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The Kingdom of God


The Kingdom of God


The Kingdom is the spreading of immortal harmony, an eternal force that can not be altered or disturbed in any way. It is superior to all force because it is a “creative” energy with a “timelessness” structure. That is to say that every layer of the Kingdom continually supports all future present moments. What is created in this “now” makes every future (yet to be created) present moment stronger, brighter and more powerful.

Immortal harmony is radiated into this material (and disharmonious) reality by the living light of Trust. Not worldly trust, but the Trust reflected by the growing spirit of Christ within. This Trust dissolves all striving and creates a “witness” out of the soul; an observer that is capable of manifesting potentials of immortal harmony in the reality of the senses.

These potentials bloom forth and reveal their color and fragrance as a series of never ending “wrapped presents” (divinely created manifestations). As the soul rests it observes the unwrapping of the manifestation event that reveals the comforts of immortal harmony, which creates joy in the soul, even the fulfillment of divine desire. For once the event materializes fulfilled desire wells up in the soul and thanksgiving pours forth to the Father. Each event reinforces all previously created events. This is the growing, ever-expanding Kingdom of God.

Healing the Sick

Sickness is a manifestation of disharmony, the opposite of the Kingdom. It manifests as a lack of trust radiates from the soul. Sickness derives from a pure dependence on the will of “self” and the striving and toiling of the soul. Instead of rest and standing still, there is effort to create manifestations of joy. It is the idea of the soul creating in its energy field a “desired manifestation” and then, in its own creative power, attempting to manifest this desire in physical form. It is the pursuit of “unwrapped presents” (self-created expectations), each created from the soul’s self-generated energy (versus the power of divine trust). When self-generated energy manifests it is often corrupted and produces a reality quite different from that which was expected.

Not only can this produce anxious and emotionally harmful energy fields surrounding the soul, but the welding of such disharmonious energies can often create bodily manifestations of illness, even of accidents. Healing the sick means to cover the afflicted soul in the divine energies of immortal harmony. This is done by and through Trust in the power of divine love. As the divine soul radiates its ever abundant divine love into the disharmonious energies of the sick, the afflicted soul’s energies can be “calmed” and made to be at peace, instantly dissolving the disharmonious energies that sustain the manifestation of “illness”, bringing healing and restoration to the soul’s reality.





Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “The Kingdom of God

  1. Hello Rachel,

    It is so true…The “kingdom” is the spreading of immortal harmony for when it is spread and complete…all we do…all we see…is of one love, the love of our Father. When our Father planned “offspring’s” of Himself, He envisioned like beings exactly like Himself for He could give no greater a spirit to another…than the love in which He is. I do not believe it is a lesser love than He is. This is because when “we” give we want to give our very best and if this is us, the created, then the love of th Father is greater. It is such an overwhelming feeling to feel this love that permeates our very spirit and soul that is given to us from the Father. There is no greater gift than His love. We should be willing to give all of our accumulated earthly possessions for the greater gift, the simple love of the other, and for the other. This is life, and abundantly so…how else can we express a greater love than what is given as a free gift. Man cannot fathom this love but the spirit can, and we have this spirit…thank you Lord.

    It is…all good…it truly is a blessing…to desire “nothing” but the simplicity of a good love. We are blessed…indeed.

    Love you all.

    • Hi Sonny,

      It is the simplistic beauty of love which underscores all of creation for creation is the substance of God. As we awaken to the Truth, our perceptions behold this divine love in ever-increasing fractals. When we begin to perceive how the temporary darkness of consciousness served the manifestation of the substance of the eternal light, the substance of oneness is surfacing. So blessed, as you say, are those who perceive this dawning light upon creation, for it is being manifested through their consciousness.

  2. “Healing the sick”, we were all born subject to vanity…in other words,… sick. Sickness can be natural and it can be spiritual and both come from disharmony. It is a fact that we are fined tuned to a specific frequency and when we are out of tune to this vibrational frequency…we are in effect sick, both naturally and spiritually. When we align ourselves with the “Word” of God both in a diet of the natural and the spiritual, we harmonize with His word…

    When we take on a diet of falseness we suffer defeat, we suffer sickness. Love cures all things, so when we harmonize with God in obedience…we are well…and will grow into a state of perpetual wellness…because we choose to our Father………

    Rachel, You say it so well…I can only hope that I lend some semblance of confirmation….

