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Ascension of The Mind


Ascension of The Mind:

The Birth Pangs


May all our hearts and minds be inclined to do good and not evil, and know the difference.

A tremendous shift is starting to take place in the earth; the mind of mankind is starting to ascend as the spirit of Christ, the consummation of truth and love, unites to and within the souls of mankind.

This huge shift starts small, as a seed, within mankind. It comes by the obliteration of what is wicked and evil, and the ascension of what is good and loving in each individual. As one entity dies and another comes to life within us, it feels like spiritual birth pangs. The incredible nature of this transition of the ages is it happens within you and me.

Some have sold all, the elements of wickedness disguised in alluring lust, for the tiny seed. Some have seen that seed as nothing and tossed it aside. But in that seed is the essence of the spirit of the divine that unites our spirits to the eternal spirit of life.

Birth Pangs: Truth pushing through the Lies

There are two sources our thoughts can come from; lies from a lying spirit or truth from the spirit of truth.

There are two forces intently at work right now in our minds. One is the fiery darts of the lying spirit trying to steal and destroy any truth we are moving into and gaining. Ephesians 6:16

The second is the ointments of healing of the spirit of truth revealing any hidden darkness of our hearts and minds; thus setting us free from the lies that seek to destroy. 1 Corinthians 4:5

One seeks to destroy life and the other seeks to give it. Pray to know the difference. Many unknowingly follow lies they hold as truth to their own destruction.

There is a battle in our mind for our mind.

If a force or entity controls the mind, it controls the person, their reality, and on a large scale the world. Christ, the Word of God, moves our minds thus our existence into eternal life. Everything counter to His truth moves our minds thus our existence into death.

The truth in combination with our experiences that testify to the truth, which creates true faith Hebrews 11:1, are our defense and protection. If the truth never took root in us, then there is no testimony to the truth in our lives. We may have heard it, but if there is no transformation from within out, it never took root.  Thus, it’s very difficult to not believe lies when hurdled in our direction. Yet, if the truth is rooted in us, we will have the testimony in our lives because what we believe creates our reality. The fiery darts of these days will show whether the words of truth took root or not. If not, even what truth we heard will be stripped from our souls as if we never heard it. This is what an unblocked fiery dart does to a soul. Matthew 13:12

If we have the truth, when a fiery dart is shot at us; we can recognize it for what it is because the rooted truth in us reveals it as not true. 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, Revelation 12:16 Yet, this doesn’t necessarily make dismissing that thought a walk in the park. The darts that enter our minds are in relation to lies that we once held as truth. Thus, they have an impact on us.  We feel the sting when it hits our mind, but the truth stands up as our shield and buckler to protect us from any deep penetration or harm, because we don’t act on it. Psalm 91:4 What if we had no truth to combat that particular lie? The lie would take root. When a lie is accepted as truth, we act on it and make it a part of our reality, which further convinces us that it was true, when IT WAS A LIE!

Lies create pain, suffering, affliction, turmoil, irritation, oppression, tribulation, angst, stress, fear, bondage, anxiousness, worry, sin, and death.

Truth creates righteousness, peace, purity, holiness, goodness, joy, wisdom, kindness, love, rest, and eternal life.

Our lives reflect what we hold as true.

Is there any question to which direction we desire to move in? Yet, lies keep us from gaining the truth we need to be free from them. Until we diligently seek for the truth … Hebrews 11:6

In light of the battle taking place in our minds, we can understand why the heavenly Father told us to seek wisdom and understanding Proverbs 4:7, 16:16, to bind truth and mercy around our necks Proverbs 3:3, 14:22, to seek FIRST His righteousness (Matthew 6:33), and to listen and obey His counsel leading us in perfect truth (2 John 1:3, Isaiah 48:18).

The Light is dawning. The revealing of the hearts of people has begun. Charades will fall away, and all will be exposed. People are either showing more loving kindness, internal beauty, and wisdom, or they are showing more irritation, internal ugliness, and afflictions of foolishness. Matthew 3:10

Be a seeker of truth, which is knowing what is of the purest of love, thus knowing the heavenly Father. 1 John 4:8 If you truly trust the TRUE Christ (for many false Christs abound) to set you free, free you will be. EMBRACE the Light shining in your soul and let go of all that isn’t of the purest of love to all creation. REPEL the darts that seek to defeat and take this love from you. Keep pushing until your reality reflects the purest of love.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Ascension of The Mind

  1. Thank you for speaking truth into my Life!

  2. These two things are happening simultaneously in the ether all around us! Decieit is focused most sharply on those who are closest to the pure truth. He who is closest to pure love get satans greatest attention with all his generals and their armies, for they pose the greatest threat and incite enormous jealosy!! Waiking the staight and narrow is between these opposing energies. Very difficult; Even so, My heart is not moved; I know that I know that Jesus won and God is all powerfull. If I drop dead I will still be glad that I am Loved by the Most High! His mercy is the key to hope; I marvel that I am possesor of the confidence that Jesus cannot lose under any circumstances; Though I have the spark of it, I cant wail for the fuel to ignite the world on fire!

