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Seeking into the Beyond


Seeking into the Beyond

Who is God?


In the way of perfect goodness there is only life.

Why would a God of love and life cast a reflection of death, killing, animal sacrifice (offering of fear and death), stoning, and eating of dead flesh as we see in the Old Testament of the Bible? Is this the reflection of the true eternal God of divine love? How can what is life reflect death? How can perfect love reflect fear? How can a mirror reflect something opposite? These are the questions a soul seeking truth asks.

When we are seeking the truth, thus the source of truth, we have to ask ourselves is the image of god, the one our minds have been shaped with, the true God Almighty?

Life is life, not death. Life reflects life, not death. It can’t be what it isn’t.

In seeking truth, we are led beyond all that is of this world, what is created by this world, and what is sown in this world, that which is darkened in corruption. We go above the dark clouds of fear, death and suffering, that hover over this lower realm and discover a higher realm where purity, truth, life and divine love exists. As humans we were blessed with this capacity by the Spirit of Truth – to connect through the spirit, beyond the spirit that hovers and governs this world, to a higher Spirit who exists beyond this creation. We must ascend above the film of this reality into the spirit beyond.

In this ascension, we start to “see” the essence of the Most High, who is perfect divine love. Then we ask, who is the god of the Bible, the Old Testament? One Jesus greatly contrasted? Bound in their beliefs of a god of death, Christ gently showed them the reflection of God Almighty who is beyond this lower realm. He spoke in a way they could receive by starting with what they knew, their perceptions of god. He contrasted the higher law with the lower one, teaching that love and life, not fear and death, are the nature of the Most High.

This god of the lower realm rules by fear, not love. Fear is the lack of love. Love fills the emptiness of a soul and in doing so drives out all fear. Fear involves torment because of the lack; lack of care, healing, protection, safety, mercy, counsel, comfort, care, and kindness. Fear doesn’t involve healing and love. Fear and perfect love can’t co-exist, for one is the lack of the other. So who is this god they called Father? The god of this world, one formed without love and therefore that is how he rules?

There is no fear in perfect love.

Christ came reflecting and teaching that we have the ability to connect to the Most High, as he did. And not only connect, but to be a part of His divine love as he was, and be a spiritual entity that never dies when it’s of life. Divine love is the supreme good, perfect governance and superior state of mind for any creation. It prevails over all. Thus, Christ left us with a new command to govern our mind, to love as he loved which was with the eternal Father’s divine love, a love not of this world. Not commands of death, killing, cruelty, stoning, animal sacrifice, feasting on death sown in fear and pain, hatred …only perfect love.

By embracing the ways of divine love, we are separated from the governance of the god of this world. We are set free from serving what is opposite of love, and embark on a path of being transformed by this divine love. We begin to take on a new likeness of the Supreme Creator, thus transitioning into children of the Most High. In this likeness, we live and act in accordance to divine love and its principles and ways. Thus, we start to reflect His nature, as Christ did. What we do and live by reflects our God, who is a creator and dispenser of thoughts; thoughts/beliefs that govern us.

Our thoughts either create and feed fear, death, suffering, cruelty, torment, lust and rebellion OR kindness, care, compassion, beauty, honor and love toward all of creation. We can’t do both for one is the opposite of the other. One comes from an emptiness, the other from an oneness. The characteristics that govern our beliefs reveal the god governing our mind.

One god feeds us death, the other life. We feast on lies or truth. We feast on the flesh of the dead or the fruits of the living. Our choices and lives are a reflection of who we serve and know God to be or not to be. The more we know of the Most High God, the more our life is of life and not death; not consuming death, wearing death, feeding fear, or governed by fear. The desire of one who is of divine love is not to do anything that is counter to it. When we choose the paths of life, we become a part of the eternal life. Along the way, we are transformed from the inside out into creations reflecting a higher realm, and no longer the lower one we were born into.

May we let love, true, sincere, and real divine love, be our only guide in our daily lives. Not convenience, habit, tradition, culture, mankind’s religions, or the world’s wisdom. This is the awakening to true righteousness. It’s coming out of the ways of blindness (darkness) and into a healing reality of life.

