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pupa-3829514_640In the dream consciousness we believe we are separated from unshakable peace, eternal beauty, holiness, unaltered joy, abundance within and without, limitlessness freedom, invincible vitality, undisturbed rest, unconditional love, and eternal life, which are all attributes of Truth. In this dream of separation from Truth, we strive for a pale likeness of these attributes through our mis-creations of vain imaginings (idols of empty promises) which we mistakenly believe can produce these spiritual attributes for us. These attributes are our utmost desires and we make great sacrifices as we try to obtain them through our upside down and disoriented sub-desires.

As we awaken, where we once strove for these attributes of Truth, we now rest and experience them through the creative God act of emergence.

Along the path of enlightenment, the Light of Truth fills our minds and we come to know that we already possess all these attributes in the eternal present moment. This eternal present is beyond the shadowlands of the dream that is trapped in a repeating past and all its falsity. As we awaken, we recognize these attributes comprise our true nature as one created in the likeness of God’s Self. In already possessing them, they manifest through a state of rest, not striving. Why strive for what we already possess? Instead, we simply are who we truly are. We only need a deep knowing that we are these attributes. In this state of being, our minds serve eternal Truth. In this Illumination, our minds become a creative outlet for the Truth which flows from the supra-conscious, which is the mind of the Divine Self (the Christ).

Our now illuminated mind can convey the divine thoughts of the supra-conscious that manifest these attributes into reality.  Like a shining star, as we rest, the supra-conscious of God’s Self shines through us and morphs our reality into one that reflects the Truth we know. This state of being is our mind’s creative state of emergence.

In emergence, we deny/release (universal forgiveness) the illusion and give ourselves to the Truth, which we’ve learned to perceive beyond the illusion with our inner spiritual eye. In this creative shift, we no longer create from the storehouse of the sub-conscious of mistaken creations, vain imaginings, troubled memories, or a regretful past.  As our mind no longer draws from this darkened place of unawareness, all it manifested falls away like an old tattered garment (the “great falling away”), and the magnificent creations of the supra-conscious take its place.

In this state of being, we no longer give concern to the past or the future. Our present moment no longer is an effect of the past, it emerges from our eternal Source of Truth that isn’t tied to a past of illusions. Further, we let go of self-determined expectations and open up to the perfect unfoldment of a reality that far exceeds our expectations. We don’t need to toil for anything. We already possess all our desires, so we can simply be and rest as all we are emerges through our now divine mind of oneness. We are not the limited body we once believed, striving for all we thought was lacking. We are magnificent, eternal, holy and ever-expanding expressions of God’s Self.  The supra-conscious recreates our body/reality so that we are consumed and surrounded by the atmosphere of eternity.

Emergence is a state of being, a state of rest, a creative state in which the divine mind creates through our mind, as one. It’s a present-mindedness. When Truth is given a creative outlet through us, its emergence creates an experience of ever-present joy. We never know what will emerge in terms of perceptual reality, but it will possess the attributes of Truth. It’s an experience of beautiful surprises and unlimited joy.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

43 thoughts on “The Emergence of Truth

  1. The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

    Scientists have discovered an infinitesimal gland in the brain of a caterpillar, that if removed or injured, the worm can never develop into a butterfly. It may go into its cocoon and fulfill the outside laws of its own perfecting yet fail to bring forth the actual inside achievement. In order to fulfill its promised destiny it has to put the outside flesh aside and let that inner-knowing take over. And only as that tiny gland is developed can that full functioning take over. And only as that tiny gland is developed can the full functioning of a brilliant, evolved caterpillar be accomplished.

    This should become the knowledge of every living soul, for without that chief cornerstone being used, as the pineal gland is developed and opened one will remain but a worm, a grubby mortal in comparison to the promised possibilities of his full, divine accomplishments.

