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Abundance, Not Lack


Abundance, Not Lack


In divine love there is only abundance; an abundance for every good work. When our heavenly Father leads us, then everything in our reality is used for good, for he is making it good. Thus, lack doesn’t exist.

The eye of the soul is the hub of all our perceptions. Sight is far more than what our physical eyes perceive. It’s the interworking relationship of our physical eyes and the eye of our soul. Our eyes see what our soul eye perceives. If that eye is full of divine love/truth, we perceive in abundance thus create abundance. If it’s unaware of this love/truth, we perceive in lack thus create lack.

Lack is like a speck of dust upon the eye of our soul that’s removed in the faith of our Father’s perfect love for us. Though a speck, it taints our entire panoramic perception of what we see with our physical eyes, because of its location. Since the soul’s eye is the seat of all our perceptions, if it’s tarnished then all we perceive is tainted.

Lack is an illusion. It’s a state of our soul perception when our consciousness is disconnected from divine love. Lack is made real by the human will acting upon it. Seeking to fill this ill perceived lack puts us on a different trajectory of thoughts and actions than if we never perceived the lack in the first place. This creates the reality of the lack we see.

Lack was born out of the instruction of our Father to do one thing and not another. In the absence of awareness of the perfection of divine love, this instruction birthed the thought of lack. But the instruction was given to protect us from lack. But in disbelief, our human will chose to go through the forbidden door, and in that choice the reality of lack was manifested. In determining what was good for us, we created lives of lack.

As a result, humankind made what was unreal real. Because lack feeds the powerful energy of fear, it easily spreads and propagates. When we experience lack, we are compelled to fill the emptiness it creates. It isn’t a state that we are meant to be in, so we are driven to fill the hole. Without divine truth, this belief created the lives we have lived. But now is time for a change. We are the creators of our perceived reality, a reality determined by the vision of the eye of our soul.

When we grow in the awareness of divine love, we learn that in it we lack nothing. Lack doesn’t exist in divine love. Our heavenly Father’s love stretches across the universe travelling into the smallest particle and into the deepest parts of our soul. But because our Father is without form and his love is to be desired in its fullness by us for us to fully experience it, we have felt lack. In this illusionary state, we made what was unreal real. Of course, our heavenly Father in his perfect love for us is using even our perceptions of lack for our good. In the contrast, we are learning that his divine love/truth protects us from any type of deficiency. In this awareness, we, in our free will, choose to be fully governed by divine love/truth, the soul eye of God, and nothing else.

I’ve mentioned that in the core of our soul is the lie that we are rejected, unloved, insignificant, unworthy, unvalued, etc. Underneath that lie is where this false belief in lack resides. It’s the singular belief that alters our entire outlook. Being at the center of our soul’s eye, it peppers our perception with a myriad of lies. When we look deep into this lie we see death; for death is a lack of life. When this lie is defeated all that stems from it is also overcome. It resides in our soul in the place where the love of our Father finds entrance and emanates. Thus, when this speck is removed then all is perceived through divine love. Lack is only our relative truth that is dissolving away, as his love takes center stage and shines brightly in our soul’s eye.

When we love our heavenly Father, we follow where he leads because we desire to abide in him and in his love. He faithfully guides us with his soul eye. Thus, we give up our soul’s eye and the reflection it casts upon our physical perceptions, and we become governed by his soul eye. He leads us up an upward winding staircase of soul development. As a result, our life becomes established on his absolute truths. On this journey, everything in our life is being used for good. As our lives are knit to his, they start taking on an abundance for everything is being used for our upward progression. In this forward movement, we start seeing a reflection of abundance upon our personal widescreen. Abundance is what his love, which encapsulates his wisdom creates as it flows through us.

Because we are moving from a perspective of lack that has created actual lack, this transition requires an initial faith in the abundance of what we’ve learned from our heavenly Father, and not in what we see.  As our soul starts gaining the substance of divine love and truth, then our faith is developed to a degree that enables us to trust in that substance more than what our physical eyes see. At that time, our vision comes from our soul perception of divine love permeating out of the soul eye of God, instead of the lack we physically see. This new vision enables us to make different choices and decisions that start creating abundance in our lives instead of continuing lack. By acting in faith on the divine love/truth instead of the lack, our reality is transformed to be one of actual incorruptible abundance.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

38 thoughts on “Abundance, Not Lack

  1. Rachel, I read every word so carefully, it is so true.

    God said He would write His truth upon the tables of our hearts and I say when He has accomplished this we will all speak as one. I see His likeness and this oneness in this writing. All things whether perceived and misunderstood as evil in our lives are but God’s directing (reconciling) us back to Himself through correction, reproof, and His limitless love for all.

    You said it well.

    • I concur…

    • The words ring true, but which god is she talking about? Not once does she ever acknowledge Jesus Christ as our true source for this divine love. I have asked her repeatedly if she is a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and she refuses to give me a direct answer.

      • Hi, There is only one God. 🙂 Jesus reflected and revealed to us the incredible divine love of God and the way to it through a new birth. Often people focus on the flesh man Jesus and not the truths he taught that leads to us finding a real and true union, and not one of simply religious creed, dogma, and ritual. But when we focus on what he desired us to know, understand, and walk in, we learn to honor him as we should. It’s the difference of honoring his soul and spirit that was reflecting the Father’s love and truth to us, versus honoring an image. His love is great for us and we honor him when we delight and honestly desire to walk in the truth & love he brought us that returns sincere love in truth back to him. Sometimes people put Jesus above the heavenly Father, when Jesus came to unite us to the Father. He is most dearly loved, and may he receive true honor in abundance.

      • Hi … one more note addressing why I don’t respond exactly as you like. If I said the same thing as you are wanting, then you would naturally assume I see the same as you when it comes to what it means to be a follower of Christ, etc. And we may or may not have the same perspective. Many people say they are followers of Christ, but it means different things to them because they are at different levels of understanding and perception. So in understanding this, I attempt to show you my perspective. We all see our relationship and connection to him a little differently because we are at different places in our journey. Seeking continues to take us deeper into what this truly means and it is much more than what is normally taught, which Sonny shined the light on in more depth as he so often does.:) Truth has many layers, like understanding nature. You can see the outward layer, but you can go very deep in learning the complexity of how it all functions and works. As you learn your perspective changes.

        Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what others are saying because we don’t have their perspective. If it’s new or different we may question the source, instead of realizing it is going deeper. Jesus Christ has more divine love thus understanding of truths and only by learning consistently from him (being his follower) can we know these truths in the depth I’m giving them. Truth is truth. There is one source of truth. As we are taught by him we become acquainted with his spirit ourself and we recognize his instruction in others, again for truth is truth. So though your question is simple the response isn’t as simple as you might expect once we start to learn the depth of truths, and the inherent misunderstandings around many of these set phrases.

