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Divine Love’s Causality


Divine Love’s Causality:

The Breath of Life



The harmonizing of our soul condition and life choices to divine love testify to its presence within us. In this, we come to understand, thus abide in divine love’s causality.

Our entire existence is defined in cause and effect relationships. Our disharmony, (pain, suffering, fear, lack, etc) is caused by harmful causes, ones that are counter to the workings of perfect love. Divine love creates perfect causes in our lives that lead to perfect effects, which in turn creates more perfect causes. This is how this supreme love creates immortal harmony.

When we begin to transform by divine love, which begins with a drop of this liquid light, our causes start to be governed by divine love. This creates the sequence I described above. It takes ownership of our causes, our inner-most desires and longings, and works out the perfect effect from a myriad of probabilities. Something we could never do on our own. In this, we no longer abide in error; the effects of ill causes. Instead we experience growth and expansion. Through this process our heavenly Father shapes our reality, making it a reality without corruption, thus one he can abide in and move through. Eventually, our soul is consumed with his love, so that our lives are totally shaped by divine love’s causality. His breath of life becomes our breath.

In obtaining this divine love, we are a part of our perfect Father. To prepare us for this sacred union, the initial inflow of this divine love prepares us by sowing our souls in attributes reflective of our heavenly Father. This preparation shapes our lives in purity, thus pushing out corruption from our realities. In this he is preparing his home within our soul, a home sown in honor, and all his beautiful characteristics. This translates into a deep purging and purifying of our soul and every effect that flows from our souls.

Of our own strength and ability, we know we can’t love perfectly as our universal Father does in his divine love. Yet, we can love perfectly in the finiteness of our present moments when this divine love finds fluidity within our soul. It finds its home in our soul through our sincere longing and desire for it, a desire for our spiritual parent’s divine love to govern every breath. This union follows a submission of our self-will (or our self-determination) to the all-consuming will of our Father, which his divine love gently leads us into. Throughout this process, we experience the very nature of this love, as we experience how this love tenderly unites to our soul. In this we experience how very precious we are to him.

Divine love never changes though it’s uniquely expressed through our individual personalities. In its immutability, we are the ones who are changed so that we can experience it and know its nature, thus know an individual intimacy with our eternal perfect Father.

Living divine love is like breathing. We do it without conscious awareness, though at times we are conscious of its fluidity through our lives and into the lives of others. As we expand from our soul outward in this love, we realize it doesn’t succumb to our expectations. It doesn’t conform to our limited thoughts, but it’s formed by what is perfect for us and others. This love is shaped by the thoughts of our loving Creator, thus by thoughts that are far beyond our thoughts. Therefore, it flows in perfect yet unpredictable ways in our lives and in the lives of others. This is how it exposes the absolute/divine truths to us. In the contrast occurring within us, before and after the presence of this love in our souls, we see the truths it moves by. It takes us on paths we never would have journeyed, into relationships we would have passed by, and into places in our soul we never knew existed. Thus for it to flow in and through our lives, we must be comfortable and accept its unique workings. Therefore, we don’t control its expression in what we “should do” or “shouldn’t do”. This love doesn’t respond in “should-do” (obligatory love), but only in a desire to love another. It doesn’t do what it doesn’t want to (hypocrisy); it only acts from a desire to love another. As we abide in a sincere care for others that this love gives us, the love governs the expressions of that care through our unique personalities.

In this union of trust, our soul is knit to our Father’s soul in an ever-expanding unity. Divine love continues to expand in its forms of expressions through us so that it consumes every aspect of our being. It’s the breath of life, for love is the creative energy of harmony, which is the progenitor of continuance of life of an eternal being.

In this progression of divine love transforming our souls, it creates a new reality around us, a reality without corruption. It’s a reality that is always increasing in beauty, peace, and rest for our souls.

Our perfect spiritual Father is right here with us, in this present moment, the eternal present. Selah. In the present, we cross the barriers of the time and space continuum, and we encounter his living reality as our own, and no longer an alternate reality crafted by our minds. As his love grows, it expands our capacity to abide in this present moment by eradicating all fear. Fear or perceptions of lack in our present moments takes us out of the present moment and puts us in an unreality of past memories and future expectations. Overtime, as we continue to grow in this love and all fear is expelled, we abide ever more in his presence in the present until an immortal harmony is formed between our soul and his in the eternal present.

Jesus Christ’s faith brought into our finite mortal awareness this divine love. He lived the truth of this divine love, and made it a reality for all in this earth-life existence and beyond. In his faith, he acted upon the spiritual truths that enabled us to know and receive this divine love. He opened our eyes and souls to this potential of living in divine love now. In this awareness and gift of potentiality, our transformation begins from an unreality of separation into the reality of divine love, the living reality of our universal perfect heavenly loving Father.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

28 thoughts on “Divine Love’s Causality

  1. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Beautiful revealing .

    Cause and effect…..simply stated, we ask…..what was in the mind of God when He caused mankind to be subjected to this life’s journey and what will be it’s effect?

    This is probably the number one question asked of we humans in our temporary state of forgetfulness, blinded by God for a season, and for what reason we ask? Why the temporary blindness to His will, purpose, and the painful suffering of this separation? We only feel what we do as a result of this separation as we feel the full blown effect of being “subjected to vanity, not willingly”, but in a hope of being reconciled back to the Father from which we came. Why? The simple, short perfect answer is for the sake of a greater “awareness” of this Love. Love for what? The carnal mind of man cannot fathom this Love because all he can feel is the effect of this period of separateness, a subjection it seems, to every form of cruelty another can imagine to use against himself and to others. This is darkness, one who is void of the understanding of the life they had with God before coming to this world of trials, test and tribulation.

