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Unity of LOVE – Why Jesus?


Unity of LOVE – Why Jesus?

There are many who don’t believe in Jesus but believe in a universal force, a “god”, that is love and that love is fundamental in our lives and we should be connecting with it. But as you will see if you believe in love, there is a need for Jesus Christ. For you can’t abide in true love without Him.

Our Creator is a God of love and desires to be in a bond of love with us – that is why we were created. It’s our eternal purpose that will never change. With each one of us, as we are united to Him His love expands. Love entails unity and oneness. It also requires truth and honesty because love doesn’t exist without these; otherwise the relationship is a product of the imagination.

What is Needed for a Unity of Love

Our Creator designed relationships to teach us how to relate to Him. In any relationship, there are certain characteristics that are required for there to be unity and oneness. When those characteristics are present the relationship flourishes, and all parties benefit. Fundamentally, there needs to be truth, trust, and love, and each one needs to be and live as they were created. In a relationship with God, we are to be united to Him in truth and REAL love (not our warped interpretations that are really contrary to love). Further, we have to let God be God in our relationship and all that entails. If we don’t honor or try to do His role the relationship breaks down. It’s like a man trying to be the woman in a relationship it doesn’t work. He was created a man and that is all he can be.

What is Broken

When God isn’t OUR God and we aren’t abiding in truth and love, then we are severed from Him. A lack these characteristics is a sign of a broken relationship. All of us have acted exceedingly contrary on these points; therefore all of us have been severed from God. As in a relationship between a man and woman, we have been unfaithful or “cheated” on God because we’ve not been faithful in these areas. Therefore, everyone needs reconciling.

The Way Back to Love

The only way to be reconciled is if the one “cheated” on offers forgiveness, meaning they humble themselves and lay down their hurt, pain and a part of themselves (the respect, loyalty, honor, and love they deserved) for the cheater. If that happens then reconciliation is initiated.

God initiates this act of reconciliation for us. He humbles Himself and lays down His life (perfect love as He is perfect) and forgives us so that we may be reconciled to Him. To abide in unity thus love there has to be forgiveness.

God shows us the act of reconciliation that is occurring on a spiritual level in the physical life of Jesus Christ. God came to earth taking on the human form, far different from His own, to show us that He laid down His life and forgave us of all our rebellion that we might be reconciled to Him. It is difficult for us to fully understand what this act meant – for a perfect being to lay down a life for a being far less perfect, broken, and undeserving – because when we forgive others we are very similar to them in our wretchedness. But with God it was perfection laying down His life for corruption – a MUCH bigger cost and a MUCH greater love. And with a perfect holy God forgiveness can’t be based on works (how good we act) because no one could live up to the perfection required. It has to be all Him, all grace, to achieve complete unity. The way of Jesus Christ was the only way without works and is the only way to complete unity.

Imagine, it you were the god of the ants, who you loved very much and their purpose was to abide in love with you. Imagine they went their own way doing their own thing and weren’t abiding in the bond of love, but were doing the opposite in destroying themselves and each other with their rebellion. You could kill them and start over. Or, in the ultimate act of love you could humble yourself and go to them as one of them. You could tell them and show them what you did because you love them. You could even go a bit farther by giving them part of your divine spirit to dwell within them to lead and guide them in the ways of truth and love. Now in that new awareness and oneness they would understand how they went their own way and rebelled against you, and reenter into a bond of love with you. In a similar way, this is what God did for us. Jesus Christ, God taking on human form, came to lay down His life, so that we could be reconciled back to Him in truth and love.

What is Our Part

Now, ONLY if the cheater recognizes what is happening 1. he cheated or rebelled 2. he needs forgiveness 3. he accepts that act of forgiveness of the one cheated and 4. he begins to act in a way that fosters unity can the reconciliation take place. Otherwise the separation remains. When we accept Jesus Christ, we are acknowledging that we have rebelled, reconciliation is needed, God is giving us forgiveness, we accept it, and we seek to be rightly related to Him in every way. Otherwise, we don’t understand our rebellion or that only God could reconcile us. We can’t do the reconciling because He has to lay down his life in the act of forgiveness.

If we don’t understand and accept these points there is no reconciliation. Just as if you are in a relationship and someone cheats on you and they don’t understand what they did and you don’t truly forgive – then there is no true unity and love is blocked. Further, when we reunite ourselves back to another we fully understand our error, and with all our hearts desire to be in a relationship upholding the characteristics that foster unity. And with God that means we abide in truth and love, and He is OUR God. We can’t truly have this understanding of what He did and what it meant and God not be LORD of our life. If He isn’t LORD or moving into that place in our lives, it’s similar to your spouse forgaving you for cheating, but you continue to cheat. You aren’t really reconciled.

