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Drawn into the Light



Practicing the truth brings us to a higher spiritual frequency, which is the ability to give and receive divine love. 1 John 1:6-7 When we obtain a certain frequency, we are a prepared soul to receive the fullness of God according to the measure intended for our created being. Abiding in the fullness of God is eternally abiding in divine love. It is a phenomenon that we witnessed in Christ Jesus, a likeness we will one day reflect as we are drawn into the light.

This spirit ascension begins with seeking the truth from the spirit of perfection, God. In a world of lies, we must seek the truth, for lies blind us to the truth. But once we start to experience its transcendence power, we become drawn to it as a moth to a light. Even a flicker in our life can be impactful, it can set us on a course of a sojourner ever reaching for a higher reality, one in which we function in accordance to the mind of God, and no longer the mind of mankind.

If we don’t or cease practicing the truth, we can’t ascend, for ascension comes with a transformation of our mind by the words of the Divine spoken as an inner counselor, like words coming from a pure conscience. New thoughts create new perspectives, and new perspectives create new actions coming out a point of perfection, His light, within us. It all starts with words of truth, which bring understanding, which recreates us. His Truth lifts us above the influences of the lower realm, where the primal mind of mankind dwells. Thus, our creative powers grow ever more in alignment with the divine nature of God, and in this, beautiful present moments manifest in our lives.

Therefore, to move into a higher frequency is a combination of letting go of unrighteousness and practicing truth. We let go of those things that anchor us to a lower mind (mind of rebellion), like lusts, addictions, and cares of the world as defined by mankind’s wisdom and ways. Instead, we practice in all sincerity (void of hypocrisy, backbiting, judging) divine love, doing the right thing, humility, gentleness, meekness, kindness, trust in God, mercy, forgiveness, God’s wisdom, honor, and purity, in our lives and to those around us. We pursue what makes peace, harmony and unity with the spirit of God, not strife and separation. To learn each of these traits is a continual experiential apprenticeship under the Spirit of Truth. It is a journey requiring diligence, steadfastness, patience, and perseverance. Yet, in this back and forth of letting go and practicing truth, our minds/spirits wind upward as an ascending staircase away from being governed by the realm of the mind of mankind, thus serving its base ways, to a higher realm of the spirit of God.

God’s spirit is very powerful, yet very gentle. If we are doing what is contrary to His spirit, it keeps a insurmountable gap between Him and us, though His spirit is always close at hand. 1 Peter 3:12 Our acts of rebellion easily distance us from abiding in the spirit of truth, thus an aspect of the gentleness of His Spirit. The moment we desire to practice truth in all sincerity, His spirit is receptive to our desire to connect. Thus, we have to draw near to Him, then He will to us. Zech 1:3 We draw near by honestly desiring to live in accordance to His righteousness and truth, which is reflected in our choices for righteousness. If we want to meet with Him, we must be willing to travel on His paths, and do so.

At the beginning of our journey, we aren’t even sure where the light is, because we are in total darkness in our minds. The darkness comes from all the lies we think are true. We are seeking around trying to find truth, the ways of God, and not fully aware of what to expect. And as our expectations can be misleading, we have to set them aside and be open to anyway He chooses to reveal Himself to us. But for those seeking, God’s spirit will start to pull them gently toward Himself by words of truth spoken to their soul. His words become like a little light ever increasing, like a match, to a candle, to a flashlight, and so on. His words spoken to our spirits, that can be hard to discern in our blindness, help us to see the next step to take to be in alignment to His will and nature. We walk step by step and rarely leaps and bounds, for understanding is built layer upon layer. This path can be trying at times when it is hard to see what is His will in our present circumstance, but if we continue to seek, He will build the constructs of our mind to “see” the understanding we need. If we desire to know His will for a situation, we will know as we are able to receive, and when we need to know it. So focus on what you are learning today, for it will lead to tomorrow’s answers.

As we practice the truth, then our light expands because in our current understanding (light) we are able to receive more transformative understanding. Our spiritual evolution continues as long as we continue to seek and practice what we learn. Over time, our mind is networked with His understanding, thus we are transformed in our inner life and our outside reality to reflect His divine nature.

