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Asleep & Unreal OR Awake & Real


Asleep & Unreal

OR Awake & Real


The heavenly Father’s divine love is here for us, if we will only desire it with a true heart and soul longing. Love never forces itself upon another, it is against its nature, thus we must desire it.

If we honestly desire it, it means we are willing for it to change us and mold us in any way that it leads us, for this love of divinity always leads us deeper into itself, thus into perfection and more love. This is how we are purified to a pristine soul, for when we walk and abide in divine love we start to live in increasing purity for this is its nature. We can’t be a part of divine love and give this love, and remain soiled in our soul. This is why divine love is a great healer in many ways; it changes everything in our mind, soul, spirit, and body.

In receiving this inflow of divine love we are transformed into new creations, inside out.  Again divine love is love of divinity, the love of the heavenly Father, versus mere human or natural love. It’s a love that contains thus reflects the characteristics of the heavenly Father. 

This concept of how we receive divine love relies heavily upon mankind’s will to desire it. This leads to the idea of mankind’s “free” will. If they reject this love, then their will must be free to do so, right? Not exactly.

Our will follows our desires. Desires are shaped at a subconscious level by many things, that we are aware of and aren’t aware of, and thus are anything but free; therefore neither is our will free that follows it.

In this land of an unreal psychological reality, lies, fears, and images are the defining factors shaping mankind’s desires thus will. (unreal psychological reality = a perception of reality based on what is not real, i.e. lies and images)  All of these elements based in the unreal are contrary to this divine love. So in pursuing desires based upon them, we can’t attain what we all truly desire, divine love. So as our desires are bound by lies, “free” will is an illusion. There is nothing more binding than a lie we believe to be the truth. Our will is shaped by our desires that are shaped by the influences of truth or error around us. Only desires shaped by divine love manifest the real, a true inflow of the love of God. All other desires shaped by the unreal keep us bound to a lack of that love, thus the unreal. And what I have learned of divine love is it’s the true desire of every soul whether they realize it or not.

So if mankind’s desires can be shaped and influenced, which this is obviously the case, then my question is why doesn’t the heavenly Father’s divine love come and shape those desires for His love? If this love is a great power, which it is when we experience its nature and influence in our lives, why isn’t it actively influencing souls and crafting mankind’s desires? Is a lie that is unreal more powerful than His love that is real?

In the unreal this love isn’t known, for it exists only in the real. With the plethora and extent of lies posing as truth, this divine love isn’t known or recognized, thus it isn’t believed that it exists. Very few people know and believe it, so it isn’t seen among the masses, thus isn’t believed in. It’s similar to when people believed the earth was flat. It wasn’t questioned until more understanding and knowledge came along to the masses, then it was understood and accepted that it was round.

In “Stirring the Deep”, I’ve stirred my way right out of this reality. If we were in the real, the heavenly Father’s divine love would be influencing every soul and drawing it into itself. This is the nature of love: it cares, it never fails, and it looks out for the weaker, and it does for the weaker what it can’t do for itself.

When we come to understand and know the divine love of our heavenly Father, we realize that a place of suffering (created by an unreal psychological reality that is void of the love of God), isn’t truly real, but only a reflection of the state of our mind, like a dream. We go to sleep and enter a different reality, and yet in the dream state we believe it is real, until we “wake” up.  So, I’m wondering if we are in a dream state, a sleep state, in which we experience an unreal reality for purposes of soul development? And we awaken out of this sleep as we start to move into the real, the divine love of God?

In divine love, death doesn’t exist. It can’t. It couldn’t be a reality in the midst of divine love. This is why death can and will be destroyed; it is based on the unreal and only an illusion of an unreal reality.

So if this love is in the real and we are in the unreal, how is that gap bridged?

I pray for a great awakening in mankind’s soul perceptions to the reality of divine love.

