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Flashlight of Living Faith


The Flashlight of Living Faith


It’s dark here, in the womb of the earth, before we become new souls with eyes of light.

These eyes of light are created from the union of our soul with divinity. Our eyes of light are manifested when our soul’s eye, the genesis of our perceptions of what we do see, is connected to the all-knowing eye of our Father, so that his perception governs our perception. In this union, our awareness is filled with light; perceiving everything from the real and everlasting absolute truth and divine love of our Father. It’s a harmonious perspective with our Father that enables the gentle yet powerful inflow and outflow of his divine love and intellect through us, thus regenerating us into new souls.

But while in this womb state, we lack the true eyes of light; as these eyes are the results of a soul of divinity. In this disconnect from the all-knowing source, our perceptions are ones that only know our individual mind, thus are vastly limited and often tumbling into error. We are walking around as blind people, a blindness by our own perceptions as to what is real and what isn’t. We are all in the womb having never been outside, and yet trying to guess. This is why there are so many images of who our Father is, what our purpose here is, how to live, and so on. We only know the womb. Imagine a bunch of embryos of all levels of development trying to know what is outside of the womb, that’s us. This is why we all have such varying perceptions of this reality and everything in it. And why we need to give each other abundant mercy, for we are doing what we can in a world of blindness.

Therefore, if we perceive a sliver of an object and I sense it from one angle and you another, we will never agree to what it truly is. If we share similar perspectives because of our past experiences and what we learned or gained from them, our perspectives may be more similar and thus we find agreement, though it doesn’t mean it’s correct. For example, imagine we are walking in complete darkness. You feel a lamp. Now you may think it one thing and I something else, but how can we know for sure its true nature, purpose, and internal structure? We can’t unless someone who sees teaches us. It’s like two blind people arguing over what they can’t see, thinking they both see clearly. So it doesn’t matter how many people believe something it doesn’t mean they are correct, as history teaches us. People follow what sounds good to them, but that doesn’t mean it’s true or right. In this state how can we be sure of anything we know?

There is a “light” available that helps us, which also causes us to develop in this womb so that we can we born out of it, with eyes of light. It’s living faith. Our soul development is a testimony that we “perceive” this light.

The only true light here is a living faith, that though we are still in darkness it serves as a dim light that can grow brighter, like a flashlight with a dimmer switch. It shines from the inside out, by the influence of our Father’s love into our lives through his holy spirit, and from the intimate instruction of Jesus Christ. This faith is constructed out of their personal instruction of absolute truth and divine love to our soul.

However, suppose you and I both seeking to learn from our Father. We will learn the same concepts for truth is truth. Yet, gaining truth is a journey, as it can only build. So while he is teaching one soul one layer of truths based on where they are and what they can understand in their current maturity, he is teaching someone else even deeper truths because they already had building blocks 1, 2 and 3 that the other person is now only learning.

Truth always goes deeper and stacks upon itself, moving from the symbol and shadow to the actual and real. For clarity, imagine one is learning arithmetic and the other calculus. And the one learning arithmetic can’t understand the one speaking of calculus, and sometimes can label it as wrong, but it’s only a deeper layer of understanding, thus perception. This stacking nature of truth is why we’ve been given the beautiful necessity of customized instruction. It’s by this intimate teaching that our understanding is built into a solid foundation, which brings about a living faith, which brings about our new soul birth.

Thus our faith is like a light, but isn’t the light. Its purpose is to lead us to the light, a new soul birth.  So, we don’t actually see for we are still in the darkness of the womb, but we are “seeing” by understanding the truths and love we are being taught. And because truth is truth, the more we learn the more in line our perspective becomes with what is real and everlasting. It becomes so real and deep, that we gain a living faith, a faith in which we act as if we are in the light.

Like a blind person we can learn how to function in this world/womb, and the more “learned” we are under our Father’s instruction, the more able we are to function in this blindness. The more we learn from the source of truth, the more we can “perceive” in more accuracy the world we cannot see.

Though our faith is built upon what is everlasting, we don’t actually have the experiences of everlasting life in fullness and realness, but in part with a hope for the fullness. Like growing embryos hoping to be born. But because this hope is based on what is real, it’s a hope that will be fulfilled. All other hopes built on the unreal will fall. But as we continue in this learning that develops our soul, we mature to a point in our soul development in which we are ready to be born.