For those drawn into the light, they are ever growing in a life of righteousness and divine love. These are those truly of God. The Overseer of their soul, who they continually sought and clung to, establishes a foundation of thanksgiving, honor, glory, wisdom, power, might and blessing in their lives. Upon this foundation the presence of God resides, His very temple, the soul of a transcended created being of His workmanship.

If we want God to draw near to us, we need to draw near to the truth of divine love by seeking it, practicing it, and living by it. This is how we meet God, and start to “see” Him.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

14 thoughts on “Drawn into the Light

  1. Very complicated algorithm but very important seems the abstact and logical can coexist in form of love which seems to manifest in crystal clear truth pretty awsome like self explanatory vibes ride d lighting : )

    • Hi Stephen, nicely stated .. the algorithm is complicated in that each aspect carries much understanding starting with what is the truth? But as you so beautifully stated, perfect love is the foundational means in which the spirit of God interacts with our reality .. as the Bible says, you know God when you abide in love.

  2. Dear sisters and brothers, I wish to share with you my humble philosophy, which is based on love. We know that there are two types of love: human love and Love Divine. In human love, what we actually try to do is to possess the many without caring for the One, the Source. But if we do not possess the Source, then the many cannot be of any help to us. If there is no root, then how will the tree grow? How will we be able to claim the branches or the flowers and leaves as our very own? With the divine Love, we go first to the One, the Source, and from there we go to the many. We become one with the root, and then we grow into the tree, which will manifest itself through the branches and leaves, the flowers and fruits. Divine Love is the song of multiplicity in unity.

    In human love there is demand or, at least, expectation. Very often we start with demand, and when a higher wisdom dawns we no longer demand, but still we expect something from others. We convince ourselves that this expectation is justified. Since we have done something for others- offered our love-we feel it is quite legitimate to expect something in return.

    But in divine Love there is no such thing as demand or expectation. In divine Love we just give what we have and what we are. What we have and what we are is dedicated service. In the human life, before we give our love, we try to discover love in others-that is, their love for us. In the divine Life, before we give our love to others, we try to discover Love in its reality and integrality within ourselves. Only then are we in a position to offer love to others. At first our satisfaction dawns when we feel that those to whom we offer our love accept it wholeheartedly. But there is an even higher form of divine Love when we go beyond this feeling, and give love just for the sake of self giving. We give, and even if our love is not accepted, we do not mind. We shall go on giving, for we are all love, our Source is all Love.

    In human love there is not only demand and expectation, but there is something even worse: withdrawal. First we demand, then we expect. When our expectation is not fulfilled, we sometimes try to withdraw from the person to whom we have offered our love. In divine Love, it is never like that. With divine Love we try to become one with the weakness, imperfection and bondage of others. Although we have inner freedom, we use this inner freedom not to lord it over others, but to become one, consciously one with their imperfections. In this way we can understand them and serve them at their own level, with a view to transforming their imperfections.

    The capacity of human love is so limited that we cannot expand ourselves and totally embrace one another. There is bound to be a feeling of supremacy. I shall love you, no doubt, but I wish to remain an inch higher than you. On that condition I shall love you. The superior loves the inferior because he is satisfied to some extent with his position in this relationship. The inferior very often loves the superior because of his insecurity. So love binds them and gives them both some sense of satisfaction. But in divine Love there is no such thing as superiority and inferiority. Divine Love always gives itself freely and wholeheartedly. Divine Love gets satisfaction only by offering itself totally and unconditionally. In divine Love, we come to notice that the personal and the impersonal perfectly go together. There is a balance between the two. The personal in us enters into the vast, which is impersonal; and the impersonal in us enters into the personal to manifest its unmanifested Reality, Divinity and Immortality. In human love, the personal and the impersonal are two strangers; worse, they are at daggers drawn. The personal and the impersonal at best try to reach a compromise, but this compromise brings no satisfaction at all; in the very depth of human love, there is always a rivalry and competition between the two. On rare occasions, the personal says to the impersonal, which is inside the human being, “Let us alternate our reality, our height, our wisdom, our capacity. This moment you stand up and I shall remain seated; the next moment I shall stand up and you will sit.”

