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Liquid Reflections by Emily Mort


This profoundly intriguing and creative photograph, Liquid Reflections, by Emily Mort reflects a more accurate depiction of our reality.

Do you see your soul’s reflection? It’s all around you; in your body, relationships, circumstances, choices, words, and reactions. All of these are shaped by the little ripple effects you create with each energetic pulse of your soul.

In the post, Reflective Reality, I touched upon this dynamic of our experiential reality. For me this is quite a paradigm shift from what I grew up with, but as this perspective settles in, it opens up a world of understanding and insight into my personal life and “my world”, which interplays with the world at large. This reorientation of how we view our reality is one gained along the yellow brick road into InLIGHTInMenT.

This paradigm reveals our self-creating nature that is inherent to us simply being. We are constantly creating from within our soul out. Our constant energetic motion is creating the motion picture of our lives. We don’t effort. We just create. The effort comes in trying to create what we want instead of what we don’t want, which is where our training ground resides.

Energetic Vibrations

Our reality consists of energy. It’s fluid, in constant motion, and reactive to our soul’s output as a pool of water reacts to energetic vibrations. The water studies by Dr. Emoto show this dynamic in the most astonishing ways. These studies began my process of reframing how I saw my reality and the impact I had upon it. Hard surfaces cast illusions of solidity that blind us to our full effect on our perceived reality. We, from the inside out, are constantly altering its reflection. We are continuously modifying our reality with every vibration we send out from our soul with our beliefs, reoccurring thoughts, emotions, words and actions. In this, our reality reflects back to us our truth; what we hold as truth, not the Truth. However, as we begin to embrace this new paradigm of thought, we begin to align more to the Truth, which is the journey to becoming “enlightened”.

Thus, our seemingly static reality of hard surfaces is actually like a pool of water and our soul is the fount. The drops of water of our spirit fall from our soul into the space around us and create ripple effects; in our body, relationships, circumstances, present surroundings and in the collective human soul. What is happening on the outside is determined by what is happening on the inside. At the same time, the drops from others’ souls are creating ripple effects that impact our soul for they conjecture up a response from us. In this interplay, our consciousness in a constant state of change. Therefore, at any one time, our reality is reflecting and impacting our current soul state. But we must be slow to judge and steady to observe and learn; for often our reality isn’t reflecting what we first assume. A listening ear to the counsel of the Spirit of Truth enlightens us to the language of our reality.

Imaginations vs. Truth

When we begin to see our reality in this way, we see that most of our memories consist of our imaginations about our reality, versus the truth. This can be a liberating realization for it can help us to let go of situations we need to let go of that have enslaved us because we held them as a truth instead of an imagination. The brick laying process of the road of enlightenment is the diligent progression of our soul aligning to the Source and Center, thus the Truth, and away from our illusions we call truth.

We grow in wisdom and understanding as we learn from the ripple effects we create. We need not fear them, but learn from them. We learn to listen to what our reality is telling us and teaching us, which starts to become utterly fascinating as we develop this listening ear of mindful awareness. We learn not to be afraid to hear what it has to say knowing this experience isn’t about our perfection but learning in imperfection what we can’t in perfection. From this growing awareness, we obtain a faith in the divine love of our Creator and are able to stop blaming and being the victim; both of which inhibit our learning. Instead, we become students of our reality whose purpose is to teach us the ways of love through its imperfections. We learn through trial and error that only expressions of an unconditional love for all create truly desirous ripple effects, and this leads us to our ultimate choice.

The Ultimate Choice

With a self-creating nature, we choose what we will create. Thus, this reality presents us a choice; to choose to create a self-determined reality or a divine reality; to choose to create dark or light. It seems like an obvious answer but how many times do we do or want to do what we know we shouldn’t? How often do we find ourselves fearful of what God will do with our lives if we “trust” him? How hard is it to let go of control?

Initially, it may seem freeing to maintain control in a self-determined reality; to choose what we want, but it is our ultimate bondage because along with that choice comes the self-determined consciousness, where we judge good or bad, and that can only create darkness, or what is contrary to the ultimate good; for we don’t know as we ought to know. To choose to be totally governed by the divine consciousness that is always beyond us is our true freedom for in it we can only create according to the highest good as every expression is rooted in divine love and immortal harmony. It’s freedom from suffering, pain, fear, damaging control, and every other undesirable quality; and isn’t this the true freedom we desire? When we come to understand this choice, thus both sides of the decision, the choice becomes clear.