    Our Father in His infinite wisdom, omnipotent, and omniscience, having no other to persuade Him or to interfere with His will, thoughts and purposes, thought “THIS” plan into existence. There was no other power or entity to thwart His power or decisions as He gave of His very own life’s substance to another. He called this one “anointed” which means christened or Christ, He called him the “Firstborn” (as he would be one, among many to come after). He created this anointed one a “pattern”, as He looked down through His created ages yet to come and foresaw the time when the pattern would walk the earth, setting an example, showing all others the way back to Himself, for the reward to all is Himself, His likeness.

    God, the Father created a Son, complete in the same substance of He Himself, with all the faculties and powers of Himself. The scriptures state the Father gave the Firstborn the ability to have life in himself as the Father has life in Himself, to remain a separate entity eternally, as it goes on to say the same about the rest of His created “children” which was to come after the “firstborn.” Jesus Christ would be completed first, paving the way for all to come after Him. God had a plan and He created spirits like Himself, not humans but spirits, and they as the firstborn pattern son lived for a time without being subjected to this earthly experience. He lived under the plan of God arriving here on earth in His appointed time as we also arrived to walk this earth just as our pattern showed us, to ultimately be completed. These other spiritual beings were created in the same manner as the firstborn or pattern Son. Jesus Christ was the first created being of this plan as set forth in Genesis and He was the one who everything was created through. In all that was said about Christ and all He had done and was to do was according to a preordained plan as Him being the pattern for all to follow. We must ask ourselves; If Christ is the pattern for others to follow through this journey does the pattern apply to all of His abilities in like manner, as well as been given life as a separate entity? I think the scriptures speak for themselves about our similarities to the firstborn and the like abilities to be given to us.

    Yet the plan was not fulfilled for there was more cause to come, more to give, more to experience in making His final effect complete. Mankind was to be subjected to a further processing to fulfill His purpose. Man was spirit, now man would become a new creation, spirit with a temple, a body. First a natural then a spiritual body. “A new creation.”

    As yet, not being born into the natural, a processing awaited mankind as recorded in the book of Job. All of mankind’s processing was depicted in this allegory of Job, a man of God, and from God. His beginning as recorded was one of a lesser understanding as to the why of his existence and suffering than his understanding was after his recorded written processing. We have the processing of Job recorded to help us to explain our own processing and the why of it all. Job’s eyes were gradually ( re) opened as he journeyed through life’s processing’s as God prepared Job’s way and brought each trial to Job as was needed for his maturity.

    There are many other people recorded in scripture with various positions of a fallen nature, some being covered by God’s mercy for their processing for it was their time to be further matured, while some remained in their fallen state to come forth in another time of God’s choosing. For example Paul was a religious legalistic, as he himself interpreted the law, however to his own detriment for he was a murderer of God’s own called out ones…until….he saw the light and was turned from his darkened mind, void of the truth which is Christ Himself. Had God not turned Paul he would not have been turned to follow Christ, as all of God’s creation is awaiting being turned to start their regenerative walk. Each in His own order. Even as Paul participated in the stoning of Stephen he was to be brought forth shortly thereafter to begin His journey back to the Father. While most peoples unregenerate attitudes would send such a one as Paul to an unending torturous place of hell, God’s example of mercy shines through to this man weighted with the sin of murder for multitudes of God’s children. What better way was there for God to show His mercy by example than this? When we think of our sin, as well as the sins of others, we have examples of all sin being forgiven by the most heinous of depraved people…..before…….being turned to God in their appointed time, as our time is also appointed regardless of our past sins. Before the journey to Damascus and Paul’s conversion, there was only a form of Godliness in Paul, steeped in religious works and traditions for he kept “the letter of the law” but he was void of all it represented, the love of God.

    Again and again, example after example, cause and effect is shown by an uncovering of the ..why… of it all, the why of creation and why such a process of variance and hardship. God did it because of the love He had for His creation and seeing the beginning from the end He saw His workmanship as being complete, all having gone through, as Job, all the processing’s needed for the predetermined plan of salvation for each of us. All were to be saved according to each individuals calling and order, predetermined by God, our Father.

    Cause and effect…….

    God caused all things to happen to each and every one of us for the purpose of coming to an effect of being changed from one privileged existence into another one of even a more privileged existence, although with greater freedoms and responsibilities. When the son’s of God heard God’s great announcement of His “further” purpose for them, it is recorded they shouted with joy of what lay ahead. Do we think they were joyous of the suffering that lay ahead? No, not at all but the promises so outweighed the suffering of the process, they looked beyond the suffering to the fulfillment of being given all they were promised. We all must be processed through this earthly journey of trials, testing and hardships only to have gained a love we could have never possessed and expressed without having had an opportunity to love voluntarily, without compulsion. As the fire of God ( for God is a consuming fire) is purposed in each individual’s life to burn out the wood, hay and stubble of the vanity in each of us, we will be brought to a place we could not have achieved by any other means than learning obedience through the things we suffer.

