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Evolution of the Spirit Mind


Evolution of the Spirit Mind


The ways and laws of the Old Testament in the Bible were a reflection of mankind’s understanding of who they believed God to be and what they thought God wanted according to the image they held of God. Thus they had animal sacrifice, stoning, harsh judgments, and various laws. They saw God in a certain way and everything was filtered through that image.

The church system does the same thing today. Water baptism, communion, tithing, “corporate” worship, and their understanding of what being a “good Christian” means is based upon their image of God and how to “worship” and “serve” Him.

It’s deemed that today’s reflection is a more “loving” reflection of God. Yet, the image is still based upon mankind’s ideas and not the true nature of God, which is made evident from the countering acts that are contrary to a “loving” God. A glaring one is the unkind treatment and attitude of indifference to other creations of God’s creation. This kind of treatment to others isn’t found in divine love, for divine love protects one from suffering. But this isn’t seen as odd or even contradictory because of mankind’s perception of who they believe God to be. For example, be kind to your neighbor, but perpetuate mass cruelty to animals. It’s all contradictory and we will find contradictions in what isn’t truth, which is always sown in divine love. When we start learning of the love of the true God, that truth holds no contradictions because it reflects the real nature of God.

God’s reflection can’t be contained in a book, even the Bible, only man’s understanding of who He is.  Anything, even “words” of God, that pass through the mind of man is always limited to that mind and the perceptions it holds. The image of the OT God was true and real for those who followed it, as we can see by the acts they took in the name of God, just as much as the image is true for the church today, but that doesn’t make it the true reflection.

The truth is what is real. It never changes. What is real is the love of God that fills ALL in ALL, because this is what divine love does. What mankind perceives is always connected to and limited to their ability to perceive certain qualities or receive a certain understanding. We can’t truly know and believe what we don’t first perceive. We are all limited by our perceptions. This is why we want to see or perceive from divine love, and that alone, for that is what is truly real, and how we come to know God’s true nature, and thus be a part of Him.

What I’m learning is that divine love, the love of God, extends to the smallest creation and to every living creation, thus why when we start growing in divine love we have a growing and deepening love for all of creation, even ants. It is a true concern and care in which we desire NONE to suffer to ANY degree. This is why I’ve been talking so much about the animals, it is the growing understanding of the extent and nature of divine love, the true reflection of the heavenly Father.

This love extending to all without boundary, limitation or cessation is a reflection of God’s love. It’s a love that desires not only that none should perish, but that none should suffer. Divine love prevents suffering. It prevents fear. This is why it is so powerful, desirable, beautiful and magnificent in our lives. These torments can’t exist in its presence. This is why when we are fully in this love suffering and fear cease to exist. This is why there is no suffering for eternity; the perfect love of God in our lives prohibits it. And praise God for that!!

So now you must be wondering how can suffering exist here?

This is an unreal reality. It’a a picture of a place without God’s love that is why there is so much confusion about who God is, because it lacks His love. How can something exist without the love of God who fills all in all, except that it is an unreality, like a dream state, a deep sleep, or a “death” state. Death, the absence of love, doesn’t exist in the reality of divine love. This state is exactly what it prohibits.

Does being aware of this “dream” state make the love we know and give any less significant? No, on the contrary, we can only understand the true nature of this dream state from the perspective of divine love, and when we are in divine love that love never lessens but only grows deeper and continually increases.

So this dream that we are partaking of is serving a specific purpose. In it we are learning many things, and above all without this divine love and only a tainted natural human love, this reality is what is created, everything contrary to God, even His very image.

This is going to be an interesting year ….

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “Evolution of the Spirit Mind

  1. Happy new year to you and your husband may God bless you and keep you : )

  2. Rachel,

    I couldn’t agree with you more in your above letter. I see that all we are exposed to in this “sleep” or “dream” state, is for the very purpose of making our relationship with our Father and our future with Him one connected in a gratitude and appreciation we could not otherwise know. We are here to learn to “know” Him in a “voluntary” way that otherwise cannot be obtained in any other way than by our being designed as God intended. . If God just created us and left us to our own designs what harmony would there be with billions doing their own thing? This is proved out in our very existence in this natural state and present world for this is our whole purpose for being subjected to this “hell” so to speak. God leaves us to our own devices “for a time” as we try to sort out (as Eve) our own way without involving our Creator and His input in our lives. Our Father has allowed us (mankind) to try every form of government he can imagine, every form of religion he can dream up and all the selfish ways inherit in him just as God has allowed. We can only have love and compassion with others when we realize we all will remain in this prison of “thought” in the carnal mind until we fully understand we will remain in this prison until we can function in the beatitudes of the Father without any feeling of being made to do anything outside of our will. In other words we learn to function in a love that is voluntary and not pretentious or “religious” in nature.We simply “let” this mind be in us which is in Christ Jesus.

    We will all be left in our own weakness’ and faults until we see the value in forgiving and overlooking others faults. Often time we are returned to the prison of our mind because we simply fail to see others as ourselves. In other words we condemn others while having often times the same problems as we are condemning others for.

    The reason for being returned oftentimes back to the prison house of bad attitudes is for the compassionate reason (from God) of being exercised in our limitations because we have not learned to show compassion toward others instead we ridicule, condemn and have a spirit of “better than others”.

