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Factors of Effective Prayer


Factors of Effective Prayer

In this video I talk about the importance of truth and expectations in relation to prayer.

Proverbs 28:9 One who turns away his ear from hearing the law, Even his prayer is an abomination.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

27 thoughts on “Factors of Effective Prayer

  1. Great talk, Rachel. I particularly liked the bit about “praying to the god of your imagination.” I think I’ve done that a lot in my past, but lately God has been speaking to me about prayer, and a lot of it is very similar to what you said here. Thanks!

  2. HI Rachel, — God answers all prayer, from all people, at all times! the question most people at most times should be asking is why does God always say NO!

  3. A relationship with God is more lonely than being rejected by a room full of people; and the pain associated with such rejection becomes unbearable.and as the pain and despair runs its course across your back, like a flaming whip engorging on the blood of your bitter suffering, you suddenly get sucked into another pit of “hell on Earth.”: You become so lonely, so unaccustomed to other human beings that you wish death upon yourself. At this point, life and all that defines it becomes abhorred and each moment of existence taunts you, tempting you with the offer of death; but that offer is no better a solution: What sensible man would choose everlasting hell for “hell on Earth.” While both are undesirable, the later is tolerable only because one always knows that a pain much greater exists, so one is forced to reexamine all previous plans of recourse, and as a consequence, is also forced to remain in a state of earthly suffering, holding out hope that the other HELL will remain very far way, so as to not overlap with the suffering of mortals.

    You desire to assemble with other Christians, but sleep apnea makes you anti-social; it robs you of a peaceful mind; your heart hurts both physically and emotionally; your spirit is broken, your social skills have evaporated; you want companionship, but your only reprieve from deep, dark despair, comes in the form of pretentious people, presuming to know your motives, your plans, and your hearts’ crying desire, which is to love and be loved, not to saunter or cantor under a moonlit heath, throwing your pain, temporarily to the unbecoming tantalization of spirits of light and dark colors, souls immersed in the glee of festive retreat from inner reflection — this is a time of fellowship with your benighted past, a fleeting moment occasioned by the rapid-eyed spasms of slow waves emulating the life of a soul-surfer,moving across the currents of turgid and tempestuous emotions. I desire all but that which is attainable. I hope, by my clear vision inveighs the blind sight of my hearts true love.

    I can’t break free from “you” and every time I make progress, I am defeated in battle before the soldiers have arrived.. You are my enemy and my only friend, for no other mortal cares as much as “you” do about yourself, and no other church creature cares about your suffering and pain. You, my only friend, must realize that the world is cold, but so is the despair, and cold, dark loneleyness of rejection. I have been rejected a 1000 times a million by mere men, but the rejection my heart feels from being despised by God is an eternal chasm, without form or void, not at all unlike my heart.

    • Wow Scott … your suffering is great, but as you’ve posted here and I will comment … If you truly had a relationship with THE God, this would not be your experience. This sounds like the expereince of one whose God is still this world, the enemy who seeks to slay and destroy us. God’s love is great and never fails, though you may be rejected by others you aren’t by Him, this is what Christ came to restore for all men – just most haven’t awaken to that fact. Many lies flood man’s doctrine – you must seek truth from God. Yes others will reject you – its part of the corruption of the world – but God reconciled Himself to you. Seek to know Him as He is and you will find this is true and you will find healing for your spirit for all the rejection you feel.

      I didn’t delete it .. I “approve” the comments before they are posted so I can keep up with the responses.

  4. Dear Rachel . . .thank you for being poured out for Him. I haven’t been able to listen lately, to the videos . . .but am thankful for you and all He is doing in you and through you. 🙂 God bless!

  5. The True Living God is a jealous God that shares with no other god. What the True Living God does not say is just as important as what (in verious ways) HE does say! Supposed “none answered prayer” is GOD saying, “you have chose self or something else as god, so ask your chosen god.” — Rachel, your answer is right (in words) and I know it must be this way because you speak to so many different levels of Spiritual maturity. However, we must all learn to study in Spirit. IT is not hearing truth, but loving truth. IT is not GOD, but the hearer that plays games with the most seriousness. —“that no one be immoral or irreligious like Esau, who sold his birthright for a single meal. For you know that afterward, when he desired to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no chance to repent, though he sought it with tears. For you have not come to what may be touched, a blazing fire and darkness and gloom and a tempest and the sound of a trumpet and a voice whose words made the hearers entreat that no further messages be spoken to them. For they could not endure the order that was given.”

