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Receiving the New Wine


Receiving the New Wine

I’ve been putting up videos on YouTube full of powerful truths that I pray your heart knows, for as you live in them they produce a fruitful vine in your life. If you haven’t watched the recent videos, I encourage you to go watch them in order, as truth builds.

Previously, I talked about the wedding of Cana and how that event is symbolic of the time we are in. John 2 At this wedding, Jesus conducted the first miracle of His ministry, which was creating new wine. It was a wine far better than the old. It symbolized the old covenant versus the new covenant. Once again, at His return His first miracle is creating new wine. He is filling those prepared to receive the wine, those with new wineskins, with the promises of the new covenant. Partake of this wine, which is His ever deepening truths encompassed in power, and watch what happens in your life. Isaiah 25:4-8

To embrace this new wine you have to let go of the old wine, thus a static finite understanding of His truths. Let me explain.

God is truth. Truth is infinite. Thus, truth is established layer upon layer fitting together perfectly as God is perfect, and our knowledge of truth expands as God is infinite. It’s God who assembles His truths in us as a Master Craftsman. Ephesians 2:10 Any understanding we have of a concept of God can go deeper; much deeper. When I started to be instructed by God Himself; the truths I learned started broad, and as I continued to seek they grew more and more detailed. The concepts I have understood from Him have always proven true, yet as I continue to seek they have constantly deepened and expanded. You can see this dynamic by going back to my old posts. The truths has always built and deepened.

For any truth of God, it’s like looking at a forest. First, all you see is a forest. As you continue to seek His instruction, your understanding deepens. Following the analogy of the forest, you learn there are different types of trees in the forest, then you see each of the trees have leaves and bark, then you start seeing the details of the leaves. All is true, yet as you are instructed by God your understanding of truth deepens. This is why you have to be careful of thinking what you learned at any one time is a full understanding of that truth. It always goes deeper as God Himself is infinite. This deepening nature occurs with the characteristics of God Himself as well as with the words of the Bible that reflect those characteristics. This is why you can continue to read the Bible year after year and continue to learn more and more.

To obtain the new wine, we have to let go of our expectations of how the word of God plays out in our lives and in the world, thus a static understanding. God’s thoughts are far above ours, thus we can’t imagine what He has in store for us. Isaiah 55:8-9 We can know the promises, but how those are fulfilled and manifested we don’t know until it happens. Thus, if we hold onto a fix picture of what lays ahead in our lives or for the world, it will inhibit our understanding, thus our faith.

In my own life, I never imagined my life would be what it is. Yet, I see how God has been faithful to answer my prayers and fulfill His promises to me, just not in how I expected. I couldn’t imagine what He had in store because He directs my steps not me. Jeremiah 10:23 The path to the fulfillment of those promises and what those promises look like in my life are far more perfect and beyond what I could have imagined in my limited understanding. If I forced and clung to my expectations of how I thought those promises would play out, then I would have missed the tremendous blessings that came from letting Him direct my paths perfectly. We have to leave the means of how His promises are fulfilled up to Him. Psalm 62:5

This outlook of setting our expectations aside is how we must proceed in what lays ahead for the end of days as Christ comes to reign in righteousness. We know the promises, but how they are going to play out and what that fulfillment will actually look like in reality we can’t know or imagine until it starts happening. Thus we have to be teachable and let God show and teach us taking us deeper into understanding as He wills and let go of fixed understandings. We have to let go of set images of how He will return and let Him teach us and show us the new wine. Otherwise, we will unknowingly reject it.

The Bible presents a rough outline of the depth of truths that it holds. Only the Spirit of God can teach you all that lies beneath each passage, verse and word. It’s like these posts. I share words with you, but the understanding behind them that I hold is much more detailed. His truth is very vast and far beyond words on a page, yet those words of the Bible will always reflect the truth. It is like looking at a picture of Italy verses going there. As you begin to experience the deepening reality of those truths; you will understand this dynamic. If you stay at the level of seeing a forest believing that is all there is and never enter into it to understand its depths you won’t experience it. Let God teach you by taking you deeper and deeper into your understanding of His truths, for this is how you come to experience more of Him and all He has in store for you.

Some are embracing this new wine; some are clinging to the old. This division is causing a separation among professing believers. Be one who receives the new wine.