We are here to learn so that we can make a sincere informed choice in love for divine love as a self-creating creation. To make this choice wholeheartedly, in understanding, with no hesitation, wavering or turning back requires a certain level of awareness; one that our reality is constantly trying to enlighten us with. In all our learning, we are enabled to make the ultimate choice: to give up all choice that is counter to divine love, thus become totally governed by the divine consciousness. Thus, our hope isn’t in our ability to self-perfect, but in the unfailing nature of the divine love of our Creator to manifest our choice for oneness that brings to life our eternal expressions of divine potentials that take us into perfection beyond perfection.

Thank you Emily for sharing your gift with us.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

30 thoughts on “Liquid Reflections

  1. II Peter 2:19 And they shall promise them liberty, but they are servants of corruption.

    • Gibness… Repent or you will burn in hell for your iniquities. I have seen thy works, and not is wroth with satanic deception . Probation closes

      • Jedi, I would ask you to please stop posting these comments of judgment; it doesn’t help but peppers this forum with judgment and condemnation. If you can share something that helps and heals in loving kindness this would be beneficial.

      • I’m sorry Rachel, in this case I don’t believe myself to be in error. I have shared in loving kindness towards anonymous, and now I warn of the penalty of transgression and niot turning from sins. Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and many others warned about hell fire… Hmm. GOD is love indeed and you know more than I on that, but GOD also will condemn the wicked… How could I do wrong in warning them against hell fire?

        It is your blog, and I will respect your request. 🙂

      • Could I listen… If by judgment and condemnation, it was in reference to God’s Eternal punishment which I was warning of… Or some thing else?

      • Could I please know… What it is like, when the Holy Spirit talks to you, how you know it is Him?

      • Hi Jedi, Personally, it took me awhile to learn his “voice”, then I realized it had been there all my life, I just never took time or knew how to listen. I started to hear more clearly by writing. I would write what I thought I heard. Then I would respond to that counsel … like how I should respond, especially internally, in a situation. I saw the superiority of the counsel and the love it created. Through this personal witness within me, I learned to trust his “voice” and discern it from something else. If we are growing in truth then we are growing an awareness of a deepening and expanding pure love. The Holy Spirit will always move us deeper into a sincere and pure love for all.

      • Thank you… I had came off the phone with the Pastor of my church, he hadn’t seen me for the past 3 Sabbaths ( I think its nice that they chose to check up, makes me feel that they are concern for my well being)… During our small discussion I had inform him that I want to read the Scriptures with GOD as my Teacher, the Holy Spirit… And that I also have all of Ellen G White writings.

        I was a little surprise when, he said all of that is good “But that I can’t understand the Bible on my own, that I need a man with me to be able to understand it.” Then he pointed to the Sabbath school lessons etc.

        I feelt that my intelligence was insulted, let alone him minimising the messemger of the LORD and the Spirit of Truth, by saying that put down and lie.
        I assured him I subscribe to the Adventist theology… Though it seemed that he thinks I need a person to teach me, and to come to church.

        The thing is that I don’t want to be tought by a person, I want to be tought my the Holy Spirit. Before I even found this blog… I feelt after I was Baptised that I are to study the scriptures and else in my own abode, plus it is some thing I truly prefer. I have always felt this even before I came to this blog.

        I want to be like Elijah, living away from the cities… Waxing strong in Spirit like John the Baptist. All for the glory of God.

      • I wasn’t sure to give the quote, because I felt it could not deserve too be shared.Hmm I hope it’s alright that I gave the quote… ⚡

      • Another of Sonny quote from Our Saycred inner chamber. Which I believe could make people stumble.

        “Understanding the day of the lord is not a day of the week “- Sonny quote
        This is a logical contradiction. Day of the Lord is a day… In the Bible it referred to two things, one is the 4th Commandments and the other is the Day of judgement.- My responds.

      • Could I listen… If by judgment and condemnation, it was in reference to God’s Eternal punishment which I was warning of… Or some thing else?

        It’s harder for me to hear what you are conveying now, because of you and Sonny ridiculous allegations of me of the derogatory self Righteousness… Everything I messaged wasn’t for me, nor do I think my self above anyone… It is good to point out error. And that’s what I did or I shared Prophecy… But then I am called self righteous for doing a good thing and a biblical thing. Just ridiculous Rachel… 🔥

      • Reply at your own choice, I probably won’t even read your replies. You and Sonny don’t own up to your own ridiculous allegations… Frankly I don’t think you even know self Righteousness when you see it, because Sonny is a prime example.

        Shame on him for attack GOD 4th commandment and shame on him for his comment on inner chamber, which is simply going to far and coming across like an emotioanl affair.

        despite my obvious lack of sympathy towards the ridulous allegatios….. I thank you for the comments you shared because they are insightful.