    There is also within the caterpillar another gland, infinitely tiny, located in the center of its body. And man has both of these glands also. They are right within himself. The one in the brain changes the thinking, being personality of the worm conscious, which transforms the mortal conscious man into a new being as far above his mere human condition as the butterfly is above the worm. The change in the caterpillar lifts it above the drab, ugly earth into new heights and realms of vision and grandeur. It has a new heightened awareness of itself and its surroundings.

    The central gland develops the very wings needed to match the advancement in thought and comprehension. The caterpillar is no longer a crawling insect pushing and dragging itself along over every obstacle in its path. It can fly above the clods and sticks and stones and mountains of grass. It can travel in a minute the distance that would have required a full day of grinding effort in its previous condition.

    The caterpillar is the perfect symbology of man in his unawakened state of mortal, worm consciousness.

    And Christ declared: “I am come that ye might have LIFE and have it more abundantly! Even Life Eternal!” This information is glorious indeed!

    “Man is that he might have joy!” Joy in his life! Joy in every moment of his living and his being! Joy in the new-found glory of “BEING BORN OF THE SPIRIT” for the transition is literally an advancement from that worm or mortal consciousness of man into the Christ consciousness, with the “power to come and go as the wind!” “Life more abundant!” It is that and more! It is life glorious, beautiful and in its full complete functioning. It is man evolving into a higher state of existence without descending through the gates of death.

    That divine capstone — the superconscious mind within man, when developed, perfects that pineal gland and opens that “ALL-SEEING EYE” of divine understanding so that “he is able to comprehend all things!”

    This holy, spiritual center in the brain is the realm of the superconscious or divine mind in which one gains contact with God. It is the realm of super-understanding, super achievement and super or full-knowing! It is a realm and a condition as far above the worm, or mortal consciousness of man, as the brilliant colored, soaring butterfly is above its former inclinations and thoughts.

    And within that middle gland, located within the great, living heart center, is the one that can help transform the physical cells of man’s being into their required perfection that he might “BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT!” as Christ explained to Nicodemus.

    This is the true heritage of man. This is the purpose and the plan for man’s true existence, that he might OVERCOME mortality. And “If your mind and lips lose the power to hurt and wound your voice will be heard among the gods,” and you will henceforth associate with the higher beings.

    The wages of sin is death. But if one OVERCOMES ALL SIN, THEN DEATH HAS NO CLAIM,” so declared the ancients in their divine knowledge as they were “taught of God!”

  2. So true, yes, we are complete in Christ, we have but to realize it and take possession of our inheritance, denying the carnal voice within that would have us to believe otherwise. Sin is an attribute of the carnal mind where righteousness is an attribute of the spiritual mind which is in Christ…in us. We must choose whom we will serve. We must leave the selfishness of the flesh where is condemnation and join the selflessness of the spirit where we see all as He is.

  3. In parallel:

    In overcoming the carnal mind with the spiritual mind we must steadily resist the temptation to do harm to others through our words and actions and even to the thinking of our thoughts. We must bridle our tongue.

    Anything hidden in our heart of an evil nature must come out and be revealed to us so that only God’s presence will exist within us. He will not share His temple with anything of the old nature of the carnal man: no fear, no frustrations, no condemnations, no anxieties, no limitations. The only thing that must be left within us is His peace, and with that, we will be given the fruits of His Spirit (Galatians 5:22) so that once we have overcame the carnal mind within, we can turn and feed others a diet of the truth in Christ.

    This should be our life’s purpose: it is to overcome evil with good, taking no thought of the sins or faults of others and what they may think, say and do. We will come to the place where absolutely no attitude or problem that another may have will influence us in any way to behave back toward them in a similar fashion. We cannot return evil for evil but we are to take no thought for any offense.

    We cannot have a mind to help others and to rise up if we are continually putting them down instead. We must rise completely above the ways of the natural man and take on the mind of Christ with His beatitudes that will guide us into all that He is. Everyday we must pray to be released just a little more from our carnal mind for the carnal mind is enmity against all that is good.

