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A Free Will to Love


A Free Will to Love


Love is a choice, always.

I woke this morning to a glorious sunrise. In a still small voice I heard, “I love you. Will you choose to embrace my love today?” Amazing how each morning our heavenly Father wakes us with the beauty of the skies as if to remind us of the choice we have and the new beginning it can create in our lives. For the future grows out of the present moment.

Love is always a choice. Its voluntary nature makes it powerful and beautiful in our lives and in the lives we give it. Is there any feeling greater than to know that you are truly loved by another? It’s a sincere receiving of care from another that never ends and penetrates the depths of our soul. It’s the greatest gift we can give and receive. If we feel we have nothing to offer, we couldn’t be more wrong. We each are capable of giving the greatest gift one could give, love. And from our place, role, and purpose, whatever they may be on this earth, no one can fill them with love but us.

In this life, we have the “free will” to love or not to. We don’t have much freedom otherwise, we don’t choose when or where we are born, who are parents are, who raises us, our gender, ethnicity, IQ, or genetic makeup. Even our jobs are based on the state of the economy at the time. Some have had good homes, some not. But regardless of all these, we can choose to love or not in the situations we are in and with the people who cross our path. And interestingly, it’s this element of our will that remains with us for all eternity for it is essential for our eternal state, which is one of abiding in love. Thus, the most important expression of our will is our ability to love.

Loving by its definition always come from the “free” will of the giver (and the receiver for that matter), for it can exist in no other form than completely voluntary. Otherwise, it isn’t love but something else. This “free” will experience of this earthly life, under the sovereignty of our perfect Heavenly Father, is serving this purpose, for without an exercise of our “free” will in this realm in this way we couldn’t exist in eternity in love.

In eternity, beyond this earth life yet starting in this earth life within our soul, there is only love. Two opposing things cannot hold the same space at the same time. In the eternal, the domain of our all loving Father, only love abides in souls for it is the creative force behind his harmonious structures and systems, which keep eternity eternal. It is what creates coherence and peace, where the absence of it creates chaos and unrest. Chaos and unrest eventually self-destruct, thus they can’t go on eternally. Thus only those entities of harmony and peace can continue forever, which we are being made into. And love is the creative energy manifesting and sustaining that eternal state.

Our heavenly Father’s most powerful attribute expressed toward us is his perfect love, for this is how his spirit connects and relates to us. If we want to connect to him we must choose to connect to him through his love, for this is the only way we can connect to him. There is no other way; not some ritual, perfect morality, or by default. So he patiently waits for us to choose to love him in return. He is always there with us, but if we decide not to walk in the ways of love we choose not to engage his spirit. So he waits. And if we choose to love Him, then in time we learn we are deciding to love all of his creation.

So it is a love not just for our children, but for all children. It’s a love not just for our pets, but for all animals. It is not just a love for our wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of all. It’s not just being nice, but it desires to care for another soul perfectly. It’s not just a respect and honor with some people some of the time, but with all people all the time. His love is all consuming. It sees all souls and loves all souls with a genuine care and concern. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

We can “love” within limits, but we when we break through those limits we immerse ourselves in the love of our heavenly Father, the love of divinity. By embracing the love of divinity, we become connected to the divine and partakers of the divine. We come into harmony or alignment with it in our mind, soul, spirit, and strength (will), thus grow in accordance with its truths and ways.

Love seems straightforward. But at first it isn’t because many of our thoughts, habits, and automatic responses have been programed in a lack of love. We may feel we love because we love our child or spouse, but I’m finding there is much to know of love and it goes very deep and very wide. Thus, it takes awareness, willingness to learn, persistence, patience, and most of all a desire to change in accordance to its ways. But when we desire it, then our Father is there to help us in every way … for this is what he has been waiting for.

So, how will I proceed this day? Will I choose to forgive or to hold onto pain and seek retribution? Will I choose to exercise understanding and compassion or judgment? Will I choose to see someone as they are today, or hold them to the past? Will I choose to act out of care or convenience? Will I choose to give or to take? Will I choose to change or justify? Will I choose to help or blame? Love heals and unites, thus it’s always the better choice. Of the choices above, when we choose the former we create a better tomorrow for us and others.

Multiple times a day we have choices to make within our personal sphere in this vast universe. What characteristics will our space take on? What do we want to reflect to our heavenly Father and to others? One of love?

