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Don’t Forsake the Assembling of Yourselves


Don’t Forsake the Assembling of Yourselves

Any important video on the meaning of Hebrews 10:22-26 … and not forsaking the assembling of ourselves .. in otherwords, getting ourselves together for the coming Bridegroom.

Philippians 2:12 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out YOUR OWN salvation with fear and trembling;

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

51 thoughts on “Don’t Forsake the Assembling of Yourselves

  1. Hi Rachel, I agree on subject, yet I feel there is still a part that you and I do not have complete in God’s teaching. Heb 8:11 they shall not teach every one his fellow or every one his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord’, for ALL shall know me, from the least of them to the greatest. For I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more”. Because of the word “ALL” I would have to say the Lord is refuring to the thousand year rule & reign of the saints. YET, verse 10: this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel (God’s chosen people; which, after Jesus’ sacrifice, is all true believers)after those days, says the Lord: I will put MY laws into their minds and write them on their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be MY people. THIS IS TODAY: I try not to think, speak nor do untill I know if the matter will fit within God’s comandments. Do you see more details?

    • Hi Eldon – this is such an interesting issue .. I feel the time is very near and that we are in that transition for the fulfillment of Hebrews 8:11 … the new covenant in Christ is still being manifested because He isn’t reigning yet but soon will during that 1000 year period, so the timing of verse 10, is very close upon us where each will be taught by God in/through the Spirit of Christ.

  2. Rachel, I actually found this
    rendering in the New American
    Standard Bible and I thought you
    might find it noteworthy .

    10:25. not forsaking our own
    assembling together,

    ~as is the habit of some, but
    encouraging one another, and
    all the more as you see the day
    drawing near.

  3. Hi Rachel, do you believe the “assembling of thyselves” is a phisical presents or a Spiritual assembling in Jesus: repeating to each other the words of God and sharing our perception &feelings in each subject(which can be over the net, telephone, letters, on the street corner, work place, coffee shop, ect.)? I go with the latter, because my perception(for the most part, but not all people partaking) is that governments(contrary to Gods commandments) and denominational-church is the beast-kingdom/mark in the forehead and a large portion of the mark in the hand. Examples: anyone with half a buisness mind can see America as a table with routen legs that will so crumble into dirt, even though government officals keep saying it will not(Gabriel told Daniel that Israel would be the only nation with strength to stand against the son of perdition in the last days). Preachers &everyone I hear, speaking of the last days, keep saying “rapture of the saved”. rapture, is not spoken in the scripture other than(rapture is another name for bird of pray);birds will gorge on the flesh of dead people lying throughout the world. “It is appointed unto man once to die” — Before the rapture eats people, ALL, whom hold the two wittnesses of God will be killed by satan’s followers and lay dead in the streets for three &one half days(there will be no doubt of death, for as Marth told Jesus, “by now he stinketh”).Yet, before this takes place, “many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” Then Jesus will say to those who died holding the two wittnesses,”come up here” and they will catch up to the other risen. God’s Spirit will no longer dwell with man on earth.

    • Hi Eldon — I agree with you in the latter of assemblying thyselves … as you read the verses around that scripture. I also agree about the beast-kingdom. As for your last point, I think that God’s kingdom is coming here. That it will be as the mustard seed, start small, but spread so that Christ reigns in righteousness.

      • If I may kindly say,
        a bird of prey
        is a Raptor.
        Rapture, is a
        Catching Away.

      • The word I was trying to
        remember is Parousa.
        The word is used only one
        time in all of the Bible, by Paul
        meaning, the Catching Away.
        And we shall be caught up to
        meet Him in the air.
        There was no English equivalent
        for Catching Away, so the word
        Rapture was adapted to convey
        the meaning.

  4. YES! but, Jesus brings the church from heaven down to earth! Are we (the believing followers) not the church?

    • Hi Eldon – but those in Christ are in heaven .. Ephesians 2:6 and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, right? It’s the coming together of all the saints in one spirit.

