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Transfer of Consciousness


Transfer of Consciousness:

The Rising Morning Star



Upon our soul incarnating into this mortal realm, our consciousness that is housed within our soul is a subset of the mass consciousness of humankind. This consciousness creates what we perceive and then in our “free-will” we choose how to respond, which in turn creates certain effects. Though, until we know the divine love of our heavenly Father, the only choices we have are bound and limited to the constructs of this consciousness. And as we come to know divine love, we realize how limiting they are. Yet a true choice does exist, because within this mass consciousness there is a way to connect to the consciousness (soul) of our Father and to start to learn and be directed by his consciousness instead, thus become truly alive. This is what Christ Jesus created for us, the narrow way through the narrow gate, and he leads us if we will follow. Divine love always provides a way. And, once our choice for divine love is made, our journey really begins.

This mass consciousness is in contradiction to the pure consciousness of our Father, for it exists separate from him. Because he is life, and this consciousness is separate from that life, it’s a consciousness of death. Death is separation from divine love. Without divine love, thus truth, there is error, which creates pain, suffering, hardship, affliction, fear, decay, destruction, and all the descriptors of death. It’s full of the “awareness” of humankind that is shaped in separation from our Father’s divine love and truth. Thus it contains humankind’s limitations, false judgments, illusions, lies, lusts, foolishness, corrupted desires, etc. This consciousness is the controller of our “self-made” mind.

This realm of consciousness is a simulated, unreal, dream state, and dead state. In divine love, this place can’t exist as something real. As we are learning through quantum physics, it is like a hologram, thus like a dream state. It’s a type of virtual reality serving a purpose in the construction of our soul. In separation from life, nothing can exist, only an illusion. But it’s a purposeful illusion, or it wouldn’t exist at all. This is the first part of our journey of being made into souls of light. It is serving a multitude of purposes, which above all is our ability to abide in divine love. Thus, this temporary unreal reality isn’t our permanent residence. It’s only a temporal experience that serves to lead us into a true oneness with our heavenly Father, thus into immortality as his eternal child.

The way we connect to our heavenly Father in an oneness is through and by divine love. For us to possess divine love, we require “free-will” so we have a choice to love because love is always voluntary. Further, we require our own individuality, which flows out of “free-will”. Only when we possess individuality can we receive and give love, otherwise, there is  no giver and no receiver. This unreal consciousness simulation plays a role in establishing both of these, among other things. This entire experience has the final end of creating us to be an extension of our Father by being one with him through divine love and by his will absorbing our will (which we willing desire by going through this experience and seeing what our will separate from his perfect will creates). Thus we become true children reflecting our Father’s eternal soul of divine love. Upon realizing our purpose here, we start heading down the path and for the doorway out instead of being distracted by the unreal reality within.

The new birth of our soul as a soul of light is when we are no longer governed by this mass consciousness of humankind. Through the workings of the spirit of truth and divine love, we become detached from that mass consciousness little by little. Until finally this connection dies through the death to death, which Christ Jesus made possible by entering death himself and defeating it. In this final severance, we are able to connect to the consciousness of our Father, because a place for him to dwell within us has been made, a temple without hands. His temple is our soul constructed of his truth and love that is now able to receive him, which is to receive the inflow of his consciousness, his will, or his governance over our will. When we experience his will as ours, it is our complete freedom, for he desires to give us everything beautiful, joyous, magnificent and glorious. Above all he desires to give us his endless love, which we are now able to receive and give because of this journey of the soul we’ve traversed. And above all we desire to give him divine love, thus completing a true unbreakable eternal bond. So we are thankful for the journey, but also very thankful when this part of it draws to an end and the turning point into life is upon us.