  4. This special calling of each individual is not found through outward display. It isn’t found through make-believe or bluffing or pretending. It is only found through great desire, understanding and deep humility. Sometimes it is only found through heartbreak and tears. “This is the sacrifice henceforth that I will require of thee, even a contrite spirit and a broken heart.”7 In the deepest agony of longing of the soul one is always closest to God, if it is not brought on by great transgression. It is when one’s heart is broken and his soul burdened with tears that he will most readily find God. The soil of one’s soul may need to be watered with tears to make it fertile. The “broken heart” according to the New Testament Apocrypha is given as “Cleft or open heart”, meaning a heart that has opened to instruction, that is prepared to receive.

  5. Some grow bitter in trials or sorrow, and thus they seal the way of opportunity, and are left cold and unglorified by the experience that was meant to be the greatest blessing of their lives. Every sorrow opens the doorway of progress, of soul-growth, and greater power. The deeper one’s sorrows, the greater can be one’s achievements.

    More is to be pitied the man who has had no sorrow or ordeal so terrifying, no misfortune so devastating that he has not needed to turn to God or be destroyed, than for those who learn the meaning of tears. There is no such thing as an insurmountable wall in anyone’s life, for every obstacle can become a stepping stone along the highway of advancement. We can let a straw block our way, or we can make a mountain a stairway up.

    “And he who receiveth ALL things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred-fold, yea, more.” “All things” does not mean just the nice things. It means the tears, the sorrows, the hardships, the disappointments, if they are necessary until we learn obedience.

    When Christ was betrayed by Judas he never mourned nor condemned Judas, nor his own terrifying lot. He lifted his head and said, “Now is the Son of man glorified.”8

    Sometimes our blessings come to us wrapped in mouldy, maggot-crawling burlap, and we, screaming in protest, refuse to accept the gift. But everything that comes to us can be glorified and turned into a blessing. The gift enfolded in the mouldy burlap will contain a blessing of pearls.

    No sorrow should ever make one bitter and hard — nor will it if it is used for a lever of advancement. Every disappointment can help to purify the soul, build character, stamina and strength. It is never our trials that destroy us, but our lack of understanding in meeting them. When we lose our defiance, our rebellion, our self-pity we will hold the keys of such dynamic power in our hands we will be able to lift a world, and the difficulties will melt at our glance, the touch of our fingers will be the master touch, the thoughts of our minds a singing power of utter glory — for such there is no sorrow.

  6. Verse 10 of Rev.13: “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”
    This verse is saying the same thing that is in Matthew 7:1-2, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” (NIV). The sword is the “WORD” of God. As new creatures in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17) there cannot be any condemnation (Romans 8:1). This is because once we are enlightened to see that “all” are included we are to encourage and have hope for all of God’s children, not just for those who agree with us…When we see the overall picture we see no one as deserving of the burning hell taught by religious Babylon, instead we see Christ and His finished work in all of our callings and orders. When we see as He sees we can enter into His rest…knowing what “unconditional love” really means. We can even now in the present enter into His rest…

    We must be careful in how we address others and any church organization for all the people within these systems are all God’s children as well without any one exception. Many who have came out of “her” have went through the system in order to learn by experience that Christ is within us and not in an exterior building or temple and that the kingdom of heaven is within us and not without. It never feels quiet right to accept the outward system for truth until we come out of her and are no longer partakers of her sins and plagues. Her sins and plagues are worshipping God on the exterior. This “her” uses intellect, reasoning, wisdom, and knowledge of the law in trying to climb up this some “other way” instead of practicing the beatitudes in unconditional loving “all” others. One way is of selfish justification, the other is of a selfless love acquired through grace. It is grace which forgives all things and all sin until one reaches maturity. God’s love is this simple.

    He created us all with the seed of Christ planted deep within us until His appointed time for us as individuals to come forth when He will “water” and apply the right amount of heat to cause the seed to sprout and to come forth and to grow out of our natural earthen body…so to speak. We must see and address the systems of man made religion also as one of God’s teaching tools for we all learn by the experiences of which God planned before the world was …and now allows. When we see “all” things in their proper perspective, we see all things as necessary and having a good end to all, justifying every mean God uses to His accomplished end…to the ultimate “end” in Christ’s likeness and character. Each in our own order of calling.

