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The End of Suffering


The End of Suffering


“I see suffering all around me. How can I end suffering for all as it isn’t even real?”

The way to all truth is through the “supra-conscious mind”, the over-mind that governs all reality. Our minds are closed to the supra-consciousness because we (humans) have relied on our own self-generated consciousness, which is a false consciousness created in the belief that we are separate from all living things. This self-conscious mind is a “closed (finite) system” that functions in darkness (separation from the truth of the supra-mind, which is infinite).

The self-created consciousness forms its own truths based on what it perceives via its physical senses. Thus it believes it lives in a material or finite reality because the senses can only discern the material and finite. The soul, which is eternal, is then subjected to finite limitations which rub against it and create suffering, pain and abrasion of all soul perceptions. The soul experiences “pain” and manifests this pain outwardly as suffering into its reality which is created by its mind. When anyone perceives the suffering of others, without consciously knowing they absorb this potential into their own self-created consciousness. They believe suffering to be true and it becomes part of their reality. Thus suffering and the finite reality of death spread throughout humanity via physically perceiving the manifested reality of others.

How then is this closed system of suffering penetrated, such that light (Truth) can be passed on to others? By Trust in the workings of divine love.

Trust is the open door to the supra-conscious mind which allows the soul to operate in the “infinite system” in which it was created to exist. This supra-conscious mind governs all freewill creatures and is framed with eternal structures of love, peace, joy, harmony, growth and restitution (gathering of all things into oneness and perfection). It is fundamentally different from the framework of the self-generated consciousness and its resulting mind of darkness and selfishness. It is not possible for the self-conscious mind to trust in the thoughts and ideas of the supra-conscious mind, even if it wills to do so.

Such a darkened mind can not comprehend the ways of light and is therefore unable to construct thoughts of life. However, as one travels inwardly into the abyss of the transition space between these two consciousnesses (the real and the unreal), it is here that the door to the supra-conscious is found. This infinitely small door is imperceptible without the guidance of the Spirit of Truth, yet has always connected the self-created mind to the life of the supra-mind of oneness. If the traveller remains in this place of transition and continues to knock on the door once having perceived it, and having come to understand that the Father lives behind it, it is eventually discovered that the door was always open, but appeared at first non-existent and then closed, and then as the soul perceptions of the traveller are refined, it appears as it is in truth: open.

Perceiving this open door is the birth of Christ within the soul and with it the supra-natural ability to Trust in the growing reality of Truth and the infinite space of the living realm of oneness. Slowly this Trust is able to convey the concepts of life into the self-created mind and conquer all thoughts and ideas that manifest expressions of suffering and separation from joy.

As the “Life” pours into the self-consciousness through the expanding doorway of the supra-conscious mind, the self-created mind is consumed by Life. And it begins to operate in accordance with the supra-mind’s purposes, creating a reality that will be able to relay life to the dead (unaware of Truth) through the reality of their physical senses. What is discovered behind the door deep within by the few is poured out into reality, that all may perceive the Truth of the supra-conscious mind via external perception. Thus, Life spreads to all humankind.

As Life consumes the self-created consciousness of those once unaware (dead), they are increasingly able to contain the supra-conscious mind’s thoughts of divine love (Life) and to trust in these thoughts as good, real and possible. For they first must see the light of divine love (Christ) manifested by others via their physical senses and then proclaim it good via their soul perceptions. As this happens, suffering slowly dissolves from their reality through their increasing Trust in the life of divine love.

So it is that through the one door all are made alive. Through the few who found the open gate of the supra-conscious mind of perfection, love and endless joy, all may be made free and partakers of the oneness of divine love’s river of life.


“Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. ~ Matthew 7:14

But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:20-22

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” ~ Revelation 21:4


~ TreeSoul


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Truth, Rachel!

    • I too am grateful for the teachings of the Spirit of Truth who leads each one of us perfectly down the path of unfoldment of Truth. As we progress down this path, truth grows ever more beautiful. We begin to see the perfection in all things, even the perfect orchestration in the womb of disharmony … and our gratitude grows in sincerity and truth and our Trust in divine love becomes steadfast.

  2. My beloved sister Rachel who holds high the banner of His Love high on the mountain tops! Your post alignes well today sister! We suffer now in warfare for those ‘others who are deceived by the lies of the wicked fallen angelic hoard and their kind, who, are now spinning and fighting to remain in power over our earth family. So we suffer inwardly often not even knowing why we hurt. Then, we dream of loved ones, we see visions and hear tales that drive us into realms where angels tread. But, our Elohim makes His Son’s through this warfare, training them (us) into finery fit for His kingdom. As the stars in the shamayim are we made for His pleasure., His purpose, His plan that we may please Him in creating in the shamayim of His malkut! His Name is Yahweh! and His Yahid is Yahushua!! and His spirit toward us is Ruah ha’Qodesh, and these are Elohim!!! Shalom chavarim

    • So good to hear from you Sonne.

      When we begin to taste the depth of divine love, our heart suffers for others whose hope and trust is distant from this divine love, (a distance and unawareness which manifests in all forms of suffering). We suffer for the suffering … this is to feel the divine love of our Creator for our eternal brothers and sisters. It is his love calling out to us to seek first the Kingdom (the Christ in us), which is a realm of harmony, joy, peace and love that we all may be partakers of the Spirit of Life. And yet this love also testifies to our hearts that this temporary dream-consciousness is serving a high purpose of making all into souls who can express the Spirit of the Living God (the Christ). When you feel this love among the suffering you realize in the realm of divine love when one suffers all suffer, thus all are brought into the regenerative bosom of our Father.

    • absolutely sonne dirmoci awesome spirit in your expessions of the godspel amen!!!

  3. So good~

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  4. How great thou art…I bow my head…

  5. Perfectly said. i accept all that was written. i would like to give an example, of how it all works together.
    in the physical world, we place so much FOCUS on donald trump, where within our own CONCERNS, the POWER is in the wrong location. instead of us focusing on donald trump, FOCUS ON EACH PERSON(neibors, elderly, children, familys, and give strenght to your THOUGHTS and STRENGTHs in unity(no SEPERATION THROUGH DIFFERENCES). when we do this, the world SHIFTS, and power starts to flow as you see PEOPLE in LOCAL POLITICAL EVENTS, you see people gather in the street, and in the news. within our own THOUGHTs, we need to VISUALIZE the future of our kids, and give each-other strength to neibors, rather than those who keep us in constant WAR…. within the ETERNAL, there is a CHOICE of peace(where each of us represents ALL OF US), or TRUST in our leaders, as sometimes we dont see strengths in ourselves(eternally ONE)…

    • Thank you for your timely words … What we focus on grows and expands. To keep our minds and thoughts in servitude of what we desire – peace, harmony, and love amongst us all – is to exude this spirit through our words and actions. Peace without comes from peace within flowing through us from the Source and out to others through our thoughts, words and actions of peace and unity. The nature of our reality begins with our nature within, thus our high purpose in this realm is to seek and desire to be of the nature of the Spirit of Truth and Love.

  6. You say:
    “I see suffering all around me. How can I end suffering for all as it isn’t even real?”

    Reality is what we are blinded from that is behind the veil. The veil of our carnal mind, the flesh. These things aren’t real, the veil and the flesh, for they are temporary in nature, they are things God created to teach and once the teaching is done, so are the tools used to do the reaching.

    How we end the suffering is to end it in us first…then we give forth what Christ has given to us …and that is a completed spirit. One that has overcome the temporary for the reality.

    It is by becoming as He is, the allegory of our fruit within is a story of the temporary becoming the reality, from traveling through the natural journey back to the spiritual.

    An excerpt about the natural fruit (the temporary) representing the reality which is to come:

    The Words We Speak

    Are the words we speak, are they the fruit of the grape vine and the fig tree or are they of the thorns and thistles of our vanity? Grapes and figs are planted in the soil of where the thorns and thistles once grew for the field has to be cultivated and cleared so the good seed can produce after it’s kind. For a vine to get established and produce fruit it must go through a few cycles and seasons to get established. Seasons of harsh cold winters and hot summer months, extremes of ups and downs. The thorns and thistles will have to continually be weeded out of the soil which the vines have been established in and if not the thorns and thistles will choke out the vine and branches and they will not produce to their full potential.

    God has planted us in His vineyard and some of us will produce a hundred fold, some sixty fold, and some thirty fold. This is because we are planted in the same earth among our thorn and thistle attitude and nature of the carnal mind. In other words some of us will sacrifice all of our human nature and some will desire to retain and “justify” our views on things instead of sacrificing ours to have His. We are God’s workmanship and He is the husband of our field where our good fruit is planted and must continue to grow while our vein natures are pruned away from us. If the soil where our fruit is planted is allowed to go unattended the cares of this life (thorns and thistles) will choke out the good seed of our Christ likeness that has started to grow within us.

    What and how we speak, write and convey by our actions is the degree of the good fruit we have become and who we “are”. Are we pleased to have our nature within pruned by the spirit of God whereby we resist our nature of thistles and thorns? When confronted with a choice of speaking or answering another, do we give forth from the fruit from the vine (Christ) within or do we answer with thorny and thistle language of our carnal mind which is not of Christ? A positive attitude or a negative attitude? Do we speak to heal or do we speak to wound because we have been wounded? Our words will reveal who is in better control of our spirit, Christ or Satan. Christ heals, Satan wounds, Christ forgives, Satan seeks to wound back.

    When we are confronted to answer another’s thorny, divisive attitude do we seek to have a healing or do we let our lower nature rule out and further the divide? Do we follow our Father of good or our father of evil? As the scripture teaches a kind word spoken at the right time turns away wrath.

    We all will receive of God’s mercy and grace as we are pruned of our carnal natures and processed into His kingdom. However let us stand still and “let” the work be done by God so that we can reap the good of the harvest sooner than later. Let our good fruits be enjoyed by others and let our fruit of kindness feed the soil of another. The fruit of the vine grows so much better when “we” cross pollinate, the giving and taking of that which gives a better life to another.

    We are known by our fruit. Let us grow better and better fruit of the spirit as we enter into a new cycle (year) of growth. Let not the cares (bitterness) of this world within us choke out the “Word” (Christ nature) that is also within us. Let us choose this day whom we will serve. It is written our tongue can murder the spirit of another. Our words reveal if we choose to give life or if we choose to give death to another. Do we maim or do we heal? It really is our choice whom we serve. So once we choose who we desire our father to be, let us choose our words accordingly. We choose Christ.

    The mystery of Christ is simple; He must come into and within our very being. He must take up His abode within our temple and cleanse it from the thorny nature of our carnal mind . And when He does we will produce only the fruit and the words of our Father. So let us choose the fruit from the good tree, the tree of life which is Christ…

    The scriptures say we will produce fruit after our kind. Which “kind” of father do we desire to follow and to produce after?

    • Sonny,

      This analogy has often come to mind in recent weeks, so it is fitting to read your thoughts. So thank you for sharing what you have been given.

      Our experiential reality is a reflection of our soul and as our soul is awakened and freed from the bitterness of unawareness and blindness that creates so much suffering by the awakening Light of the Spirit of Life (the Christ) within us, our reality becomes reflective of the real. Though the darkness serves its purpose … it is our highest joy to witness and experience the ever expanding Light of Life through us and among us. When we begin to perceive the Light of Life within, it becomes a consuming desire to express this Life in every breath – as you say to give words of life always. It is our choice to love always — though the manifestation of this choice is a journey in my experience. This transformation from expressing the self to expressing the Divine self requires a deep trust in the perfect workings of our Father – of whose substance we are. I daily struggle with not expressing what I’ve felt within … yet I’ve learned to be grateful with this struggle because it is manifesting a consuming Trust that opens my soul to the Spirit to express the perfect divine potentials through me. In time, we become grateful for all things as in time all leads us down the path of a divine soul who is the expression of the Living Spirit of Truth and Love.

  7. Hi Rachel, E.W. here. I think I see what you are saying. I speak in the tongue of red-neck, hope you understand. ~ God is not concerned as much about obedience as He is about one’s will to be obedient. If this was not true, then no doubt He would have left “ALL” of His word written in the side of a granite mountain; in form that all people would understand as they read. However, His system (through the Spirit revealing) is learning His truth in bits and pieces ( “continue to grow in grace and knowledge”). Most denominational religious people read a verse or passage and claim their-imagination to be God’s spirit talking to them. If any verse or passage is contrary to one’s thoughts, then the thought is not truth of God! AND: The one thing this old man is finally learning ~ concern for one another is the greatest thing on earth!

    • Hi E.W.

      This has been my experience as well … that our experience is one of growing in a divine desire to divinely love more than “perfection in obedience” in doing so – for we can’t until our soul is fully awakened to the Spirit of Christ within us.

      It is his power in us and not of ourselves that enables us to divinely love. It is through our inability that we gain much that is required to be expressions of the Spirit of Life. Yet, when our desire is sincere, our desire moves us to attempt to act in according to the divine love we perceive though we know it is not of our power but is of the Living Spirit of God in us. Through the attempts, we learn and we gain the soul conditions that prepares us to express the Living Spirit of God (the Christ); one of the main conditions being Trust which opens our souls to His divine attributes flowing through us and shuts down our self-generated will and “power”. As we draw near the Living Spirit of God we realize we can do nothing of what we divinely desire apart from this Spirit. This realization creates a consuming desire for his life in us … which is required because when we awaken we are consumed through the perfect unfoldment of each moment.

  8. It is in and because of our obedience to God that we grow in the kingdom way. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding without obedience is as thorns and thistles for it is not in the knowing but it is in the doing of a thing.

    In the following passages notice it is in the obeying the will of God, it is not in merely knowing about what we should do or have good intentions of doing. Our intentions and knowing must carry the meaning of action with these terms or we will lay as dormant seeds that have never been planted or watered by the Word of God.

    Genesis 22:17-18
    …blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.

    Exodus 19:5-6
    “Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is Mine. And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel.
    Deuteronomy 4:5-8 (NLT)
    Look, I now teach you these decrees and regulations just as the LORD my God commanded me, so that you may obey them in the land you are about to enter and occupy.

    We surely have to have a good intent to serve our God, just as King David did throughout his struggles to overcome and learn to do better. Yet, at times his carnal nature won out over his intent because he knew better than to take another man’s wife, etc, etc. We do not condemn him , we learn from his mistakes. The condemnation was within himself. We are to observe the mistakes of others and take heed.

    All the false prophets had and have good intentions to lead the people of God but the problem is, do they lead them to God or to their own desire to be recognized, adulated and to be “approved of”? We cannot stand in the way, however we can and must point the way to God and away from ourselves. It wasn’t always a pleasant experience as true prophets usually had and have no great following. Most were stoned for rebuking the false prophets who loved the recognition that was meant to be toward God. Our good intent must be followed by our good fruit which are the grapes and figs of a Godlike spirit…within.

    • There are various levels and perspectives that are reflective of the Truth when discussing this topic … as with most topics in the realm of truth. True understanding is found by inward revelation by the Spirit of Truth, which our words attempt to convey so that being said here are some additional thoughts to yours Sonny .. which again thank you for sharing …

      True “Obedience” is love. If we are “obeying” what we believe is good but not doing so from a spirit of divine love – it is doing little and can even cause harm, though often and sometimes this raw obedience is where we begin. For in the doing we can learn and grow toward the true good – which is to divinely love. Our efforts to obey the ways of this divine love reveals that we can’t love according to the growing inward awareness of this love by our own power or strength, though we try. Our soul journey cultivates the soil of our soul to be outlets of this divine love – which in turn governs all we speak, act and do. This divine love only flows through our true-self from the Source and not from our false-self, for this love is of the real and true and can only be of the true and real. So to give this love, which is also to manifest the perfect divine potential in the present moment (perfect obedience), is a journey of awakening to the Christ Spirit within so that we operate as one.

      When we begin to grow in the awareness of the beauty of divine love it becomes our consuming desire to be and give this love always thus defining all that the eternal good asks of us (obedience). And because we desire to be and give this love we seek and follow the Spirit’s instructions in this area to the best of our current ability. In fact, it is painful when we don’t for we know what such a beautiful love creates when given and received. Some instructions are easy to follow – others we struggle with for years because of the seemingly “hard-wired” habitual thought patterns. Yet the latter is purposeful for our Creator, whose workmanship we are, who uses the refinement these struggles bring to do even greater works in us.

      As it is said “faith without works is dead” .. if we say we love and yet show no actions that support this love – do we really love? And yet we are also subjected to struggle within our broken vessels as stated by the Apostle Paul in Romans 7, which once again is being used for even greater soul refinement. Our true selves are aspects of the Divine Self – thus express divine love perfectly. When we awaken into this “newness of life” of the Divine Self then divine love flows through us … but until that transformation we struggle to love as we desire, thus “obey” love’s call upon our hearts as we desire. So the real desire and the essence of divine “obedience” behind all we do … is once again – to give a pure, perfect and sincere divine love, which is accomplished through the Christ within us.

      • All the commandments we are asked to obey has the essential element of love attached to them for all the law and “prophets” hang on the two great commandments…”to love”…and ….”to love.” I think we see that the end of “all” things is to be found in the love and likeness of our creator. We may have all knowledge, wisdom and understanding but they have no meaning and value unless they lead us to our being complete in the character of our Father.

        We “see” this, it is good.

  9. Rachel, we are in agreement on the subject at hand…and I am prompted by the sincerity of the subject to be a little more direct…albeit in the same spirit of love.

    A true teacher, prophet, or deciple must have the love of the other in mind to teach in reality and this is what is lacking in mainstream religion. We do not condemn the people by pointing out they are following the wrong message and messenger because we are to love the sinner but not the sin….nor love the congregation of the unrighteous but we do point out what we are to leave behind as we walk toward this love we seek. The “business” of religion is the great deceiver of the simple minded where the congregation gives to the “ministry” what it ask for…the admiration, recognition, and praise of men. This is sin…and the blind do lead the blind. Instead of seeking a humble spirit, the proud seek praise for themselves. Instead of seeking and teaching the beatitudes, these proud ones promote the ways of the flesh…The lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and the pride of life in the pulpits and the people love to have it so. Do we teach and encourage the humbleness within or do we promote the big “I” when we speak? When a person stands before others and is proud of what they know, say and do they convey a devilish pride that they think is to be admired…and the listener usually does worship the speaker instead of the one spoken about. Yes, it is a subtle thing to worship God with the inherent pride of man….but this is what the false church in and of religion is guilty of. Pride of what one knows and in the manner of which this knowledge is conveyed is the difference between what is given in love and what is given to reap in from others of the “pride of life”,

    We very rarely touch on the gravity of what is false and what is true in a direct fashion such as this but it is needful to make clear the path of God and “the way ” to God. There are so many coming out of the systems of religion only to get trapped into another. This is because we lack the skills of discernment in our spiritual youth and we must be bitten again and again to “get it” so to speak. When one takes the fallen spirit of man and promotes this as a spirit of God to be admired and emulated it leads many astray. So we must ask ourselves when we share, do we do it in a spirit of meekness, evenness and a love for the other in order for them to “see” or are we focused on whether we are being praised, revered, admired or are given the center of attention to?