    • Hi Eldon – you speak of the importance of repentance … seeking God’s truth and then turning from our way to His … those who aren’t on this path are closing their lives to the counsel, healing, and guidance of God … but most of all to exoperiencing a resurrected life.

  6. Hmm, so wait. i think i may have missed it, but how does someone know they are hearing God, not lies?

    • Hi Annalisa – What you hear always harmonizes with the Bible, God starts you on baby steps … as you hear then act in faith on what you heard, then see the results you will know you heard right. It’s a process of learning to listen and hear spirit to spirit.

      • Hmmm okay. I asked God about where I should be baptized at. He told me at a Prebastyrian(idk how to spell it lol) church, because there is someone I need to meet there. I’m still debating whether or not that it was His voice or not. I emptied my mind before I heard this.

      • Hi Annalisa, the true baptism is of the spirit. It’s the spirit of God within you leading and guiding you, seek this baptism. Luke 11:13 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”

      • Thank you.

  7. Annalisa,..When we learn and acknowledge that Our Father is a Spirit and we MUST Worship Him in our spirit and Truth,Only, by doing it through His Only Son,Our Only Teacher,through The Holy Spirit,.. and walk and learn in Truth.
    Learning that Wonderful Voice is wonderful,and Always True and can come in many different ways,i myself find it will be confirmed twice although sometimes 3 times,and as Rachel says, it will harmonise with Scripture,.and you’ll know it when it does.
    I cant say to you go or dont go,thats your choice,….but is was born into Presbyterian faith/s,..i say faiths as there is many differing kinds of Presbyterian wher i live,….Presbyterian,Free Presbyterian,Non-Subcribing Presbyterian,Uniterian Presbyterian,(uniterian,small but adamantly born,wanting nothing from or following the Church of England and certainly Roman church free)…sadly,now, all now have taken on in some way ‘traditions of men’ and some follow to closely and false doctrines of Rome,…and not to sound stiff necked im not,..i will not go into any to worship because The spirit of Truth has taught me all mans religions and faith and churchs are part of Babylon,..and we must return to The Bible,to be taught by The Messiah Son,HIMSELF,by The Holy Spirit, offering yourself body,..and Totally, your spirit heart and head,as a living sacrifice,to The Father Almighty to do He Will in and through you,..The Son will cause The Holy Spirit to dwell with in and grow,..this will be you ‘baptised’ by HIM, The Holy Spirit, into His Church,..that dosent have walls.

    actually i have an upcoming baptising in my family in a Presbyterian church,..and as much as i love the child and its mother and her family (which are mine) i cannot attend as it would inside me be to hypocritical.
    dont get me wrong,its not i cant set foot in a man made religion church,i can and would,..but it will and would only to challenge their lie and falsehood teaching!,..that day hasnt come yet,..but its ever fast approaching!,..that all Baptised with The Holy Spirit will be used By The Almighty Father to preach The Truth,leading up to, His Son Returning here in Body, raise the dead to life,..and to Reign as King of this World Forever .

    • Spirit and truth, how do I worship Him in spirit and truth? I still cannot wrap my head around that. Does it mean to worship Him alone, away from churches and that stuff? I /was/ Catholic, my parents still are, but once I realized that “hailing Mary” could be idolatry, I stopped. The pope, well he talked about how Jesus isn’t the messiah! So there is no way I should follow Catholic beliefs anymore. Anyways, I think Rachel talked about “Pre-Packaged God” in one of her blogs. Yea you have a point there, so maybe I can just get water baptized in a pool or something outside a church? I know JWs baptize in pools. Thank you, thank you all for trying to help me out. I will just have to keep listening because God “wasn’t in the fire”, He “wasn’t in the earthquake”, but He is heard in our hearts in a “small whisper voice”.

