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The Kingdom Come


The Kingdom Come

You are profoundly loved by God. You are cherished by Him, for you are His creation. He desires for you to know Him, intimately. He is waiting for you to daily come to Him in truth and spirit, which is a teachable heart to know Him as He is beyond the worldly and religious images and for your spirit to be deeply acquainted with His. No person can give you God. You have to find that unity with Him yourself.

Kingdom Being Established

God has been largely misrepresented and misunderstood in this world of lies, but the time is upon us that all will know Him as He is for His Kingdom of Righteous is being established upon this earth. His Kingdom is of righteous love. All who are a part of it are a part of God thus governed by Him and living in and by His righteous love. Where there is righteousness there is no sin, thus no death, thus eternal life. Life is at the door, now is the time to open it. Revelation 3:20 Now is the time for the power of Christ to be revealed in this earth.

When you come to God and begin to learn of Him from Him, you will learn of His love for you. He gives you the desire and power to walk in His ways of righteousness for that is what it means to be a part of Him.  As you spend time each day as you would with a friend over a cup of coffee, your life will begin to manifest His presence. It’s not about religion or religious activities. Knowing God is abiding in your life as you are uniquely created grounded in rest, peace, joy, contentment and righteous love.

Hope Fulfilled

Up to this point in time, people have lived with the hope of this life in the Kingdom of God. The hope in itself is powerful, one to change lives and two because of the Holy Spirit given as a guarantee of the time to come. 2 Corinthians 5:4-5 BUT NOW as God’s power flows to set up His Kingdom in this earth, there will be a significant transformation in people as they are consumed with His righteous love, rest and peace. The transformation comes by grace as we seek His face. God’s grace is being poured out, step into that grace and you will step into His power leading to a new life in His Kingdom.

1 Peter 1:13 Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;

Evidence of the Kingdom: Rest

The evidence of God’s Kingdom manifesting on in this earth is a Holy Sabbath reigning in people’s lives. The Sabbath is a place of eternal rest inside and out because God is living through you. It’s being at rest from all your own efforts (no self-will) as God’s power governs each step. Hebrews 4:10 In rest, you trust in His love in every situation, thus are without fear. 1 John 4:18 In rest, peace is ruling in your heart, because where there is nothing that causes angst there is peace. Colossians 3:15 In rest, His power is manifested. This depth of rest is evidence of His Kingdom; a Kingdom that starts as a mustard seed in this earth and in your heart. Matthew 13: 31-32 The transformation will be a testimony that you are in truth and will compel others to step into God’s grace as well.

As you abide with God, the gospel (truth) of peace will be established within you by His hand. Hebrews 8:10-11 He will write His truths upon your heart, truths about how to live this life that will manifest His presence and thus all that you deeply desire. For it’s God’s will to give you the desires of your heart; desires void of corruption. As this gospel of peace is established in the souls of mankind, His Kingdom will spread to fill this earth purging the darkness of sin and the death it creates.

Luke 12:32 “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Conquering of Death

The world consists of truth and lies. Truth is the thoughts, actions and ways that bring all that is of life (love, joy, peace, rest, satisfaction). Lies are the thoughts, actions and ways that bring all that is of death (pain, suffering, stress, fear, angst, death). At the breath of His mouth, God will set up His Kingdom. Isaiah 11:4, 2 Thessalonians 2:8 His Word of truth will take root in the hearts of mankind as never before, as now is the time for His Kingdom to become a reality and no longer just a hope. As truth starts to spring forth from the fountain of life, it will defeat the lies thus the consequences of them; error/sin leading to death.

Death has been conquered; thus the Father of lies, the source of lies, has been conquered. John 8:44 Now we will see the manifestation of that victory.  As a result, wicked works will be destroyed. Wickedness and evil will implode upon themselves and righteousness will conquer and reign. Proverbs 12:7 Through it all, God’s grace and mercy will abound.