As I have been seeking the truth, divine love met me on my path. Walking in its principles creates more life and love in your life, not less.  Love forever grows and expands in your life for it is of life. It’s the supreme way and governance. When we seek truth in all sincerity, we come to find divine love. It’s the way of perfection for all of creation. The perfection of love is a reflection of the Most High God.

May we all come out of the blinding darkness and into the marvelous light.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Seeking into the Beyond

  1. Ah Rache, you do hold the banner up high!!! Yet humbly I add that as we enter into the lives of others who are bound, we take on their infirmity’s and suffer with them… I never know to whom God will focus on through me to battle in the spirit realm; To pay sacrifices, to grieve for, and wrestle powers unseen. To suffer as it were, even wounds unto death for their sake, as if it was an absolute mandatory fight defending them, until they are safe again. It is then only I am disengaged and brought into a place of rest and healing; Bloodied and bruised, often broken and deeply wounded I am never fully defeated. Yet another ressurection. But I know that the battle is the Lords, and I am only a servant He is often testing by fire, proving and purifying my soil to recieve more of Him thereby walking towards your well seen and taught “Perfect love”.
    A bruised and grateful Knight;

  2. In our search for that Truth which we were blinded to upon our entrance to this earthly journey, some of us with much eagerness search the scriptures to find answers to our questions about God, Jesus and whey we are here. It is instilled in us to search and once God reaches out and pushes the start button to begin our journey, our search begins as we are drawn back to the Father, through Jesus Christ our conduit as “all” things were made by and through Him. The heart wrenching questions many ask as why does God permit this and that in such a way that we “as” humans cannot comprehend. One of the most asked questions along these lines pertaining to death is why God instructed the Israelites to kill “every” man woman and child, including their livestock at times and not at other times in their quest for conquering the promised land?

    One of the key elements in understanding the ways of God is to know and trust that He does nothing that does not bring us to a completion in His likeness which He set out to do before we were introduced to this world of pain and suffering. We must learn to see the Love in all things and upon knowing that all things are produced out of this Love God has for His creation. When Moses went up into the mountain to receive instruction from our Father, “our” Father told Moses to make the tabernacle and the furniture in it exactly as it had been shown him, not deviating in the least, “for these things depicted something that ALREADY EXISTED in the spirit.” So it is with the whole book from Genesis to Revelations. Each and every occurrence has a spiritual meaning and as we become more and more obedient to our Father through our disciplinary process we learn the meanings of the spiritual often times by the observance of the natural for this is the purpose of the natural; To reveal God in all things. All things are for the purpose of our growth and maturing into a more mature being than we came to earth with. We are but children in the natural, thinking we know everything, but when the wisdom, knowledge and understanding come we mature, now knowing we knew nothing as we ought.

    There is a profound truth in knowing why we are here, what the taking of life means in the natural as we are exposed to different levels of this life taking, whether it is by battles in war, by accidents or from natural causes. Life as we know it on this earth only comes about by the death of something else. For every gain there is a sacrifice. For every life that God gives to the individual as He first gave to Christ and then to us, He had to sacrifice a part of Himself. For us to have life in ourselves as God gave to the Firstborn to have life in Himself this life had to be set apart from Himself, never to return as this eternal part of Him was and is given to us. To help in the human experience to which we are subjected God wanted to give us, His children an awareness of what it means to give of oneself. He devised a plan called this earthly journey to produce in His children an awareness, an appreciation and gratitude we could not have had without the suffering, without the lessons of being exposed to sacrifice, the gaining of life by the loss of life. It is grievous to the unlearned and immature but it must be this way for it to penetrate our being and produce the maturity that our Father desires for us to have. We often think why it must be so hard and difficult of a journey. Again looking at the natural to understand the spiritual we understand that the sacrificing of the animals in the old testament as when people were instructed to bring their best animals to kill and sacrifice to God, turning them over to the priest, and the priest would take the life of an “innocent” animal for the forgiveness of the sins of another for that year. It is said that without the shedding of blood there can be no life but in the shedding of this blood life is taken from one who has no fault and is thus given to another by symbolism. Again God gave us of His life in His innocence together with His Firstborn. This giving of life from God is a type of death in that He gave of Himself, a type of dying so to speak, in that this life that was a part ofGod is now ours to have separate from Him although not completely. This is why we move and have our being within God, it is that He simply set apart from Himself, a part of Himself that we may enjoy eternal life in much the same way as He, Himself just as He said in the beginning; “Let us make man in our image and likeness.”

