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Time of Stillness


Time of Stillness


Every now and then the Spirt calls me to a time of stillness. After my last post, I felt this inner call. There is a lot happening on the spiritual plane as the Living Light (vibration of divine love energy) takes on new expressions within the collective soul. Its flow from the Source and through the soul is currently the central focus of my meditative times. Because our true power flows from the Source of Life through us, our power is found in stillness, openness and oneness.

During these times I don’t do much posting and yet my words spoken to you all, soul to soul, from within my sacred inner chamber have never felt more alive and powerful.

If you are feeling this call as well, I encourage you to nurture this inner awakening. To take time to quiet your soul, mind and body so that you can attune to the inner movements of the Spirit and be an active observer of his inner workmanship; which quickens his work within you.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Time of Stillness

  1. Thanks for sharing Rachel…


  2. My (our) Lord Rachel. I am doing just that. Came back to palm beach gardens just to sit and be still. I know what you are feeling. You are such a beautiful affirmation. So. See you on the other side of this. Divine patients in this time of knowing that God is working on the things that we will come back into when He’s ready. The wall we were hitting was obvious wasn’t it. Yes. Obvious after realizing three times that this thing was coming in on us. Be still in the garden and in nature where I am seeing right my first indigo bright colored dragon flys eye to eye with the bright red ones. His conscience is our comfort in this time. Wow
    I love when you happen like you do. I’m taking the week or more in this stillness and listening to the gems that are wrapped in the noise we are diametrically opposed to. Patients. When you see the things in most reality as temporary compared to the unseen things that are eternal it’s the place we get to be stronger in our patients for ah is work in us and others. Enjoy the front row seats in the stillness. Sometimes we are not the ones. My 22 year old son texted me words of wisdom about the look he read on my face that Flores me and made me think. Wow. I am in the twilight zone. We are above no one and this beautiful humbling stillness will bring the next thing thru are emptied spirit that needed to be so we may receive again the next gifts that he trusts in you. Love Travis

    • Hi Travis – Your writing fascinates me as within it you have hidden gems among your words; and this one is no different. Though tell me the meaning of your intro?

      I’m grateful to hear that you are in this place of stillness as well as because I know how powerful it can be. In the stillness we are able to look inward and in doing so we begin to see more clearly without. Our perspective changes (to be filled with Light) and that begins to alter how we perceive everything, which begins to change everything. In this inner place, we are in the real and true and as we receive divine thoughts through our quiet meditations, we move into a higher consciousness of love and truth.

      May your soul perceive all the soul riches that are yours.

  3. I would of just said to most. My Lord out of amazement. But He is our Lord and just felt funny saying my Lord. Same source. Have a beautiful evening Not that I am giving them out but have one anyways. Lol. Thanks for you words. It’s all one thing to me.

    • Yes whether one realizes it or not there is one Lord and Master of all of which we are all united. Sometimes we don’t want to put words in another’s mouth but to speak our truth it sometimes feels this way. 🙂

      And it is a beautiful evening. 🙂

  4. I love your teachings!

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  5. Enjoy your time of rest for;

    Strength comes and one is made stronger after the activity of working and exercising one’s “system”. Our strength is grown during our “rest” period after the work has been done. So… As we look at the natural we perceive how it is in the spiritual. If we continue to work without a period of downtime or rest we cannot grow as we should. Growth occurs during rest.

    It is during our rest that we tend to enter into His rest. We have these periodic ongoing rest until we enter in to His final rest where all of our “works” have ceased.

    So enjoy your period of rest Rachel for when your works are strengthened through this time of change you will again come to be at a place of a greater strength, assuredness and a further peace in knowing Him from this cycle of “weeks”.

    We always come through strengthened in a greater love than we had before, if it is not our love that is increased we run in vein, for God is love and our increases has to be in and of Him.


    • Hi Sonny,

      Thank you for your words; they are a reflection of what I have felt this time to be. I am finding (moving into) a rest … a deep rest that is there for us all; that is reflecting our eternal rest that comes through a sublime oneness. It’s residing in a knowing that so much of what we have sought of the “kingdom” has always been there, we just had to “see” it, especially the perfection of every moment and the perfection of everything in our lives. And the rest comes as we begin to see. As we give all we are of our true-self to be utterly consumed by the Christ consciousness, we find a child-like peace and rest. For me all this has happened in stages that take me deeper and deeper (higher and higher) as my innermost beliefs and thoughts align to these truths – not just in my mind but in my heart.

  6. My understanding also… exactly…a good thing to know….and share.

  7. Rachel, Loved your article on inner awakening and inner silence!

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