This transformation into our Father’s likeness starts within our soul as we begin gaining the constructs of truth and divine love that reflect the consciousness of our Father, thus allowing us to receive the inflow of his consciousness within our soul, thus as a subset of his. Overtime as we continue to grow within our soul in this new way, we start to completely change on the inside with hints reflecting on the outside, like a woman starting to reveal a child growing in her womb. But because we are still connected to the mass consciousness our transforming soul remains under the flesh veil. We are being built to hold the consciousness of our Father, and he moves in when the temple is finished, or in other words when our soul is formed to the extent that we can contain and be moved by his pure consciousness.

Thus during this process, we experience a very deep purification down to our thoughts and desires, which in turn changes many of our habits, our lifestyle, the nature of our relationships, our choices, our perspectives, everything. During this process, we become very separate from the ways of the consciousness of humankind. This consciousness governs us less and less and the constructs of divine truth and love more and more. As we leave the reality constructed by the consciousness of humankind behind, it feels like being a caterpillar in a cocoon detached from the rest of the reality. And thus, our interaction with the unreal consciousness is very limited.

Everything of the unreal consciousness is stripped away until all that remains are the truths and love constructed in us by the spirit of truth and divine love. We experience a very powerful singular desire to be governed by his will and one with his divine love and that pushes us through the death to death, which is also the birth of our soul of light. And then the last chord or connection to the mass consciousness is cut and we are truly set free to arise as a new creation completed governed by the consciousness of loving heavenly Father, thus become children of his reflection.

In this final severance, we are completed, though ever expanding, as his temple made through the spirit of truth and divine love. In this, an eternal embrace in divine love is established between our heavenly Father and us, his beloved children. Then a transfer takes place between being governed by the mass consciousness and our Father’s consciousness. Hence, our new birth is completed. He fills his temple, our newly constructed soul. His will absorbs our will, his breath is our breath, and our consciousness is a subset of his consciousness. We are truly alive and awaken from the sleep of death. We are resurrected from the dead as we are no longer directed by the death state of the old consciousness trapped in error.

The entrance of this divine consciousness into our prepared soul is the morning star rising in our hearts. It’s the light of life that causes us to grow for eternity in the wonderments of our Father’s will expressed through our individuality and our love, which is now one with his.



Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Transfer of Consciousness

  1. Good day to you Rachel…its amazing how well you can describe us. But I’m sure it’s no surprise. Our loving Family Yahweh Elohim, Yeshua our Adon, and our comforter-Ruah (a Mom to me)holy spirit all surround and work us into a braided rope with no end into eternity where ‘perfect love are the norm. I salute you lass, let the river flow my friend. Lions and Lambs

  2. What you experience,
    doesn’t necessarily
    change reality, or what
    is real.
    So how are you quantifying
    or measuring your statements
    of reality or unreality,
    what are they based on,
    ‘if not’ a “given norm”, then
    how are you measuring them?
    I am referencing this, in relation,
    to the idea, that you leave one
    consciousness, to gain another.
    Once you gain the new consciousness,
    how are you to prove it is any more
    viable than the old,
    or of any greater value, except based
    upon a new paradigm of beliefs?
    Even if you are ‘handed’ a base
    set of realities, when you experience
    or come to know, love,
    how will you quantify that, in order
    to build a ‘world of knowledge’ or
    world of concepts, and especially how
    would you prove those principles,
    ideas, or concepts to your neighbor?
    That might not hold any truth for
    your neighbor at all,
    and mean absolutely nothing to them,
    yet would not be viably considered
    to mean “they do not know love”.
    The question becomes,
    what is the measuring system?
    If the ‘truth’ is held by all,
    is this just, a communicative issue?
    With so many persons in the world,
    I contemplate whether this might
    prove to be a prediction of fatality.
    Which is in fact the World we see.
    So is the World we see, today, not
    just as viable, and truthful, a reflection
    of reality as any co-mingling of “awareness”?