    Death is not an absolute as some would think but a changing of life, a journey to a higher calling, a higher plane. This earthly death experience brings us to this greater life. “Above all” we learn gratitude and appreciation through suffering the things of this life. This is the crowning achievement for us, for we cannot repay the gift of this life that our Father has given to us, we can only appreciate and have a gratitude for it. These two attributes are a feeling of a Love we can only know if we have them for all else is a given. God desires for us to appreciate the gift for in the giving and having appreciation we “show” a gratitude for the gift of life. This loving attitude that one develops toward another is perfection, a maturity that dwells in the essence of this self same Love, our Father which is in heaven. Heaven is a mindful sharing in the attributes of our Creator and He desires for us to be matured in all that He is. We will certainly bow to these likenesses as this is His purpose for everyone that has ever been born into this death experience. Life if a full circle, the Life we had with our Father before the fall, this death experience, then to return to the Father with a new found appreciation we did not have until we learned obedience (and gratitude and appreciation) through the things we suffer. It is not a welcome journey from the human perspective but in knowing the purpose we with patience wait for the journey to end and life (God’s likeness) to appear.

    So these questions of death can be answered when we see the life the sacrifice produces. In the explanation of the foregoing remember what God told Moses in the making of the tabernacle, that every natural thing had a spiritual counterpart. Therefore the “ites” that inhabited the promised land that the children of Israel had to defeat in order to “possess” the promise land represented the “ites” within us, our human evil natures that must be sacrificed by the application of the sword (word) in a spiritual sense. We must delve deep into our land (being) and spy out (acknowledge) our sinful natures (ites) and put the sword to them. The strong (men) the weaker) women and the little foxes (children) that would spoil the vine upon the regenerating of the land (promised) of which we are. The beast of the land also stand for different attributes of our evil nature and they too must receive the same fate of death with no mercy for mercy is reserved for the life to be received in the obedience to seeing that evil is purged from our very innermost self, the promised land.

    In the killing of the people and animals in the promised land in scripture it represented the way of spirituality in our own “daily” lives and we must without reservation be willing to suffer the death of those attributes that prevent life from moving into the land (us) so that God can be all and in all. We must remember God does all for the perpetuation of His Love for us for He is this Love. This valley of the shadow of death is just that, it is not the very image of the thing but a shadow. This death we are exposed to in various forms is only a fleeting shadow that will fade away as the Son rises to His highest level in our being. Death will be swallowed up in life. Death is only an illusion as those who lose their life in this death experience will only gain more of the life as a result of seeing and being exposed to the death experience. God’s sacrifice of Himself so that we may have independent life in ourselves is explained over and over again throughout the old and new testaments.

    In the food laws found in Leviticus God told us what to eat and what not to eat. These food laws also stood for the spiritual things we are to consume on a daily basis. We are to consume clean foods, good thoughts, compassionate ways. The spiritual life we obtain is also obtained through the sacrifice, the giving of another’s life. There is a sadness in the death of an animal that has been sacrificed so that we may have food and live. In studying the law carefully we see soberness in the carrying out of the priestly duties of the taking of animal life, ordained and ordered by God. It helps knowing the purpose and the spiritual meaning of these God instructed deaths. In these deaths came life just as we sacrifice the beast nature within ourselves of hate and jealousy for that of love. We cannot obtain this love without the death of the beast taking place therefore we “must” sacrifice and lay on the alter the death of self.

