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We are One Flesh


We are One Flesh


Last week, this truth awakened me to a new depth of profound porportions that will forever change my perspective of myself and others.

Separation is an illusion.

There is no separation between you and me. You are the expression of me given your heritage, experiences, and perceptions.

Each one of us is a different potential lived out that could have been our own.

 Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, And that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; When you see the naked, that you cover him, And not hide yourself from your own flesh?  Isaiah 58:7

What I do to you, I do to myself.

What I do to myself, I do to you.

What we do to ourselves and others, we do to our Creator.

These aren’t theoretical statements, but the reality in which we function.

When we change, it changes how we perceive, respond and treat others.

All are connected.

Separateness is an illusion.

When we judge, we keep the illusion alive.

 “Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12

May this truth be a guiding light within our soul,

And may our utmost desire be to do all in pure love and for love.

Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

39 thoughts on “We are One Flesh

  1. Sweet Rachel,

    I believe we have psychological

    In Isaiah 5:7
    If this is (our own flesh),
    ~is our flesh naked?

    I hope I’m not hiding myself
    from you, in saying this.

    I think what God is saying in
    this verse, is that your compassion
    should be, as if it were, yourself
    who was, in need.
    I don’t see God, as meaning this,
    literally, as far as flesh,
    in relation to ‘oneness’.
    In protecting ‘their flesh’,
    you are protecting their autonomy
    as well.
    You’re preserving their autonomy
    as well.
    In doing that, then they are able
    to ‘receive’ your love.
    Which is an act of autonomy,
    because~ you can be refused.

    You have the autonomy, to disagree.
    I grant you that.
    So does that divide us?

    (my interpretation)

    • Hi Anon,

      As we see this truth of our connectedness more clearly, we also see our individuality, thus autonomy, more clearly.

      It’s a bit like vectors of all variances coming out of one point … and what happens in one vector affects the other vectors.

      Individuality is required to give and receive love .. otherwise there is no giver or receiver. I feel this is one reason for our journey through this realm is the formation of our individuality so that we can love.

      This truth of our connectedness doesn’t negate this … but when seen in growing clarity it eradicates judgment and instills compassion in a much deeper and more expansive way. In this we are able to perceive and honor our individuality even more so, while also seeing a much deeper connection in the interplay between us.


      • I’m not sure what you mean
        by judgment.
        But I think this word is the
        center or crux of your suggestion.
        For instance, we think of judgment
        as a negative thing.
        But actually we are judging
        all day long.
        So, if you add that to the idea,
        of ‘being one flesh’,
        I’m not sure you would be
        comfortable with, my judgments,
        that is, as far as, the idea of
        my judgments being your own.
        I think that God wants us relating
        ourselves, back to himself,
        the vector being attached to him.
        If we are too attached to one
        another, rather that him,
        I think that could eventually
        become like an anchor on a boat.
        But I know that there is a realm, and
        a way, or place where we are connected,
        but if it’s not through the Holy Spirit,
        then it’s not going to be pure.
        So, for people who don’t have or
        operate in God’s Spirit, it would
        open the door to occult spirits,
        and that’s not something we want.
        This would place a person in
        the realm of psychics, and occult
        spirits give a person a gift, and
        insight, and a connection,
        but then they also, ask for your
        soul and a pay off from them
        is usually death by disaster
        when they are through with, using you
        for their own ends.

        I have operated in gifts of the
        Holy Spirit, through intercession in
        praying in other tounges, (a prayer
        language given by the Spirit of God),
        and carried a burden, for people
        who are sick, and then have,
        seen them healed through that
        time of prayer.
        So I am not a novice to the idea
        of connection.
        But I bring to your attention a verse
        in the N. Testament, by Paul, where he
        “Flee fornication, every other sin, is
        without the body”.
        So, there are many ways you probably
        don’t want to be ‘attached’ to other
        Also, John referred to, the idea that
        you should not ‘bid someone godspeed’,
        or give a ‘go ahead’ to someone
        who is in sin, or going about to sin,
        or you become partaker of their sin.
        So there is a negative connection,
        that you don’t want.

        I think your idea is a dangerous
        one in the spirit realm,
        if you look at the flip side.

      • Hi Anon, From your comment you don’t understand what I’m saying, but that is okay .. for it is the spirit of truth that teaches each one of us as we are ready to know and we trust him to build our understanding for us.

      • Tell me where I misunderstood.

        You didn’t go into much detail,
        so I commented from my point
        of view, to try and make sure
        I wasn’t putting words in your mouth.

