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Overcoming the Internal Beast


Overcoming the Internal Beast

Recently, I clearly saw the beast in each one of us; the internal beast that Christ came to destroy and put His Spirit of righteous love in its place. It was very powerful, full of lies of destruction, and in a form often undetected for what it truly is, though it abides within us. Christ battle isn’t against us; it’s against this internal beast of wickedness that seeks to destroy us. Understanding the true battle is essential to understanding God’s plan of salvation.

This internal beast is our corrupted controlling self-will influenced by evil. 1 John 5:19 It’s the controlling spirit of our soul, which we are born with, that makes us slaves to sin. Romans 6:16-19 It’s a corrupted operating system governing every thought and action in the ways of death instead of life. This operating system is full of lies, feasts on lies, and serves lies. (Lies that we hold as our truth.) Its outputs are lies; lies about who we are, who God is, what love is, what truth is and on and on. The lies manifest sin, which manifests pain, suffering, and hardship, which leads to death.  James 1:14-16 This beastly entity abides in all people, thus why all are dead. 1 Corin 15:22 It’s contrary to God; therefore all it produces are the fruits of death. By giving us His spirit, Christ came to free mankind from this beast that imprisons our souls and makes us corrupted, defiled, vile, and dead. Now is the time for this promise to manifest. 1 Peter 1:5, 9, 13

This internal beast spirit rules us, until it’s put to death and a new governing spirit takes its place. This new spirit is the salvation of Christ given to all. We’ve hoped in this salvation of receiving a new operating system, the mind of Christ crafted in pure truth and righteous love that enables us to be eternal creations with God. That hope is now being realized to those who have been waiting and watching.

Preparation Period: Putting on the Wedding Garments

Now is the time to get dressed. God’s spirit is preparing those who come to Him in truth and spirit by clothing them in garments of pure light/truth/righteousness so they can be married to Christ, which means people are starting to walk in true righteousness by the power of God like never before.

These garments are necessary to 1. Stand in the day of the fiery trial coming upon the whole earth Isaiah 33:14-16 and 2. Come into the wedding feast to be joined with Christ for eternity. Matthew 22:12-14

How? Christ is pouring the eternal life spirit into souls who are ready and willing to receive. John 6:63 This Spirit of wisdom is the mind of Christ and it starts small within us. 1 Corin 1:30, Luke 17:21. If you live in righteousness, you live in eternal life. As we listen and obey His lead, He guides us into the paths of righteousness where there is no death. He leads us to abundant life inside and out. He leads us into the kingdom of heaven here on earth. He leads us to safety and protection in a world whose ways are crumbling and becoming full of depravity, pain and suffering. Our part is to listen and obey His instruction to us, which we can by His power filling us as we heed His word. Ephesians 1:19

Christ the perfect husband washing His Bride in the word. Ephesians 5:26, John 17:17 His Spirit is personally speaking words of life to souls who are listening. He’s teaching, leading and enabling people to abide in paths of righteousness. There is a new power working in the souls of those receiving Him. John 14:23 He is opening their eyes to see their sin and the consequences of it, thus enabling them to chose the way of life. Luke 4:18 As they walk uprightly, everything around them starts to change for life is replacing where death once dwelled. We create our surroundings by our faith. If we are walking in His righteousness, His faith, which is life, then we create life, eternal life, and works without end. These lives will stand victoriously in the judgment coming upon the earth. Transformations into deep joy, abundant rest, blessings and true love are occurring as people walk the paths of holiness by the power of His spirit in them. As a result, they are adorned with garments of holiness and prepared to enter the wedding feast.

To go through this transition, first we have to understand what is currently controlling us. When we see and understand this internal beast in us, then we can die to it, which is abandoning it. It isn’t simply turning from a sin here and here, but the source which sin comes from. It’s knowing the very core of us is corrupt and abandoning our self-will altogether. Romans 7:4 When we no longer listen or follow it, it loses all power. A lie is only powerful if you believe it as truth. Once truth enters in, it becomes nothing. Psalm 91:4

Luke 9:23 Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.

But then what/who are we following? If we truly abandon our self-will, we will embrace the new operating system of the Spirit of Christ. We have to follow something. It starts with small steps of obedience to God’s voice of righteousness within us, and continues until He governs every aspect of our lives. This transition is sowing on the wedding garments. As a result, we are transformed into eternal creations and the world around changes as righteous love flows from us, thus the kingdom of God starts to be established on the earth.

Rejecting Christ’s Spirit

Many will not head this voice, and embrace the cleansing spirit of Christ knocking on the door of their hearts. Revelation 3:20  They will continue to follow the dictates of their own hearts. Jeremiah 16:12 Outside the kingdom of God (not heeding His voice) will be a place without mercy, as mercy is lifted to expose the works of darkness and reveal hearts. Jeremiah 16:5 Those outside will face eternal fire, eternal punishment, everlasting burnings, weeping and gnashing of teeth, and outer darkness … all descriptions of the judgment of God that will destroy the corrupted self-will spirit they refused to give up. It will be a tribulation unlike any other because wickedness and our corrupted self will perish.