God’s power makes streams in the desert and makes the wilderness bloom. This Kingdom will be established by His power not ours. It will be established by us abiding in rest and God flowing through us. Though some will cling to their ways, the growing rest in the lives of others and the growing angst in their own as the sin implodes upon itself, will lead them to the point of turning to God. 1 Corinthians 3:13 When you see Him (peace, rest, joy, love), it becomes much easier to believe. But blessed are those who believe when they didn’t see. John 20:29

Step into the Kingdom by plugging into the source of life. The gates have been opened for God’s living waters to flood this earth, and they are flowing your way.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

13 thoughts on “The Kingdom Come

  1. Hi Rachel,
    One of the biggest lies of all babylonian church/religions and especially Christianity,.is…going to live in Heaven,be it, immediately after death,or in the future to spend eternity in Heaven…..both teachings are total lies and

    they twist the True Gospel,..and most follow it,..if they dont want to seek and love The Truth

    The True Gospel is this,.. The Kingdom Set up here on THIS EARTH, His Earth,with Him as King Forever,..and HE, will raise the dead to life

    The Truth is The Chosen Holy One of The Father Almighty,…His Annointed One,The Messiah,His Son,..King of kings,King O’Israel,is going to return here to this World, after everything that is Written comes to pass…and Establish His Kingdom on This Earth with Him as King FOREVER, and ever, Halleluyah
    ….That Kingdom we pray for is approaching and advancing and coming.
    …and The Sabbath Rest will only start when The King of Israel Returns in All His Glory,with His Bride and Holy Angels,and those that come through and out of the Tribulation (that will soon be upon this ‘world’)..and those blessed enough to be raised from the dead at the Second Coming,..will then enter into that 1 Day /Thousand year ,Sabbath,, on this earth.

    satan will be bound where the fallen ones are now,deep with our earth !!!!,..where! the Messiah went after crucifixion til His resurrection!

    and just as it is Writtent,the rest of the dead will NOT be resurrected and judged till the end of that Sabbath,

    .then He will raise up the rest of dead to life and judgement….

    when all this is fulfilled,.The Almighty Father Most High,Will Come Down From Heaven and Judge, His Holy Son!

    just as it is Written!

    then,..So Shall it Be,

    we have alot to rest our eyes on,..never mind our souls!

    • Hi Brian –

      Christ is coming as a thief, but for those of the Day He will not come as a thief. He is coming in a way that most don’t expect. We must be careful not to hold set images of what His Spirit coming to governing this earth looks like, this is how they miss understood it the first time.

      As for the Sabbath rest … now is the time when we can start entering in the Sabbath Rest. This is very important to understand because it is part of His return. Being at rest means God’s will is governing us and not ourselves, thus we are at rest from any effort of our own Heb 4:10. It’s in a state of rest that the presence and power of God is manifested … thus the Holy Sabbath. In a state of rest, His will is directing thus His power is present. This rest is essential state of those of the temple of God. Jesus Christ was at complete rest, as He did only God’s will and nothing of Himself. This is the state He is calling us to, but more importantly enabling us to be in by His grace and power. It’s a deeper level of trust and thus power that is upon us in these last days. In this rest, His righteous love fills and flows through us – it is this love in truth that will deliver this world. There is a lot to this. But understanding this rest is something He is available to us now IS part of His return, for we are His temple and to have that unity we have to be completely surrendered and trusting Him in us. He is filling His people with His spirit, those who are entering into rest, in a mighty way.

      His kingdom starts in us and as it manifests in us it changes the world.

      • Hi Rachel,
        careful! is the word, that we dont do it in these times too!
        Im going to have to rightfully divide the Word on this,

        1Thess 5 v 2,For yourselves know perfectly that the DAY,of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.

        its the DAY of the Lord that will come like a thief!..not Himself,

        He will Come, and everyone will see Him, in His Glory,.His White Hair,Eyes like fire, His blood Red Robe

        The Day that will mark the start of the end time Tribulation,will come upon those whom The Almighty keeps in the strong delusion! 2 Thess 2 v 11

        The Day wont start till the lawless one appears!