For those being united to Christ, as Christ unites His spirit to ours, our understanding of His truths is deepening at accelerated rates. Along with that understanding is power as those truths are now starting to reign as the reign of wickedness is being cast down. This power of Christ infusing the truths we hold is significantly transforming our inner lives, thus all around us. May this light shine into the world showing the mercy, love and perfection of our heavenly Father.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

6 thoughts on “Receiving the New Wine

  1. ach Rachel you disappoint me,..i was waiting to discusses with you all those videos in great detail,..and test them against what Scripture says to what you are saying in them.

    Rachel would you ever consider the story there of the wedding feast will come at the last,..when all the other very detailed deep truths (i know you say “The Bible presents a rough outline of the depth of truths”),..but no, disagree especially with every word and deed my King said and done,..and you,should be able to discern by Our Fathers Scripture (NOT ME),..that HE Our Father has set everything out in order to happen,..and i my Bible and any other altered one ive seen The order is the same,..and the wedding and the feast is at the last after Tribulation,..The Second Coming,i know your not sure of, comes at the end of Tribulation,…regardless what you or i think,..Scripture says it,..everyone else the liar.

    Then Peace will establish its self on this sad demonic satan run place.

    My King is was The Prophet of Peace,He is The King of Peace,..His Kingdom will be of nothing but Peace and Joy,

    however,.His Father and His God,..has a little score to recompense, was bound on earth 2000 years ago and if it was bound here its bound there, it Tribulation, if you like,..but understand it and why?…it’ll be in 2 parts on mankind,and that old unseen enemy satan and all of his and silly humans that love the lie,…the prophecy in Scripture a rough outline,..the rest is detailed,in Scripture…..but to just keep it simple its war,..a war on our souls,..and a war of destruction,actual world destruction , has never been witnessed, the end of all this,..comes into play what you hinting at, the end not the before the start.

    certainly we should all seek Our Saviour early,..while its still today,..and its still today,..but we must do it it truth,..and understand The Fathers, Mercy,Grace, Peace,Joy , yes, all beautiful, and we could only outline them,however you need to understand The Fathers Wrath,..He hath Written His Vengeance for His Temple, what Hes Says, He’ll Do

    • Thresher,

      If you knew how many HOURS Rachel spends in prayer EVERY DAY, for nearly 12 years – you would never say “Rachel you disappoint me”.

      This statement reveals that you have not yet seen the abomination standing in (your) holy place – which is the spirit of judgement.

      Remember, you can judge a tree by its fruit. I KNOW the fruit Rachel bears – so I can judge the tree rightly. You do not, but you judge regardless.

      You claim to know the Father – yet you do not obey the Father.

  2. Jesus’ new wine does point to his new covenant; the wine is a sign that revealed his glory to his disciples. The contrast between the Jewish water of purification and Jesus’ new wine (in Jn. 2) was possibly introduced earlier when John the Baptist says he baptizes with water while the coming one will baptize with the Spirit (Jn. 1:31-34). When John sees the Spirit descend and remain on Jesus, he reveals to Israel that this is the coming one; in the fullness of the heavenly Spirit, Jesus is full of grace and truth, and “we saw his glory”; and from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace; the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (1:14-17). So this fullness in Jesus will be given to his disciples in the future, and the grace and truth discussed in detail later (Jn. 14-16) is especially the Paraclete, the Spirit of truth, which Jesus will give to his disciples after he departs from this earth. In 7:38-39 Jesus portrays the Spirit as living water–another liquid metaphor (like new wine), and another contrast with natural water in Jn. 4 (the woman at the well)–that will be given to disciples after he is glorified (after he returns to the Father). In Jn. 2 his “hour” has not yet come (his hour to be glorified), though it is “on the third day” (2:1, pointing to his future resurrection); yet he gives the new wine as a sign of the glory he had and would give to the disciples who believed in him.

    Life in the new covenant–for those in the Spirit–is later described by Paul as being servants of a new covenant in the Spirit, with a greater splendor/glory than that of Moses (2 Cor. 3:6f.).

    • Hi, thanks for sharing the connections among these physical representations …interesting. As you mentioned – the new wine represents His glory given to the disciples .. those who would believe in Him .. and His glory is His spirit within us bringing us into eternal life because for this He is greatly glorified and honored.

  3. Hi Rachel, EW here. This topic, I think has a lot to do with a previous descusion on, “in the latter days you will understand it clearly”

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