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Water into Wine


Water into Wine

Jesus Christ’s first miracle in the flesh was turning water into wine. John 2:1-11 It was a foreshadowing of His first miracle at His return at the end of the age to establish His kingdom of righteousness on earth. John 2:4 The kingdom’s territory is the souls of mankind; this is what He is coming to claim by manifesting His blood, His Spirit, the wine in them. 2 Peter 1:19, Revelation 2:28, 22:16

The CRY has gone out to come to the wedding feast. Matthew 25:6 Christ is standing at the door of your soul and whoever comes and opens the door to Him; He will come in and dine with them. He will come and make His home in you for you are to be His temple; His body which His glory dwells. Revelation 3:20, John 14:23 As you dine, He will give you His blood to drink, His spirit of eternal life, His spirit of righteousness. He will turn your water, your spirit washed in the word, into wine, His spirit.

Those who open the door and dine with Him will be granted to sit on His throne with Him, a foundation of righteousness and justice, mercy and truth. Psalm 89:14-15, Revelation 3:21 His throne is your soul; for His spirit resides in you and rules from within.

Wedding Garments

If you have sought and allowed the Holy Spirit to intricately knit new garments on you, acts of righteousness, then you can enter into the wedding. Matthew 22:10-13, Revelation 3:18 These are the new wineskins, the purified pots. Luke 5:38, John 2:6 If not, you can not enter until you buy and sell with Christ leading you to lay down your life, walk a life of repentance (walking in truth and love); and hunger and thirst for His righteousness above all else. Matthew 5:6, Isaiah 49:10, Nehemiah 9:15 The new wineskin is your soul purified and sanctified by the truth. John 17:17 Those who possess new wineskins have feasted on His flesh, His truth, the bread of life and thus filled up their soul with the oil of truth. John 6:51, 53 Those with the oil of truth, which produces acts of righteousness (wedding garments), enter the wedding feast to be joined to the Bridegroom. Matthew 25:8-10

Instruction of the Mother of Jesus

At the wedding, the mother of Jesus instructed her son and the servants. John 2:5 She represents the mother of all living who birthed her son, the spirit of life, into the world. Again, the woman births her son into the world, a life giving spirit. Revelation 12:5 If you have heard the cry to come to the wedding feast, then hear her words to the servants to obey her Son who has the spirit of eternal life to partake of. Now is the time for the vessels of purified water to be turned into wine. John 6:54-56

Fill your Vessel with Living Water

John 2:7 Jesus said to them, “Fill the waterpots with water.” And they filled them up to the brim.

From Christ comes the living water, the truth. If you have bought and sold with Him the pure truth by the Holy Spirit, then this truth sanctifies you and prepares you to be united to His Spirit. It’s the water that springs up into everlasting life.

John 4:10 Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.”

John 4:14 but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”

As you have sought and feasted on the bread of life; now is the time to drink of His blood. Seek to have His spirit fill and rule every aspect of your soul for this is to drink His blood. Follow His voice in whatever He leads you to do. Seek His instruction to your soul.

Increasing Power

As you receive the life blood of Christ, the new wine; you’ll experience increasing power. Not power as the world views it and gives, but power that comes from living in truth and love. So, those who have gone through the washing of the word, purification, and sanctification thus have been growing in righteousness; as you dine with Christ you will be growing in power. It’s a power to be and do what you have longed for as a son/daughter of God. It is receiving the power and ability to walk in righteousness as you have desired. This power will implode your words and actions. Through it, you will start to see your life transform; the fulfillment of your hope. You’ll enter the sanctuary of peace and rest. His spirit of righteousness will shine brighter and brighter in you and into the world. You will be this world’s hope for the days that lay ahead. Ezekiel 14:22-23

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Water into Wine

  1. Hi Rachel, E W here! Very good highlight of subject. —A point I have received on subject is, at the time, there were at lest four denominations of church(concerning the one true God) and from an intense study of the new testement, I see the word “wine” is used in place of the word “doctrines”. The jars that Jesus used were emty vessels(the same as people who follow doctrines of men, or self made doctrines). Men filled the jars with water, which the value of men doctrines(people were hearing of the one God, but still lost) —Jesus came to teach(all who would believe Him) the true doctrine/wine/spirit/will of God. This miracle was the format of Jesus’ purpose. As Jesus taught, (from Peter receiving truth from the Holy Spirit) this being proof-positive that one is in Jesus’church. However, we see, today, a church of man-doctrine on every street corner, making more jars of water. It all comes from the office of the son of perdition. Each sucsessor claims the false teaching of being the extension of Peter and every denomination of new testement church uses the same format of so-called worship.

