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Do We Have Free Will?


Do We Have Free Will?


Lately, free will has been brought up in several conversations carrying the assumption that we have free will and it got me to thinking . . . how much free will do we really have?

Let’s look at what we didn’t choose in our physical life; to be born, where, when and to whom we were born, where we grew up, who we grew up around, our family, our genetic make up, our IQ, our body type, our race, our gender, our personality, generational weaknesses and strengths.

Given all these restrictions, how much free will do you think we have? Our will is constricted to certain things, whether we like it or not.

Those things pertain to our physical life, what about the spiritual life?

I believe it is very similar, because throughout the Word, this earth, our lives, the physical parallels the spiritual. First, I believe we don’t chose salvation. We didn’t choose our physical birth and we didn’t choose our spiritual birth. How can a dead life choose life? It is dead. It can’t comprehend the things of God. It can’t understand the spirit life to choose the spirit. It is in rebellion against God, not wanting to draw near. Isaiah 53:6

God saves, God calls, God chooses. We don’t think that is fair? What about the ones who didn’t have a choice where they were born and were given horrible circumstances, in slums, in drug addictions, in a place where human life isn’t valued, and no love? Is that fair? How much choice did they have?

Romans 9:11-23, John 6:44, Romans 8:28-30, Matthew 22:14, 1 Peter 2:9

Second, like our physical life, we live within defined limits in our spiritual life. God saves us and gives us new life. He determines the grace we have, the spiritual gifts we possess, and our spiritual growth. Romans 12:3 1 Corinthians 12:11 Ephesians 2:10 Philippians 2:13 Our will comes into play in seeking Him, drawing near and abiding in His truth. Matthew 7:33, Hebrews 11:6 If we seek Him, then He has promised to do all sorts of wonderful, powerful and amazing things in our lives. Our will, what we say happens or doesn’t happen and the choices we have, is limited.

Acts 17:26-28 And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, 27 so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; 28 for in Him we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’

There are two faulty beliefs that cause us to think that God being in control of our salvation isn’t fair and therefore couldn’t be.

1. The beliefs about hell.
2. The beliefs about God’s complete plan of salvation.

I don’t profess to completely understand either though I am seeking, but from what I read I am not convinced of an eternal torment as most churches teach or that we fully understand God’s plan of salvation and the roles we each play. Romans 9:22 We don’t know His thoughts, and I believe there is more to this life than we know. God is not like us, He is much bigger and we tend to forget that truth. We each try to fit Him and His ways into what we can understand right now.

To try to make God’s Word fit our ideas of justice and fairness is not seeking The Truth but trying to establish our own. We need to be okay with what we read, keep questioning, asking, learning, admitting we don’t know, and acknowledging there is more to learn. The entire Word fits together like a puzzle if certain pieces don’t fit we don’t have all the pieces yet. Only with all the pieces can we understand His Truth. We need to remove our church filters telling us what to believe and read His Truth to know and not to convince ourselves of what we currently believe. Only then do we have teachable hearts. God doesn’t want us to assume we know all or throw up our hands and say how can we know? He wants us each one of us to seek, grope, and ask for truth because that creates intimacy with Him.

Our will only comes into play in certain things. God holds the reigns. After all, He is God we are men. Psalm 9:20 We need to stop trying to make His truth fit ours and seek His.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Do We Have Free Will?

  1. A bit late (over a year!); but better late than never, I suppose.

    Over the last year I’ve been in a few conversations about this same thing. In the same time period, I found a couple of sites with studies that expounded on this idea, and did some searching of the scriptures myself to see if it all checked out.

    It did.

    To add, if humans did have “free will”, then our will would certainly become more important than God’s; and that’s definitely not right!

    On the concept of hell and “eternal torment”… I don’t believe in it as it’s been taught in the small-c “church” (the institution). If you have a concordance, look up the word “hell”, and pay particular attention to the New Testament entries. Then look up “eternal”, “everlasting”, and “forever” — again, note the New Testament entries…especially the predominant Greek word used for each. I think the results will completely change the way you approach the subject. (It may also bring up more questions; but that’s a good thing, I say!)

    • Shelly,

      So glad you commented regardless of time 😉 . . . great point about free will. I’ve got a document, which is a work in progress, diving into hell and eternal torment -it is fascinating to search God’s Word and see what it really teaches by coming with fresh eyes and not to read from the framework that the churches have indoctrinated in us in terms of this topic. And it has brought up more questions and it definitely has been a good thing. The moment we think we know it all – is the moment when we stop gaining truth.

