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The doorway into eternal peace resides within our soul which rests in the eternal present.

As we exalt the Spirit of Truth as the creative sovereign (our Source of Truth) over the body/reality (the illusion/dream), we perceive this doorway to eternal peace (Kingdom of Heaven). Where we once thought it was non-existent, far off in the future, or even found in heaven through death, we recognize it has always been within our true Self in the eternal present. (“The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”) The eternal present is the law of Truth at work. The law of Truth states “Truth is”. Even in the dream, where illusions hide Truth from our mind, Truth can always be known if it’s sincerely sought.

To the sleeping mind, the present moment, where this doorway resides, is an idealistic and unreal concept. The dream consciousness is a web of integrated finite thoughts. Inherent in finiteness is fear. Because every thought is finite, all that is created is fleeting and ends. Where nothing remains, especially the likeness of the eternal spiritual attributes, fear lives.

With finiteness and fear as its foundation, the dream consciousness carries the past into the future seeking to alleviate fear, or simply perpetuating it. The past closes over the present like a door, making it almost non-existent, and the present is experienced as a fleeting and ungraspable moment. This state of consciousness blocks the mind from abiding in the present where it connects to the spirit attributes, thus experiencing eternal Peace.

Finding the Door

By diligently seeking Truth, we eventually come to perceive this door that was with us all along, because Truth is. We recognize all the spirit attributes we’ve sought for in the dream are found through this infinitesimal opening of the present moment within our soul. In order to manifest into our experiential reality, the spirit attributes require a mind capable of eternal thought; a mind enlightened with Truth to be able to convey thoughts of Truth. The mind once constructed by finite thought and dwelling and believing in a finite reality, now is shifting 180 degrees to receive eternal thoughts of Truth. This isn’t an easy transformation of mind because beliefs are held as true, that is why they are beliefs. But just because they are believed doesn’t make them Truth, and there are always cracks in illusions through which the light of Truth can begin to enter the seeking mind.

Through these cracks in the dream’s faulty belief system, Truth enters and turns everything upside down until all that was believed as true is seen as an illusion and what is Truth is known. Through this transition, the mind is being prepared to integrate into the divine mind until it faces its final “testing”, a testing that solidifies what the mind believes, because it creates what it truly believes. As the mind completes its 180º turn from the illusion to the Truth, the mind seeks for closure: what is my true belief? In response, it creates a reality of challenges to test the new incoming Truth over the illusion it held for years. The dreamer faces the “realness” of the illusion, i.e. through sickness, lack, aging, pain, etc. It is here that we make our stand for the Truth we’ve come to know: We are as God made us, perfect, holy, invulnerable, and free, and the illusion of weakness, guilt, sin, and even death isn’t real. This proclamation of Truth in the place of lies is universal forgiveness (the forgiveness of Christ, who sees all as the holy Self of God, thus one with his Spirit). It’s this vision of forgiveness that removes the finite and fear, so our mind can engage the present, dwell in it, and experience the thoughts of eternity, eternal peace.

As we enter this door, we are empowered to give as we’ve received, thus we are given the ability to truly forgive and heal others. As we awaken to our oneness as our true Self (the Christ), we are one with the voice of Truth and possess the power of Truth. The attributes of Truth extend out through us to all by the creative God act of emergence. This outflow of the divine into our experiential reality is our united healing, salvation, and resurrection.

Now, we say, I enter into the eternal present of Your eternal Presence. 

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “Doorway into Eternal Peace

  1. When we search for truth we are searching for the love of God and in order to find it, we must “see it” as it is. Love is not divided so if we see one lost and another saved, we remain blind in our quest for the truth. There is no love and there is no truth in a world of factions, parties and divisions where people cut themselves off from one another by labeling themselves as being “better than” because of a belief or a doctrine. Separation is a doctrine of man. God sees His creation as one people no matter our current blindness and He will bring each to our completion as He calls each of us to be schooled and disciplined. Religion teaches a falsehood of self righteousness and that we should separate ourselves from one another according to what we believe. This is a lie for we as the church of Philadelphia must love in-spite of another’s faults. We, as God must love until all are complete in His likeness. We cannot be healed and made whole if some are trying to tear down what God is building.

