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My Journey into Divine Love


My Journey into Divine Love


I’ve sought truth for a long time and my journey into the ways of truth has led me into divine love. In this upside down world, this love is rare and a magnificent treasure. Diving into it has consumed me lately, for it’s part of the divinity of God that we receive and give. The more I learn of it and experience it; the more I desire it with every fiber of my being and for it to consume everything.

This weekend, it will be a year since I became a vegetarian, and in February of next year, a vegan.

Becoming a vegetarian bloomed out of the Holy Spirit’s instruction. Very briefly, I learned that to ascend to the realm of divine love, which is life-giving and contains no death, I couldn’t be a soul feasting on death, thus full of death, thus tied to the death realm. But a spirit feasting on life, thus full of life, thus connected to the realm of life.

As for becoming a vegan, I saw a documentary on the meat and dairy industry. It’s an industry full of cruelty with no care for the animals; an industry totally void of any kind of love. At that moment, in seeing images that still haunt me, I became a vegan. My spirit fully rejected the hell I was witnessing. And that spilled over into no leather, products tested on animals, and so on. Being a vegan, from the heart, is about love. It’s choosing love over convenience, habit, culture, tradition, or for a lustful taste that lasts a moment (which actually wasn’t the meat and dairy in itself, but all that was added to it, one of many lies.)

Since my awakening to divine love, I’ve stood amazed at my prior blindness and lack of love. I also am a bit amazed that the “religious” nation isn’t mostly vegan. If God is love, and they “serve” and “love” God, wouldn’t such clear acts of cruelty be absent from their lives, lives dedicated to a God of love? I’m amazed because so many profess to know God, yet don’t seem to know divine love. But this is what I’ve learned about divine love, we can only grasp it, if we allow it to become a part of us, that means a change from the inside out.

Since my exchange to feasting on life and not death, my understanding of divine love has exploded because I’m allowing divine love to move into my life. The understanding and experience of it is transforming my thoughts, desires, behaviors, words, and actions. It’s a whole new reality in which to dwell. It’s moving into the higher realm of the spirit where God abides and no longer of the lower realm of the carnal mind of mankind lost in darkness.

With the peeking of divine love into my life, this year has been one of significant purging of my mind and soul.  Divine love is the fire of God. It purifies us as we start to live by it because we can’t love and abide in blindness, suffering, cruelty, and death. There was grit and grim lining my soul I was unaware of, but when I choose to love God’s living creation with my life, I started a transformation that has blessed every aspect of my life. Divine love in a marriage is miraculous and beyond beautiful. Now, almost a year later of purging and renewal, it seems a new connection is being made by this divine love, a living connection in which I sense living waters can flow.

Divine love is love with a part of divinity. This love is received from the One who is truly divine, the heavenly Father. It’s a love that reflects the characteristics of His divinity.

To move into divine love, we have to desire it. It’s gentle. Divine love is like a dance between two entities. It’s a give and take of a fluid movement. It never forces itself upon another, but is given as it is received, and received as it is given.

Divine love is holy. Thus to be able to receive it and give it, we have to be purified in our souls that we may be connected to it. A corrupt mind can’t produce loving thoughts, thus actions. A corrupt soul can’t hold purity, thus give it.

Divine love is life. In it there is no death, because it creates perfect righteousness.

It’s liquid light.

It’s like liquid because it’s like water, which is like spirit. Spirit is contained within the human soul, like water is contained in a body. Like water, when we possess this divine love we can give it to another, it’s a cup of living water to another soul. It’s living because it is coming from God’s divinity, which is life. But like a cup of water, it must be received and taken in. As a cup of water can be rejected, so can divine love. We have to desire it to receive it. That means we have to be willing to be changed by it. This means making changes in our lives, lifestyle, and choices.

It’s light because it’s a reflection of the character of God; pure, undefiled, holy, righteous, perfect, and of spirit and truth. By it, we have eyes of light and see with the right perspective, thus respond with a higher love to situations and people. It contains no darkness, no emptiness, and no lack, thus no fear. Love of the human realm is full of fear because it’s full of lack; lack of true care. Divine love is the only love that fully drives out fear in every area, because it contains no lack as it cares perfectly.

This type of love only comes from our perfect heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit. It comes through the Holy Spirit, for He is the spirit that purifies our souls by truth. The Holy Spirit is a spirit that if we desire truth, will come to us and instruct us. And because truth is grounded in divine love, we learn about love.

In this purification by the truth, we are able to connect to this divine love; to give and receive it. With a pure mind and soul, we can be connected to the Holy Heavenly Father in divine love.  We receive as a part of our soul, His perfect love for us. And we love Him with all our mind, soul, heart, and strength as our lives are changed in accordance with His love, our minds function by this love, and all we do serves this love.

Once purified, we fully receive the love that God desires to give us. In this we are completed, filled, and never lacking, thus without fear.

In this connection, we can truly confess to the Most High that “we love each other” in all sincerity and truth. There is nothing more powerful than when we can say these four words to another out of divine love, especially God. It is the fluid connection expressed in the infinity symbol; two spheres (spirits) coming together at a point of perfection, divine love, between each other. In this connection, eternal life exists.

