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Day of the Lord, What to Expect?


Day of the Lord, What to Expect?

In this video I talk about what I feel God has taught me about The Day of the Lord, I go over a chapter in Isaiah and a poem I posted a couple weeks ago. Pray it stimulates some “stirring the deep” for this Day is significant to all of us and is upon us.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

22 thoughts on “Day of the Lord, What to Expect?

  1. I enjoyed it Rachel; especially your poem.

    Two roads, Biblically stated. No more and no less. Be prepared for Christ’s return or ignore it.

    A good message for the new year as we strive to confidently face the future.

  2. Rachel, thanks for bringing to
    light, this chapter in Isaiah.
    I had forgotten this reference in
    2:2 where it says ‘This shall come
    to pass in the last days’.
    What is your understanding of, 2:2
    “that the mountain of the Lord’s
    house shall be established in
    the top of the mountains.”?

  3. Hi Rachel and Glenn,..Rachel, in these times its so lovely to read someone writing or stating the basics of The True Gospel,.and that is The Kingdom Prayed for so much,will be on this earth,With Our Saviour as The Fathers Chosen King and Ruler ..and totally ..with Gods Will being Done HERE!
    (this is how you know true believers,..they will first tell of The Kingdom here on earth,just as it is Written,for them to tell of)
    One of the biggest deceptions taught in mainstream christian churches is the very false teaching of spending Eternity in Heaven,..and many foolishly and blindly follow this false doctrine.
    If they’d care to actually read The Bible they might just notice that The King of Kings,The Son of The Almighty Father is going to Return HERE to this EARTH, do away with the evil one’s false ‘world’ system in which we live!,once and for all,.and He, Our Saviour is going to set up a World Government,.HERE, on EARTH,..NOT Heaven,..
    the ‘mountain/s’ referred to throughout Scripture, you can be sure is not meant as a mountain.

    talking with many heaven bound believing christians they just cant seem to grasp the concept of this,…im sure they in for a shock!!,..when they discover they cant go there,..but least a very pleasant surprise when they finally start to love The Truth and awake from the slumber alot seem very happy to be in,..again,..just as its Written

    • Hi Brian – well said .. the kingdom is coming to earth … to understand this brings a lot of clarity and understanding as you read the Word. It’s an exciting and amazing truth. I’ve been reading Isaiah and it’s all about this kingdom coming.

      • Rachel,..its a Revelation in itself when you get your eyes, ears and heart opened to the Truth and Reality that Our Saviour and King is Coming Here to Live on Earth with us and to make sure His Fathers Will is Done, here, FOREVER !, Halleluyah,..although it shouldnt be of any surprise, because its the very first line of The Lords Prayer,..but just shows us how blind and how much lack of understanding we as a people have,and allowed let ourselves be deceived,..with a different ‘dainty meat’ teaching.
        With Him as The Cornerstone Rock for us to build on,..knowing He is going to Come here and Rule Earth for Eternity, a great Solid Truth Rock to lay beside the First! certainly gives you a very different perspective on things,and gives you a little bit more of an understanding to the OT bread Books like Isaiah, to what is being said in the Message there!..and indeed all the Prophetic Books,Jeremiah,Ezekiel,..(chp37,i love it) saying mostly the same thing as Isaiah,..and the big message Books of Hosea Joel Micah,..and Zechariah,..especially chp 14,..and esp, v 9.

  4. Brian, thanks for saying hello. You
    have such an extensive knowledge
    of the Word. I am very intrigued by
    your knowledge of the Bible.
    Very fascinating word you have
    used for the ‘stone rejected’.
    I know that God’s throne is in heaven,
    and the earth is his footstool.
    Rachel tells me that the kingdom of
    heaven is within me.
    So to have an understaning, I have to tie all
    of this together, You, Me, Rachel.
    So what is important to me is how
    fascinating is God right now, between
    us, if God is making us His priority.
    Then that has to be the Rainbow that
    God is making in The Sun. Touch it.

