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Moving Into Your Inheritance


Moving Into Your Inheritance


Selling Your Birthright

The eternal Spirit, who created all things, has a fatherly nature that desires to give us the most incredible inheritance so we lack nothing for eternity. Luke 12:32 He desires for our spirits to overflow with the eternal treasures; love, truth, joy, delight, power, liberty, and peace. And eternity starts NOW for those who come to Him, in truth and spirit. Isaiah 55:6

We were created to be the family of God. By making us a part of Himself through Christ’s spirit in us; we are able to abide with Him always in the perfection of love. John 1:12 There is nothing that God will hold back from us because the world is His, He lacks nothing and He loves us. Psalm 34:10

How incredible this birthright. Our Creator, the perfect Father, is giving us all that is His and above all, Himself.

How do we come into this inheritance?

We choose to sow love.

Before us is a choice: to embrace our birthright into the eternal kingdom of everlasting goodness or to remain consumed by the fleeting lusts of the world, which ultimately destroy our souls. And people are far more bound by lusts than they realize.

Lust controls and rules us. It drives us to fulfill its call only to the debasement and dishonor of ourselves and others. It produces harm, suffering and affliction amidst its ravenous emotions. Conversely, love is gentle and kind, and desires to be received and returned. The former comes from the depravity and debase nature of this world full of corruption and lies, the latter from the infinite source of purity.

Hebrews 12:16 lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright.

The life of Esau is an illustration of choosing the lust of the world. He sold his birthright in which all would be his as the first born son for a pot of stew. In his blindness, he thought he was going to die from hunger, so what good was a birthright if he was dead? Thus, he gave it up.  This symbolizes how people exchange the Kingdom of their true Father for the fleeting lusts of the world.  Isaiah 22:12-14 When these are our pursuit, we destroy ourselves and harm those around us. Spiritual blindness causes people to give up glory for shame. Isaiah 64:4-5, Romans 8:13

Our Creator desires the best of everything for us; for this is love. By giving us His spirit through Christ, we are able to “see” and thus pull our head out of the sand of false images and see what the God of love is giving us. But we must seek to “see” because of the multitude of false images and love is received.

Will we remain in the lusts of the world signified in all the images it promotes? What is beautiful, successful, powerful, wise .. what is God (ie Religion). James 3:15-18 This world is full of images that people worship with their resources: time, money and lives. While God and all His characteristics are without images, thus not of religion, because He is far beyond what any image can contain; Satan is the god of images. When we desire and feed the images of this world, we worship Satan. When we desire the purest of love and feed it; we worship God.

We accept our inheritance of God when we sow the truths of God, which are of love. In sowing the lust of the flesh; we neglect sowing the righteousness of God and trample upon His wisdom and inheritance to us. It keeps us separated from the true love, peace, joy and life that is without end and continually increases. You can’t serve both lust and love for they are contrary to one another. This justification harms and imprisons many. Serving lusts of the flesh reveals a heart destitute of love; a heart that doesn’t know God. John 17:3 Thus, it grieves His Holy Spirit which desires to sow righteousness in our souls. This is why God hates this mindset. Romans 9:13 Your mind is your destiny.

The truest love can only come from a union with the source of love. God wants to pour His love upon us, but as love is gentle and is to be received; we must come to Him. He has already extended His love to us; now we are to embrace Him by seeking the truest purest of love in all areas of our lives, for this is now He manifests Himself to us. Isaiah 66:2 If we seek, He will open our eyes.

Isaiah 63:10 But they rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit; So He turned Himself against them as an enemy, And He fought against them.

Our choices are starting to manifest as God is coming to establish His kingdom. You don’t want to be unknowingly fighting against God, you won’t win. Righteous love will reign. Seek to know God’s love in truth, so you can choose it. You live by what you know. The lusts of the flesh will manifest in the gruesome stench of death they create in those who cling to them; while the love of God will bloom into a magnificent garden of delights beyond what has been previously seen or known. Our lives are bearing the fruit of our hearts; may they be full of the truths of God, thus the love of God.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

7 thoughts on “Moving Into Your Inheritance

  1. How awesome and excellent is our heavenly Father! His Truth makes our hearts sing. Thank you Rachel for writing His truth. God bless you.

