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Spiritual Laws


Spiritual Laws


Spiritual laws, physical laws, and the interplay of the two operate this simulation. In both, everything comes down to mathematical precision. Everything comes down to cause and effect.

In a self-determined consciousness, we decide yes or no (1 or 0), which determines the next cause and effect. We don’t control the laws, the outcomes or anything else. We simply choose or decide yes or no in thousands of ways. This yes or no is where our “free” will resides. (Represented by the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil; where we judge good and evil; yes and no) Yet, even this “choice” is bound and not “free”; for it’s influenced by the condition of our consciousness at the time of our choice.

This yes and no dynamic is the working of the self-determined consciousness, versus, a divine consciousness, which is just yes, because our choice is governed by perfection, not us. What directs our soul comes from beyond us, versus, from us. Thus, we still have “choice” in a divine consciousness, but what governs that choice changes from mere human to divine.

Because the spiritual laws govern the outcomes to our choices; if we are aware of them they can illuminate the cause and effect dynamics occurring in our lives. Understanding these laws help us to “see” our consciousness, and in contrast the divine consciousness. Through them we see how the consciousness operates, functions and expands.

These laws exist in this simulation and in eternity. The difference is in this simulated reality we can’t fulfill them, and in the eternal we can. They are fulfilled when we act in perfect divine love (not the self-generated love of the self-determined consciousness). This is why Jesus said the sum of the commandments is love (divine love). He fulfills them because he is governed by the divine consciousness, thus in perfect love. When we possess the divine consciousness as he did, thus when we are one with him, then we’ll fulfill them too.

Pursuing the commandment to love reveals our great obstacle; we can’t divinely love. We can in intention or desire, but to love in action with a perfect love is always an act done in faith, because we’ve not yet received the substance of divinity. If we had, we would be immortal. Yet this desire to want to divinely love, and doing so in faith develops a soul condition that can unite in a oneness with the divine consciousness of our Creator.

So, we can desire divine love, but our self-determined consciousness in unable to create it. It’s produced only in the working of the divine consciousness. Again, a self-determined consciousness can’t create a true love – the highest good for all – it’s not in its capabilities because it isn’t an all-knowing perfect consciousness. Yet at the same time, we desire this divine love with all our being. This desire is the desire of God, for God. It’s placed and grown in our soul by him, for him, to pull us back into him. Along the way, our soul is prepared for oneness with him. The desire for this pure love is essential. It’s our homing beacon back to him.

Any spiritual law not fulfilled creates disharmony and the absence of divine love, thus ripple effects that bring “death”. This is another reason we learn this reality is only a simulation. If it was real, God would be here, and he can only exist as he is, as God. Where he is, there is life, harmony and love because his spirit is sovereign, and nothing can overturn it – it’s impossible. This is what it means to be God. It’s impossible for this “reality” to truly exist in the realm of an all consuming, omnipresent, omniscient, and loving Creator.

As we learn about these laws, they humble us in our self-determination to realize that only a oneness with our Creator can fulfill them. We learn through them to relinquish our self-determined consciousness, and desire to be an extension of the divine consciousness. Not to push into our self-determination thinking we can self-perfect, which can be a natural reaction when we first learn of these laws. Again, a self- determined consciousness by its very nature can’t truly fulfill them; only a divine consciousness. These laws in themselves reveal that we can’t fulfill them in this consciousness, thus we can’t create harmony or divine love. However, they also reveal the divine consciousness can accomplish these outcomes. If we try to live in them perfectly, they will frustrate us to no end, thus we live in them by faith. We experience our failure that we may choose to let go of our consciousness and be absorbed and fully governed by the divine consciousness; to give up our “free” will. They reveal why we need to be a part of the divine consciousness that is all knowing, perfect in choice, function, and in expression of divine love.

Thus, we have faith, and are called to live by faith. And above all to live in this divine love in faith, because engaging this living faith is what prepares us for the substance. Faith exists because there is a state of “separation”. The fulfillment of a faith, based on divine truth and love, is oneness with the divine consciousness of our Creator, which is an end to all separation.

Jesus Christ revealed that this potential of oneness exists for us; here. And when the Spirit that is in him enters this reality to abide in us eternally, we too will fulfill this potential. Its fulfillment ends the self-determined consciousness so that there is only the divine consciousness all in all. Thus separation, the absence of love, and every element related to “death” and “darkness” ends.

