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The Kingdom of Heaven On Earth


The Kingdom of Heaven On Earth

Very important message about the times we are in and what to expect and our role to play.

Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

5 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Heaven On Earth

  1. hi , good video !
    i’ll like to share some thing in the light of this video
    i’ve been studying the seven churches of revelation and the holy spirit is showing me things 1) jesus reveal himself before he reveals the future to the apostle john and to the seven churches
    this is to prevent error 2) truth is always consistantly true ,his intro is relative to the condition of these churches 3) although jesus message to the churches for everyone only a minority will get it Rev chapter 2,3 have a read ,good luck and God bless !

  2. Rachel, I loved you last

  3. Wow! Thanks for that video, it makes so much sense and I needed that right now….x

  4. Thank you for your faithfulness to bring us these messages, Rachel. I wish I had the words to explain how much they have blessed me. The message about lies was so good . . .and I immediately felt a change as I began to grasp how much we are surrounded by them. I had been struggling in general, in many things. Yep. Lies. Yesterday was filled with light and worship and the struggle and pain just dropped away. it’s trying to claw it’s way back, but nothin’ doin’. God bless you and strengthen you for all the days ahead!

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