      • Hi Anon,

        All truth is grounded in divine love. Love is truly known when it is experience and lived, so it is with absolute truth that incorporates divine love. If we want to grow in truth .. then we must grow in love by letting it mold our minds, lives, understanding .. all that we are. It is love that opens up our eyes to see the deep truths of the spirit, and truth deepens our understanding of the ways of love.

        Because truth is known through love, it can’t be taught through words alone, but only by revelation from the spirit of truth into the depths of our knowing. There were several times that Jesus commented as in Matthew 11:15 “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Obviously most people have physical ears and can physically hear .. he was referring to “hearing” in a deeper sense by and through the spirit’s revelation. Revelation, those ah-ha moments of deep knowing that goes beyond the expression of words, comes as we are able and ready to receive it. All truth builds layer upon layer proportional to our love growing. Truths go very deep. And as we are open to being molded by love and learning the truths it stands upon, realizing there is always more to learn, we allow truth to expand and deepen in our lives.

      • Rachel this is the sentence,
        that I was focusing on.
        Even though you may think
        my statements were strange,
        or off base.

        What do you mean by this?

        Separation is an illusion.

        For instance, this sentence may
        not be your main thought,
        but I don’t know what your
        meaning is here, and it pretty
        much set the stage for your
        Please give me some definitions
        for understanding what weight
        you are giving this statement/
        Or were you generalizing?

        Maybe I gave more weight to
        this than you intended.
        For instance, to fill in details,
        are you saying that

        separation is bad?

        separation doesn’t exist?

        And then as a counter example,
        you might tell me,
        What do you believe God ‘has’
        separated, or wants separated?

        Does God ever desire separation?
        If so, for what?
        What things does God want to
        keep separated?

        Your stated cause is probably great,
        but I don’t see the full picture or
        import of your statements.

      • If your love goes deeper
        and deeper, layer upon layer
        you wouldn’t close your
        heart to my words or shun
        my words.
        That’s more like layers of
        Layers of ancient hurt there.
        If your love goes deeper
        and deeper,
        you should be able to be
        sensitive enough to draw
        that love from my words,
        without definitions of labyrinths
        there, but from the lessons
        of spirit you have learned
        the nuances you hear in my words,
        would draw you forward in
        your emotions, to hear, and
        perceive love, rather than lead
        to withdrawing into an area
        of deep hiding, as if a sole
        cherished inner garden,
        was loves purposed destination.
        What are the wounds there?
        Am I perceiving your labyrinth
        of love, or wounding?
        What am I perceiving?
        How am I knowing this?
        What am I finding in you?

        If love has opened your eyes
        to deep truth,
        then that language would be
        the catalyst in your heart,
        that would draw you into
        conversation, rather than
        making ‘conversation’ the
        one word that love rejects,
        and finds unworthy.

        “go lightly, on the ledge babe,
        everything inside is made
        of stone”

      • Hi Anon,

        My love is far from perfect .. for though it is much more than what I express .. it still flows through my mortal limitations, and no doubt you and many others feel this… this is why I long to be an expression of my Father’s love.

        But with this truth as with all truths, they can’t be taught by words alone … we learn them through our experiences in union with the revelation of the holy Spirit of our Father. I think this is important for us to understand, and it is this I was sharing with you …

      • .Maieutic psychagogy involves Socrates (or other advanced teacher) helping another participant to give birth to realities from within him. Plato believed that the human soul possesses latent knowledge, which could be brought out and elucidated by a special kind of interchange which he called dialectic–a bringing to birth from the depths of a person’s higher being. The maieutic art of Plato’s Socrates involved his drawing his interlocutors into stating and reflecting upon the implications of their uncritically held opinions and their joint examination of these opinions to see if they were stillborn or viable.

  2. Your observation and understanding of who God is a wonderful thing for you to share and in you understanding these great truths of His will, is confirming to those of us who see the same beauty in seeing others as ourselves and ourselves as others. Your statement above of God’s love for “all” is a great mystery revealed.

  3. Rachel, and I would like to add this is a mirror to my soul, I think you understand this already. When two confirm such great truths as these, we don’t have to allow for our differences of perspective, do we?
    It makes hope ring true when there is a meeting of the minds of the greater depths of understanding. It truly brings an unspeakable joy. When one is “naked” of God’s great truths as you quote above, we should cloth them with His gracious words of love and understanding. To be able to provide this “clothing” in explaining His likeness in compassion, forgiveness, patience and all the other attributes of his kindness is what clothing the poor is all about. It is a good thing to do it naturally but a greater gift to have is to show others how to put on “righteousness”. This is the clothing and garments we are asked to put on. If we do not have these attributes we are…poor and blind …and ….naked. You do a wonderful job here on this forum of providing God’s “naked” children with hope and love..and “clothing.”