    When the “Son” rises as the noon day sun within us, we will then see clearly that the plan that God devised when we were with Him before the world was is now being carried out with absolutely no deviation from it…not one jot, not one tittle…, just as He says. It’s a good thing to see God’s love being completed in all, in our order of His choosing, and in knowing this we can rest in His rest…knowing just as He knows…for He reveals His plan to us as we enter into the Holy of Holies of His presence. People in their natural state can deny the existence of God, and those in one system can deny the validity of another, however it is not the mind of man who rules, it is God. What a carnal minded person may believe doesn’t make it so, it is when we come into the mind of Christ does the duplicity fall away. We are being taught and disciplined to adhere to the one way of God leaving the broader way of the justification of the law behind. We must learn that we are to enter in…to His one love.

  7. I confirm that Annalee Skarin’s writings do entice one to pray, to serve God and to love God – throughout – over and over again! Annalee invites YOU to LIVE Christ’s teachings and no longer doubt what our Savior came to teach. His teachings are beautiful! And it was Jesus Christ who commanded us to BE PERFECT EVEN AS OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS PERFECT.

  8. The Holy Ghost has revealed to me the truth – not flesh and blood. You do not have to believe that the Holy Ghost revealed anything to me, however. It is up to YOU to pray and ask God for yourself. Do not trust in the arm of flesh. Trust the Holy Spirit of Almighty God. ASK, SEEK AND KNOCK!

  9. Have you ever prayed regarding those particular words that Jesus spoke to the Jews who had stones in their hands ready to try and kill him? The reason they wanted to stone him is clear when you read the above quote in context. The murderous people said, “For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.” (ibid vs. 33). Then Jesus told them, “Ye are Gods”, quoting from Psalm 82. He told them further, “And the scripture cannot be broken.” Jesus AGREED with the statement that they are “called gods” unto whom the word of God comes, and Jesus said “the scripture cannot be broken”.

  10. The great mystery of whether the Father and the Son are exactly the same person, or not, is not really hard to understand, if you read Annalee’s books. Annalee explains this mystery quite well in “THE MATURITY OF THE SOUL”, which is Chapter XXIII of her book Beyond Mortal Boundaries. This mystery is not even hard to understand from the Holy Scriptures, except that traditions of men have placed a veil over the plain and precious Truths contained in the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants on that very subject.

    Do I worship more than one God? NO! And that is the great misconception regarding Annalee Skarin’s works. To us there is but ONE GOD! AND ONE LORD – JESUS CHRIST! Do not be turned off because Annalee Skarin quoted the Lord himself, for the Title of her first book…..YE ARE GODS..

    • Yes, there is a difference in being one in spirit and one in entity. Jesus, as we, are given life as an eternal entity and we also will be one in spirit with “them.l

    • Yes, it amazes me that even some of those in the Sonship teaching see God and Christ as one in the same entity. Nothing makes sense until one can see that we can all be one in spirit and yet be created a separate entity. If Christ is our pattern and example in relationship to our Father, as He is, so are we. As everything in the natural is an example of how it works in the spiritual, without even using scripture, does a son of a Father after he has finished his journey on this earth return to being his father? Of course not and if Jesus does, so do we for He is our pattern.

      Another verse that many use to say they are one and the same is the following:

      John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God;

      They use the phrase “was God” like nothing else matters but this one sentence. To make a long story short, we all “was” God in the essence of being a part of him…before we were created in Him as a separate entity…just like all the rest of creation. God took a part of Himself that “was” Him and give us eternal life to remain a separate entity part from Himself, however we move and have our being in Him.

      As Jesus is so are we in this world, same Father, same type of entity, same oneness of spirit. Yes it seems simple but sometimes some of us see things differently.