    In understanding and knowing that nothing eternal and spiritual is lost but only those temporary evil natures we are born with, we see the goodness of God, our Father in all the disciplinary methods in the bible as well as in our daily lives. Let us not be quick to judge another on meat and drink (our own limited understanding) but let us have a love and respect for all in “their” journey. Therefore even the people (ites) in the land of promise that were killed will come forth in their calling and order God has preordained for them so they are not eternally lost as some may think. We all are processed to the end in which God has purposed for us. Let us not condemn what we do not understand for in doing so we condemn ourselves. Once we understand God loves us all and will save us all we can only have love for all. In condemning we remain in our sin, in loving all we not only put away death, it is our duty and desire to bring one another out of condemnation just as we have been brought out of ours. It is hard to point another to where one has not experienced. We with knowledge teach, with the substance of this same knowledge we love, therefore let us obtain substance and not only talk of it. We do this by the sacrifice of our beastly nature within. We must, not with sadness as in the old testament sacrifice, give up this life in death, but in seeing the life that is to come from this obedience we gladly and with expectation participate in the sacrifice .

    The experience of the curse of this earthly journey of death only amplifies the life of God to those who have a spiritual eye to see the benefit of the same which is achieved with an appreciation and gratitude not otherwise obtained without this death experience. If we pursue Love, we pursue God. Let us therefore with understanding put to death all that is not of God, therefore obtaining all that God is. Let us understand the spiritual meaning of the sacrifice of the death of an animal as well as the death of our own beastly animal “self”. Let us be sober in all things. We find completion in God as all types and shadows and mysteries reveal Himself. These shadows reveal the objects which cast them and they all reflect our completed journey when we are matured and found in the likeness of our Father.

    It is hard to see death in this world as something being desirable until we see and understand we cannot have Life (Love) without the giving up of the death we fear. Love cast out fear. Let us therefore embrace the journey, not fearing the death we are subjected to especially that of ourselves. Let us love all, even the animals who gave there life for ours. It is so today.


    • Hi Sonny,

      I am beginning to wonder how we come to a God of love, perfect love, through fear and death? In perfect love, there is only life, no death and no fear, thus as you say death and all that relates to it is an illusion formed out of a fallen mind of man. I feel the writings of the Old Testament are a reflection of man’s perspective of God outside of love. Man saw God as angry and wrathful … one who judged harshly when one went against His laws … but this is a reflection of God through the eyes of man lacking an understanding of true love. As we learn in the teaching of Jesus .. that love responds quite differently. When we start to learn of His divine love, we see that that reflection is lacking greatly and not His reflection at all but man’s … and when there is a lack of love all kinds of misunderstandings come about regarding the ways of God.

      But we see the true more clearly when we see the false. All that happened in the OT was a reflection of the state of man, not the heart of God. They “received” and understood the best they could outside of love, which you see involves a lot of fear, death and killing as you see among the hearts of those today who don’t know the love of God. A soul can only receive according to its development of understanding.

      One of many lessons we can learn is … wait a minute, this isn’t the reflection of God, then what was it showing? How man perceives God outside of love which He continues to do today even though Jesus came showing something much different. But even then, attributes are still attributed to Jesus that are contrary to divine love. A soul and mind have to seek and desire this divine love of God and seek it above all and in that you can start to discern truth from error as you start to “see” His true essence.

      If we are here to learn the will of God is supreme over our will (which we do in this “death experience”).. we learn that it is because His will is of perfect love and contains no death, fear, or suffering.

      • Rachel,
        The old vs. the new. The old testament, the old man, the new testament, the new man. Quiet a correlation as you point out. I very much agree that “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” When, in our infancy we believe we are failures , we are because God made us so in turning us to this destruction as stated and so we must progress from this state of thought and mind to a higher state of awareness of who we truly are , so when we mature through our progressive walk through this valley of trials, tribulations and finally the victories over them, we are a loving, benevolent being “because” again God made us so. What I was at one time I am no longer because I see myself as God has made me in the present. Neither what I was or am to be but I see my end as I see others free from this death also. Knowing this is a surety it creates a love and appreciation for all people and in knowing their beginning from their end as I do mine. What is left but a love for all mankind and a desire to see them as finished as we see an undeveloped child grow into a full mature son of their father. We see the end for all which gives us a peace in knowing that the journey brings us “all” to Christ.
        We can only love our neighbor “as ourself” when we see our neighbor “as ourself.

        I love the way you express your thoughts and love for others. It seems we say the same things from a little different perspective. As you said yourself to me before, it confirms and gives a perspective we had not seen before.

        I hope you and yours had and are having a nice beginning of a new year.


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