  2. Thnx Rachel.

    regards, Sietze

  3. Christ Jesus is the “first born” of this new creation, in fact He is the pattern for all others to be patterned after. The natural flesh man Jesus and the natural crucifixion is not what we are to pattern our faith and hope after, it is the spirit man Jesus and the spiritual crucifixion.

    In Corinthians:
    Now the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God:for they are foolishness unto him; and he cannot know them, because they are spiritually judged. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, and he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he should instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

    Infant spiritual children look at the natural while those more mature look at the matured spiritual side of things. It is a growth process so we must allow this growth in us as well as others to progress, and His promise is we will progress until “every knee” bows to the will of God.

    Christ “IS” the pattern for all. This pattern man is the new creation man that it speaks about. The “seed” of Christ came with the body we are born with. Not many can grasp this truth but the seed will ay dormant until God calls it forth and bloom it will for we are His workmanship, we are not our own. Man has his opinions, doctrines, knowledge, etc., but these will pass as God increases and the carnal man decreases. “Christ” in and of itself means anointed. Jesus the man, was anointed becoming Jesus the Christ. We also will receive this same anointing as the pattern, so it ill be with those following the pattern. Christ is a way, it is the path “Jesus” followed. We will also follow this same way, once called in our order. Jesus was the son of God, but there are sons a many. We should focus on the spirit man Jesus for the natural faded away ( first man Adam) for when we do we focus on our Christ, our anointing within and when we learn to follow the spiritual Jesus and not the freshman Jesus we mature and are regenerated.

    Many people have trouble separating the natural from the spiritual simply because of the stage they are in their journey. I see what is being asked here and I see what is being explained in response.

    Christ is a way. Jesus was anointed in the way and became the way. After establishing by following this preordained pattern Christ established by completing the process by example. Let us follow the example. Jesus becoming the Christ is not a doctrine, it is a way established for us to follow.

    • Jhn 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not Perish, but have everlasting life.

      Jhn 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall Not come into Condemnation; but is passed from Death unto life

      1Jo 5:10
      He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth NOT God hath made him a liar; because he believeth Not the record that God gave of his Son.

      Rev 22:19
      And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part Out of the book of life, and Out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

      Mat 7:21
      Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father WHICH IS IN HEAVEN.

      Mat 18:9
      And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into Hell fire.

      2Th 2:12
      That they all might be Damned who Believed Not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      • Each of these scriptures tie in so well with the message of Christ, the anointed firstborn of the Father.

      • Jhn 6:53
        Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.

      • John 6:53

        Which means to take in and digest (spiritually) all that He is until we assimilate His complete spirit which is His likeness. The life is in the blood. Said another way; “The spirit life is in the life (blood) of Christ.” To have His life is to have His ways, and to have His ways is to love your neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor? The next person you see in whatever condition or belief they are presently in. Remember the Samaritan which Israel thought worse than a dog. In Christ he is now your neighbor.

      • You could love your
        neighbor as yourself, and
        never have known anything
        ~about Jesus.

        When Jesus,- handed the “sop”
        to Judas, the word says,~
        ~then Satan entered into him.

        The meanings here are deeper,
        than just the spiritual application
        of Jesus teachings to your life.

        This is why it is important not
        to minimalize who Christ Jesus “is”
        by calling Him~ ‘a Son of God”.~
        ~He is the only begotten of the Father
        Not just ~”a Spirit”~ called
        ~”Christ”. (or) ~ “the Christ Spirit”.

        (after the resurrection):—

        Luke 24:39
        Behold my hands and my feet,
        that it is I myself: handle me,
        and see; for a spirit hath not
        flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

    • Hi Sonny, once again you add a wonderful explanation, thank you.

  4. Minimize Christ? We minimize Christ by not taking on His likeness and character within. This is in truth what it means to, “deny Christ.” This is, after all, the whole purpose of our journey here on this earth. There are two spirits within man, the spirit of God and the spirit of the carnal man, the first man Adam. These two are at war with one another. The battle for the soul is fought by these two entities. One loves self and appears to love others for self preservation, the carnal mind (the ego, the pride of life attitude) and the other is the spirit of God which is housed in the Holy of Holies (in us). You cannot love your neighbor as yourself without the spirit of God dwelling within you, your spiritual temple. You can pretend as some religious folk do but to truly love others, one must realize that true love comes from the gift of the Father, anything else comes from confusion by being obedient to the carnal mind within, Satan’s throne (ego) so to speak.

    When Jesus handed the sop to Judas thus signifying an event recorded before the foundation of the world (as every other event in the bible is so recoded) it depicted a sovereign God with no other outside influence in this event. Judas was raised up for this moment, just as God raised up Pharaoh. There are many pages in a drawing of a building and all the details must be followed to complete the building as the designer of the building intended or it is possible of being built in error and not fulfilling it’s intended purpose. Every trade works under the master builder or architect until all of it is built according to the master plan. Many trades know in part and know their part, as all the other “players” in the construction of this building know their part, but they don’t know all nor do they have to to make the building (temple) complete. As God says, not one jot or tittle will pass from these plans until the building is complete according to the pre ordained and pre commissioned design of the building (temple) is carried out and fulfilled.

    Now the commission was given to Jesus Christ, the firstborn, by His Father and ours to carry out this plan for the scripture makes it clear that not anything that was made was made without the firstborn Son’s (Jesus Christ) implementation of it. To minimize Christ is to give oneself power to understand they know not what, when the very plan was introduced by the Firstborn Himself. When we minimize God’s plan or any part of His plan, we minimize ourselves. Without understanding God’s entire plan for mankind and His purpose for us, we speak from a spirit void of understand and wisdom, we therefore minimize God in our personal live as well as in he life of all others. In our gradual God given maturing process do any of us have all understanding, all truth, know all the mysteries? No, and for clarity this is where the need for understanding comes in, in having patience with others of differing perspectives. Immature minds, are always trying to find variance with the statement of another, having a party spirit of faction and division. A maturing mind seeks unity, avoiding being factious and divisive. This journey of life is filled with as many varying views as the ones who are sharing in any meeting or in various forums. Do we show our maturity in dialogue and conversing with another, seeing and building on the good, the Christ, or do we with the carnal mind (self) seek to find and point out “perceived” faults in others to establish our “superior” view of truth?