  5. hi guys,..i would just like to add my thoughts,..alot of so called christians believe in this “rapture” and its a false teaching that they will be removed before Tribulation, is not anywhere in Scripture,..and is part of the great delusion,..
    The first humans that leave this earth and actually took to HEAVEN to be Taught a “SONG” are The 144,000,..and they will only leave, when The Witnesses are killed lay dead for 3 days and then brought back to life,..then there is a ‘taking up’…just before the 6 th Trumpet,..and 42 months into the anti, ‘false’ christs reign!
    they will return on The 7 th Trumpet,.With The King of Kings…the dead in Him with be risen from their graves and the ones left alive will be caught up in the air, to meet Him there,..and all will Arrive Together With Him, unto the Mount of Olives, and from then on,HE will establish His Fathers Kingdom here on Earth and the 144 000,and these ‘risen’ people He Will use to Rule This World With Truth and Justice FOREVER,just as it is Written

  6. Brian (for your examination)

    Acts 1:7 And he said unto them,
    It is not for you to know the times
    or the seasons, which the Father
    hath put in his own power.

    Matthew 13:35 Watch ye therefore:
    for ye know not when the master
    of the house cometh, at even,
    or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing,
    or in the morning:

    • Acts 1 :7,..He was talking to the ones gathered that were asking questions about The Kingdom Being Totally Set Up,approx,3000 year from then,..a time ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS!….dont mistake The Second Coming…with the Kingdom Being Totally Set Up,..its easy to see in Scripture, gives a 1000 years between the two Wonderful dates.

      Mark CHP 13, from V 5 -37…He is warning EVERYONE to WATCH for the times leading up to His Second Coming,..V 37,..ends in WATCH!,..thats after a lot of clues being given.

      also the same thing in Luke 21 v8-28..esp v 29

      Matthew ..Chp 24.

      Rev chp 3 v 3

      1Thess chp 5……only the children of the darkness and those happily asleep and drunk will it take by surprise

      • Here you make some good
        points Brian, however I don’t
        think the disciples thought of it
        in those terms. In their minds
        these events were co-equal with
        the “end of the world” and is equatable
        to the same misunderstanding that
        the Jews had about the Messiah being
        Prince and not ‘Suffering Servant’ in Isaiah.
        The idea that Jesus is King of Peace,
        not Spiritually but Literally.
        They never understood the kingship of
        the believer and the Lord’s spiritual reign
        through the Holy Spirit, as He is
        presently seated at the right hand of the
        Father. They were still thinking in
        earthly terms, and not heavenly terms.
        Also, His Second Coming, by some
        is understood to be the Rapture.
        Which as you said is covered in

  7. Brian, I don’t think your
    scenario for a catching up, 42
    months into the antichrist’s reign
    could be correct for this reason:
    In Revelation we find, all those
    who don’t take the mark, which
    would include all true believers
    will be beheaded for their faith.
    Therefore, there will be no
    Christians here to be caught up.
    (a logical conclusion)

  8. Glenn,..i think in these times the difference needs to be discernment rather than logical conclusion!

    Revelation is 1 Book you really have to divide The Word.

    Rev 11,..The Witnesses will testify for the whole time, 42 months,and that the beast,the ‘sun god’ christos helius from the pit will have some killed in that time,but kill them all at the time The Almighty Wills at the end of the 42 months,.that specific group that lie dead in the city also known as Sodom
    and Egypt for 3 days,..then brought back to life…are the ones and the only ones took up .Rev chp 11 v 12.

    that is not hard to discern Glenn?,, need to discern,.this group are Israelites…no other faith.

    (all this is when the anti/false christ is ruling his unholy kingdom on earth)

    Rev 20,..i dont know if you read it before you posted,..but you really have to read it very carefully,..line by line if not word by word!

    Rev 20 v 4,..this is The Son Starting His Fathers Government Here on EARTH,..The souls of those beheaded for their testimony,..(just how many men have been beheaded for their testimony?)..for The Word of God
    ..They that had not took the mark of the beast,they came to life,..and they get to reign with Him.

    :note: this is a different group than the 144,000, that are took to Heaven, from before the 6th Trumpet til the Glorious 7th,…
    and note very carefully this is also a different group, from the ones,..took up into the air to meet Him at The Glorious 7th Trumpet!

    not a great mention of mainstream christians anywhere, i see,..according to the doctrines the main stream churches teach they are all going to Heaven,..they never seem to grasp just what the stupor and the delusion is !,…or The True Gospel of The Word of God is!