Increasing in loving-kindness is a personal endeavor because a growing love comes from the state of our soul, our soul perceptions, and our understanding. Our perfect spirit parent is ready to teach each one of us. Are we listening? Or are we too busy with other things? This too is a choice.

When we choose to lovingly care for others, we are also choosing it for ourselves. And here is a magnificent secret to our lives, if we want to be loved, we must love and choose to do what is loving. So, is there really any other choice to make?

May we all grow in the realm of divine love a little bit more today. We can’t change our lives and the world that has lacked love in a day, but we can one day at a time. Is there any better time to start?

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

15 thoughts on “A Free Will to Love

  1. “You sure know how to make me smile BIG Rache…!!! I will visit you in your mansion in heaven often!

  2. Thank you Rachel for reminding us of this essential choice we have to love. It is important to feast on God’s love; we fill our tank of love from the ocean of divine love. This overflowing love can be passed onto others, often more in action, responding to need, as Francis of Assisi reminds us “preach the gospel always and if necessary use words.”

    With Mother Teresa love oozed from every part of her being and out of her love for God came her desire to serve “the least of these.”
    She knew that true love brings freedom and true life and she was connected to and governed by God’s love.

    We have the choice to do the same.

    • Hi Stewart – Thank you for our comment, so encouraging. Yes it is the essential choice and truly the most important one that we make. May we all learn to come in harmony with this magnificent love for all the healing and power it contains.

  3. The rhythm of sincere truth is amazing flows like bright water into the heart devouring with devastating fire abnormalities in the mind the living water of life keep doing what you doing its getting brighter more we love truth and honor God the brighter the torches of truth blaze brilliantly !

  4. This is just amazing Rachael. I was so much blessed. Martha

  5. giving love to others than your spouse is that loyalty or adultery?

  6. The sun is not as gentle
    nor eyes as pretty or heart
    well hid, a candle underneath
    a bed, that none shall ever find
    well placed as a candlestick,
    deep in a cherry forest:
    sweet, some yes, some no.

  7. There are a couple phrases of teachings in the New Testament which came to my mind while reading the above article in which I never commented on. There is always controversy brought on by some regardless of how complete the message is and how complete the picture. I too, have came to see much more than in my youth, but more importantly a greater love has developed for God, Christ, and all others that I meet on any given day. To be allowed to walk (in part) in that spirit, I at one time could only wish is the gift we all will achieve. To receive Christ is to receive His anointing which is one and the same thing. When the scripture speaks of receiving Christ, it is not speaking of only believing in Him and having a knowledge that He is, (for the scripture says Devils (carnal minds) believe) but becoming as He is, for this is the consummation of receiving Christ. To receive Him is to be found like Him at some point in our life appointed by the Father. It may not be on this side of the grave but the process if for all to complete. To receive knowledge about something or a revelation of a mystery is far different from receiving the mystery itself or I should say Himself, for Christ (the anointing) is the mystery in all of it’s true revelation and substance.

    Why I bring these verses to issue is that Rachel’s above article speaks so clearly to arriving at the pinnacle of the mystery for there is no greater truth than seeing the mystery being revealed in others for there is no grater gift than enjoying God’s give of His anointing and seeing others participating in the same. I haven’t arrived and I am not saying Rachel has either but she makes the path clear if one chooses to follow her advice. I see that Rachel is not asking any to see as she sees or believe as she does but she never the less shares as she is given, this is all we can do. I came across Rachel’s site quiet by accident and her words immediately connected with mine and I saw she saw and also spoke past the letter of the law, and walking in the revelation of the mystery and not merely speaking words to be heard or to be seen. In speaking these words of encouragement I know Rachel needs little from myself for her maturity speaks for itself. People will always find fault with what another has to say in their immaturity, no matter how true the words, after all Christ was put to death by the religious organization of the day only because He spoke the truth. So, no matter the message, or who the messenger is, condemnation is to be expected from those who lack insight into the real purpose of why we’re here.

    Another area of verse that came to mind while reading Rachel’s above article was is one of my favorite chapters in the New Testament because it speaks of surpassing words on a page or words only spoken to impress and it is the thirteenth chapter of 1st Corinthians. In reading this chapter one must keep in mind what the distinction to be made is and the message one is supposed to gain from reading it. (I will provide it below.)