    All things can be discussed in the spirit, all things, but it is in the manner in which one discusses which reveals (their true fruit) who sits and rules on their throne within. The antichrist is anything which takes the place of Christ in us, the true temple. It can be a false pretentious attitude, a mean streak, a false spirt or any other listed bad fruit which comes from the “knowledge”tree. There was one throne room in the natural temple in the old testament depicting from where true rulership reigns. This room was the Holy of Holies, yet it was only in type of the true throne room within the true temple of God. We are that true temple of which the outward temple only typified and in us is housed that true throne room, the Holy of Holies. Who sits in your throne room? Is it the developed matured nature of Christ, or is it the antichrist nature which resided in you before Christ came into your being in a more personal way? You must serve one or the other, for there is only one throne and only one nature can rule without conflict and confusion. If the antichrist sits on your throne within you, in the true temple, acting as God, using religious language, persuading others of their own right way of seeing things without having the fruits of the spirit to guide them, they are in true effect displaying the nature of the antichrist. If we display the nature of the antichrist by our speech or by our actions we are by default giving power to that entity whom we serve. He is not some guy sitting off “out there” somewhere or is it some man to outwardly come sometime in the future. If we have not yet taken on the attributes of Christ we remain imprisoned to the carnal mind, which is the antichrist nature. He is alive and well in every person’s temple and he must be deposed. This is most definitely how it is. Now should we find fault in others while they are imprisoned in their mind? Of course not because all this is saying is that we are held in darkness until God calls and draws us out of this darkness. God is responsible for our progress. We may resist, complain and murmur but in the end God’s mercy will cover all. Light does not come all at once and the morning light is not as bright as the noon day sun. So it is with our development. We therefore with patience and true understanding implement the functioning of the holy spirit within and speak and teach for the building up of one’s spirit in Christ.

    You will notice Christ had compassion on people with sins a many without deriding them and condemning them. He was patient and kind with “sinners”.

    Jesus, however, dealt with the jewish religious leaders of the day with harsher words and a strong rebuke. The difference in the two was and is, there is a difference in having a sin nature (we all do) in which we are to grow away from and of one having a religious pretentious spirit of being proud of what we know (pride of life) as the priest of old (and new) possessed and displayed to Jesus. Their attitude of supremacy was their antichrist spirit (that which is against Christ) and sought to deny the true Christ while building upon their own ego (carnal mind). This carnal mind (antichrist) has ruled in us all at one time or another and we must let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus thus dethroning the antichrist.

    Let us speak and teach with only one purpose in mind. Once we speak to another let God decide if that one is ready to accept what you have to say or not. We should never fear the words of another, fearing whether they will rob us of any truth or not, for truth (the anointing) is given by having a faith that truth will come if we with patience wait for it. If we are in darkness, let us pray for light and expect it to come. If we ask for a fish do we expect a stone? We will receive that we ask for if we ask according to His will as outlined in His plan. If we ask for knowledge and understanding to only debate and to be divisive we ask amiss and we will remain in our immature darkened mind. When we open our mouth to share, we must ask what our true intent is. We must stop and think if we are desiring for a love of the truth to be built up in another or are we simply wanting to see others agreeing with us or accepting our doctrine, thereby boosting our ego and doing little else. The subtly of the carnal, human heart, mimics so well good intentions.

    Scripture says that as a man thinks in his heart so is he so let us let God through Christ develop in us a way in which to think correctly. We do this by denying ourselves of speaking from our pride of life ego, thus crucifying the fleshy carnal mind within our bodily temple and we do so by resisting the need to prove ourselves to another by forced speech. When a person speaks of the truth, if he is in step with his creator, he will never ask to be agreed with for this one knows only the Father has the power to create light in a person’s being. He is as happy and accepting of that person if they disagree with him, as though they agreed. God defines and gives another growth at His pace so let us accept this truth and not interfere with the workmanship of another.

    We must minimize as He must maximize, “in us.”

    • I’m not seeing disagreement
      as having anything to do
      with maturity or immaturity.
      If you agree with error,
      that would not only make you
      immature, it would make you
      a hypocrite, as to truth.
      The Father through the Lord
      is asking us to speak the Truth
      to one another.
      That will often bring disagreement.
      How you are able to hear —
      “disagreement that will re-align you
      with truth–“, is what will reflect if
      you are mature.
      There are many false prophets
      in the world.
      Jesus did not agree with them,
      and the Father is not asking us
      to agree with them.
      He is asking us to agree with
      the truth.
      If you are able to hear that- in the
      midst of and along side of –
      disagreement, that will lead you
      to maturity. Nothing else.

      • Truth and opinion, agreement, disagreement, in found in the heart of all people. It’s where we were born subject to vanity, not willingly,but have been subjected in the hope of being delivered from this vanity. A person born into vanity is not necessarily a hypocrite in trying to be the best person they can be. A person who has a sin nature (by birth) and acknowledges their sin is not a hypocrite, they may be weak, unlearned, or immature but would not fall under this category. This person being although being in error, God has redeemed as righteous by decree, not by works nor by keeping the law. We are deemed righteous by no other means than God declaring us so. There is a great difference in one such as Paul who was a murderer, persecuting the true followers of Christ. Although he did hypocritical things from another’s perspective, Paul had a zeal for the law, thinking he did God a service. He did this ignorantly, not hypocritically. When Paul became a follower of Christ, he remained in error for a few years and was taken into a place where he remained for several years being taught by God. Paul put this same zeal into now following Christ and he was still a sinful man, making mistakes in which he had to as forgiveness for continually as Paul prayed for a certain sin nature to be removed from Him but God left it in Paul for a longer period of time that would help keep him humble. Paul was not a hypocrite as he continued in error so to speak, he was a righteous man seeking to be released from the chains of bondage to the carnal mind. This he continually spoke and taught. He taught others to lay aside these same traits as he himself had. When he cried out “O wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from this body of death…..” he was acknowledging his faults and as he realized them and why he had them he said to finish the phrase, ” I thank God through Jesus Christ.” God through Christ would deliver Paul from his faults as he will eventually deliver us all from these same traits, yet each man in his own order.

        It’s not that we agree with error or not but as Paul we live all that we know, looking for “further” deliverance from our own darkened minds that God Himself subjected to error. We should all look forward to this deliverance, realizing we all need delivering. When a person such as the high priest in Christ day presented themselves as being something other than what they really were they were hypocrites in the truest sense of the word. They “took” the place of God, seeking admiration, wanting to be seen and heard for their supposed great knowledge. Christ called them hypocrites rightfully so. He never called a person with the sin nature a hypocrite. If this be true we all are hypocrites and I would surmise that all have succumbed to playing the harlot sometime in their life for we all have not been fully devoted to our Lord and maker. This is by the design of the father. I would say a true hypocrite is a religious person who has great knowledge and a great understanding of the scriptures, but little love for his fellow man. As the priest in Christ day, we have them in all around us in our day and they are known by their fruits more than any religious label they may wear. They are not hard to discern, for they are full of pride and pomp, speaking words they don’t understanding themselves, leading others into this same method of worship. The problem is once these religious characters have convinced the proselytes to conform to their way of thinking they are now the two fold child of hell than they were. This is because they were taught by one having the mind of the carnal man thinking it is Godliness to be “proud” of hat they know (pride of life), seeing themselves as a great one and desiring for others to look at them in such a way, drawing men unto themselves thus thinking they do God a service. This is the mind of the false church in the book of Revelation. The great whore, the apostate church, the woman scorned.