    There is the natural and there is the spiritual. The natural explanation of things is so often 180 degrees as you say from the spiritual revelation of the type or the symbol. For example the book of Revelation is a book of unconditional love and freedom when we read it with the understanding of the spirit. What will be doomed and annihilated are the “ways” of the carnal man and what will be saved is the mind of God in each person. Read with the carnal mind produces a fear and a mistrust of God and His plan. The burning is not a perpetual burning and a punishment of torment for sin. The burning is from God and “Him” being the consuming fire that will burn all of the carnality (hell) out of us in our battle with the man of sin…within. The carnal explanation are pictures of natural things but when understood with the spirit it is all spiritual and it is all good. The carnal negative mind that needs to be destructed and put to death will be and that mind which needs revealing in Christ within will be revealed once the “man of sin” (our carnal mind) is revealed in us…and there comes a fallen away of it leaving only the mind and likeness of Christ.

    Yes, the spirit and the antitype once “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” is revealed in us it will be as different as light is to day. It is quiet the opposite of what we think and to pass through this door which is Christ we will only see Him as He is once we see things from a 180 degree perspective from the flesh. We see in part as we journey through this inward path to all truth…and the key to it all is having a love with no boundaries and divisions of us verses them..for with our sight divided we cannot see clearly. When we see that God is no respecter of persons and His plan is all inclusive then we will be able to see as He sees with an unconditional love that only sees an undivided love for all people.

    The dream and illusion is that some will be lost and will be punished forever, , the reality is that all will be saved. The dream is that sin will define us as sinners. The truth is that it is that only the mind of Christ is the reality which actually defines us. It is the carnal mind that will be separated and destroyed by the fires of God. What will remain once the burning of the wood, hay and stubble (carnality) is complete is 100% of Christ likeness. We will walk through the door of Revelation into the revealing of our Christ within this door into our tabernacle which is within us. This door is open to us all and we will all walk through its passage as we are called in our order.

  2. And…

    Rachel, I know we are saying the same thing and see the end of all things the same, however we use the language we are familiar with and from the perspectives we have. However, when we see the end of all of ourselves being complete in Him, our terminology is only unique to our present experience and circumstances…so we take no thought of our differences in our choice of words that we use to describe….the same thing. When two are allowed to see the same, as in God’s purpose for all things, we care not for how one explains the same end for it is the “end” which justifies the means of our choice in expression.

    If two or more people leave for the same exact destination from various other locations from around the world that they have agreed on to meet at “someday,” and “all” are describing the end destination perfectly, it does not matter that the different roads and means we use along the way are posted with different road numbers. It doesn’t matter that we go through different places unknown to another, “labeled” with different names or that our experiences of difficulties to get there are different from one another. It doesn’t matter…for God will bring us to Himself by whatever various and “different”means He chooses.

    There may be a thousand means to an end and we should respect the other nine hundred and ninety nine means God has given to others for it is their end and our end which will matter. People question the validity of some of the disciples recorded letters in the New Testament because they have a slightly different perspective according to what their particular view on some events and happenings were, however in the context of their intent their ultimate message was the same. So it is with us and those who we share our understanding with.

    The ultimate test that we must pass, to enter into His likeness and character is…to enter into… “His likeness and character.” If there is no sin that God holds against any, and our sins are forgiven 7×70 meaning always and forever with no limitations or conditions, we therefore cannot hold any sin against any other likewise. If God is “unconditional love” then we also must become unconditional love and “be” of His same oneness in spirit. The “test” is nothing more than a “measurement” of our completeness in His likeness and in His character. And as we progress so does our testing along the path with us to see how much further we have to go until we test as clean as Christ is….”in us.”