Only our heavenly Father knows when our soul is developed and prepared to receive this union. For without our souls developed to be in harmony with his ways, truth, and love, it can’t take place. This development is the main purpose and work of Jesus Christ in our lives while in this womb. He teaches us to develop our faith to such an extent that we can be a conduit of this living light, thus a new soul, and come into the embrace of our Father.

The substance of living faith is in what is beyond this womb of darkness, the true and everlasting life in which we are connected “face to face” with our heavenly Father. His love surrounds us in this flesh veil, but there is a limitedness of which we can connect to him as a child is disconnected from their father while an embryo.

This is why our faith is sometimes difficult. Our faith is built on the realness that is not yet here, and what is here, in this womb, is an unreal state. So what’s here isn’t real, and yet his love also isn’t here in it’s fullness, we experience it in part and by faith. This duality creates some days in which we see through the darkness of aloneness, and other days we see through the light of our Father’s love. We vacillate in varying degrees and intensities until the substance of our faith fully manifests.

Keep seeking the light of divine truth and love, and you will experience the fulfillment of the Father’s love for you, for you will see him as if “face to face”.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

21 thoughts on “Flashlight of Living Faith

  1. That is deep. Yet I must ask you. You mentioned the all knowing eye, not eyes, of the Father. That sounds so much like the all seeing eye which is attributed to Horus, the Egyptian god. I have heard many of “new age” teaching in my lifetime, and forgive me, but much of what you say sounds like new age teaching. I know you mention Jesus Christ, and so does many new age teachers, yet they don’t worship Him as the Son of the Living God. In John 3:16 Jesus said that we must be born again to enter in to he Kingdom of Heaven. We must have a spiritual rebirth by becoming a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, because there is no other name under heaven in which men can be saved. I take for granted that you believe this also, yet I have this doubt that you do. Do you really believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God, is what I would like to know. I don’t mean to offend you, and this could just be the imagination of a man getting on in years. Thank you for your time. 🙂


    • Hi Michael,

      Words alone are a great barrier to our soul development. This is why we can’t only learn by the words of another, but only by the soul communion with our heavenly Father and his Christ. For one word means one thing to someone and something different to someone else. Even slight variations can cause significant differences down the road. With that understanding … don’t let the words confuse you, as any word or phrase has many different meanings for many different people. And never rely on words alone, but the personal instruction you receive from your communion with our Father.

      My suggestion is not to focus on a single word or phrase … but the entire context of the message. “All-knowing eye” is a description of the all-knowing perspective of our heavenly Father … there is only one all-knowing eye and that is of our heavenly Father. There are many copycats out there for just about every truth … don’t let them distract you .. only seek to know the one true God, his absolute truth and his divine love. And worship him alone.

      His son Jesus Christ, one filled with his divine love and truth, came to reveal to us our true heavenly Father among all the false images, and lead us back into a union with him through the new birth. This new birth is what I have been describing lately if you have the ability to “hear” these beautiful truths through my words. And again words can be a great barrier, this is why we must all learn and find an instructional communion with our Father and his Christ. It’s the only way we truly can learn the deep truths of God. We are to honor Christ as the one who greatly loves us, desires above all for us to come into this union, who revealed the life, way and truth to us, who teaches us the truth … but worship is for the Father, as Jesus also teaches us.

      The Bible can only be discerned in truth by the personal instruction by our Father, the interworking of the holy spirit in our life, and the personal instruction of Christ Jesus to our souls. Reading it in any other manner will lead to confusion and a misrepresentation of who our Father is and his truth and love.

      Something we learn along our soul development is that every written word came through the soul of a person, therefore those words are connected to the level of spiritual maturity of that soul. Just as we see today. Our Father is the same, but people’s perceptions of him are based on the extent of their connection to him in truth and their perception of him. Thus any truth we are to learn from the Bible, which we can learn many, it must be taught to us by the source of truth. Then we will start to learn in layers … moving from symbols and shadows into the real and everlasting.

      The Bible can only be discern in truth by the personal instruction by our Father, the interworking of the holy spirit in our life and the personal instruction of Christ Jesus to our souls. Reading it in any other manner will lead to confusion and a misrepresentation of the truth.