    In other words,
    the World is reflecting “what is” and
    is reflecting “what is real”.
    To turn away from that, doesn’t seem
    to be the complete solution.
    Why do men, feel the need to “turn to”,
    “a separate reality”.
    My suggestion is, that when one is
    “turning to God”, you meet that need,
    and also fulfilled is the need~
    “to fully understand”.
    Ask yourself, why do men, need to
    “fully understand” if they know that
    God is there?
    If He is in control, we can have
    confidence, that ‘His’ ‘knowing’ will
    carry us through, and especially
    if we are believing His Word.
    Why are we seeking to outgrow
    our humanness?
    A leopard doesn’t need to outgrow
    his spots.
    A bear doesn’t need to outgrow
    his fur.
    I am saying this reference to a
    more balanced approach to seeking
    spiritual enlightenment.
    Jesus, said ‘give us this day, our
    daily bread’.
    Whereas, he could have said, “give us
    all knowledge of spiritual things, and
    reveal the complete secrets of the
    universe, both inner and outer, to us,
    or we won’t be able to function”.

  3. Thank you for sharing, it is so helpful to me as I go through this process to hear from someone else who is farther along on the path.

  4. Some interesting insights
    into Jonah and origins of

    In the story of Jonah,
    notice that he was given
    a command from God to
    preach a message to Nineveh.
    If the fish is representing an
    awakening from sleep,
    notice that his original assignment
    has not changed.
    Why would God be sending
    Jonah ‘to a people’ to
    ~”tell them how to live”,
    and to,
    ~”tell them to repent”,
    and to
    ~”tell them how to live”?
    Surely, this would have been
    an act of arrogance on Jonah’s
    part to “tell others what to believe”
    because supposedly,
    the Ninevites are on
    “there own path”, and will
    awaken “on their on”, in God’s
    For me, it seems that God has
    sent Jonah to the Ninevites to
    “tell”~ “Them”~ to awaken from sleep.
    If Jonah was needing to awaken
    from a dream state, and that by
    the way of, and through the fish,
    why would he awaken from
    this state into the arrogance of
    telling other’s what to believe
    and how to behave?
    And why did the people of
    Nineveh respect his words
    and respond by repenting,
    instead of calling Jonah
    arrogant, and one “claiming”
    to know the truth, and hanging
    Apparently God doesn’t see life
    that he created as being in a dream
    state, but rather in a state of
    rebellion and sin.
    Here we see both Jonah, and
    Nineveh repenting.~
    One, person of being too arrogant to
    tell the truth, that God told him
    to preach.
    And one group, being too arrogant to
    obey the truth.
    But God gave neither one the
    right to claim being in a ‘dream state’
    as and excuse for disobedience.
    He held both accountable~
    one for their assignment,
    and one for their lifestyle, and he sent
    one man to correct an entire city.
    (how arrogant)
    Jonah was not being held
    accountable for his lifestyle,
    but for being bold enough to speak
    the truth to others.

    • Our perspectives reveal our hearts. Each one of us has our own perspective, whether it be of a story, memory, or event, and what our perspective reveals and is ours to learn from.

      • I wasn’t meaning to slight your interpretation.
        The video was beautiful.