    • Good comments, but all you have
      said, here, is theoretical.
      Rachel is saying that this is not,
      theoretical, in her understanding.
      So that is not a meeting of the
      minds. A meeting of the minds
      is a theoretical statement.
      Rachel’s comments, are as far
      out beyond yours, as the big
      dipper is beyond Saturn.
      Not a comparison at all.
      Rachel is commenting on, an
      whereas, you are stepping
      into the illusion.
      Rachel is saying, there is one
      connection, where you are
      saying, there is a disconnection.
      That was the purpose of my
      To show that connection and
      disconnection, can create the
      same illusion.

      • Theoretical to you maybe, but truth to me, I respect your opinion on what my “theory” is however you are wrong in your assumption, what I speak is real to me. What I understand is real to me. To those who see as I do, great, to this who don’t understand as you, I have no problem with it.

        The illusion Rachel alludes to, I understand and agree with, we live in a dream world that God created and explains, and we will wake up from it one day after this world has fulfilled it’s purpose.
        A dream, an illusion is not real as this earth is neither anchored in reality but is a temporary place of a lowered dimension, for awhile.

        A meeting of the minds is between two who speak the same language, to a foreigner it would be all Greek to them.

      • Yes, but God is not asking us
        nor has He ever asked us to
        focus on or give credit to, or to
        be enamored of, or be concerned
        with, that part of the World which is
        For Him, that is a waste of time.
        He is asking us to focus on His Word.
        My statement here is not in reference
        to Rachel’s comment’s.
        So in this sense, no, we do not live in
        a dream world, we live in a real world
        that God made.
        So, for me, there is an element of truth
        to what you are saying,
        but not an element to be considered
        in the overall scheme of God’s plans.

        What is real to you, is fine, wonderful.
        I am not waking up from it one day.
        That type of statement is not from
        I am awakened already.

  4. I gotta finish…

    And hide not yourself from your own flesh…is when we look deep within ourselves and see that we are naked of God’s righteous clothing which is His very likeness and nature. By acknowledging the lack we see in ourselves, God can then cloth us with His righteousness, and His ways. If we do not acknowledge our “nakedness” how can God cloth us? The false church in Revelations boasted in actuality she had no need of God’s clothing because she had her own. Her own clothing was a religious game of acting the part outwardly while she was actually “naked” of God’s clothing.

    I’m glad you touched on this so this allegory could be touched on to show what it means in type. You speak so directly in the spiritual sense that when I add my parallel as confirmation in the type, I see it is so much better said in the simple conclusive way that you do. For a long time I have spoke in a conclusive state of mind and when two have a meeting of the minds they can do this but in a teaching forum, we add the natural to understand the spiritual. Won’t it be a wonderful place when no explanation will be needed because everyone is clothed in the righteousness and ways of God? I am glad you see this “oneness” as it is another confirmation of our “oneness”. I am thoroughly enjoying our dialogue. It is gracious and it is kind.

    • People who are in Christ Jesus,
      are not naked of God’s righteousness.
      People who are outside of Jesus Christ
      are naked of God’s righteousness.

      The Word of God says,
      “We are the Righteounsess of God
      In Christ Jesus”.
      The was provided on Jesus cross.
      Provided through His shed blood.

      Oness is only for Saved People
      who are Saved now by the Blood,
      of Jesus Christ, by receiving them
      into their heart.
      This is a current reality, for me, and
      all Believers, who read God/s Word.

      This is not true of sinner’s and the
      They are outside of Oness.
      Christ has no part of them.

  5. My life is simple.
    I know who I am in this vast Cosmos.
    I have all I need in this Earth-life;
    I am content and at peace;
    I am the Universe.

    • If you are the Universe,
      your life is not simple.
      The universe was created
      by Jesus.
      So, Jesus is greater than
      you are.
      Look to Him, and you’ll find
      that peace has nothing to
      do with earth life.
      It has to do with Zoe,
      the Life of God.
      In the beginning was the Word,
      and the Word was with God,
      and the Word was God.
      Without Him was not anything
      made, that was made.

