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Living Day to Day


Living Day to Day

To live day-to-day or to be present-minded, thus to not worry about tomorrow, brings abundant peace and rest as it prohibits worry and fear from talking hold for there are no anxious thoughts of the future for these to grab a hold of.

Isaiah 26:3 You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.

Hebrews 4:12 Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience.

This state of mind comes from trusting God. To let go of an unknown future requires either no care (which is to cease to love and refusing to know love) or trust in an all-powerful loving God.

How do you trust God? Know Him in truth and spirit.

We have to seek to know God as we would do with anyone. We have to come to know Him as He is and not by the false images portrayed by organized religion. The constructs of His character have to be established within our minds. Romans 12:2 This is what it means to know someone and trust them because you know their character and it’s a nature you can have great confidence in, even in the unknown. Proverbs 3:26 We trust in not knowing the future, but in God and His character which is faithful, loving and all-powerful.

One of the key aspects to know about God in order to fully trust Him is His love. This sounds obvious and easy, but in a world where love has been tainted in every which way; coming to know His love to a point of a deep trust is something that is built over time. Yet, it can only be built if we consistently and diligently engage God in truth and spirit.

This world has not known the love of God. They have known false images of God that proclaim love but are infused with fear, guilt, and control because those images came out of the corrupted nature of man. It’s mankind creating his own image of God; the essence of religions. We can only know God by seeking for ourselves. It’s an individual endeavor. We can’t know Him from another person. The only way to know God and His love is to go to Him one-on-one and learn about Him personally through our circumstances as He teaches from within, because that is where God meets us and comes to us, within. Because God is an infinite spirit, there is no end to knowing Him.

The deep hunger in our soul; the part that desires to be filled, known, eternally accepted and loved, is the longing to be connected to the source of love in the deepest truest way. This is the place in us created by God for Him to fill and only He can for He created it in us for Himself. He did this because He loves us and desires a bond of love with us. True contentment comes by being filled and united with His presence, the Great Spirit who gives life to our souls.

When we come to this unity; peace rules our minds and hearts.

Colossians 3:15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.

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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

32 thoughts on “Living Day to Day

  1. Peace, ruling our hearts &minds. Rachel, this man has come a long ways in this statement. However, I suppose I am looking forward to being with the Lord. Because I cannot completely get over loosing most of my blood, gutts, and feathers in a far away land, do to what once was called patriatism. What this country is doing to other people around the world (for none other than almighty dollar) is none less than abomination to the Lord. Government officals & the general public do not realize that Jesus is marking in the books “murder” by every one’s name, for each American solder & foriegn people that fall because of these acts. E.W.

    • Are you saying that setting whole nations free from mass murdering dictator’s rubs you the wrong way?
      I think your pointing the finger in the wrong direction. When you are setting people free, so they can find the True and Living God, that’s not Patriotism. That Is the Mandate of the Lord. Government is a God ordained institution, and it represents the force that can set people free. His judgement will come to those who do Not Use their stewardship to free others from Tyranny.

    • Hi EW .. the kingdoms of this world have been governed by evil’s reigns; the evil in government is indeed overwhelming… but that reign is coming to an end as Christ spirit is coming to reign in the hearts of His people to establish a kingdom of righteousness .. how we all long for this kingdom to fill the earth bringing in true freedom, freedom of the soul. It’s a kingdom that is starting to grow as a seed in people’s hearts as the end draws near … for it growing in His people brings in the end when all will come under God’s reign. Truth is everlasting … lies die away … as the truth grows the lies will be purged and all the corruption they create.

  2. EW… a far away land?…might be closer than you think

    that far away land that is the daughter of babylon and has the daughter of zion dwelling with her quite happily,..where ever that is?,..according to Scripture is going to get a severe lesson from God Almighty for having pagan idols everywhere in its land,..and foolishly they will wonder why?

    in the recent weeks,sadly, very sadly here in the UK,..we have had horrendous blatant satanic Egyptian/Babylonian ‘sun god’ worship,broadcast throughout the whole world,for the ‘beast from the bottomless pit’

    presently your country along with the Uk and UN are subtlety provoking the muslim nations around Israel,..and malevolently manipulating the situation in Syria.

    not to mention,presently, the great wondrous rare events in the solar system above our heads

    we must be very presently minded,and greatly discern the signs and times!

    • Thresher, how many people do you know that don’t follow the sun god?