In this joining, we truly become children of the Most High. We receive a connection to the fount of living waters, liquid light. And, we become of the light to give the light.

I have much to learn, but is there any way better that to receive and give divine love?

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

13 thoughts on “My Journey into Divine Love

  1. I found your youtube channel and web site last night by divine direction and blessing. I have been a vegan for about 38 years and 12 of that 100% raw vegan. I just did research and found that only .5 to 2 percent of the world population is vegan split in a ratio 40 to 60 men to women. I recently watched the movie “Earthlings” and was totally decimated by it for at least a month especially since we have these slaughter trucks traveling non stop on our local highway. I was up very late last night watching your vids and so far would have to say you have quite a living grasp on real truth. I better stop with that for now other wise I could go on for quite a long time on these subjects. Many Blessings, Alan

    • I should have waited to comment on this site as I have now found major false doctrines. 1. The Messiah died to eliminate the need for continued repentance and forgiveness. 2. There is no eternal hell as that is not love. Every person is given the clear choice of spending eternity in Heaven or hell. They willfully, knowingly choose where they are going for enternity and are not sent anywhere. The Messiah took the punishment for every sin ever committed while on the cross. That is awesome LOVE and can keep any one out of eternal hell and punishment. If some one ends up in hell by rejecting salvation then that is shear stupidity not a lack of love by the Father. 3. The god of this world or Satan needs to be healed. Unbelievable! So I will unsubscribe to this blog at the next email notice.

      • Hi Alan, This earth is the eternal hell if we are left on our own, there is no end to the suffering because no one understands divine love to any affective degree, for it resides in the soul. Thus, this world is shrouded in lack, fear, and death. Certainly, you see this hell in the treatment of animals. This is why we ALL need saving …ALL of creation. When you know divine love, you learn that when one suffers, we all suffer.

        As a vegan, I assume you have a love for the animals and that is why you are a vegan? You can look upon their torment day and night, hear their cries and it is tortuous to a soul that cares and loves them. If we feel this for creation, how much more the Creator for His creation of whom He desires to be His children! He is the Creator, He can heal, renew and restore. This is what He is doing through Christ. This is love, it never fails, it never gives up or gives in to evil. We love Him because He first loved us … while in our trespasses.

        When you “chose Christ”, was it you or grace? Were you once blind, unaware, and in ignorance? I know I was. So are all those who don’t believe in a divine love at this point in time, a love that desires to pull them out of suffering and pain and into the marvelous light, love, truth, ways and peace of God. They are blind. This is why He is coming to open the eyes of the blind. One day all eyes will be opened. But now, they are blind walking around, stepping in poo, and spreading it all around … unaware because they are blind. We’ve all been in this place. We shouldn’t take the grace given to us that opened our eyes as our doing. Even Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” He realized that they didn’t know what they are doing, but He didn’t condemn them but ask for forgiveness from the Father … this is divine love. He gave His life for them. If we believe on our own, then he didn’t need to die, for love always forgives. He died because we couldn’t see, and in this He gave us a part of His light. We “choose” when by grace our eyes are opened. People’s eyes are opened at different times. Can a blind person heal themselves? It’s a horrible state of darkness .. they don’t choose it they were born into it and are still there. But the hope of Christ and His gift to mankind is that all eyes will be opened and free the souls bound in this pit of deepening darkness.

        Anyone not abiding in love, knowing God, is in blindness and they suffer for it and cause suffering. To condemn the blind because they can’t see isn’t love, it doesn’t make sense. They already suffer in this realm because without God you don’t have any true love, thus you are bound in emptiness and fear, no matter what you present to others. Wanting souls to be in eternal torment with no way out is a human “love” of this world of death, a love that is lacking, not real love at all, and can’t truly heal or save when it is needed the most. Divine love is much greater.

        May you know this depth of His love. It is life-changing, for it is to truly know the true nature of God and not an image presented through religion cast in fear. There is no fear in perfect love.

      • Readers of this site take warning, I strongly urge to do a search on the term “divine transformation” and see that it comes up with all new age sites. That’s my last post.

      • Alan,

        We are mature in Christ when we can listen to anything, be criticized of anything or read anything without being offended. Does not God and Christ see and know all? Do you think they are offended by what they created and allow? No, they do not. And if we are to be created and matured in their likeness and image should we not take of the same attitude and thought? This is what maturing is all about, helping others to see the love of God and the Son without being offended by those who are immature and cannot see very far spiritually. Any who are afraid of what another may say in fear that it will sway them from their own beliefs is not fully mature. If we are the true substance of Christ there is no fear of anything. Many are afraid to listen to another out of fear they may be mislead, if this is the case then we are mislead already for we who are in Christ cannot and will not be mislead. We trust in God that he will give us the victory over this self, in time, in spite of our present condition. Every knee will bow (be completed) in God’s likeness, this was ordained to be before we came to the human experience. The experience is not to sort people into heaven or hell but place them into the kingdom according to the promise. From a personal point of view, I don’t know you, your background or your beliefs but I know this; If I don’t love you irregardless of your doctrine and beliefs, I am immature and do not have the love of the Father in me. If I have the love of the Father, I love all unconditionally. I hope we can all come to this understanding because when we do we love without condemning with criticism. Although critiquing another in the ways of the spirit is a good thing. It is the purpose behind the words that make the difference. Let our purpose be that we rise above doctrine and division because of it. All scripture and the law is summed up as it says in loving others as oneself, it hasn’t got a thing to do with what another believes or disbelieves. May we contemplate what the love of God is. It is not to be found in the letter but from God into our hearts through obedience to that same love. I wish you all well.