    We must fall away from such divination for this spirit of self is called by another name…it is called sorcery in the bible for whether the spirit of self is in the pulpit or in a dark corner somewhere the true meaning of a word can only come from two sources and if it is not of God it is sorcery. We call many religions cults and many innocent, honest seeking people must grow through and feel the experience of religion before God reveals Himself to them. When we understand that we are the temple of God (not made with hands) and He ask us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth, He is asking us to no longer look to a falseness in the outer church but to look deep within ourselves n the inner temple where there is no need for man to teach us..for we will be taught by the true prophecy giver…our lord and savior, our Christ (anointing).

    We should be able to tell others when they are seeking truth and are turning from the world and false religion of where they should turn…and that is not to us but to Christ. These are the two paths, we must choose one and reject the other. One is the love of self calling the pride of the flesh godliness, the other is the love of the other depicted in the two greatest commandments.

    • Yes. Let us always remind our seeking brothers and sisters to look within, to the LIVING Christ who teaches by perfect revelation – which is to say, by knowing.

      • Yes, to look within;

        Deep down beyond the soulish realm is a place of cleanliness, and this place is where the spirit resides and gives forth guidance. This place is within us and it is depicted by the holiest of holies in the tabernacle in the wilderness and later in Solomon’s temple. The only way into the holiest of holies where God dwelt, and dwells in us is through the holy place, the place of the soul. The holy place was entered from the outer court where the fleshly sacrifices were dwelt with. The study of the tabernacle is a very good tutorial of who we are and how we are constructed and how we are to function, it’s all there…for the tabernacle was built according to the vision given to Moses of something spiritual, something real, and these truths are the revelation that God and Christ and us, must live together in oneness, in this temple in which we are. This is depicted by the mercy seat with the two cherubim with stretched wings “touching” one another over this mercy seat. We are to reach this mercy seat in the place of the holy of holies for when we do we make up the holy triune. When Christ was crucified in the natural, He also was in the spiritual, for the veil was rent from top to bottom, thus making a way from the soulish realm into the spiritual realm, in other words from the holy place into the holy of holies.

        To find true meaning we must find it within our personal temple, for there was no holy place outside of the tabernacle just as there is no holy place outside of us…except in the same temple of another. When the individual tabernacle is complete then we have a corporate of temples made whole. As each of our temples are swept clean of the things (flesh) of the outer court (world) they (we) are made ready to accept the complete blessings of God, His character.

        So with this understanding, let us not take the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life into our temple just as it was not allowed in the “replica” of us in the wilderness. There was no flesh allowed in the holiest of holies and neither is it allowed in our inter most sanctum. When the veil is rent in this our temple, the soul is swallowed up into the place of the spirit where there is no distinguishing difference. The marriage is complete.

  10. my heart is sad alot even today I think of everyone suffering and being alone and feeling forgotten the only time I feel happiness is when i suddenly share God with one just as downcast and at that point of truth I begin to perceive I feel alieved, it all ends in him

  11. Thank you for sharing your heart. A sincere love is what is needed response to every form of suffering …

  12. Hi Rachel I just started watching your videos. I was so thrilled to find that you & I have both been called out of church & what truth we have discovered when we are taught by God & the Holy Spirit. It is hard to find fellowship with true followers of the church. I would love to be your friend. Are you on facebook?

  13. Hi Darlene

    What a gift your comment is to me this morning.

    Your comment stirred some thoughts I would like to share that you may have felt as well.

    A true connection to others is a reflection of our oneness with God. Thus as our relationship develops with God in truth, spirit and love so does it slowly develop in new ways with others.

    Though many of us begin in organized religion – as we respond to the call within to progress on our soul journey and go beyond the limits found in organized religion our hearts open up in love and truth and we find many and varied connections to others. In this, relationships come into and out of our lives that contine to support us and us them. As we let go of our expectations and become aware and mindful of what the present holds for us we find we always possess exactly what we need and we fulfill the needs of others as divinely determined. Sometimes what is needed is a stilling of our outer connections as the inner relationship with the Spirit is strengthen and develops.

    Our increasing awareness of the eternal presence of the Spirit of the Most High connects us all in a fellowship of true love that as we begin to gain awareness we perceive this connection in increasing degrees.

    To answer you question I’m not on Facebook. But I’m here.

    Much peace and love to you.

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    • Amos,

      Eby, Prinzing, Hawtin, Des Walter, etc., among many kingdom teachers; when you mentioned Sigler, this is his background of development among these teachers, many others…. All good with a similar perspective. I knew and know some of them…yet we know the true teacher abides within our very being….never the less I have known by your occasional comments where you’ve been and your thought pattern. I suspected you were well read in some of these for Sigler’s message is an accumulation of these teachers. Each has their own “bent” some things we agree with and some we don’t, however we respect and love them a little, three a little….It is good, never the less, no matter how good another may teach, right or wrong, we are Christ’s and we do not “cover” our head by another. I know you know what this means so I’ll leave it there on this blog. I know you know, we overcome “all” things within for the outward only helps to explain the “spiritual” kingdom which is within our bring, our temple, where God in reality dwells…for you I is as I heaven is between the ears…as hell is. Choose you this day whom you will serve…..


  15. ”thank you sonny ❤ and ill leave you with this thought, once the actual love of GOD has been experince ,from that point on your eyes know NOW!!THAT ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH IS OUR SOULS BIRTHRIGHT !!AMEN

  16. Once we understand there is no “other” side of God’s love, we “see” in perfect harmony, for His plan was concluded at its inception. We were and are finished in Him. To know what this means is to know… “It is finished.”

  17. And… When we started “life without end” when we were created before this earthly experience, it was “then” we started “life without end”. We are each here to be disciplined to our particular calling, some 30, some 60, some 100. When we understand the “mystery of Godliness” we enter in to His rest for His and our works are finished as to our likeness of our Father. It is a wonderous and wonderful thing to see God as He is as we become as He is. It’s simply an amazing, awe inspiring existence.


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  19. Learn to Praise and give Thanks continually and light and love will be generated out through you. And as you learn to generate light, the darkness will be banished from you and you yourself will be filled with Light and comprehend all things! This is not accomplished by any outward demonstrating, but by learning “to hear the Voice of God” and in following His instructions and fulfilling His terms. Then only is it possible to actually KNOW GOD! And this is LIFE ETERNAL, TO KNOW THEE, THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD AND JESUS CHRIST WHOM THOU HAST SENT!
    from “The Book of Books”

  20. Your right, the kingdom does not come by “outward” observation but veiled from the outward world at large. To come into His kingdom and light we must must become…like Him. The holiest of holies in the tabernacle in the wilderness was not observed outside the tabernacle, neither can it be observed outside this tabernacle in which we are…within. The tabernacle, I’m sure as you know was no more than a replica, a pattern of each one of us. If we want to know where God dwells, look to the holiest of holies in the natural tabernacle where no artificial light was needed for God was the only light needed. The candle sticks were an artificial light which were positioned in the holy place which depicts the place of our soul. The spirit needs no help from the soul whereas the soul does need help from the spirit to mature, thus the need for oil (understanding) in the candlesticks in the holy place…or our soul.

    Nice dialouge, thanks.

  21. Sonship, 144k

    As some others touch here occasionally on the “sonship” message I would like to comment on it.

    I have met with “kingdom teachers” over the years and corresponded with some others who have a wonderful ability to teach, preach, prophesy, etc, etc., and as wonderful as the message of sonship “is” we must keep it in the perspective as Eby, Britton, Prinzing, Hawtin and many others (as we ourselves) have pointed out, and have become to know, it is not in the “knowing” but in the “being” of a thing that matters.

    I realize even with the wonderful knowledge of the mysteries of God that He has given many of us that equals many who we may know..the greater understanding is that although we may know and understand the scriptures and may understand what it will take to become one in the “high calling” – “in” Christ Jesus, it still is not in the knowing but in the possessing…in becoming and “being”.

    To claim something before its time is where many in the “sonship” message has erred. To know is one thing and to be and become the love of God is another. I probably have read most all of the above authors messages over the last 40 years plus and although I agree with a lot of what they say, those of us who can expalin the message by words still do not possess the spirit of the 144,000. This will be revealed in each individual as God permits and even though I myself believe because of my understanding of the deeper things of God and am a “candidate” of sonship…it is not for me to decide that I am. It is through obedience to the end that we become what we become and as Paul so clearly described even He with all the understanding and preaching of “the way” that he had, he himself could fall away as many others he witnessed had done so.

    When we see others childishly and sometimes boastfully claim a certain position in Christ, they usually are poor and blind and naked of the truth for the truth I am talking about is what “is” within and not what we say is within. In other words knowledge is without, truth (love) is within. There is no boasting in truth for truth is without recognition in and of self. However we cannot ridicule the children of God that “name it and claim it” for a mature disciple of Christ must have came through the process of immaturity just as well…so we pray, hope and have faith for others as we do ourselves well, whether we ourselves attain the high calling in Christ Jesus or not. As was Paul’s attitude.

    Our Father’s plan will be completed just as it was predestined to do, from the beginning to the very end therefore we pray that we all fit into “His plan” as we are able to receive our portion and as we “become” all that we can be. We must learn to accept with all humbleness His substance as He gives it within without claiming anything ahead of our time as so many do. Many seek it by knowledge and not by the love of the other. To seek the fullness of love carries not with it the mention of the reward by having knowledge of it but by a quiet possessing of this love. We therefore will come to this “rest” when our works have ceased and thinking we obtain something by having knowledge of it is of works and not of faith. However knowledge does come we must see it as only a shadow of a true thing and not the true image which cast the shadow.

    As wonderful as it is of having an understanding of many of the mysteries, allegories and hidden truths of the bible, it is greater still to understand it is in the substance of Christ that we have patience and wait for… and we count the aforementioned gifts and “understandings” for what they are…as mere shadows. Again , many in the sonship realm ( as they call it) claim position by knowledge of it rather than by having patience in waiting for the realization and manisfestations of God,’s true substance.

    Therefore we wait and pray in our faith and hope of realizing a new nature that it does not come by an “outward observation.”

    All will be complete, all in our own order and calling and we pray that no matter where we fit in, we fit in according to His plan. It’s a great and wonderful plan and I understand the life that awaits us is what no man has ever imagined or seen. But the spirit of God within sees just as He sees.

    We pray that all who receive a good message will go on to become a good message. I see many here see this truth which is a good thing. Blessings to all who will go on to know the Lord in the fullest.

    It’s all good.

  22. Your comment prompted me to share a simple understanding that when understood has profound affects upon our soul and mind ….

    It is ALL good … for nothing can truly be other than good because God is sovereign. It is only our blindness to the Light working in all that causes us to judge it otherwise. As we begin to perceive the purpose of truth in the happenings in our lives then we begin to perceive this utmost Good.

  23. There is nothing to complain about when we see that our utmost times of suffering and despair is only for our ultimate good…so we look forward to being completed…and have faith and trust that… it is all good. There is a peace and comfort that abides in all situations when we see a “loving” Father in all of our corrections in life. To be able to say…”it is good” and mean it is a joy.

    We thank our Father for being so kind and giving…although it may be after the trial that we are able to be comforted in knowing.

    It is all good.

    Thank you Rachel for sharing all the good.

  24. And you sparked a Thought:The sovereignty of God is the good of God which is His sovereign nature…His Love. His commandments lead to one love for He says if we love Him we will keep His commandments. There are only two and they include the love of all for all.

  25. Yes….

    Often it is our judgment that something is NOT good that causes our internal suffering which layers upon additional external suffering as this judgment keeps us blinded to divine truth and love. To truly know the sovereignity of God in all things is to know all is good in its deepest and highest purpose and this awareness alleviates much suffering and replaces it with gratitude and growth.

    I too have perceived this interconnection among sovereignity, the highest good and divine love that exists in every present moment. It always has and always will. Our “deliverance” is awakening to this eternal truth – the nature of the presence of God. Truth always is – we just have to perceive it and as we begin to perceive it it continuely expands in our reflective reality.

    Beautifully said. When we begin to perceive oneness we see that the two commandments are one. When we love the true essence of all others we love God and when we truly love God we love the true essence of all. The two commandments addressing both sides opens our awareness to this oneness. There is no separation in our desire to love all – we have a singular uniting desire of giving all the utmost love which means we are an eternal open gate to the divine love of God streaming in and flowing through us without a judgment of giving anything less than the utmost.

  26. Man, when he has traveled that Straight and Narrow Path, of which Christ is the pattern, the Light and the glory, truly reaches the point of FAITH, where he is wrapped in the Power and glory of his Maker and is caught up to dwell with Him.
    And only those who walk that Straight and Narrow Path of praise and love and glorious gratitude, as their joy and ecstasy increases, can possibly reach the point of FAITH where they can be made perfect as they are ordained of God and sent forth to do the GREATER WORKS. These PROMISES of Jesus Christ have been waiting down the centuries for those with enough humility to travel so glorious a Path of loving and praising and joyous Thanksgiving and believing in order that they might complete the journey of glory and OVERCOME the world! even as He overcame!
    Only in the OVERCOMING OF THE WORLD, OR THE LITTLE MORTAL SELF with its demanding claim for superiority and attention, can the Straight and Narrow Path possibly be traveled. That is why so few have found it. But “Wide is the gate and broad is the Path that leadeth to destruction (or the grave) and many there be who go in thereat.”… Only the LIVING OF HIS WORDS can give one the POWER OF FULFILLING.
    Glorious, Wonderful God! How great Thou art!
    from “Beyond Mortal Boundaries”

  27. i love you rachel to the max ❤

  28. First let me say that scripture is true.  Every word of it. Read and pray for understanding of the scriptures (given at the end).
    This  complete understanding can only he revealed to you as you are led to the Father by Christ, or that Spirit or Light of Christ, right within yourself, as given below:
    “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me: and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out—.  And this is the Father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which He hath given me I should  lose nothing.  But should raise it up again at the Last day.”  John 6:37,39
    “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him,  and  I  will  raise him up at the  last day.    (of his purification).  It is written in the prophets, and they shall all be taught of God.  Every man therefore that hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.”  John 6:44-5
    “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. And I give unto them eternal life: and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father which gave them to me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. And I and my Father are one.” John 10:27-30

  29. I am posing a question, as to whether these are a contradicition? Whether I am able to see them without the light, or see them with light, would be the same for the enlightened or the unenlightened?
    At least I would think so. I am poising a question, not making a statement. By using the term contradiction, I am not inherently using a volatile term meant to cause slander. I am using it simplisticly as a word that points to definition in my question. You do not need to reply if this represents disharmony for you. It is a reference to disharmony objectively as far as meaning, which I could only hope would not upset the general rule of peace, for asking the question.

    1).Such a darkened mind cannot comprehend the ways of light and is therefore unable to construct thoughts of life

    2) . For they first must see the light of divine love (Christ) manifested by others via their physical senses and then proclaim it good via their soul perceptions.

  30. Sorry for the delay … as I’ve been out of town. I’m very grateful for your question.

    It sounds like you wonder if there is a contradiction in the two statements you identified above. In one I state the darkened mind can’t conceive of the ways of light, but in the other I say it can. And it seems your question is, “How is that possible?”

    There are some who seek deep within for Truth. These are taught only by the Spirit of Truth, who they’ve come to intimately understand through years of continual meditation and conversational prayer. This Truth reshapes their minds to prepare and enable them to create a reality, regardless of form, that is shaped by eternal constructs of peace, love, abundance, harmony, joy, and above all understanding of oneness with all of creation.

    The majority who remain unaware of Truth, therefore asleep, continue to create a reality of darkness that is composed of finite constructs where nothing lasts. For example, happiness decays into sadness, life turns into death, love becomes separation, and so on. These stay bound to these finite constructs because their physical perceptions of reality prevent them from believing in eternal concepts.

    However, as these sleeping souls encounter those reflecting the Truth, what they witness in them will appear to be supernatural, ie beyond their limited concepts of reality. Truth can appear in many forms and will reflect the eternal constructs I mentioned above; such as miraculous healings, more “youthful” appearances, perfect provision in their lives, etc.

    When they witness the Light created by others through their physical senses and proclaim it as good and of God, their internal awareness will be awakened. This will enable them to believe and grow within themselves in these eternal concepts. Those who have sought will be used to ignite those who are asleep for the salvation of all.

    In summary, those who seek for Truth from the Spirit of Truth perceive the Light (Truth) before the Light is revealed in creation. And as the Light is revealed through them, all will come into the Light.

  31. Saying I’m sorry is beautiful, but it goes against
    your ultimate philosophy. (Just thought I’s say so)
    If I take the consideration of all brothers and sisters

    those that you mentioned, supposedly divided

    all involved in a closed system, whether aware

    or unaware, and hold them to my heart

    I have the varying degrees of all emotion

    experiencing the interplay of every imagination

    the difference I see being the difference of will,

    and approaching that from any different angle,

    there still would be tears, legitimate tears not

    fully separate from others.

    So for love, to know itself as love, it cannot be

    known, solely from the viewpoint of separation.

    The question I see would be is separation of self

    inside, or separation of spiritual awareness

    in definition, whether someone is in, or out,

    the birthplace of love?

    Love is known by each and each one must

    either receive it or reject it.

    The divisions of thought, or meditation, or

    cultivation of spiritual awareness

    could not be seen as the birthplace of pain,

    or the birthplace of love,

    or sickness or sorrow, but the birthplace of

    love would need to see the two conditions

    as polar opposites that are at interplay

    with one another. And at interplay with

    all people.

    That would cause oneness to allow

    failure, and failure would need to be healed,

    not awakened.

    Dividing the soul inside seems to be one

    merely hiding from the other.

    How long can “I” hide from the realization

    that if what is in, is then out, then

    all people experience the same,

    and that is not an origin.

    Whether that is good or bad, for you,

    or me, would require a different definition

    and I am not implying that that would be

    subjective at all, but some of it would be.

    There is failure in oneness.

    ( I am rambling, well intentioned, play with it ).

    (Haven’t I the right, to make it up girl?)


  32. When I asked a young lady
    if she could smile,
    she saith, Nay, for ye shall speak of
    love and Venus, whose heart was true
    and truthfully knew, not if others
    were true.
    Afflicted Venus expresses the poisoned heart is bitter and vengeful—closed to life in a way that manifests as an inability to integrate and accept experience; with an inability to receive, or to give love. Afflicted Venus negates in jealousy the beauty, abundance, luxury and luck of others—projecting disdain and negativity instead. The poisoned heart is hesitant and insecure, has little self-confidence, and lacks the ability to trust in self or to trust others. Fear to open our hearts leaves us stuck in the head, unwilling to feel, touch, or breath in life—hiding in fear and expressing mentalized judgments with an incessant need to control our reality. The loss of our intuitive ability leads us to blindly follow dogmas and gurus in submission to propaganda and systems of belief, whether our own or those of others.