    The maturity of the chapter is that we must grow past the words, the speeches, the appearances in wanting to be admired for “our” carnal interpretation of knowledge and look past the signs (tounges, natural headings, etc) one may have. There is noting wrong with having these gifts but we must understand they are not the end of us but only signs and gifts provided us in the interim. This 13th chapter message has been so pressed upon my mind as I see that it has also been upon Rachel’s, and therefore we see that although we can be saturated with knowledge and have an understanding of what the written word is saying, it must go much deeper as we learn to leave the written word and begin obtaining the spiritual Word (Christ). This spiritual Word which is Christ Jesus but be written on our hearts and become our very being.

    I see Rachel is often attacked for speaking beyond the letter by some immature, condemning souls in saying she is new age or is not basing what she is saying on the bible. The pinnacle of the truth in the bible is consummated in what she is saying for she is revealing the mystery that has been hidden by the veiling of the spiritual mind by the veil o the carnal mind. This is the true veil which the curtain in the tabernacle only represented. The carnal mind is the real barrier to the spiritual mind found in the Holiest chamber in the Tabernacle which in truth is in us.

    The 13th chapter as provided below is speaking of surpassing the letter of the law which many do not understand exactly what it means and as a result these one’s can only throw stones of bible verses without themselves understanding what they mean for if they did they would show restraint in accusing another. I have learned that those who condemn other’s beliefs and are constantly looking for something to argue and debate about haven’t a clue what the scripture is really meant to teach. For those I would suggest reading this 13th chapter every night before going to bed and first thing upon rising in the morning. I’m not sure what this new age is that Rachel or I ave been accused of but from the comments it seems it has something to do with “loving all people.” If this is new age then I am guilty of believing the same. The scripture says, “For as in Adam all die so as in Christ all shall be made alive, but every man in his own order.” This verse is using the same word “all” for those who died in Adam just as this word “all” is being used in the raising up of “all” in Christ. If you do not see this your are lost to the truth that can only be found in the indwelling, anointing spirit of the very Jesus Christ.

    The carnal mind is the mind that is at enmity with the mind of God, it is the antichrist. It resides in all the tabernacles of human beings until God’s love is introduced and it is pushed out until it “passes away” by being forced out, losing the battle to the will of God.

    Please read the following chapter and then go back and read Rachel’s article as well as all her others and although you may disagree with some points she makes, you cannot find fault in her purpose, and that is to be found one day “As He Is.” Speaking past the written word, speaking of the mystery revealed is not new age or any other religious sect belief, as you will find fault and truth, not only in various religions but in each one of our own temples (our bodies) as well until we all come to His likeness.

    Chapter 13
    If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And if I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profiteth me nothing.
    Love suffereth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not its own, is not provoked, taketh not account of evil; rejoiceth not in unrighteousness, but rejoiceth with the truth; beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
    Love never faileth:but whether there be prophecies, they shall be done away; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall be done away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part; but when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away.
    When I was a child, I spake as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child:now that I am become a man, I have put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, darkly; but then face to face:now I know in part; but then shall I know fully even as also I was fully known.
    But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.

    So you see when one such as Rachel speaks so much about love, they are speaking past the letter, past the mystery, past the ability and gift to prophesy. Our battle of words will cease once the love of Christ comes into our being and takes up residence. Do not left differences of opinion or meanings of this word or that word cause a loss of respect for one another, look past the faults in others and desire to encourage them in looking past the endless debate of what some word means. I will take the true love of another with them having a misunderstanding of some os the scriptures than the lack of love in another with a mind full of bible knowledge and a great ability to debate it, but with little love for the person they are trying to “outdo.”

    So in summary, I see there is little to prove, little to debate or argue about when Christ starts rising in your being as the natural loses it’s allure and appeal. Let us all learn to participate in this message of the true Word which is the Christ “likeness” and leave the dead letter of adversity behind.

    Our quality of substance is not to be found in what we know but in who we are becoming and are to become in spirit, in likeness, and in His substance. We then will have nothing to prove by speaking words of endless debate for we will all one day be found in the proof of His likeness.

    Rachel, I encourage you to pursue and speak just as you are doing, I find no fault in how you say and teach things and although one may find differences in points of view should it change the love we have for one another? I think not and if it did we would need to look deeper into our own selves and ask God for more of His likeness.