  6. God is consciousness. (Assumption by others perspective but I am already gone.) He is all. Jesus is the E~mmanual to the human race. It is truly the way for more. more… more for one… God does not stop. Knowing facts is good. And believing facts, But experiencing the new ones that are made are full of goodness, Enjoy the amazing pain and suffering that is so good. Sounds weird. Its not. Its not about ones self anyways. Be excellent to one another. Party on dudes!!!
    Anyone can come from any direction in time (Ones time) you will know. I are so blessed that stirring the deep is here. Its nice to know you can truly think for your self what has been giving and truly be good with nobody seeing exactly what you may see. Like I said, Eagles don’t flock but man its nice to know you all are there experiencing the amazing in different ways. Unique to each. All one really needs to do is just ask, what am I missing with the human Jesus Christ? Even if one thinks it is hypocritical of them to themselves to ask because they just don’t feel or believe it matters to ask when you think It feels wrong to ask if you didnt believe. Just ask and enjoy the ride. He always gives out free mind blowing passes for the first time buyers club. LOL I thought that I was Good with God only. Who needed a middle man. Well the game here on earth is the human race so if you want to know God the way he has shown many you have to check out Jesus. His track record is perfect and if one can understand how he did what he did for us to show us the way. The human way. I had know idea until I truly wanted to know. Sure life is good with our father. One would seriously miss out not to truly have the gift that he told everyone they would have. You cant kind of believe, when it comes to Jesus Christ. Either you do or dont, but try asking our Father to explain a few things. Listen be patient and pay attention to everything until you work out your true communication abd relationship that is…

    On another note. Well, Its all good. It is. Universe, Mustard seed.
    Everything is Everything. Experiencing what is, takes time out of the equation. There really are not any questions. Only revealings to what is. Of course when you have an angry lynch mob after you its hard to stay in that place. (Not I. Just Saying) but the point is solitude really helps one develop that special relationship that is real. The worlds rules bend for you when you truly know your following Christ. One tends to try to protect themselves and others by not sacrificing the faith that keeps getting stronger until.

    Some of the cliffs seem way to High, but not if you have been building up your faith with the simple ones. Which i a may say are just as hard. Stop thinking too much trav and follow your heart. God blesses us with flowing water

  7. Rachel, I see what you mean by the “illusion of separateness” and if I may:

    The tabernacle in the wilderness was a “type of us”. It was built to help explain how the human being was created and the relationship of the spirit, soul, and body “to God”. It had the three represented spaces, which paralleled us in the spirit, being the Holiest of Holies ( spirit), the Holy Place (soul), and outer court (the flesh or body). It was built and the furniture that was placed in it from the outer court, through the Holy Place into the Holiest of Holies represented, not only how we are made but how we function in relationship by using the various items “within” and without the tabernacle.

    Most people think that God is off somewhere in some ethereal heaven somewhere but the tabernacle in type does not show this to be true. God was right there behind the vail all the time. The vail separated where God dwelt and the place of the soul, that lowered dimension of ourselves. By people not understanding how they are made, they think Of God as being some external being so therefore His kingdom must also be external to us. This is not true. The tabernacle in type explains all in detail in truth to those God has permitted to “see”. Any fundamental bible student can read and understand that it is clearly stated that the kingdom of God is said to be within you, …for God is where His kingdom is. The vail represents the flesh and the vail prevented ones from seeing God behind the vail. We, in our soul cannot peer into the life behind the vail unless God pulls back the curtain and let’s us see Him in spirit and in truth. This is a progression. The vail was rent making a way into the Holy of Holies at the crucifixion of Christ in the natural typifying that God now made a way for us to progress into the Kingdom of God.

    There is a world of thought and meaning in this study of the tabernacle but in keeping with Rachel’s focus and point of view of an “illusionary state of mind” and a “perceived separateness” from God, I will make the point in agreeing we live in a illusionary state until God allows the scales to fall from our eyes of understanding. God has always been with us, in us, right behind the vail. Study the tabernacle. It is also said that though one makes his bed in hell, God is right there with them. Hell is among other things confusion.

    The illusion Rachel is putting forth is one of a “perceived perception” of separation and not a real one. The carnally, religious mind ( which we all have to deal with at one point or another in our journey from the out her court to God) is the one who snatches away the truth. One must understand Satan is clothed with an air of righteousness, while quoting God’s scripture, being in the outer court of the flesh and attempting to influence the soul to turn from who she truly loves which is God through Christ behind the vail. Satan is not allowed in the Holiest of Holies although he is alive and well in the flesh in our “outer court” and he influences our soul but he has no influence with God behind the vail.

    Satan or the carnally mind is the one who creates this illusion of separateness. By understanding in the type of the tabernacle which we understand is our own spirit, soul and body we see God is always with us, in us.We are one with God, we have never been separate from Him. We have just not been able to see Him for the blindness in our life has been this vail “of flesh”. Flesh is our carnal mind, it is the thing that puts on false robes of righteousness, trying to woo the soul away from God.

    The soul (holy place) is / was located between the outer court and the (Holiest of Holies) where God dwells behind the vail. The outer court is where the sacrifices pertaining to the flesh was carried out and the blood (life) was carried into the holy place (and once a year into the Holiest of Holies) so that life could progress within us in the reality of the true tabernacle. For without the sacrifice “of our fleshly, vain ways”, there is no redemption, and there is no blood (life) brought into the soul for an increase in life. Space and time does not allow for a complete study of the tabernacle ( that part I know) but to show how we can have different perspectives of a subject by not fully understanding the comments of another. But mainly to show that separateness from God is really not a real thing, God is right behind the vail, in us.