  11. The Book of Mormon contains the fullnes of the gospel in these latter days – and the Book of Mormon confirms that the Bible is true. Both books are scripture. Also, remember the body of Christ is comprised of many different members: head, hands, feet, etc. The body of Christ is not one isolated person. Ask, seek and knock as to how you can be a part of Christ’s body while continuing to read Annalee Skarin’s books. Approach all these things in prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, and He will reveal the truth to you….OUR RELIGIOUS INTELLECT” IS DEATH TO THE LIVING WORDS OF HOLY INSPIRATION..

    • The first thing I learned from the Spirit is that Truth never fails.

      • And…Truth will never fail us…until we become as He is. We can doubt, disbelieve and argue “our point” but in the end all will be completed according to His will…nothing lost.

      • the first thing i learned was ..GOD” was my activation of all of his GLORY..

      • Sonny, right. I feel I’ve stumbled the most when I’ve fallen into the belief that Truth has failed, leaving me to wrestle with whatever lie assailed me. Over time, I realized I could consciously remind myself that God’s love never fails and discard the lie. The lie always dissolved.

  12. “Therefore, sanctify yourselves that your minds become single to God, and the days will come that you shall see Him: for He will unveil His face unto you, and it will be in His own time, and in His own way, and according to His own will.

  13. There are many who pin their hope on the erroneous idea that we need do nothing but sit down, inactive, and believe, and we will “be saved by grace.” We will be saved by grace, but only after we have done everything in our power to perfect ourselves and to glorify God in every thought and word and act of our lives. Thus it is possible for us to grow from grace to grace, or advance from one point to a higher point, until we are enfolded in the complete love and light of our Maker.

    “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

    “Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works; shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.

    “Thou believest there is one God; thou doest well; the devils also believe, and tremble.

    “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” (James 2:17-20).

    The proceeding scripture should be burned into the heart and mind of every human being, for just to believe is doing not one whit better than the devils are doing. Grace only comes after one has hungered and thirsted after knowledge, then with all his soul sought, with an open mind, to appease that hunger and thirst by continued study, opening his mind and soul to the divine direction of the Almighty, toward truth, not just one passage, not one narrowed, bigoted belief, but ALL truth — which is the growing from grace to grace, then having done all he may be sure that the grace of God will not fail him, and he will be led into all truth…

  14. Or as Christ said, “Those Saints who keep their bodies (or temples) undefiled and pure, walking in obedience to the Commandments (The Sermon on the Mount and the Two Great Commandments of LOVE) shall receive wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures. They shall run and not be weary and walk and not faint, and I, the Lord, give unto them a PROMISE, that the destroying angel shall pass them by as the children of Israel and not slay them.” Which is the Promise to “BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT, that they can come and go as the wind and no one will know from whence they cometh or whither they go.”

    Anyone who builds his life (or house) upon the Revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ, not just upon narrowed portions of accepted conformity, but upon HIS full teachings or His Revelations, will continue to receive revelations for his own life and time and all the evils of life and the falsehoods of hell will not be able to prevail against him for he will have placed that chief corner stone upon its proper place as a source of divine contact with God for every moment of living.

    Yes, “Live my words and you will KNOW OF THEIR TRUTH AND THEIR POWER.” For the very power of them will be released into your lives and the gates of hell cannot prevail against them.

    “Trust not in the arm of flesh, for cursed is he that trusteth in the arm of flesh,” for he is built upon a sandy foundation and will fall.

    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart — and lean not to thy own understanding.” Bring forth that divine contact with Almighty God and you will be directed in all your ways. And in this way only can you “purify and sanctify yourselves before Him, even as He is pure!” For when He appears it will not be to purify us, as the false teachers proclaim. “When He appears WE ARE TO BE LIKE HIM!” We are to be purified in order to meet Him. We are to be already sanctified and completely prepared!

    Within the laws of that divine Sermon on the Mount and those Two glorious Commandments of Love is the fulness of the power of All-knowing, and All-fulfilling and All-glory!

    • Teresa, please, please, please stop repeatedly posting someone else’s words. Surely you have something to say of your own.