    Take the word “torment,” for example, to the natural mind it carries with it illusions and visions of being in fear of pain and eternal suffering, however when we use this word spiritually, we see only the good in it. When the word “torment’s” true spiritual meaning revealed, it is used “only” as a “measurement” and as a test of what is good in measuring the amount of “purity” we posses “presently” as to His likeness.

    “1) Basanos (βάσανος) Strong’s Concordance G931– this word is used as torment (3x) times in the bible. The primary definition of this word in biblical use is:
    * a touchstone, which is a black siliceous stone used to test the purity of gold or silver by the colour of the streak produced on it by rubbing it with either metal.”

    Our condition of torment is a measurement of what degree of the “carnal mind” we still are in possession of, and have left remaining in us, for the carnal mind is only what torments us. The hateful carnal mind is for self while the loving spiritual mind is for all people seeing all alike. As we come closer and closer to receiving the Revelation of Jesus Christ within us, the less and less we are tormented by the carnal mind because of the increase of God’s beatitudes as they progress within us. When there is no carnal mind left to torment us, the confusion and indecision of self ceases to exist. The “opinions” of others do not sway us any longer because we know we are following after the mind of Christ and not what the mind of others may think. Torment or the “touchstone” tells us of what measurement we are in Christ, and “with what measurement we meet will be measured to us again” until we come into the fullness and stature of His likeness.

    So we can take the most fearful of meanings of natural words understood with only the natural mind and turn them “180 degrees” and we can then see the “other side, through the door, into the reality of the spirit. There is no word that carries with it a death sentence to our spirit as our carnal mind would have us to believe for even “death” itself is nothing more than being “alive” unto Christ..after the death of death is accomplished in us. The only death we will ever experience is the death of self, the ego, Satan, the devil, the dragon, the carnal mind or any other name one may use to identify the opposition and enmity against God.

    180 degrees is as far as the east is from the west and as we move in these opposite directions going from the natural to the spiritual we see only good as we move toward the light away from the carnal mind of darkness. It is amazing to see and understand how that the letter of the word, when it is read and understood only with the natural carnal mind can conjure up only imaginations of God having an evil intent to punish sin and which causes one to become divisive, fearful of agonizing darkness, and of death and defeat. And then to be given a key to this same seemingly condemning passage in the reality of the spirit to open its true meaning is quiet remarkable. It is remarkable because often the evil the carnal mind sees in the letter of the word is actually a blessing when received and revealed in the spirit.

    The one key with its many multiple points of contact which opens all doors to all things is understanding in the present tense of where God is in reality and who He is in reality. He is God, He is our Father, He is Love, He is the forgiver of all sins and removes all of our sins from all of us. God is all and in all. Part of the understanding which gives us the ability to use the key is knowing that Christ is within us where also is heaven in reality in the present now. Having this understanding gives us the ability to open the door within us and not only walk through this door into the place of the Holy of Holies where only “one” spirit exist. As He is so are we in this world…not some other time in the future…but now. So if this key is given to us, let us not only use it for ourselves but to and for all others, for if we do not want to possess it and to use it to free others as well, we’ll not know how to use the key…for the key is a selfless key, it opens the door for all to enter.

    The key is like a combination, it has several points that must be aligned to work to open the door. It is as the seven candle sticks that gave light in the Holy place of the soul came from the same one oil feeding the seven different points of light which were part of the oneness of the light. The oneness of God can be described in the multifaceted of all the parts of which He is. When we desire to have the key together with the thought of others walking through this door with us as well..then…we are allowed to walk through it as one with them. Again, unconditional love for others is key to unlocking all things for all people. God’s view must become our view, and then our view will be as His view…then we can think as He thinks, speak as He speaks and do as He does. We are here enrolled in the University of Earth to learn obedience by the experiencing of sin in such a manner as we are exposed to it. The key is seeing and believing unto the completeness of all in God for does not He say He is all and in “all?” If He is in all, all are in the “ eternal present.” We walk now in eternity that was given to us before the foundation of this earth was ever spoken into existence. We were, are and will be as we’ve always been once we awake from this temporary dream of walking through this valley of the “shadow” of death. (This natural life’s experience.)

