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Standing at the Gates


Standing at the Gates


A new thought, a new reality.
A divine thought, a divine reality.
In the realm of our thoughts lies the power of God.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven (the divine consciousness), the soul relinquishes control of its reality to the Divine governance and trusts it implicitly, like a child.

In divine gratitude, the soul lets go of all and desires to witness the Creator’s workmanship in every aspect of soul, mind, spirit and body (our body is the reality,”our world”; which we each create through our consciousness). Sinking into this deep trust and letting go of all control thus fear, an eternal light begins to shine within. Subsequently, the mind detaches from the past and future, and rides the moments of the eternal present. In a state of eternal rest, the soul observes the workmanship of the Creator through its own consciousness.

The Creator’s sovereignty, which is grounded in divine love, is my greatest comfort. This sovereignty expresses itself through our consciousness; for ours is a drop of His. It’s through our consciousness of our divine-self that we know Him. It’s through this consciousness that we express Him. What can possibly concern us when we truly believe this is true?

We know our Creator through and by his divine attributes. Thus, these attributes that define his Spirit are my inspiration and the fulfillment of every hope in a perfection of an ever-expanding beauty and abundance. My heart rejoices in his bountiful, endless, and ever-expanding gift of his Spirit that flows through me as I desire to let go of all contrary to it, and desire to give this Spirit abundantly and without hesitation to All. All is You. You are All. 

These beautifully rich divine attributes are my soul’s daily meditation until all is revealed as one: I give and receive in endless joy and gratitude of my divine-self (the true part of my likeness that has lived in the shadows of my illusionary false-self that I thought was me), the divine Spirit (the Christ Spirit); a Spirit of infinite strength, power, vitality, divine love, honor, truth, sovereignty, loving kindness, gentleness, wisdom, equanimity, magnanimity, grace (mercy and forgiveness), humility, liberty (carefreeness of spirit), tranquility, present-mindedness (eternal present), oneness,  mindfulness, harmony and abundance. The place of God; the I in me.

This Spirit finds its home among the framework of truth the Spirit of Truth knits into the soul along its soulful journey of enlightenment and awakening. This temple of divine glory produces the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through the thoughts it manifests. The Creator lifts up the soul out of the deep humility he created within it and pours out His divine thoughts. Through this open gate, the Creator’s power is manifested in the soul and in the world.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

21 thoughts on “Standing at the Gates

  1. Great is the Love of God indeed! Thanks for stirring the deep!

  2. Hi Rachel, E.W. here! You have just described God’s two witnesses. To which, one holding them and deep study in the scripture, believing every word out of the mouth of God, I witness the Holy Spirit/Spirit of God will teach ALL things! 

    • Hi E.W., Your comment is sparking a deeper reflection, so thank you 🙂 Would you expound on what you perceive of the “witnesses” from your vantage point? Each of our perspectives adds to the whole.

      Indeed, the Spirit’s teachings are marvelous, deep, intimate, and perfectly suited for where we each are along our journey. Only he can bring such a perfection of counsel and instruction to us and develop our divine selves for His expression. It’s this Spirit that enlightens our soul with spiritual understandings that lift us far beyond the plane of the senses. The treasures he brings to us are absolutely immeasurable.

      • through the delusions of men, I only knew God’s two witnesses as two men, until reading the part “study in spirit”, then, several times in scripture, God names our faith as witness and our conscience as witness/God’s Spirit bears witness with our spirit! Once this is understood and we study and other passages of scripture starts coming into mind that explains subject studied: God is literally speaking to us through His word: is literal proof from God that we have salvation! The two witnesses that will lay in the street for three and half days is many believers! Praise God!

      • Thanks so much for sharing thoughts. Interesting and thought provoking. Scripture reveals the spiritual dynamics of our reality and to see this is enabled by the Spirit of truth speaking from within.

  3. well said, there is no me nor I only him in us 1 Kings 19:11-12 that gentle whisper speaking into our deepest caverns that takes us to the inner tranquility where our watered well finds stillness

  4. To have Received true Revelation from the HolyGhost for the very first time is an awareness of explosive sacred joy of a realm of glory that levitates you, Standing at the Gates of Gods magnificence, beyond words hallelujah!!!!!!!!

  5. thats the job of the called out ones to shine the triumphant light of christ amen

  6. The sovereignty of God, …. there is no other, there is no one or anything that ever usurped power from God. Even Satan himself was created by God, for God to carry out God’s wonderful purpose in reconciling the world unto Himself. There is no power outside of God, only that given by and controlled by God. In the testing of Job Satan took nothing from God except explicit divine instruction from God about bringing Job to a realization of a closer walk with His maker. When Satan accomplished his task Job was given double what he had before. Satan was and is a tool in God’s grand design. It “is” all good.

    When we realize that the only power is from God, and for God’s good end for all…we rest…in peace and contentment in knowing all is according to plan. One jot nor “tittle” will in no way be overlooked and carried out from the plan made from the beginning. It is a wonderful thing to know the love of God from the least to the greatest of “these”… For love can only give not take from. The only way we can receive God’s love is to give it with no thought of gain…no thought of being superior…but only one with and of many…where we do not stand out but only desire to blend with God through Christ to be in His oneness… Of like spirit.

    To realize what the sovereignty of God really means gives us complete rest…where we cease from our works and accept His gift of life…and walk in it. What an amazing grace we have.

  7. And yes, when we return to only partaking of the tree of life we will leave the other tree alone….only to partake of the divin attributes of God in His fullness. The “other” tree is a tree of self just as Eve (our soul) has found out. It is a great and trusting comfort in knowing “all” ….is…. well.

    When you confine love, it has boundaries…Love covers all…and is in all…the same.

  8. just to throw it out there cause it caused me a bit time to realize after much inner confusion which led to consideration the only unforgivable sin is not believing the holy spirit is truly the God given fountain of salvation, the very nature of the sin prevents one from attaining salvation not believing it exist through this, as one dismisses the only door out of a room never leaves, or one who refuses to acknowledge the gate to the city never enters, pray for me everyone its not a belief an opinion or a whim i know he hears us and i know he is the real core of care deep within us all

    • Insightful. One of divine love always forgives. Forgiveness is an inherent quality of this love. Yet if someone doesn’t acknowledge this love exists then they don’t experience the love (though the One still loves them) thus forgives them – though both are unrecognized by the receiver.

  9. stephen in the depths of every soul is a time chamber that alerts the person to truly seek for the source its called the calling and you will be tested and tryed with the fires of lifes burdens to prove the power and glory of gods triumphant love !!!!

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