      • sadly,very very few,people

        all of the worlds religions, from jews to christianity to muslims are,..none of their paganized religions are Worshiping The Only Living God, God Almighty,..Father Of, The King of Israel,His Way!

        but lets talk specifically about the 2 biggest supposedly ‘christian’ nations in the world that are both founded on Bible Principles,..but are far from that now,..namely USA and UK.

        you just have to learn the sun god symbols and idols and disgusting phallic symbols built everywhere,into everything and into all the buildings they worship in,.if you could call them churches/chapels,..and they main satanic sun god worship festivals, late december and sun worship/ferility festival around march /april,..known as east star.

        yep i dont know one country,…and again, very few people.

        i Worship The Father Most High, God Almighty, The Blessed One,..through His Only Son,Immanuel,Messiah/Shepherd/Rock and Wondrous King of Israel,..from my heart ,in my spirit, through The Holy Spirit!

      • Well, I believe a lot of Churches have Crosses in them, so I think it wouldn’t be unfair to say your biased in your focus on symbolism. I’m not sure what your seeing as phalic, but God created trees, so I don’t guess he’s fallen prey to over judgmentalism, in regard to symbolism? I think you serve a God that is barren of a sense of humor. The High Priest in the Temple, had bells on his Robe, so I guess God considered him a worshiper of “Christmas”?

  3. It is Written in Scripture,..not to cut down trees and bring them into our houses and decorate them as pagans do…..nor to follow after their false gods and idol worship,of the starry host.

    i think you need to do a little research into the Tammuz cross and the cross of Ankh and that cross the unholy one and his number carry round,..and what it symbolizes,…i think you’ll find its a phallic symbol.

    do a little research in the freemason badge ,…i think you might find its a symbol of what is described in Genesis that physically went on with fallen angels and human women,’ll find the shape of the centre points, horizontal and vertical,are a symbol of,you know what.

    as for the high priest,long long before The Messiah,The Highest Priest came, i think you’ll find the pagans where keeping christs mass,…there are many gods and many christs,dont you know?…most born on the same date in december.

    It is Written, my people are lost for lack of knowledge .

    As for my Loving, beyond measure, God,The Wondrous Only Living God,..when it comes to idolatrous symbols and sun worship, Written in Deuteronomy for us NOT to do,no, there is no room,or humor for it,and quite rightly so.

    • Freemason I agree. I don’t think God, in our day, looks at the symbols of a Church so much, as He is looking at your heart. Unless you are using the symbol, to worship a sun god, He doesn’t see it any differently than you do.

      • i agree that Our God looks upon our hearts,He searches the ‘inner man’

        but you are very mistaken about the symbols and idols,and following and listening to false docxtrine and keeping thier festivals, He HATES it, its WRITTEN, that He does…

        the main christian church,the unholy roman catholic one,has
        nothing, but false doctrine,queen of heaven and her son tammuz/horus/helios/ie’sus idol worship,..phallic symbols and spacecraft symbols and serpent seed mixed with human DNA symbols everywhere, on, in and around their churches,not to mention hideous satanic crucifixes,and hail queen of heaven prayers/chants

        and the main sculpture in which their ‘unholy leader sits in front off,of the anti christ getting let out ot the pit, nuclear bomb (PRESENTLY), we speak!

        all,..thats all,.. mainstream ‘protestant churches’ follow in someway the doctrine of the mother church in Rome,..when Luther broke away he never broke from the doctrine of the roman recognition of the queen of heaven, this present day!..

        not one mainstream christian church teaches the True Gospel of The Kingdom we pray for being here on this earth for eternity,..with The Rock of Israel,the Holy Son of God Almighty returning here,in His Glorious Form to be King of This His Fathers Kingdom Forever,,not one!

        The Way God Almighty Sees it and Has it Written Down from Long Ago,..of what He is going to do to all false religions and worshippers, the way i see it.

        He has it Written, …to come out from among them, be separate,to turn to Him once again,through His Chosen King, the One Chosen,from ancient times, Written,..all His children and people,..even pagans and gentiles can too,..its the same for each one of us,individually and as a nation as well.

        you need to see it Gods Almightys Way,..and fear His Lord

      • You come out from among them, through His chosen King. As others come out through the chosen King, they will be able to do it through Him, not through your judgements of Him. Romans 14:4 Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.
        Ezekiel 2:6 ” And you, son of man, do not be afraid of them nor be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns are with you and you dwell among scorpions; do not be afraid of their words or dismayed by their looks, though they are a rebellious house.”
        I think you are trying to Judge the World from an Old Testament viewpoint, and not through the finished work of Christ. There is an element of truth in your statements, but the greater part of your Christ view, is error. It’s based on a view where there is no forgiveness. From a standpoint of forgiveness, the mainstream Church is much more accurate with God, than your view.