    Each suffers for awhile, but it is but a small moment in time, immeasurable to eternity, each in his own order and calling. We then will come to the image of God, just as He said we would in the beginning of His plan, “Let us make man in our likeness and image.” None was created to suffer needlessly as some believe, though we were created to suffer in this life so that the love of the Father could manifest itself to the fullest extent possible with a new appreciation for life we did not possess before our fall from grace.

    A wonderful cause for a very luminous finality of effect…..all complete in Him…all.

    “As in Adam all die, so as, in Christ all will be made alive……but…….every man in his own order.”

    We come here to obtain His likeness, in His time, to be reproved, reconciled, and regenerated as we cannot be re-anything unless we have been there before. Salvation is something we were created to have before we had done any evil or good…it is a given. In this given salvation we are rewarded according to our ability to obey our Father’s will. We are rewarded according to the compassion, mercy, forgiveness and patience we show toward others as they also move through this process of regeneration. This is why God through the scriptures encourage all to support one another in the ways and attributes of the Father. To tear down and find fault is only shown by those who are void of the purpose and plan of God, a legalistic, as Paul, wanting to justify himself through the letter of the law and not by participating in the love of the spirit. So let us leave the realm of vein laws and appearances and enter into a personal spiritual relationship with our creator with rewards of His very substance and likeness. This can only be obtained by obedience to His beatitudes.

    So we learn to love all as all will be completed in Christ in their own specific order of calling.

    We are being brought back into that state of spirituality with added freedoms and rewards we did not have before our earthly experience of blindness and lack. We will be regenerated with an appreciation and gratitude we did not have before and this will be gained by no other means than through the sufferings of this life.

    Now we see and understand why all of the son’s shouted with joy when they heard the intentions and promises of our Father.

    The cause is only for a wonderful effect.

    • This posted as anonymous but was posted by Sonny

      • I think it would be helpful if sometime, as far as your understanding of legalism, you might show how you
        decide, which of God’s Word you accept, and which of
        His Word’s, you’ve decide are not important, and how
        you are able to arrive at these conclusions.
        It seems like if one is following the Spirit, that both,
        God’s mercy and judgments would be applicable,
        when considering a walk with God.
        If there is mercy, then it’s pretty clear, that the mercy~
        ~is following in the footsteps of a judgment.
        Else wise it would not be mercy.
        It would be a reincarnation of accidents.~
        A falling over foot logs in the swamp,
        caused by improper balance, and based
        on chance.
        Something in the mind of men.
        For those who want the mercy you will have to choose it,
        though repentance.
        God’s Word does not provide mercy without repentance.
        If you are not seeing this in God’s Word, then you
        yourself, are probably forming a judgment.
        Which you prefer to think of as ‘Anathema’.
        “No judgments with God”!
        And a judgment based on what?
        In order to accurately judge these subjects, you will
        need all of the council of God’s Word.
        Both mercy and judgment.

      • Wow, Sonny. I am very grateful you post here along with Rachel as your words adorn this place with even more glory. Only by the Spirit of Truth could such light be captured in your comments.

    • Hi Sonny …

      Some thoughts I had in response to your post .. which I really enjoy hearing your perspectives … so thanks as always for sharing them. 🙂

      How can a righteous person despise himself/herself? Why would he/she, as Job did in the end? In the very eye-opening experience of transitioning into a soul of the divine love (Divine love is like a bright light in your soul revealing all that is hidden, even to our own eyes, to bring truth and peace into all that we are, but it exposes EVERYTHING) of our Father, thus the essence of his goodness, perfection and righteousness, … we see how lacking our natural state is especially our natural love — no matter how refined, thus our goodness, “righteousness”, etc. And when you see this truth … it causes a despising of yourself, because you realize you are far from loving perfectly, which you deeply desire when you know our Father for this is the essence of our oneness with him and being of his reflection. Then we realize, we can only truly love as we desire through the inflow and regeneration of our soul by divine love.

      No matter how perfected our natural love, at any moment we could not love for we aren’t all-knowing. Even in a sincere love for another, we can offend or hurt another. So no matter how much we know or have learned … it is the divine love/truth we need, which comes from our Father and can’t be self-generated. But this gap can produce a despising of our falleness in the inability to be as we desire.

      But as we continue on this journey of the inflow of divine love into our soul, we realize that there is no reason to despise ourselves (for our Father most certainly does not and desires that we do not, but that is a natural reaction when we still perceive a separation from his divine love – as reflected in the prodigal son story), for divine love is perfect for us and will be perfected in us … we only need to realize that we need to give up our self determination of our will, and come into a harmony, through the inflow of divine love, with the truths of God. And he wants nothing more than for us to be partakers of this love, for this is the essence of our purpose here. Yet, without these realizations like Job, we can remain blinded by our ego because of our natural love. So it is a blessing to see the lack of natural love, but even more so to realize there never was lack for that divine love is there always to come into our soul through the workings of the Spirit. We must let go of all that feeds that perceived separation, and let ourselves be shaped to our Father’s likeness .. an reflection of divine love. This is only possible by his spirit transforming and regenerating our soul/spirit/being by this divine love.

      So we are learning many many things through this experience, but one of the most significant is to be a soul growing into an expression and essence of immortal love .. thus to abide in immortal harmony, thus immortality itself.

      Thus, most significantly are learning how to govern our free will that gives us choice, by which our individuality can form so that we can love. And we learn we don’t want to govern it … but we want divine love/truth to govern all.