  33. hi all, i will add my two sense, but before i do, i want to congratulate mishai for turning darkness into light. i am not responding to anything that i have read, but focusing on his ETERNAL SPIRIT(source of all souls). To remove a CONFUSION, When it comes to SEPERATION, we tend to LIMIT our own views as ONE VIEW against many others. Each Person for example is a VIEWPOINT in our OWN IDENTITY. THE ETERNAL(confused as god, but is source of god), PLAYS OUT every aspect of OURSELVES(eternal self). That means that the world shows us EVERY LOGICAL and LIFE Element of what we MANIFEST within ourselves. you cannot have LIGHT without dark, and vise versa. sometimes to remove the DARK is to remove the LIGHT. it isnt the LIGHT that makes DARK or the DARK that makes LIGHT, but ALL OTHER SENSES working in syncrinicity which tricks us into BINDING the two together. In order to LIVE in LIGHT, and not see dark, Each PERSON has to become an element in which every other person is a SYNCRONIZED ELEMENT in self(where MIND comes in). That means that IN LIFE(through heart), each of us is an ETERNAL BROTHER. Us Eternal BEINGS recognize that EVERY OTHER PERSON is an eternal being. Each other PERSON may not know YET that they are eternal, they still fall within their limiting believes(layers dug deep). To see light, is to CREATE DARK, as to see dark is to CREATE LIGHT(a form of seperation(in the NAME OF LIGHT). it is us ETERNAL BEINGS that will take their PAIN, and MAKE IT LIGHT(not for self, but for all).

    on a HUMAN LEVEL(i will try to interper what i mentioned above.
    To truely love christ(in natural terms), We tend to JUDGE ALL OF LIFE for christ(a bad thing).
    in HUMAN TERMS, To be a TRUE CHRISTIAN, means that you must LET GO OF christ and place what you have in christ, instead into ALL OF MANKIND(NON JUDGEMENT )(even enemys). in TRUE NATURE, there are no enemys. if you HAVE Enemys, then you have no christ or LIGHT. as even in light, you BECOME judgement(hold space in eternal(light falters)). for an ENEMY to become light, ALL of MANKIND is requires as each person is a STRENGTH for ALL OF US.

    To not be stuck is to be WIDE OPEN. to build strengths against those who may degade you,is to DEGRADE SELF(through others).


  34. Ti Hack, I would like to enquire about the ‘source’ of your comments.? (And thanks for the complement). I’m saying where is your learning from? Anyone of us, can formulate thoughts based on an analogy, and anyone of us can create that, with our mind. However, if we are seeking God, Christ, the living God, then we do not learn in that way, or in ‘that’ fashion. We must seek HIM. In doing that, you will learn that men, are not the source of good or evil, nor do their minds necessarily create reality for themselves or others. The only way to surmise that type, of Thought, is by “Not believing in God”. By God, I am not referring to a hypothetical assessment of “good” which exists in creation or in the reflection of ourselves, or our mentality in the Universe. If you understand that there is a being, namely a true God that exists, our minds will fluctuate less to ‘any understanding’, or hyperbole, to try and understand who we are, if we do not seek For Him, as holding the essence, and definition, and explanation, and relationship, of Who we are, and that we are
    created beings, you will come to understand that we only reflect “Him”, God in our creativity, but we must learn about who we are, We are insignificant without him. We are nothing.
    Therefore, seek with me to know Him. Again, I don’t know the source of your thoughts, or thinking, but God has already, given us his Word to find him.
    Are you seeking?
    I am sharing just these simple thoughts, because, again, I don’t know what you believe the source of your knowledge comes from? So, You would have to say, if you are understanding my sayings here?
    But there is good and evil in the world. And the source for that evil is Satan, so it is a spiritual battle for your soul, and the things you are commenting on, as far as relationship between people, must start with God, and knowledge of Him, His son Jesus, or you will be “in the dark”, back to your opening statement.
    The Darkness, is not knowing God, the Father, the creator, and His Son Jesus.
    This terminology and knowledge is not created by me. It is historical, as well as spiritual.
    As far as how people treat each other, as a synopsis, and analogy, there is no basis for an expectation there if you do not believe in God. I mean God as a being, a person, an entity outside oneself.
    Without that, any expectation you hold for civility becomes meaningless. There is no one to enforce it.

  35. 1 John 1 What is the Light?

    The Incarnation of the Word of Life

    1 John chapter 1

    1 That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life. 2 The life appeared; we have seen it and testify to it, and we proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and has appeared to us. 3 We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. 4 We write this to make our joy complete.

    Light and Darkness, Sin and Forgiveness

    5 This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 6 If we claim to have intimacy with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth. 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have intimacy with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

    8 If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us.

  36. I agree completely…In God’s plan there are many callings and orders and we all fit somewhere into one of these….according to where God has our way “fixed.” As there are three main harvest of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles during the year, there are other feast within these just as as we are harvested according to our calling…and in our dears time. God matures us within our calling and what knowledge, understanding and experi necessary neeeded for one harvest is not the same as another.

    Christ and the elect are gathered first in the barley harvest. Barley being planted before the winter can sustain the cruel harshness of the winter months, it grows under conditions in which the Pentecost or Tabernacles feast times plants cannot sustain for they are fair weather harvest varieties.

    So God will equip us with the knowledge we need within the calling we are called in. This is why many do not understand the knowledge of another, it’s not for them. For example the book of Revelations is written to the barley people, or the elect, the 144,000,etc. when people do. To understand the plan of God and it’s structure and it’s methodolgy, one must understand all the callings lead to the consummation and likeness of all in Christ Jesus. However the government of God requires different disciplines than the 30 and 60 so with respect we honor the callings of another. Our understandings are according to our calling however the love and respect we have for the other is required in spite of the calling. Salvation is a given, it is a gift, however we “run” for the high calling in Christ Jesus. We can fail to achieve the high calling, just As Paul described, however “salvation” remains fixed for all.

    When we read the scriptures and read about one losing out and another not, this is not about losing or gaining salvation, it is speaking about obtaining to the high calling in Christ Jesus…two entirely different subjects people confuse with the other. Natural Calvary settled the salvation for All question, however the spiritual cross will settle who obtains to which order. The sin question also is answered within our progressive walk. All sin is and willl be forgiven, however we must understand that it is “when” the love of God conquers “All.”

    The consummation of all things in God is the love of God all in all, leaving none in sin or death. It is a good plan. The love of the Father finishes us all in His own likeness and character. His character is one of respect for all, regardless of the calling of the other.


    • Rather, most of the world will not obtain Salvation, for only the pure in heart will see God, and enter into the Kingdom, of Heaven. Jesus said, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. If you have love, desire love, the Spirit of God will draw you to Jesus. But they need a preacher. Jesus said pray for laborers to go into the Harvest.
      All those without Jesus, in their hearts will not enter into Heaven, but will go to the bad place at death with the sentence of sin.
      It is a battle between the evil one and God. But the Messiah, has called all men to himself. Free will, God has given to choose. The Bible says “Choose Life”. And, “Life and Death”, are in the power of the tongue.
      So, it is an awesome responsibility we have to choose, Heaven or Hell.
      When satan was cast out of Heaven, he had a choice, and was cast to the Earth, with Hell beneath.
      But the pure of heart will find Jesus, if they listen, and Choose Love.
      God forces no one, but they have a choice.

  37. Time is my Source of information(trust in the same god you seek). BIBLES(all bibles) are just a tiny fraction of the GOD(in time) that BINDS our BEING to eachother. EVENTUALLY, we grow out of our OLD THINKING, and into the NEW. EVENTUALLY for example, you have to UNDERSTAND that the HIM is the YOU(AND I), and everyone else. the ETERNAL(SOURCE OF ALL that is LIFE), TEACHES ME, as i OVERCOME what religion teaches. its hard to explain where i get my information as i would have to write many books to do so. i TRUST in the GOD(eternal) that is ALL AROUND ME. the god that is in YOU and everyone else. even the PAIN and Darkness is in god. i know that old thinking would allow you to reject what i just said, but you have to learn to TRUST(in your surroundings in order to trust in the christ). what you call god, i call eternal, and what i call god is the GLUE that binds the FLESHLY SELF to the ETERNAL SELF(frequency of LIFE). THE FLESHLY WORLD is the MANIFEST OF PURE HEART which binds us to ALL SOULS(happy/sad/revenge/caring). the rest is LANGUAGE(eternal langauge vs fleshly language). i speak 24/7 in this HEAVEN LANGUAGE, so it comes natural to me. i dont understand the human langauge as it lives in SEPERATION….

    to explain in science terms, EVERY MOMENT in time and space is connected within every other MOMENT in time and space. each person for example LIVING NOW, is a MANIFEST of prophets that lived 2000 years ago.

    when i speak like this, it would be easy to say i dont get the information from the bibles, but if you understand like i do a greater awareness, I LIVE in what i see in ALL BIBLES. the bibles are just ink in a book, but the MANIFEST is with PURPOSE AND DIRECTION…

    when i see something such as i see in you. it tells me something about myself. and in those terms, i know what i manifest in myself affects even you(we are holy). i know christ(adjective), as also i know god(adjective). the NOUN is the ETERNAL. i have to constantly LET GO of everything i know in order to keep growing. IN THE TRUE BIBLEs, there is no GOOD AND EVIL. that is only by TERMS of today. i go by the original context of the bible which takes time to learn. we have to STEP OUT of what we know, and TRUST in a greater reality which is LIFE(all around us(deeper listening)). i am still trying to answer mashai’s question towards me.

    THE BIBLE(2000 years ago) was of the NATURAL ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE(shared by all). evil meant SEPERATION(not good vs bad).
    to be evil means that you are HUMAN(apart from everything else). to not be evil is to see SELF ALL AROUND YOU(in everyone else).

    there is a reason why the BIBLE is important. it isnt for reasons that that religion teaches. it is THE KNOWLEDGE(eternal). there is no good vs evil in the bible. it is UNITY vs SEPERATION. we are ALL ONE(holy). i am not trying to direct your thiking away as i TRUST that everything is exactly where it NEEDS TO BE.

    NOTE a confusion of the word HIM. HIM refers to the READER(of the bibles). each of us is the HIM. to BELIEVE IN HIM in the original contexts means that you connect with ALL THAT IS(believe in yourself). i say this in SIMPLE TERMS(nothing is simple). each THOUGHT and FEELING is BOUND to every event on EARTH(soul to flesh)…. when you trust in yourself(ETERNAL SELF), you BECOME the events(prophet know this).

    please try not to disect what i say, or try to question against own IDEAS, but instead, try to set down what you know, and LEARN NEW THINGS. this is how we all grow. i LIVE by the knowledge, so the BIBLES always validate(even though the fleshly people my disagree)(only because of where they are in life(death))….

    my GOAL is to AWAKEN others so they can connect and SEE Heaven on earth(as it was tought to me(by TIME itself(god within)).
    there is science in true religion as there is LIFE in science. our concepts trick us into thinking that we have to choose one idea over another. but ALL IDEAS that is within our OWN HEARTS, bind every event and person to our GREATER I AM(HOLY)(we share in the collective I AM). each BAD and good is an expression in which we create in ourselves(even though there is no good vs bad in any bible).

    HUMAN HEART for example doesnt refer to a beating thing in our chest, but EVERY HUMAN ON EARTH).
    HIM refers to the reader as the CHRIST is a SOUL which we SEE in EVERYONE(i am LOVE).
    to make it about good vs evil only starts to cut off half of our own LIFE FORCE, as we already SEPERATE ourselves from the eternal.

    i hope i answered your question mashai, try not to make what i say bad, but try to see the good in which i can give(if you and all can accept).

  38. Ok. My point would not be to make what you said Bad. I don’t want to make it anything. But I believe that’s what you are doing, is making it. So, it holds no more importance then, than the historical things written, that you disagree with.

    To examine what you are saying. I have to ask questions. Here’s what I see in discrepancy of your examination.

    Semantics.. You basically seem to simply re-assign meaning to words.
    In my world, I try to keep words, meaning, — what they mean.
    For instance you are saying, they is no good, or bad???? You are in denial, of what is around you.
    If there is no Good, or Bad, my question is, Why do you Care?’
    There is nothing in you to care about. A semantic saying bucked up a against a denial.

    2) God is in You??? Because you are God. Again semantically confusing, because I would ask,
    ——Why, Do You, Need, to be a God??? What does that mean?
    Your not a God over me.!
    So, the semantic version of this is The Word God, implies a greater Being.
    If YOU, are God. then that’s not a God.

    3) Are you under the Illusion that you CREATED this world??? Does the term illusion have a meaning
    for You?? In other words, it’s a viewpoint, that doesn’t make any empirical sense.

    4) When you said there is no God or Bad in any Bible?? My thought is that again, if you change the meaning of words, words, as they are taught in school, you could say that.
    The question I would ask is— Why, would you want to do that, and why would you feel you need to?
    When you do something of that nature, you are taking a step away from reality.
    Your trying to create a world from philosophy, which is basically illusionary because it is
    based on Semantic Denial.
    Unless you can keep the meaning, and definition of Words, as they are used by Socrates,
    Jesus, Dylan, Shakespeare, or anyone else, YOU have created a different language,
    NOT, the other way around.
    Basically, you have accused the writers of the Bible, Philosophers, Teachers, and anyone else
    attempting to share knowledge, as being ignorant.

    So, It’s not a matter of God, or spiritual things you are relating, it’s a Cup Game of Semantic
    Shuffling, bucked up against a denial of reality.

    You, could basically leave a discussion about God out of it, and say, I just don’t believe,
    the reports of history at all. I make my own Game. I am God.
    I don’t believe in, or trust in the ability of words, or the use of words to communicate.

    When you enter this area, or zone, you become a Physicist, not someone seeking to know
    their Creator.
    I assume you didn’t Create Yourself??????
    How that leaves you Seeing yourself as God, is unreasonable.

    I am sharing, not criticizing. It’s what Words are For.

  39. ( The Results of Following Strange Gods )


    The headquarters of a mysterious sect in a sleepy, rundown part of north-west Delhi, India.

    At least 48 underage girls have been rescued in police raids on the sect’s ashrams in New Delhi since December 19, officials say.


    Officials say they have found women and girls kept in jail-like conditions, behind barbed wire and multiple locked gates.

    Authorities say there are hundreds more properties and potentially thousands of women and girls living in them.

    The sect, Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya (AVV) preaches that its leader is an incarnation of various Hindu gods and has descended to earth to unite people of all faiths and transform them into deities.

    Little is known about the sect’s origins or its leader Virendra Dev Dixit, though followers say it is an offshoot of Brahma Kumaris – a large, international sect with over three dozen centres in the United States and millions of followers worldwide.

    Brahma Kumaris distanced itself and denounced Dixit’s organisation decades ago.

    AVV came under scrutiny after three families filed a case in Delhi’s High Court saying that their female relatives had vanished after joining the sect.

    The 32-year-old is from one of those families.

    She told The Washington Post that she was raped by Dixit at the sect’s headquarters in June 2000, while taking a summer religion course as a teenager.

    Then, three years later, she said, her parents “surrendered” her youngest sister to the sect.

    Since then, the woman has tried repeatedly to contact her sister, now 25, and have her released.

    “I would never have told anyone all this if my sister wasn’t in there,” she said.

    The Washington Post does not identify victims of sexual assault, and the 32-year-old’s identity is also shielded by Indian law protecting rape victims.

    The sect issued a statement saying the investigation was part of a “defamatory campaign.”

    It says “no activity detrimental to female devotees or to any other members of the society is conducted in the Vidyalaya.”

    Dixit’s whereabouts are currently unknown. It was not possible to further corroborate the woman’s story.

    Dixit claims to be an incarnation of, among others, the Hindu god Krishna, who according to myth has 16,000 wives.

    Swati Maliwal, chairwoman of Delhi’s government agency for women’s affairs, said that investigators found 200 women and girls in miserable conditions.

    “The ashram has been running illegal activities,” said Maliwal.

    She said investigators found dizzyness-inducing substances and unprescribed medicines which may have been used to drug and pacify women.

    She also said religious texts found during a raid instruct women to “surrender” their bodies to Dixit.

    Maliwal accompanied police on the December 19 raid on one of AVV’s flagship ashrams in a rundown northwest Delhi neighbourhood.

    She described the main building as a “fortress,” with multiple locked gates and barbed wire enclosing residents.

    She recounted finding a room full of medicines, unlabelled substances and syringes, suitcases full of devotional letters written by the sect’s women to Dixit, as well as books and posters that describe Dixit as a god.

    “All the girls appeared to be in a trance,” Maliwal said.

    Authorities removed 41 minors from the facility. Court documents say that at least 168 adult women remain at the site, and 25 adult men live in an annex.

    Investigators said in court documents that the women lived in “animal-like conditions” and many were in poor health and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.

    Maliwal said ashram workers told investigators that the adult women had chosen to stay on the sect’s properties.

    The court’s order to search the premises did not give investigators the authority to remove adults without their consent, she said.

    Two days after the initial raid, the sect’s lawyer brought the 32-year-old woman’s sister to court on the instructions of a judge. It was a highly charged moment.

    The sisters had not seen each other since 2007, and their last meeting had been closely supervised by the sect’s senior followers, according to the older sibling.

    She described her joy at seeing her younger sister . “I asked her, can I hug you? And I stuck to her. I couldn’t stop crying,” she said.

    And then, the younger woman returned to the sect.

    Her sister, who took a sabbatical from work to fight for her release, said she believes her 25-year old sibling is suffering from years of emotional trauma and will eventually leave the sect.

    “I am a very good counsellor,” she said. “I can get the fear out of her head. I can give her a lot of love and make her okay.”

    The AVV case comes months after the rape conviction of another popular guru, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

    The sect’s existence for more than a decade, despite at least 10 complaints to police over the years, illustrates the unaccountability of holy menin India, where religious leaders have huge financial and political power.

    The inquiry into AVV offers hope to hundreds of families whose relatives are currently in the sect.

    Police all over northern India are raiding other ashrams associated with Dixit. In Delhi, Maliwal said, five of at least eight ashrams have been searched by authorities.

    But many of the sect’s ashrams are in still unknown locations.

    A sign outside the sect’s headquarters reads, “God Fatherly Spiritual University,” a loose English translation of the sect’s name.

    Neighbours said they rarely talk to the sect’s members, that truckloads of food and other materials are delivered every week.

    People inside never appear at the building’s windows or balconies, all reinforced with metal grills. Sounds of televised spiritual broadcasts start blaring from the building about 2.30am every day, the neighbours said.

    Sporadically, relatives of the residents come and cry outside the building, demanding that their daughters be released, a neighbuor said.

    “People come, they shout insults, they cry, they bang on the door, they roam up and down the streets, sometimes they stay for days, and then they leave,” said Rajesh Goyal, who lives across the street.