    This should help explain the “illusion of separateness” using the type where some live in a dream state of temporary blindness thinking that God is in some way separated from us. To those who see that God is separate from us and the kingdom is without have not yet had the vail removed from their soul to peer into the Holist of Holies. and see God above the mercy seat….seeing the Kingdom is really within and it is not separated, it is only an illusion of the blinded soul. The soul must give up being married to the flesh of the five senses of the body located out in the outer court ( the worldly influences) and turn toward the Holy of Holies behind the vail and pray that God remove it from before our face that we may “see” into Him. When we face the vail in our soul, our back is to the world typified by the outer court. There is much symbolism in the tabernacle, however it teaches reality, taking away the illusion.

    Blessings to all

    • Your thoughts are good.
      Good descriptions.
      However the Bible says that,
      man was separated from God,
      through sin.
      Man’s spirit was separated, and
      fell into spiritual death, through
      God told Adam and Eve, the day
      they ate of the fruit, they would
      die. This refers to spiritual death.

      This fact was never an illusion.
      Man was separated from God,
      through sin.

      The illusion, is, that people believe,
      that man is, ok, that he is alright,
      and that he does not need to be
      recreated spiritually through the
      ‘new birth’, by salvation through Jesus.
      (This is where I believe you are
      in error).

      The Bible says the veil in the temple
      was torn asunder when Jesus was
      Showing that the Holy Things in
      Heaven were repaired, and sanctified
      so that man could be ‘cleansed’ from
      sin, and restored to a place of

      Man is separated from God,
      until he is born again.

      • I agree with much you say, and disagree with much you say. It changes little of the true values we are asked to seek. It is how we seek Him, our conduct, our respect and intent.

      • And we were and are separated through sin, through the fall, this is easy to understand but how we were and are separated is my point in sharing. We are separated as spirit and soul, one on one side of the vail, and one on the other side of the vail. Although we remain separated in soul and spirit, they are both housed in the same tabernacle as the type shows us. What prevents our spirit and soul from being united is God Himself until He takes the vail away thus making a way of reconciliation for husband and wife, or spirit and soul, or the bride and Christ. All these allegories explain the spirit and soul coming together again from being separated in the fall. There was a divorce so to speak of God putting Eve away, the soulish part of man for disobedience and after a time of separation God will reunite this separation, forgiving infidelity by the woman (our feminine part, the weaker that sins) and reconciling “her” to her husband, the spirit, which in this circumstance and revelation is Christ and His bride. Translated into laymans terms, we wre reunited and reconciled and regenerated back to God from our fall from spirit to soul.

        I do not share these things lightly nor am I mislead, mistaken, nor am I in error on this subject. I am careful to share those things I know, I do not share those things I do not. I do not speculate, I know whereof I speak and I do not speak to be heard nor am I arrogant about the knowledge of the truth that is given me. Of course I can only expect one to view my truth as opinion or as my personal views, however maturity does come to those who wait. I know my Father and my Father knows me. I stand or fall to Him. There comes a time in ones life where truth is not debatable or to be argued, it stands on it’s own merit, given by the Father. We must all come to know our Father individually as we are called and we become matured as we obey, and continue to look for a His appearing. I share what has been given, it is for each to decide whether they agree, see…or not.

      • No, we are not separated
        spirit from soul.
        There is no reuniting of
        spirit and soul.
        The spirit of man, is recreated
        after the image of Christ
        through the new birth.
        The soul of man,
        is your mind, will, and emotions.
        These are not reunited.
        The spirit of man is recreated.
        Then the mind has to be renewed
        by the Gospels, or God’s word.
        (Faith cometh by hearing and
        hearing by the Word of God.)
        Woman is a helpmeet created,
        for man, and she is a spirit
        being as well.
        Woman is not a part of man,
        in that sense,
        She is a man.
        A female man.
        Both heirs of Christ.
        Woman is not an allegory
        for man’s soul, or spirit.
        Woman does not represent,
        “the sick side of man”.
        Man became sick through
        sin, at the fall of mankind,
        both man and woman.

        I’m not debating.
        These facts are recorded
        in God’s Word.
        No one needs ‘special revelation’
        to understand this.
        It’s plainly written in the Word.
        No higher knowledge is required
        to get this.
        However, you are free to
        believe what you wish.
        But don’t claim superiority,
        and maturity, for your ideas.
        Everyone can read.