      • Rachel:

        I couldn’t agree with you more and have tried in great detail to also explain myself that it is not in what we know, understand or if in fact we possessed the greatest of wisdom and had not the simple love and likeness of our Father, it would have no purpose. If a person understood all the types and shadows of the antitype and type, what good would it do unless we understood that all the types and antitypes are but attempts to get us to understand the very love of God.

        A matured righteous man cannot despise himself or anyone else knowing the plan of God is for every single one of us, regardless of their present knowledge, religion or standing. The plan of God is to return every person to their former state of spiritual existence, “plus” some, some 30, some 60 and some 100. We are all saved so why despise any? The question is not one of salvation but where we fit into God’s government? As in the natural,there is the ruled and the rulers. In God’s government the rulers so to speak with lead by example for they will see others as themselves.

        Understanding we come into this earthly journey to be “re” generated back to the substance of the Father, we see it as a preordained method of disciplining each to reach the predetermined fulfillment of the plan. Once we understand that we are not being sent and condemned to a place of torment for our failures, but we learn that through our failures we learn obedience and grow into His likeness we see clearly that God has absolutely no desire to condemn any to an endless torment.

        The bible is coded, and reading it with the literal, natural understanding which is of the carnal mind, we understand little of it’s intent and purpose. For example the book of Revelation seems like a horrible book to some literalist but it being a Revelation of Jesus Christ, it is a book about we all are coming to His likeness and image within our own being. The complete book of Revelation is the revealing of Christ within the true temple in which we are.

        So, it is good to understand the mysteries, but better than understanding them, it is better to understand the purpose of them. If knowledge and your quest for it does not bring you to a desire of standing in His presence and likeness, the knowledge and understanding of the deeper things of God is vanity. To know just to know has no rightful purpose in life. So we can obtain a natural, ego type of “love” from another by exchanging our views but it will gain nothing of the true purpose of life.

        We should not get lost in the details of written words and their meanings so that we may exchange our “expertise” with another thinking this “gain” is Godliness, but use these words carefully to give an account of why we feel the way we do and why we live the way we do. Knowledge is not a destination, it is only a map, a guide to another place, it is not the place itself as so many think it is.

        It is difficult for the mind of man to understand the things of the spirit while in his natural state or in his carnality. This is by design as natural things do mirror the spiritual, therefore there is no loss in reality of any true loss but only gain.

        God determined before anything was created that He was going to in fact create beings like Himself, first a pattern, then all others to follow the pattern. All were preordained to have life through a process and the promise was to all and not just to a few. Therefore with this predestined plan of God for all of mankind to go through, where is the doubt of it happening except in the unveiled mind of man?

        Knowing the predetermined plan of God, His intermediary earthly plan portion of it and it’s consummation, where is the sadness or horror except in our own misunderstanding of God’s plan?

        If we, as God, have been given an understanding of His plan from the beginning to the end of all beings, we can have no other thought than to think of our Father as a wonderful loving Father with the best of intentions for every single being that He ever created. We see the purpose for all suffering and heartache but a means to an end, a plan to subject each of us to something other than reality for a short time. This is a disciplinary probational period where we learn obedience through the things we suffer, just as exampled in the book of Job.

        In other words it’s all good, every pain and ill thought, for even our ill thoughts will correct us as we see the error of our carnal thinking. The carnal mind sees the “now”, the present and reacts and reasons his fate. The carnal mind of man does not see love at the end of the journey but ruin and woe, hell fire and suffering for the error of his ways.

        The truth is this life is a corrective process of preparing each of us to have an appreciation and gratitude for where we will end up, which is an increased portion of His likeness after being subjected to a training process which will determine our place in Him. It is not whether we will have salvation or not but where do we fit into this salvation. Our level of obedience to His will determines our placement in eternal life and the government of it.

        In agreeing with your response, I see there is no reason to see the negative in anything but the fulfillment and end result. All will suffer through this life in varying circumstances and in seeing with a spiritual eye it is “only” for our good, we cease to see evil as evil but only a temporary evil to establish the good in all. Evil is created only to discipline one to an end which ends in the Father’s likeness.

        To the spiritual, all things are spiritual and in this spiritual state one will only see good in “all” things and will see no evil in anything.

        I prefer to share in a common language without getting into the mysteries and knowledge of things unless it is needed to clarify my views. It really is in the simplicity of encouraging and loving one another as simple as this sounds but all the law does hang on the simplicity of loving God and your fellow man. I personally do not see any knowledge or understanding of a “mystery” that does not reveal these simple truths as their only purpose.

        I know your writing is unclear to some, however I see it as knowledge matured or knowledge revealed in it’s intended format, translated to spirit from knowledge. This kind of knowledge does not puff up or make one proud to know, this “substance” which knowledge can only make a feeble attempt to describe can only reveal itself in reality, the reality that does not condemn but loves in spite of the present circumstances.

        Let us pursue the very love of God which even the best of knowledge cannot come close to describing. This is because I do not believe that any word can come close to describing truth in reality. We have to become…. to know, otherwise our knowledge is vanity.

        In all that I write and share I really feel as though I come short in finding the right words to explain my understanding. I believe this is how truth is, indescribable. We do our best.

        We started in love and we will end in love, the in-between is just a means to an end.

      • Hi Sonny – yes, we do our best to describe and words are a limitation, but when we have the spirit of truth and have learned the same truths … we can hear.