  15. sorry this is GOD SPEAKING not me …so please heed and apply will indeed do you GOOD…AMEN AND AMEN..

  16. and if you cant discern the peals of wisdom i am trying to share with all of you …THATS TO BAD …because you have nothing compared to these revellations at all…… very sorry… have a blessed day in JESUS name..

    • I know you are excited about what you’ve learned and desire to share, which is great. However, flooding the comment section with multiple long, random passages of text copied from your favorite book, no matter how much it inspired you, interfere’s with everyone’s ability to create a dialog (or debate) about Rachel’s current blog post.

      Anyone regularly commenting already understands the concepts anyway – so let’s go much deeper and use the comment section to discuss and share opinions specific to Rachel’s blog. It will be a help to all!

  17. Annalee Skarin always published her books royalty free. She encouraged her readers to share her books with others to spread the wonderful message they contain. Because of those two facts,..GOD BLESS..

  18. excuse me i dont debate gods word… i dont have to… i understand what you mean clearly… so dont do talk to me that way ..and they dont understand the pure word of god ..and you can do much better than that …have a blessed day

  19. its not deep at all its imagination spirituality ..not based on the HOLYGHOST..


  21. hi, all, what i want to do today is talk about what we call “KNOWING YOUR HEART” along side “Predicting the future”….

    first of all, there are no hearts to chose from. your PART of something much bigger than yourself. the IMPORTANT thing about heart is that it requires ALL THE MOVING PARTs to work in a form of synchronicity…. the HUMAN HEART for example refers to EVERYONE IN EXISTANCE(past/present/future). the WHOLE WORLD shows what flows through the human heart.
    what the HUMAN HEART flows through is called NATURAL LAWS…
    another HEART which is more important than the HUMAN HEART is called “ETERNAL HEART”(holy spirit)… Every person(through the HUMAN HEART), and Every event on earth(through the Eternal heart) shows us our own Identity througth the WHOLE WORLD(reflection of our own heart)….
    the important thing about heart is that you CANNOT ESCAPE YOURSELF…
    the whole world shows everything within your own identity… so if you are a preacher and live in goodness, but you see so much evil, then the world around you will show you that of what you reject in yourself(KNOW YOUR HEART)…

    To predict the future is as simple as KNOWING YOUR HEART. when you know what is buried deep within your own idendity, then you will know the EVENTS TO COME on earth(source of cooincidences)……
    if you see so much evil in the world, then that evil will be the source of your own heart as you will be responsible of what is manifest THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT(that does not judge:will manifest beast AND love: I AM is source)………………………………
    the HOLY SPIRIT will manifest ALL THINGS that comes from our heart(we share in ONE HEART(eternal: you can see the eternal anytime: just look at the whole world(universe)).

    Now when it comes to christ, god, eternal, ect… i will attempt to show you how it is presented.

    CHRIST is nothing more than a KEY(important one)… christ is PEACE IN ALL MANKIND(spirit to flesh)(we ALL see christ in Everyone as we are spirit before flesh).
    GOD is nothing more than a door(important one)… You have to use the key to open the door.
    now if you remove all judgements from your HEART(both human and eternal), you awaken to LOVE IN ALL THINGS(other side of door)…

    ETERNAL is the father of which you Reach, but have to go through the door.
    and as i said in other threads, you have to have eternal knowledge(spiritual LANGUAGE of I AM) in order to be a prophit…
    if you are not a prophit, then you are not one with god. again, you have to have the eternal knowledge(language of the spirit(flows through I AM)) in order to be one with god, and what you get in return is THE WHOLE WORLD(predictions:knowing the god(through the eternal knowledge of which flows through ALL THINGS(purest heart: the world)…..

    • You said: “CHRIST is nothing more than a KEY(important one); GOD is nothing more than a door(important one)”

      Yes – we’ve come to understand something very similar. It seems earnest, continual seeking will always lead one to find both this key and door. It also appears that we are able to open the door and enter in only when we understand we are to become this open door for others in order to (as you say) “awaken love in all”.