  9. Brian, I am fully appreciative of
    your thoughts, so stay sober of mine.
    When I say logically, I’m saying the
    story line has to match.
    Stay with me respectfully on a few
    comments. You said the ones caught
    up are Israelites. We know that would
    not hold true, because the teaching for
    Rapture is clearly spelled out in
    Thessalonians, which is written to
    Christians. So, it is the Church that is
    caught out. No mention of Jews here.
    Also, as far as the structure of Revelation
    I’m not sure you can read this, like a novel,
    the book is broken in pieces, and was not
    meant to be read completely chronologically.
    This is why I reiterate again, when I say
    logically, I’m saying line upon line, precept
    upon precept, every thing taken in perspective
    the ingredients of the story have to line up.
    As far as a teaching, or doctrine for Rapture
    I would never begin with the book of Revelation
    because it is a Vision, needing interpretation.
    We would need to begin with Paul’s teaching
    in Thessalonians, to establish the criteria for
    the event, then match it to John’s vision
    assuming there even is a match in Revelation.
    In reference to your thoughts on false teaching
    by the Church, the doctrine is mentioned
    in different books in the N.Testament,
    which you never cited.
    It is a very present subject matter in
    Thessalonians. So to suggest that this is
    false doctrine, would be extremely strained
    In saying these things I am fully respectful
    of your ideas on the subject.
    Just giving you a different perspective
    from my point of view.

  10. Glenn,off course always with respect,..we can agree to differ in search of Truth
    I dont recognise any use of of ‘rapture’ as it is a false doctrine being put out by the mainstream christian church system all denominations from its mother rome through protestant England to the land of the free in America and the rest of the ‘world’
    In fact i only recognise the ‘Voice’ in ‘The Burning Bush’ at Horeb

    I Only recognise the sign and Name of The Messiah given to Isaiah,Joseph and Mary

    (and heres a warning to those with EARS and EYES,when The King O’Israel gives a SIGN to the whole WORLD,2000 years before it happens, it is still the Same SIGN 2000 years AFTER it comes to PASS’) great HEED!

    I ONLY recognise the FAITH of the group of People His Father SENT ONLY Him too!.. Matt 15 v 23

    muslims, jews,christians roman synagogue jews,protestants,roman catholics astiests,pagans,gentiles,egyptians,etc etc,. all are part of Babylon, IF any of you are part of any of these and eating their ‘bread’,..youve got to leave as instructed!,..ask yourselves!, what is the delusion?,..what is the stupor?

    anyone,..that hears His Voice, will leave these pagan detestable sun god infested man made religions,..
    and follow HIM.. through… The Holy Spirit,..
    its not me saying this,
    it what is WRITTEN.

    glenn you need to realise there are many different groups,

    HIS SON,THE MESSIAH, THE KING of KINGS, King o’Y’srael (exact same Holy Spirit)

    and in order something like
    The Israelite Patriarch fathers
    The Israelite Prophets
    The king of Israel
    The Israelite Messiahs Disciples
    The Israelite Kings Martyrs

    The Spiritual Israel 144 000 the ‘bride’ (that get took to HEAVEN, just before the 6th Trumpet)

    The Multitude out of Tribulation, that become Israelites

    The group of the long dead Israelites risen at His Return at the 7th Trumpet to meet Him in His Ships in The Air..(this and above group
    The Ones changed in the twinkling of an eye (this is the group in Thess)
    The very ‘elite’ group that are Blessed to live till the 1335 days to The Second Coming

    All these will make it in The Kindgom He Will Establish Here on Earth for a 1000 years as Written

    all the ones that chose to stay in, the ones who didnt want to see or hear, who loved the pagan idols and all the foolishness in religions like muslims, jews,christians roman synagogue jews,protestants,roman catholics astiests,pagans,gentiles,egyptians, will stay in their graves,..until the second resurrection to be judged,…and punished,
    and or to grovel on their knees to The KING of ALL ISRAELITES,..for thier foolishness.

    thats as about as clear as i could be,..and i still say as i first stated,..the first group to leave this earth are that blessed 144 000 group of Spiritual Israelites, one else, Rev 11 v 11

    Glenn just note, theres not a mention of a ‘christian’ in Revelation

    or the mainstream christian foolish teaching of Eternity in Heaven, ANYWHERE in SCRIPTURES