        “Without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness.” Agreement, disagreement can be exercised in the communion of ones who are seeking the same truth. This truth is not a doctrine, it is the way and the very likeness of Christ. So let us seek this Christ likeness in agreeing and disagreeing in a spirit of compassion, mercy and with a forgiving nature. Let us not be offended by those ho would disagree with us but pray for them and them for us. This is the spirit of oneness as we cover the sins and weakness of another. We bear their burden.

        For those who refuse to listen to the teachings of Christ, presenting themselves as better than others by only seeing the sin in another as evil and not the potential good, these are the whited hypocrites. There is a difference in a weak brother and the hypocrite, we should be careful in judging another incorrectly lest we find ourselves being that we accuse.

        Anon, it is good to discuss and rightfully divide the word and no we don’t have to agree to love one another in the truth. The only truth is “Christ’ and His likeness as comes from the Father of us all.

        In all respect


      • Yes Christ truth is a doctrine.
        A deep doctrine that he called
        his disciples to teach others.
        This contradicts your statements.
        This is why the Word says to
        beware of false Prophets.

  5. Timothy:

    Let as many as are servants under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honor, that the name of God and the doctrine be not blasphemed. And they that have believing masters, let them not despise them, because they are brethren; but let them serve them the rather, because they that partake of the benefit are believing and beloved. These things teach and exhort.
    If any man teacheth a different doctrine, and consenteth not to sound words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; he is puffed up, knowing nothing, but doting about questionings and disputes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, wranglings of men corrupted in mind and bereft of the truth, supposing that godliness is a way of gain.

    The above is from Timothy, it speaks of a false doctrine and a true doctrine. We must learn to choose correctly. I believe these above verses describe and concur with my last writing. These verses parallel my words and my intent. People who would teach a different doctrine other than of Christ is what I warn and describe. The doctrine of Christ is about the beatitudes and sharing with your fellow man the love of Christ and the doctrine of Christ.

    A person always at variance with another, always looking for and finding fault, believes in the other doctrine which is not of the Christ spirit as described in the second part of the above verses. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

    A person imprisoned in fear, fears sound doctrine, a person trusting in our Lord who is void of fear feels no need to find fault for he sees his fellow man as complete in Christ. Yet he himself will see lack in others because he lacks seeing sound doctrine.

    There is nothing contradictory in my statement if read in the context which it is given. In all due respect if you have a question about that which you find contradictory I would be happy to clarify it. I looked for the contradiction you allude to and I am amiss at finding it.

    • If you are telling people
      that you do not need to
      repent of sin,
      and accept Jesus,
      and that Salvation is automatic,
      and that everyone who is living
      in that condition is “Ok with God”,
      then that isn’t the Spirit of Christ,
      that is~ speaking that message.
      And it’s not God’s Spirit that is
      speaking that to you.
      So, me telling you that,
      is love. Because people who
      believe that may go to hell.
      If you don’t believe these words,
      then you are in the false Church
      that you have spoken about,
      and that you have condemned.
      So it is not me that is condemning,
      but you are condemning yourself.
      I am trying to awaken you to the
      Truth. If that bothers you, you need
      to be bothered, into believing the Truth.

      Jhn 3:18
      He that believeth on him is not
      condemned: but he that believeth
      not, is condemned already,
      because he hath not believed in
      the name of the only begotten
      Son of God.

      This is the elementary message of
      If this teaching bothers you, or
      makes you uncomfortable,
      that is not coming from me,
      it’s not me doing the bothering.
      God’s Spirit is trying to awaken you
      to the Truth.
      God is saying, reexamine what
      you believe.

      • Anon, if you have read and understood anything of what I write about, you would not attack others as you do who differ with your understanding. “If” is a word that can suggest a person says what he has not. Repenting is changing from your “God given” natural and evil ways to God’s ways. (Isaiah 45:7) Reconciliation, regeneration and the simple act of forgiveness are all repentant ways. How do you deduce and come to a false accusation as you do by saying such a thoughtless thing? My entire message is one of change (repentance), if you do not get this you are picking and choosing a word here and a word there to establish your own self righteous attitude of continuing to find fault. You want to send another to hell for not seeing as you see? If you do you are poor and blind and naked. If, however, you have come to a place in your heart as seeing man in need of help, and reconciliation you will not be mean spirited and do harm saying you do so in the name of good. I would advise that one should pray for guidance themselves of having a benevolent kindness toward others before wanting to see another “burning” for not agreeing with them.

        If God lowered man into destruction (this world) so that he could discipline and regenerate him into a new creature and He accepts and loves all as He says He does, who am I to say He does not accept us in our fallen state since he is solely responsible for the fall of us all?

        And “Anon” since you continue to be unloving and demeaning to others that are not of “your” understanding let me be blunt for their is a time for bluntness, by you seeing hell as a place of torment and punishment, you have a condemning spirit wanting to see people sent to a place of torment instead of them being delivered and reconciled from the true hell of their mind as this is the only place you will find true hell. One who continually ridicules another’s views without offering any understanding of the true path of Christ is truly abbreviated but they are not lost forever for God will call them forth when “He” gets ready. Until this appointed time none will advance. When one is turned from condemnation he will not condemn, one will only condemn another to a physical hell who is in a spiritual hell of not knowing the truth.

        Anon, I have no ill will toward you for you are God’s child the same as I, however, I see in you a desire to condemn others in a harsh way that do not see as you see. We are known by our fruit, our words depict our true fruit and of the true spirit within. Do you truly think you do yourself or God a just service by condemning others to this imaginative hell of yours simply because you don’t see as they do. When we go to “church” and there are many people there do we send them all to hell because they do not see as we do for most do not see alike as they are on a journey and a journey depicts you have not arrived and have not have completed all truth. Who are any of us to so condemn another?

        I will leave you with a little food for thought; The true battle is not with others and what “their” views are. The battle lies within ourselves, with “this” man of sin, and when God reveals this man of sin to us, we will turn our attention to ourselves and we will endeavor to have this carnal man crucified on the spiritual cross.

        Once we understand the enemy is within ourselves we will also be shown at this same time the battle is not with another child of God nor their views. When God has brought us to this understanding we cease to accuse others for in condemning and accusing others we in reality show we remain in our sin and we remain condemned ourselves. I speak this in truth and I speak it with the desire for others to be released from the prison house of their own carnal minds. I have no desire to return to the natural immature condemning mind of seeing one burn in hell. One who sees hell in only a natural place is self admitting he is not of spiritual understanding.