    Once we receive the key we only see the love of God in everything and in everybody.
    If the “key” can be defined by only one word it would have to be “love,” an unconditional love for all people, a forgiveness for all sins and grievances committed toward us. This one word love is all inclusive of all of who God is. When we become one with the nature of God then all we do is a part of the sum total of this oneness we receive in Him.

    • Yes … to honor each other’s individual path and how we learn is to honor how the Spirit teaches us individuality the one Truth for us all. This is something we begin to see more clearly as we progress along our own path toward Truth.

      It’s a glorious thing to see that all the sins and grievances we thought we or others did was but part of a dream – thus an easy to release (forgive) in this understanding. All we experienced in the dream is used to reveal to us the higher Truths that shine into our awareness in contrast to their opposites. So we can truly be grateful on all accounts.

  3. Most excellent rachel and thank you again for sharing your precious walk in becoming all that Christ is …All i can say is ” DIVINE LOVE is Transforming ever facet of your being! ..that has to be Super fascinating indeed ..Moving into the Realm of THE EXTRAORDINARY GLORY OF TRUE BEING!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

  4. THIS IS PRICELESS………Finding the Door

    By diligently seeking Truth, we eventually come to perceive this door that was with us all along, because Truth is. We recognize all the spirit attributes we’ve sought for in the dream are found through this infinitesimal opening of the present moment within our soul. In order to manifest into our experiential reality, the spirit attributes require a mind capable of eternal thought; a mind enlightened with Truth to be able to convey thoughts of Truth. The mind once constructed by finite thought and dwelling and believing in a finite reality, now is shifting 180 degrees to receive eternal thoughts of Truth. This isn’t an easy transformation of mind because beliefs are held as true, that is why they are beliefs. But just because they are believed doesn’t make them Truth, and there are always cracks in illusions through which the light of Truth can begin to enter the seeking mind.

    • I’m so grateful for our united and expanding vision of the Living Light. 😀

      • to God be the Glory..

      • JOY AND GLORY EVER PROMISED BY GOD. And one need NEVER DIE. As one enters through that door or portal, his understanding is quickened, and he will comprehend all things. He shall receive a fullness of joy as he is filled with the boundless triumphant glory of those unspeakable, unimaginable wonders that no mere human mind can possibly conceive of.

  5. The Book “Ye Are Gods” reveals the highway of Light as it points the way to the very door of heaven. It also states plainly that no man can take another through that door. This is true. But for those who believe in the great and mighty promises of God and seek to LIVE the higher laws, by following the exact path Christ marked, He will help to open that door. That door which must, at last, be opened is the Christ door…

    • You convinced me! I am now reading this book – and it has a lot of very good information. Have you read A Course in Miracles? Since you like “Ye are Gods”, I think you will find A Course in Miracles is more revealing and “meatier”. Honestly, I don’t believe a human mind could have conceived the writing of it. Check it out!

      • ‘Awesome” i have course in miracles it seems to be holy spirit based indeed.. it is a course in the renewing of the mind. absolutely…GOD BLESS YOU..


      • I HAVE THIS LINK IF U SO CHOOSE TO READ ALL OF HER BOOKS FOR FREE ..A RIVER GREAT AND BROAD, The Complete Works of Annalee Skarin and Commentary of “Ye Are Gods” contains the following books by Annalee Skarin: YE ARE GODS, TO GOD THE GLORY, TEMPLE OF GOD, MAN TRIUMPHANT, CELESTIAL SONG OF CREATION, SECRETS OF ETERNITY, BEYOND MORTAL BOUNDARIES and THE BOOK OF BOOKS. The little book SONS OF GOD by Christine Mercie is also included in this collection. HAVE A BLESSED DAY ..