Again, until then we try to remain patient in our faith as our Creator completes in us what he set out to do – to create us in his likeness.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Spiritual Laws

  1. I think this is good, while reading this post. ⚡

  2. You said:

    “If we try to live in them perfectly, they will frustrate us to no end, thus we live in them by faith. We experience our failure that we may choose to let go of our consciousness and be absorbed and fully governed by the divine consciousness; to give up our “free” will. They reveal why we need to be a part of the divine consciousness that is all knowing, perfect in choice, function, and in expression of divine love.” End quote

    It is a test and trial unto the end. Take Jesus for example, He prayed great drops of blood ( he poured out his life) it says before he was crucified asking that this cup may pass from Him, but never the less “Not my will but thine be done”. Faith until the end, testing unto the end. If we became matured and perfected and continued walking on this earth we would defeat our purpose for being here any longer.

    So as you say and I agree we are tested according to our faith while we’re here on earth and we have a vision and a goal to achieve. Once faith has achieved it’s purpose, we are finished as Christ said “it is finished”.

    On something along the same lines of discussion, immortality. We are already immortal, we are just waiting to transcend into a greater gift and awareness of it. Immortality is life without end, for those who understand salvation, understands we only morph from cocoon to the butterfly, the spirit life does not leave us. When we came into this life, we were immortal, while we are here we are immortal, and when we leave our spirit has had an earthly experience, that’s all. From the moment God created us in the long ago, we became immortal at that instance of being created as a separate entity. From then we awaited our testings on earth to determine what calling and order we would be placed in. Much is dependent on our obedience to His will to determine our place in God’s kingdom. When the gift of life was given, it was never to be forsaken or taken away. We want to obey because we love our Father in heaven, it is not about reward. When we truly love we do not even think of getting anything , we only think of being one among many brethren. Being equal is good enough.

    • Excellent and precise response, it encapsulates where I am at and growing towards every day. Mentally I am here but not as I was before, as Rachel describes your perspective changes more and more from a “subconcious” fleshly based reactive mode (past experience) to Spiritual which has much more texture and a completely different state of mind…

      In prayers ad meditations I find myself speaking with God and referring to the prior state an “down there” as I am in a different level of consciousness with the Holy Spirit established as my primary source of wisdom, first and foremost…

      I am delighted to see so many fellow souls on the same journey, I know my purpose is to turn peoples lights on internally and I am dedicated to it till the end..

      And with Jesus as my Lord and Savior, there is no end to being with him in Eternal Universal Love…

      God Bless

      • A cup is what holds our portion of life’s sustenance for the time we are partaking of a particular substance. In the natural it is food or drink to carry us on to the next “partaking” or the next meal. In along the lines, “give us this day our daily bread”, partaking is an ongoing action. As we partake of our cup or daily bread, we acknowledge a participation that is required in the spirit. There are many shades of meaning as you say from any one scripture. This is one. Christ left and came again soon after having consumed His “cup”. When we receive what is in our cup we are receiving God’s will for us to fulfill, just as we take of the daily bread we take on the spirit of Christ, the bread of life. So yes the cup very much represents what He was doing as well as what He was going to do. This one cup was one among many.

        In responding about immortality I was not taking a “different” view from what you were sharing, it was more along the lines of clarifying we did live before coming to this earth. I see immortality as constant from our entity being created, it’s this immortal person that will be given greater rewards, freedoms and responsibilities according to “who” we are obedient to and fulfilling our calling. It’s not the same road for everyone, even though all roads lead to……

        I think we’re saying essentially the same thing, we are of a certain character while we’re living in the present. Our character is the divinity/immortality while eternal is the present we exist in.

      • Thanks Steven, I agree, our subconciousness must grow into our conciuoness and our conciuoness must become subservient to our subconscious. What I mean is our soul rules our life until “she” learns to obey the spirit (subconcious). This is because in the fall in the garden where the only consciousness we had was one with the spirit of God when Adam walked with God. The spirit or concious fell into a subconcious state because Adam (man, spirit, husband) listened to Eve instead of God. He thus was cast into a state of subconciousness because he gave up his concious state of mind to his soul or Eve. (Adam represents our spirit while Eve represents our soul) Adam ruled u till he gave into Eve his soul. We do the same thing in our life. One or the other must rule, our spirit or our soul. When Adam (our spirit) regains his consciousness Eve (our soul) will become again subservient to her master the spirit. This is how the soul learns and grows in the ways of God. Our soul must learn to listen to the guidance of the spirit instead of the five senses.

        Thus we (our soul) must give to the spirit within for our maturity and growth. Our spirit must come to the forefront and the soul must “again” become one with our spirit…to become one again. We were one spirit before the fall, we became spirit and soul in the fall, and we will be united ( our spirit and soul) again to once again be on one mind…of the spirit.

