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Circles of Life…. To be Born Again PART 1


Circles of Life….

To be Born Again PART 1

Imagine two separate circles. The smaller one represents the spirit of man and the much larger one represents the spirit of God. We are either a part of one or the other. We enter into them by being born; one by being born in the flesh through man; the other by being born in the spirit through God. John 3:1-21

The first human man to know God, Adam, was the first man into the circle of the spirit of man when he chose to go his own way. This circle encompasses man’s will fulfilling his own desires completely separate thus contrary to God. To be a part of the second circle, the spirit of God, is to be in unison with God’s will and to be one with Him. John 17:23

When we are physically born, we are born of the flesh and therefore into the spirit of man. Our spirit is easily corruptible because it’s detached from God. Further, it’s a spirit that is corrupted because it’s united to the others in the circle who are of the spirit of man and thus corrupted. 1 John 5:19

Within the individual circles everyone is connected. Everyone impacts, influences and affects each other. If we are in the circle we are a part of that circle; being shaped by those in it. Some connections are stronger than others, but all influence one another to some degree. Thus what circle we are in will determine the condition of our spirit.

Where we clearly see the impact of this connection as in the circle of the spirit of man is in families. Everyone has “issues” that has caused a whole host of problems, issues like a lack of value, rejection, neglect, perfectionism, irrational fear, jealousy, addiction, manipulation, and pride. Many of these issues often start with one’s parents, because it’s a strong connection, then those issues are fed by others in the circle. One person gets issues from their parents, which they got from their parents as so on. Issues are passed along like a disease.

When we are born into this world we are born into the spirit of man, therefore we are in bondage to corruption. Psalm 51:5 At conception, we begin to be affected by those in that circle. We are born with a self will that is detached from God and connected to this degraded spirit of man. Immediately, we started to absorb other’s issues like our parents’ issues making them our own. Imagine if we didn’t “own” them how differently our lives would have played out? But we never had a choice to receive them or not we just did because we were connected to them. This influential element is how it is in these circles; we are connected to everyone else because we share the same spirit.

Every issue I’ve had is because I’ve “owned” someone else’s issues. They modeled lack of value, so that is what I learned. They treated me poorly because their own pain, but I took it as something wrong with me. This isn’t pointing the finger – it’s acknowledging that we are all connected. (When we get older we have more of choice about how to handle our issues, though if we are in the circle of man it is just moving from one corruption to the next.) This is true for everyone. And once I owned it, which we do at a young age, it corrupted my mind sending me on a path of ill-thinking, which led to destructive mind and behaviors, thus a corrupted life.

Now you can see how that death/sin was passed along through one man, Adam. And how life is passed along through one man, Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:22 We are all connected. Flesh conceives flesh. Spirit conceives spirit. John 3:6

To be continued …

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Circles of Life…. To be Born Again PART 1

  1. Hi Rachel
    Don’t you agree that I did shared with deaf church that I wish that the word “Again” change to “ABOVE”
    Many christians say I am born again but no fruit…that bother me. Lots of bible translations put ‘again’ very few says either ABOVE or ANEW.
    I am sure that will help both sinners or christians know how life changed…. it is come from heaven above!

    • Hi Perry — thanks for sharing your thoughts … I can see where you are coming from. I think what happens a lot in Christianity is that we hear a term so much it loses it’s impact – faith is another one of those words.

  2. Dear Rachel . . .thank you for this part one! You explain things so well. Everything we do does affect everyone around us, doesn’t it? I pray to be affecting others for His good. God bless you!

    • Hi Debbie — thanks for your comment – I like to hear it made sense 🙂 We do affect those around us – I think much more than we realize. It’s a reality that we, especially in America in our independence, often don’t quite grasp or acknowledge. It forces us to take responsibility on so many levels and that is hard for people.

  3. “it is just moving from one corruption to the next”

    And in so doing, there are always worse specimens out there to compare one’s self too. Better, but still in the lifeless circle.

    I even did it within the new circle. Just inside it, I tried to get closer to God by ridding my life of the bad stuff in it. Then I tried to add good stuff. But in the end, the only way I got close to God was by spending more time with Him.

    I like the circles. They help to break it all down.

    • Hi Mike — glad you liked the analogy of the circles – it gets hard to explain spiritual truths and these physical illustrations can be helpful. The key is spending time with God. It’s so simple and yet affects everything.

  4. @Mike,

    You said:
    “I even did it within the new circle. Just inside it, I tried to get closer to God by ridding my life of the bad stuff in it. Then I tried to add good stuff. But in the end, the only way I got close to God was by spending more time with Him.”

    This is good stuff.

    Looking at God as my Father, I seek to simply do the things that please Him. Period. I take all the knowledge I have of The Scriptures and then apply it to my daily walk and fellowship with our Father. However, this can unfortunately lead to an overemphasis on works and deeds. It is the whole “religion vs. relationship” issue.

    Sometimes it is not that I need to consult The Word or wonder if I am “breaking” some scriptural premise. Most of the time it is me simply being with Him, much like I would be with my natural father, and doing what I see Him do, saying what I hear Him say, and wanting to just be an obedient son. Being a “Father-pleaser” is more than enough.

    You mentioned spending time with Him. Exactly! Seeing what He does, following His lead. Embracing His teachings and basking in His fatherly love.

    When I was first saved, I faced the temptation of destroying all the worldly things I had and replacing it all with “Christian” stuff. I’m glad I didn’t do it. Sure, some of my old music and books hit the trash in, but not because of some desire to attain holiness through my material possessions. I got rid of the things that He specifically told me to discard.

    I wonder how many sons of God can relate to this?

    By the way, Mike, I really dig your blog. I am so glad I follow Rachel! If I didn’t, I would have missed out on your stuff!

    Donald in Bethel, CT

    • Hi Donald – I really appreciate your comment … many get confused about works verses walking in God’s will and doing what you do because you love Him, not to earn His love. Big difference. And when you focus on just being with God – He works in you changing your heart and thus desires. You don’t change because you should – you do because you’ve changed. Good stuff.

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