        If any desires to converse in a respectful, meaningful way, I welcome this with all my being. I personally accept any from whatever persuasion, religion, or background, saint or sinner. It is not the sins of another that will impede my relationship with God, it is my misguided sins which will prevent my growth. So if we do not accept all, as Christ taught, we have not the mind of Christ. If we only accept those who agree with us do we not show our immaturity and childishness? We must see all on a journey as being reconciled to our Father. Let us not eat of the tree of good and evil but from the tree of life which Christ is. Let us pray that God will open the eyes of all seeing all as one (eventually) in their own called order.

    • When you say
      should we accept those
      that only agree with us,
      absolutely not.
      This is exactly where your
      missing it.
      We are agreeing with what
      the Word teaches, only.
      What I am saying is, your
      not teaching the Gospel of Jesus,
      but claim to be.
      How you feel about me saying
      that, is up to you.
      I’m simply preaching the truth to
      Hell is in the teaching of Jesus
      Christ, and is not in the mind of
      an individual.
      There is nothing on Earth and
      no state of mind on earth that
      remotely resembles hell.
      Your calling Jesus, a liar.

      • Not in the mind of an individual? Then where is the teaching of Christ, in a building? Anon, are you telling me you know it all and you are rightly my judge? Anon, you simply see on a natural plane and I do not judge you for it, God will open your eyes to what I am saying in His time. If one does not see the simple truth that Christ within is the mystery, who am I to argue with them, When God gets ready to reveal to them a nature and a willingness to consider others with respect, he will. Anon, until you see Christ and his way in a spiritual sense there is little another can do for you, after all it is a personal relationship between you and God. I do not require nor do I expect another to see as I see or do as I do to consider them and to love them.

        I do not place conditions on others and neither should you. There is a lot to be said about God’s unconditional love for all. Do you have all truth, do you fully understand God’s plan for His creation? If you say no, then if you only know in part why do you judge another as though you are entitled to do so. I admit I only know in part, however I do not judge another man’s servant. If you did know it all, I would suspect that you would be more accepting of others who may not see as you see.

        As I have made it clear I do not expect another to agree with me, we all come to the Lord from different understandings. I think I would have a serious problem if I condemned others for not seeing as I see. This attitude is not of God.

        I think it best to share our thoughts and leave the judging to God. We should not be judging one another as many seem to think they do God a good deed by doing so. I agree with Paul when he says we should not judge another and that we should not even judge ourselves for it is God who progresses us at His timing and speed. You severely err in you judgement of others and I pray God opens your eyes to a more spiritual way.

        I can tell you there is a hell on earth and it exist in ones mind for this is the only place it exist. I will leave you by saying I hope and pray God gives you understanding in a more spirit filled way and you will become more tolerant of others who do not see as you see. You say you are preaching the truth? Is truth (the spirit of Christ) condemnation, ridicule, and dissent? I think not. To truly preach or teach the truth you must possess the truth in your heart and not merely read from words written on a page. Our words reveal our true nature.

      • ~if you cannot trust what is
        printed on paper in the Bible,
        I certainly wouldn’t be able to
        trust anything you’ve written
        on paper, here.

        If our words reveal our true
        nature, you should be able to
        believe what is written in words
        in the Bible.

        I never said I didn’t accept you.
        I said I don’t accept what you
        are believing spiritually.

        The only person I am criticizing
        is the devil.
        It makes me sad that he can
        deceive people such as yourself.
        It’s very sad.

  6. And I would like to add that I have no problem with any, in whatever level of understanding they may be found in. If there were a hundred people in a room, there is a possibility of having hundred different views as each comes from a different background or religion. If we do not tolerate these various views with kindness we err in the true doctrine of Christ which is patience with others, caring for their growth and understanding. If some do not agree with you, don’t get upset and cast stones, simply ask them to put what you say on a shelf for another day. If we can only look for fault and have an accusing nature in what another says we are lacking in Christ and His substance. It is my experience when one is quick to judge another’s words, they lack understanding and are void of the truth. My definition of truth is the substance (likeness) of Christ. I am usually not a man of many words but I feel if I am going to offer my word on something I should try my best to not be misunderstood. Love for another finds little fault in what another has to say even if their wrong.

  7. Simply put, there are hundreds of translations of the bible, including the king james with documented errors in the 35000 range. That is what “Revised” means. The King james was translated from other translations, as well as the original manuscripts of Hebrew and Greek. John Wycliffe translated a previous bible from Latin in the 1300’s. William Tyndale with his in the 1500’s. Being that it is no secret that there were thousands of documented errors and mistranslations in many of these translations, we must understand when reading these various bibles their origination and there documented errors. For example the King James has been revised many many times trying to correct as many errors as possible. The original and Hebrew (old testament) and Greek (new testament) writings are intact and there for all to read provided they can read Hebrew and Greek. There is even disagreement among Greek and Hebrew scholars as to what certain words mean. Jesus even spoke in parables to the masses “so that they may not understand” so it is my understanding that only God can open the spiritual ear of one to understand not only “a” written word but it’s meaning. Many times the clear version of the transcripts cannot be understood except by revelation as in the example of Paul’s conversion.

    Ones should not stand on uneducated surmising that the version they read of the bible is the correct one. To denounce others by saying they correctly read the bible of their choice and judge others accordingly are void of the truth. Inspiration comes from God directly to understand life and it’s purpose regardless of which bible one reads. It is my belief ones growth comes from obedience to all that God puts before him no matter how minute the understanding. Again, Paul was a master of the old law, yet he understood noting of it’s true parabolic meaning that was later revealed to him. He then did not teach from the old law as to it’s ritual although he did begin to teach what it allegorically represented, and that was Christ, and the Christ to come, and the Christ that is.

    My writing comes from the inspiration that God has put into my being. Is it complete? I concur with the disciples in Christ day that I as they only know in part “until” the full revelation comes to us, making us whole in His likeness. This does not come by reading a certain translation, it comes by obedience to that that you know. Paul was obedient to the law as best he knew how by his “own” understanding, and he missed the whole point in following the law for the law was all in allegory, types and shadows, and God had not yet revealed them to Paul however God had “mercy” upon Paul in his ignorance of the law and what it truly represented. Paul thought he was doing God a service when he put Christians to death. Now if God showed mercy to such a one as this ( as documented to show those who would come after, God’s true mercy) who was putting His own people to death, by having understood the scripture (law) although in ignorance, should we no less, show like constraint in not condemning another because of their personal belief or in their immaturity?