  2. Hey Rachel, let me inject a thought process for study. Hell/bottomless pit(it is apointed once for man to die) vs. lake of fire/eternal damnation(“the earth will burn with a feverant heat” Shadrach, Mechatch, Abedigo “we will walk upon the ashes of the condemned”. one is a place for doing away with sin, as Jesus demanstrated by carrying away all repented sin. the other is a place(that Jesus did not go to) for the rejecting soul. -in my years of following delusion instead of truth, I felt that possibly the sun may be a lake of fire from another life system that God had fulfilled, but “the host of heaven will burn away”

    • Hi Eldon, these two entities, hell and the lake of fire, there is a lot of opinions about what these two entail … the more I seek to understand the more I realize the truth of these has not been manifested among the masses. It’s two areas that God has been teaching me in bits and I’m still learning. So I appreciate hearing yours. 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel and Eldon
    just thought i’d add my thoughts on The Truth ….and the lies regarding Heaven, the bottomless pit,the lake of fire,and the human ‘hell’
    Death to most religions is a mystery as nothing can be proved, has left that void for lies to be used,especially as it can play and have a huge affect on peoples emotions,as we all know and im sure experienced the death of loved ones and the sorrow and sadness of that alone.
    Its quite interesting the thoughts/beliefs people have on the subject…even without following the lies spewed out from mainstream ‘christianity’.mostly roman catholic doctrine and most ‘protestant’ cults.To their shame they teach a very false doctrine,mostly that immediately at death the soul departs to Heaven to be ALIVE there,..and followers of this false belief find it easier and more comforting to think theyre loved ones have ascended to Heaven for eternity,…(Eternity in HEAVEN is another very false teaching)…..all these beliefs add to mans self importance and takes away from Our Saviours Awesome Ultimate Glory.

    The Holy Book of Truth deals with Truth and reality if you wish to know and adjust you mind and thought to it.

    Heaven, The Father Most Highs,Holy Heaven,.no man or sinner can go there and be alive or be conscious ..theres only whiter than white ‘Spirit ‘ beings there ….and only ever will be,..the only humans that will possibly!,(i say possibly because The Bible says The Bridegroom leaves His Chamber) in Heaven,if that is where that Bringing Together will take place!,.anyway! it will only be for a short time,.. are ‘The Elect’.
    ..but in Scripture this just from the 6th Trumpet til The Glorious 7th and The Husband comes to His Earth and Eternal Home , for Him and His Bride.

    The Father Most High Will Still Remain in His Heaven,till a time Unknown to anyone!..Known ONLY to HIM, …after His Son Has established His Father Kingdom,Here! on Earth,..and put death under Him and judged everyone,..and taught everyone The Truth,..Will ..The Father Most High,THEN..leave His Holy Heaven and Come Down to earth and Judge His Son, The King O’Israel,Our King in front of us, His Children,..(read that and Rejoice)…not many churches will ever teach That Truth that in Written in Holy Scripture.

    The bottomless pit,..often mistaken for ‘human hell’,..the Truth is they are very very different places,..but just as Heaven no human will ever go there! The bottomless pit / the abyss,is where the chained angels are,.deep inside the earth,.put there,. at the time of Noah,…WHERE THE SAVIOUR WENT from the time of His Body ‘death’ at crucifixion til His Glorious Resurrection.
    He Descended in SPIRIT to the depths of the earth to the chained disobedient spirits, to Minister unto them for 3 days and nights,..regarding the time when they will be released from the prison pit at the 2nd n 5thTrumpets,..and appear on earth again,..with their ‘king’…abaddon/apollyon/je’sus/helios, him what you will

    hell/hades… or to you and i,the grave,..where the most of humans who die are put to be kept to await Resurrection,then Judgement, The body goes in the ground,..The soul goes to a sleeping state and kept in safety by The Father Almighty,..and will ‘know not anything’ until resurrected…at various times in the future run of events,..some at The Second Coming,..king David of the israelites was told by The Son,The King O’Israel,..that at his death he would sleep in the ground with ‘The fathers’ till then,..and The Bible is very clear that king David will be resurrected to be Prince over ALL the Israelites in this World FOREVER,..under The King O’Israel,..both Under The Almighty Alahym of Israel.

    The lake of fire…hmmm. could be debated ,..and again would only be my OWN thoughts on this,..
    we know from Scripture,satan will be put in the bottomless pit by himself for a time or until hes allowed out again,a time away in the future

    …i d say the ones that are the unholy spirits in human form that are on here now on earth now will be totally destroyed,..and the ones that serve satan in these end times…the unholy spirits i’ll leave for now,…
    …the ‘lake of fire’,..hmmmm,…my thoughts on the human race is,..are ‘the bride’ and the true believers that come out of tribulation the vast eternal lake of fire?….and non believers thrown ‘into ‘ it

    theres one definite that Scripture makes clear to those who have ears,,…if,.thats if,… your name is in The Lambs Book of Life, will have a chance to live forever on this future Earth when its made ‘New’ again and Our King is Here Ruling us,..Living with us…and Loving us,..and us Worshiping His Father the way we Truly Should.

    So Be It

    • Hi Brian, lots of interesting thoughts here … I like to hear from those that are seeking God’s instruction from God and not man…as we know main stream has it twisted. Needless to say there is nothing so simple and straight forward about God’s plan and the purpose of this earth as it is painted to be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It is confirming to some of what God has shown me and other points I’m still seeking … it’s quite the process isn’t it?.

  4. its a wonderful humbling process that i never though a black sheep like me could be part of,..but theres the work of The Father in a sinner like me to be given to His Son,…just as it is Written about Him and sinners..and in these evil times its a great comfort, for the learning,we a barely scratching the surface even when we are stirring and scraping what we think is the deep…it is Written also that we couldnt comprehend what joys He Has For All His Children,.when He Returns to Rule this World

    • Hi Brian, how true… barely touching the surface which makes the seeking all the more exciting. There is so much to learn, but God promises if we seek we will find and there is a lot to find 🙂

      1 Cor 8:2 And if anyone thinks that he knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know.
      Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

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