    – The Washington Post

  40. hi mashai. i am confident that i am not bad. what we SEE in others, represent what we HOLD within ourselves. if i was to see bad in you,then that means i have bad in me. in those same terms, if you see that i am making bad in me, then you must accept that the bad in me, is in you. in those same terms, it is ALL OUR RESPONSIBILITYS to see eachother in the HIGHEST HONORs…. if not, we will always seem to be against one another(rather than HOLY).

    one reason i care is because i know you want to know the original context of what is said(words and all). but the words only represent our own langauge. the problem with words is that as the words shift in the world(through everyone), we become those shifts(aware or not). we have to step outside of our own LANGUAGE and align with the ORIGNAL CONTEXT(purpose and direction).

    i care a lot or i would just walk away. i am not saying i am god. i KNOW that god represents an adjective that BINDS fleshly self to the ETERNAL SELF).. each person in the world(through the eternal), is a manifestaion of self(we are eternal BROTHERS). we tend to limit ourselves through the languages of which we create from those words.

    when i learn something new, i STEP INTO what i learned. and this is where it has taken me. I LOVE LIFE, i love all the good, as well as the bad, but each event(even the one you described above) is a manifestation(IN TIME) of clues from HEART of what we create in ourselves(aware or not).

    When a child is born, they eventually learn to crawl, and then to walk. and then to learn to know about something GREATER than the fleshly individual self. UNTIL the day we die(second death), we are always in a state of growing. when we condition ourselves into one way of thinking over another, we quit growing, and our death starts to form. there is a FORCE that BINDS US TO EACHOTHER.

    each even(even the one you mentioned above is just ONE aspect of what we create in ourselves(through the lenses of bad and good).

    to see bad doesnt validate that bad is in the bible. it only shows an abuse of how we use our god given strengths. we tend to cause a BARRIER within different IDEAS where we fall prey even to our own.

    what i am doing with great caring is to show NEW(original) ways of seeing what is said(in all bibles).
    in my terms, i would say that you havnt read the original bible, because if you did, you would read ALL BIBLES(quran/kaballah/holy bible/johova/yaushua/christianity/ect…). to use ONE agains the other is to use god in VEIN. to love all bibles and all people, is of great value for all of us. i care about you as i hope you care about me(and i know you do). it is that CARING that shifts the world. if we BUNKER DOWN into our own beliefs, then there will be just as many beliefs as people(no UNITY). i am in no way trying to imply what you see in me. what i can say hopefully is that we use our WORDS within 20percent of our BRAIN. but to use 100percent would change everything.

    if 10 people LOOK upon one table, then there are 10 tables.
    one person may say texture and size. another may see thickness and solidness. another may see fabric and items. ect.
    there are 10 tables taking up the same space. in those same WORDs, i am asking you to see from many viewpoints rather than just one.

    • The things you are commenting on here, are all in relation to gods. These are where your viewpoints are centered.

      The things that I am commenting on are in relation to~ God.
      All of the Bibles you commented on ‘contradict’ one another. They are not in agreement. So you must decide if that reality, is something you can handle, because you are saying you are Conflicted.
      What doesn’t agree, agrees. ? Can’t. No way.

      So, you must understand, that you are commenting on subject matter that is unrelated to Truths about God, of which I am commenting.
      The Bible, that I follow, (think of it as you will), is in ‘perfect synchronicity’ with your statements, as they relate to gods. It says that those who open themselves to follow men as gods, or multi gods put themselves in control, and they feel they are creating their own world.
      So, it’s easy for me to, see, and view, (as you say) your statements.
      You take world religions, throw them together, and form your own gospel.
      Many people do this, It’s not new to me. Nothing you are saying is new to me. I used to believe the same thing, at one time.

      But, you have no knowledge of the Truth of~~ God. God.

      You, must decide if you can view that, because you are saying ~ you cannot.
      You feel that concept is beneath you. And the comfort of that~ gives you control.
      It’s what comforts you. You basically have a self psychology, but not, God.
      It’s god.

      In order to view anything about God. God. (G)od. You must release that control.
      You cannot control God like you think you do, in your world.
      It’s an illusion.
      So the viewing must be larger, than that, to get to God. You are locked in god.

  41. Interesting subject about books and the Bible(s). When Christ came at Pentecost, 50 days after His crucifixtion, the spirit was poured directly into the disciple’s temples not made with hands. From that point on when people received God by faith and belief in the Christ, they received the spirit within which would teach them all things…if they listened to the spirit within.

    The written word from Pentecost back never took away sin permanently nor could it give the spirit of truth as only God can. The early Gentile converts had no scripture whatsoever, no Old Testament because they did not come from under the law. The letters written by the disciples to the various churches had not been assembled and become the New Testament at that time.

    In meditating upon these things it leads one to know that all that is…is within the spirit that is given us at our Passover, Pentecost and feast of tabernacles. We are planted in Christ spirit, we are pruned and dressed in the garden of God’s vineyard meaning the old spirit is done away as the new takes its place.

    There have been many bibles translated from the original writings and none have been translated exactly. There are some better than others as some are intentionally translated to change the true word into something of selfish means in order to lead men away from Worshipping God directly and place the avenue to God through a particular religion. Some religions went so far as to put people to death for reading the Bible for themselves because it took the power from the religion it had over the people.

    That which is written upon the tables of our heart will lead and guide us into all truth regardless of what we read if our intent and direction is toward the truth of God and not in man nor in his writings. A person must seek the love of God in its purity and honesty and be willing to lay aside all recognition that could or may come from any other thing or person. A person with singleness of eye and a lover of truth will be given the desire of His heart “if” this is what he truly desires. This person can read all things and they will not harm him for the truth will guide him into all further truth. This person will have no fear of being conquered by fallible, written doctrines of the masses because they will follow that spiritual word that resides within the Holiest of Holies within themselves. As the type, no sin was and is allowed into this inner realm of our being. The battles are fought within the outer court of the flesh and n the holy place of our soul.

    The spirit is complete and intact behind the veil waiting for our soul to be cleansed so that it can take its place along side the spirit as it (she) takes on the likeness of the spirit, her husband. So as we learn from the type and how it functioned in the wilderness, we learn how we the antitype functions in the true temple…in which we are. As we look at the temple made with hands, it helps us to understand ourselves, the temple not made with hands.

    The true book or “Word” is not only the Christ as the scriptures reveal, the book also reveals that we also are “epistles” read of all men. In truth when the books are opened in Revelations, our book is being opened to reveal what is recorded in us and we are judged according to what is written in “our” book. We must ask ourselves what have we recorded in our book by our actions and words toward others that will judge us as “it” is opened among the other books in the day of judgement?

    There is much to say about books, books written by man for various purposes, whether for self gain or for desiring to further what they believe the truth is according to the current position of their own heart and mind. We must understand this life is a journey to the promised land and understanding that this promised land is the new creature in Christ Jesus where the spirit, soul and body meet in perfection as Christ showed of His progressed completeness by example at Pentecost…the finished new creation man…by example.

    As long as we see Christ and His completeness somewhere outside of the temple in which we are we can never be complete. We will become as all of the type recorded in scripture just as our example became truth in the likeness of His Father, so will we. We read and use the example of the tabernacle in the wilderness, which was and is Christ in type. This type of Christ in the temple is what we are also to become as other children and sons of God.

    There is much that can be revealed by the study of the scriptures but we should remember it is not the knowledge of the thing we seek but it is the thing itself, and this thing is the very likeness and character of our true Father which is in heaven. This heaven is a place of consciousness, it is in having the very mind of Christ, which Christ has the very likeness of the mind of the Father…thereby then we three become as one…in spirit likeness.

    God will have His plan complete in His every predetermined detail and He will have all of His offspring completed not in the image of the earthly but in the image of the heavenly. Books describe the views and beliefs of their author so as we write our book we must ask ourselves if the book we are writing within is in accordance with the book that God is trying to write on the tables (tablets) of our heart?

    Sometimes we have to rewrite chapters and verses as God reveals further truths to us. We must work on our book, writing and rewriting it until the words within our book are in unison with the one true “Word” or book. We all come from different cultures and backgrounds and we must learn that other people are also editing their book before the final publishing date….when “the books are opened.” If we want our book to be correct we will learn we are not the author of our own book, we have only learned to transcribe what already is.

    As the saying, “Love has no boundaries” this is true. God is love and His love covers all sin, mistakes, and faults. His love covers all of His created evil attributes of man ( Isaiah 45:7) so that we may be exercised and experience a way that is not of God. God did not want robots doing and living as a programmed machine, He wanted and wants beings like Himself, and the only way He could have it this way is to have created and have us experience the good and evil of what we could do with His given power…some 30, some 60…and some a 100. If there was a more perfect way to train us would He not have done His best and did it a different way?

    So our love should also have no boundaries, it should transcend and overlook the incompleteness of another. In taking on the mind of Christ, as instructed, we must not also limit our love for another according to their sight, mistakes or faults. We are to remain of one mind and one accord and this can only be accomplished if we as Christ can see past the faults of all others to the consummation of all and all things in Christ.

    We will be as He is, we therefore with patience will wait for it to become our reality. The anointing will bring all of God’s plan to His desired end. It will be a good day, a day with no more night, nor anymore death. When death is no more and is out of mind and existence, hell ceases to be be for death and hell are synonymous. When your “name” (nature) is found complete when the books are opened there will be no more death for light will have swallowed up all darkness (including death).

    When we limit God’s love to a few, we limit God’s love within boundaries. When “one” is lost, love has boundaries.
    God has a wonderful plan and when we include all in it, we see all of God’s unlimited love within it…with no boundaries. Love is the consummation of “all” things in Christ.

    • The teachings from God in the Bible, namely the New Testament, are all based on the Gospel, and the Teaching of Jesus Christ, as He taught on earth, and then taught them to His disciples. This is why He chose twelve disciples and made them Apostles.
      The teachings of the Apostles were given to the Church, to be “followed”, and to be read as “Scripture”., they are therefore God’s Word.
      If you do not follow the edicts of Scripture, as given by Christ and the Apostles, you will be lost and deceived. Paul said, in his teaching ordained of God “from His birth”, in his calling as God’s sent one, “if any man teach any other Gospel, ~ Let him be accursed”.
      God never intended men to follow their spiritual leading alone. You must have agreement from His word
      or the Spirit of God will abandon you, and leave you to your own devices.
      Please rethink your doctrine, and your idea of what it means to follow God.
      You must have agreement in your understanding, and from the New Testament Apostles, and from the Church, or will be rejected by God ultimately. Following your path, and understanding in a different manner will lead to occultism.
      A good example of what I am relaying is the Ministers of error, and people who disagreed with Paul’s teaching. Those who followed their own teaching thinking it was God leading, was exactly the subject matter of Paul’s letters. Not one who walks in love is afraid of submission to authority. God gave the authority of the Word, not the authority of a free roaming spirit. The Holy Spirit, requires obedience, and this is a number one rule, for anyone claiming Christ.
      It is not “Christ Spirit”, it is the Holy Spirit. Christ Spirit is Jesus Spirit.
      The Spirit Jesus sent is the “Holy Spirit”, the third person of the God Head.
      Please rethink whom you are following, and what is taught on these subjects.
      You must follow the Word to have the Holy Spirit’s leading, or you will be lost.
      Both in your teaching, and in you walk to follow him.
      We do not follow ‘spirit’ alone. It’s only the Holy Spirit. He is the One who authored the Word.
      Thanks, for your hearing and patience. May God show you the truth of these sayings.

  42. The true “Word” is Christ within…and we follow the spirit if we are spirit led. There is the natural and there is the spiritual. We follow that which is from above. God is spirit, Christ is spirit, whereas the law points out fault, the spirit brings forth truth. We follow the unction of the spirit of which the law can only describe. We understand the meaning of the law and scripture by the anointing of the spirit, in other words the letter is dead until the spirit reveals the meanin of the letter. The Bible, old and new is a coded book and it is revealed by the spirit. If we only desire knowledge, we remain with a natural understanding that does not reveal the “coded” messages of the Bible. Is God natural or is He spirit? Does truth come from God, the spirit or from man the natural? Do we claim to be a spirit being having a natural experience or a natural human having a spiritual experience? We were spirit, are spirit and will be spirit once we pass through this temporary, natural journey.

    First the natural, then the spiritual is the law of understanding this life’s progression. We have to move beyond the first part of our journey to the destination of being redeemed from the natural to the spiritual. We must understand with the mind of the spirit for we are spirit, the law, the letter is just the beginning of our learn8ng on earth but the f8nishing of us is in the spirit…we must move on to returning to God, not in the natural Word but in the spirit “Word”.

    The natural Word is very helpful in pointing to the spiritual meaning behind the symbol. Let us go on to perfection where we leave the law and the symbol.

  43. Yes. But I notice you never mention, Jesus. The Words of Jesus.. The Holy Spirit, ratifies, and embraces the words of Jesus, and words that are in line with Jesus.
    There is a teaching that is Occult. The teaching is “Christ in Everyone”.
    “Christ in Everyone” is a demonic teaching of the devil, which is Occult.
    Jesus taught, and teaches~ “Christ in those who believe in Me only”.
    Please note the difference.
    The Spirit of Christ only leads, those who follow Jesus, and believe in Jesus.
    Jesus. Words.
    That is ~the natural words Are the spiritual words of Jesus.
    And that is the Bible. God’s Word.
    There is no difference

    • According to who? We all read the same book yet we have different perspectives according to our minds being enlightened by our Father. We are brought along as we obey God’s will to the best of our ability. When we adamantly proclaim our truth as the gospel opposed to that of another, we should question ourselves in which spirit we accuse another of being “wrong.” There are many parables and mysteries in the scriptures that are not known to us all, yet when the symbol is revealed we see that which we did not see before therefore we admit what we see today we did not see yesterday. Knowing this what we know today may be built upon that we may yet see a better way. It is a progression toward maturity. The Bible is full of analogies comparing us to plants, trees and stones. It is when we see in context the way we are compared to these “things” do we see the value in the comparison.

      One should be remain quiet or respect the “opinion” of another until they further study what they do not understand. To always give an opinion of only a natural understanding of things shows little respect for one who has gone beyond the letter. Truth does not come to those who throw stones at another’s “opinion” without exploring whether it be so or not. True truth comes to those who have love and respect for the truly ignorant. It is better to not give one’s opinion as gospel as they call others less than they themselves for having a different perspective on things. It goes with the saying in all “due” respect it is better to keep silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Let us rise above being foolish by falsely accusing another of lacking truth when it is they themselves, just by their arrogance they can call another belonging to an occult. Religion as a whole is an occult in one form or another as we are asked to come out of her and be not partakers of her sins. Yet God says to come out of her “my people”. So are we to accuse and belittle those who are imprisoned by the “occult” which God calls His people out of?

      Your belief Mishai is your belief and I’m sure you are doing your best, though I disagree with much of your perspective on things because you yourself say you do not understand many of the types and symbols in which I do. Yet in the facts I know and understand that God has given me, and you haven’t a clue, I do not disparage you for not understanding them. This is because I understand that you are greater in God’s eyes than your opinion and beliefs. I also see that what you do not understand that another believes you readily dismiss it as less than what you believe…again when you admit you haven’t a clue about the mysteries of God.

      I will say this with all due respect to God and to those who read these words of mine; I do not understand all the mysteries, types and shadows but those that I do, I accept and thank
      God for. If you do not understamd them, they are not for you for God reveals to a person what is for them at the time of their need.

      I will say that I see you do not understand that respect and love for another is not as important to you as your understanding of what you think is so. You judge another according to your “knowledge ” which in layman’s terms is getting the cart before the horse. Try looking at people with different views as yours as they may possibly be right and you wrong. I can say I read the Bible and it means what it says, the foolish like to say. They are foolish because they put the letter before the love of the other.

      Two people can have two different opinions about a subject and one can be right and the other wrong yet God can hold the person who is right in their knowledge in contempt while the one who is wrong as righteous. This is because it is in the manner in which one presents themselves to God or the other in “their” righteousness. A good example is the Pharisee and the sinner in the temple, one who was always c9m9aring their knowledge to that of another and the other who didn’t compare but simply asked God for forgiveness. “ATTITUDE”

      A person who is stuck in the letter of the law…judges according to the letter which will never bring truth to a person’s heart for they are Blinded in ritual and rules. There is another world above and beyond the letter and it is practiced by grace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness toward those who oppose them. There may be a hundred people in a bible study with as many views and it is not whether they all agree alike that makes them one in God but it is in the spirit they may disagree. All may come and go with the same mindset as they came with but those who put the other above their disagreement leave with the true lesson learned. We should not trouble our spirit in disagreement with another and call them names, we should pray that God may show what is of greater value, knowledge or the love of the other.

      Mashai, I speak in the way that I do now, because I see you put your opinions, right or wrong, as superior to that of another. You hide your contempt with rightfully spoken and written words while it is evident your heart does not match what you say. If you think your knowledge puts you above another you are woefully mislead as to what truth is. I may risk being misunderstood by many who read this reply but I think I make myself clear as to my intent. I am saying one should put more thought in how they say things and address others over what is believed, again referring to the two men in the temple. God accepted the humble admission of the sinner and rejected the arrogance of the “knowledgeable” one.

      I suppose when one is called something they are not they have a right to correct the error of another. You have much to learn about which of the two in the temple you represent. We should not compare ones worth to that of another. In fact we should not even compare ourselves with ourselves, instead we should thank God for our progression away from the Pharisee’s higher opinion of himself while always looking for the fault in another. There is plenty of fault in us all, we were born subject to vanity. Should we not spend our time releasing others from the chains of condemnation instead of perpetuating it? There is a fine line between helping and condeming. We often do much harm in the name of doing good as I now may be accused of by you for my clarification of your true nature. You mean well but you demean the truth when you speak as you do.

      You say you speak to others as you do because you love them and want to help them. Let me say the same to you. It is not our knowledge which reveals who we are, it is our fruit and our fruit is the love of God for others regardless of whether they agree with us or not or even have “ any” Truth or not…for it is not about who “they” are but it is who we are…

      It is with great hesitancy I respond to you with the directness In which I do. Yet it is because you having much knowledge (according to you) you place this above the truth which is Christ Himself and you think you have the right to compare your “superior” knowledge to that of another. And to be quiet frank with you much of what you say is factual and I agree with, it’s your arrogance that I disagree with. People with more knowledge than love for another often becomes a judge. So since you want to point out what you conceive as error in another, I ask you to respect the opinion of another about the error they see in your lack…according to them.