        The Holy Spirit will be removed from the ‘world’..the same day

        it wont Rain again for a few years….then it will return…for a few years,……wont leave again actually, will remain till the King of Kings Comes Sittin on His White ‘Horse’

        we have to watch for everything,Wriitten,..and happening, the ‘world’..and the heavens above,..

        the sign for the false christ thief

        and The Sign for the leading up too, The Return, to the very day, of the Return of The True Messiah,…7 years after the thief like day!

        just as its Written,

        So Shall it Be,

        regarding rest,again we have to be careful,..true rest will only come about,..when those blessed enough are filled with The Holy Spirit,..and when He is back here on earth,and the Sabbath begins!

        the rest you feel now is just our souls getting used to The Holy Spirit,but its just small,but as you know it grows everyday..indeed,just starting to manifest and establish the beginning to The Kingdom,…if we can feel a slightest rest in these evil times,..i dont think we could even start to imagine what that Sabbath Rest will be like,filled with The Holy Spirit and,.The Lord of the Sabbath, walking and talking and teaching us,on this earth.

        It begins with The Almighty Father,…then His Wonderful Son Who uses The Awesome Holy Spirit to search our inner being,and Teach us,….and will use many for many different tasks,…but All Glory For Everything Given Through Him to the Father,..Who Will Change This World By Making It New Again, His Son, Here as King…just as its Written

  2. Thresherbaby,
    thanks for coming back
    to the Coven.

    • Glenn,..heres wisdom,…we all need to go back to The Covenant made at Horeb,..both as a people and each of us as individuals.
      Nothing has changed from that day to this or forever,The Convenant is the same,The Voice is the same!

      • Hebrews 8:9 It will not be like
        the covenant I made with their
        forefathers when I took them
        by the hand (R.)
        to lead them out of Horeb
        because they did not remain
        faithful to my covenant, and
        I turned away from them,
        declares the Lord.

      • Deut 4 v 30…”in the latter days you will return to the LORD your God and listen to His Voice.”

        John 10 v 27 “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and
        they follow Me”

        both these Wonderful pieces of Scripture is dealing in the here and now!,..this is the latter days!

        Deut 4 v13….The Covenant,The 10 Commandments, and v 15 -19…will still be the same in Hebrews 8 v10,..just not Written in stone!

        Hebrews 8 v 9 is away in the future,when He Returns in Person for us all to see and all to hear,sat at His Feet,being taught by Him.

        we have to deal with the here and now and the narrow path,..He’s the Shepherd,..Calling to The Lost Sheep Tribes of
        Israel,…and we have got to go listen where His Voice is and what
        it says,..Deut Chp’s 4,5,6,7,..concerns us Today!, lead our forefathers out of Eygpt,..its still the same to lead us out of Babylon/Roman Christianity Today!

        you see, Deut 4 v 15-19,..He tells us NOT what to do to Worship Him!…its very plain,.. its very simple,.

        Now,im not sure where you are in the world,..but im in the UK,.people here, who call themselves ‘christian’,have just all took part in one of the biggest devil worshipping sun goddess festivals in their roman calendar called, easter,..a distgusting hideous pagan baal worship festival that Our King, HATES!….and warns us NOT to be any part off!,..yet all these people who cliam to ‘worship’ God Almighty,..foolishly take part in, because they dont love the Truth,..and wont listen to His Voice!

        No, The Covenant made in those days is still that same Covenant Today…until its Renewed as in Hebrews 10,..but thats a far of day!

        Today, if your hear His Voice,Do Not Harden your heart!

        its all being Wisely Written for a Reason,…..for lost sheep Israelites

      • Brian, all of us will encounter
        this phenomena in reading,
        whether it be the Word of God,
        or Shakespeare.
        When we differ, it doesn’t imply,
        that either of us, is less Truthful.
        that branch of modern logic
        that studies the various kinds
        of signs that occur in a system
        and the possible arrangements of those
        signs, complete abstraction being made
        of the meaning of the signs.
        the outcome of such a study when
        directed upon a specified language.

      • Glenn we can all differ on what is The Truth,..but there is only one Truth,..its the same for us all,..we must seek to find it!

        you will not find it in Shakespeare

      • Thank you very much,
        it can only lead the way.

  3. I can’t wait for His return.

  4. Thank you, Rachel and God bless you as you continue to help us to the Truth of Jesus and what His rest means.

    • Hi Debbie – it’s an amazing time we are in. There is a lot to say about this topic and look forward to writing more and getting other’s input.

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