    • Sonny,

      Well said …

      I’m learning that as our consciousness is lifted (ascends) into the divine consciousness, we begin to progressively perceive reality in accordance to Truth and one of those progressions is seeing all as energy. When we perceive the plane of the senses in accordance to its associated energy fields – the disharmonious vibrations and their effects become much more apparent. Vitality resides in the vibration of divine love and I’m methodically learning from the guidance of the Spirit that trust in divine love is the state of consciousness that births that divine vibration in our soul thus in our reality.

      As you know, but I share in the spirit of gratitude, as for the well-manner in which these words are spoken and expressed – all credit goes to the Living Spirit of Truth that shares his light through humble means.

  3. Hi Rachel; E.W. here. I deeply feel your perception. For, the way to enter this feeling is as Jesus said, “live by every word that came out of the mouth of God” (at least to the best of our ability). Through studying and accepting His word, the Spirit of God/Holy Councilor will bear witness with one’s conscience and faith that God is truth, which is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth/peace in the mind.

    • Hi Eldon,

      It’s good to hear from you. So true …

      The beautiful living words that flow from the Spirit of God into our being are so pure and powerful to our soul that they transform us in a perfect progression of truth and understanding into the reflection of his divine attributes. As we open our heart center (our center of consciousness) to this Spirit as well as to our all in our reality in divine trust, we become the conduit of his Spirit’s expressions.

  4. When you post these timeless words I usually read immediately, but a few times have been lead not to read them as soon as there posted. Case in point on this one. days later This mornings Breakfast conversation the Lord had me speak exactly of this. Lolol. The topics. unrealistic expectations. Faith. Patients, timeless construct. And how are expectations actually can narrow are possibilities and beliefs unless being aware of your own expectations which I have recently evaluated my own on a spiritual level and realized I need to clean house a little. Who was I to think this or that. Just by paying attention to the word expectations in which I felt for 4 years now were cancerous to many relationships that don’t expect the expectations of our Lord Faith connection Wow. Limited are those certain worldly expectations, but when the ones I was speaking with only know of worldly expectations and with a lack of there patients to understand because my ability of bridging the gap with so many different souls at a consistent level sometimes leaves you wondering. What was that for Lord? Having me stumble and not being the shiny example cause that’s how He rolls, and then you come along and I send this to them and there you have the 123 knockout. Just so cool. Entangled in the divine with you . God have mercy on us. To read this at the moment I was lead to. I love all of His before’s. Timeless with Unity in Christ in you~

    Kindly, Travis


    • Hi Travis,

      Time – another element full of self-expectations … and I’ve discovered over the years that as I was trying to manipulate time according to my self-expectations, the timing of my life was divinely perfect. Every moment brought me to my current place of awareness … and that is perfect according to the sovereign purposes of God that are being worked out through us. So I love to hear now you see the perfection of God’s sovereignty in time. 🙂

      Discrepancies occur in our connections to others for so many instructional lessons … yet underscoring each one is the refinement of our trust in the ever-present and constant workings of divine love in our lives. When our trust in divine love becomes as refined gold .. we know that perfection is having its sovereign work in our lives.

  5. the kingdom of heaven… the supreme full freedom of loving every soul as god loves them. that is the greatest reward and treasure in being transformed by the love of god amen and amen

  6. I LOVE what was written. i always like to add, as i TRUST in my ETERNAL SELF(corrupted AND not corrupted). A lot of people say they trust in god, but also not trust in their surroundings. to trust GOD(eternal), is to trust your surroundings. sometimes we find god in our human self, but cannot find god in the OTHERS AROUND US. each PERSON IN PAIN is a reflection of something that requires LISTENING within OUR DEVINE SELF. sometimes we HIDE AWAY FROM that which we CREATE WITHIN OURSELVES, that gives us pain. to reject that pain, only creates pain in others as your HEART is SEARCHING FOR GREATER TRUST(cant escape). MY INTENT is to allow a LISTENING(to your surroundings), as LISTENING ALLOWS GROWTH IN HARMONY(). to listening is to set aside religion and allow your consiousness to grow. when we make change within OURSELVES, the WORLD FOLLOWS(as each of us is a HEALING FOR OTHERS).