    • Brian, my purpose will not
      be to criticize your understan-
      ding of the Bible, or to try and
      disavow your world view,
      however I do know that Jesus
      said, if they believe Me, they will
      believe you, if they hated me, they
      will hate you, and I know I have the
      Spirit of Christ in my heart.
      I don’t even know myself what group
      I’m in, till I show up for the meeting.
      Then it’s you, me and whoever.
      I think the Lord uses groups.
      One fellow in the Bible was casting out
      devils, in Jesus name and the disciples
      said, Lord he’s not with our group.
      Jesus said, He that is not against us
      is on our part, leave him alone.
      No man that can do a miracle in my
      Name can lightly speak evil of me.
      Please understand, you will not be
      judged for what group you’re in.
      Are you aware that the Apostle Paul
      said, I judge not my own self, but
      the Lord? If The Apostle Paul,
      Judged not his own self, how can we
      judge the world, or each other?
      It’s not the Spirit of Christ.
      My point in saying this is not to lift up
      myself, but to say, brothers in a family
      differ in their, knowledge, and ideas,
      but they are still brothers.
      So the group we are supposed to be
      in is the Family of Christ.
      Jesus said, I judge no man.
      So, I still extend a hand of love- to you.
      It’s my only foundation.
      I have no other.

  11. Glenn Glenn, Shalom,dear man,we must first and foremost put on The Messiah’s Clothes,compassion,kindness,humility,gentleness,PATIENCE….. and over them all,..LOVE,….Love is how we know one another!

    we must wear all those clothes,..under His FATHERS MIGHTY ARMOUR.

    Ive no idea what group ill fall into,and i truly hope we all make it into at least the 1st Resurrection,though .i’ll be happy enough to stand before Him,be Judged by Him, and Worship His Father at His Holy Feet in the 2nd.

    i know the group im in at the minute and i know theres one group i wont be in,..and that is those that remained deluded,and fast asleep in their stupor!..that never heard and listened and understood His Warning, get on that ‘narrow path’ out of Babylon,..lead ONLY by Him,by The Holy Spirit,..
    how far i get along that path?..that i will totally leave to The Will His Father,..and i’ll except it with total Praise and Worship, of My Heavenly Father.
    and even as i write this,im full of love and praise to My King Who has been with me, before me and behind me every step ive taken of it,..and will be till the hour of the last step i thread!

    maybe thats a lesson to be learned here,..maybe we should be looking at our very next step…first steps or even for the narrow path itself,.rather than to far ahead in the distance!

    We are well warned to leave Babylon, to separate ourselves…and also to follow no one,..but His Voice.
    when you take the Amazing Wondrous Awesome Path with The Holy Spirit your eyes get opened and you start to see clearly,especially where you yourself have gone wrong,i guess it helps us not to go back,..and the false doctrines getting taught to people in christian churches.
    one is the ‘rapture’…many christians of many denominations believe they are getting took to Heaven before the Tribulation!…and this is just not Biblical or in Scripture,…so if i speak alot about it, its just my way of warning people…..(as to trying to get them to follow what i believe),..and have been shown by The Only Teacher There Is.

    and on the subject of brothers,..again theres different groups of brothers,..human ones…blood ones..spiritual ones…and HOLY Ones.

    Luke 21 v 16 anyone thats on the ‘narrow path’ of separating yourself from Babylon,..will find THIS out,..maybe slowly..or quickly…but you will see and with sadness how family,..brothers…sisters..friends..relatives..start to distant themselves,already….and be sure up ahead,…will betray you Written !!

    another thing that really separates you from the Babylon system and again especially mainstream Christianity and creates conflict because of their confusion,of foolishly following a false doctrine of an Eternity from death in Heaven, as to what is what the True Gospel ,..That The Messiah Immanuel, is going to Return to Earth,..and Remain here,..and Set up His Fathers Kingdom, here,Resurrect the dead,.. Rule here, King O’Israel ,and be with us,..Forever and Ever.

    So Shall it Be So.

    please dont ever be offended by my posts,..see it as me dropping little seeds,..for up coming Harvest!