      • Annalisa,..The Truth starts and has started already with you recognising the ‘church ‘you were born in to teachings are away off what is actually in The Bible,..its no different for me born into that ‘protestant’ church system,..that broke from Rome,..BUT never actually cut its ties totally,..ALL..christian churches teach a bit of Truth with various amounts of untruths,..some more than others,…it what the Bible means about bread with yeast and no yeast,..yeast is lies,..and even a small lie spreads to another and another,…and the dainty meat of the evil eyed one is the same thing,as its Written in Proverbs
        The Bread we pray for daily isnt bread you eat,..its pure food/Bread of Truth from Our Saviour from Heaven through the Holy Spirit,.He is the Bread of life,..the days are coming and soon that we that love and long for truth shall be fed directly with pure Truth from Heaven,..its the Spiritual Feast of Unleven Bread.
        The bread and wine we should break and eat isnt bread and wine,…its The Words written on The Testaments,..theres, actually, milk,bread, wine and meat, to eat,..pure Truths,..but only if you seek you will find it….thats when you start to learn The Truth,..sand when you start to eat that, wont get enough of it,..The Truth truly does set us free,..and gives us a taster of inner rest from our souls and minds.

        flesh and blood and spirit,..alot of people (and im not judging anyone) that go to churches,..go blindly,and listen for an hour on a sunday,..some just as a show to family and friends and community,..and some just blindly,wanting to hear the Word,..but wont because alll Church Ministers are taught to teach in the Hermetic teaching,..that a bit of truth,..a little story,..and a funny ending,..Hermes is a ‘god’ a son of Zeus/Jupiter in the Bible,..Zeus/Jupitier is just Satan,
        Our Heavenly Father dosent look a you on the outside,..He searches you on your inside,..your heart, your head, your spirit your soul (The Holy Spirit can spilt soul and Spirit),your inner being, see who it wants to Worship, see if it loves to Truth,..that is your spirit…that is how He Wants your Worship,..
        its not your head with water or under fully immersed,..its your soul He wants you to give Him,..and His Son Will cleanse/baptise you,your soul/spirit with The Holy Spirit,
        This will help you seek and find Truth
        as for separating from ‘church’ and family beliefs, its in Scripture this will happen,..
        its also in Scripture,..’go to your chamber and shut your door’ and pray
        the meaning of this is,..’go inside your brain and shut your mouth’ and talk deep from within your head, to Him,..where no one can go, ONLY,..Him and you,..what your Father hears in secret
        ..the evil one can hang about outside,..but he cant come in,..nor can he hear what you are talking about!!!,

        as for the pope, not going to say anything good about what comes out of Vatican Rome or what they say,.the christos they teach of,is son of the queen of heaven,..known in acient times as Tammuz in Scripture,..and we are warned not to do!..whatever why they dress it up

        The Almighty Father of Heaven through His Son is who we should all be Worshipping,

        its clear if you love Truth Who The Messiah is,..His Name it was Written 700 years before His arrival, in Isaiah 7 ….and in many many different ways throughout the Bible

      • Hi Annalisa – just adding my thoughts .. the worship in spirit and in truth .. is being filled with God’s spirit and letting God govern your life, not you or another. Thus you are seeking His will and desire for you. When He does all you do worships Him. When He abides in you then you are a living spirit, full of life for God is life. He is a Spirit of truth, for God is truth, when He is in you and He’s governing you, you are in truth. When He is within you, you desire to walk in His ways. You seek to hear His still small voice. It isn’t about church, worship in church or any of those traditions established by mankind and religion. Again, the water baptism was only a symbol … seek the baptism of the spirit, God’s spirit in you. Listen and follow His voice. The Bible serves as a witness to what you hear.

      • Thank you again. I believe I heard His small, still voice yesterday. I spent a while trying to find somewhere quiet, though I had to be patient. Elijah did, eventually he heard God. Momentarily, I just felt like my body was engulfed in complete tranquility. My spirit cried out to God. Suddenly I heard these words in my heart, (I didn’t write them down, so excuse me if they aren’t 100% what He said. I was too much in awe afterwords) “Annalisa, do not be alarmed, I am here for you.” (This harmonizes with the bible, I think it was in Revelation where the angel told John not to be scared or maybe that was in another book I’m not sure) After I heard that BANG, it felt like a firework went off in my chest! I was a bit scared at first, God told me not to be alarmed but I was, I didn’t feel anything so great like that before! Then I talked with God just for a little bit, not even for 5 minutes, and tears were welling up in my eyes! I wasn’t sad, I felt so much joy!