    • I had stopped reading your comments not because I have malice towards you, but because I came across to many things that are just not right in my view.

      I Read this comment, where you say the tabernacle in the wilderness represent is being separated from GOD. I know the tabernacle is the earthly depiction of what Jesus Christ did fullfill. GOD Spirit dwelled on top the ark. The tabernacle is the earthly representation of the plan of salvation. And Jesus is everything. This is what I know it means.

      Of course it’s your contemplation.

  8. That which is reality is spiritual and eternal in the heavens, and that which is not real, illusionary, or in a dream state is temporal such as this earth. Many, many scriptures reinforce this knowledge. When one awakes from a nights sleep being natural minded, in reality that one is still asleep walking though it is light, in not seeing true life in the spirit, for they only see the natural, that which is temporary and fleeting. The spirit being eternal, is reality to those who are spiritual and to those who are of this natural world in mind, whether religious or not, see this world as reality. One must enter into reality to see reality of the spirit. This world is “not” reality, “God” says it is temporary, natural, fleeting and passing away, but for those who are spiritual, we must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

  9. Sonny,
    Thank you so much for the blessing. I totally can feel you. You hit my heart.
    Your words are here and in the now. I am just staring forward soaking in what you have just written. To be all things to all people with the truth you have, really takes love and patients to plant beautiful seeds.
    To know someone thru ones words thru text on the internet is incredible. sw33t dreams

    Truth always works. Might be painful for others but thats oK…

  10. Travis,

    A good study on the tabernacle explains the relation of spirit, soul and body. Adam was only spirit before being given a soul. The spirit and soul was separated in the fall when Adam was made a living soul. The tabernacle is not only a picture in type of how we are constructed, but how we are to function and conduct ourselves? For those who see the natural side of things only, I try to parallel it with the revelation of the spirit. This is not a a game of words as some suppose, it is about living in the spirit. I seldom go into the parallels but when I see one struggling to “see” I give what I have been given.

    This internet is a God given technology which is like church, some use it doe evil, and some use it doe good. Travis, it is how we live and respond to another in dialogue that God pays attention to, He searches our hearts to see what is it’s content and if we are “intent on seeking His righteousness” and treating others well as we are instructed He gives the increase of His nature. For ones who think love comes by the ritual of law are in effect trying to “climb up” some other way. Not all are called to see the higher calling in Christ Jesus and cannot see what walking in the spirit is all about. These we do not disparage or criticize for their lesser knowledge, we instead pray for them. We are rightfully known by the fruit of our mouth.

    Thank you for your kind words

    • The spirit and soul were not
      separated in the fall.
      The spirit of man went into
      spiritual death.
      God said, the day you eat
      of the fruit, you will die.
      This was not natural death,
      but spiritual death.
      The parallels you are making,
      are not from the Word,
      but from your own creation,
      and imagination.
      In that sense, yes they are
      a word game.
      They’re not spiritual, because they
      are not from God’s word,
      and in that sense, are not correct
      or true, and yes they are a word game,
      you’ve created.
      Stick with God’s words.

  11. As in the garden there was Adam, Eve, and Satan. Adam represents the spirit, Eve represents the soul and Satan is our carnal nature. There is a battle, allegorically speaking, between the Spirit and Satan for the “devotion” of the soul. It is the soul that sins that shall surely die. In short the five senses of the human flesh is what the soul gives into when “she” sins. Throughout scripture on into the New Testament we are repetitiously reminded and taught this concept of spirit, soul, and body, allegory after allegory, type after type. As Eve turned away from God to seek her own way, she was lured by the carnal mind (with the five senses) just as we are lured by taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Our soul pursues the lust of the flesh through , the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. All of our “drawing away” come from one of these three things which are influenced by the five senses. Our spirit does not sin and cannot sin, however the part lowered from Adam behind the vail, does sin and can be lured away.

    Our spirit within is constantly at war with the flesh over the soul. The soul will be reunited to whom her soul loves which is the spirit just as the woman (soul) in the Song of Solomon searched for whom her soul loved. This is an allegorical story about our soul searching for Christ.

    It’s like the story of the prince rescuing “his woman” from the evil, cruel imprisoned man of the flesh. The allegories when revealed in spirit is a wonderful, true picture of God returning all back to Himself in each ones own order and calling. All scripture which seems evil and hurtful is in reality a wonderful explanation of how we are set free from the evil one, our carnal minded old man of self. We need not look to another to find our enemy, he is within.

    • The soul doesn’t need to
      be reunited with the spirit,
      because your soul,
      is your mind, your will, and
      your emotions.
      This is what comprises your soul.
      The spirit man is recreated
      in the New Birth through faith
      in Jesus Christ.
      Once you are born again by
      confessing Jesus as your savior,
      this process or fact is already
      After this, your soul is simply
      educated to the things of the
      Spirit of God,
      through your mind (soul).