    • Well, I think we are
      beginning to see eye to eye.
      Brian, I think you are misinformed
      about what mainstream Christianity
      teaches about Heaven.
      90% of them believe the same thing
      you do, they just don’t talk about it.
      They talk about Heaven because that
      is where God is now.
      All of these Churches believe in the
      mellenium, or 1000 year period,
      and the kingdom back to earth.
      I don’t know if you were raised in a
      Christian home, but your ideas about
      the Church are totally inaccurate.
      The narrow path, has nothing to do with
      Babylon, I don’t know where you got
      that from, but it wasn’t God.
      Once God is in your heart through
      accepting Jesus, Babylon has been
      judged. Your New life is now to walk by
      Faith. You cannot separate yourself from
      anything. Only Jesus can do that.
      The Holy Spirit is the only one that can
      do that work, you will never be capable
      of that, you simply yield.
      This is what Rachel is teaching about in
      efforting. You don’t effort. You give up.
      You surrender.
      When you point the finger at others, you’re
      not yielding to the Holy Spirit, your
      judging, which puts you under condemn-
      ation, and the authority of Satan.
      So babylon is not a Church System,
      it’s what is happening in your heart.
      If you truly want to judge babylon,
      then let the Holy Spirit shine his
      light through your heart,
      because Babylon is darkness.
      The Holy Spirit is the only one who
      can give us the Light.

      • Hi Glenn – a quick note here … Babylon is darkness, lies, deception, the world/kingdom governed by Satan and all that includes … including the church system. The Church system is full of lies and man’s ways like the rest of the world … it’s spoken in the major/minor prophets of what it is and what it’s become. And true … it’s God who changes and transforms us … it comes has we seek Him diligently and commune with Him each morning … through that He changes us purging the sin and restoring us in HIS righteousness … truly the path of life, the narrow path.

      • Yes, there is evil there.
        I agree.
        And I agree with having strong
        sentiment against it.
        And in some cases it would be
        the system. But I think the issue
        is the heart. The prophecies as you
        suggest deal with the Church. But,
        it’s the heart of the Church He is
        dealing with, not the system per se.
        So I am not at disagreement with you,
        it’s the focus.
        As you said, he is dealing with our
        heart as well, so He is not throwing
        us away.
        I think this distinction is very important.
        The Lord may condemn some of the
        system, but He may heal some of it.
        In that sense, we are part of the system.
        Is He healing us?
        Is He healing us to love us?
        Or healing us to condemn us?
        Are we part of the wrecking crew,
        Or are we part of the building crew?
        Ok what system are we building?

      • Hi Glenn – yes the hearts .. but the heart includes all that comes out of it as well including entities established by and from lies and deceit – so it’s both. (like the church system) So God in judging the hearts will also destroy the lies and what they have created … this is tough for those who trust in those lies. God in righteous love will destroy all that isn’t righteous and of Him, this we want …yet for those trusting in those lies and having a heart full of deceit it will be a difficult time because it is their hope and trust, make sense?

      • Hi Brian — just a comment … God has taught me this as well. It’s so important to be open to learn from Him, whatever the truth may be.

      • Rachel there is only One Truth,…and it can only be bought and Taught from The Son,..through the Holy Spirit,..thats the start of The Truth!

      • Brian – Much agreed!

      • Rachel, there are more than
        several different ways that
        I could approach you on this subject.
        And I’m not sure which way to speak
        with you, that you will be comfortable
        with, because you are talking about a
        subject, that belongs to God.
        This is not a subject that we partake
        in with God, the only way we may
        partake in this arena, is in the arena
        of mercy. This seems to be the way
        the Lord is leading me here.
        Ok. One point I would like to delve into
        which is a bit deeper is this.
        We are not able to judge what is sin on
        all levels, like the Father. What you look
        at and judge, as being unacceptable,
        may be something someone has already
        asked forgiveness for. So you are judging
        Some things He is in the process of dealing
        with people on. And we are not invited into
        that arena, except to interceed and help.
        We are not invited in to do the judging
        unless you are their spiritual leader, or
        a friend. Obviously, if you are a spiritual
        leader or friend, you would have their best
        interest at heart, to see them restored.
        Secondly, where are you
        drawing the notion from that God is
        interested in destroying. God did the
        destroying of it on the cross, for those
        who are called by his name.
        So, there is no scriptural grounds for
        that. The word says, Satan cometh not
        but for to steal, kill, and Destroy.
        It’s not God doing the destroying.
        God does deal with us, and he allows
        consequences, but not for the purpose
        of destroying. There may be a destroying,
        but it’s not His perfect will, and it is
        not his objective. The destroying is
        Satan’s objective.
        Jesus said plainly, a kingdom divided
        against itself, cannot stand.
        Another point would be this,
        we are not exempt from the judgement
        of this. You cannot separate yourself,
        and me from this destruction, because
        we would need to stand on our own
        righteousness to accomplish exemption
        and we cannot. Even if you draw your
        success from this on spending time with
        him, the first time you fell, you would be
        subject to the same judgement as the
        This is a form of legalism, or you might
        say, it is reversed legalism.
        Your trying to observe when the system
        is correct. And Jesus said, the kingdom
        of God cometh not with observation.
        (these are a few examples).
        (I can say more)

