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The Truth and Your “Truth”


The Truth and Your “Truth”

There is The Truth; The Truth of God. It’s what is truly real in this universe and beyond. Then there is each one of our truths, which are our unique perspectives on this world. No one views this world the same, which is amazing when you consider it. There are groups of people who view certain concepts similarly, but even among those, there are differences.

Most don’t consider these differences. For the most part in day to day normal interactions, we assume others see the world as we do. Yet, we all see life differently, and how we see it is truth to us, but that doesn’t mean it’s THE Truth; in fact, it never fully is. Our unique perspectives are a mix of different viewpoints of The Truth, as well as lies. The proportions of these vary for each of us.

How did we get this way? What is solution to the cohesiveness we seek? Why does it matter?

How did we get this way?

We each have different lenses affecting how we look upon this world. The makeup of our lenses comes from a wide variety of sources; our genetics, family, culture, society, heritage, media, teachers, experiences, religion, and so on.  Ultimately, it’s mostly the influence of others in some way shaping our beliefs and perspectives.

It’s my belief that God desires to shape us with The Truth removing all else, otherwise He wouldn’t tell us to seek for it above all else. Proverbs 4:7 When we diligently seek The Truth from the Creator Himself, He slowly opens our eyes to it. As a loving God who desires to be known by His creation, if we seek then He will reveal. Matthew 7:7 Over time, The Truth starts to replace our own mixed truth. However, being in this world surrounded by a multitude of influences, this relearning is an extensive process and takes patience and perseverance. To truly alter our beliefs isn’t a straightforward endeavor. It’s an intricate process for each one of us dependent upon the lies we believe. However, knowing and living by The Truth is the only path to becoming who we were created to be and living in peace, harmony and true love.

Realizing everyone is operating from a different perspective can lead to compassion, patience and willingness to understand their unique view. It can help us have a bigger picture of The Truth when directed by God. But challenges will persist, because we are all different as we operate based on varying realities. In our ability to have such different outlooks on life, it can broaden our understanding, but it also can foster misunderstandings and miscommunication. We can never truly walk in another’s shoes, only our own. We can seek to understand, but that is it. To truly know another’s perspective, we can not.

What is the solution to the cohesiveness we seek?

The problem with operating in our own reality or by our mixed truth is that it doesn’t work. Take a look around, you’ll see how true this statement is. You don’t have to look far; look at your own life. Following our own mixed truths and not seeking to follow The Truth doesn’t foster a harmonious and unified world. God created this world and it was good. Genesis 1 If we functioned as He designed, then we and this world would function very well. If we all were in line with one will, God’s will, things would look totally different. They would be much better, which is an understatement.

The problem is we all have followed our own way and not sought God’s way. Isaiah 53:6 In our extremely limited and warped understanding, we don’t know what is truly beneficial for ourselves much less others, as all we do has ripple effects. This dynamic doesn’t equate to a good outcome for anyone. How many decisions do we make in a day? How many are based totally on THE Truth? Who can possibly know what decision is best for all?

The One who does know is God. When we believe more in line with His Truth, then we act more in line with His Truth in the uniqueness of our characters. This is why our work is to believe in God and The Truth. John 6:29 Only by living life according to His will, do we do what is truly best for all. We’ve shown we can’t walk in His will perfectly on our own, so the solution? God gives us His Spirit, to move through us according to His will, which is bound by true love.

Yet, anyone who has truly sought God, knows this unity with God is a process and not easy. So in the meantime, God generously gives us His mercy, which reaches to the heavens. Psalm 57:10 He gives mercy in perfect proportion to sustain us and yet keep us groping for Him as we seek to be freed from the suffering we’ve manifested in our lives. How dependent we are upon His mercy. How grateful I am for it. Psalm 130:3

Despite our great imperfections and struggle on this path to abiding in God’s Truth, we need to diligently persist to seek the indwelling spirit of God. God rewards those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 Seeking His face is the path to having His Spirit dwell within us. It’s a lifelong journey as we are transformed glory unto glory, and in my opinion it’s the only worth while way to live. 2 Corinthians 3:18

Why does it matter?

It’s God’s will that we are united to Him because it’s life to all. To remain abiding in lies causes pain and destruction to us and others for we each play a part in the outcome of this world.

God has made a way to Truth. The more Truth that we believe, the more our lives are a blessing to ourselves and others. Seeking and abiding in His Truth is the journey that God requires of us to walk. Matthew 7:14. We are to seek The Truth from Him, the source of Truth. When He is our Teacher, there is unity with others regarding The Truth because He is instilling in us the same Truth.

Jesus was an embodiment of the Truth. May we seek and not grow weary to be like-minded with Him, for this is the path to life, harmony, peace, and true love.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

4 thoughts on “The Truth and Your “Truth”

  1. Thank you for teaching again about Truth. 🙂 Great points in how we function on our own truth , which has lies mixed in. He keeps revealing those to me.
    God bless you, dear Rachel, and your ministry!

  2. Hi, thank you so much for this blog. I learn a lot from it. Please help me with this- how do we find the truth about some grey areas. For example, as young christian in uni, I am sometimes not too sure about how to work it out with practical issues like parties and nightclubs and bars and all that. Some people say that it is being legalistic to worry about those things and that Jesus would actually be in those places. Someone said that Jesus did not run away from evil, but into it with his light because light is stronger. Ok long story short, how does a christian that is young be fully in the world but also not of the world? I know the biggest thing is the attitude of the heart,but on a practical level how do we live in holiness without shielding ourselves from people that Jesus would form relationships with? Thank you so much for your time.

    • Hi – I did get both comments … I moderate them before I publish them so I can stay up on my responses to each one 🙂

      Here is the secret, abide in the Bible (Old and New Testament) with a heart to know God trusting the Holy Spirit to teach you ALL things. As you spend this time, the Holy Spirit will write God’s truth on your heart … so that it changes your desires and very thoughts to more in line with God. Then you will do what you are suppose to do. God makes us into new creations … with a new mind and heart literally. We think, desire, and act differently. But this transformation is a process. It requires us feasting on the Truth daily – to feed our spirits so they will grow in truth and spirit.

      Spend time each day, this is our daily manna we are called to faithfully gather. Pray for wisdom for God gives wisdom to those who ask. Seek His will in your daily activities. God’s ways are not our ways … there may be some places God wants you to go and others He doesn’t. Some friends He wants you to have and others He doesn’t. We aren’t to rely on our understanding … but seek His will. Listen. Listen and seek His instruction in all areas. If we seek we will find. This is how He writes His truth on our hearts. It isn’t a black and white issue as I’ve found, it is seeking God’s will in all things … but most importantly abiding in the Word trusting the Holy Spirit to teach you as He incorporates your circumstances into the lessons you are learning. Listen to The Holy Spirit of God, who is with you always to be your helper and counselor, … ask and seek for discernment.

      The best I can give you is to encourage you to develop a strong relationship with the one who is our counselor and guide. I encourage you to develop this realationship with God and not just rely on the opinions of others. We each have our own purposes and works that God has planned for us. We need to trust and look to Him to guide us into them and work them out through us.

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