      Secondly, you don’t need any
      allegories, because this is plainly
      taught in the New Testament
      None of this is a mystery, or
      spiritual secret, and requires no
      maturity to understand.
      It only requires being taught.
      You can receive Jesus, when
      your 5 years old and be taught

      This is not high spiritual allegory,

  12. Travis, you said above:

    To know someone thru ones words thru text on the internet is incredible.

    What is truly incredible is that no matter what the vehicle of communication, whether in verbal words spoke to one another in person, an article, or a blog such as this one, it is that we connect by being connected to and through God, through the spirit of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. It is that “intent to know righteousness” that God nurtures and grows within us that unites us. It is because He is in you as He is in me that makes the connection. As we each “see” with our heart of understanding we start becoming one in Him individually, therefore we become one between ourselves. He is the “oneness” that connects. Christ spoke this so eloquently in explaining the Father, Himself, and us becoming one in “them”, not two and not three. This means three entities but one in spirit. “Where two or three are gathered together….in His name, he is in the midst…. Name is not a word, in the Hebrew, name meant the nature of a person and as Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, it signified a change of “nature” within Him. This is our connection, it is God, in the changing of our nature, precept upon precept, little by little, until our soul is reunited to the spirit, making us one whole spiritual being again. The Spirit and soul being reunited in God from the fall is a marriage, also typified in Christ and the true church, His bride. Our spirit and soul must also be “re-united” just as Christ and His bride will be, The man and the woman. Now since Christ is to be married to His bride, which it says is His true church, and it is proved that we are the true temple of God by it being said that we are the true temple of God, the marriage takes place in His true temple …which is….within ourselves. The bride must make herself ready as there is a time of betrothal between being called (or invited) to the marriage. Let us be among the five wise virgins having made ourselves ready in seeking His likeness in spirit rather than thinking we will be heard for our much speaking.

    We must love the true “Word” (Christ) more than the written word (law) for if we pursue the true we will know the letter by default for the spirit explains all things to those who follow the one true Shepard. We know His voice.

  13. Incredible! 🙂

  14. You say:

    “The soul doesn’t need to
    be reunited with the spirit,
    because your soul,
    is your mind, your will, and
    your emotions.”

    It is “our” mind, will and emotions that are contrary to the will of God. It is His will and mind we are to seek leaving the “emotions” of the flesh behind. Many fundamental religions are very emotional people and they mistake emotion for spirituality. They practice an outward show of speaking in tongues, dancing, and doing everything in an outward expression while not understanding they are taking the “Word” of God literally and not spiritually. While there is nothing wrong with doing either, it is wrong when others are judged by going on in the mspirit leaving the natural realm of worship. Paul said he spoke in tongues more than they all but it was more important to move beyond the natural into the spirit, speaking plainly so he would be of help.

    We move from natural to spiritual and this takes time. We can only see what God allows us to see. It is the natural man which ridicules the spirit in their “emotional” state of mind.

    Your manner of communication with others on this forum reveals a nature that is an emotional one, it is not one of the spirit of God but it is from the unregenerated soul.

    If you continue to attack from your immature “soulish” perspective, leaving out Godly respect, you should look within yourself for the enemy, for it is not those who disagree with you as you suppose that is the enemy but it is that “one” who disregards the love of God in addressing others. It is the undeveloped mind of the soul.

    I take no pleasure in responding to your continuous attacks but I understand where they come from. If you are as mature as you “say” your speech would not be as it is. You have religion but you do not show any of the attributes of the beatitudes, the care for others. There is an emotional religious , natural love which the fallen soul takes her direction from the serpent in the garden ( in us) but until she learns to divorce the one she has been married to, and turn to her true savior which is Christ she remains lost in a sea of confusion.

    I share what I have and I know, and it is to be expected for ones of a different understanding to ridicule and throw stones but this is part of the journey. As we grow, we learn a higher way founded in the pursuit of the love of God. Those who cannot see this path will always ridicule be use they have not the love of God for others, even though they mimick the words, their heart is far from God. On the other hand those who are spiritually matured or more spiritually matured do not judge and criticise others of differing views. We must be patient and kind to those who who differ.

    We are known by the fruit of our mouth and God knows the intent of our heart.