      • Hi Glenn — I appreciate your thoughts .. When we speak the truth in love to others it is because of love and our care for them … as you said

        There is much in the Bible about the state of the church and what will be in the end …. we must speak plainly to others, for this is righteous love. Love without truth isn’t love. But we must speak as God leads us and based on His Word and truth He has taught us and it is always for the best of others .. even and especially if it’s difficult truths.

        As for destruction … there is much in the Bible about God destroying but when He does He is actually rebuilding … the two go hand in hand with Him. There are many entities today that aren’t of God .. it’s easy to see in some arenas more difficult in others. But for His kingdom to be established in righteousness, these won’t carry on, new systems and ways will fill their place, the church system is one of these. This is why we will have a New Jersualem … God is doing a new thing. It’s exciting. He is calling people out because He is already setting up that new Kingdom.

        I agree … we are to judge no heart, but as God shows us the truth in His Word – that we are to speak and to warn others about … for this is true love.

      • Mattew 13:52
        Then said he unto them,
        Therefore every scribe
        which is instructed unto the
        kingdom of heaven is like unto
        a man that is an householder,
        which bringeth forth out of his
        treasure things new and old.
        Truth without love isn’t truth.

      • Rachel, I know you are
        a forerunner. I appreciate
        your work on that. Not sure
        about the idea of New Jerusalem,
        Not a subject I follow.
        I understand the concept, but I
        think your idea of it is ‘hopeful’.
        Not neccessalily innaccurate
        but, (turned, out of kilter). There
        is an element of truth to what you are
        suggesting, but as I said, I think it is
        more philosophical in nature than the
        way you are invisioning it.
        If there is a New Jerusalem, in the
        way you suggest, it will still be the
        church, so it’s not to repel, but house.
        For me, the church is the church.
        Being in the system or out, maybe
        good or not good. Each has strengths
        and weeknesses. You will loose a lot
        by being out, but gain in other areas.
        I know of some types of churches you
        have never been to, you would love.
        Really love. Incredibly, love.
        I can sense many areas
        at this time where the Lord would like to
        encounter you. But he uses men.
        With some messages, and spiritual
        endowements, he sends men.
        This is not a confining issue,
        but one of release, in the spirit.
        You will not receive them all in your spirit
        without association.
        I think as far as destruction, God dealt
        with Israel in a differnt way than he does
        in this time. This is a dispensation of
        grace, because of the cross. There is
        a definite distinction in the time periods.
        (just my thoughts)
        (hope they will seem encouraging)


      • Hi Glenn – I appreciate your thoughts.

      • Note: When I stated, God
        sends men, that is men or
        women. With some subject
        matter, he sends an anointed
        vessel, for a release of anointed
        subject matter, or spiritual endowe-
        ment. When you seperate, you may
        forfeit those benefits.

  12. Brian, also, a special note
    concerning Acts 1;7 (above)
    and your comment about Jesus
    referring to a ‘special event’, namely
    a 3000 year period.
    If that interpretation was correct,
    Jesus would have said,
    ‘It is not for you to know,
    the time and season.’
    But Jesus said, it is not for you to
    know the ‘times and seasons’.
    which makes the subject, plural,
    therefore all encompassing.