  2. Rachel,…again i find myself on your blog in a critical way but still loving way,..i’ll let others praise you for your interpretations, i just want to deal with your straying from Scripture,and as maybe you seen my post on your you tube video,..your in danger of leading people down a track that isnt Scriptural,..

    I’ll always confess and Worship My God as The Almighty Father,through His Son, My King, through The Holy Spirit, from my heart

    and do not accept any teaching or sharing of mother and son, we are WARNED in Scripture not to, satan has always used the queen of heaven,mother and her hideous son to take away and lead astray people,..from The FATHER and SON.

    mother goddess type of teaching isnt Scriptural

    theres a few things contradictory in your post and not exact,..i know you dont like to debate or even lately accept Scripture, it the rightly divided Word ..line by line,…words in general that you havent researched that have a meaning in the original text,..that paint a different symbolic picture of Scripture, mainly in good old black and white to your ,..hmmm,a more colour able version,..but i will as humbly as i can try and stick to the Scriptures and encourage you to do the same

    you suggest,.if i understand correctly??this ‘spirit’ of ‘christ’ is returning secretly now, the wedding is taking place now,..The Saviours mother,..instructed Him?..did she?…..and that ‘the woman’ in
    Rev 12,im not clear,… your suggesting, is, His mother…???….or Daughter of Zion

    again i have to say The Messiah took all instruction from His Father, His God,…..The Same Father, that Gives all life.

    and you are at error with Scripture if your suggesting The Spirit of Messiah is returning as a separate Spirit,..
    Immanuel, The King Son of The Father is in Control of The 7 Spirited Holy Spirit, of them of course is The Spirit of Messiah, which we all must have,…if you are going to teach this ‘return like a thief doctrine’, have to point out to you that this is not Scriptural and The Messiah will be in Heaven the whole of Tribulation.

    in my tattered little Bible The Bridegroom was here 2000 years ago,..Ascended to His Heavenly Chamber to His rightful Throne beside His FATHER,…and WILL NOT,..thats …WILL NOT be leaving it until The 7th Trumpet,..Joel 2.

    and when He does He’ll be seen,…then and only then will our little hearts be filled with that Spirit of Joy

    • I believe Rachel said she learns directly from the Father by the Holy Spirit. I don’t think it makes any sense to continually tell her she is in error. If she trusts that God is leading her, she will not ever be receptive to your words unless God had already taught her what you are saying. And if that was the case – you wouldn’t be in disagreement, right?

      • Well,..i dont think Rachel said that she learns directly from the Father,..i think it was Our One and Only Teacher and Holy Spirit.
        Yes i know what your saying,..but as ive said its not about us disagreeing,..its if it dosent agree which Scripture,.then i will try and see if we can get to a place of agreement to what is Written,..and any of us or indeed all of us should be well capable and know in this depth of Scripture that sticking to it is paramount

    • thethreshermansson – the praise is not for me .. but the words I speak.

      As for the mother … the first to be reconciled back to God through Christ is Adam and Eve. Through them came death .. through them will come the life, Christ. 1 Corin 15:21 Eve is the mother of all living. It is simply her role in creation. She is just a vessel. The power, glory and life is in and through Christ. Through Adam & Eve came death and as the Father reconciles the world back to Himself Christ will first reconcile them to the Father and each other. All the children who were born from them and in sin will follow. Romans 5:12-19 Many will be reconciled back to God through Christ. They are the first because of the role given to them by the Father.

      Christ came to do His Father’s alone. The Father’s will is to reconcile the world back to Himself. 2 Corin 5:19 Adam and Eve are part of His creation … and the first. Death came through them … thus they are first to be reconciled. This miracle with the mother of Jesus being there is showing that He is going back to the beginning where death started. It’s beautiful. Her “instructing” Him was symbolic that the reconciliation had happened.

      as for “the spirit of the Messiah” .. where He is?