  4. Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop

  5. Anonymous,..
    i dont see how you think a lost sheep sinner like me judges anyone,…i can assure you i dont,..but if you want to talk and discuss Scripture,or i make a mistake or see anyone else stray from what is Written,to suit themselves,i will point it out to discuss it and post Scripture,and let it prove itself True..surely you’d agree its only right that Scripture is True,..not no man or woman, or i,..just Scripture,and by clinging to every word of it, especially The Shepherds Words,be it in The Old or New,..i can assure you i will!…and from where im standing or facing is towards The God of Israel,..with my back to the sun god and his abominable religions especially the main so called christian one in Rome, ..and i would lovingly encourage anyone that is in that church system and the branches of its unholy tree,to flee from it,…its ‘god’ is coming,so is,the hour of testing,and so the great delusion

    as for the ‘world’ system and its religions,..through discernment from Our Teacher through The Holy spirit,..i do give my opinions,..but anyone with eyes to see,..will see,…the rebellious lost sheep wont,..exactly what is Written in Ezk Chp 2 if you care to read it all,…and like the briars and thorns found there re the same as is Mark 4,in the parable of the seeds,..heres wisdom, for when the sun comes up!

    as for no forgiveness?…where have i ever said that?,..My Father Most High is The Most Loving beyond measure or any understanding of the word,..and His Son, My King, most Merciful.

    as for The Old Testament,..hmmm,..dont you know it is Written to stand at the crossroads and seek the ancient path?….dont you know Our Saviour came and continually quoted from it,..dont you know The Words Written there will never pass away,..even if heaven and earth do,..dont you know the hearts of the fathers should be sought by the children?,…dont you know what was Written in stone and Spoken at Horeb,..should be made the apple of our eye,..and will be Written and Spoken once again by The Same Voice and Written on 2 tablets of non stone once again?..Forever?

    • The judgement enters when you say that people are not true servants of Christ the Lord. You can quote scripture all day long, but it doesn’t give you the authority to say who belongs to Him and who does not, and to judge their worship. You don’t have a right to judge an organization your not a part of. That examination belongs to the Lord alone. How you read the Word, you are responsible for. You are responsible to the Lord, for what you have light on in the Word. But not for another man. The Lord will judge other believers, for what His Spirit has revealed to them, and you for what His Spirit reveals to you. No one has a complete Revelation of Jesus Christ.

      • i didnt judge anyone,..The Saviour knows His Own,…and so do we by their fruits,..i’ll put it like this,..if your a worse sinner than me,id be very surprised!… human beings we are all His Creations,..i want everyone to to turn to Him the way He wants and turn away from idol worship,..and to keep His 2 Commands the whole Law of the prophets hangs on,.to circumcise our hearts, and love Truth and live justly,..its not my ways,.its what is Written for us to do,..He Burden and Yolk is easy and light,..religions like the roman one make it heavy….

        BUT… OHHH…. just hold on,…the roman catholic church in my country has blasphemous idols everywhere,..for all of my life they have been behind the murder and slaughter of my fellow countrymen,friends, kith and kin,..and wanting and trying with every devilish dirty trick for the downfall of my country because we have never bowed our knee to Romes authority,..and we as a people,never will,..

        PRESENTLY, the immediat days ahead,..politicians from my country will try to expose how the roman catholic run republic beside our land borders,supplied and supported and protected their own terrorists,against my people and country, i will, and if im judged for it, so be it,..i will lay the blamed firmly at the unholy feet of the black pope general and his blasphemous white pope in the vatican sun god capital of Babylon.

      • Well if your allegiance is to the Lord, then start a revival, and get them saved. Otherwise, I’d say your allegiance is to the MI5, or Scotland Yard, and not the Savior.

      • Anonymous ,’ll know me by my words,and who my allegiance is too.
        and do you not know the revival has started?….though you cant
        see it,..element of surprise and all that,.. on those run the likes of MI5,..and the Nazi CIA,…you have to see out your ears and hear with your eyes,..and no skin on your heart

      • As the Lord also said, as we do unto the least of His, we are doing it unto Him. Therefore, when any of His people are being targeted, we need to rise up and stand with them just as we would with Him. When we learn to do this as Christians, and the love we have for one another becomes known in this way, the world will see it and soon begin to see by this that Jesus was not only sent by the Father, but He is still here in His people. When the devil knows that he cannot stop someone, he often gets behind them to push them too far. His first goal is to keep people from seeing the light of Christ, but once they do, he can still cause damage to their faith if he can push them to an extreme.
        We have to keep loving, day by day.