    In human love, very often the physical mind, the doubting mind, the suspecting mind, comes to the fore. But in divine Love, we see only the loving heart, the surrendering heart, the all beckoning heart. The mind loves a reality because it sees the reality according to its own understanding and vision. But the heart loves a reality because it sees the reality in the reality’s own form. The heart becomes inseparably one with the reality, with the very existence of that reality, both inner and outer. It sees the living breath of the reality in its own form and shape; it sees the body and soul of the reality all together.

    In human love, the lover and the beloved are two separate persons. The lover is running toward the beloved, and when he reaches the beloved he finds his satisfaction. In divine Love, the lover and the beloved are one and inseparable. In divine Love, the Lover is the Supreme and the Beloved is the Supreme. In human love, we feel that satisfaction lies somewhere else- not within us, but in somebody else. But in divine Love, satisfaction is found nowhere else but in ourselves. The Lover and the Beloved are one and the same-the Supreme dwelling within and the Supreme outside us. When we speak of our ‘self’ as the divine Lover or Beloved, we have to know that this is the ‘Self’ which is both the One and the many. This Self, the Supreme, finds its satisfaction only when it gets a glimpse of God’s Reality, Infinity, Eternity and Immortality in the many. This ‘Self’ is the One, and it wants to see and feel its Reality in the many.

    Love is duty. In our human life we see duty as something mechanical, lifeless, forced-something thrust upon us. But in the divine Life, duty is something full of opportunity. At every second an opportunity dawning for us to expand our life’s consciousness, our life’s reality, our life’s delight. So in the divine Life we welcome duty, for it increases our capacity and potentiality and expands the dream of our divine, unhorizoned Reality.

    Life is the lesson of Love. Love is the lesson of Life. When we study Life’s lesson in our human life, the lesson is composed of fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and frustration. But in the divine Life, we see that Love is the lesson not only of Life, but also for Life-for the Life that is everlasting, ever illumining and ever fulfilling.

    A divine Lover is he who believes in the divine miracle. A human miracle is something that feeds our curiosity, something that lasts for a fleeting second. But the divine miracle is the elevation of consciousness. To raise somebody else’s consciousness, to raise humanity’s consciousness even an iota is the true divine miracle. The conscious help the divine Lover gives to the seeker performs this divine miracle.

    We are of God the eternal Love and we are for God the eternal Love. We are of God the infinite Love and we are for God the infinite Love. Eternity is the Source of the Silence life; and Infinity is the message of the sound life. From the One we came and for the many we exist. This is the real message of divine Love. We are of the One and we are for the many-the many in the One. This is the quintessence of Love Divine.

    • Hi Sonne, your structure of comparing human love verses divine love revealed some wonderful realizations of the nature of the two. Your thoughts run deep and some quite profound. There are a lot of gifts in this post of yours, thank you for sharing. What an amazing quest to know and abide in this divine love.

  3. Hell is real, and is
    a much worse place
    than any Church or
    religious group,
    has ever been able
    to tell.
    Hell is not a place
    that was invented
    by mankind.
    Jesus God’s Son,
    said it was real.
    Man is an eternal
    Put the pieces
    together for yourself.
    The only person
    interested in deceiving
    you about this,
    is Satan.
    He is the enemy of
    your Soul, not Men.

    • Hi, I’ll share with you what I shared with another …

      There is a hell … but it is our understanding of hell that is lacking in mainstream thought. Religion dogma at large has created an image of what hell is that is contrary to truth and divine love, thus is void of understanding and very misleading to the nature of God, thus setting up a false image of God.

      Two main areas of confusion 1. the nature/purpose of hell and 2. it’s length of existence.

      Mainstream has said:

      1. It is simply torment after this earth life for not having chosen Christ … (no understanding of a deeper purpose or the work of it)

      2. It exists throughout all ages … forever.

      This majority view of hell is contrary to the nature and power of God and His Christ and many scriptures. It doesn’t line up with truth.

      Compared to:

      1. The purpose of hell is very purposeful in it’s work in a soul. We see the “eye-opening” it can bring a soul in Luke 16. (the great gulf is the gap that Christ bridged). The symbolism of fire is the refining light of God in a soul … fire always refines by removing what isn’t of perfect love.