    • @Alan You should never run because a person seeking the Father proclaims his love is actually greater and more powerful than you may presently understand. You are bound in chains because you believe that you will be rejected if you make a mistake in belief. Jesus did not teach this. Remember, you know nothing as you ought, which means you will always be learning. If you think you know – then you are unable to grow in understanding. This is the state of a dead soul.

  2. Ah Rache…!!! Yes Lass you have seen it!! That’s the memory and the garden before the fall; MANY are called, but few… I will celebrate today! This is very Love. The one True love that will change all the World!! Bravo, Praise GOD!!!

  3. The Father expressed His Love to us through His Son, Jesus Christ… He is “The Journey into Divine Love”. You never even mentioned The Name “Jesus” in all your thoughts of divine enlightenment in this blog?… Don’t deceive yourself, Christ is the beginning & the end, He is the true food & drink in our spiritual journey… Your diet may be a healthy choice, but the world needs more Christ in them, not carrots!!! “The Kingdom of God is not about eating & drinking, but righteousness, peace & joy in the Holy Spirit”… Shalom

    • Hi Cathy, true, Christ is the way, truth and life … If you intimately knew Christ and walked in His truths and ways, you would see His truth reflected throughout this post; a truth encapsulated in love. He reflected the true Heavenly Father, the Father is love. You may know a name, but if you don’t know His love, you don’t know His spirit, for His spirit teaches and exudes divine love to us. If we don’t know love, we don’t know God and in that we are self-decieved. If we know a name and have a religion, but don’t know and abide in His divine perfect love, we don’t know Him. Matthew 7:22-24 If we reject His truth, thus His love, we don’t know Him.

      We have to seek past the images and symbols in which truth comes to us .. to know the spirit. Keeping seeking and may you know this divine love, for it is to abide in the heart of God.

      1 John 4:6 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.

  4. What a blessing this post is to me For Jesus starting showing this to me a few moths ago, the animal kingdom is the least of all the kingdoms, so it says a lot about people who treat them so bad, the animals are the weakest, the children and elderly also, It shows how far we as a people have moved away from true love. God Bless you

  5. Acts 10: 11-16 Acts 11: 6-10 are you more pure than God who declares things clean? Will you condemn the innocent who obey God’s orders?

  6. All:

    Is there one love for animals and another for humans and another for rocks and trees?? As bitter and sweet water does not come forth from the same fountain neither can we have two loves and b found in our Father’s likeness.
    We must remember it is God who listed the clean from the unclean in the animal kingdom and what was allowed to be eaten and not to be eaten. We cannot change what God allows. Further more to understand the spirit in the message we must be able to see what the natural represents. If we desire the highest truth to be understood in the message we cannot be caught up in the message nor the emotion on the natural plane. In looking at the natural only in scripture it leaves one many times confused and despondent. Learning the highest meaning which is in the spirit it brings all together in a complete and singular thought and meaning. It all is a simple message that we are being reconciled back to the Father from which we came. The temporary, gruesome details of the natural does not and cannot compare to the higher meaning of the death experiences of not only the animals but the people as well. I would like to add that the carnal mind sees things in temporary terms while the spirit sees things in the eternal. When the spiritual is revealed we take little thought for the natural as inhumane as it may seem. We cannot on the one hand claim that God is all love and does “all” things as a result of this love and then question His motives of why he does things a certain way. We must learn to trust our Father in the things we do not know and understand as in the things we do understand. Mistrust as well as fear is from the same immaturity of the carnal mind which is the “animal nature” we must put to death. We must know that the seeming atrocities in the old testament are but an explanation of the love that is God’s very way. The carnal mind sees a limited side of God which sees God in a tree of good and evil kind of way. An old testament God and and a new testament God. God is the same, it is our perception that changes. It matters not how a person leaves this earth in all the ways God designed for us to leave from His point of view because He is the creator and designer of all good and evil through His Son Jesus Christ. We must not doubt God in any of His ways and methods. We should treat His Kingdom, animal and human with the same love that we possess: can there be two loves? We must become one with the Son and the Father and then we will be in the same oneness with all creation. There is no divide.

    What seems like a tragedy to us is but the instant that our Father releases us from the pain and suffering of the present trials, test and tribulations. In death we are but released back to the spirit. There will come a time when all death in what ever form will cease to be. When we can get past the natural understanding and plane we see God as He is and the temporary matters little as much as we had rather avoid the present. Never the less not my will but thine be done.

    In “all” things we see Christ.


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