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Birth of Oneness


Birth of Oneness


In a magnificent array of unique splendor, I am You, You are Me, and We are He when we are true to our Divine Self.

Our true divine selves are all connected by one Spirit; so that the “I” in all of us is one with each other and one with the Spirit of God, thus our true-self is the Divine Self. Our beliefs coming into alignment with this truth is the birth of Oneness among us.

This one unifying Spirit is the Christ Spirit, which is the expressed Spirit of God within the human soul. It is only the belief in our false-selves (a belief of self based on a separation from each other and from God) that creates a reality of separation and all the attributes it manifests. As we let go of our false-selves (a conglomeration of lies and illusions) by the active renewing of our minds in truth so that all that remains is our Divine Self, we find a harmonious connection to all in Creation.

We are each creators of “our world” by the current state of our consciousness. As we are so is the experience of “our world.” The attributes we live within we experience without. I’ve come to see this very plainly in my life. Though the mirror reflection can be hard to see because of my erroneous beliefs, it is by seeing that I learn what is of truth and what isn’t so that I have a choice to let go of one and embrace the another. This awakening process is the journey of a life-seeking soul.

As we embrace the divine attributes of the Divine Self through prayer, meditation, living faith, divine trust and belief then they methodically become our expressed reality. This is a very long process in my experience and estimation, but for those whose first desire is to seek the divine righteousness and the Kingdom of God it is the path of life. Beliefs are not easily changed, it is what makes them beliefs. But through a constant absorption of the counsels and instructions of the Spirit of Truth that flows through our Divine Self within, these beliefs slowly change to align to the Truth; and in time manifest abundant life.

(We’ve all heard these counsels and instructions all our lives, it is only coming to recognize the Source, thus their Voice, as well as the distinction between our false-self and Divine Self that enables us to tune into them.)

As we embrace the divine attributes through cultivating a disciplined mind to the mind of Christ (again our Divine Self mind), we find these attributes always existed within our true-self. So, it is a process of awakening or growing in awareness of our true state that has been hidden in the shadows of our false-self. During the process of renewing our minds, we relentlessly put off or reject any thoughts contrary to the expression of these divine attributes until our mind is in service to the Christ Spirit within (the life force of our Divine Self).

Because our sovereign God governs our Divine Self which is one with him (as it is his expressed nature through our individualized souls), if both you and I are living within the consciousness of this true-self, then we find harmony. If we are believing and thus acting in the conditions and traits of our false-self then we experience disharmony in a myriad of ways.

All is in a constant flow of energy determined by our state of consciousness. As our consciousness changes so does the flow of energy thus the formation of our reality or “our world.” And because energy is in a constant flow, small changes in our consciousness affect our reality. Nothing is permanent or fixed. All is fluid and changeable, which is good news for us.

As creators of our reality, we are under the absolute sovereignty of our Creator; thus regardless of our current state (false or true), all is under his sovereign determination, also comforting news. Everything is being used for our highest good and as we spend time upon this path, we come to see this in the smallest of details. As our lives come into alignment to our Divine Self, then we create a reality of abundant life, love, peace and joy. It is unawareness and rebellion to this Spirit that creates anything else.

The trials in our lives that create the suffering of our souls exist to humble us so that we desire to acquiesce all we are to the Christ Spirit, the “I” within us, who is constantly desiring to guide us along the paths of life. It is through these trying and humbling experiences that we learn that by singularly abiding within the consciousness of our Divine Self that we experience abundant life, truth and all we truly desire.

Our Creator’s home within this Creation is within our Divine Self; for it is his expressed Spirit in a magnificent array of individualities. Thus, it is through an inner soulful exploration that we “find” him; and an outward expression of divine attributes (especially divine love) that we experience him. Let us be persistent to seek to be true to our Divine Self and to the Divine Self in others and in doing so find harmony, life, love and joy within and without.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

18 thoughts on “Birth of Oneness

  1. So very well put. It is an amazing harmony we experience when we see that “all” things are in harmony which brings us to God and to His kingdom. There is nothing misaligned or out of place, there is no good nor evil that is not designed to bring about the very love of God and His nature within us…in our appointed time. God is all love and His all is focused upon our being like He is. It’s all a positive journey for all the negatives we experience, they are nothing but a stepping stone to the positive place and nature of our Father. It really is all good with a good outcome for “all”.

    Again a beautiful and truthful presentation.

    • Hi Sonny, I’m beyond grateful that we are able to perceive these things and share in them together (“But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear” Matt 13:16), for in seeing and hearing the truth we are able to believe and in believing play a part in manifesting the Light (Spirit of Truth and divine love) in this reality.

      I’m learning just how powerful our beliefs are – what we truly and deeply believe we manifest. Thus why it is our “work” to believe in the Christ and the depth of what the Christ is and means; which for me continues to grow deeper and deeper. (John 6:29) The more interlocking aspects of truth we possess the more we are able to believe in what we have already received.

      As our Father and Creator’s power is manifested through his creative thought (a thought truly believed; which His are always perfect in belief as he is truth itself), so is our power in our creative thought (one that is truly believed). Thus, why it is so significant that we are diligent in renewing our minds in all that is of eternal life, divine love and divine truth; so that what we create is of life and not “death” (lies and illusions). That we guard and expand our minds in what we focus on or don’t focus on, what we put in them or don’t put in them, and what we expose ourselves to or don’t expose ourselves to.