      2. It ends with the end of this age .. and doesn’t exist in the new heavens and new earth. Revelation 20:13-14, for God will fill all in all.

      These are in line with the scriptures and the nature of God, His love, His power, His plan of salvation. His will is greater than the will of mankind … thank goodness. There is much more to learn here, there are many connecting truths and understanding that we can only truly gain if we seek for ourselves.

      At first, when I was taught by the church, I believed the mainstream view … but once I started to diligently seek and learn from the Holy Spirit myself, He taught me differently through His Spirit in accordance with the scriptures. His salvation plan is much more majestic and consuming than most attribute to Him. God is not known by the majority .. thus, the mainstream concept of hell is how a powerless man deals with evil .. but a God who is truly powerful transforms and renews for He is love. But to get to the truth of this understanding I had to be willing to let go of the lie .. and learn it new straight from Him. Then I discovered that those who truly take time to learn from Him, learned the same thing.

  4. Thanks for an explanation
    or your Journey.
    There are several very troubling
    aspects of how you were
    brought to believe this, and
    an observation you should

    Actually, the refining work
    that you mentioned in
    ‘point one’ is the Work of the
    Holy Spirit.
    (So, there is no stretch of
    metaphysical definition in
    which you could call that Hell).
    (Hell would not be a work
    of Christ for improvement).
    that would be blasphemous.
    Improvement is brought by the
    Holy Spirit.
    Paul said, “If you don’t have Christ,
    You are none of His.”
    Hell is mentioned in the Bible,
    in regard to Satan, and ‘his
    The work of God continues on
    in Heaven, because Jesus said
    I go to prepare a place for you.
    Without Jesus Blood being
    applied to your life, you cannot
    enter this realm.
    It will never be applied to
    ‘unbelievers’, because they have
    rejected teaching.

    Secondly, and I do not say this
    to be insulting, or difficult, but
    just as being the Truth.
    Jesus said, my sheep know My
    Voice and the voice of another
    ‘they will not follow’.
    Your teaching is not from Jesus
    ‘on this particular subject’.
    It doesn’t bear witness with
    other believers of Jesus Christ.

    In fact what you are saying
    is directly in line with the
    Gnostic Gospels that were
    written at the time of Christ
    by false groups claiming to
    follow Christ, most recently
    revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls
    namely, in the Gospel of Mary,
    Gospel of Thomas, and other
    texts printed in “The Other Bible”.
    These teachings are called
    Gnostic, because they rely on a
    “secret knowing” or secret knowledge.
    Hence the term Gnostic meaning
    However, once this “knowledge was
    written down”, it was no more secret
    than the Gospel itself, which is also
    written down.
    So, there is no secret knowledge here.
    Jesus said, those who do rightly,
    come to the light.
    So, what is of the Light is known.
    Satan’s kingdom called the kingdom
    of darkness, rely’s on what is hidden.
    So, the teaching of Hell is not
    hidden from anyone. Jesus put it
    out in the open.
    Also, these Gnostic groups of
    Christians, did not believe that Jesus
    was the Messiah, or the redeemer
    from sin, they believed that Jesus was
    a “great teacher” bringing “secret

    Theses teachings are not “new”
    but were revealed as being not
    ‘in line with’ the teachings of the
    early Apostles, Paul, John,
    James, and Peter, etc.
    The True Apostles of Christ.
    So this argument about hell,
    predates, the modern Church,
    and reverts to the time of Christ.
    There is nothing new about it.

    Another statement I would like
    to make is, you commented
    that, the mainstream doesn’t know
    God. That statement was abstract
    enough, to be unapproachable,
    for meaning. For instance, do you
    mean, the mainstream of sinners,?
    or the mainstream of- The Church.?
    If you are suggesting that the true
    Church of Jesus, can’t understand
    the meaning of Jesus’ teaching on Hell
    that would be a bit hard to sell.
    Secondly, if few can understand,
    then Jesus is a poor teacher.
    Lastly, the Gospels and Epistles
    were written, so that all could
    come to the knowledge of the Truth,
    without ‘private revelation’.
    In other words you don’t need
    private revelation to get this.
    It’s common knowledge, written out
    by the Apostles.
    Paul saying I would rather speak
    five words with my understanding
    in Church, than a multiple score
    of words that would be shrouded.