      • If any of these thoughts were true, you would have to ask yourself why Christ, ‘The’ Christ said, “Many will come in My Name, saying, I am Christ, “Go not after them.” So, notice the contradiction of false teachers, because here, Jesus, The Very Christ, predicted your future. He predicted over 2000 years ago, that people would come forth saying “Everyone is Christ, and that Jesus, is just ‘one of the bunch’.. So either Christ is untruthful, or you are, but Jesus predicted your reality, and it wasn’t His. Good prediction on His part.

      • We simply have different beliefs about the nature of life and the working of truth. And that’s ok. I’m sure we’d both agree that God is Love and that God is Truth – and since Truth can never fail, everyone will surely awaken to know the love of God.

      • So, why do you believe that Christ gave a warning that ‘not all’ will come to awaken to the Truth, but only those who believe in Him and His message. And if Christ is universal why would Jesus indicate that it is not? And even more broadly, how could a Satanist, or evil people be said to be awakening to truth? There is no evidence that there is any truth to that idea. That would have to be a mind game if someone could believe a scenario, where everyone comes to see God as love. I don’t think that is true at all or even represents truth. It is pretty evident that evil which does not represent God is an ever present facet of those who are self centered, and do not believe in God.
        Why would you suggest it is ok to believe differently about Truth? If there is a difference in truth, there are no realities to it’ I think you may be speaking about “situational ethics”, possibly is what your thoughts about truth revolve around. Your belief is that every one will come into situational ethics, where whatever course someone follows what they believe is right.?

      • In keeping with the understanding of what “all” means and what you mean and I agree with is found in the verse “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but every man in His own order.” So this is saying that all definitely will awaken to the truth in the order of His calling. It will be to only those who are given ears to hear and eyes to see…and will all hear and see…when God calls all of us…in our order. And does it not say that “every knee” will eventually bow to the will of God. “Every” knee includes “all” people. All the scriptures must harmonize with all the others to understand God’s great plan that leaves no one behind. For those who lack comprehension of the meaning of the word “all” it would be a good days lesson to list all the verses with the word “all” in them and read them all. When one is finished with this lesson I don’t think there will be any misunderstanding that all does mean all even pertaining to those who have yet to know Christ. Christ took away all sin on the cross as He also gave us all life in His resurrection. We will remain asleep to this truth until we are called to awaken to this truth as we come forth…”in our order.”

      • I am certainly not speaking about situational ethics because Truth is absolute. Truth is not subject to interpretation and therefore can not be taught. Instead Truth must be “found” or “received” through diligent seeking directly from the source of Truth, which is God. It is a difficult process, but always successful.

        Truth’s absolute, non-teachable nature is why Jesus spoke in parables. Doing so gave his listeners a chance to find a deeper meaning hidden in his stories. So, following his example, maybe I can use a story to illustrate an answer to your question about how an evil person might awaken to truth.

        There once was an evil man who constantly thought only of himself, selfishly demanding of others and mistreating all without consideration for their needs or comfort. The more the days past, the more vile he became. One day this man had a bad accident, falling and hitting his head on the floor. The doctors saved his life by performing a complex brain operation that while successful, caused the man to lose all memory of his past. When the man awoke his “past self” had no existence in his mind nor any influence in his thoughts. Completely unknown to himself, he spent many weeks recovering in the hospital surrounded by people that cared greatly for his well being. When he was eventually discharged, being greatly moved by the care he received, he went about building a beautiful new life, loving and being loved.