    God does not see us as “bad” people but as His children being exposed to evil circumstances “ONLY” for the purpose of reconciliation. Just as in winter, spring, summer and fall we go through our seasons, repeatedly until our ground is ripe for bringing forth the fruit of our Father’s likeness. This life is designed to be a stark contrast to God’s ways for the very purpose of seeing the difference. All things are designed for the purpose of understanding there is “Gods way” and there is an inharmonious way if left to our own will. Our journey on this earth will bring us to the ways and understanding of our Father through the process of repetitive seasons until we will have went through enough change to “get it.” Until we “get it” we are subject to the carnal mind of despair and a loss of hope. When we see God in all things and the why for this hell we go through we then embrace all things, accept all things and therefore understand that we are being exercised in this dream world in order to be able to accept the real and intended purpose God designed for us to have in the beginning. In God’s design and purpose before anything was created, our very end was purposed through the things we would suffer. If one thinks this suffering if for nought then one does not see, understand or know God as he should. However one will, given time as we will all be processed to the likeness and will of the Father. A voluntary love from another that you understand to know is real and has a warmth and a glow to it is much accepted and loved contrasted to a religious (set of laws and traditions) attitude of what one thinks is expected of them. There is nothing wrong with “trying” to do the right thing as this is all the carnal is capable of. This is not to be condemned for this is but a rung of the ladder leading to corrected mind. First comes knowledge, then comes an attempt to practice what we think we know but this eventually must give way to finally being found in His likeness at the point of maturity (perfection). Let us be tolerant of all and forgive all as we expect the same from our Father.

    Addressing diet and the animal kingdom let each in all good conscience live in all that is revealed to them. I for one have always tried to understand as much as possible the spiritual meaning of scripture by understanding the intent of the natural recorded law. As addressed in the new testament concerning meat and what is sacrificed to idols, we should not eat it in the presence of others if they see it as something you are doing outside the will of God (sacrificing to idols). In our mind it is just a piece of meat with no connection to religious idol worship. Staying with the natural we should not judge another in what God allows. People have different understandings of what these natural sayings mean and as long as they are kept in the dark to what the spiritual reveals, one is not expected to perform as one who knows better. The meat here represents one’s knowledge and as long as it offends another one should not disregard the feelings and betterment of another at the expense of forcing one’s views on one who is weaker. As Paul, we must learn to understand what level of understanding one is on and approach them from where they are. This is what Paul meant when he said he became all things to all men. He approached others from where they were and sought to bring them forward in Christ from their present weakened state with humility. This was done with compassion and a desire to help them to see it is a relationship with God instead of a knowledgeable based realm. It is the desire of the carnal mind to not regard one in a weakened state but to glorify itself in expounding it’s own knowledge. This carnal minded person expounds knowledge to be admired for what they know instead of bringing another to Christ.

    The Love which God is will always consider ones development to the mind of Christ over whether or not one believes as themselves. I suppose this is the reason I take the time to correspond in this forum which is something I very seldom do. If I thought I would be misunderstood in my understanding and was simply writing to be heard I would cease to do so. I cannot speak but from where I am as I can only expect another to speak form where they are. I respect everyone and allow them to have whatever view and understanding God has allowed them to develop. If we do not with respect, allow another’s view to be heard then what should we expect ourselves. I have absolutely no problem with another’s understanding and what they believe, however, there is little point to continue with one who does not have a love and respect for another thinking their knowledge is superior and one’s acceptance is knowledge based. This is a poor and miserable mind set to have for it is birthed from the carnal mind void the truth found in the mind of Christ.

    If all put aside “their” religion and doctrine and proved themselves through the beatitudes only it would be a far different world. But…. keep in mind when this blindness of the carnal mind has done it’s work and run it’s course, God will awaken this one to Himself and he will see the error of his way. We thus see God’s love working in what He allows. This person will then have a contrast to the true nature and will of God. There is not an instance or a way or a will, positive or negative that is not designed to bring us all to Christ. Once we see God in all and in all things we are no longer separated in our being by the tree of separation, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In the carnal mind good can be a faulty perception the same as evil. When we see the plan as God created and intended for us to see we only see a process of making man in God’s likeness and image. All evil was created as a means to an end and this end is nothing more than being found in the image and likeness of the Father. Let us have this same love and understanding as God has and is. We then become one in not only with his purpose but we will become as “HE IS”, as intended, which is His promise.
    In maturity, we see and will see only God’s love in all things. Let us not be despondent and depressed in the very thing which our Father allows in order to bring us back to Himself. This earthly experience has one purpose and that is to give us a life with freedoms we could not have had otherwise.

    In our writing and correspondences, let it be only for the purpose of giving light to another with no expectation of being held in regard or esteem, but in it let us see and desire only the will and mind of Christ. When we each see Christ as individual beings it is then we become “corporate” in Him but without this oneness we remain in our sin nature. Let us all become one in Him then we will have a greater pleasure in one another.

    Best Regards


    • Hi Sonny, thank you for your words … they spoke deeply to me and I appreciate you writing them. You spoke things I too have felt and am learning and for this I am grateful.

    • “Let us all become one in HIM, then we will have a greater pleasure in one another” – love that! Blessings to all!

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