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The Father Connection


The Father Connection


From personal experience and from a multitude of conversations, I see a very strong correlation between the type of relationship we have or had with our earthly father and the type of relationship we have with God . . . initially.

Unfortunately, many of our dads have given us negative ideas of what a father is: selfish, controlling, neglectful, abusive, overbearing, pushover, passive, and tyrannical. These poor images are often obstacles to overcome when we are seeking the truth of the character of God. Our dads’ traits create a framework of what a father means to us. Initially, we place that structure onto God, good or bad.

If your dad abandoned you, you believe God will leave you, if he was difficult to please, you think God is never satisfied, if he was distant, God seems inaccessible, if he gave conditional love, God will withdraw His love, if he was judgmental, God is seen as critical, and if he rejected you, you believe God will. On the other hand, if your dad gave you security, God is secure, if he protected you, God is your shelter, if he gave unreserved love, God gives unconditionally, if he was accepting, God will receive you no matter what, and if he was involved, God is too. Our challenge is to seek who God truly is and not what our particular experience of a dad dictates.

Whether we call him dad, daddy, pop, pops, poppa, father, sir or nothing because he wasn’t there, we all have dads who made a tremendous impact on how we view God. To understand that our natural inclination is to put our dad-filter onto God is the first step in learning the truth about Him. Without this self-reflection, we walk around unknowingly believing misconceptions about God. We will relate to Him not as He is but as our filter dictates. Our beliefs are everything and therefore it is important to abide in the Word to get to know Him as He is. It is essential to our lives, because God is life, to remove our old dusty filters and replace it with the pure, true reality.

John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Understanding and acknowledging the impact that our dads have on our perception of God helps us to move closer to understanding who He is and therefore gain the relationship we were meant to have with Him. His intimate presence in our lives is His desire for us and to realize that most us have misunderstood who He is as a father is a monumental step to a fulfilling that purpose.

I have an amazing father. I am very blessed because he instilled in me trust, security, mercy, and love, which made it easier for me to believe and accept these traits in my relationship with God. However, it doesn’t require a good dad to be intimate with God. I have friends whose fathers were distant and negligent and God has filled a very special void in their lives creating an incredible bond. We didn’t choose our fathers. God chose them for us regardless of how they were to draw us to Him.

Me and My Dad

Me and My Dad

The intense hunger for an idyllic dad was placed in us by God to be ultimately for Him. Therefore, we are to seek Him to fill this role because He is the only One who can. If we continue to look to our earthly dads to fulfill it or have suppressed the desire out of continued disappointment we will never find what our souls hunger for. God created us with this yearning that we might grope for Him.

Just realizing this connection doesn’t change it but it is an essential step because it puts our hearts in a seeking mode. We have to personally dive into God’s Word and learn who He is. Our heavenly Father far surpasses any concept we have a dad and He wants to reveal this side of Himself to each one of us in a personal way. As always, our part is to seek.

Take a piece of paper divide it into two columns. Write down all the characteristics of your earthly father. On the other side write down all the characteristics you currently believe about God and be honest. Don’t write what you have heard, write what you believe. How does He respond when you do something good? How does He respond when you do something bad? What does He think about you? And so on.

Then start seeking out who God truly is in the Word. Write down the verses where He is telling you who He is as your perfect eternal Father. Try not to filter but come with an open heart to know Him as He is. If we seek, we will find.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “The Father Connection

  1. Very well written. My husband and I both received teaching about this very same thing. It’s hard to look without seeing through one’s own filters. But God is God, and not to be compared to any man!


  2. Rachel,
    That is a beautiful piece of writing, and it contains some fundamental truths. You are becoming quite a writer. Keep up the effort; I think you are getting somewhere.
    You certainly don’t look very anxious in that picture!
    No fear!


  3. HisFireFly,

    Thanks . . . so true “God is God and not to be compared to any man”


  4. Dad,

    Thanks . . . I love you.


  5. Rachel…It is a complete JOY to come and read your inspirational post on the Father Connection.
    Are you familiar with the Father’s Love letter? I have it at the very bottom of my blog and a video in Spanish of it. I came across your blog via a comment you left in The Power of Love and have added you to my favorite NEW blogs! Your dad is right! So is Firefly! I like you suggestion but since both my fathers are in heaven: my earthly & the Almighty…I can only say that for me…my Heavenly Father’s list far outweighs my earthly father & rightly so…but I do agree about how many form their opinion of God, the Father from their earthly father. I just finished reading “The Shack” and so this was a godly (timely) connection. Your writing is very inspirational!
    As your “proud”(lol) dad says beautiful piece with fundamental truths & that you are becoming quite the writer. I would agree…and your beautiful face
    shows the outpouring of love & compassion with no fear or anxiety that only can come from the love of a Father…both fathers! I’m glad you have that kind of relationship! I do not know you or your story but I can only say that you look like a Princess of the King…I am pleased to meet you &
    hope that I will have time to read more and get to know you better. Thank you for sharing this & the previous post on Being Free!!! May you find His freedom & Fatherly love covering you this weekend as you live for Him!

  6. Peggy,

    It is nice to meet you . . . I am going to come over to your blog for a visit, but first thank you for all your warm thoughts and encouraging words. I look forward to sharing insights into our Father’s kingdom with you.


  7. Hey Sis..
    Oh how sweet this photo of you and your dad. I see such a trust, and assurance in your face. there is no fear just pure confidence in the one who holds you in his hands, just like our hevenly Father. And your dad has such a look of love and confidence as if to say, I will never let go!!!

    Thanks for such a beautiful post.

    Hugz Lorie

  8. Very nicely done- I am on aquest to know God for who He really is rather than how everyone else identifies Him. Be blessed

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