All will be seasoned with fire. Mark 9:49 But if we have the garments of righteousness, the fire will not harm us. Instead we will be greatly rewarded and be to the praise, honor and glory of Christ. 1 Peter 1:7 If we don’t then we will suffer great loss, punishment for correction, and judgment by the works of our own doing. 1 Corin 3:15 Now is the time to seek God. To reap mercy and righteousness .. that He may pour His righteousness into us Hosea 10:12-14.

God will not be mocked we will reap what we sow. Sow the wedding garments so you can be married to Christ. Galatians 6:7 He has poured out His grace, that you may walk with Him in righteousness. Abide in this grace. 1 Peter 1:13

Thank Christ for the amazing gift of His spirit which can be united and enter our soul and govern us instead of the beast. This is our salvation, our defense, and our life for it is the spirit of eternal life.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

12 thoughts on “Overcoming the Internal Beast

  1. Rachel.. this is spot on.. we need to hear and obey. It’s not about rules and duty, rather it is about living relationship. An excellent post!

    • Martin … exactly, religion is about rules and duty that profit little and actually greatly mislead people. A relationship is about love and guiding into paths of life that give you an abundant life without corruption.

  2. Thank you , Rachel, for pouring out of yourself what He has poured into you. The way He gives you to explain the process of dying to self is really blessed. God bless you as you keep the messages to turn ourselves over to Jesus coming!

    • Hi Debbie … God desires so many wonderful things for us, He truly is amazing Father. Pray eyes are opened to see His paths truly lead to life and all they desire.

  3. Thank you Rachel. This is an excellent word. Right on.
    God bless you.
    Thank You Lord. Glory to You forever.

  4. The Parable of the wheat and the tares if we go into it deep enough is a very telling tale,…could it be it is suggesting there are ones among us that only look like human beings on the outside?

    how deep does that beast entangle itself,skin deep?…or right down to the blood?

    when satan copulated with Eve and the other angels had children with human women,..did their DNA get passed on,corrupting our flesh,..and that is why we all have to die?

    if we open our eyes and look around us,..satan, and his, mock ,The Father Most High with symbols of angels copulating with human women and they use all different types of symbols depicting DNA,eg: ladders, rainbow colours etc…and have fooled Christianity for centuries into holding and keeping satanic pagan ‘fertility’ festivals eg:easter…. and the use of phallic obelisk objects in most cities from Rome to London to Washington,..and in most chapel and church grounds and many buildings,eg: the stone pillars that go into points

  5. I am so glad to have found your “Stirring the Deep” posts. What you speak about is confirmation of what God has been teaching me – almost exactly. Since I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me directly, I have been “un learning” many things the church has taught me my entire life. It has been a blessing to me to read your posts. Thank you Rachel, and thank You God for Your truth and amazing love.

    • Hi Denny – thanks for commenting … for this is one reason I share to be that confirmation to others who are also learning from God Himself. After I left the church, I also had a lot of unlearning to do. God showed Himself far more deep, complex, perfect, loving and powerful. He is teaching and unveiling some beautiful truths in these days. How blessed it is to hear.

  6. Rachel any thoughts on who Cains father was?

    • Hi Brian – I’ve heard others say it was Satan … but God Himself has not shown me this fully. When Adam and Eve went their own way, the spirit in them was corrupted, from a purity of God’s creation to tainted with self-will. Now the children would be born in pain (in sin) … Abel and Cain show the division of the spirits, of God and of self-will (Satan).

  7. Rachel,
    I guess i could say ive heard others say Adam was Cains father,..but neither God or Scripture actually shows me this.

    we have got to discern that old serpent was the fallen angel lucifier/satan,..and not a serpent as in snake,..and also he was the tree of knowledge,…and feeds the world his friut,..and the only good food is from, The Tree of Life

    Genesis 3 v 15 … gotta ask yourself, it satans offspring or a snakes offspring its referring too?

    Genesis 6 2-4
    makes it very plain Angels had children with human women,…(note: this was in the time of Noah,..and prophecy warns us so shall it be in the endtimes,as in the days of Noah)

    Genesis 5 v 3
    is the only Scripture that actually says who Adams son was….and its not Cain or Abel
    although it does hint that Abel was/might have been,..but nowhere does it say Cain was,..and certainly hints that satan could well have been his father.

    i understand that you might not see the symbols around you they are very subtle, have to study and learn them,..but when you do you see the mocking of Our Father, they show in many different hidden forms,..fallen angels copulating with human females,..and and emphasis on DNA everywhere,..when we discern this it makes more sense of the sin in the flesh,..and why we all must die or be changed,..or can be changed Spiritually.
    sin comes from one place at the start and brings only one thing…and death is the last to be done away with,…i think Genesis means who’s ..Gene is who?..:-)…but it also makes for a better understanding of the wheat and the tares

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