    • Glenn,..Acts ! v 7,..He was speaking directly to those sheep of that pen who were there asking Him the question,..
      not the sheep of the different pen.

      and His sheep can hear things and see things others cant

      Mark 13:28,..and ..Matthew 24:32

      Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh,

      if you listen hard enough,you can almost hear the leaves growing!

      1 Thessalonian’s 5:6
      Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

      Babylonians are fast asleep,..while those who dwell in Jerusalem watch while they sip fine wine day and night!

  13. Luke 7:33
    “For John the Baptist came
    neither eating bread nor
    drinking wine, and you say,
    ‘He has a demon.’

  14. Glenn,..i get all my understanding from The God Almighty i Worship,..not eye to eye,..HIS SPIRIT to my spirit , The Almighty God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob/Israel,..through His Chosen King Son, The Messiah,Immanuel

    and i get the narrow path From HIM

    Matthew 7:14
    Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life,
    and few there be that find it.

    again id have to disagree with you,90% that follow christianity,..believe in going to Heaven after death,..and living
    there for Eternity,..
    (i was born in a christian society,thank goodness i wasnt brought up in a home that didnt teach the the lies and paganism of it all,my earthly father, was a thresherman,and understood the nature of sowing seeds,waiting for them to flourish, waiting and watching to know the exact time to harvest,..then harvesting it and putting it all through the mill,till only the best grain comes down the narrow shoot,the rest of the tares out the wide shoot at the back to be thrown away!he,was a man of Truth,and studied for himself at home with me ,an eager student )
    christian churches ,hmmm,they may pay lip service to it, but they dont Preach The True Gospel,..of the Fathers Kingdom being Set up Here on Earth,by His Son, Who Will be King of It Forever! THIS, how you know whos who,..if you seek you will find it in Scripture.
    (i dont judge anyone person we are all sinners,the only finger i point is the way out of Babylon!,and i’ll give my opinion on rotten to the core man made church set ups,run by roman jesuits and the freemasons) if im Judged for that,i’ll stand before My Messiah King and i’ll accept His Just Punishment

    im afraid again i’ll fully disagree with you 100%

    all religions,Christianity included are part and parcel of the beast system,all run by the Roman church,..and known as Babylon in Scripture,..99% of christian churches keep pagan baal worship christmass,pagan baal worship easter,and a host of other non scriptural days.their churches are littered with graven images and detestable things,…they use signs of ‘fish’ and ‘crosses’ things That The Voice at Horeb told us not to do

    we are Warned to leave it and separate ourselves….before The King of Kings through The Holy Spirit and His Mighty Heavenly Army,..destroy it,..forever of the face of this, His World, no more darkness,in us or on this earth,for HE will be The Light of This World, and Shine On Us and the Holy Spirit out of us!

    so id say Glenn,..the christian church system is part and parcel of Babylon,..Our King tells us to leave it, follow Him, His Holy Spirit,..and it is a narrow path!

    and speaking in reality and as the real Brian, is a narrow path!..enjoyable…but can be very narrow sometimes!

  15. John The Baptist,…came eating locusts and wild honey,…

    yet was full since birth,of the finest meat,finest bread and finest choice wine!

    none of us are fit to tie his sandals….

  16. Glenn,..just something more about separating,

    the wheat from the tares, the separating His Children from satans children.

    first you have to understand the nature of DNA,..when a man impregnates a woman, the woman takes on and keeps the mans DNA,..and as we well know the fallen angels had children with human women,satan being the 1st with Eve,..they like to mock to this day,before our eyes without u knowing by using ‘rainbows’,symbolising the mix of DNA, example would be..

    ‘the human slinky at the super bowl’,..

    people think it very entertaining,….but if you look closely its just the ‘mason’ set square and compass,which is always the disgusting abomination symbol of fallen angels copulating with daughters of men!

    the reality is most of us have a little of that horrible DNA in us,..some obviously more than others,..the lust of the flesh comes from satan,..thats why we are appointed to die, as to get rid of his seed,..and get raised in the glorious Resurrection,incorruptible,!