    I know that you, Rachel, grow weary sometime of the affronts and ask yourself is it all worth the sharing and I can only say your continued growth will only come by our seasonal winters, but always remember there is always a spring and summer after each season of these cold winters.

    • Hi Sonny, thank you for your kind words … truly I write, by grace, to help encourage and confirm others on their path. It’s the spirit’s work to integrate truth into a soul, for the spirit searches the soul and knows the next building blocks of truth required. Every person who crosses this blog does so for a reason. I trust that the spirit working through the words does so as needed for each soul. And when we find another soul that is learning as we are … it is very inspiring and encouraging.

  8. Please continue to share your words of wisdom, Sonny and Rachel. Both of you have been such a blessing to me! I found myself on this journey where God is teaching me about His personal love for me and how to love others in my life. My desire to love others continues to grow stronger and stronger…to be a vessel of His healing to everyone around me. But God still has to remove the fears and insecurities in me. It is a process definitely. I always look forward more of your youtube videos and blog posts, dear Rachel.

    • Ivy, focus on the positive as you are doing and the fears and insecurities will start fading sooner than you think. I personally have prayed for certain things to quit having influence in my life and in just a few days I would notice a difference in my feelings about these things. He says that if we ask He will give us what we ask for and He also says if we ask “amiss” and not according to “his will” we will not receive it. In other words seek His love and love for others, this is His ultimate will for us all. Asking for knowledge only to debate with others is not of of His will. Rachel is often criticized for “love, love, love” message but is there any other? When one affronts another for such a teaching isn’t this clear they seek meaningless knowledge about “subjects?” It is well and good to know bible history or what this mystery or revelation means but it is my experience when it is revealed to me I think less of the revelation than what it reveals. All knowledge when revealed, reveals the love of God for all and the love we should have for one another as expressed in the two greatest commandments, To love God with….. and the second to love others……..


      the law hangs on these two. It says nothing of all the other hidden meaning and sayings in the scripture as good as they are. This is because once we understand all this other knowledge and all the mysteries, they but say and explain the two greatest commandments. The carnal minded man avoids this message of love by debating and arguing scripture. This is because they are void of the substance the knowledge describes, which is love for others. As says the scripture, men are constantly studying the scripture but do not obtain the truth. this is because Truth is Christ, and Christ is Love, and this Love is the same as the Father. It is His very character, it is not some fluffy love as some say. We humans throw stones at that we do not understand (fear) or are not able to obtain. What we don’t understand, we fear, and it sad to say what most fear is love itself, this is why we humans who cannot love focus on the written word of law, for you can debate it without fulfilling it’s purpose. And that is, again, being found in His likeness and image. If we are filled with His substance, we know and feel His presence . If we are merely filled with hollow words, we are void and empty. Let us search ourselves and be honest about “our” faults and God will surely remove them. If we do this we will have little time and thought to accuse another.

      Thank you Ivy for the kind words. I can add little to Rachel’s explanations for they are complete in themselves. Rachel speaks in a way that I have thought for years one should speak and that is simply from the heart as they are inspired. Often times this can be without quoting even a scripture or being so “word” conscious. When our substance grows to more of His likeness we will simply speak what we are. There will be little “verse” and “bible quotes” at our maturity for we will become what He IS. We will have surpassed the law of words.


    • Hi Ivy, thank you for your kind words … truly an encouragement to my soul, thank you for being faithful for writing them.

      A couple thoughts on fear …

      Awhile ago I learned … love what you fear. See what the Father shows you about this …

      Fear is actually an illusionary state of mind, (I like to call them phantom fears 🙂 when you consider the depth of our Father’s love for us. But even in this awareness they still can grab a hold of us. Also, we have to be aware of what we watch and put in our mind as well … this world loves to create fear for it is a means of control … as well as heightening insecurities in us.

      When we focus on loving through a situation and pray how to do that … it helps to overcome those fears/insecurities that can be suffocating. We all have this battle … which is actually between the real and unreal, our encouragement of one another in this helps tremendously. One more note, I find that as we grow in what is truly real … then the unreal starts to be pushed out. Focus on the real and stay present .. most fears are in the future that doesn’t exist but grows out of the present moment. Know in this present moment that you are greatly loved and let that be your guiding truth. Let the Father continue to reveal the lies that keep you from believing this.

      My prayers and love are with you …


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