  6. not one mainstream christian church teaches the True Gospel of The Kingdom

    can you explain what you mean by True Gospel of the Kingdom

    • that,.. Immanuel,King of Israel,The Holy One,Son of God Almighty,..will return here,to this earth, in His Full Glory,as KING of kings, raise the dead,..heal the sick…and to fully establish His Fathers Kingdom here on this earth,..that will not come to fruition until death has totally been done away with!,..and The Father, God Almighty leaves His Holy Heaven and comes down here,and His Son shall hand it over to Him,..and be made subject to His Father, Written.,…thats The True Gospel,..

      His Kingdom here on His Earth, His Son as King,…and in a time unknown, but to Him,He will Come Down, Him as Himself, Our God
      and Loving Father,..and us His Children, Forevermore!..just as its
      Written,..and prayed for in The Lords Prayer.

      • Raising the dead and healing the sick are being done now.
        By those who believe in Christ.

      • yes spiritually yes,and the blind are starting to see too…but we aint seen nothing yet!…no one has been raised from the dead but Immanuel….your very foolish if you think otherwise!..and you wont find any Scripture of anyone but Him being raised to and in His Glorified Body ,…its appointed to everyman to die,..and after that the judgement

        but you dont do Scripture much justice if you dont realise in a future time the King of Israel,..will open the doors of the waterless pit and let the prisoners out.

      • You will find many instances of the dead being raised in the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth, one of your own countrymen.
        And also, many instances of physical healing, by the same.

  7. that,.. Immanuel,King of Israel,The Holy One,Son of God Almighty,..will return here,to this earth, in His Full Glory,as KING of kings, raise the dead,..heal the sick…and to fully establish His Fathers Kingdom here on this earth,..that will not come to fruition until death has totally been done away with.

    ok so are you say this kingdom is the 1000 year millennium reign of Christ on earth or are you speaking of another kingdom

    • there only is One Kingdom,in Scripture regarding this earth its been advancing from creation and will only be fulfilled when death has been put under His Feet,and He ,The Son of God as King,
      although He, Immanuel was made King/ruler of Israel,long ago,its in The Old Testament, time and time again,…and of course the NT, Nathaniel called Him it…but make no mistake this Coming Kingdom on Earth,comes under the Kingdom of Heaven


      when He was Glorified and Ascended To Heaven He Took His Rightful Throne as King of Heaven beside The Throne of His Father, God Almighty, The Majesty (surely you know this,its basic Scripture?),..and as Written right throughout Scripture, especially in the Books of The Prophets and Revelation,..He Will Return Visibly, with all His Heavenly Angels and Redeemed ones from the earth and all His that have died from The Beginning, Rule for the Millennium,….as you rightly posted 1000 years,..(all we can do is accept this will be 1000 years,going by the 6000 years past, and the millennium being the 1000 years = 1Day ),..His Second Return being the start….with then satan bound ..the Millennium Rule…. satan released, and death done away with,Rev20….then The Father and The Holy City Coming Down, Written in Rev 21 and 1 Corinthians 15 v27 -28…..this will really be, The Kingdom Come.

      but lets deal with the present or the immediate times ahead.
      any child of the light should be discerning the times,the latest unrest in the middle east,an i mean the Muslim countrys been stirred by the Jesuits through the USA and Uk,..the country Israel threatening attacks on Iran,..and the rising demonstrations in the Lebanon,..headed by the most hatred leader of the Israelis
      ,..all in the same 24-48 hours the pope of rome was in the same area?(the leader of ‘christianity and the leader of muslims’in the same neighbourhood caused my eye brow to raise
      and with…the sun god/baal worship in the UK last 2 months,…and the alignments in the heavens with the plains and the ‘star’ ‘sirius’ last few days,..then we must be vigilant.

      the signs/symbols are everywhere of nuclear war,..from the egyptian hieroglyphs,..and your american dollar… the present google doodles!….all leading to one thing,WW3 and of course..the beast from the pit getting released amidst all the chaos,..and arriving from the skies as, guessed it, je’sus……..and he will play it out for the hour hes given,and fool many as Written.

      and he will have a freehand for the Biblical time specified in Scripture,..till of course The Witnesses fulfill their appointed roll and time!

      then the end will come,..and with it The Second Coming of Immanuel, King of kings,..and the 1000 year Reign, described in the beautiful Scriptures of, Isaiah,the Wonderful ever present book of Jeremiah, Daniel,Micah,Amos,Joel,Nahum, Habakkuk,

      heres wisdom, those with an ear or two ears,use them!

      and seek The King of Israel,…today,..its still the present,and still time,..put his clothes on,..The Fathers Armour on over them,..the just, with walk by faith.

      whats your take D Taylor?