      Something you learn along the journey is that every written word came through the soul of a man, therefore those words are connected to the level of spiritual maturity of that soul. Our Father is the same, but people’s perceptions of him are based on the degree of their connection to him and perception of him. Thus any truth we are to learn from the Bible, which we can learn many, it must be taught to us by the source of truth. Then we will start to learn in layers … moving from symbols and shadows into the real and everlasting.

  2. It is a substance, a likeness, we aspire to as we are drawn to this light which is the Christ likeness (anointing), given by His Father and ours. We humans while in darkness quibble over words and different points of view, “labeling” ourselves as of this division or that division. (Religions). If we could “all” put aside all labels and we sought to be approved by God by only that, that matters which is our looking at others as we desire to be looked at being accepted as we accept others we would grow in a much more abundant way as you describe above. Rachel I see what you saying and as usual when I read your articles I see them beyond the letter and the written word and that you understand that maturity comes by an inpouring of our Father’s spirit directly into our being and this comes by obedience to “step one, two, etc.,”

    As much as I love to read, research things and study, this is not where we grow, it is not in much studying, it is being obedient to what is revealed to us in a personal way and there is not a one size fits all as you say. Rachel, you have simply moved beyond the letter, beyond the labeling and divisions. I do see this very clearly in your writing and as you say when we quit looking at others and trying to size them up according to their maturity level as in judging (where they’re at in this journey) we see so much clearer. We begin to see their end, their purpose as our own, and we begin to see these others as fellow sojourners to be helped, nurtured, and encouraged as we no longer let their faults register anymore because we do not judge them as in our immaturity.

    Your understanding is on a deeper level than most and I do not have to ask where it comes from. It comes from our mutual Father. If you grew to this understanding coming through any of the religious teachings, call them what you may, it is of little concern for these are our stepping stones which lead us to a higher understanding. It simply comes to a time in our life where we leave all the labeling behind and step into the only true light, the likeness of our Father through the anointing of the Son. As we discussed, Jesus was the man, the first born son of many and Christ was His anointing. His anointing and ours come from the same source, the same Father.

    All we can do is share with others what is given to us, asking nothing in return. We do not ask to be agreed with, to be liked or disliked, admired or rejected. We speak as we are lead to share with others what we have and we do not question whether we are believed or not as we cannot open anyones hearts and minds to accept what we say. We leave the opening of one’s understanding to God as it should be. We learn to love those who reject us for our words the same as those who love us for our words. We see all as complete, maybe not today, but we see all as completed at some future time, in their order, in their calling.

    Rachel, I would encourage all who read these articles of yours to look at the intent and the purpose of what you say and in the “spirit” in which you say them. It is not a dueling of doctrine or of personal beliefs, it is acceptance of people and things as they are. Not to remain as we are but seeing the end of all. You accept all as just as they are just as we are instructed. There is no prerequisite, no determination that one should believe as you to be accepted by you.

    Wonderful article as always.

    • Jesus Christ was not the first born of many. The Bible does not teach that. What it does say is that Jesus Christ is the ONLY begotten Son of God. You are definitely New Age. Do you follow false teachers like, Eckhart Tolle?

      • Michael, I don’t follow other teachers as I felt drawn some years ago (about 10 years) to learn from our Father and his Christ directly. So I don’t know Tolie’s teachings. But there are truths and lies found in most beliefs as we are all seeking and that is part of it … moving out of lies and into the truth.

        We are all on our paths … I see where you are because I was in a similar spot. Continue seeking where you are now and continue to grow and be taught by our heavenly Father and his Son, the Christ. You will start to learn at a depth you can’t get from the outside. My prayers and love are with you.


      • Michael:

        This is the verse I was referring to in the bible, however this is not the only place it speaks of this relationship using this wording. The bible speaks of all His children becoming “As He IS.” If we are to become in His likeness as He teaches are we not His offspring, and if we are His offspring are we not His children? We are either His children or the child of the carnal minded which the bible depicts as the mind of Satan. We are either a son of God and obey Him or we are of the devil and obey him. We can’t serve two masters.

        Romans 8:29

        “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.” End quote.

        When we reach a certain level of maturity, we only follow after our Father through the processing of the Son, Jesus Christ, therefore we follow no man and we claim no religious affiliation. All men are born subject to vanity so if we follow a man we follow his understanding, whether that be correct or not. We may read or listen to what others have to say but we do not follow them. We may share thoughts and if we do so, knowing we all either err or have erred in our understanding, we with respect listen. If we are mature, we do not ridicule or pass judgment, thinking we are righteousness by doing so, we simply pray for one another that God may deliver us all from our lack.