        It is a journey of change. God will bless us all, in time, in our calling.

    • Hi Sonny, I wonder if the “cup” was what was beyond the crucifixion. In divine love, you desire life for all, Jesus knew his surrender to those who pursued them would a turning point in bringing in that divine love. So I wonder if it was more of the fact that he would leave all those he came to care for; again looking at from divine love’s perspective. He understood his closeness to them regardless of form, but it is more difficult for us because of our focus on the physical, which he knew, and people are so easily misled by others, again because of the focus on the physical.

      Just to be clear for the purposes of what I’m sharing … when I speak of immortality I’m referring to our divine soul state in which we are governed by the divine consciousness as Jesus was .. versus being eternal, which we are when we are created as soul. Eternal is always our state, where divinity/immortality is what we transform into.

      • … I didn’t read this post yet, though listening to what was written here… I think it raises conflict with the definition of Eternal. I know, that Only GOD is eternal. Him who never had a beginning and will never have an end.
        For me… I hold unto what immortality literally means.

        I believe It was Apostle Paul whom said “Let that mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Divinity and humanity becoming one… I know this will fully (glorification) be given at the second advent for the believers in GOD (Godhead).

        In the theology stand I have. What happened after the cross is GOD going into the heavenly place to minister for us. I know we can see this, through the plan of salvation which He showed through the earthly representation of the tabernacle.

  3. Rachel, my reply to you is above at 4:14. Under Steven’s comment. I hit the reply button but before I posted I got distracted and then hit Steven’s reply which posted my reply to you there….

  4. Even though the scriptures do state that “without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness” it is the controversy within one’s own self that it is addressing primarily. I address this because of the outward “controversy” that is displayed here for all to witness. If any is offended, it is not my intent to argue or debate, it is just that sometimes when you let things go on (trying to turn the other cheek for civilities sake) one can do more harm than good by letting the “one” disrupt the welfare of the many. I write these responses to my accuser with absolutely no malice, ill will, nor do I wish any harm to come to any. Therefore, I may would have wished a better dialogue and outcome, it was not to be. I reread what I wrote and even though it is a bit harsh, sometimes when one’s animosity grows toward you without restraint, you either have to ignore them or answer them when they “demand” an answer because you are ignoring their “good” counciling. Everything has purpose and is a learning experience and we must accept the bad with the good (Job). However no matter the attacks and the necessary response no harm can be intended and calling people childish names is not the answer. Evil is as evil does and our actions as well as our words reveal our true nature and where our heart lies. My way is not the way of another and my responses are given with the intent as though there were no differences of opinion. What I mean by this if a person has a different love for one of varying views after a disagreement and they want to send them to “hell” we have not the spirit of God. There is a goal for every person that God directs and He arranges the meetings according to what is attended for each. So there is a positive in “all” dialoughr, good and bad “if” one sees the goal and vision of God’s purpose.

    When we see the end of all people including those who wish another harm and knowing that their knee will also bow to the will of God it is impossible to not have compassion for the least of these. All people are inclusive in God’s plan whether they are Saint or sinner, good or evil. Every person will be called according to God’s will and purpose for each. There will be none left out as the parable of the good Shepard leaving the ninety nine and going after the one, thus signifying “As in Adam all die, so as in Christ all will made alive”, it goes on to say it is not who but in what order our salvation will come.

    I am a true believer in that every word that proceeds from our mouth and our purpose behind them are carefully monitored by God and we will be held accountable each of them. Often times two can say the same things ( as the five wise and the five foolish virgins) but the intent and purpose of their words are far from one another. Is the intent to draw attention to oneself or remain in the background and give God first place in our lives. So it is with our words for we are the five wise or the five foolish according to our own intent in what we say and how. So…there are times when one must stand in the gate and turn the offender from the “house of worship” where the saints gather together so to speak.

    We realize young people have a zeal and mean well but their “soul” speaks when it should be remaining quiet. This is a good example of the parable of the woman should not speak in church but ask her husband at home. What this means as witnessed here is a person who is more soulish than spiritual (meaning young in the lord) they should remain quiet and give ear to the elders. One of immaturity should learn and listen therefore an undeveloped soul (the woman) should remain quiet in a gathering place. When the woman or soul speaks it is the weaker part of ourselves that must remain quiet. When the spirit (.husband) speaks in “church” the spirit speaks from a matured nature within. This has been a very public lesson and each will have to decide the merits of it with what understanding they have.

    In Christ

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