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Our Evening Star


Our Evening Star

To Our Eternal Light




May we faithfully follow the evening star shining in our souls that leads us to the everlasting light of Day. This internal point of light is our connection to our Maker and his truth, love and wisdom that is ever with us to guide us through this earthen realm of shadows until we choose, in love, to be of his reflection in every way, which is our eternal light.


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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Our Evening Star

  1. Rachel, as I read these lines and listen to these angelic voices it reminds me of us being fixed in reality of only being in the present with no yesterday or no tomorrow. We, by creation, see in temporariness but as we see by the spirit we see without the involvement of time which we will soon return to. As we experience these moments or remembrances that teaches only that in reality, the “now” only really exist and we do not need to go anywhere to be all that we can be.

    As we listen to such gifted voices as these which stills time, we are reminded that in reality we truly exist without limitations of time for we are eternally living only in an interruption we call time. We were, and are, and will be, in time language, but in spiritual language we just “am”.

    Being locked in the moment by these beautiful singers I will share a short article written and sharing that there truly is only “the present”. I hope it is beneficial to some. …And …..Thanks for the morning devotional.

    Living in the moment

    As we sit and contemplate where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going, we come to a place in our present where we realize we have all these tenses in the now. However we must be devoted enough to stand still and let God do His work in us to bring us to the place where we realize truthfully there is no time, for the now, the present encompasses all that will ever be for life is eternal, which means… without time. Therefore there is only the present in our true awareness in our being, the same present tense of “now” which God gave us in our beginning before being subjected to time.

    We realize that we were and are sent on a journey into a blinded world to learn certain things of value that would amplify and make most real to us the gift of life. Our temporary life on this earth is one in part of blindness to the very truths and the very love of God. It seems to many, it is an evil thing to be left in this darkness as we have been, but it is for such a short while and it is only for the purpose of working in us a life of appreciation and gratitude we could have gained no other way than being exposed to the opposites of God’s love. This natural life is one of opposites in every circumstance we know ; Cold-hot, up-down, good-evil, life-death, hate-love, poor- rich, east-west, and the list goes on. Therefore the law of opposites.

    All of these things come from the created realm just as God intended. The sovereignty of God and the omnipotence of God is only challenged by the fallen mind of man. It is the fallen mind of man than cannot accept all of creation as God intended in His sovereignty and we just as Eve erroneously want to see things in the perspective of “good and evil.” We want to take words out of the bible that will make us feel better rather than understanding the good purpose in all created things. We must leave off questioning God’s plan He called “only” good as recorded in Genesis and come to the enlightened mind of seeing God as one with one intent, from the beginning. We must come to the place in our spirit as we are given the mind of Christ’s, to see as in the natural, a lot of thought went into this process we call “the fall”.

    There were no mistakes or confusion on God’s part, He knew exactly the purpose in giving us a fallen nature and the purpose for creating evil. We are born into evil only to be delivered from it as we are disciplined to accept only His likeness. In the beginning of our journey on this earth, we are brought from a “vailed” off life to one of having an ever increasing giving back of life. God calls this giving back, redeemed, regeneration and reconciliation. We can not be “re”conciled or re anything unless we are being returned to a previous place of being. We cannot redo anything unless it has been done before. We start out in life, beginning in blindness and confusion, as we were not allowed to see the why of it all in our spiritual youth after the fall, yet as we seek and desire to know God and are willing to sacrifice our own perspective to that of His, we begin to have the vail removed from our sight and we begin to once again, to see the purpose in all things. As we begin to rise from this natural realm to that of the spiritual realm from which we originally came, we regain sight and consciousness of being in the presence of our Father…which we in reality never left. The type of the tabernacle in the Old Testament shows us He has always been with us, but just out of sight.

    As the tabernacle type, the bible is full of allegories and mysteries God wrote to be revealed to us at certain appointed times in our obedience to His will. Obedience is the key that will unlock the door into the kingdom of His presence for we do not physically go anywhere, but rise in mind and in spirit to His way and to His very nature. Heaven is the likeness of God and this likeness was shown to us by a pattern and a likeness of Himself through a person that walked matured before all others. This person is Jesus Christ, Jesus, a man with an anointing from God that gave him a new identity as a “new creation man.” He was the first ” new creation man”, then the rest of us will come as God calls each to come to the condition of an overcoming mind as He draws us…”at His calling.”

    We are given traits at birth of the opposites of the true life and love to be found only in the Father. These opposites, after having done their work, will have exercised into us the value of obeying God and treating our fellow man as we imagine the best of the love of God for ourselves. Selfishness and ego after having done their work from the fallen soulful realm will simply cease to exist, being swallowed up back into the love of God from which we came. We will have come full circle with an added awareness of love and life with an appreciation and gratitude we could not have had without this experience of loss.

    So..we learn and will learn to live in the moment where there is no yesterday, today, or tomorrow for all created things will cease to exist…in the spirit…in us as we now live and move and have our being in our Father which is in Heaven…in the now.

    We by the goodness and grace of God will and do learn to see only the good and wonderful plan of creation where we agree with our Father that there is no good and evil as we once thought and saw things, for “all things” are for our good..when we “see” as He sees.

    • Hi Sonny, How often the spirit reminds me that the present is all that is real .. all that exists. That is why it is here that we encounter the Spirit of truth, which is of the Father of us all. He exists in the real, not the unreal. The past and future aren’t “real”, they are only images of our mind. Our true and eternal state is one of an eternal present mindset .. for this is a continual oneness with our Father, the Source of life.

      Yet, our past pours goodness into our present as we learn what was intended for us to learn from it, as you recounted in your words. And our future grows out of our present .. for it is only our next present moments. This is why if we desire a change in our future moments, then our present ones must foster that change. And I’ve learned that desiring, thinking, and acting with a desire to truly love is key to creating beautiful present moments. And this understanding of love is one of the central understandings to be gained by partaking of this mortal experience; in which it was intended to be an experience in which we start in unawareness (darkness) and move toward an ever expanding awareness (light).

      There is so much peace to be found in this present minded mindset. I find the more I grow in the awareness of our Father’s love … the more I am able to abide in this state of mind, without his love I don’t believe it’s possible for fear takes over and keeps you in the unreal of the past and future.

      • When we are brought to that place in being where He is, we will be as He is, then we can also say with Him “I am.”

        Let us see the good in “all” things which are put before us in order to help achieve just this condition. The simplicity of this is doing unto others as…….

        The love that comes “in” ( to us) must be the same that goes “out” (of us). Love can only flow in if we make room by letting it flow out. Resentment, anger, ego, etc., is the dam that prevents a continual flow of God’s very nature. If we remove this debri from our living, we let the rivers of living waters flow freely through us. How we look forward to just such a “mutual” love.

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