        There is a scripture in the new testament which reads “If meat make your brother to offend eat no meat in his presence.” Meat is you knowledge and understanding and rather than pushing your views or ridiculing another of their view, remain respectful and God will bless you. If we pass judgement, we remain in our sin, and in doing so we judge ourselves because we judge without compassion and mercy. Judgement is simply correction and this is left to the Father.

        God “begat” His firstborn and God “gave” all the rest to be reconciled through our savior, Christ Jesus as says the scripture. Nothing was created except through the Christ. So one way of putting it, is God the Father begat the Firstborn, and it is then the job of the firstborn to bring (begat) all of creation to fruition. There is much to be said on this point if you can hear it.

        With respect


      • Hi Sonny, a wonderful explanation of this truth …

    • Michael, your speaking the truth, plainly.

      • To those who agree with Michael “speaking the truth plainly”.

        Romans 8:29 (+) the following verses speak to the truth plainly on the subject of Christ becoming the “firstborn” among “many brethren”. The verse Michael referred to as not being in the bible is not only stated here but in many other places as well. The verse itself is clear enough on the subject. It speaks here of being predestinated to become “conformed” to the image of the Son in order that “HE” (the Son) might become the FIRSTBORN AMONG “MANY” BRETHREN. It indicates many other brothers of our Christ being born in “His” image for He is the “pattern Son”. For Michael to make the statement that the bible does not teach this and for you to say Michael speaks the truth “plainly” is in direct contradiction with what is so clearly stated for all to read for themselves, not only in the above verse but elsewhere as well. Most translations say the same exact thing.

        We should not be so quick to agree with another only because we want to come out against someone else in order to make them look bad and ourselves “good”, for it makes one look foolish, unlearned and vengeful and void of the more important beatitude of tolerance of another’s view. Tolerance and respect for other peoples understanding far exceeds the knowledge itself for all scripture is written to mature God’s creation. The maturity (perfection) of one is found in their matured nature and makeup, not in what they “know”. If one’s knowledge in and of the scripture does not bring one closer to God’s likeness and spirit, one studies and reads the bible in vein and thus expresses himself as such. With knowledge comes the understanding of what the knowledge is talking about and wisdom is the attribute of being able to apply the correct understanding in coming to fruition in the likeness and mind of Christ. ( being developed in each of us). Having the wisdom to see that knowledge in itself, used only for being at variance with another is unhealthy, while having the wisdom to see that one’s knowledge should bring one to a love for God and a love “for all” regardless of anthers understanding. Maturity looks to the end of another person while immaturity looks at one’s immediate character and judges blindly not seeing the “potential” in these others. We are to see as God sees others, and that is having compassion on one another’s short comings and misunderstandings while He is processing us out of the negative into the positive mindset. When we see the end of another we see them “eventually” in God’s likeness. Is it not better to focus of the goal of God and not the obstacle to be overcome? We with patience should “wait” for deliverance from “ourselves “then” we can see clearly to help remove the mote from another’s eye (understanding).

      • Some people are processing ‘themselves’ away from, God’s Word.
        The Holy Spirit will only processes you~ to~ God’s Word.
        If you are hyper sensitive to the Word of God, your wisdom is not
        flowing from the Spirit of God, but from yourself.
        This is referred to by Christ as being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
        If you were truly in Christ, you certainly would have no problem
        or contention with those who are speaking God’s Word.
        Christ Jesus the Son of God said to Satan, three Times,
        ~It is Written
        ~It is Written
        ~It is Written
        This is when the devil, left.
        If you are checking out when people are speaking God’s word,
        your spirit, no matter how seemingly loving, is not from God.
        The whole New Age Movement, is based on everyone loving, each other, without God, and God is his Word.
        Without God’s Word, you will need to be awakened.
        Awake you sleeper and God will Give you light, is what God’s Word says.

