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A Free Mind is a Hopeful Reality


A Free Mind is a Hopeful Reality


This weekend I looked behind me, and it was a vast nothingness; the past wasn’t there.

This is a welcomed awareness. It was a vision that granted me a deeper understanding sending me into greater levels of enlightenment thus freedom.

Except for our memories, the past doesn’t exist. However, most of us act like it’s a living reality, thus make it one. We live by it, and from it create our present and future. Sometimes we try to hold onto it and live as a 20-year-old chasing what once was and thus are never satisfied with today. Other times, we live by its wounds, which taint our current health, relationships, jobs, etc. For example, we were hurt in a previous relationship in which someone betrayed us, and now we don’t or find it hard to trust others. We failed in a business venture, and now we don’t follow our desires but work in a job we don’t like. A parent called us a loser, and now we overeat to drown out that resounding voice echoing in our head. These are examples of living in and by the past, thus it creates our present moments and future. This projection of the past into the future is often at the core of those who struggle with depression, hopeless, and feeling trapped. This mentality can quench our hope because it prohibits our minds from growing and creating a present and future we do desire.

The fulfillment of hope, thus change, comes from allowing ourselves to learn from the past, but not live in the past. In learning from it yet not in it, our hope starts to become fulfilled, because we are open to learning and growing, which brings the fulfillment of the things hoped for. A learning and growing mind, a present mind, is receptive to new opportunities and better ways of being because it’s learning new ways of thinking. It enables alteration within our mind’s process thus real change in our choices, actions and behaviors.

What has this to do with our relationship with God? Everything.

The Spirit of God is in the present, for that is what exists and is real. As our internal teacher and counselor, He speaks to us right now with the purpose of transitioning our minds to operate by His truth and loving kindness. 1 Timothy 1:5 If our minds are bound to the past by functioning in and by mindsets like blame, bitterness, resentment, vengeance, covetousness, maliciousness, hatred, backbiting, unforgiveness, jealousy, self-pity, and so on we won’t hear His voice instructing us in a better way. When we give these mindsets control of our thoughts, they are loud and consuming. The thoughts God establishes in us are opposite of these, thus we have to be willing to turn away from these mindsets and learn to think in accordance to His wisdom, truth, righteousness and loving kindness. This is part of renewing our mind and a significant part of the repentance we’re called to. Romans 1:28-32, Romans 12:2

When we seek and follow His instruction, our minds transition to a present mindset where God guides us in new directions. He, and not our interpretation of the past, establishes our thoughts, thus our minds create fresh perspectives that translate into new actions, thus changes, and hopes fulfilled.

A part of moving out of our past and into the present is viewing our past with thanksgiving and honor. The upsets of the past can teach us important lessons of wisdom, truth and love that if we learn we won’t repeat the past hurts. All we went through and the people who were involved in those lessons teach us compassion and understanding. Once we learn from our situations, we are able to help others because we’ve learned the truth and practice the truth. Our past is cloaked with thanksgiving and honor when we see all the experiences and people they contained as part of our journey of growing in alignment with the divine wisdom of God. In this, the past, thus the present, translates into blessings instead of continual cursings because we’ve learned, grown, and can now help others. Some of our greatest hurts can teach us life-altering lessons that propel us forward to gaining a mind established on truth.

I’ve tasted a lot of different pains in my past. Once I started to seek after the truth, God has been using them to teach me and bring me to a deeper level of understanding and compassion I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It is truly God working all for good for those who love Him. Romans 8:28

This understanding of learning from our past but not living by it is deep and personal. We each have a myriad of experiences from our past, and if we allow the Spirit of Truth to teach us, we will learn from those experiences, grow, and begin to live in the present out by the wisdom they provided. This understanding sets our mind free, thus frees us.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “A Free Mind is a Hopeful Reality

  1. A free mind is a hopeful reality
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  2. Thank God for giving you this message… It spoke directly to my heart!

  3. Excellent word, encouraging and up lifting. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for this life changing message Rachel.
    I’ve prayed a prayer this morning for a specific answer and I believe this is it!!..I have been dwelling on pains and hurts from the past not realizing how much it has been affecting the bright future the Lord has promised me in Jeremiah 29:11. (“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ) I thought I had released all hurts and pains up to God, moving forward, but I now know I did it not in a faith filled way, but more in a religious way. After reading your message just now it dawned on me what a lie I have been living!! I am still holding on to pains and hurts from the past. My doubts and unbelief were getting in the way believing lies that are so thick in my mind. It feel as if I’m choking!! Now I know, I must return to the throne room, (His secret place), of my Daddy God, Seeking His help and forgiveness, as He releases more of His amazing Grace upon me, restoring and refreshing my soul! I also know that His grace is more than sufficient to release fully and completely!!!!!!.
    I am so blessed to have read your message!!!!…Thank you Holy Father GOD, thanks again Rachel!
    Divine Blessings be with you always as you continue to bless others 🙂
    Wishing you much love joy peace and wellness
    from a Sis in Christ In Vienna Austria
    Rufina Frontin Blackman

  5. 1Cr 10:4
    And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

    Rachel, give me your thoughts on “they drank of that spiritual Rock that
    followed them” i.e. (why followed)?

    The N. Testament said we are ‘led by’ the Spirit (coming behind him)..

  6. Thanks Rachel reversing their reap : ) thier ranks are their women clouding minds doing a fine job as counterweight giving clarity . !…

    • Thanks, Stephen,
      there’s no one here to hurt you.
      I surround you with love.

      • You can only hurt yourself by sin and turning from God’s laws of spirit and truth with my soul in God’s hands who should I fear? Foolish people hide in anonomous secrecy to hide themselves from their own rightfull condemnation which they cannot escape

      • In the desert, you can’t remember your name, because there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.
        Under the city, there lies a heart made of ground, but the humans willl
        give no Love.

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