    My conclusion in this thesis,
    Rachel is this, and this is the
    main point, of my speech.
    Your teaching, or revelation on
    this subject, puts you not only
    outside of the mainstream of belief
    of the true believer’s in Christ,
    (who are led by the Spirit),
    but it puts you outside of the
    Teachings of Jesus Christ.
    It places you among the

    Ok. As a lover of Jesus myself,
    and knowing that I myself being
    in disagreement with your
    revelation, and yet at all times
    being in agreement with His love,
    still by your definition, you throw
    yourself necessarily, in juxtaposition
    and at odds with those who Claim that Love.

    This should give you pause enough
    to consider the source of your
    revelation, whether it be of Love?
    I say, no.
    Your revelation is a justification
    of love, based on an unwillingness
    to suffer persecution for
    the Cross of Christ.
    You want to paint Christ on
    the Cross with no blood,
    a pretty picture,
    being unwilling to Suffer with Him.

    You don’t want to be accused
    of having a love that- is prejudiced
    against Sin.
    So you have rewritten the Law of
    Love, by adding a perfection of your
    And that ‘Is’ sin —- the embodiment
    of it.
    Adding self effort for Righteousness.
    Righteousness is A Gift.

    So then, ask yourself this.
    Am I out of love, for writing this?
    Am I harsh for writing this?
    I don’t think so.
    God’s love doesn’t say, do your
    own thing, or one day you’ll be
    forced to ‘get in’
    You’ll be burned till you submit,
    till you learn to obey God.
    By the time burning comes,
    you have met with zero love.
    You don’t want to go there.

    • i understand where u coming from, and true the holyspirit will make all things known that god has ever spoken.. and i think you need to consult it with all of my heart and soul with gods perfect love beaming like a laser beam of magnanoumous love amen ❤

  5. Why do you think God would delight in the eternal suffering of his own creatures? Doesn’t that sound horrible to you? Certainly you can assume you may misunderstand the concept of hell.

    God’s mind is the SOURCE of all wisdom – I’m sure he is quite capable of saving the most horrible of sinners since he can easily recreate their hearts/spirits and write his law directly into their minds.

    No matter how horrible a person is – we are as little CHILDREN to God. Remember, even Jesus, as the people were murdering him, asked God to forgive them – for as children, they did not understand what they were doing.

    If you have done ONE sin, you have done it all. We are no different from every other sinner – we ALL need God to rescue our souls. Which he will do.

    • You cannot be Saved
      accept by receiving
      Jesus- as your Savior.

      You may ‘be God’s creature’,
      but to go to Heaven,
      and not Hell, you must
      become a Son of God.

      This is only through
      a relationship with Jesus
      as Savior, and by your
      accepting Him as Lord.

      This is The Gospel of Jesus
      Christ as taught by Him
      and found in the Bible.

      This is the reason He
      came to Earth, and was
      manifested among men,
      in order to Save You
      ——-From Suffering.

    • As I as looking back through this blog I ran across this comment. The part that connected with me was the remark that no matter how horrible we may be we are “still” the children of God. To add to…and carry it further in total agreement and commitment to this saying…Hw can we not love those who are only behind us by a few steps? God places us in the calling and order of His choosing and e are blinded ( or not) according to His will. So who are we to judge the child of another when the “Father” of that child is. One other than their Father and ours. All of us are but undeveloped souls of the Father, some of us further along…and some further behind…however all of us are on the same path of being redeemed back to the Father.

      So….for those of us our Father has allowed us to “see” we are most thankful that we can see that we have a Father in heaven who loves “th least of these” as He does the “most” of these. It is a wonderful thing to be able to see the love of God in the vest as n the most “Saintly.” I see this love and I see that you see this also…and this likeness is hat makes life worth the living.

      You are blessed to have a partner in life to see these wonderful truths along with you…and to share them…one with the other.

      It is the simple things in life that make us have the most…

      • This reply was to the “Caped Crusader”. 2013

      • Thank you for this inspired comment Sonny – it was warmly received. Let us all continue to seek for the very Soul of God – that we may radiate his light (Christ) into the lives of those who need the awareness of his love most of all. Much love to you.

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