  3. Thank you again Rachel for sharing what The Lord is doing in you. Love is truly what changes us. When we experience the love of God, it totally melts us. It is so powerful and beautiful and only when we have experienced it can we give it. Once we experience this love and gace, we realise what a powerful gift we have to give to others. So few people give it, which means that not many experience it. We experience it by coming before The Lord and being still. Stop talking, praying, asking …and just wait to hear and feel Him.. and like you said Rachel, this is when we experience Him as our teacher, instructor, counsellor. This is not easy. Our flesh does not like to submit and be still! I always ask The Lord to quiet me and help me to be still before Him. I agree with Sonny, Rachel you have something very deep and powerful and true to impart. Thank you again and blessings on you and yours.

    • Hi Anon, thank you for your encouraging words .. for it is my utmost desire to encourage others along their journey.

    • Anonymous, (March 24) When you abandon tradition, religion, and what others may think of you for doing so, and with singleness of mind, seek the truth of God wherever it may lead, God will open your heart and mind to all that He is for he seeks those who seek Him in such a manner. A person who tries to climb “up” by knowledge and having it filtered and approved by others will not find this narrow path. It is the love for others as God desires for us to have which brings us to this understanding, study as much as you can but if your desire is not focused on becoming as “He IS” we will never see afar. When we learn to love another in spite of their view and what they believe we have truly left this world of tradition, ritual, and religious pretension.

      I visit Rachel’s site because I know of a surety she has your welfare at heart when she speaks. She is deep because she sees the simplicity
      in the loving ways of our Father. Her love looks beyond the letter, beyond what you believe or do not believe. If you truly want to help someone, you cannot judge another you are trying to help by constantly looking for their missteps or their mistakes. I am not one to flatter as I believe this to be nonconstructive but I am one to speak plainly as circumstances warrant. It is rare to see someone, as Rachel, who can put their heart felt beliefs so in plain site. To find fault with this beautiful mind is from one void of love themselves. Rachel explains things from a slightly different perspective as I do but nevertheless we are tuned to the same frequency. Now she may believe the “history” of the bible different than I, but what she sees beyond the letter is where we communicate. We truly have to look beyond the letter, beyond the fault in others, and have a singleness of mind to be found in the same compassionate likeness of our creator.

      Any would do well to understand what is said here in spirit for the spirit expressed here far exceeds any fault.

      Thank you for seeing this also.

  4. I think what you are saying here~ “is” having it filtered through others.
    When you put your heartfelt beliefs before others, you are doing so
    in order to have it filtered, otherwise your blowing wind, and emptiness.
    But the ‘one’ to do the filtering is the Holy Spirit and that is only in line
    with~ The Bible.
    Otherwise you may be being filtered, by Satan.
    Through Jesus we are not climbing up, but we are already “in”.
    If you are trying to be approved by good works, and knowledge,
    you are trying to be perfected by works.
    Perfection only comes through the cross and finished work of Jesus Christ, of which Michael was pointing out.
    This ‘is’ abandoning yourself to the Word of God.
    The truth of God, leads by the Spirit of God to the Word of God.
    Jesus is the Word of God.
    I Am the Beginning and the End.

    • No, I’m saying we should live our lives to be approved by God, not in seeking to be approved by others. In doing our best we see the best in others also, we desire for others to be matured in Christ likeness, the same hope we have for ourselves. For this to be accomplished we must receive forgiveness constantly for our mistakes and misunderstandings and we must also have this same mindset to forgive others for their weakness’ and misunderstandings. “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”, is a forgiveness that eventually becomes our nature and not a one time event now and again.

      • I’m simply pointing out that most of the statements you have
        made on this blog, are centered on your being approved by
        Accepting people or not accepting people is a given.
        The Lord Jesus did not follow or participate in false doctrine.
        Our responsibility is to follow Him.
        Not thoughts and philosophies that are born from Satanic origin.

  5. I Sent My Word and My Prophets

    March 27, 2014

    ImageArrogant power will come to end says the Spirit of the Lord. For the people have talked and scoffed and mocked My prophets and the words of My prophets.

    So My people come and pretend to be sincere and sit before those whom I send.

    They listen but have no intention of obedience or adherence to the words I speak says the Lord. They have mouths full of lustful words, their hearts do not seek after Me.

    ImageThis is a people entertained by my ministers, they listen to you like someone who sings love songs with a beautiful voice or plays fine musical instrument. Yet they are a people who hear what I say but have no intention of acting on it. Hearers of the word only, yet the Lord says I demolish your pride, strip you of your arrogance, when these things happen, certainly they will know I sent My Word and My Prophets among them.

