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How to Listen to the Holy Spirit


How to Listen to the Holy Spirit

Below is a video on how to listen to the Holy Spirit in your life. We’ve been given a tremendous gift in Holy Spirit – but if we don’t tune in and learn to listen – it is a gift left unopened. The Spirit is given to God’s children – to teach, guide, lead, comfort and help. Through the Spirit we gain tremendous insight that helps us in every area of our lives. Please take a few mintues to watch the video.


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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

24 thoughts on “How to Listen to the Holy Spirit

  1. Hey Rachel, I was amazed when I saw this title… I had actually been debating with myself about asking you this question or whether this was something I had to find for myself as far as what it means to listen to the Spirit and how you know it is Him and what He is saying. I guess this was the answer! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

    For quite a while now, I have definitely felt those moments of clarity when reading the Word. So many verses have really stood out to me as I read and offered me some truth or some answer to my questions. Other times, especially now going back through the Old Testament, I will read something that will tie up some loose ends, and finally I know how a particular issue works together. Sometimes, the guidance is so amazingly specific to some question or problem I am dealing with at the time, and sometimes it is just about something I haven’t even been thinking about that God brings to me that day. I just pray that my heart and soul and mind absorb what He is telling me so I will be able to use it and build on it and He continues to cultivate and Satan continues to tempt.

    It’s not very often that I discern clear guidance outside of the Word yet, but I trust that guidance is coming as He prepares me for it.

    • Hi Ruth – hearing His instruction through the Word is tremendous – I know you are being greatly blessed by it. As you continue to listen and act on His instruction it will become clearer in your life. If you haven’t tried the techinque I talked about in the second video, do. I’ve talked about it before in other videos. It is a simple discipline – but it did wonders for me being able to tune into His counsel and guidance in my life.

  2. Hey Rachel,

    I have been trying the technique of just sitting and trying to listen. I’ve been surprised at how quickly that time goes by. Sitting still physically hasn’t been that difficult, but sitting still mentally is… It’s been hard for me, harder some days than others, to be quiet enough to hear anything but my wandering mind, and the more I try to focus, the more it seems to wander. I trust it will get better, and I’m praying for God to help me keep my mind on Him. Today, I decided to go ahead and increase the time a little bit; we’ll see how that goes. I would appreciate your prayers on this!!

    On another note, I have noticed lately that sometimes I will ask God for direction about something really specific, and then an idea of something will come to mind. Then, if I don’t immediately act on the idea, like if I’m not really sure if that was just coming from my own mind or what, if I keep praying for God to show me what to do, I have the distinct feeling in my heart that He’s saying, “I already told you what to do.” In some cases, if a difficulty arises and I am tempted to pray for direction again, I have been comforted/convicted with the feeling that I’m already going the right direction but I just have to accept that there will be trials and struggles on the way, and things will only happen according to GOD’S timing and plan.

    Thanks for reading…and praying!

    • Hi Ruth – it is difficult to be mentally still. It takes time just to get use to quieting our minds to hear Him. Don’t struggle with this too much – it is more of falling into His arms and being open to hearing Him. Just focus on who He is. Let it be a sweet time of abiding fully in Him and His love. I’m praying for you in this – just did this morning. It takes awhile to get use to it because it’s new.

      I did exactly what you did at first. I kept asking and heard the same thing – “I already told you what to do.” — 🙂 I’ve learned to trust that voice the first time around and you will too as you get use to hearing him.


  3. Rachel

    Your right about when it seems to be an emotional decision it seems to be harder. I find it much harder to discern whether my voice(emotion) or God. My biggest hindrance is being to analytical. I feel like God would say something to me, then something else would come up that would bring me back to where I started! Yikes…thinking God answered prayer then I begin to wonder if it was just me! I suppose most it it comes from taking the long road around when there was a much easier path.

    Great word and advice. Appreciate your devotion to knowing the Father deeper…it always encourages me.


    • Mike – its VERY easy for things like being too analytical to come into play. But as continue with a heart to know the truth and trust God that He is more than able to lead us into all truth and wisdom – our thoughts subside and His start to take over. It is definitely a process! His way is usually quite simple and straightward as I’m finding. We do like to make things difficult don’t we? 🙂

  4. one more thought…when you mentioned about having a impression from reading something, then it needs to harmonize with truth. usually the instinct is to verify what is written in commentaries. What if it does not line up? Does that mean your wrong? One thing I realized is that most of the commentaries generally all same the same thing, they don’t differ very far from each other.

    If the word is living, how can it only apply to certain things? What if you certain issue doesn’t go along with a certain text or story? then what? I believe the church has failed in this, to where you rely so much on the man in the pulpit and you are not condition to learn any other way.

    • Hi Mike — you brought up some great points here. We’ve been taught, in general, not to trust ourselves being taught by God or really to trust the Spirit as our teacher – but to let the educated religious men and women with multiple initials after their name to have the final word.

      I think if we all truly trusted the Spirit – then we would all have the same teacher and actually be more in unity in our beliefs.

      As for the commentaries – I always let the Spirit have the final word. Sometimes, I like to read what others think. Yet, if it doesn’t resonate with all I’ve been learning – then I continue to seek and ask. This has happened a couple of times. I wasn’t sure about a certain passage, the commentaries didn’t resonate with me – I kept seeking and God taught me about it – a truth that truly fit the rest of His Word.

      It takes patience to wait on the Spirit’s instruction. But if we do and seek Him, His instruction is absolutely amazing and right on.

      Since I’ve been trusting the spirit as my teacher, I find that what I learn resonates with others – but only those truly seeking instruction from Him. So interesting.

      How often people seem to forget the fact that the Word is active and living – it is unlike anything else we read and needs to be seen as such.

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  6. sadly the video was set to “private” and i couldn’t watch…

  7. Hey my name is Martin. Sometimes i feel like the holy spirit is working in me but then again i don’t know who’s talking. Me or the flesh?

  8. I want a desire for god…:( I’m tired of living with this flesh and always winning. can you tell me something that or read me something that can help me please? i would really appreciate it. Maybe we can be best friends 😀 and talk about god.

    • Hi Martin – wonderful the desire you have … abide in God’s truth, the Bible, and seek to be taught by Him. He promises if we seek we will find. It is a process of drawing near – and learning to hear His voice clearly – it takes time. But if we are diligent in that daily time with God reading the Bible and in prayer then He will teach us. He is your foundation – go to Him. As you spend time in the Bible, you learn to discern between His voice and yours. Further, by abiding in the Bible – you can test all your hear by God’s truth.

      I did a series of videos on spending that time with God – you can check it out on my blog

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    Love this. I will be applying this

  10. simply thank you

  11. i really find it diffult to hear the voice of God… i try to sit down and waiting to let the holy spirit speark but still cant hear nothing

  12. i want to learn more in hearing from and understanding the Holy Spirit


    • Hi, the Holy Spirit is a spirit of God that helps prepare and developed your soul to receive the inflow of God’s divine love. Thus, if you truly desire to learn of this love in your life, you will start to learn and grow in it … and in that you will be embracing the Holy Spirit for this is His purpose. Does this make sense?

  14. I am PST samso from kakaka Liberia west Africa,

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