    We have all been deceived, we were born into deception and condemnation. This was by God’s doing, and not of our own, so how again can I “criticize” that which God allows? Instead of this nonconstructive behavior of judging, criticizing and debasing another, our Father has shown us His plan (Man was created subject to vanity not willingly……..) for all and that we should have mercy and compassion, just as He has mercy and compassion until one is brought from their darkened mind as Paul, into the express image and likeness of their maker. This is the plan, and without love for another, giving them time to grow and to understand the ways of God, we remain poor and blind and naked of the truth. Truth will never come from and by those who preach/teach a different doctrine than that of Christ, the Christ revealed in Revelation.

    We should not deny our sin nor our sin nature. If we do we remain in our sin, however if we acknowledge our sin our Lord will take it from us because we see with the understanding that to be delivered from something you have to “know” yourself and why and how we’re made. We must allow Christ into our hearts to push out the carnal minded man thus the true spiritual meaning of the crucifixion. The nature of the first man Adam must die on the cross, the one who accuses his brethren in a false way. As we go about our daily circumstances we should deny the spirit of the first Adam and perpetuate the spirit of the second Adam which is Christ. This is the meaning of crucifixion and taking up our cross and daily following Him. We must crucify the flesh by denying it food from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (criticism and condemnation of another). We do this by only eating from the tree of life which is Christ likeness. This is an allegory and can only be understood by it being given to one who God has revealed this to. I believe all will come to this same understanding but it will be in the order in which we are called and in God’s timing. We with patience wait for our deliverance, wishing the same for our fellow man.

    Again we were all born into condemnation and deception, this is clear. None of us is without exception. What is not clear to some is that we should desire with no greater desire than to see one another delivered from this condemned state of mind. God keeps our mind closed (behind the veil of flesh) to His true purpose until we learn to have mercy and compassion on His people just as he himself does. ( Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus.)

    May all that read these lines have understanding to love one another and pray that we be delivered from our darkened minds. I believe we will, in our order and calling just as it says in

    1 Corintians 15 :22

    For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order:Christ the firstfruits; then they that are Christ’s, at his coming. Then cometh the end, when he shall deliver up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have abolished all rule and all authority and power. For he must reign, till he hath put all his enemies under his feet.

    Until then let us have respect for all of God’s creation, yes the Samaritan also.

    • The translations of the
      Bible, were not written
      because of errors.
      They were written to bring
      clarity, and modern terminology,
      for better understanding.
      This couldn’t have been done without
      ~an understanding of the meaning.

      Paul said, we understand in part
      (referring to prophecy),
      not in reference to the doctrine
      that Christ taught.

      The Holy Spirit only brings confirmation
      and testimony of God’s Word.

      I assume people should stand on
      ‘uneducated surmings from you?’

      What I notice is, that you rely on half
      of what you read in the Bible (supposedly?),
      –about half of the time–
      and then the rest of the time,
      you say the Bible is unreliable, mystical,
      only understandable by a few,
      full of errors, and sinful ignoramouses
      that didn’t know what they were saying,
      or that nobody else could.
      I wonder why God had them write it?

      It would be interesting to find out how,
      and when you have decided to believe
      which parts, that have so educated a
      highly spiritual knowledgeable person
      such as yourself, and how you know when
      to believe this word or that, or if a space
      ship will beem you up into the second sphere
      when the moon is in the seventh house,
      and the Holy Spirit is confused, between
      whether to believe, a Wiccan or you,
      or whether you should respect a Witch,
      that is about to roast you on a stake,
      or you are to believe in the testimony
      of a Snake in a Tree, that has told you
      that he is the Holy Spirit, and hath God said
      that, or not said that, or is the tree of knowing
      this tree, or did you say that from another
      tree, or am I being Conned or am I telling you
      the Truth, because, no one can know the Way,
      even, though Jesus said, he that followeth my
      statements shall never see death, but maybe
      that was translated wrong, so is Hell in my head?
      or am I possessed with a demon, or is that God
      that spoke to me, or should I rip that out of the Bible,
      or are you kind, or are you mean and insulting?
      I mean which way am I leaning, this way or that or
      how do I understand that? does anybody know
      what Jesus was saying, or do I just get this in
      a dream, or does my cat have to tell me,
      or I can’t tell another person about the Bible,
      because everybody believes a different way,
      and I’m afraid that might be insulting, and yet
      Jesus said go into all the world and tell them,
      but nobody can understand it, because their all
      too stupid and maybe, that might hurt their feelings,
      so I’ll just keep it to myself, but what was I supposed
      to tell them anyway, because I guess I can’t under-
      stand the Bible, and maybe Jesus meant something
      else, so I’ll just wait and see what he wants to do,
      because God floats out around me, in and out
      and you never know what He’s going to do next,
      cause you can’t trust the Bible, so maybe the
      Buddist’s know what it means, or a Zoriarosteran,
      I mean all of us are filled with love?

      (Stick with the written Word!)

  8. If one does research on the bible and how it was translated and by whom they will understand what I write. People debate without ceasing which bible translation to use. People were put to death just for reading the bible during the reformation because a few in secular power disagreed with these saints and what they said the bible meant to them. These murdering religious thugs could only find fault with another of different understanding and the only desire they had in there heart was to kill those who differed.

    Is this hatred Christ like?

    Anon, I wish you much in going and which ever translation you read unless your reading from the original hebrew and greek they all have mistakes. Look up the development of the King James and the endless changes that have been made to it. If one reads one of these translations before the mistakes are corrected and revised and teach men the error can they not also say they stood on the bible? However the bible is a guide and I have studied different translations and the hebrew and greek meanings for many decades and I can say I have never seen a correct translation. Even the authors wrote disclaimers as to the accuracy. They may had done their best and many have simply tried to make their translation fit their own tradition.

    Which written word do you stand on. I read many but I do not have faith in man who did the translations. The King James translation for example was translated by many people of different backgrounds and not of any clergy, some were teachers at universities. Many times they could not agree and they voted on which verse to use. So it is not wise to stand on any particular translation God has not sanctioned, If God sanctioned the King James as many say he did why has it been rewritten over the years? Did God get it wrong the first time? I think not, he was just left out of the process.

    The original hebrew and greek transcripts I believe were inspired by God, however the translations lack the original clarity. The same is for all who study and read, we ask for guidance and we will get it. I have absolutely all faith that God knows what he is doing and should I err, I will know as Job that once I am complete I will stand as my Father. I have complete assurance in my Father’s promises. I have them for myself and I have them for you, and all others. I see that you do not understand the same as I but to send you to hell for not agreeing with me would be coming from a condemned closed, although religious mind.

    I wish you well.

