishonor(even if correct) to god through the laws, and the world will tell us through the natural events what we do in heart….. NOTE: the literal aspect of what we see represents the world, as the world is the LIVING HEART(of the holy spirit)…again, WE are the elements…. and we GIVE LIGHT to the world(we ARE the light of love for eachother),

    thank you thoughtware, and thank you amos, and sonny, and rachael and everyone else…

    • most beautiful blessed soul i truly thank you and may GODALMIGHTY continue to forever bless you in his divine Grace..

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