    • This is a common misunderstanding.
      What you are viewing as emotion
      in worship, is not emotion at all.
      This is the moving of the Spirit of
      God, which causes a reaction on
      the flesh, because the flesh, can
      withstand only so much of God’s
      Be very careful of criticizing the move
      of the Spirit of God, because this
      is the unpardonable sin, mentioned
      in the Bible.
      When you are critical of the moves of
      God’s Spirit, you will fall under judgement.
      It’s not for you to criticize how people

      Also, these are not fundamental
      religions, any more than you are
      This is God’s Church, and the Church
      follows, the Bible.
      So the term fundamental, apparently
      means, you don’t follow the Bible.
      (I would assume)

      When you worship God it is not an
      outward show, because you are
      worshipping God.
      This is not a performance for you
      or anyone else in the room,
      it is free bold Worship of God.
      Your mind is on God
      when you worship, and if you worship
      it is openly, when at church,
      or at home.
      This is how the heavenly saints
      Also, David’s wife was judged by
      the Lord for this type of criticism,
      and could never bear children,
      because she could not discern
      and was critical of true worship.
      She criticized Davids open worship.
      And God judged her.

      Paul said it was more important
      to prophecy in church,
      whereas in private he continued
      speaking in toungues.
      This is why he said, I speak in
      tongues more than all of you,
      because this is in private.
      But, in Church, he said, I would
      rather, and it is more appropriate,
      to prophecy, so that, all can under-
      (You however hypocritically, have
      no right to comment about either,
      because not only do you not pray
      in toungues, in the Holy Ghost,
      in private,
      but you also have rejected, Church
      attendance, so neither do you
      prophecy there!).
      So you are under judgment on
      both counts, while criticizing the
      worship form, of others.
      Not only do you not associate
      with others who worship,
      or attend worship services, but feel
      it appropriate to criticize those
      who boldly do.

      You don’t move from, the natural
      to the spiritual,
      but from the spiritual
      to the natural.
      This is why you have a false under-
      standing of true worship,
      because your formula is wrong.
      When your spirit, begins to worship
      God, this is when your body follows
      suit, and begins to dance, sing,
      play music or prophecy.
      It comes from within and moves
      to the outside, to praise worship
      and dance, and sing.

      As far as a higher way that you claim
      this is where your problem stems
      from, because you feel like you
      are condescending to speak with
      others, thus making you feel like
      your unloved, because you feel you
      have all God’s truth,
      and when other’s share,
      you claim it’s unloving.
      Nothing could be more loving,
      than telling the truth.
      Who would tell you the truth,
      but someone who loves you?

      Learn to listen before you judge who
      has love.

      There is no love in telling people
      teachings that will lead them astray,
      and that is pure hypocrisy to say
      that someone is unloving for telling
      you the truth.
      When you love someone, you need
      to love them enough to tell them
      the truth.
      If someone telling you the truth,
      is not a form of love to you,
      no one can satisfy your desires
      in that regard.
      I certainly will not.

      Your higher path is not, higher.
      It’s just pure hypocrisy, and error.
      Learn to share without, judging
      other’s about love.
      If you want to judge about love,
      judge yourself.
      I’m here to tell you the truth, so I’m
      very happy about that,
      I can tell you the truth, and love
      you enough to do it.
      No one else has that much love,
      for you apparently, that will tell
      you the truth.

      As far as maturity, let others judge
      you, not yourself.
      I could say more, here, but I have
      too much love to criticize you.
      If you had as much love as you
      claim, you could discuss truth and
      learn from the true Word,
      without spending your time praising
      yourself, and talking about your
      Try praising God instead.
      Learn from others.
      Go to Church and prove how much
      maturity you have.
      You can’t get by with, that,
      you don’t love me, attitude
      among true believers, because
      we can tell if your mature,
      or not.
      If your mature, let us, judge it.
      Not yourself.
      Your not on a high, path.
      Your on a self path, if you want to
      know the truth, about it.
      So is that love?
      Is that how you find your love,
      and what you, know, about love?
      Praising yourself?
      That’ what you know about love?

      I can tell your good points and
      your bad points without any
      comments from you about it.
      But it’s not my job, to tell you
      I’m here to talk about God’s Word,
      and the truth.
      That’s where love is.
      If you knew that,
      then you would know what true
      love is.

      • You say:

        You don’t move from, the natural
        to the spiritual,
        but from the spiritual
        to the natural.
        This is why you have a false under-
        standing of true worship,
        because your formula is wrong.

        But God says:

        Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.

        This is true throughout the scriptures. i am not going to engage in an argument or debating you. As this example above shows if I say white you will say black regardless of what God says. You are going to prove your righteousness by proving another wrong, even if as above it’s God.

  15. What a beautiful set up our Father always engineers so mutli faceted. Many are getting worked here. So good. He is never done. Nobody is exempt to be made stronger. … Love you guys…

  16. Best expectation for a person behavior is how they behaved in the past, unless their was a conversion.

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