      • You’re always welcome to share your views, I can see that God is bringing you into an area of stretching your love . You must understand that I do not relate to people on that level of awareness. My goal is the goal sole and alone of Truth and Love. I know that your definitions are different than mine. This is the given realm of disagreement that will take one into the spiritual area of love. I am praying that you will not take such a course of action in the future, but rather rely on spiritual love, which can see and communicate about their differences. I certainly doesn’t suggest that one should become angry for sharing a viewpoint even if it is correct or isolated, as you seem to suggest, we speak with the heart and do the best to love everyone.. I know that you have been condemned many times which God is showing that he is healing in you. He never wants you to be discouraged or feel condemned or become angry for sharing in the way you have. Nothing is further from His heart. I am more philosophically aligned with Anti-hacker, in that way that I never see an evil in another, but rather look on their good, and see the likenesses we have and what we have in common. If I could walk along the lake with you, I know you would not have become angry to the point of desensitizing, for I would have shown you prayer and that my heart is attuned perfectly to your nature. Nature has a way of throwing off the disassociation of religion, which I believe is what you are feeling from yours past. When one has lived in religion, and with the burden of Religious Structure on their back it is not unreasonable to suspect that they will fell badly about a conversation if it goes against the things they’ve known. The Gospel of Jesus is so powerful, that it can destroy those strongholds. It’s easy and blessing to speak with you when you are smiling and happy and following God. I am praying that anything I have said would rather be a blessing to you, and making you feel such always, all the time knowing I cannot and would not try to control your heart. Even your anger can be used of God to bring wholeness, if it breaks the stronghold of Religion.
        You will be free I declare it.

    • Chapter 7
      THE MYSTERY AND REJECTION OF ANYTHING CONSIDERED OCCULT And I marvel that such ignorance could exist in this day of enlightenment. The unbelief surpasses that of the multitudes who rejected Christ and finally crucified Him because of His power and His Faith, to use that power for the glory of God and for the benefit of man. I have watched men’s eyes turn into exclamation pinpoints of fanaticism at anything their minister has not told them. “They search the scripture, because in them they think they have eternal life. And they are they which testify of me,why don’t you come to me that you might have ETERNAL LIFE.” (see John 5:39-40) This gift of eternal life is not in the scriptures. It is in the contact of Jesus Christ in person. Only through that contact with God and Christ can one possibly be taught of God or KNOW TRUTH WHEN THEY HEAR IT. For only within that “HOLY PLACE” or “THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH” in the center of one’s own soul can one possibly find contact with God and “BE TAUGHT OF HIM.” A few of the present-day teachers and ministers are afraid of losing their hold upon the people if they go to God to receive individual instructions. These false teachers fear anything that begins to testify to the people of the power of God or to teach mortals how to contact Him that they by themselves might “KNOW THE TRUTH” without any man to teach them, because it erodes these teachers importance. For mankind has been promised that those who ask, seek and knock will receive answers, and they can all be taught of God and will need no man to teach them. For the teachings that are being extolled by the modern preachers stress the great wickedness of anything which they condemn as “OCCULT!” They have made the word, “OCCULT,” such a filthy, evil, dirty word, the people tremble in horror before what they believe to be its blasphemous power of wickedness. According to the Book of Revelation 21:8, great judgment is given upon the fearful, those afraid to pray, to ask God or to investigate for themselves to know if a teaching is false or if it is of God. The FEARFUL can never be taught of God or KNOW FOR THEMSELVES, for they insist upon man to teach them. In speaking of the Holy City and those who have no power to enter it, it states:
      “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
      “But the FEARFUL, AND UNBELIEVERS, AND THE ABOMINABLE AND ADULTERERS, AND WHORE- MONGERS, AND SORCERERS, AND IDOLATERS, AND ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimtheir part in the lake that burneth with fire and brim 8) (Emphasis added)
      The definition of “OCCULT,” according to Webster’sDictionaryis:“MAGICAL, SUPERNATURAL, MYSTERIOUS.”
      With this concise definition, the whole Bible should be cast aside, according to those who condemn a work, because it goes beyond the old, orthodox teachings of the ages. And for such was Christ crucified, and by them.
      The Bible itself, is a record of such teachings and miracles and powers that go far beyond the accepted beliefs or practices of the multitudes, and appear to be mysterious, supernatural and perhaps even magical.
      The Bible is a continuous account of miracles and powers so far beyond any ordinary human powers or abilities to achieve, that if Christ were alive today, the millions of professing Christians and proclaimed believers would shout: “CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!”
      The blind, the deaf, the crippled and mangled and diseased and distressed were healed, blessed and exalted beyond any orthodox acceptance.
      There was the widow whose husband died, leaving her burdened with an impossible debt to handle. The widow —- in hopeless despair —- went to the prophet Elisha to receive instructions and help, for her sons were to be sold into slavery to pay the debt. Elisha, through that divine contact with God, asked if she had anything of value in her house. She replied, “Nothing, except a small cruise of oil.” Elisha instructed her to go to all her neighbors and borrow all their pots and pans, kettles and utensils; then she and her sons were to spread them out on the floor, kneel and pray, then she was to begin to pour the oil. The widow held the small cruise of oil in her hands and tipped it, so that the oil began to pour, and the oil continued to flow, until all the utensils were filled, then straightening up the cruise, the oil ceased to run. But the oil was expensive, and the widow went to Elisha, and explaining the miracle, inquired what she should do then.
      “Go and sell the oil and pay the debt and use the rest of the money to live on.” (see II Kings 4:1-7)
      “OCCULTISM!” shout those who have been taught that the power and miracles of Bible times is the greatest of wickedness. And they lie and denounce the Bible and every wondrous work of Almighty God as abominable devilishness. And according to the blasphemous interpretation, the whole Bible should be discarded and rejected, for it is a record of occultism from beginning to end.
      There was also, that all-powerful command to a man who had been dead four days in a hot climate, and the sister said, “Master, he has been dead four days, and he stinketh.” And the words still echo across the centuries to those who have the ears to hear, “LAZARUS, COME FORTH!” (see John 11:37-44)
      Glory be to God for such wonderful FAITH that can release the powers of the ALMIGHTY!
      There were the 5,000 men, not counting women and children whom Jesus fed with five loaves and two fishes. And if there were 5,000 fed until they were completely satisfied, you may be assured that beyond the 5,000 men, there were at least 6,000 women and children. (see John 6:1-14) OCCULTISM!
      There were the three Hebrew children who were cast into the fiery furnace which had been heated seven times over any burning that had ever before taken place. And the men who threw them into the consumed with the heat. And King Nebuchadnezzar standing, conscience stricken, asked, “How many did you throw into the fire?” “THREE,” came the answer. And the king said, “I see four and one is like unto the Son of God!” (see Daniel 3:24-25) Around 530 years before Christ had been born and long before the Israelites were even aware of such a great event being scheduled for the future, a gentile King beheld Christ. And he beheld the protection and release of those Hebrew children before his very eyes. OCCULTISM!
      Yes! The whole Bible is a glorious record of the supernatural! Yes, the powers told in the Bible are all SUPER — natural. They are so far beyond the skimped little minds of unbelievers, they are but placing themselves in the category of those who denied the Christ, Son of the Living God, because of the same complaints. The works of God are all on that divine supernatural level beyond the normal abilities of man to duplicate. But the words stand forth in the centuries of their proclaiming, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HIM WHO BELIEVES!” (see Matthew 17:20) We are living in a world of UNBELIEVERS, OF
      HOLY CITY, because they are FEARFUL. Afraid!
      Afraid to go to God lest they stand before Him in
      THE SHAME OF THEIR NAKEDNESS! The whole Bible is a continuous revealing of the
      supernatural —- the divine powers of God in action,
      the wonders of the Almighty God and of His Son
      Jesus Christ!
      When God takes a hand in matters, He does not
      explain His method to THE MOCKING
      UNBELIEVERS. And so each miracle wrought is
      supernatural, mysterious, glorious and all-powerful,
      even as are all the works of God. OCCULT!
      Yes! Thank God for such powers and for the understanding that men were to go on and do greater works than even Christ did. (see John 14:12) Christ’s resurrection from the tombs along the mountainside, being opened for the many to behold. OCCULT! Yes!

      Skarin, Annalee. Pathway of the Gods – Vol 1

      • Yes, The gift of eternal life comes from God directly, poured into our very being. I concur with your observation. I 7nderetand the historic and modern use of the word “occult” and the way it was used toward me I thought was to ridicule…so I responded to my accuser…without anger nor condemnation. It’s a tough situation to address but sometimes it’s necessary.

        You have a good grasp of that which is spiritual vs what is natural of the law..I think this has been established but just want to say in confirmation I agree with your comments. With respect we can discuss anything if we look for the positive in Christ instead of the curse 8n the law. I see you see.

        And it’s nice hearing from you, Amos.

      • I believe it sounds like you are speaking in great generalities, about non specific, subjects. without knowing the people or the specific things they believe, you have assumed that you will categorize, without knowing any specific, teacher or person.

        We could all claim these same things about ~YOU!
        However, we will not. But occultism has to do with the devil.
        The Holy Spirit is not Occult, nor magic.
        When someone is peaking by faith, concerning devotion to God, there is nothing evil or wrong with there heart.
        No one has spoken against the power of God.
        Please get to know others, before condemning a teaching about spiritual matters.

  44. While We put much value in the written word of God and study both the old and new, we understand we are studying to move from the natural Word to the spiritual Word, from the shadow of the thing to the th8ng itself. We put much reverence in the written word, however it is the spirit word we desire, which is
    Christ Within. We must move from the exterior letter of the law, to the interior substance in the spirit. We must move from the natural to,the spiritual, yet we remain stagnant as a cistern of unmoving water. We must move as a flowing stream from the spirit of God to the spirit within. I do not discount the value of the scriptures at all, they have their place but they are not above the spirit but remain in the shadow of the true.

    The epistles written by the disciples were not read in the churches and given by Christ for they were written after the crucifixtion. They were sent out by the apostles as letters at the time and were not in book form. They were however written by the apostles as the spirit gave them utterance. Then as now, many did not put any value to them especially those under the letter of the old law. Many were written decades later and were not assembled and chosen as part of the written word until much later than Christ. If I have a “doctrine” it is not of the letter for the letter kills but the spirit makes alive. Those who put the letter before the spirit follow doctrine, rituals and darkness. This is because the letter is natural and the natural Word in most all cases is coded in symbols and types. It takes the spirit to reveal what the natural symbol meaning and is saying, not the other way around. For example if the book of Revelation is a book of natural disasters, doom and gloom to a believer they are poor and blind and naked of the spirit. If the book is a wonderful revelation of Jesus Christ as the very first words prepare us for the we see this wonderful book as a revealing of all that Christ is within and all the negatives are those things that are to be done away with, leaving only the accomplishment of positive things in Christ. If the book of Revelation is a positive book bringing about the revealing of Christ within then we see with the spirit. If we see only the disaster in the symbols we are not yet spiritual. To the spiritual all things are spiritual, good and “overcoming.”

    What I am saying is if one does not understand the spiritual meaning of the scriptures then their journey is still in the natural, intellectualizing what this or that means. And we with respect, respect all wherever one is in their journey. All should be able to voice their belief of things in proper order and respect for love and respect takes far greater stature in God’s eyes than what a doctrine may mean or be. If the two greatest commandments are to love God and your fellow man as yourself and all the law (doctrine) hang on these two commands then is the doctrine which points to the truth of these commandments more important than the lesser,,the knowledge? I think if love is the end of all things then the description (knowledge) of love is lesser than the love itself. Once Love is accomplished in your heart for God and your fellow man, the law is obsolete. This is why the scriptures teach knowledge will cease. Once the map (knowledge) brings you to the love of God which it was designed we then have no longer a need of the “map” for we have arrived. Knowledge is good but the substance and likeness of God is much better. Knowledge, like a shadow is the outline of the true thing, so which do we prefer? Do we wish to stay in the shadow or do we desire to walk in the light which is spiritual.

    If our intent is true to God and becoming as He is our goal, then our differences are temporary as we rise daily in our walk to the higher calling in Christ Jesus. We learn to love and respect even those who put the letter above the spirit for we know they are but infants in Christ as they handle the written word of God as it is above the spirit. The natural law and the natural Word is very good, however what they describe is much better…when revealed to the spirit filled.

    May God bless all, wherever we are along our path.

    • Yes, the significant part missing in your understanding has to do with acknowledging and understanding that Jesus is the Word of God. The Word of God is not just a Map. The promises of God which are given to the believer, are in the Word. This has to do with answered prayer. Your prayers will not be answered without standing on the Written word of God.
      When you are commenting on the ‘spiritual’ meaning of the scriptures, I’m not sure where you are taking yourself with that statement, for the scriptures say exactly what they mean. If you are saying that they (hang on) ‘do unto others’ and that’s all you need, then you certainly wouldn’t need any other pontificating about spiritual meanings. With your current knowledge of scriptures, you would not even have a commentary here into these broadened synopsis, without the subject matter being what you have read. So, keep in mind that that which you are saying is of lesser value to you because it is supposedly less spiritual, is a bit of thin gauze because all of your life you are basing on your commentaries from it.
      That is a bit of hypocrisy on your part, or like the blindness of the jews, but I am certainly not saying you are ill intentioned, or ignorant just simply that every thing you are saying hangs on the letter.
      All of your commentary here is about it, even though you may not rely on it.
      So, the root holds you, and you are not sustaining the root.
      Your statements are a good synopsis, but the teachings of Christ involve more subject matter, than just obtaining a certain cast level with God. It’s actually not our business to perform these things, but rather to be obedient. When you refer to the “letter”. Everything you’ve written here is no less “letter”. It represents ‘your’ idea of the Letter, and so in that sense you are attempting to create your own form of the letter.
      Again, I am not hearing you say that you follow Jesus. Jesus is the Word of God, The spiritual part bears witness to Him and HIs testimony.
      Be filled with Grace.

  45. We each have been given understanding of the word of the letter and the word of the spirit. The word of the spiirt is none other than Christ Himself. The natural letter, the Bible is the natural explanation of the spiritual. We just grow through the “heavens” so to speak until we reach that place we are being “re” newed to which is the spirit from which we came. We come to this earth to be schooled proven and tested for that which we were for ordained to receive. We are spirit beings having an earthly experience, not the other way around.

    We should not look for the negative faults in people for we were sold into sin so to speak, to then be released from it …in time when the fall has done its work in us. God made life to be lived in a positive manner, there is no negative in God’s plan of salvation for all. The end result is what God is about and what we should be focusing on. The consummation of all people’s in the love of God is Christ’s teaching to those who have an ear to hear what the spirit is teaching us. I am one who understands that salvation is not earned but it is given as a free gift, however where we fit into this salvation is the schooling we are subjected to by God, through Christ Jesus.

    Jesus is the “Word” of God in the spirit. He is the spiritual Word in which the letter of the word also describes. There was the spiritual word before there was a written word for Christ, the Word came down from heaven to fulfill the law…or the natural Word. The love of God is the center of us all, it is in the Holy of Holies deep within our temple which has always been there. It is the soul which progresses from the fall back to the spirit. Love is the beginning and end of all people in Christ. This is the plan. I see the end of all people in the onsummation of and in God’s love. We may be in error along the way but when God is f8nished with each of us, we will stand in His presence complete as He willed before the world was. This is Bible teaching, yet learned in a way that is here a little and there a little,,precept upon precept. This goes on until we stand in the likeness and character of our creator.

    As far as loving our fellow man, we must love all as God loves all, unregenerate as well as those who are along their individual path. We must love those we have never seen and met as though they were our best friend in the flesh. This is because we are asked to let this mind be in us which is also in Christ Jesus, which He received from His father and ours. Which person on this earth does God cast aside as less than His own. Yes, one may be in the pits of hell, but
    God says that though “we” make our bed in hell, He is there. He is there because when He gets ready to call those who have made their bed in Hell, He will call each of us from where we are. The love of God truly has no boundaries that any sin can penetrate or stop from being. God determined before the world was His plan for all people. Yes, hell is real, as is heaven…and we can choose this day whom and what we will serve.

    When God opens our hearts and minds to His will and way, we see nothing but the love of God for all of us, we do not look nor ponder the sins of another. If one is persistent in their negative thoughts then we who are secure in the love of our God may be required to correct the condemning nature of another…although not condemning anyone ourselves. The negative nature in all of us lives in condemnation by default of our natural birth but we are not to remain in this mind set but are to be set free from it through the love of
    Christ. Yes we have to deal with the negative in people at times just as Christ did, and as He said be he angry and sin not….meaning it was upsetting to Christ for the Pharisees to continually condemn Him and others of like minds. He spoke up strongly at times confronting His accusers as they without understanding kept up their cloaked attack’s on Him and His disciples.
    Christ and His disciples were accused of being in an unholy sect, an occult if you like. However it was the accusers of Christ and those who were His that belonged to the sects and cults of the day. Mainly it was the organized religion of the day of which Paul was called out from.

    So we should be careful what we call another because it is often what we possess and harbor in our own hearts is what we accuse another of being. Should we thank those who belittle another for their own egos sake? Should we accept the name calling when one is in gross error of not only the name calling but the way in which they cloak their true nature?

    Mashai, as you feel you are superior to call out everyone on this site and measure everyone by your understanding of things is a gross error and sin on your part. I see that you mean well and have good intentions by your own estimation of your knowledge, but let me tell you you need to learn to restrain your opinion of another when in my “opinion” you are dead wrong in your approach to others.

    Love is not just a word of knowledge, it is a way of life when you only have the best for others in mind, regardless of their lack of understanding and love for their fellow man. In our spiritual adolescence we tend to mix the letter with the spirit in our transition and it can be confusing. This is why and when we should listen more to the spirit Word which is Christ and leave the reasoning of the carnal mind behind. It is the spirit which reveals all things, the letter may confirm but the revealing comes from the spirit of God.

    I have much patience with all people, however if one is continually accosted and spoken to in such a disrespectful manner does one not have the right to correct or try to reason with such a one?

    • God will continue to hopefully create within thee a word that can be given outside the parameters of self wearisome travail of which ye speak bearing your soul in such a weary fashion. Ah, my prayers will bear thee up into the sublime wind path of love. Mine is a path where there is no rancor, but the living in truth.
      None will criticize you for not wanting this love, for the decision is yours and yours alone to live in an unsublime thought. I pray thine anger will push the to perhaps set thee free.
      Thou has been burdened long enough tied to thine Religion.
      You are free to share whatever anger you must to rid your soul. I am truly sorrow that your soul would choose to see, in that fashion, for without love ye would fail.
      Ye would fail time and time again unless ye can find true love.
      May you be caught up to be able to reason and share your heart, and that anger be dispelled by whoever it was that so came against your Religion. Religious Spirit cannot serve thee well.
      You must be free to love. And love again you will. I pray it.
      When one is tied to Religion, the soul will fight to be free, and so it is good for you, to fight against others, if you feel ‘that’ will release this anger from you spirit, sobeit, for you to be free, I pray, for it is beneath thy mind I know where it dwells for the one who has assaulted thee cannot be named. But they have done a good judgment against thy soul, if it could awaken a better nature in thy heart at this time.
      Pray for those who have broken thy mind to the shivers of anger
      God is waiting with open arms to receive thee as His child again, and to thee no harm can he do thee nor through these others of whom is thy rage. For thou hast been thine own enemy to fight.
      But, ye shall be free, for praises, have broken it. Sorrows.