    • Hmm I see, so of course, the truth will start of small in our hearts (like a mustard seed) and then soon sprout into a mustard plant. I understand better now. I have to go because I have to finish a research paper for school. Thank you God bless you!!

      • there you go,..youve got the idea,..the parable of the mustard seed is The Spirit of Truth thats inside you, starting to grow inside you.

        Although all Parables are relating to the times we live in and the times we are going to live in,
        Two other parables relating to this are the Parable of the Sower, have to nurture the seed to make sure it takes good root,..and you need feed it with Spiritual Truth, many have the seed and down look after it,..hence the meaning,Matt 13 v 18

        and The Awesome Parable of the Ten Virgins, we enter into the end times that will ultimately end with Our Saviours Return to this earth,..Truth is the oil that will keep your light burning until His Return and the door is shut,..and theres only One place you can buy and sell that Oil,..and only you can get it for your lamp that burns inside you!

        ( the mark of the beast relates to this too,..its not a mark on your forehead,..its what you let get put inside your forehead (your brain)..and your hand will do whatever your brain tells it to,..
        Most people just read Rev 13 and stop,..they dont read on to the next Chp,. 14,..if you do you’ll see theres another Mark to be had,..its a Mark spoke of right throughout the whole Bible,from start to finish,and we are told where to write it,..but you’ll never hear it in any ‘church’
        thats the mark your looking for,..get it in your brain/forehead,..write it in your heart,…if you do,.then whats in your heart and brain will start to come out your mouth,..and will show in your actions/your hands.

        yes and you too,.. May He Bless us all with Pure Truth

      • Parables are important, they kind of make you think about their meaning. For the Parable of the 10 Virgins, the 5 wise had enough oil and they had extra, how do we exactly get that “oil”? Is it by asking God to fill us with truth? Oh so it isn’t a literal mark. Whew, okay I’ve been worrying if this RFID chip thing would have been the mark. Though doesn’t it talk about how you can not physically remove the mark, does that mean you can’t change what you think. Thus you can’t physically remove it?

      • Hi Annalisa, the oil is truth, and truth is taught to us by God, not others. 1 John 2:27. The mark is what you believe and what you cultivate belief in; either beliefs shaped by this world (mark of beast) or beliefs shaped by God (mark of God). Check out this video ..

      • Rachel, thanks for your point of view on the mark of the beast thing. It makes more sense now that you put it in the perspective.

  8. Annalisa,..yes its every bit of Truth comes From Our Teacher via the Holy Spirit, goes into you and it stays in you,..until your filled with it,..and Yes you can only get it from Him.

    same as building your house on The Rock,..The Rock is The Son,The Rock of Israel,.The One in the New Testament in Matt 7,v24,Luke 6 v48.. 1 Corinthians 10 v 4 (a very important telling piece of Scripture)..pointing right back to the Old,in Gen49 v 24.. Deut 8 v14-16..1 Samuel 2 v 2 and chp 22 v 2 n 47,..Isaiah 26 v 4 and chp 30 v29,..Psalms 18 v 2,31,46,..and Chp 19 v14,…Build your house/temple/ on That Rock as your Corner Stone,..with every Single piece of Truth that came out His Mouth from Genesis til Revelation and every Book in between and build on top of it, precept by percept,..and may special attention to Deuteromy 4 fro v 15,and especially to what was spoken out of the Burning Bush and the list of things NOT to Worship with!
    if we all built our houses on The Rock with the Same Truths,..when the Time Comes then we will start to lQQk like a… City,..a Holy City, for a Holy One to Dwell in,..(you getting the picture)?

    We have to be real careful in these dangerous times,..who knows, they might come up with an RFID/ (very) chip,…Satan will do anything to fool anyone,…
    but its not what is meant,..Our Father has already put His Chip inside our heads,..its called the brain,..we just dont use it (very) much,:-)

    • Okay, I will keep asking God for truth-always.
      Yes I get the picture.

      Satan is getting trickier in these days, I mean, he twists scripture so much! Several weeks ago I read where Jesus says “If he says “You fool” he will be in danger of hell fire.” Though Jesus was talking about insulting others, Satan twisted those scriptures and got me to believe saying “you fool” to my dog was okay! I repented of those actions and I no longer call my dog a fool haha

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