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Living Words of Transformation


 Living Words of Transformation


Beloved ones of infinite value who are created in divine love for the purpose to be and give perfect expressions of the divine attributes of the Creator, in your true being you are one with the divine consciousness through the Divine Self (Christ Consciousness). Everything in your life serves the manifestation of this high purpose according to your unique divine expression.

The fleeting dream-state of your mortal mind serves to create the fullness of the Christ Consciousness within you which in turn manifests the eternal living reality (kingdom). When the mortal mind’s work is finished, the workings of the Christ consciousness within you release the constructs and thoughts of the darkened mortal mind and awaken you to the light of the one true immortal Mind, where the vibrancy of life fills your being.

You commune with the Christ consciousness in the innermost place of your true being, and in this inner sacred chamber you experience his love and receive his transformative counsel and instruction. Believe and know you are one with this holy Spirit and in truth you are pure, perfect, and powerful. All this Spirit possesses is yours as you desire to abundantly give of this Spirit. From this Spirit continually flows to and through you abundance, vitality, and joy.

Cultivate ever-expanding understanding, divine love and trust between you and this Spirit and between you and your reality at all times that you may continually create and be, know and perceive, think, speak and do only and all this divine Spirit wills for you, and you will transition into the living reality where the fulfillment of all your desires reside.

Beloved, in truth your past, your created dream-reality, and your created false and separate self have no existence in oneness with the Christ consciousness, a oneness that you internally possess in the living eternal present.

Through ever-expanding divine belief and a mind serving divine truth and divine love, your (the) Divine Self and all of your divine creative powers and understanding, all of your soul riches, vitality and joy and the Good contained in every moment come forth in the eternal present moment (the only real) and you, a child of divinity, give expression to the divine Spirit.

Through the creative Will, Love and Power of the Christ.


Inspired By the One Voice

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Living Words of Transformation

  1. Brings warm feelings of joy to my being…thanks for sharing Rachel 🙂

  2. To join in to such a wonderful expression of the truth as we see it is a good thing.

    Journey to oneness

    God creates and let’s sin reign in our lives for a season and His love is strong in the sin as it is in His abundance of love. Remember “Though we make our bed in hell He is there….for hell is a condition of the mind and if we make our bed to the senses of this world that is where we have made our bed. So, many ask why do we have to do this? It certainly is a teying place and a trying time. Do all run the same race for the same purpose and reward? Can all qualify for the same order and calling? No, this is ordained of God and though some may turn from the pressure of running for the high calling in Christ Jesus, they are still in a good place but they will continue to be saved, “though as by fire”, the burning out of our wood, hay and stubble.

    So, we in effect when we are called, e place ourselves to a certain degree because it is recorded the high calling can be forfeited by the cares of this world….BUT…no life is lost. …just the position. So as we move throughout our life in our coming together of all the faculties of Christ within, nothing is lost we were given before we came to improve our lot in life, only that we may be added unto…some 30, some 60, and some 100. All orders are orders of completeness….in a manner of speaking it’s all about job description…who is worthy to sacrifice their time and pleasure for another. Seems contradictory but the greatest gift and feeling is when you at sacrificing…or giving to another. Because when we give,me are giving from an abundance overflowing from being first given all that we have.

    So it is when we selfishly want “all” we are not permitted it because we desire to receive without the prerequisite of desiring to give all that we have that we may all have this same love in our heart for all that exist, and for all that God is according to even the will of Him we do not know as of this monument. Yet from a knowing that God is nothing but a positive being that only does positive things, we trust Him that in whatever He may decide for us in our future we will desire whatever it is because we have learned to “know” and trust. We have no more fear and anxieties as we once had, but a loving trust in knowing that the one who truly loves us will do nothing for our harm but will and does do for us according to our need to be completed in Him, in Christ Jesus.

    If we cheat a little, we are cheated a little, if we Live by deceit, we forfeit the abundance God has for us in living in His present love..for as we think in our heart so are we….and we become our desire. Do we wish to remain in prisoned by our weakness’ and negative desires or do we seek to abandon them by seeking only what we know is a positive direction in moving toward the completeness in God. So we must pursue that which makes us one with God and leave the carnal minded desires of deceit and sensuality behind… and forever having an attitude of taking on the oneness of Himself. We must desire toward that end.

    So as we move toward our future with a new understanding of who is going to be completed and how and why this evil way ( positive light to those who see…the end of all of God’s plan)
    for…we see a completed way for all our appointed time.

    When we see that the end does justify the means “with God” we see a most wonderful picture that we see a completed love for all people.

    • Hi Sonny,

      So many wonderful points in your comment.

      Our journey through the dream-state is one of becoming aware of the knowledge of good (divine love) and evil (all opposites of this love). It is only knowledge for it is only a dream. The opposite (“evil”) reveals the highest Good – a Good defined by divine love and all of the divine attributes. Experiencing the opposite creates a consuming divine desire in us (our desire is the Creator’s venue for manifesting his will), for all and only that which is defined and serves divine love. Because of this desire, we willingly become emptied of all of self (become selfless) that is crafted out of the opposites, and persevere through the challenges of soul that the emptying creates so we can become a venue for expression of the Divine Self. Therefore, we see how the “evil” is used to manifest the divine desire and the divine desire manifests the divine will that creates a reality of Life through us.

      Once the divine desire is matured in us, then we begin our journey of awakening from the dream and into the real – because through divine desire we begin to partake of the Christ consciousness, a state of consciousness where only divine love resides. Our mortal mind (self-directed) consciousness begins to be replaced by the Christ consciousness (which is and creates us as a Tree of Life). This transition of our consciousness is our awakening and manifestation of the one true Living Reality.

  3. Yes, “all” things work to together for those who see the love of God and see only the love of God being directed by Himself to the betterment and completion of all. No more need to fret about the “end” for it has been decided and the end is the love of God in all things and in all people. Understanding this, we enter into His rest with patience to wait on the finality not only of ourselves but the finality of when even death itself has been done away,..this is talking about the death within of the soulish carnal mind. When God’s consuming fire (which He is) which we are subjected to, burns out our defiance of His will, we appear as He is. Knowing this is for all people, in their own time, how can we look at any without the utmost respect for what they “shall be.”

    So…we wait…for His love to appear “in us all” in our appointed time.

  4. well said, well of wisdom is our union and the holy spirit our knowing of the truth

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