      It’s such a fascinating reality.

      • It is such a fascinating reality. The fascination, appreciation and gratefulness comes from “knowing” God, our true Father in an aspect of which He really is….and that is in an absolute unconditional love for all and all things. “All” things were created in His love and the end was decided before the beginning was ever put into play. The outcome was to be offspring of Himself for His pleasure. The first was Christ Jesus, the pattern and once the pattern was perfected all that are to follow in “the way” of the pattern. Our end was determined before we were conceived…we just need experience and training before entering in to His likeness and character….some 30…some…60…and some a 100 fold. Which ever order and calling we attain to is good. It is by the will of God what we attain to and whichever order we accomplish its all good. It’s the same love that will make us one as another….its just that there is a government God is raising up…so there will be one with responsibility for the furtherance of His will.

        In looking at the natural to understand the spiritual no one in government is above the law those who are not…they go by the same laws as anyone. So they are not better in the “100” fold they just have more to sacrifice and do for those in the 30 and 60 orders.

        As you say Rachel, “Be the harmony we seek” and in so doing we will “know” Him as He is in the kindness in and of His love for all. Oneness.

        So good to sit in the same place of the heart of others and enjoy the fruit of His presence, it is a joy unspeakable..truly a love…untold.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. Although this journey into the revelation of the truths of Divine Love and Self and all there is to learn can be quite a lonely one I am finding. Thankful to God for putting you folks in my path. It helps to know others of “like” minds and hearts are out there, or rather “in here” 🙂

    • Hi Carmen, It can be lonely in that seemingly few are attuned and aware of this dimension of life that determines all we see and experience. Though I do see that it is expanding – and each day as we each grow, it expands the whole. And how blessed we are to be growing in this awareness at this time. I too am so grateful for you and others who are aware of this greater dimension of life. God always provides what we need when we need it if we are willing to flow with his provisions instead of our expectations. 🙂

  3. You really are stirring the deeps of God’s wisdom Rachel! As always, thanks for sharing!

  4. the time process of a twice born being is gauged by the perfect enlightened revelation, i am talking even in the blink of an eye rachel ❤

    • Hi Amos, In accordance to your expressed thought ..

      Though the journey into truth is a long and winding road (truths confirmed by the increasing divine love as your consuming desire), I feel I’m experientially learning that there is a singular moment on your path of enlightenment that is the birth of the divine light within your being that begins the unfolding bloom of the divine self in your experiential reality, and the end of your false-self. Though the transition is like the dawning of a new day, their is a singular moment that marks its beginning.

      • rachel you beloved godsend the divine light that your soul is undergoing is priceless and beyond thought the new creation is indeed dawning in your incredible being and i can feel ever inche of your newness in your pure diamond words transforming love ❤

      • Thank you for speaking such beautiful words over my soul .. I’m so grateful for them. How you have blessed me and I return the same to you Amos.

  5. to be born of the spirit the miracle divine love transformation that immaculent god birth is awaiting every soul who so chooses the death of self in being instructed by the living word of fire of eternal everlasting life. and let me tell you all this the joy is atomic indeed .

  6. Rachel, this is well put. We all have a testimony, but bottom line, we are all called. I found years ago that just being called makes us CHOSEN. The contrast is such a stark reality. There is nothing that each are in common with. Most of the called seem to be threatened by death, whereas, those who have been Chosen are alive within the deepest parts of their souls with the Holy fire of the Lord burning, cleansing us from inside out. With that Holy Spirit we earn to see our Lord Jesus’ face knowing He is with us, and though He weeps that we must die, He’s made a way to be with Him a rather pleasant experience. The CHOSEN will not have the suffering, nor the constant torment, waiting for the second death. Knowing the majestic Holy, and Living Word of the Father is residing within us. Having our minds transformed to the very will of the Father, the Lord.
    Keep up the good work!


  7. Man, when he has traveled that Straight and Narrow Path, of which Christ is the pattern, the Light and the glory, truly reaches the point of FAITH, where he is wrapped in the Power and glory of his Maker and is caught up to dwell with Him.
    And only those who walk that Straight and Narrow Path of praise and love and glorious gratitude, as their joy and ecstasy increases, can possibly reach the point of FAITH where they can be made perfect as they are ordained of God and sent forth to do the GREATER WORKS. These PROMISES of Jesus Christ have been waiting down the centuries for those with enough humility to travel so glorious a Path of loving and praising and joyous Thanksgiving and believing in order that they might complete the journey of glory and OVERCOME the world! even as He overcame!
    Only in the OVERCOMING OF THE WORLD, OR THE LITTLE MORTAL SELF with its demanding claim for superiority and attention, can the Straight and Narrow Path possibly be traveled. That is why so few have found it. But “Wide is the gate and broad is the Path that leadeth to destruction (or the grave) and many there be who go in thereat.”… Only the LIVING OF HIS WORDS can give one the POWER OF FULFILLING.


  9. Thank You.

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