    • Hi,

      I too have learned that our reality is one of our Teacher’s greatest tools to build within our nature the soul qualities that reflect the divine attributes of the Living Eternal Spirit, of which we are the manifested substance of. As we listen and learn, we grow and expand.

  7. i love you rachel and thats a dynamic and unspeakable amen ❤

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  9. Many teachers have said that we have grown up with lies. But we have also grown up with unknowns. Unknowns, of how to walk, how to talk, and how to treat others. So if we are to be judged, by what lies we hold, or what we know or don’t know, and if that alone would determine our progression, I can honestly suggest, that based on that assumption, and path, we would never have any clear picture of where we were headed spiritually. If lies, are to be suspect for misleading us, and if lies have been our past truth, then it is clear, that our Current Truths, may be lies, as well, basically leading one in circles. Some believe and have judged others for circling, but I might say, that if circles bring you back to Truth that might be well worth while.
    A more stable path, is that, we have some confidence in our teachers, if they were God fearing people. If not, maybe there truly are lies, that are damnable, which, have created the sin, from the beginning, just like we were told.
    Because we have been told, is, just as viable a path for learning, as to reject what you have been told. if there are Godly people in the World, then their sayings should be exalted.
    Nevertheless our judgment, cannot be based upon truths, that we hope, we have discerned well. We know that love is well worth finding, because we have experience that.
    If we have been loved, there is a source for that, from before, us, in our time, to us. We were first loved but by who?
    So then, if we have been Lied To. That source would not be from the first lover.
    You have left your first Love, Return unto me, and I will Return unto you. (Malachi)
    So, who is it in this world that is deceiving us? If we have been Lied To, who is the source of the Lie? Is it our neighbors who were also lied to? And who is telling us the Truth, if we, have been told the truth by anyone, who told Them, the Truth?
    I think at this point in the analysis, you can perceive that the Original Liar, was a fallen Angel, and he was here from the Beginning. Lucifer (satan)
    The only one before him who loved us was God, the Father, who IS the Truth.
    He had to birth a Son, in time through the seed of a woman, to Cancel the Lies, that we all were guilty of.
    Both of telling them, believing them, and living them.
    He knew we were not the originator of the lie, so he gave us a way out.
    Thank God for sending the one who told us the Truth, in progression of time through the years and revealing him, as our Messiah, the anointed, and final settlement for the lies.
    Carried through time by faithful men and women, who held the story fast, the Jewish Nation.
    If anyone ever told the truth, God would have to manifest that to us, and put it in flesh, and then take it home to himself as proof of the story of his love.
    Look into his given Name, the name above all names mentioned.
    Jesus, look into that. Look into the story, of all truth seekers.

  10. To us, the birth of Christ now means much more than it ever did formerly. It not only means the birth of the Son of God into the world to show us the way–it means also the coming forth of that Christ Light from within us–this is the Light the Wise Men of the earth must follow until they kneel before Him. It is the Light that only the shepherds (the most humble) saw and followed to behold the Christ. Again the symbolism that awaits man who desires to behold His face. And so we worship a Christ who can be brought forth from every human heart as that Light or star within guides the way. Thus only can we honor our divine, glorious older Brother, the son of God. Thus only can we truly be worthy of the gift He gave, the gift of peace–the gift of love, life and peace. And so placing all that we possess upon the altar before Him we bear His light away with us–that we may never walk in darkness.

    And when we have overcome all things, fulfilling all things, and have submerged our desires in His great and glorious will may we have the power to step across–or enter into that higher realm of divine living and power– even as He stepped across to complete fulfillment; to receive all that the Father had.

    And the Christ was born where the animal in man and the divine in man meet–shall we say in the manger–the place where true humility glorifies animal instincts and transmutes them into the divine.

    If some of these symbols I am writing are a little difficult to comprehend, or startling, do not let it worry you. Before long it will all become very apparent to you–and your rejoicing will reach into heaven.

    The glorious spirit of Christ that is given to abide in each man is a reality more definite and more eternal than anything we have ever been aware of in this life. It is the Light of which we were composed before time began–and since Christ fulfilled all the laws of righteousness He is in charge of it. It is named after Him and the same Light that was in HIM is also in us–and as we bring it forth, by becoming more closely connected with this Light, more in tune with it, more filled with goodness and love and understanding, we begin to bring it forth in our own lives

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