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Unearthing Our Shadow Side


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Unearthing Our Shadow Side


A mind connected to the light; perceives the light. Until we connect, all we see are illusions in the dark.

The view into our soul from the inner chamber isn’t all pleasantries. But as we align to the perspective of truth, all we see, including our shadow side (false fabricated self) is encapsulated in divine love.

From the inner chamber, we begin to see ourselves raw and real. As our awareness increases so does our vision of our current soul state. As an observer of our own soul, we witness the depths of our struggles, afflictions, depravities, brokenness, frailties and illusions of our soul. These can throw us into states of sadness, frustrations, and even hopelessness. However, as we continue to seek to expand in the awareness of truth and divine love, we begin to realize that they are serving a purpose; to prepare us to receive and give divine love.

As we move toward the light, we begin to face these aspects of ourselves that we’ve spent years running and hiding from. All that we’ve held in our soul is exposed. In the darkness of unawareness, these traits remain hidden or sketchily seen, though their pain can be intensely experienced. Thus, we go through life creating disharmonious ripple effects and clueless as to why. Thus, to see is a blessing, though it may not feel like it initially … or even for awhile.

What do we do when these adverse and painful reflections are exposed? The multifaceted qualities of co-dependency, damaging control, fear, criticalness, self-pity, victimization, self-doubt, ego, pride, greed, lust, selfishness, guilt, shame, degraded self-value, and so on?

We can either view our shadow side with despondency and hopelessness or as a means to grow in the awareness of divine love. The latter builds the constructs of truth that prepares us for the inflow of the divine consciousness.

We see these attributes for what they are because we are seeing their contrast; what our soul expression would be in divine love. We see what we see for our instruction; for our soul’s sake, others and as a part of our Creator’s workmanship in us. As we seek what we are to learn from these challenging traits, we grow in the awareness of truth and divine love. In time, we learn that everything in our lives is serving our highest good as we surrender from our rebellion.

Acknowledgment, Letting Go, and Building Truth

When we see the attributes of our shadow side from a perspective of growth, we acknowledge, let go, and enable truth to expand into our awareness.

  1. Acknowledgement. To receive new constructs of divine love, we first acknowledge and confess the ones not of divine love. This requires honesty and transparency with our inner and outer reflections. Blame, complaining, denial, and suppression, all block the learning that is purposed in these imperfections. We each have what we have to learn what we need to about divine love.
  1. Letting Go. Once we acknowledge the attribute, we desire to let it go. To utterly and completely forsake it. Much of our expanding awareness is a process of letting go. This level of letting go is an onion peeling process. We have a trait because it helped us in some way. Our anger, control, pride, withdrawal, or denial served to protect us in our youth when we didn’t know what else to do with what was handed to us. We are challenged as we mature to let go of our childish ways and embrace the ways of divine love. This doesn’t mean instant change by any means. It means a desire to sincerely let go of this trait that blocks divine love; because this desire to let go opens the pathways for truth to start building in its place. So the questions arise: Do we truly desire to let go of this attribute? Or does it feel empowering at times? Does it help us “survive”? Does fear keep us holding onto it? Over time as our awareness expands to the nature of divine love, we gain a sincere desire to want to let go of all that hinders this love.
  1. Building Truth: When we acknowledge and desire to let go, we are enabling the Spirit of Truth to mercifully build truth within our soul; the truth about the nature of divine love. Over time, bit by bit, as we embrace the truth instead of the lie, the footholds of these counter mindsets start to loosen. The more thoughts and beliefs we have supporting the lies, the more blinding the lies. The more thoughts and beliefs we have around the truth, the more lucid the truth. So we seek to cultivate truth and not the lie.

He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy. Proverbs 28:13


What follows from this process is very individual and purposeful.

After we’ve gone through this process, these challenging attributes often continue to linger.  To alter these deeply seeded habitual perspectives and responses is the work of the Spirit of Truth within us. We are our Creator’s workmanship. Often these traits linger, because they assist in the building of the truth. They keep us seeking, asking, praying, and going deeper, instead of lounging in the complacency of ignorance. Therefore, above all we are called to trust in his workmanship in us and not our own or what we think should be happening.

A particular “weakness” facilitates a deeper trust in our Source and Center. It empowers us to put our pride aside and possess a sincere humility. It teaches us the faithfulness of divine love in the midst of unfaithfulness. Weaknesses serve our growing awareness. There are many purposes to our lingering imperfections.