    For the Lord says I will search and find My sheep. The Sovereign Lord says I am looking for My scattered flock, I will find and rescue all My scattered sheep.

    What sorrow awaits the shepherds who have fed yourselves and have not fed your flocks. You have not taken care of the weak. You have not tended the sick or bound up the wounds. You have not gone looking after those who have wandered away, you have ruled them with harshness and cruelty. Many of My sheep have wandered off and are lost.

    The Lord says, I myself will bring them back home to their own land. I will feed them and bring them back to the place of refreshing says the Lord. Even to dwell by the river of God I will refresh them, strengthen them, and bind up their wounds, bandage their injuries. I the Lord will tend to My sheep and they will once again lie down in peace.

    But I will destroy those that are fat and powerful. I will feed them yes, I will feed them justice.

    ImageAnd those of you whom I have been brought home, cease to murmur and stop your complaining, for there was a time you too were lost, rejoice for all that I have is yours. My people you are saying the Lord is not doing what is right, I will judge each one of you according to your deeds. Now is the day of justice, separation between the sheep and goats. A dark day.

    The Lord says I will divide between the fat sheep and the sickly sheep, for the fat sheep have pushed, butted and crowded My flock until they have been scattered in every direction.

    The Lord says I will rescue My flock and they will no longer be abused. I am going out into the land the find My baby lambs for many are lost, many cannot find their way to safety in this wicked generation, many are lost and have no direction.

    ImageThe Lord says, I have made a covenant with my people to come and drive the wolves and howling dogs away, and bring my flock back into that place of safety in that land filled with milk and honey.

    I will bring my lambs back and they will be in safety in the wildest places and they will even lie down in the wooded areas and sleep without fear. I will bless My people and send the showers they need upon them and their homes. Their orchards and their fields will yield crops and My children will dwell in safety.

    Image I am breaking chains and rescuing those that will, from being enslaved any longer. They will no longer be a prey to the enemy, they will live in safety says the Lord. In this they will know that I am with them, they will know that they are My people. You are My people and I am your God. Watch and pray says the Lord, for surely I come quickly.

  6. I take no thought in being approved by another in what I say. I speak as I understand. I do not first ask another to agree with me nor do I get another to come on this blog and support what I say against another as “some” do. What another thinks of me because of what I understand does not sway what I say nor does it offend me that they cannot see what I see. God does not show us the same things at the same times in our journeys we should not throw stones when we don’t understand what another says . I do not read what others write on here nor anywhere else and try to pick them apart because of some difference in perspective.

    I answered your questions and variances as best I could. I however do not agree nor accept your rude and crude manner of speech toward Rachel, myself or any other that does not see as you do. You should learn to speak and converse with others with more of a love and respect than what you do. (Words are not substance.) This is Christ likeness and shows a mature or a maturing person. I’m sure you are well intentioned, however you speak with little understanding, little respect, and little love for another. If I am being blunt, it is because there is a time for all things and though my words are blunt, they are not said in anger, disrespect , or as one who beateth the air. Asking Rachel at one point whether her parents were disappointed with her, etc., was a statement of complete absence of disregard and with the utmost rudeness. If you think you do God a service by conducting yourself in such a self centered and condescending manner I would suggest you take another look at who you truly represent. It is not God, and it is not His Son……..You speak “religious” phrases and words yet your attitude reveals a different nature.
    I hope that I have answered your personal, subtle, affronts in as clear a manner as I can. There is a better way, and I hope you find it, and I believe you will, in time.

    • I certainly am not understanding what your finding as condescending.
      There is nothing rude or crude in my comments.
      You walk in a phony love, that is exposed when confronted with truth.
      In all of your comments, you exalt your opinions above the comments
      of others’, calling them “religious”.
      Your love is phony, sweet talk.
      I’m only responding in this way in response to your own language.
      At least I may have forced you to get real with yourself, and stop acting
      like God’s little “love Angel”.
      I think all of us know what love is.
      Now, come back to the Bible.
      If you find that religious, you’ll need to deal with the reality of a conversation about it,
      Hiding behind the term religious phrases shows you are lost in a world of your own making.
      Learn to talk to people straight forward, about God and the Bible, and
      not your “Angelic nature”, and get real with yourself.
      Your comments above, certainly do not reveal you as Angelic, so I’m certainly not slighted by your comments.
      Or your critique of me.
      What I am focusing on is your false understanding of God’s Word.
      Your too important, to God to allow Satan, to deceive you.
      Deal with it, or hide.
      You can’t hide from God.
      Your just not used to people, calling your bluff.
      So continue to love me. I give you brownie points for it.
      I’m impressed.