    • Hi Glenn, im not so sure about extensive,( i certainly only come here to share,not teach or offend),..ive just thankfully been Given the basic grasp of it by My Wonderful Loving Cornerstone Teacher (yes Hebrew),.. through The Holy Spirit.
      I certainly will have a very different take on a few things that most if not all mainstream ‘Christian’ churches teach,..actually, i totally sever myself from them all and theyre doctrines which when confronted with what is actually in Scripture,some are quite,..hmmm,… distant from The Truth, to say the least,..and infested with baal type paganism.
      Sorry for any confusion regarding The Kingdom,my understanding is this,..There is, God,The Almighty Father, Most High,whom i Worship..through His Son!,The Fathers Chosen One! My Redeemer..My King.. My Teacher,.. through the Holy Spirit.
      Both God the Father and ‘God’ the Son, are in Heaven,.both God..and King Thereof.. .The Holy Spirit is Everywhere!
      The Son Will come here WHEN everything that has been Written is Fulfilled,Psalm 110:1,..( is The Father saying to His Son) Hebrews 10:12-13 ..He will come here and yes His Enemies will be made His Footstool,..He Will become The King of Earth,..(His Father shall Still Be in Heaven),..until.. the The Kingdom is Fully Established and everyone is Judged,..and the dead are raised..and all evil is removed, and that includes satan who will be bound in the ‘pit’ all the while,..then released ..and then doomed forever !
      Thats The Kingdom that will come to Earth, He Will Rule it from His Holy ‘Mountain’…through His People,His Elders, The Patriarch fathers,The king Princes and The Apostles,the Angels….and the ones who, who are picked at ‘Harvest’ and before,.the ‘sheep’.who where called and responded to ‘ His Voice’ in the years leading up to His Return,..The virgins who, who filled their lamps will oil,..the ones made holy so as to be filled with the exact same thing Their King is Filled With!, yes,..The People in A Kingdom,..and hearts and minds and innermost places filled with The Holy Spirit, yes The Kingdom will be inside and The King and His Fathers Kingdom outside, as well!

      So Be It

      • Well, your a little over my head
        with this subject matter, The
        verse in Psalm 110:1 is interesting.
        I don’t mind being taught, that’s
        not something that would offend me.
        That’s saves me time from having to
        read all the reference books you’ve read,
        and also allows Jesus to give me manna
        from your heart. I know that Elijah was
        fed by Ravens.
        You are gentle enough, and you have
        a good sense of humor, so that would
        probably protect me from harm.
        Just treat me like one of your horses,
        or Rachel’s butterscotch kitten that is
        copycatting for a pecan, sandy racoon.
        Luke 9:25 For what is a man advantaged
        aged if he gain the whole world?

  5. Sorry Brian, I got a little off subject there.
    I am not very familiar with the idea,
    or teaching of us coming to live on earth.
    I think you are correct.
    Are you referring to the millenium?
    You and Rachel, may have a different
    idea about that, as far as a time frame.
    You, will have to share some of the verses
    with me.
    I tend to think of the books of Ezekial, and Isaiah
    as referring to the Church period we are in now.
    Feel free to share your thoughts.

    • Hi Glenn … I’m reading Isaiah now, from what I know at this point in time in whatever understanding the Spirit has given is it’s talking a lot about the Day of the Lord and what that will entail.

      • For my own reasons, I see ‘the day
        of the Lord’ as the church era,
        from Jesus, to us, and a little beyond.
        I know this isn’t the normal interpretation,
        but it’s how I am seeing it.
        Are you seeing it as more of a ‘celebra-
        tion period’ that is to come later?
        (leaning to Utopia, for instance)
        where Jesus is literal King,
        or a time, which would encompass
        the ‘world system’ as well?
        (in other words-‘ in the midst of evil’)
        (be a little more specific).

      • Hi Glenn, I see the Day of the Lord as the time we are now entering … where there will be a divide between great tribulation for some lives as the fire declares the type of faith they’ve been cultivating and for those who have built their lives on the Rock, a growing time of peace & rest. Eventually, the peace will take over as the works of the wicked are destroyed and Christ’s kingdom is established through His people. It’s not straightforward in the Bible, until the Holy Spirit reveals it. I feel I’m getting puzzle pieces and slowly coming together, but so much to learn and to fully understand.

