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A Time of Transition

A Time of Transition


We are in a time of transition as one age comes to a close and a new age begins. The Kingdom of Heaven, which has been separate from this earth’s reality as a spiritual kingdom, is becoming the kingdom of this earth; the flesh, physical. The birth pangs of the earth transitioning into the Kingdom of Heaven are upon us.

The kingdom of darkness/evil that has reigned over the physical realm has begun its descent. Thus, the ways of evil will turn upon those who do them, and the ways of righteousness will prosper those who do them. It’s time to abide in purity. The power to live by and according to the spirit of Christ has come through understanding and revelation.

Within the firstborn, the Kingdom of Light started as a mustard seed and has been growing. They have been transitioning for some time now. As a plant breaks above the soil, this Kingdom’s reign within them is breaking through and entering into this earth’s reality as it overtakes their reality. They are the light bearers through this transition.

This transition is occurring because the heavenly Father/Mother’s love is being made manifest. This means all mankind will be refined within their souls to be in harmony with this perfect love. A great healing is upon the earth, which is the fulfillment of the salvation that Christ brought by bringing the fullness of the Godhead into this realm by bringing it into mankind.

The Godhead

Jesus Christ holds the fullness of God, thus the male and female side of God, the King and Priest. Not only has this been a time of a marriage between the pure virgins and Christ, but also the coming together of these two aspects of the spirit of the Godhead. When Jesus Christ ascended after His resurrection, part of His spirit, the spirit of truth, was given to mankind to purify souls to be able to contain the fullness of God (Father/Mother). God couldn’t come in fullness until souls were first purified to receive Him and be His temple at the end of the age. What brings in the end is when the spirit of the divine is no longer spilt as it was at Christ’s death/resurrection, but is reunited within mankind as one. This establishment of God upon the earth and union of the Father and Mother occur within the souls of mankind for they are the creations to hold the spirit of God.

This fusion, the fullness of the Godhead, possesses great power. It isn’t a power like that of mankind. It’s a power that comes in gentleness, strength in weakness, and perfect love. Perfect love is the true power. Those who have been united to Christ understand this to be true, for it’s this perfect love that healed every infirmity of their soul; an impossible feat for any person.

The mother side of God, the Holy Spirit, Wisdom, the female voice in the Proverbs, was welcomed into the hearts of those diligently seeking truth and those with a love for the truth. At Her instruction, (she is a part of Christ), these souls became prepared to receive the fullness of God thus the other aspect of God, the perfect love, the King, the Father. In this union, they hold the fullness as Jesus held the fullness when on the earth. She has been dismissed, oppressed, overlooked and trampled. But as her King comes, all that trampled her will be set aright by the purifying fire of the Father.

Ascension and Taking Flight

Those who have diligently sought the true heavenly Father/Mother have already experienced their birth pangs (intense purging and renewal of their minds); birth (becoming governed fully by the spirit of God) and now they embark on a new beginning (the spiritual kingdom infused into their physical reality). They are learning to fly, as they have become creations of the air, of the spirit. They are transitioning from a diligent seeking heart to being fully led as they enter the eternal rest. They are like a lamp that emanates pure light, spirit of Christ. All they possess is under the governance of the divine spirit of the Godhead. In entering their rest, they enter into the very heart of God. It is His lifeblood that pumps through their veins, thus the power of regeneration.

These have partaken of the wedding ceremony of Christ. They have united to Christ in their flesh. They also have united to souls of mankind in a new way, in a bond of love. In this time of establishing their vows, their commitment is to love and honor ALL of creation as they allow the spirit of Christ, the spirit of perfect love, to flow through them.

Entering the Refining Fire

For those who didn’t embrace the spirit of truth and thus transition, they are now entering their refinement. Like one who is sick, as their healing begins their physical state will get worse before it gets better, as all that is causing the sickness (sin) is purged out. This is the revealing of hearts, lives being turned inside out, as all the idols that covered their nakedness are dissolved. It’s the beginning of the end of corruption’s reign in their soul. There is no more escaping the consequences of evil; hypocrisy, hatred, lusts, unforgiveness, cruelty, bitterness, envy, strife, dishonor, and torments to others. These acts against love will cause great affliction in those who do them. All that will remain at the end of this period of refinement is the purified, righteousness and renewed spirit that is of the one true God. This refining will continue until God is all in all.

Pick Up Your Mat and Walk

For everyone, it’s time to pick up our mats and walk; to walk in the path of righteousness, which are the path of life. It’s time to believe the healing we have sought is available. This healing starts within the soul, as true healing does. We need only to step out in faith in obedience to perfect love to see the power of God manifested in our lives. This means doing the right thing as directed by the spirit of divine understanding coming from within. It’s a time of purging all that isn’t of the Father/Mother’s pure love, and walking in perfect love. Desire to be led by this love in all ways always.

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God’s Toolbox: Our Past

 God’s Toolbox: Our Past


Over the past couple of years, God has been unpacking my past. He has shown me the deep seeded lies I’ve lived by since childhood and the ripple affect they caused of bad decisions, poor behaviors, destructive relationships, depression, and on and on.  It is thought provoking to see how a couple of lies can create so much damage.

I have often viewed the things of my past as a bunch of screw ups and mistakes that revealed a person in need of a complete overhaul. They were things that didn’t have to happen but what was done was done and I needed God to come in and clean things up. I tried to be the sweeper but I just flung dirt around.

But the other night, my insightful husband re-framed it for me.

He said it isn’t that my past, his or anyone else’s is a big mess that would be better off voided like a bad check, but all the things we went through brought us to where we are today. Each detail served a purpose in chiseling us into who we are. We went through those things to grow and learn what we needed to learn.

I started thinking about what he said and though the things I faced were painful, hard, and sometimes pushed me to the edge of insanity, he was right. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t believe I am saying that, but you know it is true. Through each experience God has taught me His wisdom that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

As God’s kids what we consider the wreckage of our lives are His tools to teach us what we need to learn, if we are willing. If we aren’t willing we remain on the hamster wheel running in the same destructive circles until we decide to sit up and listen.  A past unaddressed remains a controlling force in our lives. We aren’t to live in the past, but grow from it and live free.

As a good teacher, God won’t let us move on to the next level until we learn our ABCs. It is either keep running or starting listening. And the lessons are much deeper than we are a mess in need of Him. Each situation holds a deeper truth that will surprise you, as I am finding out.

This earthly existence is a training ground. It is a place where our spirits learn that our way is not the way to go and God’s is.  We are supposed to make mistakes that is how we learn that only God’s ways bring life, joy, peace, and intimacy with Him.  We start going backwards if we get wrapped up in this life and cease to realize that everything is to bring us into union with God.

Trying out many different paths that promised success and failing miserably inside and out is what brought me to my knees and when I fell before Him in every area of my life; I started to live the life I desired for the first time. So if everything I went through was to bring me closer to God and to create unity between us in purpose, will and desire – yeah it was all worth it and I am thankful for it.