      • One thing I notice in your writings, (and there are some good things in them), but one thing that I really notice is that you never mention a ‘personal relationship’ with Jesus.
        You rarely refer to Jesus, as someone you know intimately, or that you speak to back and forth on a daily basis.
        You will find that the Word of God in the New Testament, reveals that it is through Him, and in Him that all mysteries consist, and one mystery is that of His Lordship over your life.
        So God wants a personal relationship with you through Himself,
        and to have that He will require you to obey His Word as well.

        This Lordship is an open plan, and is not a continual mysteriously hidden event from His word ‘that only a few chosen can see’.
        Salvation in the teachings of Jesus refers to salvation, from death Hell and the grave.
        This is written in His Word.
        There is no mystery here.
        It’s to be received by faith, or denied by unbelievers.
        It is unbelievers that are on their way to Hell, but it is ‘their’, desire,
        not God’s. They have free choice before God to choose.
        If you are allowing Jesus to be your Lord, and Savior, then you will
        have this understanding, because this is God’s Word, not man’s.
        Man has no say about Hell, except to choose not to God there, and God had made this way possible through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.
        This is referred to as Salvation, in the Bible.

        He is not asking us, to see mysteries in the Word, but to allow the Word to be our instructions for life, and that includes law and order. People who are living in sin, are not being led by God,
        and this is not being led by mystery, but out in the open through God’s laws.
        The Bible calls the AntiChrist “the Lawless One”.
        So God is not placing a priority on following Him through Mysteries, but on His openly Revealed Word.. If this were a mystery, He couldn’t hold you responsible for obeying His Word.
        The mystery aspect of God’s Word, appears as a mystery to unsaved people, not to God’s people.

        For God’s people His face has been unveiled.
        So bring your beliefs out of shadow and into light.
        That is the literal interpretation of God’s Word.

        So I am not criticizing your statements, but I am pointing out what God’s Word says.
        Words are important, and God’s Word is no longer veiled in mystery, to those who are choosing to follow Him.
        They are only a ‘mystery’ to sinners, and rebellious, lawless individuals.

      • Hi Anon, Because our relationship with our heavenly Father and Christ are very personal and individual, when we have an active and living relationship, often our language and expression in how we talk about what we are learning is very personal and individual. It varies based on our experiences, our current understanding, where we are at in our journey, the depth of truth we know, and what we are currently learning, and even our unique individual purpose. Though, the underlining truths will be the same, the variety of expressions are part of our individuality.

        We learn the deep truths of the spirit/soul from the spirit of truth, our Father, Christ Jesus, and others. Sometimes what I learn is more clearly from the Father or Christ Jesus in particular. I often don’t say particularly who in my posts because the truths I share come as a mixture of instruction, and I don’t like to say directly because it is how they speak with me to my individual soul. It’s where I am at right now … and truth builds. So I share what I am learning through those communions and know that those who have the spirit of truth will know where what I’m sharing is coming from, for the same spirit of truth testifies to it within them … though it may have been taught to them a bit differently.

        Christ Jesus certainly knows many truths of our Father and is every expanding in his own relationship thus understandings … and will continue to teach us in an ever-deepening understanding if we desire to learn. And this I’ve discovered on my journey. But what we learn, how we learn, the order we learn truths are all very individual to us .. but again, the underscoring truths are the same for they are absolute .. though we each have different degrees of understanding of them based on how many truths we know, for one truth gives more depth and insight to another truth.

        I’ve also found that when we start to embrace this very personal relationship, the personal instruction gets very personal and detailed … it truly is like having the most incredible counselor .. and they speak in ways our particular spirit can understand … for again we all vary in our experiences and understanding. It is the most incredible learning experience which causes deep changes within our soul.

        Remember, we only know in part … with an infinite God, there is always more to learn about everything. So I think it’s best to not assume we understand fully, for then we become unteachable .. but keep an open mind to learn more. But know that truth builds … so there is an ever expanding awareness of understanding of the incredible truths and spiritual reality of our one true God, thus our own.

      • Well, lets learn it together.

    • very good sonny u are so on my level ..ha!ha! ❤

      • Thank you, are you referring to the comment from May 25, 2014?
        My life and perspectives on life is very simplistic, yet when we try to explain what is important in life…it can “seem” to be a little over explained and seem somewhat legalistic when trying to explain the simplicity in Christ revealing the symbol. Yet we move forward doing our best to communicate that the bottom line is…to love your neighbor…which means…all.

        God bless

  3. All of God’s words are important. It’s that we all study and God reveals little to some, to some a little more on a natural plane and to some on a spiritual plane. It’s a gradual revealing of Himself to us, that is why we understand things in different ways from another. When I was younger in the Lord I only saw for example the book of Revelations as a mixture of natural and spiritual events. When I had a few years of study behind me and much more mercy and grace and saw the “types” in the old testament of symbols, I began to understand the “antitype” of what they represented in the spirit which is what the “antitype” is.

    For example we know the number seven in scripture stands for completeness or perfection. The seven candlesticks in revelations are seven lights representing the complete spirit of God. Going back to the old testament you see the seven golden (perfect spirit of god) candlesticks located in the tabernacle in the holy place, not in the Holiest of holies or in the outer court. This has significance as the Holy Place represents our soul and that is where we grow, that is where we are led by the light and Spirit (Holiest of Holies compartment) of God.