  46. You accuse one of being angry because they disagree with your point of view. I think I have made myself perfectly clear in my understanding. For you to falsely state that one does not accept the Christ as the true word is one who has little understanding. If you go back through the archives of this blog, I state nothing of what I am being accused. I clearly define the Christ as the true word of God and immediately you can state the opposite as though you never read or “heard” another has to say. Do you just simply accuse someone falsely so that you can superficially disagree with them ? You evidently do. For example show me one time where indent Christ is the Word of God. Just one. And I’ll show you that is all I say and believe. You must move beyond the letter of the word and have a personal relationship with the Spiritual Word which is Christ. You have by your own admission little understanding of the spiritual interpretations of the Bible. This is perfectly ok as this is where God has allowed you to be at this time in your walk.

    Pray for enlightenment. Yes, the Bible says what it means, however there is the natural, the symbolic and the spiritual layers of truth and God brings each of us through these layers as we conquer our spirit within and keep it under subjection. The symbol is usually written in the Old Testament and the revelation of the symbol is found in “revelations.” So, the symbol in the letter in the Old is revealed in the spirit in the new…so yes it means what it says if you know how to read and interpret the word correctly.

    There are literalist that do not believe in symbols but have a hard time with revelations for they say the book is literal only. The book is to all callings, the 30, 60 and 100. We move from the literal to the spiritual just as the Bible teaches, “first the natural, then the spiritual. This is where much confusion comes in in discussing the scriptures. If one has not reached the level of the 100 fold or the spiritual understanding of things, they are in the 30 or 60 or in the unbelievers realm or the nominal church realm of the literalist. All callings have their time and place, so we must learn to respect others of whatever calling and understanding God has given them.

    I will say this for example by including a saying in the Bible, that to the pure all things are pure, meaning some have the mind of Christ and can only see the love of God in all things. His plan is not condemning or condescending to any. To the negative, natural literalist mind the book of Revelation is a doomsday book of the end, however to the enlightened it is a wonderful book of new beginnings of the kingdom of God. Yes darkness rules in the minds of fallen man however there are some who see the symbols revealed as very good things. When God has dealt with sin and death as in Revelations, a new kingdom age emerges out of the ashes of the end of this age we are now experiencing. To the light bearers all they see is light ahead, a new government of God being assembled while the kingdoms of man are being dismantled. Those who have the light see the spiritual awakening taken place, however those who fear the symbols of horned beast, etc in revelations do not understand that these will be overcome by the overcomers that fear nothing in this world…for love cast out fear. When one sees the true meaning in even revelations they see nothing but the overcoming nature of God in all things.

    When we understand that God is singular in His love and purpose for the salvation of all, we no longer catergorize things into good and evil as Eve made her mistake in doing so. God is good, His plan is good, His nature is of the substance we call love and it will fill all things as it always has. We live but a temporary, blind illusion which will pass when we have journeyed through this valley of the shadow of death, fearing no evil. All things work together for those who see and love as the Father. He is making us, His offspring just like Himself. We with patience wait for it.

    When we see others as we see ourselves and our journey as theirs, how can we but love each and every offspring of God? Literalist divide and condemn, while the enlightened sees all completed in the end…in the love and character of God.

    “All” means all”, leaving none lost. We serve an awesome God.

    • You must be free to love. To see God is to be able to love yourself. The many condemnations are coming from thine inner spirit, in which ye have projected to those brought into thy circle. The constant striving to understand God, the spirit of perfection which has consumed thee, is this not to the detriment of thy sharing, and certainly dividing thee from what love could be shared.
      Thy thoughts may be centered on a thousand religious subjects, and those thoughts consumed with religion and it solely be thy commentary, but wouldn’t God have thee be free to share without digression unless it ‘be coming’ from thine own soul?
      Ye must be free to breath the air and see the birds, but in consumption of continual religious usurpation please one would simply ask thee to at least come into the sunlight of healing that ye might have at least a moment of peace in your heart. For once, God saith let go of the continual need to cling to the mindset of seeing others as rags, or portraying them as thine enemy.
      There is no one to betray thee but thine own soul, if it be institutionalized, but be free to at least allow others to comment in the presence of the day what God hath said and performed, without a brow beating that shall make thee ill.
      God is beginning to move to release thee from a life of religious commentary that is the binding of thine heart. Let God love you to be able to feel and to know that others are not thine problem nor thine subjects but they are sent to be your friends.

  47. Since God called me as a young man I have avoided “religion” as it is called. Not being a member of any institution, sect or cult, God through Christ has been my head and there has never been anyone between me and my God. Where it says a man shall not cover his head this means one should not have anyone between him and our Lord. Israel wanted a king other than God. We are to go to him and have no “man” between us and God.

    Religion is a set of rules, doctrines and beliefs that it’s followers seek approval from other like minded followers within their group. Their head is either the natural church, or other men of which I have not and do not adhere to. My walk is a very solitaire one as I pray only to the Father and ask for His guidance and revelation? Although He has been very generous in His revealing to me in the way of knowledge and the mysteries, He has shown me that it is not in the letter but in the spirit. Knowledge is good but the substance of His love is without equivalents. I place little faith in knowing about things as the religious world puts so much priority in. I personally know that the love of God developed in each of us is God’s ultimate goal. Yes, I understand many things in scripture that have hidden meanings hid in symbols and mysteries. These are nice to know but they pale in comparison to the truths they reveal. So…I say knowledge is good but what the knowledge reveals is far greater as to truly love is better to know that we should. Knowledge gives direction, the spirit gives truth, which is the substance of God.

    Let us move from the natural realm to the spiritual realm, this is where we find God.

    • I really like that. What I had asked you previously, and was not accusing you, but asking is about Jesus.
      Who are you believing that Jesus is?
      Who is Jesus to you? Christ means “the anointed one” Jesus Christ.
      Hidden meanings in the Bible, will lead you in the wrong direction.
      It is the open meanings, that will lead you in the right direction.
      The devil is a spirit that will try to deceive you.
      And without the Word, of God, through Jesus Christ, no matter how solitary one is, you Will BE Deceived.
      Just like the gentleman who just wrote in, is deceived.
      His comments are not in line with God. They are not in line with Bible, it’s a wishy washy criticism of the Bible and ministers, with little scriptural background all thrown together.

      Ok, these statements are not to criticize him, or you are anyone else.
      They are Revelations of Truth.
      Christ Spirit comes from Jesus, and is the Author of the New Testament.
      Christ Jesus, wrote the New Testament, in the Disciples, Apostles, through “his Spirit”>
      Of which you claim.

      Is this too deep for You? Does that seem like Criticism no.
      Its a statement of fact.

      • All the meanings in the Bible are written and recorded to be understood, else why are they written. When jesus’ disciples asked why He talked to the multitudes in parables (hidden meanings) ?He told them because it was only meant for those who had ears to hear the “hidden” meanings. Hidden meanings are for the spiritual for whom God chooses to reveal the higher (spiritual) meanings to.

        Let me say this clearly, once the mysteries, symbols and all other forms of “hidden” meanings are revealed or at least the ones that have been revealed to me reveals none other than the very love of God…in us. Why would we discount God’s love by dissing something just because we do not understand it. Are we to reject the greater revelations from God because others do not understand the higher callings in Christ Jesus?

      • Thank you for the polite response. Intelligent answer.
        Yes, So Paul, Peter, Jude Matthew Mark Luke and John, would all have access to the hidden meanings, not only that, but they wrote through the Holy Spirit speaking. This is the hidden meaning being revealed.
        No one is dissing anything. If you understand the hidden meaning you are revealing something that is true. There is no dissing. And obviously it is the love of God that is revealing. So I would be one who would agree with that. Without question.
        But, it’s not just revealed to You. Be would be revealed to other believers, so where there is difference it would need to examined if it came from the Devil.
        The devil speaks as well.
        Just because you hear it, Doesn’t mean it’s from God.

  48. excuse me mishal everything you speak considering god or jesus or the word is from your own unenlightened understanding it shows oh so plainly ..your worshipping the written letter and that’s ur jesus ..that’s not spirit..thats bullshitt!!!! and stop being a retard and a jerk plz have a blessed day ❤

  49. WRONG! you need to stop being a clown!!! LOL

    • Well you certainly can share all of your happiness that you will. I don’t think you have smiled in a great long while. What is hurting you inside? It’s certainly not me. I have an idea, but’ I might be wrong.
      When did you start hating clowns?

  50. Being as He is, is not about believing a certain knowledge or in the understanding of the greatest of wisdom. Though we may be able to understand all mysteries by the “letter” we have NOTHING. All the law comes under the heading of “knowledge” which God teaches that knowledge will cease to be. The teaching by the scriptures and the spirit is that the temporary will cease to be, thus knowledge or the “map” will no longer be needed once knowledge has done its work. It is the spirit which is eternal that is permanent and it is not the journey through the valley of the shadow of death experience of this lif which is permanent. Many things help to bring us to the love, likeness and character of God, the written letters (word) of the Bible included. We must rememenber for every type in the letter of the word, there is a higher and spiritual word which takes preiminence over the natural Word. The natural Word can only give a shadow to the real Image of Christ, the spiritual Word.

    One may can design and create images of buildings in and through visions and have a knowledge and ability to create, however these abilities and drawings are nothing without they being interpreted and built into the end product. The knowledge and ability to produce…is not the end of the thing, they are but methods and tools to make the end possible. All knowledge, desires and abilities fall short of what we are to become. All the natural including the written word is but a description of what “might” can be. It is through obedience to what we know and understand that leads us from today to tomorrow as we journey on through this valley of the shadow of deathexperience, fearing no evil which will bring us out of the valleys death (carnal mind) to our personal Mount Zion, that highest place in God which is none other than the very likeness and character of God Himself.

    We are here to learn by trial and error how to speak, do, and live according to, not the natural Word, but the spiritual Word of God which is by the same anointing Jesus received from His Father. We will receive the same anointing from our Father also, which is the same anointing of the Father to Jesus. We are all the off spring of the same God. God’s children are likeness’ of who else, other than Himself. If we are His children are we not to mature into our Father’s image…just as He says and promises?

    If we desire and pursue the very love and likeness of our “Father” we are seeking the spiritual Word, the very spiritual substance of our Father. While on this earth we bear the resemblance of our earthly father in the outward but as we grow within, we leave the image of the earthly and take of the image of the heavenly. It is the written word, the symbols, the mysteries which “help” reveal this understnding of the Father and His ways to us, yet it is the spirit itself which accomplishes the work. This is what we are to pursue, the love of God for “all” just like our Father and the Son loves all. They do not divide people into good and evil as did Eve, they see the beginning and the end of all as one event and purpose. So…if we are to have the same mind as was in God through Christ Jesus, how are we to see any different from them?

    We will see differently, as only having the shadow of things, as long as we remain in the natural carnal mind, seeing the written letter as being equal to or above the spiritual Word which is Christ and His likeness which can only be given by the spirt…and never by the letter. The natural mind cannot see anything until the spirit reveals the truth to the mind. This has to come to us as it did to those in the upper room on the day of Pentecost. They understood little except for the “principles” and rituals of the letter before that time in and of the law. They always had the letter of the law, but just as the disciples which walked with Christ could not understand anything without the spirit, the letter availeth little to them, however when given, the spirit availeth much.

    We therefore should not pass judgement on ones knowledge to belittle whether little or much for it is God who reveals to one as they have the ability and are given grace to receive of the spirit…and the understanding of the truth. Constructive criticism is hard to give for any correction given to the unlearned and immature is often met with pride, defensiveness and self righteousness. One may have knowledge which arrogance and pride can certainly deliver but God knows our heart…so we must do our best to love another, whether in error or not. We are known by our fruit which is our maturity in Christ. When we are continually arguing, debating and pushing our understanding on another because we believe knowledge is somehow truth, we deceive ourselves. Pride in ones own belief is not truth for their is no pride in truth, for truth and love reside in a humble spirit. Humbleness sees others as being equal to themselves and speaks to as one desires to be spoken to.

    With one foot in the letter so to speak and the other struggling to see on the other side of the door ( which is Christ) in the spirit, we are confused as we are leaving one world for the other. We must “BECOME” as He is for we must be one with the truth in spirit, and not merely quoting the description of the truth that come from the written pages of the written book. Being matured, we will then not have to stop and think what the letter says or think what is the right or wrong thing to do…for we will have come to the mind of Christ where when we speak we will speak of who we have become by the spirit, having left the letter,

    It is not talking about a future time when it says to ”Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”! It is talking about present tense. We are to become as He is as we are led by the spirit to take on the ways and likeness as we are given of His spirit….in a daily basis. The pouring out at Pentecost and thus our time of our Pentecost is but a down payment of beco:ing as He is.

    This is expected of us and we should not deny Christ coming into our being and letting Him take up His abode within us, for we are His temple are we not? It is the place of heaven where God dwells, the holiest of Holies…within the true temple as taught by the natural tabernacle in the Old Testament. God resides let our speech, words and actions toward others be as though they are made in the presence of God which in actuality is how it is. He resides in us, as His temple, so we are to keep it holy and clean…as much as within us to keep this body under apostle Paul taught in the written letter.

    We journey and move from the world of the natural to that of the spiritual, it is not by what we know but by what we become. Let us therefore receive others just as they are, just as God and Christ receives us just as we are….with love, patience and tolerance..knowing that the end of us “all” will be as the Father predetermined and wills, and His promises to be fulfilled in us.

    There is the natural and there is the spiritual, we are to follow that which we are to become. Are we to always be spirit beings or natural beings? We are spirit.

    • The only truth Sonny, as I understand it, are, the Words of Jesus. Jesus Words are alive, and the Word of God is alive, because Jesus said, My Words Are Spirit, and They are Truth. The Word of God is given to man and referred to as “The Bread of Life”. Yes, the Words of the ‘Spirit’ are Rhema words from God which are alive and living, as well. Both Go hand in hand as I believe it. And understand it.
      I am in no way denying or rather discounting the move of God’s Spirit in the heart. This is something that Amos Moses (the holy one among us), took out of context in my statements.
      You should rather take pride in your beliefs because you are commissioned by God, to stand upon His Word. Pride is actually the reverse. One becomes prideful when they put too much emphasis on their own thoughts, instead of giving their praise to God and putting their pride in the Words of Jesus.
      Arguing and debating, have a positive side and a negative side.
      You must argue and debate for God, God is love, and you are arguing and debating in His place, and for Him, in love, and for love.
      Keep up your pursuit of God and His Love, Please keep arguing debating and sharing your Love for God, just remember to keep your ears open to what the Spirit has to say through others.
      That is truly life to the Hearer, as those in Him are Living Stones, and open Epistles.
      Pray for Amos Moses, the hater of all that’s good.

  51. “Let the same mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus: “Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.” Along with this great power of God that comes through fulfilling the laws and perfecting love—is the power to abide in Christ, to become one with Him, even as He and the Father are one—to be instructed and directed by Him and that all achievements will be done in and through Him, and nothing in our lives can then fail. This great power also carries with it power over death, except for those who are called to give willingly their lives as martyrs for the glory of the Father and His Son. “He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.” (I John 3:14). “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.” (Rom. 6:23). “We believe that men will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam’s transgressions.” If this be true, and I know that it is, men do not die because of Adam’s transgressions which brought death to him. They die because of their own sins. Adam brought sin into the world, and by sin came death—the sin that every individual commits because we partake of sin. But the sins for which we are punished and die are our own sins and not Adam’s. When we overcome sin we can overcome death, the last enemy. “To him that overcometh I will cause to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.” (Rev. 2:7).”To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” (Romans 8:6). “Behold, I shew you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed . . .” (I Cor. 15:51). “But everyone shall die for his own iniquities.” (Jer. 31:30). “The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” (I Cor. 15:26 and Rev. 2). “Wherefore they have foresworn themselves, and by their oaths, brought upon themselves death, and hell.” (Moses 6:29). “Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin, and power of sin is the law.” (I Cor. 15:55). “Enoch was translated that he should not see death, and was not found because God translated him,for before his trans lation he had this testimony that he pleased God. But without faith it is impossible to please him, for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” (Heb. 11:5-6). Death is definitely to be banished during the Millennium, for every promise of that day that is just before us, is that there shall be no more death—that those who are mortal will be changed in “the twinkling of an eye from mortality to immortality” when they have reached the age of a tree. Trees vary in age from a few years to centuries, so will the change taking place in mortals vary in time, for it will be when each individual has thoroughly prepared himself for it and not before. That preparation can begin at any time when the individual gets the understanding of the law, or catches the vision of it. We, too, have the right to lay hold upon these greater blessings. God is no respecter of persons. It is not robbery to seek to share in such a glorious privilege and calling. It is not an over-estimated assumption. It is not a wicked desire. It is an everlasting invitation to those who will abide the higher laws.

    Skarin, Annalee. Ye Are Gods

    • I wonder what you would be like if you could read? All of your doctrine, is out context from the text. I assume you put this theology together for yourself, taking it from the ether. Complete insanity.

  52. To put it concisely….When its all said and done….We will all be like our Father, in spirit, likeness, and character. We are going through this journey here on earth to be prepared to be…As He Is…eternally. We’re not going to get there dividing… but in understanding we will all be one in spirit…one day.

  53. This is taken from an old mid eval message from a person (author unknown) which pertains to us in our day. It speaks of “hearing” the messages of God which comes into a person’s heart and changes that heart. It speaks of “overcoming” all the worldly noises that is within us and as we hear, walk and obey the good we hear, the peace of God will come.

    It reads:
    — THAT GOD WAS WAITING IN THE DEPTHS OF MY BEING TO TALK TO ME IF I WOULD ONLY GET STILL ENOUGH TO HEAR HIS VOICE. I thought this would be a very easy matter and so began to get still. I had no sooner commenced than a perfect pandemonium of voices reached my ears, a thousand clamoring notes from without and within, until I could hear nothing but their noise and din. Some were my own voices, my own questions; some were my very prayers. Others were suggestions of the tempter and the voices from the world of turmoil. In every direction I was pulled and pushed and greeted with noisy acclamations and unspeakable unrest. It seemed necessary for me to listen to some of them and to answer some of them; but God said, ‘BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!’

    “Then came the conflict of thoughts for tomorrow and its duties and cares; but God said, ‘BE STILL.’ And as I listened and slowly learned to obey and shut my ears to every sound, I found after a while that, when other voices ceased, (or I ceased to hear them), there was a still small voice in the depths of my being that began to speak with an inexpressible tenderness and power and comfort. As I listened, it became to me the voice of prayer, the voice of wisdom, the voice of duty, and I did not need to think so hard or pray so hard or trust so hard. That still, small voice of the Holy Spirit in my heart was God speaking in my secret soul; was God’s answer to all knowledge and all prayer and all blessings, for it was the living God Himself as my life, my all.

    “It is thus that our spirits drink of the life of the risen Lord and we go forth to life’s conflicts and duties like a flower that has drunk in through the shades of night the cool and crystal drops of dew. But, as dew never falls on a stormy night, so the dew of His grace never comes to a restless soul. Oh, the calm! The rest! The peace which comes as we wait in His presence until we HEAR FROM HIM!” — end quote.