      • I believe the Bible teaches that God is governing our earthly time by dispensations. The 1st dispensation was the dispensation of innocence or freedom Genesis 1:28 – 3:8, the 2nd dispensation is the dispensation of conscience Genesis 3:9 – 8:14, the 3rd dispensation is the dispensation of civil government Genesis 8:15 – 11:32, the 4th dispensation is the dispensation of promise or Patriarchal rule Genesis 12:1 – Exodus 18:27, the 5th dispensation is the dispensation of the law Exodus 19:1 – Acts 1:26, the 6th dispensation is the dispensation of grace Acts 2:1 – Revelation 19:21 the 7th dispensation is the dispensation of the Kingdom or Millennium Revelation 20:1- 10. Then the Eternal State.

        During the Kingdom or Millennium reign of Christ here on earth which from the Bible a person can see will be a 1000 year reign of Christ here physically on earth along with the Gentile and Jewish branch’s of administration with Christ being the King with the Jewish branch consisting of David, 12 Apostles, Princes, Judges and Counselors, Israel Then Gentiles, The Church and Tribulation Saints, Kings Gentile Nations.

        During the Millennium Isaiah 65:17- 25 there will be death (Isaiah 65:20) for any person who by the age of 100 does not accept Christ as their savior. The Believers who survive the tribulation will be brought into the Millennium to begin to repopulate the earth during Christ 1000 year reign.

  8. Hi Rachel, E.W. here, I did not mean to open a can of sinking worms. Just to make a point on subject. May I try it from another perspective? God did not want His people to have kings/governments like the heathen. Rather, He wanted Spirit-lead-people to judge that all things be conducted in the ways of the Lord. Second, God does not put people to the test that He may know their true heart; He gives people trying times that each person may know the truth of their on heart. The point I wanted to convey was, day to day living, in the Lord, is still very hard for me. To which I know must come from some form of pride, which is sin. I hate lieing deception worse than anyother thing. For the fact that the world is full of it, I do not even fully trust my self. Which is to say, I am no better than the people that purpposely sin. Does this make any sence? —I feel like Peter walking on water, all I know is, Jesus reach your big hand down and pull my head above the water! —Could this be where you are coming from?

    • Hi EW … yes to be spirit-led is the key for those who are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God. This is the essence of Christ’s kingdom.. reigning from within us. The living day to day comes as we trust in the true God … it is a process, it is the process of becoming a part of Him. But in these days, Christ is coming for His people and He is coming within us.

    • God does not put people to the test that He may know their true heart; He gives people trying times that each person may know the truth of their own heart. Thanks for sharing this statement, EW., that is quite profound, I have never thought this, or heard this said before.
      (You might like the writings of E.W. Kenyon)

  9. D Taylor,…i couldnt put it better myself,…

    “During the Kingdom or Millennium reign of Christ here on earth which from the Bible a person can see will be a 1000 year reign of Christ here physically on earth along with the Gentile and Jewish branch’s of administration with Christ being the King with the Jewish branch consisting of David, 12 Apostles, Princes, Judges and Counselors, Israel Then Gentiles, The Church and Tribulation Saints, Kings Gentile Nations”.

    how many mainstream churches teach that?

    what a wonderful wonderful time that will be,..though it must be discerned,..that yes as you posted people will die,..and the last war still has to be fought,..and just to be clear, it will be very visible, with as Written all of the above mentioned,David,The Disciples,etc…and also John the Baptist, Abraham Isaac and Jacob,..and our course,Our Wonderful Saviour and King

    • Not many churches teach this, most are convent based churches or some other kind of thinking like, people by eventually becoming better will make the earth a better place, or that the 1000 years is not an actual 1000 years but is some kind of spiritual state

  10. Most chapels/churches where i live have all their congregations foolishly thinking they are going to Heaven for Eternity,..yet cant provide any sound doctrine from Scripture of this,but just quote Scripture foolishly to suit their belief,..i feel sorry for them,they will fall for the delusion, family siblings included, 😦
    if you seriously discern Scripture,before The Second Coming..this world system is just about to get worse,..and until The Fathers’ indignation has passed it aint going to get better until after The Second Coming,and A King Sent with His Angels and raised patriarchs,disciples,to be The Government,and the people of the remnant of Israelites..will hardly be unseen

    Romans 13
    11 And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.
    12 The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.

    and if we seriously discern The Old Testament,it describes the 1000 years quite clearly,..but sure, who wants to read The Old Testament these days!

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