      John 3:13 “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven.

      Matthew 28:20 “teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

      Holy Spirit given to us after Christ left is the fullness that would come. The Spirit was a guarantee of the hope of the fullness .. the fullness being Christ.

      As for the thief doctrine … if all see Him, how is He coming as a thief where one taken and the other left? The thief aspect is His spirit filling His elect. This causes a great separation as their righteousness and peace expands and death and darkness is revealed and destroyed. When the light comes upon the earth, this is what brings in the judgment. Many will go through Tribulation because they don’t turn (repent) to abide in the purest love; the spirit of Christ. They don’t come to the wedding; but have other things to do. But I pray that they repent .. because God says He’ll relent if they do. Jeremiah 18 But I see many hardening hearts to giving love.

      What starts the judgment/tribulation is the truth/light being here as it hasn’t before in those vessels prepared for it. it is their protection. The light is Christ. These will begin the righteous reign and the truth/light they speak will judge the earth.

      Psalm 72:7 In His days the righteous shall flourish, And abundance of peace, Until the moon is no more.

      The battle is between light and darkness. Spiritual principalities. The elect are a part of the light/Christ and will battle .. bringing in the righteous reign by acting in righteousness and love. This isn’t possible with out the power, glory and gift of Christ’s spirit dwelling in us.

      yes, eventually all will see His glory .. it will be undeniable. In a world of death, the light is going to be amazing. But when the tribulation/ judgment begins most won’t have a clue .. and why they don’t repent. They don’t understand what is causing the turmoil in their life .. their own rebellion against the truest of love of the Father, and following a false image of God that desires their suffering.

  3. Hey Brian, E W here! I think I know where you are coming from in this comment & in part I agree with you. In the nontwisted version of scripture, Jesus said to His earthly-mother “Woman! What do you have to do with Me”, which is Jesus confirming the coming teaching of the apostles “chaste”. Which is to say “women are not permitted to userp authority over men”(but look at the world today, but we must not steiotype women, For it is so-called-men entering the houses and confounding the silly women). However, I do not feel this to be Rachel’s intent. — It is now near ten years that I have chosen to follow every word out of the mouth of God. But, I still from time to time catch my self allowing old-beast-kingdom-teachings to enter my thoughts. —And yes! To the “return like a theif doctrine”, the only that will be surprised are those that are unprepared. For, the trumpit blast will be heard around the world. The believers are already looking up.

  4. EW,..far be it from me to have a gender issue, Scripture proves The Father Almighty will use His Children male or female,especially when the so called men arent up to the call…and the wonderful Israelite women of old and the Prophetesses…its great to see any female in this ‘world’ at this time seeking the Truth,…theres to few if you ask me,…in a non judge mental manner,sadly many where i live love this world,..and that spirit of Jezebel rests easy on them.
    EW,..i think we all slip in and out of the Babylon kingdom teachings that most of us have been indoctrinated into us since birth,..its a big concept to deal with,that most of christianity doctrine and teachings are false or far from the Truth and amazing how deep the lies go.

    whether we agree or not,..everything has been Written and foretold,…and like it or not,…the anti christ must come with his false prophet,…and everything that is Written must happen,..and terrible tribulation,the worse from time began must take place….for God Almighty to send His Son,.IN ALL HIS GLORY back in full view, to the mountain of Olives,at the 7th Trumpet..or else Scripture is wrong.

    now either ive lived in a bubble and missed the 6 Trumpets,..the beast getting out of the pit,..false miracles …the Witnesses…alive and killed…the sun going dark,..or it hasnt happened

    but again ill go to Scripture,..and look it up, according to my Bible, Damascus will be a heap of rubble…..and where ever the ‘daughter of zion’ is,wont be much better,..and The Word of God can still be found.

    id say keep an eye on Syria,..this new collation headed by the military wing of the roman empire/church,(UN)wont wait to long to go in militarily …and if Damascus dosent exist in the near future,..look up with all your inner man

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