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Prepared for Christ’s Coming


Prepared for Christ’s Coming


Author: Rachel

My passion is cultivating a deep relationship with God and helping others to do the same. I LOVE sharing with others insights that God has taught me and hearing what God has taught them... thus my blog, Stirring the Deep. My focus is on a relationship, not a religion. Life is in the relationship. I believe in a balance and unity of body, mind and spirit. I feel it's important to nurture all three for they all affect each other. I try to live in the present, where the Holy Spirit is. And I try to do all with the motive of love. I've come to believe life is a journey and not a destination. It isn't about perfection, is it about growth.

3 thoughts on “Prepared for Christ’s Coming

  1. Thanks, Rachel . . . it’s so refreshing and edifying to hear your discourse based on relationship regarding the return of Christ. I think that the more intellectual discussion of physical fulfillments of prophecy are also showing us glimpses of truth, but unfortunately so often seem to miss the whole point. The point, of course, being Jesus. You’ve done a lovely job of shifting that focus gently back to Him.

    • Hi Cindy – thanks for sharing your thoughts on this … it is easy to get caught up in all the signs and forget about the relationship and that is what it’s all about.

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