Over time as we expand our awareness, the weakness may be no longer needed, thus it’s removed. Regardless of the outcome, our purpose is to expand our awareness. Thus whatever we face is there for our instruction. When we focus on this purpose, we are focused on the light and we grow. If we succumb to self-pity or blame, we are focused on the dark and that stifles our heightening awareness. Our imperfections serve to teach us.

We are learning what a soul governed by a self-directed will, versus a divine all-knowing will manifests. When we face our dark shadows, we begin to see the illusions we constructed. With a self-directed consciousness we make constant erroneous judgments. These create a reality of illusions, which we translate into our truth, our reality, our life. Our harsh judgments about our imperfections make it a thousand times harder. When we look from the perspective that all is for our growth and we aren’t meant to be perfect, then our judgments lessen. Our judgments feed our fear and our fear our judgments. As the fear dissipates in the awareness of a divine love, our imperfections, struggles, hardships, and afflictions begin to serve us according to their intended purpose.

The Spirit of Truth is always present to teach us through everything we face. As we open our ears as a willing student to learn from whatever we may encounter in or outside of ourselves, for one is the reflection of the other, we become prepared for a oneness with our Creator, which is our deliverance and eternal rest. Only our Creator knows when our schooling is complete. As long as we are in our school uniforms, the self-directed consciousness, we are to learn, and our imperfections are part of the curriculum.

As we’re drawn toward the light, our illusions fade and we see all is working for our highest good.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Unearthing Our Shadow Side

  1. Yes, it is about being honest about what we see in ourselves that is lacking and si ply acknowledging it. If we could just remember God made us the way we are with all our faults and undesirous traits. He wants us to learn from having a will that is opposed to His will and when we learn the way of the spirit we reject our past behavior. So…we look inside at the difference of following the way of God and the way of following self. When we learn to see and acknowledge our erroneous ways and ask God to take them from us, He will because we do not self righteously maintain there is nothing wrong with us. We think to admit fault within we are admitting we are somehow opposing God and our human nature does not want to admit we are on the other side of God. When we realize we are on the other side of Gos and admit it, we can then move to the spiritual side. We must understand it is God’s plan and will for us to experience failure, doubt, disobedience, etc. so that we can then understand His way.

    It is His love which puts us through this evil experience. We must understand what hell is like so that when we return to our spiritual state we have a contrast to spiritual life. We must by experience see the chaos we can create by disobedience to His will. Look around us, look at the world condition, the wars, corrupt governments, corporations, and the evils of banking. Although these are terrible times, these times are signals (trumpets) for what is next…the government of God.

    Your article is a very well written order of things. It is the process of learning and how we must view God and His plan. Evil was created for good for God does not do anything but for our ultimate good. Every apparent defeat, every sorrow we experience, every harsh circumstance of what ever sort it is has a loving purpose for God is instructing our way. We may think we are choosing a path that leads us away from God but all the time He is teaching us a valuable lesson even in our rebellion. Yes, even our rebellion is part of the journey for in our rebellion we will come to the end of ourselves and then to our Father which is in heaven just as the prodigal son did in the allegory. The truth is we are all the prodigal son, that went on a rebellious earthly journey only to come to our senses and return home to our Father.

    Yes…all things when “seen” with the love and intent of God we understand with God the ends do justify all means which come our way. We understand before we were born into this life God had our end purposed and the means to accomplish the end of our individualized journey was put into motion. We as prodigals are returned home having learned that to disobey God is not our best decision.

    Again I do not disagree with one thing you herein write. It is as picture perfect as I understand it to be.

  2. I would like to add something we discussed earlier that I believe will help people to understand they are not as bad as they think they are nor are responsible for their fallen condition. God created all things just as He says He did and takes full responsibility for it, yes even the evil within as well as without. (Isaiah 45:7) In our weaknesses as Rachel explained we learn to rely on the strength of the spirit as we learn the carnal has nothing for us and cannot release us from it’s grip. We learn to “ask” from an inherent weakness to be delivered from what we cannot deliver ourselves from…therefore we learn to put our full confidence in the One who will bring His workmanship to complete maturity, each of us in His own order of things.

    When we learn that each and everyone of us are God’s children when born of the spirit, we never look at another again as unworthy for when we do we deem ourselves unworthy. When we see that we each are called at our appointed time to be regenerated back to the spirit world from which we came, we see others in the “potential” that lies before them. When we see others in the context that they are children not yet matured all we can want for them is to be finished as we ourselves want to be finished. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” takes on a new meaning and a new perspective. Another is not looked at as “lost” for good but is also, as we, on a disciplinary journey to be resurrected and regenerated to the likeness and character of God. To have any other view, we remain in a fallen mindset we accuse others of being in.