        🔥That aside I did nothing wrong. 🔥

      • I know when people leave song biblical doctrine, they end up going into the area of cult.

        Hell fire you said is an analogy… When the Bible teaches it is real.

        You haven’t made it clear your stand on the divinity of Jesus Christ, before I thought it was clear… But now im dobious… I agree to pray in Jesus name is to pray in according to His likeness.

        I agree the Bible is made for instruction in Righteousness and to help us dicern the ivoice of the Shepard. Yet it is also a source book for all experiences…. I judge according to the truth.

        Is it not written to not slander the brethren? Did I call you and Sonny self righteous before you did to me? Was I not gladen after the rebuke, for the reminder of loving kindness? Yet when I speak agaisnt sin or false teaching you and Sonny attack with self righteousness… The Bible says to rebuke, esort, with all longsuffering and doctrine.. It is written to get angry but don’t sin, my language I use to reuke is according to examples seen in scripture .. Not my own breath. And you and Sonny will try to nullify my zeal against sin… With your ridiculous allegations, do you not see how you and Sonny bring a man to more temptations? 🔥

      • I know we are to be separate from the world, and by so doing we come closer to God and further from the World. Could I please know, when it comes to thought life, how to succeed at put things counter to divine love off?

        I feel likeit could have to do, with surrendering the mind to GOD (Godhead).

      • “how to succeed at put things counter to divine love off?”

        What helped you in putting things counter to divine love off, in thought life?*

      • Jedi, for me, and I have a long way to go, but I’ve seen it’s work in me … as I learn about the ways of divine love, then that truth starts to replace contrary thoughts. It’s truth replacing the lie. If we still have contrary thoughts in some area, its because we are still not seeing in alignment to truth yet, though we may be growing closer. It’s like a light that grows ever brighter. So, as we continue to learn the truth it starts to alter our thinking, bit by bit.

      • Do you really see my comments as being evil Rachel? ⚡🔥⚡

      • I want to stress this point, you might say its just my belifes, but what I say is Bible. GOD is truth, and thus thier can only be one way ultimalty of interpreting Bible doctrine.

        On hell fire, I know hell fire is real. I know it doesn’t burn forever, but it is the result of the hell fire that is forever. I think people have become a little to preoccupy with “its just pt your beliefs” and pcism…. In referring to the Bible… Hell fire is real. GOD kills… And GOD heals.

      • Do you really presuppose that I am self righteous Rachel? Like sonny seems to like and proclaim. Which is a derogatory thing to say to someone who lives for Christ.

        I still don’t know what your theology is on the identy of Jesus Christ nature. If you say He is equal to God the Father or if you think He is created as the jehova witnesses think (like an angel)?

        Did I do sin against you? Did I spread false teachings, I admit my early comments were a bit critical… But why does that seem to be an excuse to write me off as self righteous? And not see what I said about Prophecy and the Spirit of Prophecy and the 4th commandment is indeed true?

        Those it not amaze you that thier was a true prophet? True love doesnt tolerate falsehood. Do you even know how much temptation you and Sonny brought on !e because of your ridiculous allegations?

      • Could I please know…how it is possible for you to comment without coming across as critical?

      • Jedi, for example, if someone is believing or saying something that you don’t agree with or that you think is “evil; try sharing what you have learned about the ways of divine love in relation to the matter. What would divine love do? How would divine love respond? Hope this helps.

      • I’ve learnt that GOD isn’t mocked… When evil is afoot it ipmust he spoken agaisnt. Jeremiah was the most hated prophet but did he will his voice… Or spoke soft things.

        I love people by failing sins… And Sonny has been liepying about my character for to Long, truly I hope he owns up to is misdemeanor. He has said to many errors and his comments, he mixed truth with lies. With in the first paragraph I see erros afoot and impled put downs.

      • Politely I would like to know, why you think my post was judgemental, condemning, and considering the expression left…evil? I don’t think you see… How you and Sonny comments could lead someone to be tempted.


  3. I don’t look at fables, though the music is often well made

  4. As the Scriptures say, the heart is most deceptive above all things. These little hearts have brought such great pain unto others in seconds and upon our selves for years. The feign freedom the heart seeks is freedom from the Infinite Heart which is true liberation. Hmm freedom from the Law and Testimony, from the Light.

    Hmm… This is just my expression of what you have already express, in a paragraph.

  5. Putting off all things counter to divine love… Hmm, that’s one other thing that is going always stick with me, from your blog. ⚡

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