      • Yes, but a man awakening to truth from evil was not what you were sharing in your statements, it was not the subject of your previous comment. What you were saying was that “all men” would awaken to truth.
        So, if you are using Jesus as an example of the subject, that is fine, but Jesus did not only speak in parables. He also made statements that were expressed in very plain language meant to be heard directly. For instance, He said, ” I am the way the truth and the Life”. So, here, if, you examine this one statement, Jesus said, He, is the truth. He did not say he sought the truth, He said, ” I am the truth”.
        He said, in another place, ” He that believeth in Me, shall never see death”. He did not say, he that believeth my parables shall never see death, but He that believeth in Me.
        He said as well, “He that rejects Me, I judge him not, but the Word that I speak, will judge him in the Last Day.
        So, if you believe Jesus, do you believe that His Word will judge you in the Last Day?
        Here is another question I would like you to ask yourself. If you believe that truth is absolute, why do you believe that Jesus was speaking Parables? What do you think He was trying to achieve? If truth is absolute, what motive does He have for teaching these things? If everyone is to come into these things by accident, or by the “apparent nature of truth itself”, or by seeking, why is Jesus Preaching? What is the motive there? You know, keep being a Carpenter, and go about your business. What is this exposition of truth lifestyle about? His lifestyle goes against the format of truth you are expressing.
        “He that findeth his life shall lose it, but He that loseth His life for My Sake shall find it”.
        He didn’t say that person would find the truth, He said, if you don’t find Me, and sever Me, “you will loose the Truth”.
        So, compare who Jesus is saying Truth Is. And how he is saying that Truth leads somewhere,
        Jesus said Truth leads to Him.
        I don’t think that is congruent with what you are seeking, or have been seeking.

      • If a so called “evil” man can awaken to truth, then so can all – which, in my reply, was an attempt to address a question you asked.

        I respect your beliefs – because what ever the mind believes is honored as Truth in the mind that believes it. And to a mind, any belief it holds IS truth – blinding it in “sleep” if its belief is based on faulty understanding. And since the truth we believe about God is our image of God, I think we’d both agree that holding beliefs based on proper understanding is paramount, that we would not believe in a false image.

        As for Jesus and his preaching, was it not entirely about the coming Kingdom of God? And what is a kingdom but the laws of the king. And since God is Truth, wouldn’t Jesus have been preaching about the workings of Truth? So, if we take a good look into what we believe this Kingdom is, what do we see? Do we see the Kingdom of God – or do we see Hell? If we believe in Hell do we not also believe in fear? Is it therefore our belief that God’s kingdom includes fear?

        It seems you and I hold differing beliefs about the Kingdom of God – and that’s ok. As the Kingdom expands into the perceived reality of others, it’s absolute nature will awaken them, each in their own order, such that they will simply realize they held a wrong interpretation of truth. And the contrast of absolute truth in a reality of perceived truth will be spectacular in its reflection.

  22. very true… becoming a prophet is a love ,faith progression of having a real spiritual connection in the I AM..TO GOD BE THE GLORY..

  23. The light of emergence carries the power to ignite our thoughts with LIFE and recreate this nightmare of hell into a reality of light and love. Without emergence our thoughts can not transcend the laws of this world…and darkness remains. To hold thoughts of Truth is not enough to change the manifestations of death into life. And if we cannot defeat death, then our seeking is in vain.

    Only when thoughts flow through emergence is death defeated. And now we see the door of emergence standing open, and our thoughts can flow into expression like living water, creating life and dissolving illusions. What was once impossible becomes as natural as life itself.

    We recognize that thoughts carried in the frequency of divine love, through the open door of emergence, can dissolve illusions that had long appeared as real as a mountain. We do not give our thoughts over to judgment, creating what we hope and believe to be “good”, but we rest in emergence, grateful in all we recognize as Truth. And in so doing we allow God’s will entry into this dream…that it may do its perfect work.


    • Yes – what I am calling the light of emergence is the light of Christ – coming in power even now. I do not know what it will bring, but I know it will create the perfect good for all. I further believe that there are people all over the world waking to the fact that they are called to shine this light into a dark world. It is an exciting time.


  25. thus by learning the Spirit of God and understanding it, you may grow into the principle of revelation, UNTIL YOU BECOME PERFECT IN JESUS CHRIST!” And this is of God! And it belongs to all mankind if so be they will humble themselves in purity before Him.

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