    Now, most of the Pharisees and Sadducees in Christ day were strict legalist, they knew the letter of the law very well, as Paul. They knew how to prepare the sacrifices, the times of preparation, and the cleansing laws. They were very proficient in the letter (legalism) but just as Christ repeatedly warned them they had no idea of what the type (symbols) represented in the spirit. They for example did not know the shewbread (type) in the Holy place represented the Christ that was to come and the bread only represented the fact that we should on a daily basis consume all that the bread (Christ) is.

    So, it is better to know what the antitype (real) is and live accordingly for the ritual and the outward temple (type) was done away with at Christ coming. As bible students understand God had the outward temple destroyed completely in A.D. 70 by Titus and left no stone in place, even removing the foundation stones and then plowed the ground. This was because Christ and the deciples after him taught that the temple (antitype) was now come and no longer to be found in the type (symbol), in the buildings of the old testament. People who say God dwells in temples made with hands remain under legalism, ritual and ruin. This is because on the day of Pentecost God, through His Son poured His spirit directly into the hearts of those who dwelled in the upper room setting the example of type (natural building) moving into the antitype which is the true spiritual temple of our very being.

    One such as myself, and others who have been blessed to move beyond the legalism and the ritual of things have taken on a personal relationship with our Father through our Lord and savior, Jesus the anointed, or the “Christ’. This understanding and maturity brings with it much responsibility to love in the true temple (antitype) instead of trying to be approved through the type or the symbolism of things. It worked under the law however we have moved beyond the law into the antitype world of realism.

    As we discussed early on there is absolutely nothing wrong with meeting in a building with others and having a bible study or a worship service but one should know God was already dwelling in the true temple when they arrived at the type (or symbol) of the “church building” and when they left they left in the same true temple in which we are. “Know you not that you are the temple of God.” Going to a building in context of the truth is ok but saying a building is a true temple of God shows whether one is a legalist or remains in the type or looking to be found righteous by the law.

    I do not criticize and condemn any at all for where they are in their understanding or whether they even have one or not, this is for God to decided. I judge actions and beliefs for myself as I expect others to do also. I will share my understanding with another if I think they will benefit from it but I will not push it or demand it or ridicule anothers belief if they can’ see what I do. I believe if we do we are actually ridiculing God because we in effect are judging Him for another’s lack of understanding. He is the one who opens or closes another’s mind.

    There is an antitype (symbol) of the seven golden candlesticks found in the temple described in Revelations and when you study the candle sticks you study that it was beaten out of one piece of solid gold and it was “typifying” it was of one spirit just as God and Jesus is one spirit and once we move into a oneness with them we also take on the likeness and attributes, not of the type but in the antitype or the true. The pure oil of olives was poured into the base of the candlestick in “one” reservoir and all the seven wicks of the lights were fed from the same oil (understanding) in this oneness. We as the priest are instructed to trim our wicks daily. This means as we are fed more light amongst the tares (so to speak) we are to pray to the Father that He will take away the “miss” understanding (the burnt part of the wick) and leave the clean part so as to show that the light would shine forth in the soul (Holy Place) as bright as it can. (The priest kept the wicks trimmed signifying Christ will also trim ours if we let Him take away the dross of our own understanding.)

    A legalist in our day will still perform the ritual of the service yet never understand the deeper meanings of the antitype over the type or “symbol.” Many religions still light up their candles and anoint others with a natural oil. I have no criticism for them for God has not opened their hearts and minds to a higher level of understanding.

    Is it not better to look into ones own soul and see the antitype of the seven golden candlesticks with the wonderful oil of understanding so that we may give light to the world for “A city set on a hill cannot be hid” nor can the light be placed under a bushel.

    I understand what legalism is and I do not decide which words in the written word are more valuable than others, God decides for each of us when to reveal the importance of these words and whether we have a grasp of their true meaning or not. If we are mistaken in our understanding, we pray that god will have mercy on us and lead us into all righteousness.

    Mercy is undeserved forgiveness of one’s sinful behavior as often was shown in the case of Paul even before having committed the act of murder and all the while God knowing Paul would do it again and again before He intervened. Yet God had mercy on Paul before Paul’s repentance as depicted on the road to Damascus. In Jacob’s biblically recorded young life of living in deceit (for his name Jacob meant supplanter or deceiver) God’s mercy followed Jacob throughout his life until God called Jacob to repentance . Yet God’s promise to Jacob, before he was born and had done no evil or good, was fulfilled showing God was a merciful God and would keep His promises in spite of Jacob’s sin nature.

    The scripture clearly makes plain that we cannot even repent or come to God unless He draws us to repentance so we are drawn while in God’s mercy.

    You see, we see things with a little different perspective of when God’s mercy is available to us and why it is given. We see the plan of God in a different light also but that is perfectly fine with me because I know for a fact God loves us all, warts and all. I see the warts being removed in our Father’s timing and He will judge when and where and how. This is why I can honestly say I love my brethren for I truly believe in the saying “As in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive “but” every man in his own order.” Some 30, some 60, some 100, three reward levels of responsibilities and freedoms.

    My Lord and savior has revealed to me that the whole book from cover to cover is in type and antitype. In other words all the type stands for something spiritual which is the antitype when understood as when the veil is removed from our fleshly mind of understanding. This is the veil being rent in the temple “from top to bottom” (not partially but completely) upon the crucifixion of our Lord. All the journeys, rituals, and events of the Old Testament have a specific correlation to the spiritual for we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience however a legalist looks at it as we are humans having a spiritual experience. One who is less mature and understands things on more of the natural plane is of course going to see things according to ritual law and ones who God has developed further along in the antitype are going to see all things spiritual.