    This is the experience that all will follow when we get serious about actually loving The Word of God and let this true love overcome the fears of the world “within” us. It is not that which is without that subdues our spirit, but that which is within. We must come to a settled mind where we just are who we are, and who we are is who we let rule in our heart and being. We can not let evil talk and thoughts rule our daily lives, we must let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus. It is not enough to merely know that we should love the other, but…actually do. We have to come to the place where we know the words are good we read and hear, and know that they give us direction but as we meditate upon the truth of these words and we ask God in seriousness of prayer for their true meaning, we start becoming the word. We transition from the written to the spiritual from where we know about the word to actually becoming it. It is good to know about the love of God but it is much better to let it become in us as He is. Let us give thought to moving from the outward, written word to the permanent Word, Christ within.

  54. This is good. There is an element that will come to pass, after this season of waiting. Once this transition is noted, our growth with God begins. But we will also realize the Lordship of Jesus over us, as he begins to give us instructions to follow in our calling. “Speak to this one about this”, “help another to understand this saying”, “warn someone about sin”, “pray for this one to be protected”.
    So, the Lordship of Christ becomes not just a transformation in our heart, but it leads to obeying him in our calling. This is the point that many will fall back and walk away, because it is not just an ethereal oneness, but a call to obedience.
    God is to become the Lord of our life, not just the savior of our spirit.

  55. The only way to “oneness” is through obedience to His will. We are to look within ourselves and to acknowledge our faults so that they can be identified and removed by the one that can. Then when we are more cleansed and can see mor clearly…perhaps then…we can help others as we have also been helped by the spirit… to see. We do not therefore condemn in this effort for we are to help lift others from this carnal mind of condemnation…We should not be a part of the problem in condemning others at all but in being part of the solution in helping to release all from the confines of the natural, carnal mind.

    We are born into vanity with all of it’s perverseness , not willingly as taught in the scriptures, so the vanity we are born with, we will also be delivered from. So in one way of looking at it we are already in condemnation, all of us, so why should we point it out in another when we have to be cleansed ourselves? When we feel indignant, angry, or superior, comparing our sins to the sins of another, we err in a most grevious and sinful way. In fact we should not even compare ourselves to ourselves but instead thank God for our continued progress from being released from this mind of carnal condemnation. Being released from the flesh so to speak, little by little, is what God is doing for us. Whether it is God releasing us from the carnal mind, or it is us being brought to the mind of Christ in order to also help release others from our fallen condition, we should never approach another with anger or with an attitude of condemning their error. This is because for we only reveal our own lack of God’s love in doing so, it is our duty to build up and not to tear down what God is building. There is a difference in how we respect and approach a person or subject. It should always be with seeing oneness in all.

    Concentrating on the negative keeps us negative and in a fallen state of being, while concentrating and building on the love of God is a positive thing. All things result in the consummation of all things good, while the last enemy to be destroyed is death. Death is carnality, and carnality is the problem. Death is the opposite of love. Our natural death is nothing more than a transitional time from the natural to the spiritual. If we see the plan and will of God as it truly is we see nothing but the love and life of God in all things. We do not even recognize death as a negative thing for death is the end of all things carnal for it has no part in the mind of the ones who have overcome or who are overcoming this death experience. Death is the valley of the shadow of death of this life’s experience, that we are now walking through. This is with no fear because we walk through this life (death) knowing the outcome and that “Life” awaits us. Let us only give thought to that which is of God as much as it is given in us to do so, for what we concentrate on is what and who we become. So, let us leave the natural, negative influence of the carnal mind and become completely engulfed in all things positive. God did not create one thing, whether it be good or evil, except for the expressed result of all things becoming pure and righteous in His image.

    God created the darkness and the evil to bring clarity to the light and goodness of Himself. (Isaiah 45: 7) There is nothing that was created to do anything permantley evil to us, but creation is to further the plan of God in all things and to enlighten all to His end game. The evil in the means do justify the good in the end. This understanding can only come to the obedient in Christ who desires to see not only the gifts for themselves but in every child of God. To see God’s plan in oneness we cannot see one as going to hell and another to heaven in the literalist understanding. We must see the plan as God created it, a plan for all, however each in his own order. Oneness means only one way and that is the way of God so let us see His love undivided for His love is the same for one as it is for another. God is not a respecter of person’s meaning we all eventually will become obedient to His will. (Every knee shall come to know and bow to God…etc) How well we become obedient to His will determines where we fall in His orders..some 30, some 60 and some 100. Whichever order we fall in is still covered by His love and salvation for all.
    Oneness means ultimately thinking only one way with all included in the one plan of God. There cannot be the thought of oneness when ones mind is divided into classifications of death and life as being permanent and the finality of things. Death is created to end in life. It is when we see all consummated into the love of God that can we say with confidence we see all completed in oneness.

  56. That couldn’t be true. The idea is true. But if that were true, then Jesus himself was part of the problem.
    I think you are confusing the term ‘condemning’, with confrontation, or communication. If you take your words here literally, as you have been not prone to suggest, but assuming your words are true, then ‘you’ would be condemning ‘too’ because, you are condemning the ones whom you are critiquing here. If you are ‘not’ condemning, then neither is the one you hope to scrutinize.
    Condemning is “not” the message. The message is to bring “light”, from the Lord. The Lord said, The darkness, cannot stand the Light.
    It’s the Word, and the Spirit “that Convict”. That is the Work of the HOly SPirit. Conviction brings to repentance. So, NO, it’s not part of the problem at all. The problem is the Darkness, and if you are walking in light, it convicts the Darkness.
    Oneness does ‘not’ mean thinking only one way.
    Thinking is Good.
    Oneness is only Given to YOU. Oneness is where Jesus is Joined to you, as through Marriage.
    It’s not a state of mind, or achievement.
    Man’s works through the Holy Spirit even, do not attain oneness. They merely facilitate Grace.
    Oneness IS Given By Grace.
    Nothing you can Do to get there. It’s all Jesus. Jesus gives oneness.
    Paul said, “I do not even Judge Myself.” You cannot. There 30, 60, 100, is a goal, but not an achievement.
    It does not bring Oneness.
    Jesus, said, “Abide in Me”, not “Earn Your Way, In Me”.
    You, must Understand, All Of This Is By Grace Alone”.
    You cannot add to it.
    Hell is a literal place. Sinners, unsaved, Unbelievers, in Jesus, are not at One with Him.
    He explained this fully.
    Enough for Now. I pray the Lord Jesus will reveal this to you.
    This represents Paul the Apostles Revelation.
    If you believe in revelation from the Spirit This is the Gospel of Jesus.

    What you are expressing, is more or less, Buddhism.
    I am not saying it negatively. But you believe what Buddha taught Not, what Jesus Taught. Buddhism teaches Oneness, with God and the Universe, for Everyone.
    This is not The Teaching of Christ Jesus.
    I know this first hand as well, because I had a good friend who was a Buddhist. I know full well the teaching of their Religion.
    These are not One with God. Buddhism is a Heathen Religion.
    Online you can look up stories, of encounters, that Buddhist Priests have had with the Lord Jesus visiting them, and taking them to Hell, and showing them it’s reality.
    These Buddhists converted quickly to Lord.
    Oneness is Given to Followers of the True God, and the Father of Jesus, Only.
    Blessings. Thanks for hearing.

  57. All that I speak, write and share comes from the scripture, or the natural Word of understanding. It also comes from what the natural means in the spiritual meaning. All that I speak of oneness can be found throughout the scriptures in hundreds and thousands of bible verses. Oneness means fulfilling what God set out to do in the beginning; “Let us make man in our
    likeness and image.”

    Oneness is about obeying God and not being divisive, meaning one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. Oneness in the Bible is not being double tongued, confused, or misunderstanding the simplicity which is in Christ Jesus. The following bible verses speak on this same oneness that I speak of and where I get my direction from. If one does not desire to be “one” with God then this person is conflicted and has a double mind and as the scriptures say, a double minded man is unstable in all of His ways.
    Therefore we desire to be at “oneness” with God. This means to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus…a oneness of mind. Oneness means: not divided.

    John 14:20
    “In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.

    This is being one with the Father…and the Son.

    John 17:23
    I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me.

    This is being one with the Father…and the Son.

    Galatians 2:20
    “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

    If Christ lives in me I must be at one with Him…oneness

    Ephesians 3:17-19

    so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.

    Again, these scriptures teach as many more do the oneness of God. When something is so simply written and we believe and repeat the very same thing how can one oppose these simple truths…unless…they are divided in their spirit and they are double minded and cannot come to the realization that we must be “one” in Christ. There is no other teaching or “way”. The only other way is to be double minded and not one with Christ.

    I get my instruction from the written word as well as the spiritual word which is Christ within. There is much to say that goes much deeper than what I am even saying here, but if one can not understand even a fundamental truth about being one with God then where does one go from here?

    Condemnation? There is judgement and there is condemnation, there is righteous judgement and there is unrighteous judgement. Condemnation comes from a divided mind which is not one with Christ. Righteous judgement brings all people to Christ in a corrective manner. When God judges one in error, He corrects them to righteousness. This is unlike man who judges unrighteously desiring “punishment” to one who is in error. This self righteous one has an attitude about him which is not “one” with Christ but sees himself as being better than…and desires to condemn another who is not like him or does not have the understand that he himself has. Albeit his judgement is flawed and divisive, not being at “one” with Christ.

    Oneness is simply being and conducting oneself as having Christ within and having attributes like (at one) one with the Father. This seems so elementary that it needs no explanation…unless one is not at one with Christ but is always looking to be at odds with Christ, His Word and his fellow man.

    These are the fundamental understandings Christ says we must possess to go on to greater and deeper spiritual truths…to grow from babes in Christ to the full stature and maturity being “one” with the Father as Christ is also one with the Father. The scriptures teach we must be one with them to be accepted b6 them.

    Mishai, I can see why Amos and others reply to you as they do. I do not know all that Amos understands but from certain usages and words he uses to explain his position I know that he also understands this oneness I am talking about. You will have to ask him for I can only assume I know this from what he does write. In all the years of seeing Amos respond on this blog, I have never seen him be so direct as he has with you. Being a bystander and not defending either you or him in the person, I do see the exchange and the attitude behind it on both sides. Mishai, you simply have no tact nor respect when addressing another and even when another’ s understanding of the scriptures is higher than yours (my opinion) You use the word of God very unskillfully and I say this with no disrespect whatsoever.

    It’s really like having a loss for words or no words to exchange with you to come to a respectful exchange and dialogue. Like this opinion of yours on “oneness”. The Bible is clear on this subject even on a child’s level (babes in Christ) yet you go into this Buddhist nonsense. All religions of the earth borrow from the true word. They take symbolism’s and try to make truths from it. Even Satanism, not understanding about Christ saying about eating his flesh and drinking His blood, and not understanding the deeper meaning of this saying, have gone out and murdered many Christians thinking this is the way to immortal life. And of course you have many other religions who have borrowed scriptures in the same way and have set up thousands of institutions according to these same kind of misunderstandings of what these symbols really mean. Thus you have thousands of labels in the earth today calling oneself this name or that name. Yet these labels are according to doctrine, dividing one label from another. This is what we mean when we speak of spiritual meanings and interpretations of these spiritual meanings. If we are to take the Bible at face value as many suggest and do then are we all to become murderers and cannibals? I think not.

    So I would suggest before one thinks he knows all, and to tell another what they believe is right for them to follow, they should first pray for understanding and correct revelation of the scriptures. Then perhaps they can remove the speck from another’s eye. To be bold in Christ is a good thing but to be bold without proper maturity and revelation is destructive.

    One shows more Godliness by showing love and respect to the other in dialogue whether they are correct in their understanding of doctrine or not if done in a spirit of love, for love is above knowledge and doctrine. If you have love and respect for others you have far surpassed the letter of the word and have become spiritual in a better word, and that Word is found in the “oneness’ of God and Christ, we three becoming “one” in the same spirit and likeness. Love in one and this same love in another is the oneness we speak about. If one is hateful and one is loving this is not oneness, it is being demonic and of a double and unstable mind.

    Choose you this day whom you will serve. We serve the “oneness” in Christ.

    Anyone should be able to say their piece, and others in the room should hold there place as says the scripture. Then the others can share their understanding with respect for the first as well as the other speakers. Neither person in the room should attack another’s understanding using demeaning language , however much they may disagree. To speak to another while giving one’s opinion can be done without the insult. When the one who is spoken to as being ignorant reply’s to the one doing the insulting, can result in an exchange as between you and Amos.

    Mishai, you have zeal to serve God and you take what knowledge you have and do your best with what you have. However zeal is not enough, devotion is not enough, praying is not enough, speaking the word of God is not enough. None of these things are enough unless they are in line with God’s will. This is what we call oneness, when all things are done with one accord, one will and one way. It can’t be any simpler.

  58. Well then. You are claiming that I am not in your oneness. So, this you have chosen. I have done no wrong nor spoken against you. You claim these things about me, when I was not the one in the wrong, nor did any wrong.
    So, you have judged me wrongfully. You must live with that. And it’s untrue, I showed complete love.
    And even favor to you by the communication. How you judge me is not my concern it’s then between you and God. I will continue to be as God has spoken, and share only in that vein. Yours is the choice for yourself.

  59. Just give others the space you think they should give you, that’s all.

    • Space is given in grace by God. You have all the grace you may receive, from Him. In your theology you judge yourself by works. Take the works out of your own space. That is where your judgments are being formed from. You’ve judged yourself without space. Give yourself space to learn the Truth.

  60. I may have to bring alignments in thinking. First problem is that there are no people in the bible. each NAME is a LAW that is IN ALL OF US. there are no people in the bible.. it was written within a different language and then misinterpered time and time again.

    second: we tend to GIVE GOD strength as though it is the END SOURCE. to say ALL HAIL GOD is like 2000 years from now, we say ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY “THE”… if the word “THE” was in the book more than any other words, then we would worship the ALL KNOWING “THE”. we would then build different concepts based around a beginning idea. we are abusing the knowledge.

    when it comes to truth, if one person is deceptive, and that person means another deceptive person, then those two people HOLD TRUTH. in those same terms. if one person lives in UNITY and meets someone else that lives in UNITY, then those two people ALSO LIVE IN “TRUTH”… two opposing forces do not have “TRUTH”.. there is a trickery of the mind.

    MISHAI, I love you with all my heart. no matter what we put ourselves through, we are ALL ONE.. if you see one person judgeing themselves, then again, we are judging OURSELVES… each person represents what we MANIFEST in ourselves. TO LOVE OTHERS in my terms, is to love god in your terms. Each BIBLE is of one bible as EVERY religion shows us what we MANIFEST IN OURSELVEs.

    we are all FLOWING(through CREATIVE ENERGY) to the same source as each of our differences FIND A COMMON END SOURCE…

    eventually(throughout all of time(direction) and space(purpose), there is no doubt, that eventually, every ELEMENT(of life), will come into alignment into the ONE(BEING). we are NOT SEPERATED FROM EACHOTHER. and we show ourselves through OTHERS, what we need to recognize in ourselves.

    just listen, don’t oppose. I trust all of you, as you are a GIFT within me. even in difference…

  61. Sonny, you have an amazing gift. I think someone should let you know. I want to attempt to show you heaven. the STARTING POINT has to be of EACH CHILD being BORN right now. for each of us to be BORN INTO HEAVEN, it takes the god within all of us(in unity) in life right now to REPRESENT each CHILD(new born). we have to quit focusing on our individual selves(being right), and focus on our SPIRITUAL SELVES( for others). each child is BORN with every NAME(I give to thee) within them. to awaken into HEAVEN is to be born of what what we are doing NOW(language for each new child(we represent GOD)). we can eather WAKE into wars(opposing), or we can bring our DIFFERENCES to represent the ONE GOD(shared) IN ALL.

    I did experiments with my pets. those experiments have amazing results. every time my cat walks to a fense, I would pick him up, and put him over. I would do similar events repeatively. the end result is that my pets would give me high HONOR as they are a gift for me, and I am a gift for them.

    Each of us is a GREATER SENSE for the GOD that is IN ALL.
    the HIGHEST PURPOSE cannot be seen within the human language, but the ELEMENTS of which is LIFE in all things.

    To truly live in heaven, takes every single ONE OF US to BRING OUT THE BEST for all of us…

    the words I use are limiting for what I’m truly trying to say…

    • Name means “nature” in the Hebrew text in the Bible. When we pray in Jesus’ name we are really asking to let us grow to the point where we do things in Jesus’ nature. His likeness. His character. His way. In The time Jesus walked on this earth and after His departure to follow Christ was simply called “the way”. The way of Christ is the “nature” of Christ. If we learn to walk in the way we thereby learn to walk in His nature…or… if you prefer His likeness and character. Same.

      Be blessed

  62. So true, it’s not about being right at all for one can take their “rightness” and kill the spirit of another. Having to be right over desiring to see the progress in others is most often the problem in us humans. As you say and I believe, we “are” all “one” in God’s eyes as we are all His children. His love is not separated for He cannot separate Himself from Himself. (Love has no boundaries) His one purpose was and is to first establish salvation to all. And within this salvation for “all” we are each called as God wills in us to “come” to His likeness. “Let us make our calling and election sure” is to each of us.

    “As in Adam…ALL…die so as in Christ this same “all” SHALL be made alive…but every man in his own order.” So we will All be saved, we are here to be trained according to our calling and order. One can lose the high calling in Christ Jesus as Paul warned, however when one may lose it, they only lose the high calling, not their salvation. Many simply just cannot separate the scriptures and rightly divide the word when it is talking about callings and orders vs salvation. Rightly dividing the word is a spiritual skill that does not come by reading a book, any book, including the Bible. The Bible is a dead letter unless the spirit from God opens our hearts and minds to its meaning. For example, many see the book of Revelation as a dooms day, horrific book an end of the world book. However to the spiritual mind it is a book of new beginnings. Many today are in mental institutions for believing and being taught the book literally as something to fear. However when we understand it is a book of love like all the other books, we see Jesus and His loving kindness revealed in every passage. What seems horrific is but something God will do away with…in us…and when all that is not of God that can be shaken in us and falls away (our earthquake) then that which cannot be shaken shall remain, and this is Christ and His likeness in us.

    Remember the first line in the book says, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” and when the book is revealed to those who can see will see only Christ being revealed…again …in us. When the revealing of the book is complete, everything in the natural, depicted by the horrific symbols will reveal Christ in all of His glory in His temples…in which we are. In other words all of our negatives in us will be taken from us and that which spiritual will remain. If anyone can see these things they look past all the negative symbols in this book and see the love the symbols reveal..though the symbols may appear to be negative, the spirit it reveals is a good and positive truth. When God says it’s all good, it most certainly is.

    When we understand that we are all saved (though as by fire) it is not so difficult to be kind and merciful toward others regardless of their lack of understanding with little respect for others. This is because we “know” their end and it’s just a matter of time before their change comes also, just as ours has and will. One can understand many facts in the Bible and be applauded for it but if they do not understand how to prioritize the scriptures into natural and spiritual, type and anti type, it matters little what one knows. For if one’s goal is to know that that they may be known and recognized by others for their knowledge, and to be admired for it, these are poor and blind and void of the truth. This is because Love is truth and knowledge is not. Knowledge is the map, Love is the destination. God is love, so our destination is His likeness, His love.