    • Glenn,
      most of the Books in the Bible are directed at The Children of Israel,..and some is directed at groups of people,..some at whole nations,..and some a direct warning to the ‘churches’ and some to all of us as individuals,you just got to discern what!is at who,..but most of it is referring to the times in which we live and the immediate future.
      ….what is clear is how to learn,..and what we must do,…and its a very personal decision and journey, must humble yourself in spirit,and seek The Almighty Father with a contrite heart.,..Our Father in Heaven is Spirit, and we must Worship Him through our spirit,..He Will Know your heart,..and He Will put you in the full control of His Chosen Son,..The One who spoke to Moses from The Burning Bush, the One who wrestled with Jacob (Israel), The One who spoke with king David,The One Who Twice appeared and spoke to Solomon,..The Very same One born to a Virgin,Who was SENT only to The ‘Lost Sheep Israelites’..and done All the things Written and Witnessed in The New Testament by Disciples and Apostles,The same One Nailed to ‘the tree’ and who descended to the ‘bottomless pit ‘ to the fallen spirits,..who was Gloriously Resurrected after 3 days and nights there,..and after a further 40 days and nights on earth was taken to Heaven, to Sit at His Fathers’ Right Hand as King of Heaven,..and There He is ever since,..until everything that has been Written is fulfilled and He Returns Here to Earth to Be King of Heaven and King of Earth, and dwell here Forever.
      if your not familiar with this then maybe you have to study a little harder,Isaiah 65 tells of what The World will be Like when Our King Comes!Zechariah 14,..The Lords Prayer (its not that hard to work out, just have to realise you been taught a web of lies from birth from all main religions) so stop and dont follow any teaching of any man which is not Biblical, The Son of The Almighty Father of Heaven Our Saviour is Our Teacher, through the Wonderful Holy Spirit,..if you study with Him and let Him Teach you,He Will open your eyes and heart.
      Rachel has great blogs and video’s on how to truly start a relationship with Our Father and His Son,…and any references ive put up, you should check and read for yourself, is the best and only way,..spend time each and everyday in spirit and with a Bible, advice i could give you personally is treat Old and New Testaments no differently,..every Book has His Bread and Wine in Them,..alot of Hidden manna,…and alot of non-dainty Meat.
      …The ‘parable’ of The 10 Virgins relates to the journey we are on,..Rachel , me or anyone else cannot give you the ‘oil’ you need for your lamp,..but if you consider what ive wrote, all Rachels great work,..then you will know the Only One Place to Get It!

      i hope this helps,.and in time if you spend it wisely Studying His Word with Him for yourself, it will be time well spent!

      • Brian, thank you, your words are
        well heeded. I am a seeker of
        Jesus, and his Friends.
        Your horses will never have to
        gain knowledge for you
        to love them. They’re not on trial.
        So where do they get ‘their oil’ from?
        ( you oil them ).

        You cant’ lie to them, because they
        don’t understand you.
        The seeking is in coming to understand
        one another.

      • Glenn, you’ve lost me a little!..on the horses analogy ?

        I would say we all have to take that narrow path to seek to find and understand Our Saviour, King, and Loving Teacher, me or anyone else will only get our own personal ‘oil’ from Him.

        one of the reasons that us humans cant understand each other,and hence warned not to judge one another is,as it is Written we are not all the same but part of the One Body,just like parts of a body,..the eye, ear, foot, finger, and all have different parts to play and all parts no matter how they might seem insignificant are vitally just as important, ….but i’d say seeking we all must seek The Truth,..and most are still seeking, as There is Only One Truth we wont truly understand each other till we all find it and fully understand it!

  6. Basically speaking, I’m hinting that-
    The Day of the Lord, and
    The Coming of the Lord,
    are two different things.
    That’s both inductive and intuitive,
    by definition.

  7. Hi Rachel,

    God’s Word says in James 4:14, “You are a mist (another translation says a vapor) that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” This life that we have is just temporary. We should build ourselves up on our most Holy faith and trust not in the things of this world, which are temporary, but in things that are eternal. (such as you’ve said.) Many put the there treasures and hopes in things such as money, power, positions (personal titles), material things, and when these things are lost they have nothing to hope in. Isn’t it great that we serve a God that’s eternal? Once Christ is in our hearts nothing can take him away. We should build our hope on him because he is the author and finisher of our faith. With him, we can have joy and peace. Thanks so much for this and reminding us of the importance of what to expect in the Day of the Lord. I loved your poem by the way…

    Jarrod Clark

    • Hi Jarrod – very much agree. The more you draw near to God the more the things of this world become what they truly are, vaporware. They’ve been illustrations to teach us, but they are not our hope or give us life.

  8. I’m with you Brian.
    I guess we would have to define
    what personal oil is.
    In other words, when the Holy Spirit
    anoints the Truth that is within ‘you’,
    then that truth becomes Rhema,
    which is a living word, that can be
    delivered to me, by the Holy Spirit.
    The truth that is within me, is not
    just for me alone. It’s for you too,
    as long as you will receive it.
    And vice versa. The truth that is within
    you, the Holy Spirit, takes it and makes
    it alive, for me.
    My words are Spirit, and they are Truth.
    Quench not Prophecy.
    (hope I didn’t loose you here?)

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