        I was thinking though, that our perspective should
        reveal ‘His’ heart.
        The Holy Spirit said, “They are ever learning but never able
        to come to the knowledge of the Truth.”
        So, I’m meditating on whether we should put as much
        confidence, or importance on “our perspective”, as much
        as we would put on knowing “His perspective”.
        So isn’t it, “His perspective” that reveals, and ours is
        to abide by it.
        Of course, that again open’s me up to criticism and
        accusation, for claiming to know.
        But think about, it. If you are learning, then you are
        supposedly coming to know.
        If you’re not knowing, then you’re actually denying the
        whole process of knowing.
        Especially if it is knowing God.
        There has to be Someone there to know.
        To deny that, undercuts the whole idea of having a
        To claim not to know, pretty much is saying that
        a perspective is worthless.
        Inasmuch as the physical world is temporary,
        but the spiritual world is permanent.
        So the temporary would tend to be our perspective,
        and the permanent would tend to be God’s perspective.
        So the temporary would be “personal” perspective,
        of which you spoke, but
        the permanent would be God’s perspective,
        which would be equally permanent for all of us,
        within the confines and parameters of forgiveness
        or course, which could only be established by God
        for ‘everyone’ through an Act of His own,
        and that one Act would have to be in line with
        his own parameters and be a gift from Him to
        us, and it would have to “correct the original errors”
        of mankind, and ‘in being in line with His parameters’,
        would have to include a sacrifice for us,
        because, God cannot sin, or be imperfect,
        in His Spirit, so He would have to accomplish this
        fact, through, flesh, which was given to Him by
        an agreement, with Mary, and of which, He freely
        offered for our Sins, namely His flesh through
        His Son, in agreement with Him, on the Cross.
        Of which I can only state these things by His Grace,
        and gifting. Which is the reflection, not of my
        perspective, but a reflection of His own gifting,
        in my Spirit, given through rebirth of my Spirit
        from original error, and stated in agreement with, His Truth.
        My perspective? or His?

        So I was not fore thinking, to share this,
        or planning within myself to share this.
        But I share it, from a knowing, or do I
        share this from, perspective?
        The difference between these two will show
        if I have come full circle, in knowledge with God,
        or with knowledge, from my own personal perspective.
        And then, which would be greater?
        The knowledge of God, which can only come
        from Him, and cannot be faked, because it
        has to be in line with His truth, and can only be
        found in God.
        Showing the weakness of perspective,
        and the supremacy of knowledge,
        which is knowing Him and knowing His story.

  5. latest video well said i look for things my heart rebukes but this latest video self evident tis true would like to just say as you put it God”s love was always with us even before we realized it i would like to add that we are manifestations of God”s love he has so much he made us to share it which is a sublime notion and when we come to a heart self realized we perceive our past true selves emerge as his own always there in us i challenge you to a video about virtues temperence kindess chasity charity diligence patience and humility and how intelectualy and actionably they keep us away from gluttony envy lust greed sloth wrath and pride for he who sows virtues has a sure reward as the bible states and the ability to have tools in the mind and heart to uphold and defend whats true and right is always very helpfull, for to me practicing virtues is like 7 holy swordsmen encompassing and diligently defending the love of our heart from 7 evil ones and being mindfull of them like 7 holy archers upon a wall in vigilant defense of the light from 7 evil ones who hate the light which ignites the truth of their own corruption, so when we speak and exhort virtues such as patience we shoot arrows at the opposing ones such as wrath, and when we practice virtues like pateince we cut down with the sword wrath which itself is useless and consumes its owner and only practicing pateince and receiving the goodness it gives shows that wrath practiced bring wrath upon those who apply it, ive found the mental application and physical practicing of virtues purifies the ability to perceive properly the holiness in us which him who made us has given named Love(eternal!)

    • Hi Stephen, I have found the same, when lies replace the truth, then virtues replace their opposites. And to truly live in the truth is found through an oneness with our heavenly Father.

  6. “But another aspect of keeping a marriage together, I think it’s important to – you’ll think I’m silly – but to love each other, which begs the question: “what is love?” Words that come to mind are openness, understanding, gentleness, kindness, and kind of working on those things, because everyone has a light and a dark side, I think, selfish aspects, and to kind of recognize those in each other and realize that we are going to have our own particular story at any given time, and those stories, they might not be the ultimate truth but they are certainly true for each of us, so to understand that we are each going through our particular version of reality, to respect that, and to nurture being in love, you know? To nurture that.” (Jeff Bridges, actor)

    • In humility of heart, marriage is a beautiful entanglement to learn about and grow in love (in both senses).

      • As a man, their are times when I think about marriage.. and I am a bit discouraged. For I know this joining is a huge responsibility… and the man has a responsibility to protect and a spiritual role as well. I think as a husband, I might be over protective. I always welcome wisdom.. and I know you walk with GOD =)

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