    What I mean to add to my previous comment and to what Rachel often makes reference to is that as beginners to this new way, that although we may have little light in the beginning that light will grow until there is no more darkness at all. Though we may and will make mistakes along the way and tire and “give up” God will resume His workmanship with us when we return to our senses and continue on with Him. My main point I want to make is, is that as we grow from this darkness to light we have an unction put in our heart to follow the light where it leads us. We may define and mislabel the journey erroneously at first as we attempt to define where this unction is leading us but getting the meaning of things properly defined is not as important as keeping on keeping on. The proper meaning of things will eventually fall into place if and when we follow the desire to know truth above all else including “knowing” knowledge and “about” things which has little value compared to the love of God we are to become. Getting the terminology to it all right will find it’s proper place soon enough as we learn truth, which is love, which is God.

    As I sometimes attempt to place some order to things in giving the perspective which has been given to me it is not necessarily to disagree about things but to help facilitate the order of things. We should do this knowing there is a priority to things and that the knowledge of the thing is not as important to the outcome of the thing as is our relationships. For example we talk often talk about our spirit, soul and body. We talk about this unction within that compels us forward and we sometimes attribute to the soul what the spirit is doing and to the spirit what the soul is doing. While we understand it is the pursuit of the love of God that we seek, we sometimes mislabel situations, conditions and attribute weakness to strength and strength to weakness in the letter while maintaining our goal and direction toward our true love which is the likeness and character of God, our Father.

    While it is important to understand who we are, how we are made and the order of things it is more important to desire the love of God to be made a part of us. It is as important to desire this same love of God for our fellow man. We will not be all that we can be when we would withhold or attempt to withhold this love from another by deeming another unworthy of what we ourselves desire for ourselves. We must see ourselves in the same journey to the “promised land” as all others. This “one” sight and one purpose must include “all” others before we can see properly. If we make ourselves judge and jury to the fallen fate of another, we ourselves remain in this same fallen state of mind we would wish on another. When we see one plan, one way, one truth, one love for all we then and only then see in the light of day, the day of the lord which has no physical time of 24 hours attached to it. We will come to live in the day or “light” of the lord in perpetuity were no more darkness will cycle.

    So as we move through our own darkness and share or attempt to share “our light” let us do so with the the larger intent of seeing, knowing, and believing on into this inner “unction” of the spirit. The knowledge of the thing sought will reveal itself in due time. We may define love and this desire to fulfill it with a skewed vision at first in our weakness but the vision will come as we stay steady in the course as we leave our weaknesses and become His strength. Our terminology and definitions of what we are feeling will also fall into place as we focus on the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ is a way as much as He is His own entity for our holy anointing within is our own Christ. The anointing of the spirit is Christ for “Christ” simply means being anointed with the truth. Jesus thus became Jesus Anointed, He was christened with the spirit of His Father as we will be with our same Father.

    All meaning (s) will come without any effort if we will just focus on that which is truth, our Father’s character.

    I hope this makes sense and registers with those who desire the greater over the lessor. Love over knowledge… for if we focus on the one the other will have no choice but to reveal itself for all things created including knowledge will reveal itself and follow the meaning of the spirit.

    • Hi Sonny, Thanks for sharing your thoughts … Love is the revealer of the truth we need for our purpose destined for us. Some learn one way and some another. Some learn some things and some different things, but when our learning is directed by the Spirit of Truth it all serves the highest love. Thus divine love is our best compass for our soul’s individual journey. A beautiful truth in itself.

  3. Great exhortation. Praise the Lord our God Who is Love & Faithful!

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S™III, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  4. Those who deny the Prophets GOD sent for correction, upliftingg, and prophecy… Reject the one who sent them.

    • Hi Jedi, It’s not a denial of the prophets … prophets, when truly called by our eternal Father, serve a very important role. When they are true, they speak at the leading of the Spirit of Truth, .. the same spirit that teaches us all things. When we also have learned and listen to the Spirit of Truth and discern his voice among all the others, then we understand the true meaning of their words, otherwise we misinterpret them, which you see over and over again. My purpose in my comment was to draw attention to the importance of finding a personal communion with the Spirit of Truth .. for then we hear others as we ought to hear. I hope this makes sense.