    The promise is for all even for those who think they are righteous enough to send one to a burning hell. This hell is also in type and antitype and the true understanding is given to those who will love others no matter their sin and we forgive until we see them complete. (Peter was told to not forgive seven times but seven times seventy, meaning without end) A legalist that refuses to grow in God’s will, will remain in a darkness void of the Truth which this “Truth” is Christ’s likeness not found in the natural letter of legalism but within in our very own temple, the one not made with hands but from the direct inpouring of God’s very nature. We are measured this spirit little by little, precept upon precept until all the stones (type) are fitted together. This is where we will stand in the seven perfect lights of a pure understanding giving forth the same mercy, forgiveness, and love of our Father to all others.

    It is not a matter of which words we accept and which we don’t, it’s a matter of perspective and the understanding and walking in God’s spiritual nature to the best of our ability. We thank God for His mercy to allow us to walk on into His presence. We are all on God’s timetable and our understanding is given as he wills. Therefore we show compassion, mercy and forgiveness toward all until God gets to them, not prejudging another for where they happen to stand in the light given to them in their soul.

    When we come to the spiritual side of understanding God’s love is much brighter than when we stood in the type, the ritual and in the darkness of the law. The law brought forth the knowledge of sin, the spirit brings forth the likeness of the Father throughout the process of the pattern, our Christ.

    I will add that even though some understand the difference between type and antitype and walk in the spirit more than ever before in their past there will come a day when we will no longer think of any difference in the symbol and the true for we will have been matured to a point where we will no longer take any thought for which way we speak for we will all speak from the same substance and likeness of God.

    He did say in the beginning “Let us make man in our likeness and image.” It is my prayer we learn to be kinder to another, regardless of one’s perspective for my child will mature one day. I think I will wait and love them through their mistakes, just as my Father is doing, showing by example, correcting as necessary.

    In Christ


    • So what is your Salvation based on?

      I hope you are not relying on your knowledge
      of antitype, and type, to save you.

      And what are you saved from?

      Jesus, said~ He that believeth, shall
      be saved.

      Who is your Savior, and who is your

      • If you don’t understand in the 28 paragraphs…..who my Lord is…..what is your purpose for asking? To continue to belittle another?

      • And…our salvation is based on His promises, not in any thing we have done to deserve His gift of life for a gift is something you do not work for…..but once you receive the gift you can “if you like” use it to bless others. For those who voluntarily adhere to Christ’s call to obedience will receive the greater reward. There is a greater reward for those who help to build the house than the ones who sow the tares, never the less saved.

      • Talking about God, doesn’t save you whether it’s 28 paragraphs, or 1028 paragraphs.
        I was asking~ what are you saved from?

      • We are being saved from the very things that were given to us at our natural birth which was our vanity for;

        Romans 8:20

        For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

        We were born with a sin nature and we will retain that sin nature until we are regenerated back to the Father, this is our hope, this is His promise.

  4. I parenthesized (symbol) when referring to the antitype above and the candlesticks above. The symbol is in type not antitype.


  5. In speaking about which words are more important than others it came to mind about when John was instructed, while on the isle of Patmos, to take the book and eat it. It was bitter to the stomach but sweet to the mouth.

    “And the voice which I heard from heaven, I heard it again speaking with me, and saying, Go, take the book which is open in the hand of the angel that standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.
    And I went unto the angel, saying unto him that he should give me the little book. And he saith unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but in thy mouth it shall be sweet as honey.
    And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey:and when I had eaten it, my belly was made bitter. And they say unto me, Thou must prophesy again over many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.” end quote

    The whole book was consumed, every letter of every word, leaving not a one out. This is because the natural book which John ate represented the true “Word” which is Christ and as John was instructed to eat the “book” just as we also are instructed to take and eat of the body of Christ leaving none of His likeness out. We are to consume, digest and assimilate into every fiber of our body who “He” is. All the clean foods in the Old Testament represented a complete diet of the cleanness of the Word, the true Word which is the likeness of Christ. Clean foods, as clean “words” keep us in a healthy state of being and spiritually speaking if we only eat of the Tree of Life ( Christ) we eat cleanly and if our diet is only of the tree of good and evil we will become sick and tired and will remain in a deathly state. The “type” of literal food is but the antitype of Christ (Tree of Life) which make up the beatitudes, the express image of our Lord. If our diet remains of bitterness, resentment, anger, jealousy, and the like which one can gather of the tree of knowledge our diet will as in the natural make us sick unto death.

    Words are important in the context in which they are given, no word is without significance no matter the seemingly small vitamin and mineral content, thus we eat the “whole book.”

    We eat, not understanding how everything is assimilated into our bodies and what we may lack, but God knows and if we seek the good food from the Tree of Life, leaving out the other, we grow into all that “He is.”

    As John did not pick and choose which words to consume and which to leave out, we also must consume all of Christ without picking and choosing. The thoughts of becoming like He is is sweet to the mind but the actual life long process of becoming like He is, has many bitter trials and test.

    The entire book is in type and antitype, the symbol and true reality so let us

    “rightly divide” the “Word”

    and eat a healthy loving, forgiving, merciful, and kindly diet so that when it is all digested and it becomes us, we can speak out that “Word” which we have become by eating of this spiritual diet, which is none other than our anointing in becoming as one in Christ.