By the way, Happy New Year. May it be one of a great emergence from the unreal to the real.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Asleep & Unreal OR Awake & Real

  1. Truly. As the majority of American Christians and patriots awaken to the high level deceptions overtaking our country, there is an awakening on many levels. The judgement now coming on the earth will certainly awaken all to the truth, where none will escape, “every eye will see”. True love (divine) for many will come only when untrue (Love&lust Mixture) love in us is exposed in the terrifying light. This is a matter of great fear and trembling for the majority of “Religious” people, not familiar with great grief and broken hardheartedness. Satan is void of Love. So he has designed every sort of deception conceivable, and even, UN-conceivable to destroy us, and keep us from achieving ‘the presence’ of His divine Love; This battle between flesh and spirit is not to be taken lightly, therefore the tribulation to come will shake us violently. “He who falls on the rock will be broken, but onto him who the rock falls, the same will be crushed”. Those many Christians who await a rapture to take them out of the great tribulation must needs be broken. Seeing It as ‘Mercy’ will take much grief, and many tears;

    For many of us, until we feel and see what love ‘is not’, can not begin walking towards what true love is; Pride must be replaced with ‘Genuine’ humility, Pride must be replace by ‘Genuine humility, full stop; When the Virgin Woman is ‘hidden’ and the anti-Christ scours the earth to find and destroy all remnants of her, (as Islam is enacting) Christians will have to wake up fully! Many will be martyred, but, do not fear this at all! For it is written, “tens of thousands will come through the great tribulation in victory and white robes. (humility). The pure bride, that now in the hour of grace is, will be hidden away until the dragon is dealt with by ‘The Bridegroom’. This is significant! I dare any one to stand between me and my bride!? They will not soon forget the day! He Himself will defend Her! Jesus, King of Kings! The Right hand of God! The one who IS Perfect Love…Woe, Woe, Woe, to the inhabitants of the earth who do not stand in His name in deed and in testimony!!! Perfect Love is worth everything, not one hundred million satanist’s can stop it! They have not, “the capstone”. The masses of gentle creatures that are being pummeled, abused, beheaded, robbed and cruelly treated each have mighty angels standing by to take them into the very arms of The Most High God, this is 100% biblical truth and our great Joy! It is to these who commit the crimes, unrepentant and brutal for whom Jesus also died, and we too suffer. But God has perfect plans, and mighty angels that do battle for them by way of our prayers, and our acts of love in every breath we take, every thought we have, every tear we drop; The whole creation moans and suffers, we too must question our sincerity if we are not also broken and moaning. This is the warfare, tears, and prayers and great supplication on behalf of the deceived, the broken, the murdered, the fatherless children and widows, the dying sea creatures en mass. God called His Son, our High Priest and King into heaven to sit at His right hand and said, For David himself says in the book of Psalms, ‘THE LORD SAID TO MY LORD, “SIT AT MY RIGHT HAND, 43UNTIL I MAKE YOUR ENEMIES A FOOTSTOOL FOR YOUR FEET.”
    That leaves US here to carry out the Fathers will. Put on the full armor of God my friends and let’s do our part!
    Lions and Lambs

    • Sonne,
      AMEN! Do you have a blog my friend? Bless All, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    • Hi Sonny,

      What the future holds grows out of our present … I pray that this transition comes in a beautiful manner of waking souls to the divine love of God that is there for them .. and it becomes their desire and their reality. Thus I pray, our future moments to grow less in suffering, fear, pain .. and all that is unreal and the increasing establishment of the real which is the mighty love of God for His creation. And may all the spirits and angels stir hearts to this end.

    • By the way Sonne … thank you for sharing your thoughts they stir my own and I’m grateful for your ability to express them as you do. I so enjoy hearing what you are learning.

      • Rachel, there is Sonne, and there is Sonny. I believe you meant to reference Sonne when using my spelling. No harm done, I just thought I would point this out as I believed you were addressing “ne” above.


  2. Thank you.

  3. Sonne, reading your comment I take it you interoperate the Man child to be Jesus himself. can you give me the scripture that has led you to believe that. I am not saying you are right or wrong, I have been seeking God on this very issue and I have not come to any conclusions as of yet.

    • The Manchild?

      Jesus is the pattern for us all. What you discover about Jesus you will discover about yourself. Jesus, is described as being the “firstborn” of all, a pattern for others to emulate and to become as He is. He is my pattern to become one with the Father just as Jesus Christ Himself has become one with the Father. Jesus is the first born of this “new creation man”. Many people cannot grasp that they themselves are of a higher stature in God than they themselves allow themselves to believe. When a man has many sons they are all his sons. There is a firstborn, second etc, etc. In the old testament pattern of the placement of a firstborn son, he is given certain privileges over the others. This was for the benefit of all the rest of the family. He was given a “double portion” not for himself in order that he may help the others in the time of need. We have this “firstborn” in Christ and He has been given all things in order to bring us to a oneness with the Father. With this oneness we obtain also a oneness with Christ. As explained in scripture when we are matured we will be one with Christ, the same as Christ is one with the Father. The carnal mind prevents us from seeing this truth in the fullest simply because we refuse to take on the nature of Christ in all it’s fullness because the natural man does not believe he is able to do so.