    In Christ

    • All of the Bible translations,
      give you enough meaning,
      to understand what a passage
      is saying.
      Put several together with the
      KJV, and you will have an
      even clearer view.
      Point being, there is nothing
      in the Bible that is so complicated
      that it requires Greek or Hebrew
      to understand it.
      You’re not looking for legalism’s in
      reading God’s word, but
      general comprehension of a sentence.
      More error’s probably occur in
      understanding based on, historical
      differences in culture and archaic
      usage, than on wording itself.
      Still, it is very understandable to
      any average reader, from every

      To send them to Hell for not agreeing
      with you~ ?.
      Again it’s back to ‘you’ and what ‘you’
      This is God’s Word, and has nothing
      to do with me, or you, or what we think.
      The question here is~
      ~~~~”Can You READ”?

      This is why Jesus came to earth.
      To save you from Hell, because of
      what God “SAID”. ~not what you
      think!~~~who cares what you think?
      No. One.

      Your viewpoint on Hell, does not have
      any clarity.
      It has no basis logically, verbally, linguistically,
      historically, spiritually, or any other way.
      Everyone, ~even unbelievers, and people
      who do not believe in Jesus or the Bible,
      ~know what Hell is.
      Unbelievers are the ones who criticize it’s
      use. Logically, because they are the one’s
      to go there.

      For further, knowledge if you are prone
      to spiritualize this subject,
      read the book of Enoch, and online,
      people whom the Lord has taken to Hell.

  9. Anonymous, you are rightfully discerning the word while Sonny has a gospel that is of his own making. When he says ” We have all been deceived, we were born into deception and condemnation. This was by God’s doing, and not of our own” he is deceived himself. It was man who bought into the lie of Satan and brought sin into the world. For that reason we are all born with a sin nature. It was MAN who gave into sin so I do not understand his saying that it was God’s doing and not of our own. That is blasphemy. He rambles on about you sending people to hell. Jesus himself said small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life and FEW find it. That is because there are many twisting the gospel to fit their own thinking. If the road to destruction is wide and many are on it, then not all are going to be in heaven. That is what Jesus said. You can believe him or not. It is not “hatred” to try to reason with a person. Sonny believes it is.

    • Thanks Marianne, I appreciate
      your comments. There are many
      that seem to suggest that they know
      God, but when you compare what they
      “know” to God”s Word you find that the
      real disrespect they have is for God’s
      revealed plan which is given in the
      pages of the Bible.
      Then they claim you are being
      disrespectful, when you ask them what
      God they are serving?
      The Word of God says, we cannot
      partake of the table of demons, and
      ~the table of the Lord.
      Unless we know what is demonic,
      that’s exactly what will do.

  10. There is no power other than God, the world including Satan was designed long before anything was created. For those who wan to worship Satan by given him power over God need not but study the book of Job. Where in it does Satan do anything of his own volition? Satan was instructed by God in every evil that befell Job. Man did not fall until God put him into a deep sleep and formed a body for him. In this lowered spiritual state man fell into sin. From this fall all men fell with him, just as in Christ all will rise again.

    This is not my wording it is God’s as recorded in 1 Corinthians 15:22

    For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order:Christ the firstfruits; then they that are Christ’s, at his coming. Then cometh the end, when he shall deliver up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have abolished all rule and all authority and power. end quote.

    It was actually the woman (soul) who bought into the lie and Adam went along full well knowing what he was doing. Adam knew there would be no redemption for Eve (which represents our soul) if he did not follow her to bring her back into a oneness with God. Thus began the long journey down through time which is called the regenerative process. This was God’s plan for reconciling all people back to Himself. I believe he will. Israel of the old testament never taught hell as was introduced by the Catholic church early in it’s foundation.

    Who created this world, who has absolute power and who will reconcile it all? In Isaiah 45:7 God takes full responsibility for creating evil. He plainly states here he creates all evil so who are we to change and give power to another, the devil?

    A person’s “gospel” of spewing hate is not of God, it is of the evil one. I would rather err on seeing God as loving to all of His creation rather than giving praise and worship of an evil deity which would find pleasure in someone burning in a literal hell for an eternity for some mistake they made. Only the unenlightened believe in a burning hell. The book is spiritual to those who are spiritual and it is natural to those who are carnally minded regardless of their religious thinking. Before condemning another to hell ones should understand what they are talking about by first asking God into there heart and to give them understanding instead of taking pleasure in seeing others in endless suffering. Suffering is but for this time we spend on this earth and this suffering usually comes at the hands of evil thinking.

    The reason God keeps such ones in darkness is because they would not seek God at all if they understood His true wonderful nature. If you have hate in your heart and disregard for others who do not see as you see you want to see them suffer and burn, however if you love them and can look past their fault and pray for them you want to see them reconciled and delivered from this darkness.

    If it was man who gave into sin, who was it that designed the fall of man and was responsible for the fall? Who caused man to err by putting him into this sleep state? It was God, there is no other power besides Him. God created Satan and the power given to him. I understand we are responsible for our actions but we would never have fallen unless God allowed it. Where people miss the point in the purpose of creation is God created a disciplinary process by which man can to be taken through various situations where he learns to love his neighbor, show compassion, mercy and forgiveness to those who do and would do them harm. God ask us to examine ourselves. Where is your heart? We either seek after God and His likeness or we remain in our hellish state of mind until God calls us forth to see things on a higher plane. Let us not be of the ones who display evil toward others, let us be the ones who love those and pray for those who do.

    God invites us to this higher calling in Christ Jesus but as long as we are void of the beatitudes we remain of poor understanding in how to relate to another.

    I have absolutely no ill will toward any who disagree with me, it’s to be expected. God’s plan is to reconcile all the people of the world in their order as explained in 1 Corinthians 15:22 as provided above.

    To those who do not accept what I share;
    I can only share what “I” think. Others can only share what “they” think. Just as we are doing here. I do not ask any to agree with me, however I do not attack and ridicule and degrade those who do not agree with me. I listen to all and although I may not agree with their views I do not speak hatefully and say they deserve a harsh place as a burning hell. If two people converse and one disagrees with another does not God explain to us how to treat one another in our dialogue?

    It is how we conduct ourselves toward others who would disagree with us that shows our true nature for it says by our fruit (kindness or meanness) we are known and reveal ourselves. I understand many only see on the natural plane of the bible and see heaven and hell as only physical natural places. To these the bible is just a natural book and they read it with only natural eyes. I have no problem with this for it is God’s design to bring us all through His plan, first the natural, then the spiritual. We all must pass through this world as God calls us. I cannot pass judgement on another because God has not yet given them a spiritual understanding of the scriptures. It belittles us to do so.

    Should I deny Christ and His goodness for having revealed His spiritual will for me at this time in my life? Must we reject Him and remain in darkness so we can be accepted by those who are still finding their way? Instead of condemning those who do not see and agree with us should we instead pray for them? Until God opens the door to the spirit filled side of life and reveals the scripture to one, the door remains shut to them. The only way of passage is starting to see the love of God in all things and in all people. Let us not concentrate on finding fault in another but showing compassion with those who are poor and blind and naked of God’s true nature.