    The Almighty Father States in Scripture,.. He Can divide soul from spirit,

    and His Son is going to do the separating!

    as theres nothing new under the sun,..just like He, (THE SON) did long ago

    He separated the Israelites from the ‘sun god’ worshipping Egyptians,..
    (and always a note worth mentioning,the blood mark passover that separated the ones not to harm,and also showed His power by separating The Red Sea)
    He then spent 40 years separating the Israelites


    this time He’s Spiritually separating The Israelites from the ‘sun god’ worshipping Egyptians/romans.

    nothing has changed, either stupidly,foolishly known or unknown worship the baal ‘sun god’.


    again,That Way ONLY, was plainly .. laid out by the ‘VOICE’.. HIS MESSENGER SON, from the Burning Bush!..and,Who is The Only Way

    and again in John 4 v 24…the only way is through Spirit to spirit!

    the Spiritual passover will take place, He will separate His Spiritual Children,..from the ‘world’…church/state/countries…and leave many of His disobedient Children with satans children in the ‘world’ till they wake up,..or not as case will be.

    He Will Return,..and seperate the Wheat from the chaff and tares

    He will separate the sheep from the goats

    then separate Sheep from sheep,

    and then the final and everlasting separation!

    separate the Living from the dead!

    • A Parable

      2 Kings 9:18 So the
      horseman went to meet him,
      and said, “Thus says the king:
      ‘Is it peace?’ ” And Jehu said,
      “What have you to do with peace?
      Turn around and follow me.”
      So the watchman reported, saying,
      “The messenger went to them,
      but is not coming back.”

  17. Glenn,..2 Kings 9 :18 isnt a parable, its just part of a great Prophecy to be fulfilled,

    Jezebel… had Naboth the Jezreelite …an innocent man murdered…for his vineyard

    Eli’Yah,..told Ahab,..because of what he and Jezebel had done,..the dogs would lick his blood up in the same place they had, Naboths!

    and dogs would eat Jezebel by the walls of Jezreel

    there cant be no peace,until those who broke the peace,yet talk peace…are slain at Jezreel!

    • Brian, the Lord led me
      to give it to you as a

      • Glenn,..i will always share anything that helps uncover The Truth,
        but a word of caution when asking me to give you an interpretation of Prophecy like that found in, 2 Kings, would only be mine,..and my understanding of that Prophecy,..though it did come to pass at that time,…it still has to come to pass,and will,..and Jezebel will be devoured by dogs and trampled by horses,when the Great Prophecy of Jezreel comes to pass!,when The Father Wills

      • Brian, where are you
        seeing this as a prophcey?
        Where are you finding that?

    • your last two lines
      solve the riddle

  18. glenn,…you have to thread the narrow path to find the things that arent seen to those that are on the wide path, or fast asleep, or those that cant understand the meaning of ,.WATCH!…or those that cant obey certain Commands From Our Teacher, to separate ourselves/or come out of Babylon!

  19. Hi Rachel
    As soon as I read this passage in this version I could “see” even before I began to listen to your article.
    (I pictured a jigsaw puzzle as he adds truth to our lives we are assembling ourselves putting ourselves together adding to the truth he gives us, the picture grows and we see more clearly, this is what we share and encourage each other with)

    I have just looked at this passage in many different translations, some of the translations seem to bring out our meeting together, some bring out what you are sharing.
    (the two translations I mostly read bring out the meeting together so I had never seen it the way you have brought it)

    I had actually seen this passage ( (when read in context) as they are seeing so much of the provision of God
    (Heb 10:16) “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws on their hearts, and write them on their minds,”
    It was like he was saying hay! I know God can write on our hearts and we don’t need anyone to teach us. But meet together (2 or 3 or more) to encourage each other.(instead of the simplicity of that, we have taken that to mean we must meet in a building every sunday, prayer meetings, sunday school, home groups and the list goes on)
    As I am travelling on this road and he is dispelling the lies he is beginning to show me so many scriptures that we have taken and added/changed/distorted & twisted & this passage is one of them. To this simple passage of scripture has been added so much, so many lies (it is probably one of the most known scriptures) I am noticing the scriptures with the biggest lies behind them are the most known. There tends to be judgement/condemnation, You can see it, “you can’t possibly be a christian if you don’t go to church”, thats where you are judged no matter what your walk with the Lord is.

    • Hi Leanne – thanks for sharing your thoughts on this passage … it indeed has been so twisted and abused to keep people trapped from seeking God in truth and spirit. May people come to know being crafted by God and the true fellowship of believers.

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