      What is attributed to this barrier? Many things but predominately it is that we desire many things before finding the thing we should desire the most. This thing in its simplest form is a desire to see others as ourselves and want for them what we want for ourselves, the likeness of Christ, a love that is equally “mutual” among one another. We battle the carnal mind in that it wants preeminence over others, thus it strives through knowledge to have this better standing among “its” peers. This is what holds people back from obtaining the mind of Christ. We “must” see others as ourselves, being selfless in wanting for others what we ourselves desire. The carnal mind does not want this and cannot see this “oneness.” This is because, as the scripture teaches, it is trying to climb up “some other way.” In my personal walk and past I have walked this road, and experienced all I share here, the negative and the positive. Once we have walked through the valley of the shadow of death, we , in sincerity would that others were spared of this but we learn to know that we cannot do the time for others. We can, however, once through a particular battle, share the experience and should one believe what you share, it will give the comfort in knowing that the day will come when they will cross this great divide we call the valley and climb the opposite slope of the valley experience. A valley is a lower plane between two high points. Know that if you are in the valley you came from a high point on one side and will climb to newer heights on the other. We came from God’s presence, lowered into this valley of death, only to return to the pinnacle of God’s likeness again, only to have gained a greater abundance from having walked this lowered realm, the death experience. Death is only the experience of being separated from God in our mind. There is no other death. What the carnal man calls death is but returning to the higher life we had with the Father before.

      The man child depicted in Revelations is not only Christ, the firstborn, but the birth of all the other Sons that are being brought forth through the pains of being birthed from the true church, the woman. There are two women, the bride of Christ which has the true relationship with Christ that produces true sons, and there is the woman producing illegitimate children. Now all are children and we should not misunderstand and condemn any. If we truly see the “man child” in it’s correct light we see as the man child and this man child does not condemn the children of the idolatrous woman because it is the purpose of the man child to bring forth the children of the “blind” woman so to speak.

      When God opens our eyes to the spirit world we begin to see His creation through His eyes and according to His purpose, we leave the realm of criticism, condemnation and ridicule, and a feeling of being better than those around us. I believe this is the “key” to the Kingdom and that is seeing all as yourself and you are as worthy as any as they are as worthy as you. This is because God designed a process that all would eventually bow to His plan and will, not by force, but by participating in His love. Whether one has completed the journey or is just starting it should give us cause to ignorantly pass judgement on any. This is because the first in line will pass through the door just as the last in line, the destination being the same. Some will have greater freedoms than others as it is in the natural, but saved never the less.

      The man child is the first fruits. First fruits are of the same harvest as that that is gathered afterward in the same field ( world). In the parable of the harvest in the old testament the sheave offering (first fruit) depicted what the rest of the harvest would be like. It was the the same. Christ is the first fruit along with the man child and this first fruit will be instrumental in bringing forth the rest of the harvest. All the rest of mankind. We cannot have this understanding until we pursue it through a love for others as we intend for God to have for us. Once we see this great truth “key” we see God in a oneness because we are one with the mind of Christ. This oneness can only be saw and “possessed” when we include all in the plan of salvation, leaving none out. Otherwise we remain in darkness and cripple in our self righteous attitude of just not being able to see that others are on par with us, a sad state indeed. Let us rise above self and be reconciled to God’s likeness whether in the “man child”, “first fruit” order or in another order of calling. Whatever it may be we are all to be reconciled. If one desires to study knowledge and gain light it must be from a perspective of loving one as oneself, there is no other ladder.

      I suppose I could have just said what the man child is but we must understand it’s purpose but more importantly it’s connection to us all. Again, when you include “all” in your study of the scripture you do it from a perspective of a Godly love, not one of divisiveness, faction and a party spirit. (Galations.) When we see all included, we then see Christ in His completeness.

      May God bless you in your search for His love for knowledge is a shadow, not the true object itself.


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