  7. I wish you well.

  8. Rachel,

    In reading your above article and the comment about our walk being customized to each of us individually and we are spoken to and led as we progress as individuals is so true. What many miss in our individual journey as we speak one to another is this understanding that we are being processed as individuals with different callings in different orders. Our understandings are different according to our particular calling. This is made very clear in the written word as Jesus corrected Peter in asking what was it to him in what God was allowing in anthers life.

    As we discussed before there are many rungs on a ladder and where another is, is their stature in Christ and often misunderstood by others on a different rung although on the same ladder, but only with a different vantage point. Therefore we learn to respect all regardless of their own view point. Understanding these individual truths and sharing these with others often leads to misunderstandings and attacks by those on a different rung.

    I believe that in some who lack seeing that we are “customized” according to our progress in Christ we leave ourselves open to criticism but this goes with the territory we have gained. In being accused oftentimes of being “new age”, baptist, catholic, pentecostal, charismatic or of some other persuasion, because of a particular thought we may express leads others to want to categorize us and put us in a box. As you know we live outside the box because we have answered the call to “Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins.” As you also understand there are two “hers” and these represent the false and the true church. The true church wears no label as you so artfully expressed in an earlier article.

    In expressing and sharing from our vantage point on our “rung” of the ladder we do not place ourselves as being better than others because of what we understand, it is a sharing of what we understand and we do not expect for others to see what we see nor do we require them to do so. In answering affronts to our positions it can lead to debate and argument if we are not careful and we can often be misunderstood that by “sharing” our views we are criticizing others which is not the case at all. We can only share what we have been led to know. If we are not complete in our understanding or complete and another disagrees with it, this is ok.

    Yes, we do move from the symbol to the real and those who have not yet left the darkness will criticize those who have moved on. Darkness is the carnal mind and as it says in scripture the carnal mind cannot live along side light for one is antagonistic to the other. When one only sees and understands by the ritual or the type and lacks perception of the light which it represents treat this truth in light as that which is natural instead of seeing the revealed light of which the shadow only outlines. You speak often of the relationship of Spirit, Soul and Body. This is a subject with much symbolism throughout the scripture and there is much controversy of this relationship among many of your readers.

    If I may I would like to add a little perspective on this relationship for it helps us to understand who we are and why we do battle within and without because of this confusion.

    Things are always stated in the written word in a natural way to help explain the reality of the spiritual as the natural explanations are “always” the shadow of the thing and not the object itself. These revealings from darkness (the shadow) to light and the ensuing brightness until we reach the light of the noonday sun so to speak are but these rungs on the ladder which have different perspectives from where we have been led.

    In Genesis for example you have Adam, Eve, and the serpent all in the garden. In the Hebrew language a masculine of a feminine character was placed on each word. Adam is masculine, Eve is feminine. Adam represents the “spirit” in type while “Eve” represents the feminine or the soul. The parallel in Adam, Eve, and the serpent is Spirit, Soul and Body. We were spirit before coming to this earthly experience, we are spirit now and will remain so once leaving this valley experience.

    So we have a spirit which is constant as Adam was constant before the deep sleep was placed on Him by the Father. We follow this pattern in our birth into this real, although we are birthed from the natural womb, we are naturally born into this spiritual womb which we call this earthly experience. I think we concur on this aspect of our “rung.” All throughout the scripture we see example after example of the woman (the soul) whether in the Shulamite woman looking for “whom her soul loved” to the “Holy Place” in the temple. Both the Shulamite and the Holy place represent one and the same thing and that is our soul. In the temple there was no way of getting to the “Holy of Holies” without passing through the “Holy Place”, our soul. The outer court of the temple is the flesh which represent the workings and the sacrificings of the flesh which in type represent how we go through our processes, firs the natural then the spiritual. In the example of the tabernacle we must come to the “gate” of the outer court where the flesh is dealt with and no progression can be made into the “second” chamber (soul) without passing through the alter of sacrifice. The Holiest of Holies (the place of the Spirit) could not be reached without passing the soul experience which is depicted by the Holy Place or the second chamber.