It’s the ultimate act of love to lay down your life for someone – especially for someone who didn’t earn or deserve it. God laid it down for us though we didn’t deserve it because of His love. His act of reconciliation was so extensive and complete that every thought and act of rebellion is completely forgiven – so He keeps no record of wrongs. In other words, we are pure in His eyes. Do you know of any other relationship where someone is wiling to do that? I don’t. Because God’s love is so much greater than any other we know.

When we are reconciled back to God then we can truly experience all of Him and be united to Him in every way. Then, we can know REAL love. When you realize what God has done for us – His love overwhelms you. In this act, we didn’t do anything – He did it all. We only acknowledge what He did for us to be reconnected to Him in the relationship of true love and faithfulness – a relationship we were always meant to be in. That act is real love expressed to the fullest. And if we are truly reconciled, our lives will show it, and it has nothing to do with “religion” but a relationship.

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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

11 thoughts on “Unity of LOVE – Why Jesus?

  1. Rachel,
    I so enjoyed the truths you wrote in this blog. I forward a lot of your writings to christian friends of mine. Such true words spoken. Thanks. Jane

    • Hi Jane – I appreciate your encouragement. Sometimes, often for me, when you write you wonder how others respond to it – it is always great to get the feedback. Thanks.

  2. What a beautiful post.. what love the Father has that He laid down His life for me.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the sweet comment. I don’t post very often so when I get a reply it’s so sweet! 🙂 The Lord bless you as you enjoy His fullness.

    • Hi Laurie – thanks for your comment I’m glad you stopped by – looking forward to reading more posts by you 🙂

  3. God is Love. Great post. I wonder why God is not capitalized? We need love more today than yesterday. People are falling out of love today. Jesus gave His life is the greatest love that one con do. We continue to pray for you and your readers.

    • Dr. Lee – Thanks so much for your prayers. People are in desparate need of true love and God has an ocean and more to give each one, if they would only step in. The world with all its deception makes moving into His deep waters of love hard – lies are such a thief and destroyer of life.

  4. “Now, ONLY if the cheater recognizes what is happening…”

    How true this is Rachel. For many years, I thought much differently and never would have imagined that I was living in rebellion against God. I assumed that religion (my works) would just take care of the problem when I decided it was time to get right with Him. John 6:44 tells us, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day.” I had that backwards for so long…

    Great post. I always learn when I visit here.

    Blessings to you –

    • Hi Joe – good point about works. I think we rely on them so much, because that is what is we are told day in and day out in every area of our lives. How much we miss out on by listening to this World.

  5. Hi Rachel,
    I recently discovered your blog and videos, and have enjoyed them. I’m still confused over the purpose of Jesus’s death. Why was his death necessary so God could forgive us? Before Jesus was born, God had forgiven people when they sincerely repented.

    • Excellent question! When, in the past, I’ve asked this question to priests/pastors and other believers I usually get a canned answer that doesn’t really answer the question.

    • Hi Arthur, great question … God didn’t kill Jesus so we could be forgiven. That is a wayward image. As you said He was already forgiving… for that is the nature of love.

      There is a lot here .. so I’ll share some thoughts …

      Christ died so His eternal life-giving spirit could be raised within us, to make us a part of the divine nature. In doing so, He makes us a part of Him, eternal, and destroys sin and death because with Him in us we live as God desires; which is to love perfectly, which is righteousness. He infused us with life, His life. John 12:23-24

      Jesus held the fullness of God. He carried this spirit into this earth, a realm of spiritual death. While alive He spoke words of life, yet even His disciples couldn’t full understand or receive the life of His words because they were spiritually dead and couldn’t receive the words of life. They only understood when the Holy Spirit came upon them in Acts; after Jesus death and resurrection. In our death state, we couldn’t even receive or understand the words of life. So Christ entered death to teach us from the inside out; the only way we could truly know Him in truth and for His truth to be assembled in us without corruption is from the inside.

      Through death, He entered into the spiritual death realm where we were; He was able to enter our souls which were trapped in death. He knew the truth of God and that nothing could separate Him from the love of God – not even death. Thus, He entered it in full trust. He experienced death and with the wisdom of God defeated it; thus crossed the infinite chasm between life and death. And by giving up His spirit to be raised in us, He could bring us from death to life. He knew that by entering death in us and defeating it inside out; we could be reconnected to God, and we a part of Him forever. By coming from within versus the outside (as it had always been and didn’t work), He was able to accomplish a true belief as His faith became our faith, as His spirit was able to become a part of our spirit. We couldn’t obey or even truly believe .. unless we were a part of Him.

      In short, by entering death, He put the seed of the divine spirit into the death realm of our souls, like planting a seed in the soil … and thus we were able to receive that seed of His faith to believe and of His nature to obey. It’s been the role of the Holy Spirit to teach us to prepare our souls for the sprouting of that seed within us.

      It is a beautiful dynamic of amazing love … Christ doing for us what we could never do and He did it by becoming a part of us which He did by entering our spiritual death realm.

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