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Heightened Spiritual Warfare


Heightened Spiritual Warfare


I feel we have entered into another degree of spiritual warfare; perhaps because the time of judgment is near or upon us??

In the past month, I’ve been seeing the warfare in my life, the lives around me, in the blogs I read. We are facing struggles and tribulation on a spiritual level that is affecting our daily lives. (the physical and the spiritual are connected – one affects the other.) We feel overwhelmed, burdened, discouraged, or depressed. When we are attacked at our core in our spirits then it makes dealing with the day to day stuff much more difficult. Proverbs 18:14 It makes small things seem big. It throws things out of perspective into the wrong perspective. Our trust in God wanes. Our steadfast belief that He is in control and will provide and protect us diminishes. His love feels distant. We begin to turn to the world’s wisdom instead of His. We can become fearful, timid, aggressive, or ineffective.

Then in my quiet time the other day I read Nehemiah 4:17 “Those who built on the wall, and those who carried burdens, loaded themselves so that with one hand they worked at construction, and with the other held a weapon.” It struck me that what this verse is saying is what I had been feeling and what we need to do. We are being attacked to such a degree that we need to be ready for battle daily. Each day, we can no longer just focus on building the temple but we have to fight the spiritual battle as well. If we don’t recognize the attacks and fight the enemy we won’t be able to build. There has always been spiritual warfare, but lately it seems it has intensified.

As for building the temple, it’s not a physical temple we are building. It is a spiritual one and we, our spirits together, are the temple, the temple of God. We hold the spirit of God. The part of us that is a part of Him holds His spirit. Each one of our spirits is like a pillar. If our spirits are mal-nourished and lacking in truth, then they become like rotting broken down pillars.

We build by stirring the deep (spending one-on-one time building intimacy with God through His Word) each day. This is our work. John 6:29 Our work is to believe – to live in God’s wisdom and truth. Because our beliefs are the core to every thought and action. When our spirits are thriving and strong, then God’s spirit is strong within us and works through us in mighty ways in our lives and the lives of others. When we succumb to the attacks because we don’t recognize them for what they are, we become weak and neglect to be steadfast in our beliefs, which negatively impacts everything.

I believe that the time is upon us, where we need to build the temple with one hand and hold a weapon in the other.

The fantastic news is and what I am experiencing in my life is the mighty power that Jesus Christ gave us in the spiritual realm to defeat any and every enemy. Luke 10:19 However, we have to be aware of that power, use it through faith and prayer, and use it right when we need it, not wait.

Lately, as I have experienced more attacks, I’ve been prepared with the knowledge of the power that I have in Christ. When they come, I call upon God the enemy backs off. It is tremendous!

Who is the enemy? Most often ourselves, our flesh nature. We have an external evil warring against our spirits but even that enemy usually uses our weaknesses, our lack of knowledge of truth, our issues, our temptations, our desires, and our self-will to discourage and lead us astray.

These are challenging days, but God has laid out the tools before us to be more than conquerors in all that we face. It is our part to learn what tools are there and to pick them up and fight so we can continue to build.

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Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

22 thoughts on “Heightened Spiritual Warfare

  1. Oh Rachel,how very true the enemy within & without is really pouring it on! But we must know the truth and that is we “Win”! The devils attacks are forceful and he is coming hard after our “Faith” that’s what he needs to defeat us.And as long as we know who we are in Christ(by staying in the word) then we shall stand these wiles of the devil.This is so good & encouraging Rachel enjoyed it very much!
    Love ya

  2. Good evening. The statement about the enemy being most often ourselves is important. It seems that a majority of complexities that have come this way over the years were “made complex” by a lack of walking in the Spirit. The enemy throws everything at his disposal in our direction and half of the battle is for us to not be ignorant of his devices. To look past the unfolding dramas and see the tactics that the enemy is using to sidetrack us. If he can side track us and we begin pursuing into the diversion, we have been effectively neutralized for the moment.

    The diversion may not last long at all; just long enough to perhaps respond to a situation in a way that will scatter one farther from Christ. Something that may not seem a big deal but could have everlasting consequences.

    This is a very important topic that you’ve brought up as these are incredibly trying times. Blessings always in Jesus name.


    • Timbob . . . some insightful comments you shared. And having the eyes to see what is going on is truly a gift of the spirit and critical to stand strong. Even last night I had another attack. Though the temptation was there to dwell in my pride and frustration that I was quickly justifiying – I called out to God and it amazing how He just yanked me out of the mind pit I was falling in to. I’m so thankful for the deliverance He has given us in Christ – it is truly incredible and powerful.

  3. The Lord God had used Nehemiah in a great way. Some of the Jewish exiles had returned from Babylon to Jerusalem under his leadership. They had finished, despite great opposition and hardship, rebuilding the city walls. Now there remained the work of installing the city gates and re-establishing the community within the walls.