  2. This is so beautifully said. you are truly gifted by God….xxx

  3. Amen Sister, ThankYou, I Gleen so- much from your teachings. God Bless You !

  4. Rachel, your question “How do we come into this Inheritance?”
    Yes, once we’re received the FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST by faith through the Grace, Mercy and Goodness of God, the FREE entrance in the Kingdom, it becomes our reality.
    From experiential knowledge “sowing love” is a fruit of knowing Him and not a means to “come into this inheritance”.

    I don’t think that is what you mean but it could be understood that way.
    You probably mean that by letting Holy Spirit have it’s way and pouring LOVE, the reality of our inheritance becomes tangible to us and those around us. Yes, that is something we freely CHOSE to do.

    But there is the LAW and WORKS mentality, an Old Covenant mindset, that gave me a lot of trouble and still does at times (I write this because I know I am not the only one). There is nothing I can do that can make God love me more or bring the realities of the kingdom into my life. It is only the finished work of Christ in me, received by faith, belief, Him in me the hope of Glory that will produce any fruit.

    “Nothing in the kingdom can be achieved, only received” – Leif Hetland

    • Hi … There are many many scriptures about walking in truth, obedience, wisdom, righteousness … walking in God’s ways. We do all this by HIS power, and a tree is known by it’s fruit. If you truly believe, it changes you. You can’t know the truth and it not change you. But it’s by a power far beyond yourself.

      For example, there were many things that I was held bondage to … that I tried to escape from but never could. As I sought and learned the truth from God Himself .. God purged the lie thus the bondage as He replaced it with truth and it freed me .. thus I walked in the truth and no longer the lie. The bondage gone.

      Many get afraid of walking in righteousness – thus the great opposition when I speak of it … because they are looking to their own power and not God’s. and if you’ve followed a false image of God that has no power you can’t understand this. But understanding this dynamic is very important. And only God can truly show you .. then you say .. oh .. now I see!

      • Yes, thank you!

        I know you get your encouragement in God but it also probably really is a blessing to have people REJOICING over the revelations you so bountifully share. I do.

        I haven’t read a whole lot of comments on your blog but I’ve noticed the opposition you’re mentionning.

        This came to me about this kind of opposition:
        It’s not Father Son and Holy Bible. It’s Holy Spirit who gives LIFE to the ink and paper. When the early Christians turned the world rightside up it was not a matter of having the right theology and splitting hairs over this or that scripture, it was a demonstration of Spirit and Power, it was God’s FIRE melting, changing, driving back to hell all things that belonged there as it’s gates didn’t prevail, Bringing the realities of the Kingdom On Earth as it is In Heaven.
        Jesus and Holy Spirit are perfect theology “I will send you the Comforter and He shall teach you all things and remind you all the things I have said unto you”. With persecution and martyrdom, mind you.
        They didn’t have Bibles yet beside a few Torahs here and there and in the synagogues. Worshipping the Father in Spirit and in Truth is how you let the few scriptures you know change your life and your world.
        IT’S NOT THE QUANTITY OF THE SEEDS, IT’S THE QUALITY OF THE SOIL. The kingdom of God is like one tiny seed falling to the ground and soon the fowls of the air nest in the tree it produced. Only one tiny seed but good soil. Good point Claude, HALLELUJAH!!!

        Another point is that it’s ok to try to give the reference to every scripture we quote and try to quote the exact verse.
        Jesus quoted the Word by “it is written”. The apostles and disciples quoted from the Torah mentionning the author sometimes and not even quoting word for word. You get my point, it’s the Spirit that bears witness and all the hearers got the witness that the revelation was from God and received it as from God. The letter kills but the Spirit brings LIFE.
        I think that the opposition insisted that they were common and unlearned men. ISN’T IT POWERFUL?

        Through Holy Spirit you’ll go “WOW” or you’ll just be “SAD U SEE”.

      • Yes .. it’s the Holy Spirit that reveals the words of truth and light to you.

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