  3. Your last sentence is the key to this as the process is a struggle.

  4. The Truth will set you free.
    We can not improve on our ability to love without it, yet it is only our pride that stands between us and god. It stands defending us from the very thing we crave, to feel loved and to have more ability to love.
    God loves me for who i am not for everything i do. He forgives me for what i do and loves me inspite of it. He loves me because i am perfect, created in his image and the only way i can truly love and accept myself is when he shows me that separation between the two and with it i can then see the separation between my neighbor and his behaviour. Then it is so much easier to forgive myself and him.
    I think God likes to keep things pretty simple
    Love him and appreciate him for all that he gives me
    Humble myself and ask forgiveness for my mistakes
    Love my neighbor exactly the same way.
    When i do this my behaviour and life improves and he reveals more and more about myself everyday and i am closer to the people in my life and when they reciprocate i feel loved. How can we not love someone who will take the time to sit and talk softly, calmly with us about a problem between us. How can my neighbor not love me when i do that for him.
    Sometimes it happens that they don’t want to forgive or listen the same as i do or have and that’s why some people are only in our life for a season.

    My enemy is myself, it lay within
    It is my pride that i must surrender in order to recieve the truth which leads me to more love and more ability to love.
    Today this very minute i realize that the best thing i can do for anyone is to forgive them swallow my pride and move a step closer to each other. Thats love. Its up to me how deep i want to go with someone. It takes courage.
    We can’t help but to bump into each other, thats life but its when we care enough for each other to move closer despite the hurt that we love more deeply, but in reality we already knew that, its just that we can get afraid and again get stuck in ourselves.

    Thanx Rachel
    For giving us a place to share and discuss and learn

    • Hi David – it is simple … I’ve sought for truth for years .. and it all comes down to love. But to understand pure love isn’t as straightforward as it may seem because the world has it’s corrupted versions of love and definitions of what love does and doesn’t entail. But as you truly learn, you are humbled in the process and realize your complete need for the pure spirit of love to govern every thought .. for you can’t truly love for a moment without Him.

  5. Just like this, Rachel. How do you do it? It is as if you have taken a snapshot what went on in my mind these days, but you have such depth and most of all you had a gift of putting this very difficult-to-comprehend-and-describe-feeling into words. I cannot help it, but I feel evil. I feel that I have always been that. The goodness that comes out is what I am able to permeate or let through myself, which from the out Source. You see, I had always thought that I am the good, and the evil is just temporary passing. Now, I observe the evil thoughts. I identify them as such. I should obliterate them, right? Nope. Why do I act on them? Is it not because I am evil? Or is it because I am weak? Your article is great and profound. It gave me some clarity. Thank you!

    • Hi .. Your comment brought to mind the analogy that we’ve all been plugged into a bad energy source … creating all kinds of havoc in our minds; so many things contrary to pure love. But as we start to seek the pure energy source and plug into that instead .. it changes the output, our thoughts to reflect a new source. We start seeing the depth of our own wickedness and start moving away from it.

      The closer we move into the light, truth, the more we see our thoughts for what they are. And indeed it can be very humbling. But the light, truth, is life and as we continue seeking it in our daily lives, it starts to change us inside out.

  6. Very deep and profound message. How true that we need to spend time in His Word and to meditate on it. How I long for my mind to be filled with His truths and only His! Many lies that entered my mind had an effect on my attitude towards God and others and myself. Many lies I believed has affected my self esteem too. It’s a daily battle but I am determined to keep reading His Word and to pray with scriptures and ask God to reveal to me what is true and what’s not. I want to experience God’s peace / love and to be able to love others with His Love. Thank you Rachel 🙂

    • Hi Gretchen, the greatest desire we can have is to know, give and receive the purest of love which comes from the heavenly Father – both the desire to love and the fulfillment of that desire is done by Him. It’s a desire He will fulfill. 🙂

  7. Hi Rachel 🙂 Love your posts as always. Your way of thinking goes so deep into the Spirit.
    I’ve been studying something the Holy Spirit had shown me about ascending His holy mountain…totally being led in the same direction…holiness and appearing blameless without reproach. I have a question for you, is there a way that I contact you privately?

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