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The New Birth; The Father’s Gift


The New Birth;

The Father’s Gift


Your breath, My breath
Your perception, My perception
Your thoughts, My thoughts
Your emotion, My emotion

Your words, My words
Your tone, My tone
Your movement, My movement
Your acts, My acts

Your will, My will
Your wisdom, My wisdom
Your love, My love
Your desires, My desires

He is giving us Himself.

In all this our individuality is expressed perfectly.

Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

14 thoughts on “The New Birth; The Father’s Gift

  1. Seems like you have your Birthday… Happy celebration!
    I love these few words which say it ALL!
    It’s taking time, but with the renewing of the mind, it’s getting to be slowly but surely my only reality, the substance of your poem.
    Bringing every thought captive to His obedience!

  2. Pretty much sums it up as when “He” said “Let us make man in our likeness and image”, saying in effect we will “all” one day have the same substance in every way. This beautiful statement reveals all mysteries in their relation and completeness.

    And happy birthday Rachel, I wish you and William to enjoy many more and….. today is one of our horses birthday “and” this is how I remember my anniversary date which is the same. 😉 Or so I say.


  3. First seek God and His righteousness … making Him your First Love. Great words to meditate on…

  4. Thank you all. I look forward to when we are all together in this beautiful harmony of oneness.

  5. I believe this poem fulfills all scripture in it’s truest revelation, God all and in all. Simply and inspiringly put.

    • Are you saying that we are god?

      • Simply quoting scripture. And as the scripture records we are God’s offspring. If we are God’s children and we are to grow to maturity, who will we then be like? Our spiritual Father or some other?

        I claim to be of my Father which is of a heavenly origin, again from scripture. If we are not of our heavenly Father we are lost to Him until we see Him as He is, in His likeness.

        In the old testament it states “Ye are God’s” speaking of His offspring as testified of in the New Testament. As a bird grows up to be like it’s father so we grow up to be like ours.

        Choose you this day whom you will serve. If we deny the Father we are in the bonds of the evil one, although poor and blind and (spiritually) naked.

        I certainly would like to grow up to be like my Father in heaven, wouldn’t you?

        In Christ

  6. Dear Rachel,

    I found ya *somehow* a while back on youtube. I don’t log on there anymore, sadly, so I can no longer thumb up your videos as the google thing bugged me. I still do watch them often, though. A couple of years ago I made a vid, “Love is the most Powerful Force”; it’s just a bit of fun. 🙂

    A wonderful day to you,

    P.S. I’m very thankful that you are here.

    • Thanks John, I’m grateful to you and for all who share about the power that love contains. I feel that often its gentleness is mistaken for weakness. But I too have found that nothing is more powerful and the more I learn of it in all its purity the more I see the depth of this truth.

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