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Walking on Water


Walking on Water


Our Creator, our Spiritual Parent who is also our faithful guide, speaks to us from within. He is ever-present to teach and guide us in the ways of eternal love and truth. He guides us in the ways that we, in our individual journey, need to walk to move into the love, truth, purpose, peace, and joy we truly desire, not what we may think we desire in our limited understanding. 

His “voice” speaks in a language our soul understands that our spoken or written words can only attempt to reflect. His gentle whisper is one among many much louder ones; our society, parents, families, heritage, friends, teachers, authority figures, “experts”, religions and their sacred texts, media, fears, our past, and our own pride and ego.

Our challenge is to follow his gentle leading above all others. Our ability to follow comes through heeding his words in the easier areas that give us the courage to follow in the harder ones, the ones where fear is the loudest. Though, he can use the voice of others, when his voice has the final word, then he is truly our God; for all else has come into submission under him. And then, we hear what we need to hear from the others, for he always gives us what we need when we it.

In time as we continually learn to follow his voice more closely in courage and faith, our lives and all that they entail, inside and out, become established on his instructions and ways of truth and love. There is no other foundation for our soul and the life it constructs that is more powerful, for it is the foundation of eternity itself.

Then, when the storms of life with their billowing waves crash upon our lives, even upon our very soul, then the love that flows from the cumulation of those words give us flight. The love uproots the anchor of fear that causes the waves to engulf us. This love has become truer and more real than anything else we know and lifts us above the waves and we find we are walking on water.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Walking on Water

  1. Beautifully said. Thanks be to God!

  2. We will also walk on “water” when we come to that spiritual place where we have overcome the influences of the “sea of humanity” and the earthly ways of the carnal mind which is also beneath the “sea.” The love we will rise to in Christ will cause us to rise above the unstable foaming sea of humanity and cause us to walk above all those things “beneath”, all the things of the flesh.

    We will have put all things beneath our feet (sea and earth) and we will have made all earthly senses our footstool. Just as Peter desired to walk on water as he saw our savior doing, we also have this desire. Let us learn to love as God loves for this is what rises us up above these waves of instability.

    Rise “above” anger and hate by being kind and loving, above resentment by forgiving, above taking by giving, above ego by humbleness, above being offended by the truth, and we will then be walking on (above) water.

    A wonderful allegory of love “over” lack.

    • Hi Sonny, All we really need is love .. but to fully grasp and get to this point is a journey of the soul that isn’t as straightforward and easy as this statement implies. Though once you start to approach this truth in sincerity in your soul … you do see the perfection and simplicity of love.

      • Yes, and it’s the focus on the singleness of love, “His likeness” Which is not our likeness (in the beginning). We see with clarity when we do not look to promote self in anything we do, but Him. As you say when we are sincere about finding Him…we lose ourselves…we lose ourselves in not promoting ourselves, looking for a love that pertains ….to all equally. The human heart desires to be special, the spiritual heart looks for the same likeness for all..

        The journey of the soul is being received back to the spirit for the spirit does not change. As the soul is awakened from “her” sleep she recovers her consciousness of the love she lost by her disobedience to the spirit. We recover our memory by giving out what has been given to us..for love is the gift we receive and give to regain what we lost.

        The simplicity of gaining “all” is obedience to the Give it..and you gain losing self.

        We will never understand the full aspect of love until we understand the full aspect of creation and the purpose that “all” things are good and were created for good. One God, one purpose, one love. When we stop looking at things as being good “and” “or” evil we then stop having a duplicity of mind, will, and purpose. When we are allowed to see God’s plan in the singleness of purpose He intended it for, we see one, not two plans. Then and only then does it become…simple.

  3. I feel like we are getting ready to surf inside of the awesome tube sOOn of U. 🙂 Got my boogie board. Seeya there~

  4. One may ask how Rachel’s doing? Is she ok? If one sees her last video on youtube,(717) you may ask yourself. Hmm lets think about what sHe’s flowing~
    Woe~ Yep she BE doing fine with the oneOone sHe dropped on the final eXam~ again_OS I believe folks just miss the current smiLe. Hi Rachel~

    say wHut! lo l…

    • Hi Travis, though I’ve been learning a lot … I haven’t had the words to share. I’m more and more aware that I’m not in control … which helps me let go of trying to control 🙂 And that is a very good thing.


      • Its so crazy. You can totally let go and it is done. Example that i just went thru. There are soe things with my so that started to worry me. Thats a natural thing.
        But i trust Jesus. He shows me in other ways that he has got this. You wonder. A, i doing enough as a parent to almost forgetting about oneself is being tought at the same time. Its always the 101. It wll always be painful bevause its a new understanding but with the same solve. He is so awesome. You are also because i hear him thru you 100% of the time. I am sure therebis a persentage that we dont know because it is when u understand is when you share. Its always good. Is not the things we understand that are good for us. But the past does show us. So like the sign says. Lol. Dont stumble on the things behind you. Thank you for the perfect tmng reply. Hes a symphony. I just walked in the door. And yiu were there. All of you. :). Happy evening

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