      • Thanks! I’ll check it out.

  6. As one approaches this door he realizes that even the door itself is made of Light. It is as though it were, in some manner, translucent. Light seems to almost melt through it as one reaches it, seeking to follow that Voice of Christ as it leads one on to the final revelation of glory.

    One is led to this door by learning to listen to His Voice of love and promise. And His Voice is only heard by learning to “Be Still and knowing that I Am God”. When all outside thoughts and disturbances are silenced one truly hears His Voice. And as one learns to listen he will begin to comprehend the marvel and the wonder of that divine Voice which contains the very laws of his own being and is so filled with promise and glory it is impossible not to desire to follow it. It is almost like the voice of eternity calling one home, or inviting one to leave the rock-hewn path of sorrows and trials and heartbreaks and enter into the glory contained within the realms of eternal Light.

    Just by giving ear to that Voice, as one becomes still within, one learns the power of the promise: “Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Within the peace and comfort of that Voice is a strength that is tremendous and a vitality that never tires. One has but to turn within with listening ears to receive the power to finish any task in rested satisfaction. It is the source of energy within man.

    As one learns to listen and be still he realizes that His Voice contains the glorified, triumphant song of the universe, the great celestial vibration of creation and that song finds its own echo in man’s own open heart. It is the song of love and praise and gratitude made perfect and sublime by its fulfillment. And one realizes that even if he owned the whole world and was yet empty of love he would be poor and wretched and miserable and blind and naked. He would comprehend that though he held all power, even that he could heal the blind, raise the dead, remove mountains, give all his possessions to the poor and even his body to be burned, and had not this love, it would be meaningless and empty.

    It is then one realizes that love is the Very Voice of God. It is the pearl of great price, the jewel buried in the field which, when a man finds or comprehends, he will sell all that he owns to possess it.

    • A few of the present-day teachers and ministers are afraid of losing their hold upon the people if they go to God to receive individual instructions. These false teachers fear anything that begins to testify to the people of the power of God or to teach mortals how to contact Him that they by themselves might “KNOW THE TRUTH” without any man to teach them, because it erodes these teachers importance. For mankind has been promised that those who ask, seek and knock will receive answers, and they can all be taught of God and will need no man to teach them. For the teachings that are being extolled by the modern preachers stress the great wickedness of anything which they condemn as “OCCULT!” They have made the word, “OCCULT,” such a filthy, evil, dirty word, the people tremble in horror before what they believe to be its blasphemous power of wickedness. According to the Book of Revelation 21:8, great judgment is given upon the fearful, those afraid to pray, to ask God or to investigate for themselves to know if a teaching is false or if it is of God. The FEARFUL can never be taught of God or KNOW FOR THEMSELVES, for they insist upon man to teach them. In speaking of the Holy City and those who have no power to enter it, it states:
      “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
      “But the FEARFUL, AND UNBELIEVERS, AND THE ABOMINABLE AND ADULTERERS, AND WHORE- MONGERS, AND SORCERERS, AND IDOLATERS, AND ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimtheir part in the lake that burneth with fire and brim 8) (Emphasis added) The definition of “OCCULT,” according to Webster’sDictionaryis:“MAGICAL, SUPERNATURAL, MYSTERIOUS.”
      With this concise definition, the whole Bible should be cast aside, according to those who condemn a work, because it goes beyond the old, orthodox teachings of the ages. And for such was Christ crucified, and by them.
      The Bible itself, is a record of such teachings and miracles and powers that go far beyond the accepted beliefs or practices of the multitudes, and appear to be mysterious, supernatural and perhaps even magical. The Bible is a continuous account of miracles and powers so far beyond any ordinary human powers or abilities to achieve, that if Christ were alive today, the millions of professing Christians and proclaimed believers would shout: “CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!” Glory be to God for such wonderful FAITH that can release the powers of the ALMIGHTY!

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