    There is much to be said about rightly dividing the word, both in type and antitype. Let us pray that we all seek to have good words in our diet so we can have and enjoy a healthy relationship with one another.

    It is all about becoming as Christ, the spiritual Word.

    • Here you have said,” the book”, in Rev.~, “go take the book” represents the true book, which is Christ.

      Here your~ antitype, type ~ thesis, seems to be untrue.
      Namely because this book– made his belly bitter.
      There is nothing in Christ, to make your belly bitter.
      So this book does not represent Christ.

      So you are relying on a knowledge of words here,
      mainly coming from your own interpretations.
      This shows how important words are, and it also
      proves, that adherence to correct definitions,
      –does not equal– “legalism”.
      If this definition of legalism were accurate
      then you are just as much a legalist, as anyone~
      because you have used no less that 28 paragraphs
      filled with words, above, to describe your interpretations.

      So, the conclusion is that~ following the Words of Jesus,
      Paul, Peter, James, Jude, John,
      and the teachings of Jesus Christ, ~ do not equate with “legalism”.

      They equate with adherence to the Words of Life.
      Jesus said, I am the Bread of Life.
      Referring to His Words.
      Here he has said, to have life, adhere to my words.

      • Anonymous, on your May 20, 8 : 04 post you ask me to be specific and I thought I would take the time to do just that, carefully.

      • Yes, that’s what I was asking.
        Didn’t have a problem with it.
        And then I replied.

  6. You misunderstand my teaching on legalism. If you would read carefully I am distinguishing between the old law and the spirt. I went into careful detail in explaining the legalism of the old law. No one said anything about following the words of Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, Jude, John, and the teachings of Jesus Christ equating them with legalism but quiet the opposite. It was the Pharisees and Sadducees that I pointed out, who came out against Christ and the disciples you list with their legalistic views. There is quiet a difference in Christ words and the words of a legalistic Pharisee. Legalistic try to find their way in words of vanity alone, not being able to see the revealing of the Word as spirit.

    Legalism in it’s basic form as I see and understand it is a definition of one who cannot follow the spiritual Word which is Christ and as the Pharisees of old can only look at a written ritual to prove their religiosity. I think I made it clear in my points.

    I see you have little understanding of the antitype and antitype in the symbolic meanings of scripture.

    The allegory of the sweet and bitter taste from eating the book is established among many, however if you do not see this, fine. The book “does” represent Christ in it’s totality. Even Christ Himself when teaching made it clear that the old testament types spoke of Himself.

    In “eating” the word as any disciple does, and as Christ and His disciples life is recorded in scripture, adhering to the word and rejection the world so to speak is and can be a bitter experience. One must hold up through the trials, test, and tribulations and the many bitter experiences foisted on them by others. Go back through the scriptures that equate walking with God through Christ and see who did no have very trying experiences. My interpretation is correct using the word of God to substantiate this position. If you don’t understand what I share then it is not for you to understand, you make this clear.
    It is clear we see things different.

    I do not follow the ritual of the old law in it’s legal forms, for I understand the transformation from the old to the new.

    You say, “The book does not represent Christ?!” If it doesn’t what does it represent?

    The “Book” from Genesis through Revelations is a revealing of Christ, the whole Book!

    What does the very first sentence in the book of Revelations state?

    The Revelation of Jesus Christ, that God gave him…….
    This was spoken to John and what was given to him was the book of the revealing of the Christ, it was the revealing of Christ where it matters, in the true temple. It’s a spiritual book to those who God has revealed it to. It’s a natural book to those who still live in the natural plane and it’s a legal book to those who try to prove their worth by legal terms.

    • Well thank God I don’t have to try and live up to you legalistic views,
      of being spiritual.
      What it will take for you to accept me as ‘spiritual’.
      Maybe God will accept me when I pass your bar exam for spirituality.

      • Anonymous, how many times have I made it clear that I “do not” expect anyone to see as I do or do as I do for me to accept them. As I have repeatedly, repeatedly stated as fact, none of us stand or fall to one another. We with respect accept others “AS I DO YOU” just as you are. I am not so small minded that I cannot love another inspite of their views. I share my views with others and when they ask into them further, as you, have, I give it my best to share with you where “I am” not where another is. I do not judge you nor anyone else for their understanding……I just don’t…..this is not Christ like.

        Let me make myself as clear as I possibly can, I do not know you personally but my Lord has helped me to understand His plan “well enough” that I can honestly say that if you believed exactly as I do, I could not love you anymore than I do right now. This is because I love you through Christ which sets the boundaries, the ways, and the conduct of how we are to deal with and respect one another.

        Now do I respect how another may respond to me in all situations, no I do not in all situations, but I do respect the person as another child of God.

        Again, I’m not asking anyone to accept me nor any of my views, it is God who determines what I see or what any other sees. I “accept” this. I wish others could see this also, it would make a much more comfortable existence for all. However it is God who gives the increase.

        What God has given me is for me, what God has given another, is for another, including yourself. Now with three different understandings we with respect share that, that we have …or not… is for each to decide and conduct themselves with the understanding and substance God has given to each.

        You do not have to pass my exam at all, you must look to God for yourself.

        Again, when another asks and I share with them my understanding that God has allowed me to have, I do not expect another to agree with me whatsoever. It is there for the taking or the leaving.

  7. Thank you thoughtware, the more we walk in His light the more of His light we become. I’m glad that your eyes are open to Him.

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