    “Now it came to pass, when Sanballat, and Tobiah, and Geshem the Arabian, and the rest of our enemies, heard that I had builded the wall, and that there was no breach left therein; (though at that time I had not set up the doors upon the gates;)” Nehemiah 6:1

    What a day of defeat for Satan and the enemies of God! God was clearly empowering and blessing Nehemiah’s leadership. However, Satan was not finished. Having failed to stop God’s work with overt attacks, he began to use lies, treachery, and subterfuge. These methods were dressed up by Satan as the more friendly-sounding idea of “compromise.”

    “That Sanballat and Geshem sent unto me, saying, Come, let us meet together in some one of the villages in the plain of Ono. But they thought to do me mischief.” Nehemiah 6:2

    Did Nehemiah fall for the trap? Did he heed the invitation to halt the work of the Lord, and “come down” to a meeting with those who wanted to “put aside their differences,” or “get in unity,” or “celebrate the positive?” Christians would do well today to take heed to Nehemiah’s response.

    “And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?” Nehemiah 6:3

    Do not let the work of the Lord cease. Do not “come down” to a place of compromise between the absolute truth of Scripture and the “imaginations” (II Corinthians 10:5) of men. Do not be afraid to say, “Oh no,” to an invitation to come down to the plain of “Ono.” Do not be afraid to claim that the work you are doing in obedience to God’s Word is a “great work,” because you are doing it for the “great God.”

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts . . . the part of Nehemiah you discussed stood out to me as well. There are some great truths and lessons for us all in his life.

  4. Powerful post. I believe you are so right. These are challenging days and they are only going to become worse. We must fight with the tools God has given us to use. We must prepare ourselves with His word. Time is running out. Judgment day is closer than we think.

    God bless and love your blog! Thank you for commenting on Simply 4 God. What a blessing you are!

  5. To engage the enemy you must first know who he is, and his devices.
    The Bible tells us these things.
    We must know the Word, apply it and be controlled by the Holy Spirit, as we fight the enemy.


  6. That was a great message, Rachel and so fitting for me at this time. I think you are so right in that we sometimes forget as we work for the kingdom that the enemy is prowling around trying to take us down. “Build the temple with one hand and hold the weapon in the other”. I needed to hear that. Bless you, Rachel.

  7. Rachel,

    You are right, spiritual warfare does seem to be intensifying lately, and it has been a tough summer in my family.

    Thank you for posting this encouraging word. I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more!

    Mel Turley

    • Mel,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I will keep your family in my prayers. The battle is strong, but God has given us power over the enemy. We need to use what He has given u, His Word and prayer, in power.

  8. I know exactly what you are talking about. I also agree with you 100% This year has been crazy and the feeling of being attacked on all sides is almost an understatement in my life. I am been sifted, shaken, stired and then flipped upside down. The big guns are definately out and the battle line has been drawn. I feel the intensity and it is encouraging to know i am not going through it alone. Prayer and the word like you said will keep us moving ahead and looking to heaven for our redemption truely draws near

    • Brandy . . . it is a comfort that we aren’t alone in the battle – but that we have others fighting along side of us. I’ll be praying for you this week.

  9. Hey Rachel, the Lord is amazing, in that He leads us to things that will help us with our struggles! I just finished a study of Galatians 5, then fined this post of yours. Jesus tells us the prophets of God will be fulfilled & not one dot of the law will pass way! The “legalistic bonds” on the law, was nailed to the cross. Yet the law is the instruction book of how to love God &how to love people. The tree of good &evil is what produced free will, that we are not robots before God. Only sons of God are trully free & Jesus shown us what is a true son &it is our choice. —trully evil people are not so much of a threat to us, we only have to stay on guard of them coming up behind us in the dark, for they are cowards.The baal worshippers are the real enemy. My study says, they are those that have heard of Jesus &claim to be a disciple but, in truth, they say lord-lord while doing their own desires. —The Lord told us that our strength comes from; First, knowing God in truth &following that truth. Second, is coming togerther as God’s familly(Jesus’ Church while in the flesh). As you say, the individual has to have his own personal relationship through Jesus, while holding the two edged sword. However, we must keep a watchman(Rachel)to cry out when the enemy is spotted, that the whole church comes together to do battle. May God bless!

    • Hi Eldon – yes we are free in God from death, destruction, pain, sorrow … we are free to experience all we truly desire and all that is truly good, but we are not “free” because we’ve chosen to come under the governance of Christ’s Lordship which is of perfect love, therefore what we desire. Tremendous isn’t it?!

  10. Hey Rachel, —I am not sure I understand all of what you said about “not free”. would you alaberate further? —following Christ’s Lordship sets us free from the wages of sin. The only thing I can see that is better, is just the closeness of the Lord.

    • Hi Eldon – we are free from wages of sin … and all that sin entails but bondservants to Christ, under God’s rule and governance … we move from one realm of rule, Satan’s, to another, God’s.

  11. Hey Rachel, I have no problem with what you are saying. As a fact, I like it very much. Thank you!

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