      • To obey GOD in all things is what is important to me. I cannot talk against you, nor would I like too. It’s clear to me that you have made the WORD of GOD your chief study. And I know the Holy Spirit doesnt make void the necessity to study the Holy Bible.

        I know your message is gentel and good… I do not bring attention to the spirit of prophecy or in others words the testimony of Jesus. With out biblical couse. The LORD Jesus Christ has given to a woman that spirit of prophecy and that woman is Ellen G. White.

        Revelations 19:10

        Desire of Ages and the Great Controversy. Two books from Ellen. G White… The devil really hates the great controversy. I just want to finish off by saying, we need to understand and firmly know the prophecy in the Bible,

        These prophecy are like a lamp to our feet and light to our eyes. We need to know what the mark of the Beast is, what 666 refer too, What is the SEAL of GOD. What is the woman that rides the Beast. And making sure we are not compromising truth. I know The book creeping compromise is perfect in showing that.

        Respectafully I share this website because this man I believe God has given Dreams too. Of course we must test the spirit and know if the true messenger meets the signs of a true messenger. I know Ellen G. White who died in the early 1900 is. And this man constantly supports her visions and dreams and constantly reference her. Everything on the site is free. I thought it could be well for me to share it.

      • I believe this is important for me to say. My messages are not me trying to… Say what I believe this WordPress aret to be About, I am just trying to share and improtant part of the Bible… A part that could mean life or death everlasting, depending on if we are aware or not of the spirit of prophecy.

      • Hi Jedi,

        You may find my earlier posts interesting for I reference the Bible much. The Bible was my foundation from which I started from, because I could trust in it, before I could trust in my ability to hear the Spirit of Truth on my own, or even what that meant. Thus, I agree that for those who sincerely trust to be taught by God or the Spirit of Truth, the Bible can serve them greatly on their walk. It was through my time in the Bible and trusting the Spirit to teach me that I learned to hear his voice and trust his voice as his voice. The Bible was and still is essential to my journey; for the Spirit continues to bring up verses as he reveals a deeper understanding of the truth they reflect.

        The word of God is beyond any written book .. it is Spirit. Thus the words of life that give life to us flow from God’s spirit to our spirit. This is our fundamental and foundational connection, that keeps us from being tossed in the shifting sands of other’s interpretations. If we hear through our carnal mind then we fall into misinterpretations. Thus, why Jesus emphasized the Spirit as our Teacher. Other resources can be used to reveal spiritual understandings to us, like the Bible – if we have the spiritual ears to hear; which means we are truly trusting to be taught by the Spirit. It’s all is to be in its proper order for us to mature in the spirit.

        John 6:63 “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

        As I continued to learn from the Spirit of Truth through the Bible, I learned to hear this spirit’s voice that became my counselor in every area. Thus, depths of truth that are only shadowed or reference in the Bible gained a much fuller understanding; many of which I share now. Those who learn from the Spirit of Truth will learn similar truths .. but those who look to others to teach them fall into a myriad of contradicting interpretations. So as Jesus said, we have the Spirit to teach us All things. He also said:

        John 16:12-13 I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

        Thus, it’s important to learn to hear the Spirit’s voice. To trust in his above others, which we do as what he teaches is confirmed or affirmed to us throughout our journey. But most of us don’t start out here .. so we put our trust in the Bible as our foundation instead of the Spirit of Truth … however, if we sincerely desire to learn and grow, then the Spirit of Truth becomes our foundation and the Bible a tool of his instructions.

        I hope this makes sense.

      • I will have to think about this. And it does make a lot of sense. Thank you for taken the time, to give me this message =)

      • The LORD is Truth… This thier is only one path and one Truth for that is the definition of truth.

        I’ve listen to some of the videos on Babylon and the mark of the Beast from your site. I agree with what is shown… And I know what I shared on this post is related, and gives more specifications.

        Eternal burning in hell came from Babylon the great the mother of all harlots, which is the Papacy. The mark will also come up from her, which is the counter holy day… which the Papacy recognizes as the mark of her ecclesitical athorithy. The Pope calls himself GOD on earth and ruler of heaven, earth and the underworld.

        Could I know, what you think about what I said?

      • It’s a little bit about Ellen G White. Im curious, if you pray to God.. If He will through His Spirit guide you to show that Ellen G White is indeed a true prophetess and that the Sunday Law is indeed the mark and Sabbath still binding.

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