    Again, yes we have always been one, with having had a slight detour for a small amount of time on this earth…to learn our place and be content and obedient in it. In the end there is no free will, it’s all His will, His way and His onesness. We may appear to have free will for a short time until He opens the door and says come…and then… we will.

  63. Anti, I think I understand perfectly what your trying to say, I understand that often our words cannot explain that still voice within.How do we explain love for example? We say God is
    Love but who can really describe Him, if we knew Him as He is with only natural words? Even if one has been given a total picture and “speaks” it, it cannot be understood if the receiver is not tuned to the same frequency as the transmitter is. The natural mind does not and cannot accept the spirit mind. Therefore it must cease to exist in us. Then when the natural is done away with our spirit communicates with “the” spirit unencumbered.

    The Bible says knowledge is a defense. Knowledge , as good as it is, is not spirit, so it is just a natural explanation of what we try to explain to another, whether it be in business or trying to expalin our faith and beliefs. Heaven is not outside of ourselves for heaven is the kingdom of like minded ones who God has given and is giving His likeness and character to. “The kingdom of God is within us so we need look for a place we can see with the natural eye…it does not exist. The Kingdom of heaven is not a geographical place for the spirit is without need of geography, the sun, the moon or the stars to exist.

    Heaven is none other than when we have been given the very mind of Christ, this is where death has been abolished, this is where there is no more sin, no more heartache, no more loss of all that is good. Heaven is also one person having a genuine concern for another, knowing that they also will arrive in this heavenly “state of mind” as God draws us all to Himself through this valley of death experience. We are here to learn to “hear”, and to understand it is not just us making it and another not. Heavenly concern is also being required to speak knowing others may not accept what you have to say for one of inexperience will not accept truths from another because truth condemns the guilty.

    When we study the scriptures and they condemn us, is this not a good thing? This is because guilt registers the wrong in us and as a result of this “bad” feeling, we are given the opportunity to change. When one is challenged by another for their beliefs and the first is simply wrong in their approach to this other person, the second needs to either let it go and move on. However if the first persist in correcting the other when it is they themselves that need correcting, the second is permitted, if possible to correct things. Often this is not accepted by the natural mind because the natural minded religious one simply does not understand the ways of the spirit…because they are stuck in the knowledgeable realm, however in time God will bring us all out of this way of behaving. If we don’t succeed then we move on.

    I for example rarely think about knowledge in my day to day activities and fellowshipping with others because knowledge cannot define the spirit. However when one ask another to explain why they believe or feel something the way they do, we do our best to explain using the knowledge and experiences recorded in the Bible. We therefore use knowledge as a defense (and not a sword) because most religious people question another person by what they themselves believe about the Bible and what and how it says things. If we discern that they just want to debate, argue, or take a stance of “righteousness” we are to avoid this type of exchange.

    Conversation should be with respect, and simply leaving the other to their own beliefs and opinions if they disagree. Remember it is God who opens our mind to His truths. If one persist in that all others are wrong if they do not believe and accept their own beliefs, this person errs gravely. Even it they are factually correct, they can say things in such a spirit that they and what they say are not very well received. There were times when Christ and the disciples were not well received, and in attempting to correct the attitude and knowledge of one who was of little understanding, they had to go on to those who did receive the good news of faith.

    All of God’s created tools and ways are a very positive thing if we can just understand all things are created from the very love of God for the love of mankind. “ANYTHING” that can possibly happen to one of God’s created ones, whether we view it as good or evil is definitely for “all” of our ultimate good. A natural temporary suffering leads to a permanent spiritual existence. Evil was created to train and disciple all to one way of existing with another so that we can all coexist with one another. No being has ever been given more power than God intended. If it is as it says, that Satan was a murderer from the beginning (of his creation) how then could he have been created a good angel that fell? He therefore could not have been created an angel of light, then falling if he was created from his beginning, a murderer.

    The devil is not going to get us, it has us, we just have to be redeemed, and resurrected and delivered from it. Hell is a state of mind just like Heaven is. As we take on and in the image of Christ, the negative influences leave us where there’s is no more hell. If God and Christ are “one” and Christ says we should be one with them…where do they reside? If God is all and in all, then where is He not? And if there is nowhere He is not, then All is heaven and we move and have our being in Him…wherever we may be, in the natural or in the spirit.

    Heaven is… being like our Father, where
    He is….in a spiritual state of existence.

    Love and heaven is absent of hate and hell…. it’s all within us…we choose the ways of Christ until we are caught up “in the spirit” having left the hell of the carnal mind in its fallen state of vanity. The Bible teaches this in explicit detail…from the spirit of God to the spirit that is within.

    Heaven is…a place of oneness…

  64. you got it 🙂 Spirit is an active force of which we are all part..

  65. You see, whether we see alike or not, there is something that is far above agreeing on “subjects”, and that is to truly love the other whether they even believe or not. We need to understand that wherever one is along on their personal path, our concern and love for them diminishes not. This is because we see the end of all things complete, thanks to God. We see His plan complete and every person whether saint or sinner, is to be completed in this plan, as God calls and completes each one of us in our order.

    Love is above all sin, the sin God created to teach mankind is not a permanent thing for every sin that has ever been, was forgiven before it was ever commited. The saying “ Blessed is the man who God does not impute sin”, reveals the true relevance of sin, it is but a tool in God’s hands to discipline, correct and teach people the ways of the Father.

    Yes, spirit is an active force of which we are all part…of the same one spirit.

  66. There are three spirits in the World today. One is man’s spirit, one is the Spirit of the Lord, and one is the spirit of Lucifer, of which God said in the Holy Bible, is the spirit of Antichrist.
    There are many anti=christs.
    Heaven is a real place in the Spirit actually the World where the Heavenly Father dwells. At mankinds fall in the garden sin entered into man and he lost the innocence that God gave.
    Through Jesus death and resurrection is represented, the rising of those who believe to immortality. This is the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead.
    One must repent of sins to receive Christ’s Spirit. It is through the death and burial and raising of Christ and believing in Him that the Spirit is given.
    The spirit of antichrist denieth that Christ came in the flesh. This is the spirit of the World of those who believeth not the testimony that God gaveth of His Son.
    When we repent of sin, and are buried with Jesus in baptism, we are dead to the spirit of the World, and are made a partaker of the Heavenly Light which shineth in Jesus the Son.
    Without the Son and faith in Him we abide in darkenss, and speaketh not the truth.
    Let each one receive the testimony of Jesus Christ, who died on a Cross, for our sins, that we may go into the spirit realm of Heaven and obtain immortal Life, passing from doom Hell and the grave, how joyous our lives today are who have received of Him.
    Praise be to God.

  67. Some thoughts on when people disagree.

    A lot that is said when said in anger reveals things that makes one question what is real and unreal about what is said. This is about human nature in general, not specific to our situation but it is inclusive to all.

    When some people argue about making their point clear or wanting their way, many things can be said about how they “truly” feel about others, and often this is not what you hear at other times when one is not angry. So we listen and we desire to know that which is the real.

    People tend to have a public face and a private face, one we show to those we are not familiar with and another face to those we are familiar with such as family and or loved ones. Human nature as cruel as it can sometimes be, looks at loved ones as possessions or things that they think they have a right to talk to in a certain condescending way that they would never would think to talk to another “friend”….or would want to be talked to from others about themselves. We should not judge these things that we see by faulting and holding these things “against” others, for we are all born with these same “human”, vein traits. It’s called vanity, which none of us can escape, for we were born with this flaw…just as God willed. These human traits are mean spirited, selfish…and just so full of self. Vanity, which is sin just wants its way and it will lie, cheat, and manipulate others to get it’s way. Truth doesn’t matter to vein and self minded people.


    This is until we give our life to God, wholly unto Him. Going to “church” and wearing a label of being a Christian or belonging to some “Christian” organization is not the same as having a meaningful relationship with God. Sin is within us, and controls us until we are able to overcome these things with the “gift” of the love of God… As long as we look at the “church” (temple) as being “out there” somewhere, instead of the truth that it is within ourselves, in our very being, is it that we will keep defiling the true temple that is within us. WE ARE THE TEMPLE IN WHICH GOD DWELLS, so no, all the vanity doesn’t just dissipate overnight, it stays with us until our life’s journey is over, to test, try and to prove our obedience to God. Vanity is like a measuring stick, as we grow in the beatitudes in Christ these vanities start to fade away. So we start to even look at our faults in a positive way… as a measurement to our completion in all of the likeness in which our Father is. Nothing is negative but to the carnal mind, but we have the mind of Christ. We see.

    We learn these things by looking for the good and positive things about this life we are living. Life is full of evil, and it is full of good. We are what we concentrate on, as the scriptures points out…”As a man thinks in his heart so is he”, so do we think positive and look for the good in people, forgiving and overlooking the vanity within them, or do we become their judge by pronouncing our disdain, hate or ridicule for them? We cannot expect people to like us, because they are ignorant of who God is and His nature of forgiveness. Christ was and is only love and no fault was found in Him, yet the hate in others killed Him. Yet this same hate was not found in Christ for He asked His Father (and ours) to forgiving His enemies. So do we.

    It is what we do with this ability and how we see things in others that defines who we are and who we worship. If we tend to be negative and always desire to see the negative in everything and in everyone and continually point this out and judge them “not liked” by us then we must ask ourselves who it is we worship? God is love and forgiveness and He looks over our sins completely because He forgives us until we are able to “overcome” our weakness’. This should also be our very same desire and attitude towards all others. We can’t want all the love and forgiveness from God while we ourselves do not extended this same love to others. We cannot expect one rule for us and a different set of rules that apply to others.

    We are not required to be always perfect (in the beginning of our walk) and so we should not look at ourselves as being so….so we also should completely overlook the faults of others and let God deal with them as it is and should be. God may require a kind word from us that may help in this “turning” one away from sin, but no condescending way must be found in us. We are to lift up, and not to further put down someone who is already down…from their birth.

    There is God “and” the devil in all people. The scriptures teach us to look within ourselves and to identify that which is the “devilish” part of us and ask God to deliver us from it, and then He will…a little at a time…to where we have control over our evil within. To say that we just don’t like someone because we think we perceive in them that they may not like us, is being very immature on our part. And…what if they are right in their perception about us? Again, it makes no difference who is “more” right or who is “more” wrong, for we are all in need of positive change in our life from the carnal to the spiritual. In families and extended families, and in the circle of our “friends”, there is a broad spectrum of likes and dislikes, some are always judging and criticizing some others, and yet we do not have to join in the negativity of this “judging”. If we see that someone doesn’t approve of us or especially like us, for something they perceive about us, real or unreal, truth or lie, that is their problem, not ours.

    Whether we think in a negative way toward others, or it is others who think this way…it is all “WRONG”. Two wrongs do not make a right. This is because we all have our own degree of faults, we all have our vanities and “better than thou” attitudes to overcome. It’s in us all…and to look into another and see only the negative and things we don’t like about them, really tells us little about them but everything about us and who we are. The devil relates to our negative hateful self while God relates to our positive loving self, full of compassion and having a love for others who are held in bondage to the sin of the devil. By just giving a kind word to some of these who are locked in sin, may just be the spark they have been waiting on.

    Yes, we may discern and be able to see all of another’s true self, with all their faults, but as Christ told Peter in a similar situation , “What is that to you, you follow me”, saying in effect….It’s not about what others may think, say or do about you or anything or anyone else. It is about what you yourself think, says, and does to others, that matters. We have no control over the actions of others however we have control over what we do to others. Let them sin, but let us remain without fault.

    In truth we worship either the devil or God in the attitude we have toward life and whether we see life as a positive thing or a negative thing. If we worship the negative we see in the world and in others we are prisoners to worshipping an “image” of the devil, thus the devil or the carnal mind being our God. Seeing anything as negativity in and of itself and as having a bad outcome without remediation is in reality devil worshipping, however seeing this life as having an ultimate and loving outcome, is God worshipping. “Choose you this day whom you will serve”, is telling us to choose a forward, positive looking life, established in God, in His likeness’ of kindness. There is nothing but the love of God in the end of all things. No evil exist in the eternal, evil is only temporary to “lead” us to God…in all that He is. Love.

    All of this is said with a positive outlook, and a Godward frame of mind, only addressing the negatives that they may fade away leaving only that will remain, our love without all these negatives. It takes effort to overcome, it doesn’t come easily sometime in our confusion…however love frees us from our greatest enemy, which is in all truth the temporary mind of the fall… yet we know that as surely as the fall came…the resurrection in the Christ life will overcome all,evil and death. This is our Father’s will and promise.
    We shall all come to be as He is. It is …all good.

    Love to all.

    • Good commentary, and amen to love. Once you have received the Salvation of God, through Jesus, your spirit man will be “recreated”, and hence the term born again. You must be born again.
      Without that experience and reality one cannot experience the true joy of which initiates love. It comes from the Father.
      The negative of which you speak is ‘the sin nature’. This has been nailed to the cross for the believer. Thus, True Love is born inside.
      A viewpoint of positive and negative, can be relative, as God deals with us in many ways and on different personal levels.
      To see something as negative, is not a sin. Does not bind us to satan.
      The spirit of darkness in the World has to do with sin. But we are not judging sin, we are telling the story of righteousness birthed in the Son.
      Christ Jesus, was crucified. ( a negative thing ). Peter said, “Lord it shall not be so”. (it shall be positive)
      Jesus said, Peter ” you savor not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men “.
      So “seeking Positive’ things, can be an idol inside.

      The only way for all of us to be as He is, is by having a Relationship with the Son Jesus. We are as He is because of His ownership, not because of our actions, or even solely because of our attitude. These things we present to Him, as an offering, and offering up of ourselves, but we cannot judge ourselves to be righteous, except “Through Him”. He has provided our Righteousness.
      The Word says` “We are The Righteousness of God, Through Christ Jesus”.
      Not through perfection of our souls. or even a good positive outlook. These things are an offering we give to God, and for others. Our perfection comes from Him.
      Holy Holy Holy Lord God almighty.

      There is a spirit in the World that is from darkness, and the enemy. This is the spirit of antichrist that does not believe in the Holy Son of God.
      Satan, is the enemy, and the spirit that works in the “world”. In the unbeliever.
      Jesus is the power against the sin nature.
      Jesus is the analysis of the power of God, against it. The destroyer of it. We are then free, and not under the scrutiny of false idols, that live in the heart of those dissociated from Life.
      Jesus gives FREEDOM.
      Only he can survey, our thoughts intentions and motives. Those with His Heart, are inside the spirit of His love, This is not a bondage, to our own self examination.
      It’s the Starting place of love, in which we live.
      HE GIVES FREEDOM. Emotional, and spiritual, Love is in HIm,
      But you must Receive Him, inside your Heart.
      Our works, only reflect Him,

  68. The words negative and positive and how they are applied and in what context reveals their meaning. I relate being positive as to the love of God, the negative as the love of the devil in the context I use them. Should be apparent. Ones own definition of a word or “action” is defined by where they stand in relation to God. If a person has negative perception of things then I suppose even the word “positive” can be looked at as an idol. Again it’s context. Negativity is like a bloodhound looking for the next positive thing to “kill”…in spirit.

    All is well…

  69. Hello everyone, how is everyone doing

    Let me try to explain the concepts of IDOL.
    most people even though they talk of spirit in many ways, still live as though they are not aware of spirit.

    if you talk about christ/allah/mohomad/johova/morman ect in terms of MAN, then you interper as
    an individual(IDOL). now if you see christ/allah/mohamad/johova/morman ect.. as a SPIRIT(we are all one), then you
    do not worship an idol. the difference is LANGUAGE THAT WE ALL SHARE(CREATE christ in eachother)

    even as we speak in spirit, we tend to interper each as a man. In the bible, MAN refers what we call RACE(human race: not individual).
    in the Natural laws(even though in our terms, ALL MAN in one time perioud built the bible), they do not see things as we do(live in spirit only).

    the question of SIN as an example isnt about an event we tend to do, but how we see eachother(in spirit).

    if someone commits a bad act, and we see them in christ, then there is no sin. but if we take any one person, and BASE their spirit on ONE ACT, then we CREATE SIN(in eachother)…. to love even the WORST OF US, is to CREATE CHRIST in all…

    the question we should all ask is”can we see CHRIST in everyone. If we judge others and say they are not with christ is to COMMIT SIN in ourselves.. its that simple

    Even if i go against what is being taught, i am only trying to ALIGN with the original context…
    There is a reason why this is important. its not just about following. its about ALIGNING with a MAGICAL SENSE as we are all PART OF SOMETHING MUCH GREATER THAT OURSELF…(invidiual vs THE WHOLE RACE:in spirit)

  70. Yes…and well thank you…

    An idol? ……it is “anything” that comes between one and God. If we give even our time to a certain vanity it is an idol. You may have the best spouse in the world and they can be perfect before God, and yet…they can be an idol to you if you let your progress with God become second to another, thus even a great love misdirected can be an idol…

    We should walk together putting God before All and all things….then we can enjoy the company of the other. It’s all relative to one’s calling. An idol canalso be ones own self…if one puts our own wishes before God’s.

  71. Again good thoughts Anti, very good thoughts…this is a good dialogue to have dor many think of an idol as only a statue of Stone….far from it. I think I understand what your saying…and agree….because oneness is a way for the correct think8ng mind to worship, therefore if we worship another way, we worship outside the will of God , thus worshipping something other than truth becomes an idol.

    When one bows (becomes subservient) to an idol statue this is taking the place of God, however a close study of the meaning of what an idol is can be anything we place in first place to our devotion to
    God. It is an interesting study.

    We learn as God opens the way for our mind to follow and we become obedient to His will…putting our devotion to His way…which is an attitude of oneness toward His will and His will requires us to look at All as being one with Him, each in his own order….so we see all being brought to this oneness when as it says every knee “shall” bow to the will of God eventually. So, we may have to have a vision to look ahead to see all consummmated in the love of the Father…for at that time, death being defeated as the last enemy…there will be no thing to take the place of our Father within ourselves, , even death itself, thus no more idols.

  72. Knowledge can only reveal what already is…and exist….in the kingdom of heaven…and do we not know the kingdom of heaven is within?

  73. Travis… you have anything to say? Lol. Hope your doing well.

  74. Travis, I know you love music. The greatest song, is the song of Moses…as it says in the Bible. This song is where every one sings in harmony to the one love of God. (Future Tense). This is saying that when we are all complete, every one is in tune with the other..thus the harmonizing song of oneness.

  75. Rachel, Will, it’s amazing how people can connect, never meeting, in person, yet in spirit the connection is so….connected. It’s truly a blessing to have crossed your paths. No flattery intended.
    It’s the destination we see…and want…for all….that makes enlightened minds to only see that the end of all…is the same for all…perfection, which simply means maturity. Maturity is looking into the mirror which is Christ…and seeing us…as He is….

    It’s how it is….

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