    I know that I personally cannot open another’s mind, this is God’s doing. I can only share what God allows me to see. When and if I err, as we all do, I have a faith in a loving and merciful God that will correct my error. I can only expect for Him to do the same for others as well. Should I expect tolerance and forgiveness from God while not desiring it for others when they err? Or do I self-righteously send them to hell while I enjoy God’s forgiveness. Think about it. You either speak from one attitude or another. Our words, whether spoken or written reveal who we obey. We may say it is God who we obey but our attitude reveals who we truly follow.

    It has been my life long experience in dealing with people that I have found that those who would send another to a burning hell are locked into a mindset of condemning, judging, and showing little restraint in accusing another of being of the evil one. When these same ones are delivered from only the natural plane of understanding to a higher spiritual plane of understanding they become more tolerant, compassionate and forgiving toward others. They look back with remorse of how they once thought and acted. However we ourselves must not return this evil for evil by not ridiculing those who do such things for God will eventually show them a better way.

    If another does not see and believe as you, you have a choice in how you will respond, this is often the test of our maturity or immaturity. We should choose our words wisely showing ourselves approved of God.

    We should not fear what another believes. We are delivered from our carnality as God wills it for we are His workmanship, and this will not happen all at once as our processing is lifelong and it is little by little. If we obey in the little he gives us in a day, He will give the more until we finally are found in His likeness. After all in the first chapter Genesis God did say He was going to make us in His likeness and image.

    • In this first (1) statement you say, Satan does what God tells him.

      1) For those who want to worship Satan by given him power over God need not but study the book of Job. Where in it does Satan do anything of his own volition? (Sonny)

      2) It has been my life long experience in dealing with people that I have found that those who would send another to a burning hell are locked into a mindset of condemning, judging, and showing little restraint in accusing another of being of the evil one. (Sonny)

      In this second (2) statement, you complain about what God is supposedly doing through the evil one, against you.!!!
      If God is bringing this against you, why are you complaining?
      These two statements totally contradict each other. Are you nuts?

      Also, if God is saving everyone, why do you have any problems with anyone making, supposedly negative
      statements against you? “They are just on their way to redemption, and God is using the devil through
      them of his volition, to perfect you (because He, ~does what he wants)? So who are you to complain.?
      Get in there and get the hell beat out of you.!!!!

      I can’t believe your evil desire~ to lock people in a mental hell?
      Why do you want to do that, torment someone in a mental hell?

      • 1. I am saying there is no power greater than God. I am simply stating what anyone can read for themselves in the book of Job. Satan made no move in the testing of Job without the expressed consent of God.

        2.I am not complaining at all, I am answering your apparent attack on another on this blog (me) by you, who has an apparent lack of consideration for others who are not like you and do not see as you do. My experience is my experience.

        Again, I am not complaining about this whatsoever, I am answering your comments to me and about me. This is not personal, it is observatory. I take no offense in what your opinion is. I am not even trying to convince you of anything I believe. I am responding to your personal attacks against another, in this case me, who may see things different from another, which is you.

        First you demand of Rachel, to give you an answer, in a very disrespectful attitude to explain herself about how she believes about the person of Christ. More than once. Who are you to go into ones house (Rachel’s blog) and demand of them to explain themselves? Then you go onto to address myself in the same tone and attitude. I want you to know that I am not complaining, it’s that I do not mind responding to you in all your points and criticisms. Am I pointed? Yes I am. Am I rude? No. If I answer you honestly the best I can in responding to your attacks and you do not like my answers and it offends you, perhaps it should until you learn better manners.

        I do not have a problem with another attacking me for my belief, as I said this is to be expected and I am used to it. If you will go back and read both of our previous comments, in each case I am replying and answering you as best I can and I do not condemn you at all. Your own demeanor and attitude condemns you.

        In the book of Job, Job had this three accusers, not including Elihu and in each of these three accusers, God gives examples of religious people with lack of respect for another in his testing and proving of Job’s character. If you will notice in each instance Job does not answer in like manner as these three ill mannered self righteous ones who were condemning him, accusing him of having done something wrong and for whatever he did, he was being punished for it. Job’s processing had nothing to do with these three “friends” yet they inserted themselves into Job’s and God’s business. I see in this as a great lesson in how we approach and conduct ourselves toward others who God is dealing with. This scenario is an example for all of us and how we should and should not deal with one another. In each of these characters including the person of Job we find ourselves in being the accused or the accuser. We then see God addressing each in the end of their dialogue. I believe one would gain much in how to respect another in paying close attention to the speech of these accusers and how God dealt with each in the end.

        Anonymous, this is the end of my dialogue with you in this manner you choose to converse in, as I feel if I continue it will be construed as argumentative and combative on my part. This is not my desire nor is it my intent. I have tried to give you my best in answering you. As I mentioned before I respect you and accept you just as you are as I do all others. However I do not accept your attitude in how you present your views, but I see this apart from your true self. I know who I was and I know who I now am. God is processing us all through this life. Job is each of us, just as his accusers can be found in the nature of each of us. Let us learn to pattern ourselves in the attitude of Job and not in the attitude of his accusers. We have free will to act either way, but only to a point as God brought the three accusers to repentance (change of attitude and nature) in the end. Had they not repented and had asked God and Job to forgive them for there behavior, God’s correction would have been much harsher. I do not see myself as being complete in my present stature but I do see myself as being completed at some point, in God’s timing. I see this for you also. Also, this is Rachel’s blog and although it is a forum which she invites all and gives all respect to say as they please I think it wise to end this. I have no desire to debate nor argue with any. I present my views and I leave it there.

        I wish you all the best.

      • Sounds like the atack is on your side.
        Not mine.

  11. I agree it is not hatred to reason with a person although I understand what is said and I understand it in the way it is said when one conducts oneself using words of a demeaning and spurious nature. This is the speech and attitude of reasoning?

    • Sonny, I believe you have used quite a bit of demeaning and
      spurious speech in your comments.
      However I am not judging you for doing so, but I think it was
      important for me to step up to the bar, and comment on
      the same level, (of emotion) the same level of emotion.
      I think it’s disingenuous for you to suggest that only I have
      used strong speech. However, I am not demeaning you,
      I’m trying to shake you, and wake you up, and make you face
      the truth of what God’s Word says, ie. if we don’t know what
      we’re speaking of, we are not a valid witness. Knowledge,
      goes with, love. There is no love without knowledge
      about who God is, and what his Word says.
      A disciple of Christ should know whereof he speaks and who
      he represents. That’s what an ambassador is.

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