    So, we too, pass in our spiritual journey through the gate of the flesh of sacrifice of our detrimental ways through the soul experience on into the most Holy Place. The High Priest (which represents Christ in type) was the only one allowed in the Holiest of Holies and this only once a year for no “man” was allowed in until the appointed day. This yearly day represented when Christ entered into Heaven, “once for all” when He was sacrificed through the gate, through the soul process and on into the presence of God from which He came. The veil in the tabernacle had no door and the Holiest place (Spirit) was partitioned off from the Holy Place (soul). When Christ hung on the literal cross and when the earthquake was felt, the veil in the temple (tabernacle) was rent from “top” to “bottom” thus “signifying” a way was now made into the Holiest of Holies (the spiritual world) which was not afforded in the old testament under the ritual of the natural tabernacle for it only represented the way of Christ which was to come.

    If we can get a grasp of the tabernacle and it’s design and how it functioned we see ourselves in the three compartments of Spirit, Soul and Body and how they relate and which has priority over the other and which will cease to be and which will live one. The marriage supper of the Lamb, the Bride of Christ (Spirt and soul, or Spirit and church which represents the soul) are all types and allegories of us as individuals and our veil within our tabernacle (of which we are) must be rent making a way for our soul “back” into the Spirit thus consummating this marriage of Sprit and Soul. We then become complete again in Christ.

    The war between the carnal mind and the Spirit is the battle for the soul. The king of the earth (carnal mind) in the story of the Shulamite woman (soul) which represented is a picture in type and symbol of our should looking for whom her should loveth. The King wooed her to no avail for she was seeking the spirit which she knew was her only love that could satisfy her. The spirit was the Christ who her soul and ours seek and we do not rest as she until we find our lot love.

    Rachel, I have noticed when you share many attempt to correct you on your view of the Spirit and soul, not understanding their rightful relationship with one another. It is virtually impossible to grow and understand ourselves (and others) without understanding the relationship between our Spirit, soul and body and how and why they were made, and for what the purpose was in the fall in separating us into spirit, should and body where we were only spirit as Adam was before the fall.

    So…the soul (Eve) must find her way back to her husband (Adam) and learn to obey him (the spirit) and when our unruly, wayfaring and disobedient woman (our soul within) sees the error of her ways and returns this is the church, the woman, the soul, returning to God through His Christ (anointing) and becoming one again.

    Rachel, you say it so well without using the types and shadows which are recorded in the scripture but from the perspective of one who does I thought to tie it all together for if we can understand the type in a brighter light it may help those who do not understand the spirit and soul are but temporarily separated. Because we were blinded by this vail of flesh blocking our view temporarily front the true goodness of God, it allows Him to process us in such a way we learn to appreciate His Love and His gifts in such a way we could not have learned by not being exposed to the ways of this evil world. I do see God’s plan for all and it is a wonderful plan although we will suffer the journey until the light comes in it’s fullest brightness. The night right before the sun rises is the darkest part of the entire day so I encourage all to not despair for the sun will rise. The sun rises on all, whether in the shadow or in the dawn and the sun as it travels around this earth (soulish realm) it does not rise on all at the same time but in time it travels the full circularity of including all in it’s journey, thus depicting the Christ rising in all of our lives.

    I hope, while rather lengthy, this will help and allow ones to see the relationship between the spirit , soul and body, and which things must “pass away”, and which things must remain and become united again. In a marriage there are two for the spirit has wooed the woman away from the serpent nature (carnal mind) and has won her heart, and now they become one again. As our spirit and soul struggle to reunite throughout this earthly process we become complete again, reuniting as one with our Father as Christ also ” first” united with His Father, thus the Father becoming the Father of us all. Christ is our pattern in all things and he depicts also what our own relationship should be with His Father and ours.

    As we are being finished and as we become closer to our marriage of soul and spirit so to speak, many will scoff, many will call you names, and belittle your understanding but the same happened to our example and our pattern. Although the multitudes ridiculed and scoffed at His words ( and these same ones who belonged to the religious order of the day put Him to death), he remained unwavering unto the end. We must follow the example and pattern and be led by the same spirit.

    In Christ


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